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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 7, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. it is now 6:00. i am doug mckelway. >> and diane greta kreuz. alison has the day off. -- i am greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it is refreshing. it feels crisp because the air is not full of humidity. it will shift back into mbs erinow lo'0' 6 60's. 62 in riverdale. dew points are low and are indicating the air is much drier. los mid 80's at lunchtime. a few passing clouds here and there. lots of sunshine.
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it's going to feel like a great day. some dangerous heat during the weekend. >> accident on 66 between nutley street and the beltway. eastbound 66 traffic, everything has changed out of fair oaks with a crash after nutley street. good on maryland from the beltway. this is 66 traffic close to glebe road, moving nicely through rosslyn. >> thank you. we are a few hours away from a report on last week's devastating fire in northwest. >> neighbors are worried because the low pressure is blamed on making a fire even worse. pamela brown is live with more. good morning. >> when firefigers arrived
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here on july 29, it took them nearly two hours to bring in water from other fire hydrants because those closest to the home did not have enough water pressure. the fire on peggy cooper cafritz july 29 debt swap to the cooper has left neighbors with a lot of what ifs. >> we had to stay here and watch it burn down. it is ridiculous. >> firefighters look too low water pressure. if they didn't waste time bringing in water from hydrants in other neighborhoods, could the home have been salvaged? >> it is a definite concern. >> neighbors say a lack of water pressure has been a problem for the past year. it is common in higher elevations. they will figure out what exactly happened.
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>> we have people testing the system right now. >> the upkeep of the fire hydrants has been a big concern for the past couple of years after a fire at the georgetown library. they are in the process of replacing the aging fight -- the aging fire hydrants. there is a press conference at 9:00 this morning. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 8 veteran firefighter is off of a job and facing a serious charges. police say he tried to solicit sex from someone he thought was a teenage girl. wayne mothershead answered an ad on craigslist that was actually an undercover officer. he arranged to meet up at the gaithersburg shopping center.
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>> when he arrived, he was arrested and charged with a sexual solicitation of a minor. >> mothershead was one the -- was one of 20 people arrested. he has been released on $100,000 bond. his lawyer says she believes there's not enough evidence to prove the charges. metro riders can expect delays. red line riders should allow an extra 30 minutes this weekend. the trains will be sharing one track. orange lines should also allow an additional 30 minutes. there will be delays at night on the blue and yellow lines starting late sunday night. judge sonia sotomayor will become the first oicial supreme court justice.
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she will be sworn in tomorrow. republicans joined democrats in confirming the nomination. she is the third woman ever named to the high court. authorities are investigating an accident that killed an accident at the intersection of river road and wilson lane. a car struck a pedestrian. he died. he has been identified as duane fandrey of northwest, d.c. the driver was not injured. adrian fenty has signed a crime bill. he signed this yesterday. the bill includes tougher penalties for repeat offenders. it also requires the mayor to create a crew intervention group. grab your list and get your
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back-to-school shopping done this weekend. the virginia sales tax holiday takes effect today. matt brock is live in alexander this morning with details. i was in chicago over the weekend. the sales tax in chicago is 10.25%. but every little penny counts. >> every penny counts. here in virginia it is generally by% in most cases, and this weekend, you will not be paying it. -- it is generally 5%. shoppers get a break. >> you save a lot of money. >> andrea came from baltimore. she says it is worth the extra gas mileage. it is back on this weekend. the back-to-school tax free
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holiday runs now through sunday. clothing priced less than $100 in school supplies priced under $20 are affected. other states and the district are pulling back on the benefit. >> you have to bargain shop more. >> facing a budget sure for, but the district put its sales tax holiday on the chopping block. this was at the expense of you know who. >> it is not a good way to attract people to purchase in the district. >> you see there that the retailers are counting on this to boost their bottom line this weekend. they have been hurting during the recession. this year there will be the added benefit of attracting people from across the river. d.c. canceled its tax-free
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holiday for school supplies and so did the state of maryland. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 63 degrees. >> when we return, president obama makes a big campaign stop. >> adam caskey live in the district. 64 degrees. if you haven't stepped outside yet, you will love what is outside. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning
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i'm mike. >> we are with the ocean city beach patrol. this is our idea of rush hour. come on down. >> good morning, washington. welcome back. creigh deeds is getting a high profile boost from the biggest star of his party. president obama appeared at a fun run -- a fun rally and it was their first joint appearance. >> the president of the united states flu marine one to virginia for me. >> you have the chance to keep moving forward by electing somebody who is cut from the same cloth, somebody who has that same vision for the commonwealth, creigh deeds. >> the other governor race is in new jersey. dietz is trailing his opponents. a survey released shows 51% of
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likely voters supporting mcconnell, 377 -- 37% supporting deed. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is down by the waterfront. now the sun is coming up. >> this is the tidal basin. it is a gorgeous morning. it may sound wimpy, but with the short sleeves on, i felt all little cool for a brief period of time. 64 degrees at the storm chaser. elsewhere,nl 'he0' 6s. y the 60's. we are in t0' 5h's in someonssle . hbashburn, 61. dew point temperatures are down
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in the 50's. it feels refreshing. you will love it today. high temperatures in the mid 80's. we will warm up to near 90 tomorrow. but by sunday and monday, haven't been there, haven't done that. upper 90's sunday and monday. heat index values could be 105. lisa baden. i like it. that is the spirit we need on a friday like this. >> a few were said, i have these sunglasses and earrings. i will never wear them, but i thought you would. take a look at these. flamencos. what is not to love? 95 is building in volume from woodbridge heading through springfield. i do not have any accidents to
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report on 395 to the 14th street bridge. barry's move out of frederick to get to germantown. -- very smoothes out of frederick to get to germantown. do you envy my new hearings? >> i love the glasses. >> setting fashion trends. 6:14, 64 degrees. >> time for more americans to head to their local car dealerships. cash for clunkers is getting a boost.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling,
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meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, the cash for clunkers program will keep running through labor day. both houses of congress have okayed giving the program an extra $2 billion. the first volunteers for the swine flu vaccine roll up their sleeves for the shot later today in seattle. the government wants 160 million americans to get the vaccine this fall. democrats are pushing back against critics of health care reform. they have counseled about coping at events that turned into shouting matches like at this one.
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it highlights the unpopularity of the health-care plan. 6:16. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start with the moneys go. car makers are struggling to keep up with demand from the rebate program. >> fannie mae is asking for more funding. those stories and more. >> wall street is bracing for the most important economic reports, the monthly jobs number. it is expected to show job losses are slowing. they slashed 320,000 jobs last month. this follows some encouraging news on thursday. unemployment claims dropped. the toll of the receion can be seen in this latest report on food stamps. 34.4 million americans are now
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receiving food stamps, that is more than 10% of the country. the question now is can the automakers keep up with demands. cars are selling at a record pace. some supplies are running low. the taxpayer bill keeps growing. fannie mae says it needs another $10.7 billion in government aid. the government has spent about $85 billion to keep fannie mae and freddie mac growing. the days of free on-line newspapers may be coming to an end. rupert murdoch says he wants to start charging for some newspapers within the next year. other newspapers could follow. it could be a risky bet. tals for a swine flu vaccine
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begins today. is it safe for your kids to get multip for loose shots? and that is your "money scope" report. yo traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's check in and with brian. he has a change in tale to tell this morning. >> the first part is good. then the heat will be moving back in. 56 in hagerstown. 60 in woodbridge. we have a cool, refreshing start your day. it is hard to believe we could have such a cool morning. e storm system from yesterday moved off the coast. that will begin to usher in a dryer, more comfortable air mass this afternoon. there will be low humidity. temperatures will be in the mid 80's. a very nice-looking day.
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some clouds will move been tonight. they will be light. that will begin to transport the milder air for the weekend. tomorrow, near 90. then the mid and upper 90's for sunday. it could be a scorcher. saturday, mid and upper 80's at the beaches. it should be partly sunny. >> i am going to maine next week, so i want to, somaine. -- i want to know about maine. no delays at all between clarksburg and the beltway. ♪ spread the word see the headlights? that is live leaving springfield to head up to the pentagon.
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no complaints. eastbound 66, a lot of complaining. there is a crash after nutley street but before the beltway. good out of southern maryland, route 4, route 5. open to -- quiet to southeast washington. >> it will be nice in maine for you. >> still to come, u.s. efforts to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda appeared details on a top terror leader who may have been killed. >> teenage couples and sex at age 14. one mom is outraged. >> we appreciate you waking up with us. you're watching "good morning washington."
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u.s. efforts to get rid of the taliban and al qaeda may have gotten a boost. >> it appears a top leader was killed in an attack. >> batula massoud is enemy number one, responsible for some terrible attacks. he has killed more than 1200 people, including benazir bhutto. he is at the center that threatens pakistan's the future.
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they have been using cia drones to track him. nine have targeted his network. the one that appears to have killed him struck his father-in- law's house on wednesday morning. the attacks in pakistan are controversial. the u.s. believes it is the only way to target the taliban and out data. >> we have presented the president with a number of initiatives. not only has he approved these operations, he has encouraged us to be more aggressive and even more innovative. >> any commander killed here will be replaced, but massoud's death will help push people here to take on the taliban. the u.s. says they need
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pakistani support to win the war. 6:25. >> coming up, a d.c. teacher stock without a paycheck. why he is not alone. >> live in the weather center, we're looking at a gorgeous day today with a big warmup.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is now 6:30. we're looking at the sunrise over the city of rosslyn, looking up wilson boulevard. i am doug mckelway. >> and i am greta kreuz. alison has the day off. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we have some summertime weather coming up. >> it is cool and crisp today. it will be in the upper mid 90's by the end of the weekend. it could be dangerous. ve not have that yet. >> let's talk abou the here and sunshine is coming up.i f
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6:29. it is downright comfortable. let's show you what is going on outside. low humidity and comfortable. when was the last time we used that to describe an august day? it could feel over 100 degrees by sunday. mo details coming up. >> i will give the details on eastbound 66 leaving fair oaks. there was an accident after nutley street. it is a fatal crash on route 1. they will take you over to the interstate. follow the stream of traffic. smoot from germantown to the beltway. 395 northbound past duke street
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with no delay. greta and doug. >> thank you. a veteran firefighter is facing charges for allegedly soliciting charges for an someone he thought was a teenage girl online. >> police say 44-year-old wayne mothershead answered an ad on craigslist from who we thought was a 16-year-old girl. he arranged to meet up with her in gaithersburg. >> when the suspect arrived, he was arrested by officers and charged with a sexual solicitation of a minor. >> mothershead was released on bond and is now on administrative leave with pay. we are a few hours away from the release of a report by d.c. city officials by last week's devastating fire.
6:32 am
>> there was low water pressure and it was blamed on making a bad fire even worse. pamela brown has more. >> a big focus is on the fire hydrants. when firefighters arrived, there was very little water pressure. at one point, the hoses ran dry. we will find out what the city is going to do about it. the fire that swept through the home of peggy cooper cafritz has left neighbors with a lot of what ifs. >> that is ridiculous. >> officials point to a lack of water pressure as the reason for taking nearly two hours to battle the flames. if they did not waste time, could the home have been salvaged? >> it is a definite concern.
6:33 am
>> neighbors say they lack of water pressure has been a problem over the last year. it is common in higher elevations. they will work closer -- they willork closely to figure out the problem. >> right now we are in investigation mode. >> the upkeep of fire hydrants has been a concern. the georgetown library erupt in flames because the o closest fire hydrants were broken. wasa says there in the process of replacing the aging fire hydrants. we will hear from officials at 9:00 about details in this investigation. pamela brown, abc 7 news. >> thank you. investigators now know what caused the house fire that caused a fire and killed a resident back in may.
6:34 am
the man was injured and died nine days later. a failed gas line filled the house with gas. this caused the explosion that killed vernon mccoy. newschopper 7 was over this facility yesterday after a tank holding propane gas started to leak. the leak came from a 4 inch belt. there were able to replace the valve. digging has already begun in tysons corner. expect more construction in the coming weeks. the first phase will run from falls church to reston. the second runs out to dulles. a d.c. schoolteacher said he
6:35 am
has not been paid for months and is now on the verge of losing his home. dr. ollie nelson is a history teacher and says the city owes him four paychecks worth thousands of arabs -- thousands of dollars. the city gave him $250. >> is that going to cover me? you're going to give me to wonder $50? what is that going to do. >> officials say out of 1400 summer school teachers, six have not been paid. all six employees will receive retroactive pay this week. maryland drivers will likely see more speed cameras around. a new law takes cent in october that allows cameras to be set up nearchools and construction
6:36 am
zones. they plan to install more cameras to increase pedestrian safety. and keene has granted conditional pardons to three known as the norfolk for. they said they killed a woman. three of them were convicted. the fourth served eight years in prison. they claim their confessions were coerced. one man paused dna was the only one found at the crime scene. things seem to be back to normal on twitter and facebook after a cyber attack. twitter which shut down for hours. facebook experienced intermittent problems. the cyber attack may be related to the political conflict between russia and georgia. time for a check on business
6:37 am
headlines with linda bell in new york. >> it looks like we're setting up for a lower opening on wall street. the jobs report will be coming out at 8:30 this morning. we will be monitoring fannie mae. they are asking the treasury for $10.4 billion in capital investment. they have lost $100 billion over the past two years. behind the problem is the hot potato bad debts it holds. here is a way to get the harvard look without paying $49,000 a year in tuition. you'll be able to buy a harvard university clothes. they're putting out a line of clothing. it is cheaper than the tuition.
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the shirts are going for $160. the sports coats will cost you $495. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back over to you. have a great weekend. >> thank you. it sounds like everybody is scrambling to earn a dollar. 6:37. 63 degrees. >> we are hearing new details this morning about the capture of the american journalists who were held in north korea. the family members are speaking out on how they are adjusting back home. >> happy friday. currently 64 degrees. it is refreshing. we will talk about the weekend.d gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things
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welcome back to "good morning washington" on this lovely friday morning. 6:41 is your time. it is refreshing and outside. humidity is very low compared to what we have had most days for the past couple of weeks. it is comfortable outside. low humidity and a lot of
6:42 am
sunshine. a great way to end the week. we will see big shifts. mesog bishifts. curren we are we aren eegr a y in the 60' ' iacurrksbg,p otspanlvia, 62. a very refreshing breez out of it will persist that way into the afternoon. here is your forecast. a lot of sunshine. highs in the mid 80's. tomorrow, near 90. by sunday and monday, upper mid 90's, approaching 100 degrees. it could feel like 105. what do you have? >> it feels slow because it is. eastbound 66, accident after nutley street but before the beltway.
6:43 am
it remains in the red x lane. a brief polite on 95. 95 maryland it is good. brief delays on the outer loop towards 270. outer loop in virginia, van dorn to telegraph road. single vehicle crash right before the exit for 270 north. i need to take you to a camera quickly. they're moving smartly from poor road to the american legion bridge. >> thank you. the sister of one of the american journalists freed is describing their ordeal. lisa ling is saying her sister and euna lee only briefly touched north korean soil before they were captured. they then spent more than five months in isolation. >> she read a lot.
6:44 am
we were able to send her books. for exercise, as she walked around her room sometimes for hours in the day. they think was a little difficult. they did not have hot water. the water was sporadic. >> the pair arrived in the u.s. on wednesday. they had a visit from bill clinton. 6:44. >> new unemployment numbers are set to be released this morning. experts are saying those numbers will be good.
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meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:46. >> the nation's first hispanic supreme court justice will be sworn in tomorrow. sonia sotomayor won said confirmation and will be the third woman in supreme court history. she will have her oath made available to tv cameras. the most wanted man in pakistan reportedly has been killed. batula massoud was killed in a missile strike and has been buried. they're looking for the body to verify. >> automakers are looking to keep up withemand now that more money has been pumped into
6:48 am
the cash for clunkers program. the bill is waiting for the president's signature. >> statistics due out today are expected to show that job losses slowed last month. unemployment is expected to rise to 9.6% in july, the slowest pace since august of last year. grab your list and get your back-to-school shopping this weekend. >> virginia's sales tax holiday takes affect beginning today. matt brock is live in alexandria with details. >> stores like this are extending their hours for this weekend. the commonwealth is giving consumers an extra 5% off. check out tysons corner last year when the virginia tax collector gave shoppers a break.
6:49 am
>> we can save a lot of money. >> end your came all the way from baltimore. >> it is going to help us out. >> it is back on this weekend, the back-to-school, tax free holiday. it runs now through sunday. fairfax school supplies priced under $20 and clothing priced under $100. >> it means you have to bargain shop all little more. >> facing a budget shortfall, the district put its august holiday on the chopping block, saving the city about six -- about $640,000. >> i do not think it is a good way to get people to shop in the district. >> you see there the "tax-free"
6:50 am
sign. i began to ask myself and likely you did, as well, what sort of fits into the category of school supplies under $20? can you guess what is? >> like a calculator? >> that might fit. those are hard to find. >> an alarm clock. >> that might get you. best buy knew they didn't have anything that sold for the $20 and under category. they decided to make everything tax-free and they will absorb the cost and that will attract consumers for everything else. so everything at best buy is marked down 5% in honor of the tax free holiday. retailers really need consumers
6:51 am
in the stores. >> you need to be wearing a royal blue shirt and khaki pants. >> let me say this. they are not the only store doing this. a number of stores are doing this in honor of the holiday. they extend the categories and absorb the costs. >> you did not sound like a best buy salesman. thank you. good to see you. have a good weekend. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. yan get an educational home theater system. >> for under $20. >> the sun is coming un i frederick. it isgeor gouors outside today. tee mpatures are on the cool side. 60 in ashburn. over to the maps we go. we do see a fair amount of
6:52 am
sunshine. winds out of the west. it will keep the humidity down. plenty of sunshine. clouds will move in a little bit. by tomorrow, things ll start to shift. 90 and down white hot. upper 90's on sunday. >> i had to put on my new flamenco sunglasses. thank you to debbie in alexandria. i have been watching this sunshine -- i have been watching the traffic into the sunshine. there was a crash on 270, but it is gone.
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good morning, washington. i am arch campbell. meryl streep celebrates julia child "julie & julia." >> i am going to try to flip this over. >> meryl streep captures the joy of julia child in its celebration of love and food. worth three and a half stars. a couple finds a danger in "a perfect getaway." a cut above the usual thriller
6:56 am
with a twist. two and a half stars. there are issues in "adam." good chemistry. a couple of stars. these are your best bets. have a nice weekend, everybody. i am arch campbell, abc 7 news entertainment. >> meryl streep looks like she has captured julia child. question really want to see that movie. >> traffic is moving better. an accident on 66 after nutley street has been moved out of the way. i will give you a picture of traffic on the beltway at river road. an accident approaching the exit for 270 is not impacting the drive. >> it feels great out here with low humidity.
6:57 am
mid 80's today. we're shooting for 90 tomorrow and mid 90's on sunday.
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