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tv   FOX 6 Wake Up News at 430  FOX  December 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am CST

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somebody that needed it his shirt off his back if you needed it" now at 4:30... the racine community-- remembering a local sanitatio this morning. what happened while he was on collecting recyclables along his morning route. also this morning... we're waking up under a wind chill advisory this morning.. how long the cold will last and when we can expect to see some snow. good morning and thanks for starting your day with wakeup. lets go straight to our fox6 weather expert rob haswell in the weather office. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the single digits and wind
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tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into saturday morning. thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mphnull the bitter cold is dangerous. some organizations are trying to make things safe for the area's most vulnerable. emergency shelters are opening up, so the homeless have a place to go.
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the basement of the chapel at 81st and lapham in west allis-- and its only just begun. the "feeding his flock" homeless outreach group gets ready for the night ahead. hangout and keep warm, maybe play some games they've opened up an emergency warming shelter for the night. welcoming those without a home--a place to escape the cold-- nats: rv volunteers even go out in it-- we are heading to pick up a bringing people to them. weve got a warming shelter by us this group is one of several in southeast wisconsin-- nats: operator at 211 making sure people stay safe as the temperatures dip. were available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. at the impact 2-1-1 call center-- nats: operator resource specialists connect callers with the help they're looking for. assisting many in finding shelter. 58:41 any given day, we take
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call volume will go up. with more predicted cold--headed this way-- nats: from rv??? each group gets ready for what's ahead. making sure everyone stays safe. 13:10 nobody should be out there, so this is really important. it will continue to operate as long as temperatures are at 10 degrees or below. in west allis, ashley sears fox 6 news. and milwaukee city offia reminding residents how dangerous this cold can be. 'hypothermia is a life threatening situation and it occurs when body tempertures drop too low causing shivirning drowsiness and confusion.' 'the cold wind chills will cause frost bite in as little as 30 minutes to exposed skin.' city officials say the most vulnerable are children, the elderly and the homeless. on average there can be between 200 and 250 people living on
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for the complete list of closures-- head to our website-- fox 6 now dot com. and be sure to download the fox6 storm center app-- it's free for apple an android devices. racine police are investigating a crash that claimed the life of a local sanitation worker. angelica joins us from the newsroom with details. racine officials say mark gates was collecting recyclables on his route yesterday morning... that's when a car crashed into his garbage truck. gates was flown to froedtert hospital, where he later died. he was als racine. church members say he did a lot for the community... "he meant a lot to the whole community he wasnt just a city worker he was a father figure to my kids 46 he was an advocate for every child in the community" racine police are still investigating what caused the crash. anyone with information is asked to call officials. kim back to you.
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decides to follow the thieves! the entire chase-- streamed live on facebook! daunte don-tay ealy says he stepped away from his truck for a moment at 83rd and florist when teens jumped in and drove off.ealy says he convinced a stranger driving by, to allow him to jump in and tail the suspects. he says when they realized he was following, they ditched the truck, and jumped into a second stolen car. that's when ealy hit record, and followed hoping to get back other stolen im snowy roads... even on the wrong side of the road. eventually the teens got away. i guess i was doing it out of anger because i was mad, because they took my car and messed up the bumper, and took some personal stuff so i was very heated at the time. ealy admits in hindsight, the chase was a mistake since it was just too risky. police ask that if your car is
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milwaukee county join others in asking milwaukee county sheriff david clarke to resign. senator chris larson -- along with representatives jonathan brostoff and christine sinicki -- ?accuse the sheriff of not ?adequately supervising the jail after four deaths at the jail. in a ?statement, the group says: "with four families grieving over the unnecessary loss of loved ones in the past six months, it has become clear that our county's sheriff department has been grossly mismanaged." we reached out to sheriff clarke for a response to this latest his resignation. his spokeswoman, fran mclaughlin ?replied, saying... "the sheriff said he is bored with this democrat party fake news because he helped donald trump get elected potus. he said they must have heard him speak at last night's trump victory rally and it touched a nerve. hashtag m-a-g-a. the milwaukee county board is expected to vote this morning on establishing policy for external
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the milwaukee county jail and house of correction. it's in response to the 4 deaths at the county jail this year. an audit of the private medical services contract for the jail and house of correction is already underway. on sunday, you can expect aaron rodgers to be on the field leading the packers as he said that his calf injury won't keep him away. there are a couple of reasons, a playoff push and the rivalry with the bears. it's been a bit lopsided as of late, as the packers have won the 11 of the last 13 meetings. tim van vooren has the "for the 194th time it will be packers and chicago bears sunday. this time at soldier field. get this, the all time series is 94 for chicago, 93 for green bay and six ties." "they're the fun ones to play in, especially, you know, we need wins. they know that so they're gonna try their best to knock us out of the playoffs. it'll be a good one. and it's kind of cool, i heard we have a chance to tie the all-time record so that will be fun to be a part of." "i didn't know that so that would be awesome. i think that would be real cool that we can do that. that would be
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from every angle, internally and externally. externally, obviously, we take a lot of pride in history of the green bay packers and we understand the history we have with the chicago bears. it's been a long time since it's been tied up so we're aware of that and so with that not only the history and tradition of both organizations but the current history." "over all those years and all those games not only is the series tight in terms of wins and losses, get this, points, bears 3304. at lambeau field, tim van vooren, fox six sports." you can watch the packers and bears sunday at noon, right here on fox 6 -- followed by a fox 6 news post game special -- and the fox 6
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the ashley madison website-- will pay up nearly two million dollars in a settlement. how investigators say the site was deceiving customers. some local police officers-- paying it forward after a boy's bike is stolen. how they helped the six-year-old find a new ride. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning.. sunny but cold. highs in the single digits with bitter wind chills. right now . when
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with highs in the single digits and wind chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into saturday morning. thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mph the milwaukee public schools' superintendent wants "all" mps
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superintendent wants "all" mps high schools to start their calendar year in august. the school board is expected to take up the issue tonight. right now-- many currently start in state-mandated september. state superintendent doctor tony evers joined doctor darienne driver to express his agreement with the idea. the proposal now only needs the approval of the school board since it affects special schools and those that are struggling. driver also wants all the other schools in the district to to an august to may calendar. a six-year-old boy's act of kindness towards franklin police officers inspired them to pay it forward after his bicycle -- a birthday gift -- was stolen. hannah says: "his partner pulls up and they bring out a brand new bike that they all chipped in out of their own pockets to replace landon's stolen bike. landon naumann and his mom went
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recognized landon -- whose picture hangs on the wall at the department. he made treat bags for officers in the past. so with their own money -- eight officers went and bought a new bike for landon. oliva says: "i'm very proud of officers, but i'm not surprised... i'm not surprised at all. we have very good officers and they're very generous and very compassionate.. the bike landon got from the officers was actually the exact same kind he had before. the bicycle that was stolen was a birthday gift evacuations are set to begin today out of aleppo syria. what happened to some ambulances as they tried to leave. today -- a judge will hear closing arguments in the trial of dylann roof. what a witness claims roof told her the day of the shooting. back in july -- a minnesota officer was charged in the death of philando castile. why his attorneys say they want those charges dropped. time now 4:xx you're taking a live look outside this morning..
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heat. highs in the upper single digits and wind chills in the teens and twenties below at times. how much snow is coming next. you are watching the fox 6
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you are watching the fox 6 wakeup news. mostly sunny and windy thursday with highs in the single digits and wind chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday
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heavier snow arrives friday afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into saturday morning. thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and bitter cold. high: 7 wind: nw 10-20 mphnull at least 3 evacuees are hurt after syrian activists say pro-government forces shot at ambulances trying to leave eastern aleppo. a local hospital director says no ambulances or buses have been able to leave yet today. the evacuation is part of an agreement between rebels and the syrian government. evacuations were supposed to ceasefire agreement was broken. closing arguments today in the trial of dylann roof. he's accused of killing nine black parishioners last year at a church in charleston, south carolina. the final prosecution witness yesterday was a survivor of the shooting... she said roff told her he had to do it because blacks were raping white women and taking over the nation. attorneys for jeronimo yanez -- the police officer charged in
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castile -- want those charges dropped. documents were filed yesterday to dismiss the charges... arguing the autopsy found high levels of p-h-c in castile's blood. castile was killed during a traffic stop in minnesota... yanez's attorneys argue castile ignored commands. castile's fiancee was also in the car with her four-year-old daughter at the time... she live-streamed the aftermath on facebook. the shooting sparked nationwide protests. dating website ashley madison has agreed to a one-point-seve dollar settlement with 13 states and the federal government. the site is aimed at people looking to have affairs. it was hacked last year. investigators found ashley madison created fake dating profiles that duped customers. the company also kept on file sensitive information of long-gone customers. caterpillar -- announcing a new round of layoffs yesterday. right now, it's not clear how many jobs will be impacted or where. company leaders say the cuts are part of a cost-saving
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other positions. last fall -- the peoria, illinois-based company announced plans to eliminate 10-thousand positions... and close more than 20 of its facilities worldwide. it might cost you more to borrow in the new year. angelica joins us from the newsroom with the details. the federal reserve is increasing its key interest rate for the first time this year... and the second time in a decade. it increased by point-25 percent... and signifies the fed's confidence in america has added jobs for 74 consecutive months and the country's unemployment rate has fallen to 4- point-6 percent, its lowest level since 2007. the rising rates will affect millions of americans - including home buyers, savers and investors. kim back to you.
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with highs in the single digits and wind chills staying in the teens below. a quick burst of snow is possible late tomorrow night into friday morning, about an inch possible. steady, afternoon and evening. a winter storm watch goes into effect at 2pm friday and continues into
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morning. thursday: mostly sunny, blustery and
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128th air refueling wing to our "coats for kids" campaign. the salvation army -- on hand yesterday to collect nearly 250 coats. this is the 128th's eighth year taking part in the "coats for kids" campaign. the coats collect distributed to families in need right here in southeast wisconsin. its the only restaurant of its kind in milwaukee. you pay what you can afford for your meal. tricklebee cafe is located at 44th and north. the cafe offers mostly vegan and vegetarian items... the "pay what you can" model means those who can afford the five or so dollars for the meal donate that amount or more.
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ahead at five: on the fourth anniversary of the sandy hook shooting. the latest school district that will now allow teachers to carry guns on campus. and then at six... we're just a few weeks away from the end of the year.... what was the most googled word of 20-16? hello gru. haha what about that agh of course dance fight! the minions are back in an all new despicable me!
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sharing some big news on social medai. dgx lochte announced in this instagram post.. he and his fiancee, model kayla rae reid, are expecting their first baby together. you can see lochte kissing her belly underwater.. he captioned the photo.. "my christmas gift came early this year, can't wait for next year!" the couple
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they'll take on marquette icons dwyane wade and jimmy butler and the rest of the chicago bulls. tip off is at seven at the bmo harris bradley center. this is the first time the teams have faced off this season... and if one game's not enough-- they'll take the rivalry to chicago for a rematch tomorrow night. "now don't you go through life worrying about whether somebody like you or not, you best be making sure they're doing right by you." the a-a-r-p apparently likes denzel washington's latest film, the adaptation of august wilson's award winning play leads the nominations for the "a-a-r-p the magazine's movies for grownups" awards. "fences" is up for eight awards, including best actor, director and the unique categories of best grown up love story and best intergenerational film. the movie comes out in theaters on christmas. the awards will be handed out february sixth. there's only one super villain who's fashion senses are quite that dainty-- bathazar bratt. i want every agent on this scene immediately. agents grucy are
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grucy you know like gru and lucy mushed together-- grucy. we're getting our first look at "despicable me three." the trailer features the new baddie, balthazar bratt, voiced by "south park's" trey parker. and yes, the minions will be a part of the movie when it hits theaters in june. 'we are now working very closely with our local homeless shelters. our focus is making sure we have enough capacity with some of the warming rooms. '
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safe place to stay during this dangerous cold weather. the warming shelters available - coming up in a live report. and a wind chill advisory is in effect this morning...with wind chill values at about 20 below zero. chief meteorologist has when we will see some warmer well as some snow. rob joins us now with more on the weather. rob's weather anchor adlibs traffic red on


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