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tv   FOX 6 News at 11  FOX  December 14, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm CST

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cold temperatures across wisconsin. we're awaiting a press conference from milwaukee mayor tom barrett and commissioner of health bevan baker on cold weather safety. but now, let's go to rob haswell for
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temperatures mean efforts are underway to keep the homeless safe. in milwaukee county...some shelters are extending their hours.
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on the efforts. efforts are underway to make sure those in need are safe. the shelter is normally only open during the daytime, but when temperatures hit 10 or below, the shelter opens back up overnight the demand for help spikes this time of year. repairers of the breach has been busy. on monday night--12 people passed through, tuesday afternoon more than 100. that number is expected to grow as the cold air sticks around. staff are working extra hours.. scarves and hats. "we greet them, offer them a hot shower, a hot cup of coffee, a hot meal, a sleeping bag, a pillow and a place to sit., sometimes they put the chairs together and lay down. at about 11 o'clock things settle down and we might even put a movie in and go through the night in warmth " if you are in need or know someone who is, you are encouraged to call 2-1-1. the county can put those
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resources. in milwaukee dc fox6 news. you'll find cold weather resources online at fox six now dot com or the fox six news app. we have a list of warming centers and details on energy assistance. just click on links. happening now... milwaukee city officials are holding a news conference with information on staying safe in the cold weather.
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brought his "thank you tour" to west allis last night. an estimated 6-thousand people were there. mr. trump re-lived his election night victories in swing states... before getting to the one that put him over the top. our political reporter theo keith has a re-cap..
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state of wisconsin cheers five weeks after the election, it was clear the night had not lost any of its magic for president-elect donald trump. he was the first republican to win wisconsin since ronald reagan, and thanked governor scott walker and speaker paul ryan. "he's like a fine wine, every day goes by i get to appreciate his genius more and more, and if he ever goes against me i'm not gonna say that ok?" mr trump used this 'thank you' rally to lay out his agenda. burn the american flag. and of course, he has plans on the u-s mexico border. 7:26 were going to build a wall, paul cheers save for the christmas trees, tuesdays rally looked like mr trumps campaign events. thousands of supporters. nat - protester interruption from a protester. and mr trump, criticizing the media. 7:46 'they were devastated on november 8th while he no longer wants to investigate former rival hillary clinton, the president-elect seemed to enjoy another refrain from the campaign. "you people don't stop... lock her up... lock her
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this chant: let's just win on novemeber 8th but now we've won. big league... you people, i'll tell ya tough people in wisconsin fellas." sheriff david clarke and incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus were also here. clarke urged the crowd to keep upt asking them, 'do you have your pitchforks and torches ready?' theo keith, fox6 news. in sheboygan county -- the sheriff's office is trying to find a missing college student. 18-year-old kaelin o'neal was last seen on the lakeland university campus on sunday. he is about 6 feet
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he was wearing a black button jacket. if you've seen him-- give authorities a call. police in waukesha are searching for the woman suspected of robbing a bank. dgx take a look and see if you recognize her. police say she went into the waukesha state bank about 5 last night. she demanded money from the teller with a note. no weapons were implied or shown. the suspect took some money and ran off. she's described as thin and police say she spoke with an accent. anyone with information is asked to call police. meanwhile-- waukesha police are also investigating several local massage businesses for possible illegal activities. waukesha police say they received an anonymous tip about prostitution and human trafficking. search warrants led to several arrests. charges are pending. a 12-year-old boy dies after being buried in a snow bank. ...what police say the child was doing in the snow.
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student is arrested at trump tower. what security found in his backpack. "the first big storm of the season. it is a bit of a challenge. fox6 news got you ready. we've got live team coverage this morning. and stayed with you until it was over. we can see the back edge of the storm behind me. on-air, online and on your mobile device. fox6 news, because you matter. it
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i... i... i wanted those... no you didn't... hefty slider bags cost less than ziploc. you'll thank me later. oh... save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. around the world now... the situation in aleppo is still critical with multiple reports of a broken ceasefire. this, leading to renewed bombing and
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of the city. fox's john huddy has more from jerusalem. war-ravaged aleppo, now firmly under control of forces loyal to bashar al-assad... but there are still a small number of rebels - along with thousands of civilians - trapped in a tiny pocket of the city. yesterday - a ceasefire agreement was reached between russia and turkey to stop the fighting... but today - the governmet airstrikes and artillery fire... drawing a strong rebuke from turkey's president. erdogan says: translated "permission must be granted for innocent people to leave east aleppo safely. assad's regime is clearly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity. an estimated 15 thousand civilians - many women and children - were supposed to be evacuated... but the busses taking them to safety never arrived. most of the finger-pointing directed at russia and iran.... but moscow says the u-s is to blame - rejecting any further ceasefire
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"pointless hangout" with american negotiators. lavrov says: translated "we continue to be in contact, but every time we come to some sort of agreement americans roll back from agreements that had been already reached." meanwhile the obama administration is ramping up pressure on the syrian government to halt their offensive - accusing assad forces of indiscriminately killing civilians who try to escape. power says: "it should shame you, instead, by all appearances, it is emboldening you, you are plotting your next assault. are you truly incapable of it will continue negotiating with both syria and russia... hoping to save at least some of the civilians still trapped in aleppo. in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news across america now... a 19-year old college student was arrested at trump tower in new york for allegedly carrying weapons. authorities say college student alexander wang showed up at the trump tower security checkpoint monday night with a knife--
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he was stopped by secret service before he could get through to the tower, where the president-elect lives and works. wang told detectives he is a business student who likes to study at trump tower. when asked why he had the weapons in his bag, wang claimed to be a survivalist-- and that he meant no harm. in upstate new york, a 12-year-old boy is dead...after being buried in a large snow bank. police in greenwich say he was playing in the snow with a a plow yesterday. first responders located them with a police k-9, but the boy was already unresponsive. officials say the kids were building a fort and it's unclear what exactly happened.... "they burled into the back side of that snow bank to make a fort, like all kids do. i don't know if the bank collapsed in on them or one of the pieces of equipment pushing the snow bank pushed snow on top of the room and buried them." the second boy is also in the hospital, but he is responsive
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allen edmonds-- and a glendale company is acquired. dan shafer joins us live from the milwaukee business journal headquarters-- let's start with -- allen edmonds. 1. what are the details of this acquisition? 2. what is next for allen edmonds? let's talk
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1. what is happening with this glendale manufacturer? 2. what does this mean for employees? carl is checking out a beloved
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fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic - plus developing stories from overnight. carl is previwing a new year's eve tradition in milwaukee. see if he's got game with the harlem globerotters. tomorrow on wakeup! performance of "the nutcracker" features four rotating casts, and 250 dancers-- singers-- and musicians. our carl deffenbaugh is seeing what goes into this
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sfx: dentist drilling powerball... one day you're just sitting there
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two-dollar powerball from the wisconsin lottery.
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here's a look at this morning's big stories at 11:30. a vigil is held for the 15-year-old girl shot and killed inside her home monday. ...what relatives are saying about the shooting. plus-- the city of milwaukee is moving ahead to replace lead lateral pipes. much homeowners might have to pay. now at 11-30.... you're going to want to bundle up today because it is going to be extremely cold. rob haswell has the details on these
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to keep the homeless safe in the frigid temperatures for some shelters ...this means opening up their doors overnight. our deandra corinthios has more on those efforts. the cold can be dangerous. that's why when temperatures hit 10 or below...repairers of the repairers of the breach is open seven in the morning until 4 in the evening. but this week...they're open overnight... on monday night--12 people passed through, tuesday afternoon more than 100. that number is expected to grow. the staff make sure food is hot and put out scarves and hats. they are working extra hours but they say it is worth it. many have been homeless at some point in their lives...and say they understand what their clients are going through "its not big
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loved and i make sure they get the coats, socks, gloves and everything they need" at least 11 shelters were open tuesday night in milwaukee county...and the number should increase as the bitter cold sticks around. if you need shelter or know someone who does in milwaukee 211. at 6 -- why the director of repairers of the breach says they offer more than just a warm place to stay. in milwaukee dc fox6 news family and friends are remembering a teenager who was shot and killed inside her home near 35th and 15-year-old melanie johnson was in the kitchen when the gunfire began. last night's vigil took place right outside the front door. family members are begging anyone with information to come forward. she was full of life. it wasnt a day that you can go without melanie making you smile. milwaukee police say theyre investigating the circumstances of the shooting-- including who the intended target was. relatives say
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he was arrested just hours after buying an assault rifle. a sheboygan man was turned in after someone feared he was plotting a school shooting. fox 6's ben handelman-- with why it's not just his online post authorities are worried about. posts on social media. for 21-year-old joshua bagemehl of sheboygan, authorities are now wondering if its where he was sharing a terror plot. this is just scary stuff. shboygan county district attorney joe dececco says they received an anonymous tip monday, bagemeal was possibly planning a school shooting. sunday-- bagemehl posted on facebook "some one needs to do a school shooting around here. it'd be funny as expletive f!@#$." would this have come to fruition, i dont know, but were not taking any chances. on monday, bagemehl whose mother
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schizophrenia and bi-polar disorder legally bought an assault riffle at gander mountain and posted pictures online. within hours, he was arrested. in custody bagemehl told authorities the posts were just to "get a reaction"-- and thought it "would be funny if someone did a school shooting in sheboygan." authorities say when they asked the suspect what they might find on his phone-- his response-- well your going to see videos of isis beheadings, of explosions. youre going to see drive by shootings. at the suspect's home, where he lives one answered. they are nice people. i mean very polite. i dont... very surprised by it. neighbors are shocked at the charges. i dont think he would have did it. i really dont. they are happy authorities took the threat seriously. the u-s postal service is now offering a 20-thousand dollar reward to anyone who can provide information about a post office
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after 3 monday afternoon at the location near 35th and capitol. the suspect showed a gun and got away with cash. several suspects who are believed to be connected to a car theft ring-- have been arrested after terrorizing residents in milwaukee. but one set of would-be victims surprised the suspects...when they fought back! fox six's derica williams spoke with a brave pair of ladies. easy mark, guess again miriam ben-shalom proved looks can be deceiving back in late october as she pulled up to hotel metro. . the valet opened the door i opened the back trunk to get her walker out, you hear vroom vroom according to a criminal complaint, a suspect quickly hopped into the drivers seat. i go around an here is is the kid is trying to pull him away
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realize, this is a car-jacking and i went and tackled the kid and put a hold on him i got up and i put the toe of my boot in a socially significant place the former army drill sergeant still has sharp moves. i took some taekwando.. some karate .. i was also taught legal holds and restraints while she used her braun, her partner, also well-versed from training at the citizens academy stepped in. i took my cane and moved hoodie back so i could try get a look at him but as the pair tried to stop the theft a jeep -- reportedly with ?suspects jesus lazaro and giovanni zurfluh inside -- sped over . i put up my hands and backed away and they got into the jeep cherokee and drove away they got away but the pair had key information. it was a white license plate with light green numbers and it was a black jeep cherokee more than a month later they were able to identify the suspects in a line up. turns out the two-- along with junior moreno -- are allegedly part of the "cut throat mob" or ct mob... a group accused of dozens of vehicle thefts and other crimes. including a property theft from mixed martial arts star anthony pettis vehicle i'm very glad we were able to help out and get these punks off the street
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are felonies including taking or driving a vehicle without consent. police are still seeking other suspects in connection with these crimes. derica williams fox 6 news the city of milwaukee is moving ahead to tackle a big problem in the city. a multi- million dollar plan will require tens of thousands of homes to have their lead laterals replaced. under the plan, a homeowner would or no more than a third of the cost of replacing the section of pipe under their property. the city would pay the rest. we understand there are going to be families who can't afford this right now. at the same time there are absentee landlords who would not be doing this if we did not mandate the city will start next year by replacing pipes that bring water to day care centers-- and pipes that
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of the storm behind me. on-air, online and on your mobile device. fox6 news, because you matter. it wasn't too bad." family, friends and fans are mourning the death of actor alan thicke. he reportedly suffered a heart attack while playing hockey at an ice rink yesterday. thicke collapsed, while other players took him off the ice and called 9-1-1. the ice rink manager says thicke was still talking when paramedics took him away. we were aware that he was having heart attack, but he was breathing, he was talking, they got him up on a gurney, they wanted to take him out, he gave us a thumbs up, he looked at his kid and said 'hay, wait, take a picture of me, make sure you get the rink in the background.'" thicke was later pronounced dead in the hospital. he played patriarch jason seaver on
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on to appear in numerous other movies and t-v shows. thicke was 69-years old.
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holiday season? we've got good news: screen sizes are bigger than ever, and prices keep falling. consumer reports is out with some helpful tv-buying advice. jenna sachs has the details in this
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is on the lookout for a new tv. he says theres only one way to find the set thats right for you. "lotta research." experts at consumer reports have done their research and expect to see major tv brands like samsung, lg, and sony as part of some holiday deals. in the past, those deals have mostly included only budget brands like tcl, hisense and westinghouse. "some of the lesser brands have been really aggressive both in the 1080p and 4k markets. what thatsd the major brands." that means your money goes further. for example, for 500 dollars, you should be able to get a 40-inch 4k ultra hd tv from a top-performing brand, something that would have cost you nearly twice as much just a few years ago. "as the tv industry matures, as new features come into the marketplace, at first theyre expensive. then they become less expensive as they, you know, get rolled out into mainstream models." thats why for 750 dollars you should be able to buy a higher tier
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which consistently do better in consumer reports ratings than value brands. spend a little more and youll likely get a larger screen and more of the latest features including better video processing and hdr or high dynamic range which can yield better contrast and more realistic looking images. because most people keep their tvs for 7- 10 years, consumer reports says its worth it to spend that extra means getting a higher-quality tv. i'm jenna sachs contact 6. in the tech world.... the top
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up? no, i don't need you to do nothing for me. get out! i hope mom is not asleep. it's awfully late for dinner. freaky fast thank you, sweetie who wants a cookie?
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videos of 20-16... in today's tech report, rich demuro has the top trending videos and which one came in at number one. its a fact... we just cant get enough of youtub. place for viral videos... and today im talking to youtube about the stories behind 2016s biggest hits... plus i want to know what makes a video go viral. montage every minute... 300 hours of video is uploaded to youtube. video heres what trended the most in 2016. nats... agt at number 5... a 12 year old ukulele player 8;07;09/this is the first year weve
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video on our top rewind list. nina tyler is a youtube trends expert. 8;10;03/youtube really is just a place where diverse creators can come and express themselves where else will you find a nike ad at number 4 .... nats...rattlesnake right next to a video from a youtube channel called whats inside at number 3. this one takes a look at a rattlesnake rattle. 8;07;47/while i wont give anything away its from a father o of utah and you should definitely check it out it has over 59 million views. standup pen pineapple apple pen nats...pen pineapple apple pen video 8;08;09/it became the shortest song to chart on the hot 100 the video is just over a minute... the song itself even shorter. finally, at number 1... with over 138 million views... adeles carpool karaoke. 8;08;29/i think it gave fans a glimpse into
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we love watching these videos...but what if you want to make your own... what makes a video go viral? 8;09;05/these are videos that are entertaining, or informative in some way and also they are videos that you cant wait to share them - you want to send them to your best friend or your mom. and if youre thinking of starting your own youtube channel in 2017... and becoming a big time youtube star... - have something to say... and be yourself.
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>> announcer: the invitation. >> judge judy: your aunt was homeless for a period of time, and you allowed her to move into your home. >> announcer: the ground rules. >> she would pay me $250 to be in my home for a month, and she would help buy groceries. none of that was done, your honor. >> announcer: then the lockout. >> judge judy: what happened when you went with the police to try to get the rest of your stuff? >> they knocked on the door, and miss james said, "hello, how are you tonight?" she slammed the door in his face. >> announcer: "judge judy." you are about to enter the courtroom of judge judith sheindlin. the people are real. the cases are real. the people are real. the cases are real. the rulings are final. captions paid for by cbs television distribution lori james is suing her aunt charlene adamski for rent and cleaning fees after she moved out of her home.


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