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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 8, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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♪ >> next at 11:00, a deadly midair collision over the hudson river. >> heard a sound, and turned and
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saw a white helicopter fall out of the sky. >> tonight, investigators search for answers. >> i, sonia sotomayor, do solemnly swear. >> sonia sotomayor makes history as the first supreme court hispanic justice. local students quarantined in china return home. abc news at 11 starts now. >> federal investigators are at the scene of a deadly midair collision over the hudson river. a small plane collided with a sightseeing helicopter around noon killing all nine people on board the aircraft. tonight, search teams are looking for the victims and evidence while investigators try to figure out how the collision happened. john gonzalez is tracking the latest developments from the satellite center. john. >> beverly, recovery divers have a challenging task this weekend. there is just two feet of visibility in this water that is 30 feet deep.
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now, the ntsb does not expect to recover black boxes because they are not required on these type of aircraft, but finding devices like a g.p.s., for example, could be crucial in finding out exactly what went wrong. against a clear blue new york sky, the mangled helicopter plunged into the hudson river, shocking onlookers down below. >> something hit the blades and the blades went flying. >> the sightseeing helicopter was carrying five italian tourists along with the pilot. investigators believe a small plane similar to this one collided with the rear of the chopper. the piper aircraft was carrying three people, including a child, which was headed to ocean city, new jersey. >> tonight ntsb chair deborah hershman recalls what another pilot who witnessed the crash told authorities. >> he told them "one lima hotel, you have a fixed-wing behind you." there was no response from the
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pilot. >> witnesses described seeing the helicopter blindsided and one of the plane's wings sheared off by the helicopter rotor blades. according to the national transportation safety board, three bodies have been recovered. >> everything was spinning. it happened so fast. bingo. >> within minutes both aircraft was under water. rescue divers rushed to the scene is search for survivors but it was clear early no one survived. >> we will need to look at air traffic control information to see what kind of information and the location and altitude of these aircraft. >> beverly, tomorrow morning, sonar will be used to locate the plane. this occurred just south of where a u.s. airways flight landed after being struck by a flight of birds just months ago. >> john, thanks. here are more details on liberty tours, the company that owned the helicopter. two years ago a liberty helicopter fell 500 feet during
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a sightseeing trip. the pilot was credited with safely landing the chopper in the hudson and evacuating her seven passengers. in 1997, a helicopter made an emergency landing after a rotor clipped a building. no one was hurt. two people died in a small plane crash in maryland this morning. the plane went down in a corn field in carroll county just minutes after taking off from the keymar airport. 61-year-old robert kasiemba and 66-year-old letty williams were killed in the crash. the airport owner said that kasiemba flew from the air strip two or three times a week and had rented hangar space there for about four years. federal investigators are trying to figure out what caused the crash. sonia sotomayor made history today becoming the first hispanic on the u.s. supreme court. she was sworn in today and pledged to defend the nstitution and administer impartial justice. >> i, sonia sotomayor, do solemnly swear. >> with her mother holding a family bible, chief justice john
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roberts swore in the supreme court's first hispanic. >> i will administer justice without respect to persons. >> surrounded by family and friends, she became justice sotomayor. >> so help me god. >> congratulations and welcome to the court. >> it began some 50 years ago in a new york city housing project where she was raised by her mother and won scholarships to elite schools -- princeton and yale law. and it was a republican president, george h.w. bush who nominated her to be a district court judge. the unprecedented weekend swearing in at the supreme court means sotomayor can hit the ground running. the court returns early next month to hear arguments in a major campaign-finance case. tell take up cases on religious expression, and whether juveniles can get life in prison for their crimes. sotomayor's appointment has been a great source of pride for many hispanic americans who view her as a role model for young
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people. >> in the salon, we been waiting for that to happen, now is the day and feel proud about what she's been doing. >> that's why you need justice. she looks at one who is qualified to be judged. we don't want someone because of his color or -- >> it's going to make a difference for the people. >> president barack obama scheduled a white house reception for sotomayor on wednesday. new at 11:00, tonight, local students who were quarantined in china are back home. they were quarantined for more than a week because some members of the group tested positive for the swine flu. family members welcomed them home at dulles international airport just a few hours ago. richard ready was there when they were reunited with their families, and richard, i'm sure it was quite the reunion. >> i'm sure the students and families are glad they're back at home but imagine you're diagnosed with h1n1 flu, you
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don't know the language and you don't know how this is going to turn out. tonight a happy ending. with balloons, jokes and tears. >> beforehand i was joking about getting swine flu in china. and i did get swine flu in china. >> an emotional reunion at dulles international tonight. >> incredibly relieved. cheers of joy when the plane landed. >> students who were studying mandarin found themselves in the middle of a swine-flu crisis. >> they were all talking in chinese. i was worried because like "where am i going? do i get to keep my stuff?" >> of the 22 students who made the trip, nine came down with the h1n1 flu virus. >> it's good to be home. the quarantine is not fun, but yeah, i still had a good time. >> she was the last one in the hospital. she was scared and lonely, and the hardest part was knowing i couldn't do anything immediately. >> the chinese are known to be
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strict about h1n1 flu, known to keep people quarantined as long as necessary. the students were separated, individually taken to different hospitals. it was frightening and disorienting. >> it was scary. they put me through these different things and tests and i was confused. >> home at last, one student with a specially inscribed ipod and, of course, lots of hugs. >> i'm really happy to be home. >> the students were able to stay in touch with their families via cell phone and email. we asked the students "what did you miss the most?" they said, of course, their families but also american food. they say they plan on getting a lot of that and some much-needed sleep. live from dulles airport, richard reed, abc news. >> the debate over health care reform is heating up at some town hall meetings. >> i don't want some government bureaucrat telling me what kind of care i'm going to receive down the road. >> the debate has provoked anger, arrests and even violence. some members of congress say
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they've received death threats. democrats say conservative groups have been arming people with tactics and talking points. >> intentionally try to shout people down, endanger them, threaten them is not acceptable on either side, left or right. >> republicans say they're not behind the protests but conservative groups say they've encouraged people to attend meetings and show their opposition. in his weekly address, president obama said many of the rumors out there about his health care proposal simply are not true. bargain shoppers were out in force in virginia today cashing in on the state sales tax holiday. through sunday, shoppers will not have to pay the 5% sales tax. the tax-free shopping includes clothing and shoes up to $100 and school supplies that cost up to $20 per item. the virginia department of taxation expects shoppers to save $4 million this year. weekend repair work means major delays on metro. red-line trains will share a single track between medical
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center and friendship heights until midnight tomorrow and between fort totten and tacoma starting at 10:00 p.m., orange line trains will single track between vienna and west falls church until midnight tomorrow and for the next month there will be major delays on the yellow and blue lines sunday through thursday nights. redskins fans were in a frenzy as they got close to some of their favorite players today. the heat certainly didn't stop fans from flooding redskins park for fan freeshgz day. people turned out in droves to see their favorite and get an autograph. despite the sea of burgundy and gold, some fans say there were fewer people at the park this year. >> i don't think it will affect the season but i do think the economy has something to do with less people. >> fans predict the redskins will make it to the playoffs -- perhaps even the super bowl. the skins play their first preseason game thursday, taking on the baltimore ravens. the weekend got off to a great start but the mercury is going to climb even higher tomorrow.
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meteorologist steve rudin is in the first alert forecast center with a first look at the forecast. steve, how hot? >> beverly, let me tell you, we have some changes on the way for the day tomorrow and monday and tuesday. temperatures are really going to soar. look outside right now. a few very widely scattered showers, this part of an area of low pressure that's going to wide to the north of us, high pressure will move into the region for the day tomorrow allowing our temperatures to warm up dramatically. for tonight, isolated showers will come to an end during the early-morning hours, otherwise partly cloudy with temperatures falling into the 60's, to low 70's downtown. we will take a look at the forecast. we will talk about the heat index. what we can expect at the beaches. and the pollen update. all that and much more in just a few moments. beverly. >> thanks, steve. coming up on abc 7 news at 11:00, car dealers and customers love the cash-for-clunkers program, but some others in the car business say the program is costing them big.
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a u.s. missile strike targets a taliban leader in pakistan. now it's triggered a violent power struggle. and violent weather overturns cars, flood towns and triggers massive mudslides. julie loves ,
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>> a typhoon slammed into taiwan, claiming lives and causing massive damage. at least six people are dead or missing. more than a dozen others hurt. huge waves and heavy rain flooded towns, while high winds overturned cars and ripped trees right out of the ground. downpours also triggered landslides, but buried cars and damaged homes. the government has ordered 10's of thousands of people to evacuate low-lying areas. the death of the leader o the taliban in pakistan sparked a violent power struggle within the group. massoud died earlier this week in a bomb strike. u.s. counter terrorism experts say that without a leader the taliban is more vulnerable than it's been in years. the u.s. is expected to pressure pakistan to confront other militant commanders. secretary of state hillary clinton was in south africa today trying to rebuild ties with that country. she visited a housing project in
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capetown that she had visited in 1997 when bill clinton was president. the development has made great progress since her first visit -- growing from 18 to 575 homes. clinton also met with the new president, jacob zuma. undreds of people attended neral erviceces for 49-year-old betsy gannon and 46-year-old heidi overmeyer. gannon, overmeyer and 37-year-old jody billingsley were killed when 48-year-old george sadini opened fire during an during an aerobics class. michael vick spoke at a meeting of the humane society of the united states near atlanta today. cameras were not allowed inside but those who attended the meeting told reporters that vick said he was sorry for what he did and that now he is a changed man. vick spent 23 months in jail for
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running a dogfighting ring out of his virginia home. car buyers and dealers are cashing in on that cash-for-clunkers program but car repair shops say it is costing them business. some shop owners and mechanics say people who would normally be getting their cars fixed are now buying new ones instead. >> because they're taking, say, a $2,000 car that's only worth $2,000 -- yeah, it might need $1,000 in repairs, but now they're getting $4,500 from the government, so why wouldn't you get rid of that car? >> yesterday president obama signed legislation extending the program into labor day. meteorogist steve rudin is here and i guess weshould enjoy this pretty pleasant evening while it lasts. >> it's not so bad -- you notice the humidity beginning to increase just a bit if you had a chance to get outside earlier this evening. tomorrow we are going to look for much warmer temperatures. it's going to be downright uncomfortable late in the afternoon and looks like the hot weather will stick around all
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ay and into tuesday. let's take three stops on our weather bug network. our first stop will take us to washington, d.c., charter school, currently 77 degrees, the dew point levels beginning to increase, around 70 degrees. head over to woodbrid, virginia. 73. it feels like 78 at this hour. just a few drops of rain, landover, maryland, fedex field current temperature 78 degrees, humidity definitely inching up there. high temperature today at reagan national, 87 degrees after a morning low of 69. just one degree below average from where we should be this time of year, nowhere close to the record high, 102 set back in 2007. having problems with allergies? trees, grass and weeds in the low category. mold in the moderate category. temperatures outside at this hour holding in the upper 70's here in town in the district, a bit cooler off to the north -- state college 67 degrees. widen the view out a bit, 91 in dallas, 88 in houston, looking at satellite and radar the
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reason it's going to get so hot over the next couple of days or so, a large area of high pressure over the central portion of the united states. it's going to continue to slide toward the east. clear skies, lots of sunshine and a good wind out of the south-southwest will allow our temperatures to rebound or soar to the upper 90's tomorrow and monday. heat index around 100 degrees or so. a few scattered showers across the area, right now mainly to the north of d.c., everything moving out of here, skies beginning to clear across western ohio into kentucky and west virginia. we are going to look for the hot weather to stick around for a good couple of days or so. tomorrow, we could tie the record. at dulles international airport made it up to 97 degrees, about 50 years ago. looks like we could tie that. i think the record at reagan national is safe at 102 degrees -- definitely not going to hit 102 tomorrow. delmarva beaches looking nice. surf temperature in the mid 70's. outer banks of north carolina it's going to be hot -- 95
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degrees for our daytime high. isolated showers, temperatures fall into the 60's tonight, a bit warmer in town, warming up through the 70's into the 80's tomorrow morning, hazy sunshine. tomorrow afternoon is when it's going to get hot -- 94-98 degrees, heat index around the century mark. here is the extended outlook. 98 on monday. mid 90's on tuesday. a chance of thunderstorms as a cold front will bring slightly cooler and drier air to the region. >> steve, thank you. coming up next here on abc 7 news at 11:00, no bed, no wels, not even air conditioning. so why are people paying to ththe ininhh the answ ones safansecure. give them the gift of financial security from new york life. we've been protecting families for over 164 years. new york life. the company you keep. you can get amazing tv, internet and phone for just $79.99 a month for six months.
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you will also have to bring your own towels, toiletries and even toilet paper and the tv and air conditioning are off limits. resort managers say the offer allows guests to spend their money in the spa or on the golf course. >> i don't know if that makes sense. >> no. in a word -- no. wouldn't be appealing. but something that is appealing -- >> what is that? >> watching the redskins. >> ok. and you are going to get a chance to do that from now hopefully to early february -- the redskins players and coaches are grading themselves after this afternoon's scrimmage. the first real scrimmage gave us a real close look atjason campbell and his offense. how did they do?d they do?
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pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut. >> it's time now for abc 7 sports. >> they had to play football under game conditions in the hot sun this afternoon at redskins park -- players were happy, fans were happy and so was head coach jim zorn. >> i want to thank you so much for coming. i know that this is a new beginning for us in 2009. our goal is to win the championship. >> go for it, guys -- the redskins marching band was even out parked today to entertain the crowd. everyone came to see the team. eyes on the offense which had its moments like this draw play to running back anthony aldridge. jason campbell was crisp, connecting with new wideout
11:27 pm
hackett. he was very ppy with the way they moved the ball. >> for the most part, we did very well, moved the ball right down the field, should have converted for a touchdown but there are some things that we can go back on film to correct, but for the most part we moved the ball. >> today was the first opportunity. i think the guys love it. i really do. our guys loved it -- to run and know that you could get tackled, there is a different spark. there is a different speed. and then to come in and lay a hit on somebody's got to feel great. >> 2009 class was inducted into pro football's hall of fame tonight. in canton, ohio. six new members were honored, rod woodson, randall mcdaniel, bob hayes, ralph wilson jr. and former bill and redskins bruce smith, smith known as a bill but he took time in his speech to acknowledge his time with the skins and for playing for owner daniel snyder. >> i will forever treasure our
11:28 pm
special relationship that you and i forged when you extended the opportunity for me to play with the washington redskins. i am honored by your presence here today. i feel privileged to have had the opportunity to play for a team with suca rich heritage. >> things are getting very interesting for the washington nationals. they are right now, folks, the hottest team in baseball after winning their seventh game in a row tonight. let's go to nats park. the nats haven't seen a lead they can't erase lately and in the fourth josh willingham does just that, a two-run dinger, washington takes the lead 3-2, they pour the gravy on in the sixth inning, josh bard goes yard, his eighth homer of the year. nationals win. final score 5-2. seven in a row. not an empty seat tonight at the fitzgerald tennis center in northwest, andy roddick, semifinal match of the legg
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mason, isner with a serve and volley, roddick crosses him up. roddick would break isner's serve. the ball on roddick's racket. roddick closes out the match 6-7, 6-2, 7-5, roddick advances to the finals against juan martin del potro tomorrow at 3:00. here comes tiger. he's near the top of the leaderboard of the bridgestone in akron, ohio, 16th hole, watch the approach as it drops and the backspin on the ball brings it to within a foot of the cup. his birdie putt brought him to six under. on 18, tiger 10 feet away. he makes it and he will climb into second place -- and he does, behind leader padraig harrington. he shoots a 65 on the day. moving him to seven under as we head into the final round tomorrow. >> thank you. hmmm... well... naaa... yeah!
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check of the forecast -- a hot one. >> very hot day tomorrow, and on monday. daytime highs tomorrow in the upper 90's with a heat index around 100 degrees. same on monday. thunderstorms late tuesday will cool us down to the ay's's hurs coultie te record morrorow at dulles. captioned by the national captioning institute there's something big happening at pizza hut. - woooh, nice! - that's a lot of food! now get big meals like our stuffed pizza rolls, pizza mia, the p'zone... and our personal panormous pizza starting at just $5. the big eat tiny price menu. only at pizza hut.
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