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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 5, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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it has been the worst time of my life. now i am looking forward to the best time of my life. >> after nearly five months in number 3 in jail, two journalists will soon be home. >> at least four people are dead in a pittsburgh gym. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us.
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your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we start with brian van de graaff just as the weather begins to heat up. >> we have some things happening. isis it will not be songoore fkr a as a cold fronto e area. ont i area. a be l a otautifubeshot from frederik this morning. it will be a mostly cloudy day. upper 60's 4 brandywine. limited sunshine today. warm and humid. temperature-wise, upper 80's. a warming trend for the weekend. >> our big warming trend is in the form of volume of traffic. on 95, you'll find a heavier volume as you leave dale city and head io springfield.
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eastbound 66 after 28 there is a wreck. it is moving on to the left shoulder. nothing out of southern maryland. we are good in southeast washington. this is landover near fedex field. it is quiet. >> thank you. we have a developing story. the two american journalists held in north korea are now free and on their way home. >> it culminated with a trip from bill clinton and it appears to have saved them. matt brock has the latest. >> we have an emotional reunion on deck. it looks like laura ling and euna lee will be on american soil in just an hour or two. they appear healthy. two american journalists cents
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to 12 years of hard labor are soon to be back home. there were pardons -- >> it has been the worst time of my life and now i'm looking forward to the best time of my life. >> at the white house insists this was not an official business. >> this was a private mission. >> north korea wanted a visit by a high-profile american. the north koreans also wanted an apology which secretary state hillary clinton gave in a recent interview. >> they're deeply regret if -- they are deeply regretful. >> there is no penalty for the things they have done. we could have a moral hazard were by rewarding bad behavior we get more of it. >> the concern is that it sets a
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precedent for precedent foriran, iran, which tells them they can use some american citizens as bargaining chips. >> thank you. four people are dead after a shooting rampage at a health club in suburban pittsburgh. a man strolled into the back of an exercise class in bridgeville. he pulled down two guns and started spraying bullets, killing three women. at least nine other women were injured, some of them critically. >> police are investigating e death of a pedestrian on the bwi parkway. police say the man was attempting to cross the northbound lanes when he was struck. authorities are trying to figure out what he was doing on the highway. >> he was trying to cross the
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highway. we're trying to find out what went on. >> the driver of the court did stay on the scene to talk to police. it is all clear now. a new report is set for release rating the district's progress on the aids epidemic. >> it praises the school system for one program aimed at curbing the program. pamela brown has details. keyboarding. >> the city is making some strides in some areas -- good morning. they have the highest hiv and aids rate in the country. they still have a long way to go when it comes to prevention and education among the city's youth. an activist group report card said the district still has some room for improvement.
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it gives high marks for hiv testing. they still fall short despite some strides this year. mayor fenty needs to walk the talk more and pull together additional resources to tackle the disease. the numbers are staggering. the growing aids rate is with at least 3% of d.c. residents infected. that is according to the center for disease control and prevention. >> it makes you not want to do anything with anybody. >> more than one intent d.c. stevens has been infected with them std. the report suggests they should educate kids about protection. this city is starting to take more action. they are planning to expand a pilot program.
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every school could offer lectures and std tests for the 12,000 high school students. mayor fenty and other officials will be gathering today at one of the locations as part of the free condom distribution centers. that will be at 3:00 this afternoon. all of the details of the report will be released. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a memorial service will be held for the four people killed in a helicopter crashed on route 70. it will be held at the advanced helicopter concepts flight school where three of the victims worked. investigators are still trying to figure out caused the crash. there were numerous night out events in our area.
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police and residence shared their concern about crimes. these events have been taking place since 1984. it coincided with the all hands on deck initiative in d.c. two women and date 17-year- old boy were shot last night in southeast. it happened around 10:00 last night. police say there is no word on a suspect and no motive. the speed camera program is keeping you safe. the average speeds of vehicles did drop by top%. the number of tickets plummeted 86%. the number of crashes at these campsites fell by 35%. critics say these are a money- making operation instead of a safety tool.
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>> most people know they are there and they do slow down. 70 degrees right now in washington. >> a senate vote could come to add more money to the wildly popular cash for clunkers program. >> adam caskey live in alexandria. it is a beautiful morning. it is a very muggy and warm morning. we will talk seven-day forecast. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. you'
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>> hello. i'm here with the ocean city beach patrol. the surf is up. good morning, washington. welcome back. 6:11. harry reid is predicting swift approval of an extension of the cash for clunkers program. it is running out of money. coress is considering $2 billion more in funding. some local dealers say their inventory is down to just a few vehicles. 6:12. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is down on the alexandria waterfront. is the best time of the day to be down there. >> that is true. ♪ happy birthday to you i will quit singing. happy birthday.
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>> thank you for stops ringing. >> here is a look at the potomac. there are a lot of ducks out here. i wish i had my fishing sticks with me. it is a warm start to the day. 77reeseg here at founders park in oldse sound o und old- -in . other temperatures are mainly in the low 70's locally. frederick at 68. culpeper, 63. limited sunshine. 50% chance of sunshine. scattered storms. possible down toward -- possible downpours into the evening hours. well into the 90's this weekend.
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now we check on the commute. >> we are rolling all right. i have been watching the traffic intently. i will show you what i found. 270 is smoot between 118 and the beltway -- is smoothes between 118 and the beltway. someone has rolled over and i will give you details as that unfolds on rte 66. let's go to virginia. north of the beltway on 395. not bad leaving edsall road and up to the pentagon here at washington boulevard. >> thank you. 6:14. >> when we continue, a decision on the controversial purple line. more on how that might be changing your commute. >> the debate over sonia
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, debate continues in this a bit -- in the senate over the confirmation of sonia sotomayor. republicans claimed she will not be able to administer blind justice. we now know the proposed purple line will be a high-speed rail system. it will travel from bethesda to
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new carrollton and is expected to cost mo than $1.5 billion. metro's general manager says he needs more money. the $150 million in aid passed by the house is not enough. if the senate approves it, that amount will be matched. they need $7 billion over the next decade to make necessary improvements. the > marine corps is now facing -- ey are preventing their troops from going on to social networking sites. thiss ih tfeeye efctive immediately. using those sites can expose informatioe to adversaries. some family members are upset. they say being able to communicate through the sights gives them reassurance. they can use these sites on their personal computers.
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>> you can imagine if someone was captured and they can use that for terrible propaganda purposes. >> your traffic and weather truck just rolledminu over on the beltway. virginia commuters will search both sides from arlington boulevard near 50. we have been searching cameras for plenty of traffic and we found it. ldto.bound 95 up toinpr siegf springfield. >> outside this morning, we are looking at what is going on locally with temperatures. they are mnhe t tow lmi 7o d0's. ' seven suit in gaithersburg. fredericksbu., 68 -- 70's in gaierg.sbur we are overlooking the city. you can see some high clouds out there. we will look for a hefty amount
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of cloud cover. 71 in ashburn. 71 in alexandria. pretty mild this morning. there is a lot of energy to our south. it is dipping well down to our south and west. there are clou associated with that energy. we do have a lot of cloud cover out there. there is a cold front that will drape across the area as the evening wears on. it will be mild and in the mid to upper 80's this afternoon. we will see some clearing. not too bad on friday. on the weekend, the heat comes back. it will be hot and uncomfortable. >> thank you. the obama administration's mortgage relief program is only helping a fraction of troubled
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home owners. >> the cost of what it raises -- the cost of what -- the cost of raising a child. the senate appears to greenlight an extension for the cash for clunkers program. there will be rebates of up to $4,500. nearly 160,000 people have already taken advantage of the offer. the plan to help struggling home owners has not been much help. only nine% debug have seen their mortgage payments reduced. the report blames lenders for not doing enough and lists tend lenders that have not changed a single mortgage. the sec is cracking down on a kind of trading. they're looking to ban so-called flash orders that allowed firms
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to peek at stop orders before they are placed. it is helps those companies raked in billions of dollars. pepsi has reached an agreement to buy its biggest bottlers. consumers have been buying less soda in recent years in favor of juices and water. the national football league is announcing a deal with procter and gamble. it will have products called the official products nhel. tf the nfl. erovt gnmen treport estimates a day will cost more than me theye high school. 32% is for housing. where does ? 16% goes for food. and that is all before college. and that is your "money scope"
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report. 6 o'clock 21 is your time. -- 6:21 is your time. a big announcement from paula abdul. >> we thank you for waking up with us this morning. you're watching "good morning washington" on wednesday.
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welcome back. 6:24 is your time. >> now it is on to some stories
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that you will be talking about in the office today. >> we actually start with some live pictures better just coming into was. these are pictures from outside the gate at los angeles international where euna lee and laura ling will be returning. they are expected to arrive in just a short time. those live pictures coming in from lax this morning. the freedom tower will not be finished until 2018, more than four later. the document obtained found that every major project at ground zero has fallen years behind time lines. thousands of wannabees risk long lines for a bit part in the "sex and the city" movie sequel.
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it was one day only. this morning, the casting agent is excepting head shots and photos by e-mail. so if you would like to be considered, go to our website. we have posted the information there. the big story, paul abdul said she would not be returning as a judge on "american idol." she dropped her bombshell on twitter and said she decided not to return. the announcement comes two days before the show is scheduled to begin shooting with auditions in denver. there has been speculation. >> wish you forced out? happen to pass up this kind of money? >> it sounds like her decision. we do not know why.
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>> you can always count on her to be nice. >> that is true. >> she does not have the killer instinct that some of the others do. >> not exactly. thank you so much. we appreciate it. we still have another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> a robbery suspect caught on camera. unusually good footage for security cameras. thousands of dollars in clothing sold and white pictes may be a little on the deceiving the side. >> d.c. gets a below average marks for tackling hiv and a ais among the city's youth. i'll have the details on a report that is out today. >> we do have a front off to our west.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back to "good morning washington." 6:30 is your time. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. time for your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. moving into the month of august and it is starting finally to feel like summer.
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>> we had the west stretch, the dry stretch, and now the heat is k.ming bac the heat will be i'0' 9sby tact b 90's by theac the the >>em ttupewira>> temperaturenwih the s.peup' 80's. 68 in the district right now. 71 in sterling. your birthday forecast, we have not too much sunshine. the thunderstorms should be isolated in the evening. it will be warm and the upper mid 80's. have an umbrella stealing -- standing by. >> >♪ it is your birthday a truck rolled over on the outer loop between 66 and the exit for
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50. headlights are leaving dale city to get into lorton. you are slow from newington up to the beltway. 270 is good at the john hanson highway. nothing reported. on the ramp there has been a crash in ellicott city. back inside. >> thank you. nearly five-month ordeal is over for two journalists convicted of spying in north korea. they are on their way home. >> they are due to arrive in alifornia in a few air -- in a few hours. family and friends are waiting for the women to arrive home. the women were sentenced to 12 years of hard labor for illegally entering north korea. they were pardoned yesterday. we will have the latest in a
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live report in just a few minutes. a new report is set for release today grading the progress of d.c. on the local aids epidemic. >> it praises the school system for one program aimed at curbing the program. pamela brown has more. >> the city is being applauded by activists who are considering the expansion of a pilot program that would and aids education lectures to the 12,000 high school students. according to this report, the city still has a long way to go when it comes to hiv prevention among the youth. the report card says the district still has a room for improvement when it comes to fighting hiv among the youth. it gives high marks for testing.
6:34 am
leadership falls short despite some sides. mayor fenty needs to walk the talk more and pull together additional resources and strengthen the needle exchange program. the numbers are staggering. the growing aids rate is considered a severe epidemic with at least 3% affected -- infected with hiv or aids. >> it is really scary. you never know. >> more than one in 10 d.c. students has been infected with an std. there received a grade of day c +. mayor fenty will be gathering in southeast, one of several locations of that is part of the free condom distribution program.
6:35 am
all of the details of this report will be released at around 3:45 this afternoon. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. metro says your safety is at stake if they do not get more money. the house approved $150 million in federal aid. that amount could be matched. metro says it needs about $7 billion over the next decade to make improvements. new study is out on illegal immigrants on crime in prince william county. they conducted the study and found 3. of people arrested for violent crimes in the county last year were illegal immigrants. 76% side of illegal emigrants arrested last year were charged with public drunkenness or driving under the influence
6:36 am
montgomery county police needs your help to capture a high end suspect. they say a man possibly dressed as a woman and stole a $2,000 dress. as a security guard approached, the suspect sprayed him with pepper spray and ran off. if you recognize that person, please call police. b ng smingok ookn playgrounds. the rockville advisory board wants to place a ban on smoking in city parks. many parents like the ban. >> there is no downside to keeping smoking away from children and playgrounds. i did not say how this is not going to be moved forward. >> kids should not breathe secondhand smoke. >> i think a ban is a little
6:37 am
extreme. >> they should be responsible. >> officials say they do want to get input from residents on whether they support the ban. district is receiving $8 million and it will allow the district to weatherize homes and cooling equipment. time for a check on business headlines. >> we check in with linda bell who is live in new york this morning. >> good morning. sony is taking a page from amazon's book. they will begin selling some new book reader models. one will cost $299. another will be the reader pocket. it will have a 5 inch display. it will be $100 cheaper than kindle and the most affordable
6:38 am
device on the market. amazon slashedhe trice of kindle to ahe $299. stock index futures are little changed this morning. we are waiting for a report on results from procter and gamble. they are expected to announce a multi-year deal with the national football league. the paper says procter and gamble will become the official toiletries brand for the nfl. all spies deodorant maybe among the official locker room products. an advertisement being revealed says it will be able to eliminate nfl-size odors with febreeze. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. when we continue, new recommendations are out for
6:39 am
schools facing tential swine flu outbreaks this fall. the advice may surprise you. >> partly cloudy skies over old town, alexandria. it is a lovely morning. it is warm. 77 degrees. we will talk forecast coming up. >> p
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6:41 on this wednesday morning. time for traffic and weather together. adam caskey live in alexander this morning. a lovely morning. rather mild. 77 degreest storm chaser 7. the dew point is 64. you'll feel the humidity today. we may have a drop in the humidity tomorrow and on in it could drop a whe tow l toid g areas. andrews air force base is at 64 degrees. partly cloudy this morning. increasing cloud cover later on. storms possibly lingering into
6:43 am
tonight. highs today in the mid 80's. we could see some of the hottest temperatures of the year so far this weekend. >> we will go quickly live to newschopper 7. this is the outer loop of the beltway. a pickup truck has rolled over. this is after 66 but closed to 50 , arlington boulevard. delays out of tysons toward springfield. on your left -- on the right side, that is the inner loop. the inner loop up to 66 will be affected as well. it about -- it affects eastbound 66. there is a crash on the shoulder before 7100. now slowing. more to come. back to top stories. >> thank you. students head back to school very soon.
6:44 am
school communities will be on high alert for any sign of a re- emergence of the swine flu. >> there will be new guidelines for schools on how to deal with this virus. they are requested to remain open even if students contracted the virus. >> the virus is so widespread that is not clear that closing a school down is helpful. it's not like the kids go home and stay home. they go to each other's home. >> they do not know how widespread the virusill be in the fall. they're hoping to avoid the chaos of last year. 6:44. >> a gunman goes on a shooting rampage inside a insidegym. police tried to figure out who triggered th ♪
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"good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:47. >> the man who opened fire in a crowded pittsburgh area health club may have been targeting a former girlfriend. she was inside the l.a. fitness when the man walked into an aerobics class, it turned out the lights, and started shooting. he killed three women before turning the gun on himself.
6:48 am
>> it looks as if the cash for clunkers program will be extended another month. the senate has cleared the way giving you up to labor day to buy more fuel-efficient vehicles. >> mahmoud ahmadinejad has been sworn in for a second term as president of iran. called his election and epic victory. opponents claim he rigged the election. the two female journalists held in north korea since march are free and on their way home. >> a trip by former president bill clinton appears to have saved them. matt brock has more. >> we have an emotional reunion on deck.
6:49 am
the women are due back in a matter of minutes on american soil. we saw them briefly before they boarded a private jet with president clinton and they appeared healthy. they spent five months in north korean jail. they were pardoned by kim jong il after former president bill clinton's this id. >> i am looking forward to the best time of my life. -- after four bill closed -- after former president bill clinton's this id. >> the clinton visit had been i the works for weeks. he was assured before he got there of the women would be released. >> this is a big coup to have a former president on their soil requesting the release of the journalists. >> the north koreans also wanted an apology. they got a qualified one from hillary clinton weeks ago.
6:50 am
the white house insists the visit was not official. >> this was a private mission. >> officially sanctioned by the white house or not, there is some hope that this could lead to some dialogue between the countries and could ease tensions since north korea began to test nuclear weapons. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:49. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we are awaiting the real approach of summertime weather in the district. >> you t kpieeng keeping ave a big birthday boy surirp. this is doug mckelway from the rly 70's. did you photoshop that? i neverer had hair like that. is that a leisure suit? >> it is a thick neck.
6:51 am
>> i have another one, too. side-by-side comparison. >> there you go. i like today's version better. >> d hodiw u you do that? whyod diu dod that? >> let's take a look outside as i get in trouble. it is a bigitay. tayod it is apay siaeclia y.da temperature-wise, we are my.ugg. aa little suhine isry trying to peek through at nationals park. 69 in hunting town. 73 in leesburg. i will show you the cloud cover out there. fairly abundant out there. limited sunshine today. there are a couple of thunderstorms. our best chances are likely in the evening and south of town. temperatures back in the lower mid 70's.
6:52 am
tomorrow, clouds will try to break free. upper 80's on friday. mid 90's for the weekend. >> a special day today. we have some light 270 traffic light. normal delays on the outer loop to get to the normal -- to get to the mormon temple. a pickup truck rolled over on 66 close to arlington boulevard. one lane is blocked. it is the legg mason tennis classic on 16th street. you'll find it particularly heavy. wewsu twsoyouu
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all you horse rang fans will soon be able to do more than just toast rachel alexander in the winner's circle. >> she is about to get her own line of wines. a winery is releasing a limited edition of vintage to honor the horse. they produced fewer than 300 cases. each bottle will be labeled with her image. she beat all of the boys in the preakness stakes. >> that is right.
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>> an expensive bottle of wine, i would imagine. >> we want to wish our favorite co anger happy birthday warmer time -- our favorite co-anchor happy birthday. sorry the candles thelit. >> i did someorare aute[lghr] >> you are being cruel this morning. >> it is not cruel and off. >> it is the new 32. >> thank you. that is the right attitude. >> this is the belt loop -- the beltway close to arlington boulevard. a vehicle turned over on the left lane. >> thank you. we do have some mugginess.
6:57 am
some thunderstorms through the afternoon and evening. it will feel more refreshing tomorrow. weekend this weekend. p
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