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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  July 15, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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danger near the capital. >> there was no way this guy was going to get away. the >> leading to gunfire. a standoff in fairfax county comes to a dramatic ending after 24 hours. what the police discovered when they entered the home.
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plus, a graphic new video and disturbing new pictures as investigators search for answers in michael jackson's death. we have two big stories. officers shoot and kill a man at the capitol, and a standoff and in fairfax county. we start with the shooting at the capitol after a chase during e height of rush hour. ole pice opened fire at the intersecon p of new jersey avenue john gonzalez has the latest. >> this is a fluid scene. u.s. capitol police are working closely with d.c. police to figure out what the man's intentions were when during a high-speed chase he struck two officers, one of 1 foot, the other on a motorcycle. this came to an end when he
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fired on police. >> i was going back to the hotel. >> it was supposed to be a routine traffic stop near union station, but that changed when the driver of his white mercedes sped away, triggering a police chase that ended with gunfire. >> five quick shots. >> minutes earlier, the suspect took off a long way on louisiana avenue, striking two police officers. >> i got off the bus. when i got off here, the car passed. >> they were coming down here 60 m.p.h. and it was fast. >> of the chase ended several blocks away when the brazen man struck a jersey wall and another police cruiser. that is when the police say he pulled out a handgun and the u.s. capitol police did not hesitate. at least two officers shot and killed the man.
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>> the officers felt threatened and we have since recovered weapons that belonged to the suspect. >> this tourist noticed something was wrong when he saw a high-speed chase. he and his family were visiting from oklahoma and they dodged for cover. >> i did not realize until i saw my family against the retaining wall that those are gunshots. i stood behind the tree. >> we understand it tonight the suspect was inside his car during a gunfight. he has yet to be identified. we're still trying to confirm if this is connected with an alleged robbery at union station. meantime, the two police officers who were struck by the car are being treated for non life-threatening injuries. now to the other big story tonight, the standoff in fairfax unco that keun a a nghdborhoo locked down came toan r end af riffle day.
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itnfit uolde u on leonslavslue n fa the an armed man and two others were inside the home. jay korff has the story. >> the tactical team quickly entered the home after losing communication with those inside. the man suspected of starting the standoff in the first place was found inside the home by the tactical team with critical injuries, authorities say from a self-inflicted wound. the good news, his son and another woman in the home are ok. a day and night of fear antianxiety finally ended wednesday when the woman in this richard and an 8-year-old boy came out of the falls church home. -- the woman and at the red shirt and an 8-year-old boy came out of the falls church home. inside the house, authorities found the boy's father, critically injured from an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound. >> we thought this was a very
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safe neighborhood. it is scary. >> the police say it started tuesday at 6:3020 domestic dispute between an estranged couple over the custody -- at 6:30 when a domestic dispute between an estranged couple over the custody of their 8-year-old son took place. all three would not come out of the house. county and state swat teams moved in. negotiations ensued, and panera bread was paralyzed. -- and the neighborhood it was paralyzed. the tactical team moved in after communications ceased and found the suspect struggling to survive. relieved residents are grateful the standoff is over. >> i felt they were waiting. that is very surprising. >> the police are not identifying any of those involved. we know if the suspect survives,
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listed in critical condition at this hour, he will face serious charges. the woman that he allegedly shot remains also in critical condition. live from falls church, jay korff, abc 7 news. the navy has identified at the sailor who w fsndoundd ea th ainiton aba mil.ary se ceyrmthfimaoned anda snell was found monday after she did not report to work on a sunday night. at this point, it is not known how she died. the naval criminal investigation unit is waiting for the autopsy results. sonia sotomayor faced another round of tough questions, but it appears she avoided answering a number of questions, leading to fireworks. >> if i say something today, will that make the statements about i will pre-judge someone else?
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>> let's say i am 38 weeks pregnant and we discover a small spina bifida sack. would it be legal to terminate that child's life? >> i cannot answer that question in the abstract because i would have to look at what the state of the state's law was on that question. >> sonia sotomayor did not give her personal views when asked about that. regulators, the financial market, and she said nobody in the obama it ministration asked whether she was pro-life or pro- choice -- nobody in the obama administration asked if she was a pro-life or pro-choice. the other big issue on the senate's plate, the healthcare crisis. hours ago, they passed a $600 billion reform package. the vote is drawing applause from president obama. tonight, president obama not sat
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down with abc's dr. timothy johnson and expreed his support. >> i have a panel of doctors and experts whose own motivation is getting the best bang for our buck in health care. that is a situation most americans would feel good about. >> the bill includes the public health insurance option favored by the president, passed through the committee along party lines, with many republicans warn against the package in the full senate. >> it would be the most liberal build this country has ever seen and it may do things we may never be able to correct. >> it was a bipartisan effort that produced this bill. a >> a group of insurance agents took their fight to capitol hill, saying they were in favor of modest reform but against a government-sponsored option. the president says it key decisions should be taken out of the hands of these companies. >> a lot of people are having
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bad experiences because recommendations are coming from people who have a profit motive. >> see more of the interview tomorrow morning on "good morning america." something else that is controversial, the weather forecast. the ready for the humidity to arrive. -- get ready for the committee to arrive. meteorologist brian van de graaff has the changes? >> yes, live in the weather center, we're seeing the moisture increase. it looks like it will ed more steamy tomorrow mniorngni. theer wtheabug, hanthngghoun t i 'ithes.0' the stou c lepmoinlegs,gse w have been in 5he t0's and 40' s.he nitoghng hnioldin in e' '70ss,0 urbsin.he s the wake up forecast, partly cloudy, muggy, isolated showers,
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the best chance in the afternoon. we look for more appreciable rain it later in the week. the forecast is coming up. the investigation into the deadly redlined collision will force mr. to close a station again. it will be closed tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 p.m. at metro officials will close the takoma station on saturday from 7:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. shuttle buses will take riders around the closed area. of the will be conducting tests between those stations. -- they will be conducting tests between the stations. the sixth time was the charm for the shuttle endeavor after liftoff was delayed five times. it is carrying a crew of seven and a key component of a japanese laboratory to the international space station. there will take five space walks once they reached their destination. -- they will take five space
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walks once they reached their destination. 7 on your side with a local scam, how it got busted, and what to look for history going by the wayside. virginia gov. -- virginia's governor talks about building a walmart at a historic site. plus, the apparent addiction and disturbing new photos of michael jackson and how this may help investigators. s.
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if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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captioned by the national captioning institute we are monitoring a developing story out of detroit where a major accident led to a gasoline tanker exploding. witnesses say the flames reached 200 feet in the air. it was carrying 9,000 gallons of gasoline. at this point, there has only been one minor injury reported. tonight, new video giving as a new insight into what may have led to michael jackson's addiction to prescription medication. this video is from 25 years ago when he was burned while filming a pepsi commercial.
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as scott thuman reports, the video and graphic pictures may uncover what led to his death. >> in this never before seen video, michael jackson's hair catches fire after a special effect went terribly wrong. it happened while filming a pepsi commercial in 1984. jackson received second and third degree burns on his scalp and was prescribed many medications which he attributed to an addiction of pain killers that may have ultimately killed him. the newly released video comes as abc news obtained these pictures of michael jackson. there is an enormous one on his right leg. the photos taken in 2002, according to experts, seems to suggest drug addiction. >> the wound is typical of someone who is injecting drugs on a regular basis. the tissue becomes severely infected. >> uc jackson's unusually light
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skin, which she claims was a result of a medical condition. >> that is a common finding of people who are injecting a drug. >> but jacks and's dermatologist said when he was treating the pop star, -- but jackson's dermatologist said when he was treating the pop star, he did not have a concern. federal authorities are considering making the drug that was found inside jackson's home a controlled substance, a designation to impose restrictions on drugs that are often abused or addictive. from the newsroom, scott thuman, abc 7 news. the police have made more arrests in the murder of the florida couple known for adopting dozens of special needs children. the police have charged a woman who was said be friends of the suspects. eight people have been arrested and the plot to rob and kill the
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couple. the police think somebody was assigned to turn off the surveillance cameras at the home but did not show what. the high tech surveillance system captured the masked suspects entering the home. 7 on your side with importance to carry information about using atm's. high-tech thieves have targeted the atm machines in annapolis. the device stores information on the debit card and a hidden camera records the user's pin number. authorities suggest covering up your hand when you use the keypad. governor tim kaine is urging orange county officials and walmart to work together. last month, walmart won the backing for a 138,000 square foot store. the board is now set to vote on that. some of the nation's top historians are outraged, calling it an affront to the soldiers
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who died there. the best of washington was on display this evening. magazines picked the best food, places, and services and came together to raise money for the team and lymphoma societies. several members of the abc 7 family were there -- alison starling, caroline lyders, natasha barrett, and brian van de graaff, looking spiffy. look what the cat dragged in from the party, brian van de graaff came back here. >> it was a great time out there. >> you want to rub it in some more? >> i have a plate for you in the back. >> yeah, right. >> maybe thunderstorms at the
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end of the week. >> what a pal. 81 degrees leesburg. at the last couple nights, we have had cool numbers, but not the story any more. 66 dew point indicates that the air is feeling more sticky because of the heat and humidity. 74 in winchester. they had a high of 86 after a morning low of 51. 75 right now 08, 77 silver spring, alexandria 77. -- 75 right now bowie. a high-pressure is moving off the coast. that was basically covering that area, keeping the sunshine and keeping the humidity down. it that is moving off the coast.
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now a more southerly function will pump more heat and humidity. all of this through tennessee and kentucky will stay to the south, although we cannot rule out a little short. it could trigger storms. ahead of it, hot and muggy. officially today, 80 degrees at reagan national airport. -- 88 degrees at reagan national airport. tomorrow, near 90 degrees, scattered storms likely as the system approaches. we are looking for a high of about 90 as the afternoon wears on tomorrow. long term, the temperatures will be a little bit on the wmer side friday as well. typical is 88. i think we will be close to that. >> ok, the forecast works. we will take that. you can keep the cupcake.
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tonight on "nightline," nicol and -- nickle and diming america. peta was on capitol hill, spicing things up. these playboy models were wearing bikinis made out of lettuce. >> that puts new meaning to the term " lettuce wrap." i am just saying. the first tee times are under way at the british open. how about the underdog? the nationals have a new
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manager. i have the latest coming up in sports.
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in a long line of amazing performance machines. this is the new e-coupe. this is mercedes-benz. the second half of the baseball season gets underway tomorrow. the nationals are looking ahead with a positive outlook in a brand new manager. jim rigeman. with the media as the new nationals skipper and then had
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practice. they start an 11-game home stand tomorrow against the cubs. how do you turn this around? >> we have a lot of the season left. there is a lot of opportunity to make a move in the standings. we will chase the club, whoever is ahead of us. we will try to close in on them. >> inside, everyone knows they have to pick up and keep pushing forward and everything will be all right. tiger woods will be teeing ogg -- off in less than five hours at the british open. greg norman, he has won the open twice, finished third last year. tiger has been mobbed. how you handle the new course?
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-- how do you handle the new course? >> you have to pay more attention. what you hit and how you are feeling, some of the lines that you have from the past opens, i do not have that. brett favre says he will make a decision by july 30 on whether he will play for the vikings. he continues to work out at the local high school in mississippi. he says he is doing everything to be ready. >> i am running out of time. two weeks left. i am doing everything i can to feel 100% when i go win. at the verizon center this afternoon, the mystics and the silver stars. the lver stars win the game, 79-78.
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remember when president obama went to the wizards game last season? after the game, he signed the back of a seat and they recently auctioned off. gilbert arenas paid $25,000 for that seat. that is now and gilbert's house. i will be sitting in it at your next party.
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now that you have digested all that great food? >> the final word is is going to be muggier tonight. i want a salad for some reason. thunderstorms possible tomorrow, and friday. >> have a good night.
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"nightline" is next.
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