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tv   Good Morning Washington  ABC  August 8, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> straight ahead on this saturday morning, a history making day for the supreme court as the first hispanic justice gets set to be sworn in, and a long-time disabilities advocate and sister of john f. kennedy is in critical condition this morning. we'll have local reaction. plus, a serial burglar targets fairfax county. the critical clue linking 16 cases. good morning washington saturday starts right now.
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>> this is good morning washington, on your side. >> good morning to you, washington. thank you so much for being with us on this saturday, the 8th day of august. we'll get to the morning's top stories in a moment but first a check of the forecast. dave, how is it looking for the weekend? >> good morning, pam. well, it looks like we will get some of the hottest air of the season tomorrow and we will get a taste of it today. what a beautiful day we had yesterday. a big change out there this morning. let's show you on storm scan. you will be able to see that there are a few light sprinkles out there this morning. don't be surprised if your windshield gets a bit wet. those showers will dissipate as to go through lelot's ok at temperatures this inok it is already it is 70 is 70 inti porson ports upnnto the low 60's. our forecast today, high
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temperature today from 86 to 90 degrees but that's just a taste of tomorrow when we could have temperatures up near 100 degrees tomorrow and monday both. make sure you find a swimming pool and air-conditioner for this weekend. >> in just a few hours from now, the u.s. supreme court will welcome its first hispanic justice. sonia sotomayor will be sworn in at 11:00 this morning. sotomayor won confirmation thursday. she will be the 111th justice and the first high court member to have her oath taking televised. a prominent member of the kennedy family is in critical condition at a cape cod hospital this morning. family members of eunice kennedy shriver have gathered by her bedside. we will have more on the impact she has had throughout our area. >> eunice kennedy shriver is
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from the 88-year-old who is in stable condition at a massachusetts hospital. members of her family flew in to a cape cod hospital to be with her. shriver is best known for helping to start the special olympics in 1968. the organization helps 3 billion people with disabilities around the world. in t washington region, shriver also arranged for melwood center to get jobs at the kennedy center, the idea that developmentally disabled people could and should lead useful lives. >> she took everyone out of the shadows. people were literally in institutions. people didn't know what to do with their children when they were born. >> though shriver's family
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remains in the spotlight, her daughter maria is married to arnold schwarzneggar, it is eunice kennedy shriver's good work that has touched so many people a. >>. >> energy radiated from her. everyone wondered how she could do so much. it was always for the community. >> among those at the hospital this morning, eunice's husband, r. sergeant shriver, the 1972 vice presidential candidate and former peace corps director along with her daughter maria and governor schwarzneggar and her other children and grandchildren are all with her. >> thank you for that. keep us posted. >> in addition to her work with the special olympics, eunice kennedy shriver received the presidential medal of freedom by ronald reagan in 1984. she was also a key founder of the national institute of child health and human development which congress renamed in shriver's honor last year. >> meanwhile, while you were sleeping, police in the district spent the night on the scene
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investigating a death in the 3200 block of m street southeast. the victim was found at about 7:30 last night. at this point, it's not clear how she died. her identity and the age have not been released. >> fair fairfax county pice say they have a funeral burglar on the hands. ctteiviv seyh have linked re h separ batarureieglsatre frm sten to maclaine. john -- mclean. >> fair fack county police tell some of these homes have been burglarized along with 2 dozen others. >> >> i immediately called it in. >> vernon andropoly came home from work and noted that someone broke through the front door.
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>> police have been able to link 16of the 21 recent burglaries are, all in the western rtion of the county, all matching similar clues. >> they went in the master bedroom and went through my clothing. >> investigators believe the break-ins began back in january. for some reason, the theives have been targeting middle eastern and asian families. in several cases, the families had religious ornaments placed outside in plain view. >> this neighbor lives a couple of doors down from one of the targeted homes. he is very worried about his family's safety. >> abc 7 news. >> in prince georges county, police need your help in the search for the so-called
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greenbelt gucci ban dissments they released photos of the man they say robbed three gas ations and a k-mart in greenbelt over a three week span, in each case posing as a customer and then displaying a handgun at the cash register. the suspect is between 27 and 35 and wears a white gucci hat. anyone with information is asked to call police. >> repair work means delays on metro this weekend. add 30 minutes to your trip on the red line because trains will share a track until tomorrow. there will be 30-minute delays on the orange lanes between vienna and west falls church until tomorrow and then on sunday through thursday night expect 45 minute delays between the yellow and blue lane that should wrap up after labor day. get your back to school shopping list.
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you won't have to pay school tax on school supplies up to $20 and clothing and shoes up to $100 are tax-free. maryland and d.c. did away with their programs this summer to save money. well, things are about to get more ins tense at redskins training camp today. the team suited up for a scrimmage and a big crowd is expected at the park to watch. it is the first time they will get a chance to go after each other in real conditions. the time is 6:08. coming up, a local teacher finally gets a paycheck from the district but the controversy doesn't end there, and billy mays dirty little secret, a discovery about the pitchman and what doctors say he did before his death.
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>> welcome back to good morning washington on saturday august 8 at the nation's capitol. a lot doing on capitol hill today, and weather-wise, it's mild out there this morning but things are going to get muggy and downright hot by the end of ndkende daha l looook at dopplerk ra yes, a few see ovan s overr int,ver in oce city intior pons up to the northwest, very pottyonow,ma ybe y.rmdetorsct aitiv bi g pictnt is cobimrontmi isngy with hot muggy air down to the southwest. as that front passes through, we willee a big change in our weather. temperatures today, about 88 degrees. tomorrow, we're going to see temperatures up around the 100 degreeee mark. temperatures, 97, 98, with heat indices in the triple digits t
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will probably be the hottest weekend of the summer. >> 7 is on your side with a follow-up on the d.c. district teacher who had not been paid by the district in two months. dr. ollie nelson did receive a check from d.c. public schools yesterday but nelson says the check was more than $3,400 less than what he is owed. because of the check setbacks, nelson is facing big financial problems. >> i have a mortgage company about to repossess my house. >> a spokesperson for the d.c. public schools says the check included all verified and approved time he worked but there was one pay period still pending. school officials also say they promise to work with nelson about any ongoing issues. >> an aging water system apparently hindered the efforts to stop a fire at the former d.c. board of education president. the blaze broke out late last
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month and a city report says a corroded 8-inch water main did not provide enough watter to fight the blaze. officials also say while there were fire hydrants within 1,000 feet, they weren't accessible due to a lack of cross streets. >> maryland governor martin o'malley is putting his two cents in about anne arundel county's slot machines and whether they need to make a decision. legislation will be up for discussion again sometime this fall. >> and 6:13 is your time on this saturday morning. with the new school year almost here, the federal government unveiled a strategy for schools fangcihe t potential swine flu epidemic. you're watching good morning washington saturdaon satfa
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>> welcome back to good morning washington. it's 6:15. here is a look at the top stories n a few hours, the supreme court's newest addition will be sworn in. judge sonia sotomayor wille the 111th u.s. supreme court justice and the first hispanic. she will also be the first to have her oath taking televised. a major break into the investigation into last month's deadly bombing of two american hotels in jakarta. today police raid add pair of homes killing several suspected militants and arresting five others. local medias has reported that the mastermind has been killed in the operation but those reports cannot be confirmed. sarah palin is calling president obama's healthcare plan, quote, downright evil. palin posted her thoughts on facebook yesterday. she said people should not be able to stand in front of
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obama's panel to decide whether they are worthy of healthcare. >> it appears cocaine played a part in the death of billy mays. the florida medical examiner says the pitchman used the drug days before his death, but he wasn't under the influence when he had a heart attack on june 28. the autopsy found that heart disease was the primary cause of death and that cocaine was a contributing factor. >> weeks after admitting to an affair, south carolina governor's wife and children have moved out of the governor's mansion. jenny sanford and her four sons removed clothing and boxes and left for their home along the atlantic coast. she issued a statement that she will work to are reconcile her marriage. governor sanford says he supports his wife's decision. experts say the swine flu will be back this fall, and to help combat this problem, health officials came out with new
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guidelines for fighting the virus which has affected more than 160,000 people. >> >> clinical trials are going on in seattle to test the safety of the swine flu vaccine and reassure the plic, as opposed to the one in 1976 that killed more people that year than the flu. health experts say this vaccine will be safe. inoculation may be what contains the virus. >> our scientists are working hard to have a vaccine ready for consumption by mid october. >> custodians busy disinfecting surfaces will be back in schools this year because top education officials are discouraging school closures where students have fallen ill with the flu. >> when you close a school, you have real social costs. you may reduce the spread of flu for a period of time but you
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increase the number of kids who may be unsupervised. >> they are recommending that students and staff stay home 24 hours after the fever breaks. officials have more guidelines to preventhe virus from spreading. >> they have to be given protective gear, such as a mask, until they can leave the school. >> the vaccine goes into lajer trials next week but won't be available to the public until mid october. >> some encouraging news for the troubling economy. the unemployment rate dropped for the first time in 15 months. 247,000 people were laid off in july, a stark improvement from 433,000 jobs lost in june. the unemployment rate fell 1/1 of a percent in the past month. economists say this is a good thing but that a lot more work needs to be done. >> as far as i'm concerned, we won't have a true recovery as
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long as we're losing jobs. we won't rest until every american that is looking for work can find a job. >> the markets also reacted well to the news. the dow rose more than 113 points and nasdaq also climbed, finishing above 2,000. the s&p 500 jumped 13 points. checking world headlines now, typhoon tore throu this morning leaving 15 people dead or missing and caused widespread flooding and damaging winds. as the storm approached, authorities sent text messages to warn residents in remote taiwan villages. >> a battle between police and gunmen in central mexico left 14 people dead, including 3 officers. acting on a tip, police stopped four vehicles carrying the gunmen who opened fire and fled. they chased them to a nearby field where the two groups exchanged gunfire. officials are still on the hunt
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for more suspects. >> the organization of american states has named a delegation to try to persuade the interim governnt of honduras to return president zelaya to power. the interim president viewed the visit as an opportunity to outline what occurred when zelaya was ousted. he was a minister in costa rica, mexico and the dominican republic. well, take a look at this. secretary of state hillary clinton got her groove on with a group of kenyan dancers during her trip to africa this week. the dancing was part of a dinner party in nairobi. right now, clinton is in the middle of a 7-nation tour. >> it is almost as if she practiced with them. >> she looked good. >> she does, indeed. >> well, the dog days of summer are headed our way, right? >> absolutely. we are in the dog days. if you have a dalnyoubtbout
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yothat, u' going to get ofelf outomorroof relief out there. some coo rtliaingns here and ther heiving in this morning on dashington parkway, ieede th ths.erndshield wip you can see most of the activity is now moving well to the east down over ocean city, just a few showerovss. ming offshore there. we had m a few here close to the district and one lone shower out here in washington county, and we'll see some more showers throughout the morning, insignificant rain here down in southern virginia, but this afternoon, as the at moss mere heats up, we may see a stray shower or thunderstorm as well. look at temperatures this morning. you can see just 68 here near baltimore and over at the beach, 68. in rehobeth beach, those dew points are going up as well. yesterday we had dew points in the upper 40's and low 50's. already they're in the low 60's. by the time we get to tomorrow, they will be near 70. get ready for stickier air out
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there as the temperatures rise as well. let's show you storm scan. here is the high pressure dome. it is going to be responsible for this rapid rise in temperature. it is going to be slowly moving off the atlantic seaboard. a warm front moving up from the south land, and we're going to see high temperatures, the highest temperatures most likely we are seeing all year long. how hot has it been this sumer? we have had 11 days 90 or above, the hottest on july 16 when it hit 96. we could eclipse that tomorrow and more likely on monday, which i think will be the hottest of the next three days. let's give you the big picture with our forecast for the weekend today. temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. mostly cloudy skies out there. warmer, more humid, but certainly nothing like we will have tomorrow, tomorrow the hotter of the two days, with hazy sunshine out there, and tomorrow a code yellow for poor air quality. the air quality is going to be deteriorating as well as the temperatures starting to rise. here is the scenario.
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there is the front as it makes its way up, and not just here in washington, but all down through dixie, down into tas, where it will remain hot this weekend. all of that will really not bring us a reprieve anywhere. most of the eastern part of the country will be in the broiler tomorrow. 86 at reagan national yesterday, and 82 at dulles. no rain recorded. the record high was 102 set two years ago in 2007. speaking of triple digits, by the time we get to tomorrow, heat indices could approach the 100 degree mark, so heat advisories will be issued because we're not used to that kind of hot weather. here is the satellite and the heaviest rain is in the upper midwest. again, nothing serious, but this afternoon, the possibilities of showers and thunderstorms, albeit brief. temperatures very mild right now here in the northeast, but down in the south, 75 degrees in
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atlanta and 77 in memphis. the big picture, as i was saying, it is going to get hot and stay hot for a couple of days. temperatures there in the 90's, up near 100 monday. that's the actual temperature, not the ht index. by midweek, showers and thunderstorms will knock those temperatures back down, but you said dog days, absolutely. >> 100 degrees. >> thanks so much, dave. we'll brace for t still ahead on good morning washington saturday, it is six in a row for the nats, and workers expected to hold up metro rail userjoe mt the majority of the weekend.
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>> will come back to -- welcome back to good morning washington. it is going to get a lot hotter
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as the weekend goes on, and now let's turn our attention to sports. time for a look at sports. >> down five, the nationals complete the comeback in the bottom of the fifth. ryan zimmerman, that is way back, and gone! a solo home run to right and tied at five. a crucial spot in the 7th, with two on, willingham at the plate and he finds his pitch. that drops. a single to left. 7-5 nationals. just not a good night for the diamondbacks and their manager who gets tossed out in the 8th inning. the nationals win 7-6. how about the orioles north of the border taking on the blue jays last night. top of the eighth. nolan ryan gets it right up the middle. 5-3. matt has a good piece of hitting and strokes that into the gap in
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the left center. the orioles win 7-5. that's it for sports v a good day, everybody. >> well, some cows just don't like to stay put. take a look at this. these cows took a leisurely stroll in milford township, ohio. deputies turned cowboys got them back to the farm where they came from. neighbors say this isn't the first time the cows have escaped. one farmer says the cow's owner was taken to court for damages when another farmer's crops were damaged. still ahead, police in the district investigate after a woman's body is found in the street, and a long-time disabilities advocate and sister of president john f. kennedy is in critical condition this morning. we'll have local reaction. plus, a history-making day for the supreme court as the first hispanic justice gets set to be sworn in. if the second half hour of good
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morning washington saturday starts right now. cheer clear welcome back to good morning washington. let's begin this half hour with a quick look at forecast. our meteorologist is in the weather center with all the details. dave, it's going to be hot, right? >> we're waiting for the big heat to arrive tomorrow and monday. it's going to feel stickier out ere today after yesterday'ser li ghde6 degree high a6 practically no humidity. a few light showers still aks crosshe area. most of those are or tor the eastern shower. i see one lonei ho shor near r erland downtown, 72. in ocean city, a warm pict ae, warm i.nt coming thr as ast does, it's going to change the game around here. lots of humid air coming from the south and our forecast for
6:31 am
the weekend, and for today, a high of about 88 degrees and mostly cloudy skies and maybe an afternoon thunderstorm to give us a little bit of relief. tomorrow is when the big heat arrives. temperatures in the upper 90's with hazy sunshine and high humidity and could be even warmer monday. monday, we could make it up to 99 and it will feel even hotter than that. we are going to gird ourselves for the hottest weekend of the summer. >> thank you so much, dave. we'll talk to you again soon. a prominent member of the kennedy family is in critical condition at a cape cod hospital this morning. family members of eunice kennedy shriver have gathered by her bedside. we have more on the impact she has made throughout our area. >> eunice shriver is the fifth of the nine kennedy children. senator edward kennedy and jean kennedy smith are her only surviving siblings. she has been weakened by a series of strokes and we understand this morning that her family is at her side. >> at the massachusetts hospital
6:32 am
where eunice kennedy shriver is surrounded by family and in the potomac, maryland community she calls home, there is concern about the 88-year-old sister of president john f. kennedy. >> i'm sorry to hear she is not doing well. >> kennedy is in critical but stable condition at a massachusetts hospital. members of her family flew this to be with her. shriver is best known for helping to start the special olympics in 1968. psort helps 3 million people with intellectual disabilities in nearly 200 nations around the world. >> they had the little sister that was developmentally challenged. >> shriver also arranged for melwood center to get maintenance workers jobs at the kennedy center, theed idea that developmentally disabled people could and should lead useful lives. >> she took everyone out of the shed. people were literally in institutions. people didn't know what to do with their children when they were born. >> though shriver's family
6:33 am
remains in the spotlight. her daughter maria is marry ared to arnold schwarzneggar, it is eunice kennedy shriver's good works that have touched so many. >> energy radiated from her. everyone wondered how she was ing and how she could do so much. it was always for the community. >> the shrivers live in hyannis port near the family compound where edward kennedys has been staying as he undergoes treatment for brain cancer. those at the hospital include maria shriver including her husband arnold schwarzneggar. >> thank you for that. we appreciate it. meanwhile, in just a few hours from now, the supreme u.s. suprt will welcome its first supreme court justice. sonia sotomayor will be sworn in at 11:00 this morning. she con conrmation thursday despite conservative opposition. she will be the 111th justice and the first court member to have her oath taking televised.
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awhile you were sleeping, police in the district spent the night on scene of a death investigating after a woman's bodies was discovered in the 3200 block of m street southeast. the victim was found about 7:30 last night. at this point, it's not clear how she died. her i.d. and age have not been released. >> take a look at this. this is the damage left behind after a bizarre police chase in charlottesville. police and officers were chasing a stolen car at speeds up to 90 miles per hour when the driver lost control, went down an embankment and opt a house. the homeowners were asleep at the time. luckily, no one was hurt. the house was condemned. police say the driver ran away and has not been found. >> the battle over gun rights in the district may take center stage in a courtroom. the same attorney who got the supreme court to overturn the d.c. gun ban wants to throw out the concealed weapons law the city passed to replace the law. that law only allows guns to be
6:35 am
kept in homes for self-defense. the latest case is that the district is not allowing people to carry guns outside their homes for self-defense. >> john hold's death sentence has been argued saying he should have never acted as his own lawyer during his 2003 trial. mohammed and accomplice lee boyd malvo killed ten people during a three-week killing spree back in 2002. >> metro will be working on the blue and yellow lines this weekend. as work continues on the red line, riders can expect major delays. we have the details from the pentagon city metro station. >> just when metro riders thought it couldn't get any worse, more changes. major work begins on the yellow
6:36 am
and blue line. crews will be doing prep work for a switch res placement at the pentagon city station over labor day. that means expect single tracking between broad ok and the plaza every sunday through thursday from 10:00 p.m. through midnight for the next four weeks and no service in roslyn and king street during those times. >> that is going to be tough. >> on top of that, red line riders still have to deal with delays while crewers replacing tracks where the deadly crash happened and that work includes the cables and equipment for the signaling system which detects trains. the change is doubling the travel times for some. >> when there are dree lays they are really long. >> on the red lines, this he will share the same line each night starting at 10:00 p.m. causing headaches but some
6:37 am
riders are more concerned with being safe. >> when they do it, it is about safety. what are you going to do? >> and your time is 6:36. we have 71 degrees on this saturday morning, august 8. ahead on good morning washington saturday, we will have the highlights in sports and a local county makes it on the top 25 list. we'll have the details on
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>> welcome back to good morning washington on saturday august 8. here on the nation's capitol, a live shot there, with the lincoln memorial and placid potomac river. clouds will dominate today but temperatures will be rising and thunderstorms this afternoon in e prelude to the hottest day of thsuermmomororrow. .a ' fe adw rad showe right now,ight
6:40 am
e erht showers offsh the atlantic sea bod o ocean's city. another sho wer off western ndryla off cumberland and mpes uratte are starting rise. 68 up in baltimore. 69 in dunn kirk and 72 in ocean city. today's temperatures should rise to the upper 80 he's. high temperatures this afternoon could approach the 90 degree mark and increasing humidity levels after dew points yesterday in the 40's and 50's. they will be in the 60's today. the pattern for the weekend is a warm front passing through for this evening. then for tomorrow, the real heat. high temperature tomorrow possibly 97 degrees. you know, pam, our days continue to shorten but mother nature is reminding us this weekend that there's plenty of summer left out there. >> thank you so much, dave. now we have a look at your morn's sports. >> good morning, everybody. it will start to get more intense at red schwinn redskins training camp.
6:41 am
a big crowd is expected to watch the scrimmage at the park. it is the first time the team will get a chance to go after each other in real game conditions. the players say they are ready. >> we're going to get out there, run some plays and get a lot done, and hopefully we will not kill each other. >> coming up, a packed out last night as the baseline rally runs, and a win foreroddick. there is match point. ball on roddick's racket. a weak backhand return and roddick says it helped him win the tournament. washington is taking on the detroit shock. curry, nice move to the hoop and the foul.
6:42 am
melvin finds a bucket there for a three-pointer and mystics with pick up win number 11, 70-66. have a good day, everybody. >> your time now is 6:41. it is 71 degrees. still ahead on good morning washington, one year after the is craebel is celebrating. how
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>> welcome back. it is 6:44. here is a look at this morning he's top stories a spokesman says family p members are gathered at the bedside of eunice kennedy shriver, the sister of president john f. kennedy. the 88-year-old is in critical condition at a massachusetts hospital. she has suffered several strokes in recent years. just a few hours from now, the
6:45 am
supreme court he's newest addition will be sworn in. judge sonia sotomayor will be the 111th u.s. supreme court justice and the first hispanic. she will also be the first high court member to have her oath taking televised. >> metro says red line riders can continue to expect delays this month as crews work to replace track circuit parts. all circuit parts will be replaced. >> well, the economy hasn't stopped job growth in a local virginia county. cnn money res lease add list of the top 25 counties to do business in. we have more on how loudoun county is measuring up. >> popular leesburg outlets an quaint towns, loudoun county is located 25 miles outside the bustle of d.c. partly the reason why cnn money has ranked loudoun as the fourth best county in the nation to do business in.
6:46 am
>> we already have a built-in workforce that is extremely talented, highly educated and very ambitious. >> loudoun's workforce has already shot up 80% this decade. what is the secret to that success? many say it has to do with a close proximity to dulles international airport and the strong presence of government contractors with major corporations including america on-line. >> the workforce that is with the government contracting industry is located ler in loudoun county. one leesburg shopper says that played a big role in her decision to settle in loudoun. >> there is a lot of government contractors in this area, and, you know, based within like a 15-mile radius. >> but some business owners point to the historic downtown and 25 sprawling wineries as the county's biggest appeal.
6:47 am
>> it is very friendly. >> abc 7 news. >> meanwhile, canadian divers say they have made a discover discovery dating back decades finding wreckage from an army air force plane that went down in the saint lawrence river in 1942. nine people were aboard. four crew members survived. the government divers came across the wreck in quebec. >> a north carolina congressman says his life has been threatened over healthcare reform. the office of democrat brad miller says a caller was upset that he is not holding a public forum onhe proposal. police say the threat is being investigated. >> and thousands of people took to the streets in beijing today to sell bait the one-year anniversary of last year's olympic games. more than 33,000 tai chi enthusiasts braved the rain to
6:48 am
put on a display outside the olympic stadium, part of what the chinese call national fitness day. now let's look at your weekend planner. get ready to shop. until tomorrow, if you shop in virginia, you won't have to pay a sales tax on any school supplies costing up to $20. clothing and shoes, up to $100 are also tax free. virginia has the region he's only back-to-school sales tax holiday this yea and the 14th annual northern virginia ceremoes at 9:00 a.m. at waters field in vienna. proceeds will benefit the brian vidal brain research organization. admission is $5. children 7 and under are refree. >> football fans listen up today as redskins fan appreciation day and scrimmage starts at 2:00 and is open to the public. thousands of fans are expected
6:49 am
to turn out for this event. it is a good thing that the scrimmage is not tomorrow. >> that's right. not that today is going to be a walk in the park, but it is going to be fares worse tomorrow. if you are headed out today, make sure you have a hat and lots of water. let's show you what it is like out there this morning. ight overigh pressure r us, and that bodes well for today, but for tomorrow, when the warm front that you can see just to the north makes its way through, that means we're going to be setting up a southerly flow, a moist flow out of the gulf and that means very sticky air around here and soft hottest air of the season. the last time we made it into the upper 90 he's was back last year, june 7, 2008, we hit 98. today we're looking for a high of 88. tomorrow and monday we could be in the upper reaches of the 90's and it will feel like 100 degrees out there. caution is the watch word f you're out and about, take its easy. let's show you what is happening
6:50 am
on live doppler radar. light showers across of much ofe area. right now we have a few light showers off the ocean city coast over there in ocean city. it is 74 right now in downtown baltimore an relatively cooler as we get out towards western maryland with temperatures at 68 and a light shower in portions of western washington county. let's give you the big picture and show you what is happening as we go through today and tomorrow, quite different in terms of temperatures, but neither one is very comfortable. today, mostly cloudy skies t will be warmer than yesterday. a high today in the upper 80's. the dew points will be in the lower 60's today, so you will notice the change. tomorrow we will see higher dew points an some of the hottest air this season, upper 90's tomorrow. hazy sunshine tomorrow and code yellow so air quality will deteriorate as the weekend goes on as well. here is the scenario. we are not the only ones on the broiler. all throughout the south land, temperatures will be well into
6:51 am
the 90's. texas, which has been broiling all summer long will continue to do so, but because of the change in the pattern of theet stream, we're not going to have a nice cold front come through and scour this out and keep us on the cool side. we are finally getting real summer heat around here and it will be here for a couple of days. yesterday, 86, delightful, no rain. the average high for this time of year is 88. the record for today, 102, set just two years ago. here is the big picture you can see thain the upper midwest, that's where the rain activity is and some watches and warnings. we're going to get some outflow from that as we cook up the atmosphere this afternoon, the possibility of a brief thunderstorm to cool us off. across the northeast, temperatures are rather mild. 52 in syracuse. up in, 64, they have yet to see a 90 degree day in new york city. we have tallied 11. new york city could hit 90 tomorrow for the first time this summer, and looking at the next couple of days, you can see that it is going to continue to
6:52 am
scorch us around here. temperature on monday, up around 99 degrees, and when you facr in the humidity, of course, it will feel hotter than that. we will keep you alert to any heat advisories or heat warnings that may come our way. we're simply not used to that kind of heat. we have been lulled into complacency with a very cool summer. >> it's time for a reality check, i guess. >> i guess so. it's time. >> still ahead on this saturday morning, yep, this is for real, the usair guitar championships got underway in the district last night. we'll have a l
6:53 am
6:54 am
good morning, washington. i'm arch campbell. meryl streep and amy adams tell the story of julie & julia. >> i'm going to try to flip this thing over now. >> julia child blossomed on the
6:55 am
french chef thanks to her joy and passion that meryl streep captured in julie & julia. two true stories. first, the julia child's life and friends, her discovery of french cooking and the years she spent writing "mastering the art of french cooking." >> before her, it was can openers and marshmallows. >> the second story for he lows writer julie powell who 40 years later worked her way through every recipe of julia's book and blogged about it on the internet. both stories celebrate food, life and marriage in ways rarely seen. >> julia, you the butter to my bread and the breath to my life. i love you darling girl. >> all right. now, here is the comple weekend movie guide. four stars for harry potter, almost four stars for julie & julia, and for in the loop an for the hurt locker. not quite three stars for the new movie a perfect getaway.
6:56 am
g-force gets a couple and a half. two stars for adam. a couple stars for paper heart. that's a new movie. the ugly truth, that's been hanging around for a while. have a nice weekend. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> well, the best air guitarists from across the country cons verged on the nation's capitol. 25 people showed off their skills at the usair guitar championships. they had to perform one minute to a song of their choice and round two had to perform to a surprise song. the whip are gets to represent the u.s. at the championships in finland later this month. >> i kept thinking where are the props. >> that's a talent. >> what's missing around here today? cooler temperatures and sunshine. we had a lot of that yesterday. i hope you stored up yesterday,
6:57 am
because today we're going to warm up and get stickier. temperatures in the upper 80's, maybe a thunderstorm this afternoon. the big story this weekend, temperatures up near 100 degrees with hazy sunshine and higher humidity t looks like the same story monday. tuesday, i think is going to be the most uncomfortable of days because of the high dew points and a break in the action by wednesday. there is no doubt it is still summer out there, even if they're talking about back to school and fall. not yet. >> it's not over until it's over. >> that's it. that does it for good morning washington saturday. good morning america is up next. have a great weekend.
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