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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  December 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CST

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i am not in the conversation of top american left backs. the best left side attacker. taking it in the 6th round of sudden death. against stefan frei. off the board and seattle now a kick away from winning it. >> brad: morrow wanted to go straight down t just gets his foot under. leans back a little bit. >> john: roman torres who missed a year with an acl injury. returned in portland at the end of argue. that a beast he's been tonight. dealing with jozy altidore and sebastian giovinco. now an opportunity with his foot. to win it the mls cup for
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it! mls cup winners in 2016. >> [crowd noise] >> brad: i don't like that short run up. it didn't make any difference to
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brian schmetzer. the seattle fans look at them up there. congratulations seattle sounders. >> john: their 5th title. they won 4. 3 of the 5 came in shootouts. roman torres whose return from injury was one of the key players that propelled them this run. brian schmetzer told us thursday i hate the idea of us being a cinderella. we are not a cinderella. we are a good team who didn't play well the first half of the year. when schmetzer took over and torres returned from injury. even as clint dempsey was out with an irregular heartbeat. everything clicked into place.
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success in the concacaf champions league. one thing left to win the mls cup and they have done it. >> brad: very unlikely in the beginning of the season. i believe winning the league is not more difficult. you know that. they needed to they have done that this evening. >> john: brian schmetzer described him as a humble steward of the club taking over for schmidt. justin morrow off the bar.
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stepped up to win it. hundreds of fans who traveled from seattles and the thousands watching able to celebrate the mls cup. our heineken moment of the match. roman torres. >> brad: sets up. the short run up. that's one of the moments of the match. i think there will be an a lot people congratulating stefan frei. that save off jozy altidore's header is one of the very best saves that you will see this season. in any league, john. >> john: what a night. that a victory for the seattle sounders.
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cup. in a 6t round penalty shootout. down to rob. we will be with you through the trophy presentation. first time in mls cup team a team failed to register a shot on goal and yet seattle wins here in the mls cup 2016. you see that pocket of fans high. in the second tier of the stands here. in the end, i am not sure they were the better team on the day. but it's a wonderful story tonight. . >> we were sitting here saying seattle will win this and pull this out on penalties. they have done it the whole post-season. took down fc dallas and colorado. just had this story book field
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>> that save by frei on altidore. it's one of the best saves you will see anywhere. it set the table for roma to finish it up. 10 years from now we will just remember the champion. >> exactly. it was a missing piece of the puzzle. you got it. it's about the newest mls cup super club. >> that guy. roman torres shut down jozy altidore. he was phenomenal tonight. co-mvp. >> it has to be. the trophy lifts when our live
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hey, give me the ball. c'mon. anticipation focus execution
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nutrients to refuel. protein to rebuild. backed by science. >> mls cup on fox is sponsored by: >> back in toronto. awaiting for the trophy presentation. the winners of the mls cup 2016 on a penalty shootout the seattle sounders. >> [crowd noise] >> toronto, ontario, thank you for a wonderful weekend. seattle congratulations.
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the commissioner of major league soccer. >> let me start say to the city of toronto and the fans. you folks showed your country you are a soccer nation. we are proud of everything you have been able to do. we appreciate it. tonight is about seattle. a team that shining light and beacon for our league. it's my pleasure to present the trophy to the 2 owners of the seattle sounders. joe ross and adrian. congratulations, guy. >> [cheers and applause]
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>> [cheers and applause] >> [fireworks popping]. >> a club with roots to 1974 in the old league. reborn in the '90s. joining mls in 2009. mls cup winners for the very first time. always on the doorstep. always in the playoffs. very often right on the verge.
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in the penalty shootout thanks to that man stefan frei. 7 saves during the game and an 8th save in the shootout as seattle prevails to win mls cup 2016. we have plenty more to go. join us over on fs1. coming up next. reaction from toronto. we begin from all of us, and our fantastic crew. we are not done yet. join us next on fs1.
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now at ten. welcome to winter in wisconsin. this is a live picture from downtown milwaukee -- where the snow has @.arrived. and don't expect it go anywhere anytime soon. that's our big story tonight. a winter storm warning in affect for most of the area -- with the exception of fond du lac and sheboygan counties.
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once it's all said and done. we have team coverage tonight. ashley sears and angelica sanchez are out in the elements tonight... ..but let's begin with weather expert stephanie barichello who's tracking the storm. a winter storm warning is in effect for the majority of se wi until 8pm sunday. a winter weather advisory is in effect for fond du lac and sheboygan co. until 8pm sunday. snow begins tonight, between 6-9pm, and evening. 6-9" of snow is possible by the time it's done. isolated totals near 10" are not out of the question, especially near the wi/il border. behind the snow comes bitter cold. highs will only reach into the single digits and teens and lows will dip below zero at times. tonight: snow showers. low: 21 wind: sw 5-10 mph sunday: steady snow showers. 6-9"
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it's all hands on deck to keep the streets clear all across the area this weekend. in milwaukee-- 102 salt trucks have been out salting the side streets since this afternoon. crews also
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d-p-w says up to 175-garbage and recycling trucks -- fitted with plow blades-- could be hitting the street tomorrow morning. some private contractors are also out working for the city tonight. for many today was the day to buy your last minute snow supplies before the big snowfall. product was flying off the shelves at one local hardware store angelica sanchez joins us live near miller park with more... photojournalist erica drahful and i bought our supplies today
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guard." "today is the best days to get a snow shovel because i know what's about to happen within a couple. hours." as the first major snowfall of the season inches closer and closer customers of the ace hardware on lisbon avenue rush to get their last minute supplies. owner anthony ledonne tells fox6 preparations for wint last 48 hours supplies has been flying off the shelves. "selling out of snow blowers...selling low on shovels and salt we still got it we're not running out but snow blowers are a little tight." snow blower repairs are also in high demand. "i needed to get my snow blower fixed... i had to have him help me out. i wanted to get it done before the first storm tonight." ledonne says some of the most
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about snow blowers...the right salt applications and the best shovels. new to the market is a shovel with an extra handle to avoid back injury. " this is the shovel and it's designed for ?a? the way you lift so when you shovel and lift you don't hurt your back." after 40 years in the business his advice to surviving snow troubles is simple. "make sure to keep fresh gas in the blowers and to shovel often so they're aint a lot to shovel and then when doing the salt end don't put a lot just put enough to melt it and shovel up what's left. " now the hardware store is not running out of product anytime soon they have another shipping of product on the way and when supplies is low they can swap product with a near by store all to make sure customers have what they need this winter season. live outside miller park i'm angelica sanchez fox6 news.
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are reported in our area... but that could definitely change as more snow falls. with that in mind -- ? are you prepared for a power outage?the folks at generac say there's never a bad time to think about investing in a backup power source. in the event of an emergency -- it could be a lifesaver. art aiello generac says: really don't wait until the snow flies to invest in backup power because you might find yourself at home in the middle of a power outage and then by that late." generac says it offers home standby and stand-alone units. grocery stores were busy today. people wanted to make sure their kitchens are stocked before the storm. fox 6's ashley sears is live at the metro market in shorewood to explain. things have slowed down here considerably. the snow has been falling for couple of hours now--and it is sticking to the ground. people wanted to finish
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way. nats we all knew-- when it was coming--- we all knew-- when it was coming--- 06:35 im kind of rushing right now. but we all waited-- until the final moments. 06:37 its starting to snow a little bit. inside the metro market in shorewood-- 40:13 i bought everything.... carts are filled-- 40:15 meat, fruits, vegetables, all the lunch snacks last minute shop gabi ibarra-- pick up the essentials. 43:00 everybody always waits until the last minute. they empty store shelves-- so the next few days can be spent in hibernation. 40:06 i am not driving in snow and i will not drive in the freezing cold. for a few minutes-- there is a chance--to escape the cold-- flowers in bloom remind--shoppers of warmer days-- as they sift through meat and bread. 23:37 normally, saturdays are pretty busy, but here is over the top.
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percent above what our normal saturday business would be right now. whether you love parts of it-- 41:49 building forts and making snow angels or hate it-- 40:36 i dont like driving in snow, definitely not. you have to get ready for it-- the snow--and the cold are here-- so slow down-- and enjoy it. 42:28 people are ready to just kind of cozy up. the store manager says he expects it to be very quiet here tomorrow. enough--that might be the best time to get your shopping done. live in shorewood, ashley sears fox 6 news. ben thanks ashley chief meteorologist rob haswell will have updates throughout the morning -- starting at 5 a-m. then keep watching for fox 6 wakeup news... from seven until nine. track the weather anywhere. just download the fox six storm center app. it's free for apple and
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a missing milwaukee woman has been found dead on milwaukee's north side. her body was found just before noon -- outside a home near townsend and hubbard. police reported her as critically missing yesterday -- saying she suffers from health issues. an autopsy will be done to figure out what caused her death. milwaukee police are investigating what led up to the sudden deaths of two infants. these are two separate cases. the first was just after five this morning. a 3-month-old girl was home near 33rd and lloyd. then around 11... a 5-week-old girl was found dead in a home near 51st and north. autopsies are scheduled in both these cases in the coming days. a 66-year-old man is killed in an overnight crash in milwaukee. it happened before midnight -- in the area of 12th and hadley. police say the victim was driving the car --- which was struck by an s-u-v. the 31-year-old driver of the s-u-v stayed on scene and is cooperating with the investigation.
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their squad was struck by another car. it happened just before two this afternoon near layton and loomis. police say they were on patrol -- when an 18-year-old driver lost control -- crossing over the median and hitting the squad. both officers were taken to the hospital-- but they have since been released. police say speed may be a factor. ...a busy morning for north shore firefighters. they responded to several incidents just before noon. the most severe was this one on port washington road-- just north of into the concrete wall, supporting the railroad trestle. we're told only one vehicle was involved. one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. authorities in new berlin are investigating what sparked a house fire this morning. it happened just before 11 at a home on forest drive-- near 124th street. the house suffered some pretty serious damage to the attic and roof. we're told the people inside made it out safely. unfortunately -- the family dog was not
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today after falling through thin ice in cedarburg. fire officials say they were called to zoo-nert zuenert park after a large dog had gone out on to the ice and broke through. a dive team was called to the scene and using a neighbor's boat-- they chipped away at the ice- and rescued the dog. officials say that other than being cold and exhausted-- the dog seemed to be okay. the dog's family then took the cold canine to the emergency vet. vote on a new policy to deal with lead pipes ...and part of the cost would fall on homeowners. more than 70 thousand households in milwaukee are affected and today...some of those people shared ideas and concerns. deandra corinthios explains. "my daughter and my grandchildren are not the only people affected by it" rachel campbell is attends the community meeting to learn about the proposed policy to phase out the citys lead laterals.
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the city treats the water to lessen the impact of lead but the proposed policy would replace lead service lines with copper. requiring property owners to replace their portion of the lateral whenever they are worked on due to breaks leaks or routine work. "this is a serious issue to each of us" property owners would receive financial assistance ..the city would cover two thirds of the cost. the payments would be incremental. "but we all know that hundred or so dollars could very well mean someone not eating this month so we wanted the community to come out and be aware, un available to them" "a temporary solution has been a free water filtration system distributed by the city of to residents affected by lead. the city has since run out but they are ordering more. those should be here by january." the common council expects to vote on the ordinance tuesday. if it would be the beginning of a long process. "it is 70 thousand households so it will likely take years just like other municipalities to replace them all fully" in milwaukee
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hundred dollar citation to the property owner for failure to comply. and a reminder --- the packers play the seahawks tomorrow -- and you can see the game right here on fox6! the game is at 3-25.. and afterwards stay tuned for a fox 6 news special with reaction from the locker room and the complete weather forecast. and a quick programming note -- some of your favorite shows on fox will be airing at a different time due to the game. you can still see them -- the simpsons will followed by "son of zorn" at 11-35. ahead at ten -- is he qualified? the c-e-o of exxon mobile emerges as a front-runner for a high- profile position in the trump administration. ...why the president-elect says -- he's ready for the job. plus. the holidays getting a little brighter for one local family.... quite literally. how they're being rewarded for their work with terminally ill
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warning in effect for most of the area through tomorrow night. several inches of snow will fall we said and done. we'll check back in with weather expert stephanie barichello in the next few minutes. president-elect donald trump has almost filled all his forthcoming cabinet positions. one major spot still unannounced.... secretary of state. sources with the transition team say exxon mobil c-e-o "rex tiller-son" is the leading candidate. tillerson would be a controversial pick, partly because of his ties with russian leader vladimir putin.
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trump says: "in his case he's much more than a business executive, i mean he's a world class player. he's in charge of-i guess the largest company in the world. " trump says: "to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players-and he knows them well, he does massive deals in russia, he does massive deals-for the company, not for himself for the company." the transition team source says trump is expected to make his decision some time next week. but the source also romney is still in the running. also new this weekend -- president-elect trump's transition team is dismissing reports that russian hacking helped him win the election. the c-i-a reportedly is convinced that russia played some role in the election. but, mister trump has repeatedly said there's no evidence to support the claims. russia is denying any wrongdoing. a sheboygan family, known for their compassion, admittedly does not have a lot of free time. four
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terminally ill children-- a 24/4 job. fox6's jonathon gregg with how their neighbors are showing their appreciation, just in time for the holidays. it makes sense. during the coldest time of year, with the shortest days, to brighten things up. "kind of gives it that little pop!" but if the saying is true, "there aren't enough hours in the day?" "so we have put charlie in here." it was coined with "the salcherts" in mind . the sheboygan family, tightly ing their faith, gives terminally ill children a warm home. "he's doing quite well. he's settled in he's got a family, he's got a home." we first met the family in march "three-nineteen" as they cared for charlie, a young boy who suffered brain damage before and during birth. the toddler requires 24-hour care which the family feels blessed to give. "when charlie dies we fully expect our hearts are going to
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stepped in and healed our hearts, better than they were before we have full confidence that's going to happen again." as of december, the salcherts have been caring for charlie for 14 months. which leaves little time for anything else, including decorating for christmas. "unless you're put into that situation i don't think you can fully grasp what they do." so, after learning of the family's goodwill, members of an organization called c"hive wisconsin" did a number "which is just fabulous." stringing lights, and then some. "candy canes that were put in plus the nutcrackers, and the teddy bear holding his presents." a way to show on the outside, the same warmth and spirit demonstrated every hour on the inside. "we are ready to roll into the christmas season in style." in sheboygan, jonathon gregg fox6 news. the boys & girls clubs of greater milwaukee are working to make sure kids have a lot to smile
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the organization kicked- off a gift wrapping party to make that happen. more than 150-volunteers turned out to wrap gifts at bayshore town center this morning. most of the 6-thousand gifts were gifts donated by the retailer meijer. once the gifts are wrapped and ready to go -- they'll be delivered to the 44 boys and girls clubs in the area. john fitzgerald -- volunteer says: "the giving this time of year is always fun, but when you're giving it to such a good cause and such a great organization of the boys and girls clubs of greater milwaukee, just makes it that much more sp event... adlib to weather weather a winter storm warning is in effect for the majority of se wi until 8pm sunday. a winter weather advisory is in effect for fond du lac and sheboygan co. until 8pm sunday. snow begins tonight, between 6-9pm, and stays steady through sunday evening. 6-9" of snow is


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