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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 10, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. this morning, flying the crowded skies. after the deadly midair collision over the hudson river, we ask, is there too much traffic in the air? we go live to the scene of the crash to investigate and to bring you the latest details. typhoon. a massive storm slams asia toppling thousands of buildings and forcing 1 million people to evacuate. the screaming fight over health care.
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>> coming out of my paycheck. >> new claims of reforms include a so-called death panel with the government telling you when to die. what's really going on? and is this man paris jackson's biological father? the former child star says he could be and offers pictures of the former child star says he could be and offers pictures of his own daughter as proof. captions paid for by abc, inc. good morning, everyone. alongside chris cuomo, i'm robin roberts. diane is offn this monday, august 10th. o >> this midair collision that happened is starting to create a controversy. it was such a horrific accident that people are rushing in. they want to see action and change and, yet, this has been a pretty safe area. >> my apartment facing the hudson river and it's like a superhighway in the sky and folks want to know what do to you do going forward? lisa stark has the latest. good morning, lisa. >>eporter: good morning, robin. well, the grim search resumes on the water today. yesterday divers were able to
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bring up the mangled helicopter. today the hope is to raise the airplane from 50 feet of water and find the last of nine victims. it was to be a brief 12-minute tour from the air. but the helicopter had barely taken off from manhattan and headed across the hudson when it was apparently struck by the piper aircraft sending both plunging into the river. >> that helicopter was in water that was about 30 feet deep. the divers had extremely challenging conditions. at times the visibility was no more than one foot in front of them. >> reporter: investigators now say after the piper left new jersey's teterboro airport the pilot failed to follow instructions to switch to the newark airport frequency and check with controllers there. >> teterboro attempted to contact the aircraft with no result and shortly thereaer the target was lost. >> reporter: a government source says the plane at about 1,100 feet was apparently making a climbing right turn when it
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collided with the tour helicopter. >> maneuver safely over the hudson river? one pilot i spoke with called it the major league of aviation saying you don't play unless you're proficient. an hour flight over the river we were high enough to be under the supervision of air traffic controllers. wabc reporter john del giorno prefers it that way. >> it can get a little nervous out here, a little nerve-racking. >> reporter: but below 1,100 feet here pilots are on their own no controllers guiding them and avoid collisions by communicating on a designated frequency. >> you will hear all the different helicopters and aircraft calling in, reporting who they are, how high they are and where they are. >> reporter: paul dudley who has flown along the hudson for 25 years says pilots are required to watch out for other aircraft. >> it's see and avoid. this is not magic. >> reporter: but it can be tricky.
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there are blind spots. for those in the plane, hard to see what's below. for the chopper pilot, above and behind. on that sunny saturday, the tragic consequence. nine dead. in the plane pilot steve altman, his brother and neew. helicopter pilot jeremy clarke and five italian tourists, a couple and their teenager, a father and son. his wife, the boy's mother, stayed behind on shore. too nervous to climb on board. and another helicopter pilot from the same tour company apparently saw that plane approaching the chopper and frantically tried to radio a warning to his colleague. it was too late. chris? >> all right, lisa. thank you. obviously the national transportation safety board is trying to figure out what happened here. just a few moments ago we spoke with debra hersman, the chairman of the ntsb. >> what i can tell you is that if the sety board finds any issues that we think need to be
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addressed immediately, we would issue urgent safety recommendation, however, we'll have to see what the facts of this accident show us. we know that there are a number of midair collisions every year, about 11, that occur in the united states over the past 10 years. we've lost about 158 people to midair collisions. the safety board recently made recommendations about news gathering helicopters. we had a midair collision over phoenix involving those. we made recommendations with respect to the visibility of those aircraft, communication and congested airspace. we think there are a number of safety improvements that can be made but we'll have to see what the facts of this accident tell us and then we'll let that guide our recommendations. >> do you have an early understanding of which aircraft was at fault here? it started off the early word was that the helicopter had made a mistake then it was that the fixed wing had made a mistake. >> the ntsb hasn't determined a cause of this accident yet.
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what we were able to show yesterday was that both aircraft were converging. we had some radar returns, and we could see that both aircraft were gaining altitude. the airplane that took off from teterboro and the helicopter that departed the west 30th street heliport. we have to take a look, the attitude, the communication, the visibility and, you know, we still have a lot of work to do. we've only been here a day, and we're going to keep at it until we find out what happened. >> what's the next big development you're hoping for? >> well, the one thing that they identified yesterday was the airpla. they were not able to pull it up. again, conditions are challenging, the current is fashion. they think that the plane is in approximately 50 feet of water. we're hopeful that they will begin that recovery today. seven victims have been recovered. we have would that have yet to be recovered and of course
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that's the first priority. >> miss hersman, good luck with your searching. >> thank you. it's important to note not fresh eyes on this situation. the ntsb went to thehe faa over dozens times saying you should make some changes. they just didn't. >> they didn't. so we want to get the pilot's perspective now so we'll turn to non-nance, abc news aviation consultant who joins us live from las vegas. hearing what the ntsb had to say this morni, what is your reaction there, john? >> well, the ntsb is saying exactly the right things. they don't deal in blame. as a matter of fact, we shouldn't sh to any blame because the problem is really societal. we've been engaging in aviation in mythology, see and avoid for a long time. the problem, there are blind spots just about everywhere. we don't have that much visual range and very easy for two planes to approach each other and neither see anything. >> talk about the danger. >> the helicopter cannot see up and he cannot see behind. the pilot, that is.
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and in the small aircraft, the cherokee, if he's on a climbing right turn, he's got almost no visibility of what's down beneath him, engine cowling, that big thing that wraps around the engine basically makes everything obscure. when we say, okay, guys, be careful out will and see and avoid each other but sometimes you can't do it. it's time we move on from that concept and use electronics and procedures to bridge the bap. >> if you can't see, you can't avoid. >> exactly. >> going forward what needs to happen to prevent this from happening again, john? >> well, if i were drawing this up as to what to do, the first thing i'd do is what the faa has done in the place in honolulu -- not me in what why with helicopter sightseeing and in the grand canyon. gotten all the stakeholders together, the apa, and they've sat down and said how do we make this safer with what we have to work with. before we get technology online that tells everyone elsewhere
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everyone is because what we have now is adequate and need procedures to keep people apart. >> my apartment faces the hudson river and it's like a superhighway up there. you see pilots going upriver. if you're going down you're on the other side of the river. are you surprised something like this hasn't happened before and sooner? >> that's a good question, robin, and i guess the answer is, no, i'm not surprise because i know people try really hard. yet in another way i kind of am because of so much traffic over time. it's just a percentage of possibility. this is no much where near the type of safety that we've been able to create in aviation in other areas, and we need to get it up to that level. >> absolutely, john, thank you so mh. appreciate it. have a good day. >> now, 7:09. time for the morning's other big stories and go to weekend anchor kate snow begiing in afghanistan. >> good morning, everyone. the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says the taliban is winning the war and the u.s. needs to change its strategy. general stanley mcchrystal tells
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"the wall street journal" he wants to shift more troops into afghanistan's cities to protect civilians from the increasing number of taliban attacks. that's a change from the previous strategy which has been to hunt down militants in rural areas where they live. though the change may help civilians mcchrystal hopes u.s. troop casualties will remain low. a wave of early morning attacks. the deadliest double truck bombing targeting a shiite minority neighborhood near mosul. president obama is in mexico wrapping up three-way talks with the leaders of mexico and canada, the so-called three amigos summit is focusing on efforts to battle swine flu before there is a w outbreak. more clinical trials getting under way today in hopes of developing a safe vaccine before the fall. prisons across southern california remain on full lockdown following a weekend riot at a facility in clean knee. latino and african-american inmates fought for four hours saturday night. even setting a fire.
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250 inmates were injured. about a dozen remain hospitalized this morning. gas prices continue to inch higher. the national average is now 2.64 a gallon. about 16 cents higher than two weeks ago because of higher crude oil prices. and finally people on a flight to minneapolis this weekend are describing a nightmare. they were trapped overnight on their plane for nine hours -- yeah, most of the time sitting on the runway. their express jet flight was diverted to rochester, minnesota, because of thunderstorms but while they were waiting for a new cw they weren't allowed off the cramped plane because security screeners wouldn't -- if you get off the plane and there's no security you can't get back on. the airline apologized saying its priorities were safety and following regulations and promise to fully investigate. apparently there were babies crying as you might imagine and the toilets stopped working. >> now the priority is safety. have you locked on the tarmac and you can't go anywhere.
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>> hour and a half drive from -- >> we've all been there. >> not there. for nine hours. >> oh, i've been there. i've done quality time. >> thanks, kate. >> someone needs to make sure that just doesn't happen to these people. >> i thought we had put -- >> i thought we had too. the passenger rights thing. >> a quest for sam champion. >> that's how important those rights are. we're going to start this morning, chris, good answer, we'll start this morning with a look at video. an incredible storm and when you see the damage frothis storm this is a typhoon that hit taiwan over the weekend. morakot is the name. a hotel was undermined by the waves. we believe it had been evacuated. the most amazing damage is from a mudslide that hit a village, 80 inches of rain in the typhoon, about the same size as a category 1 hurricane that we in the u.s. with 74-mile-an-hour winds but at least 400 people, at least 400 people are still missing because of this mudslide.
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80 inches of rain in what was kind of a small inhe scale of things typhoon hitting taiwan over the weekend. here's our number, incredible numbers, why? it's the warmest temperature we've seen anywhere here in the summertime. boston, 91, new york, 95, philly, 96. washington, d.c., 98. humidity level over 90%. heat advisories all over the entire eastern seaboard. buffalo to pittsburgh to dodge city and there will be one or two tornadoes popping up in these strong storms.
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good aaf n den va graaff. tede eak breakeceads and be nea br e nea8 ee we are 80 degrees downtown. your forecast today calls for a heat advisory at noon. all of america's weather in the next half hour. chris? >> thank you very much, sam. president obama is back on the hunt for health care reform. he'll be in new hampshire this week and hoping scenes like these recent town hall meetings don't follow. the most divisive issue is caregiven in the final year of life. americans typically spend a third of their total medical
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costs in that last year alone. shocking, also angering. kate snow is following it. >> good morning again. governor sarah palin has now weighed in on this. it is a small meese of health care reform but it has prompted vitriolic debate. we wanted to better understand the shocking so went to la crosse, wisconsin, the cheapest place it die in the u.s. >> how dare you? >> i want to know if it's coming out of my paycheck. yes or no. >> yes or no. just say no. >> reporter: it's one of the mo common topics at all those town hall meetings. >> they're going to give us classes on euthanasia. >> adolf hitler issued 6 million end of life orders. >> reporter: on youtube and e-mail chains on talk radio inflammatory, often incorrect claims about one provision in some of the health care reform legislation, the proposal would reimburse a doctor for talking with a patient every five years about what kind of care they want near the end of life. former alaska governor sarah
7:16 am
palin asserted that her parents and her baby with down syndrome would have to stand in front of obama's death panel. they're calling it a path toward government sponsored euthanasia. president obama said the criticism is misleading americans. >> let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that reform will promote euthananasi. thatat's simply not t true. >> reporter: the president d do say millions could be saved if americanans s simply talked mor about what they want in the final months of lifefe. the kindnd of dialogue thahat's already hahapping regularlin la crosse, wisconsin. in 1991 gupdzersen lutheran n hospital started a program that's now spread citywide. hospital staff meet wi tients starting g ound 55 or 65 to help them m develop alan folalater years. whatat anne's mother m margaret. her heal h start to faild it momore. >> rorter: when an emergency landeded her in n ththe nursini her r daughter knenew even thou
7:17 am
r mom has dementia she w wanted to die in her home own. some in lacrosse ask for aggressive life-saving measures but some ask for limitations on their care in the final months. >> it's a shared decision and everyone is on the same page. people don't want to die hooked up to machines. >> reporter: and that is where the cost savings comes in. in lacrosse medical spending in the final year of life averages $18,000. compare that to the national average, $25,000. ann says it's never been about saving money, but about respecting her mom's wishes. >> our mother has given to us all of our lives and been there for us and so i feel that it's our turn to give some back. and be able to follow through with her wishes. >> for ann and others in lacrosse the idea of allowing the governmento have these conversations is not scary at all but clearly strongly held views on the other side. proponents of this hope congress will be able to clarify the
7:18 am
provision, work this out over the august recess and come back at it. >> what is the specific thing on the other side? >> on the republican side what a lot of republicans are saying is that the minute you tie government cost saving to very sensitive decisions about the end of life, it's a slippery slope and they fear that you end up sort of driving patient toward less care. that's the concern. but there is one suggested alternative right now floating around in one of the house committees that changes the language somewhat and there could be a compromise. >> still a lot of space between the two side. >> exactly. >> kate, thank you very much. >> we'd love as always to hear what you have to say so weigh in on our website at we're going turn now to the big news of the entertainment world and question of where paula abdul will go now that she is leaving "american idol." looks like she could be moving from one judge's table to another. here's our taryn winter brill. >> paula may be out at idea idol" but the job offers keep
7:19 am
pouring in. even from our network. it's no secret that paula is a big win of "dancing with the stars" and on saturday abc's entertainment president steve mcpherson said they love her. whether as a contestant or a judge, he sa, there's a sensitivity and an emotion that balanced out "idol." >> she'd like to do it. i have pressed the case all the way up and down the abc bureaucratic ladder and i think it would be fascinating. >> reporter: wittwo emmys for choreography and this performance last season this former laker girl still has the moves. also interested are the folks at "so you think you can dance." last week executive producer there said "i don't know anybody who has had her experience being a dancer, choreographer and a judge. i asked her if she would be available." with paula dancing around multiple offers oddsmakers say there's a pretty good chance you'll see her on tv next season. perhaps we should let the fans be the judge. would you like to see paula be a
7:20 am
part of "dancing with the stars"? >> i would so i'm going to give her an 8. >> paula, go back. go back. >> paula should not leave "american idol." >> wow. the judges have spoken. wherever her fate lies, fans will be watching closely as paula faces the music. for "good morning america," taryn winter brill, abc news, new york. >> we haven't heard the last from her. when we had the three idols here on friday, david, allen and -- adam and kris, they knew she'd land somewhere. >> we'll have to see where now. this keeps us going. keeps the narrative going. >> we have a man who says he could be the biological father of one of at least --ne of michael jackson's children. we'll ask a family law expert >> the trainer who gained 90 pounds to make his clients feel a little bit better. mom vo: i can't do his history report for him.
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and good morning, everybody. i and alison starling. 7:22 is your time on this monday. we begin with a look at traffic and jim ss. >> we have a continuing problem on route 1 in fairfax county. it is a serious crash blocking the northbound side of the northbound roadway. number 95, heavy traffic getting through woodbridge. in maryland, we take a look at the outer loop -- the outer loop of the beltway around georgia ave. some of the traffic signals are malfunctioning. be careful using 29, as well. >> outside this morning, it is about 80 degrees in the area.
7:24 am
in annapolis, it is 78 degrees. it will make for a hot and sticky date with high humidity. we will have a heat advisory today. we will shoot for 98 degrees with hazy sunshine. tomorrow, a couple of storms as a cold front swings through. at the end of the week, it will feel better with low to d 80's. the heat is strong so take it easy. >> how does it feel in a three piece suit? the weather has many of us running for the shade. others are welcoming it. kathy park has more. >> this weekend bosky may be no match for today's temperatures. >> if it got into the 100 boss, i would be concerned. >> the sweltering forecast on
7:25 am
sunday did not keep people from soaking in the race. >> i have water, i have sunscreen, good to go. >> today could be the hottest day of the season. officials are bracing for that conditions. they remind residents to stay hydrated and stay indoors. chances are, many will be the heat in other ways. they might take a dip at the pool. >> it makes it more bearable. i am enjoying it. >> that was kathy park. four cooling centers will be open in the district from noon until 6:00 tonight. the d.c. city pools will have extended hours from 11:00 a.m. the d.c. city pools will have extended hours from 11:00 a.m. on car insurance. what you might not know is that you can contact geico to see if you could save on homeowner's and renter's inrance to o.
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a barometric repairman has been hit and killed while working on the tracks. -- a veteran metro repairman has been hit and killed while working on the tracks at 10:00 last night. he was doing minutes when a piece of equipment it can. new questions are being raised about the safety of metro trains. several months before the deadly metro crash in june, there was another near-miss between two metro cars. this happened back in march. the operator had to use the emergency brake. these colleges have riders concerned. >> you had one episode already. they need to let us know that we have a right to choose if we need to get on the record -- next train. >> this is our daily life going to and from work. we should be able to make those
7:28 am
decisions have to get there. >> metro says there is no relation between the march incident and the deadly crash in june. officials say food on the stove have d.c. firefighters are recovering after battling a fire in ne. that sparked a blaze yesterday..
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ever since i was born, daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. >> are you okay? >> and i just want to say i love him so much. >> that heartbreaking moment. we all remember it from the memorial. little paris there talking about her father. now, of course, there is a saga surrounding the fatherhood of these children.
7:31 am
who was it? well, now this man that you're looking at, he says he is the biological father of paris, so we're going to look at what this could mean into the future of these children. >> as we say good morning, america and hope everyone had a wonderful weekend alongside chris, i'm robin. diane has the morning f. also this morning why would someone on purpose gain 90 pounds? we're going to tell you why this former model and fitness trainer did that packed on nearly 90 pounds in just six months, nice little belly there and why his weight gain could help you get in the best shape ever. that's ahead. >> he still looks good though even with the 90. first here we want to get straight to the latest in the michael jackson saga. back to court today to settle some unresolved financial issues with the singer's estate and now yet another person is stepping forward in the battle over jackson's three children. british actor mark lester. he says he's more than just the godfather to paris, prince and blanket. abc's lisa fletcher is out there covering it for us. she has more.
7:32 am
lisa? >> reporter: that's right, chris. in a bombshell claim, mark lester, the former british child star that we all remember as the lead in "oliver" and also as jackson's godfather to his children has claimed that he is paris jackson's real father. >> i believe that paris could be my daughter and i'd be willing to take a paternity test. >> reporter: 51-year-old mark lester claimed he donated sperm for debbie rowe and says paris bears a resemblance to his own daughters. >> looking at pictures of harriet and paris there is a very strong resemblance between the two of them. paris has blue eyes and pale complexion, gh cheekbones. my girls all have very similar features. >> reporter: why come forward now? lester says he's upset to be out of touch. >> i'm dearly want to remain in contact with those kids and i feel now this is the only way that i can ensure that. >> reporter: he also says he's
7:33 am
worried he wiy eied they'll be gentlemen hoefl witnesses even though michael wanted them raised as catholics. debbie rowe has expressed similar concerns before he came forward paternity rumors swirled mostly around dermatologist arnie klein. diane sawyer asked him about that last month. >> there is even one report that you were the biological father of the children. do you know -- >> not to the best of my knowledge -- all i can tell you best of my knowledge i'm not the father of these children. >> best of your knowledge. >> best of my knowledge. >> that's an intriguing phrase. >> in fact, last week klein petitioned a judge to give him a say in the children's upbringing. the motion was rejected but klein's attorney says he'll try again in september. adding to the confusion persistent rumors that nico brando could be the father of blanket. brando has denied it. what's the truth? jackson's manager says it's all nonsense. >> but i'm sure those kids are
7:34 am
michael's and michael's told me they're his. debbie rowe has told me they're his. >> reporter: but uri geller, former close friend, responded differently when he heard mark lester's claims. >> i was not surprised because i knew it all along simply because michael told me these facts. >> reporter: and more going on in court today regarding jackson. a judge could approve the distribution of a film based on rehearsal footage he shot preparing for his concert tour. sony paid $60 million for the rights to that foota. chris? >> all right, lisa. a lot on the line there. let's get back to this idea of legal custody because this isn't just tabloid gossip fodder. there are legal implications. let's bring in toby climan. so somebody comes up. the law is different in a lot of different states. lester says i am theperm donor. these are my children.
7:35 am
what rights does that give him. >> a sperm donor does not have any legal rights in california. >> simple answer but probably not a simple situation. >> that's correct because he has the ability to file a complaint should he so desire. he has had a relationship with the children according to what he has stated, and he has stated that he wants to have a continuing relationship and he's seems to have implied that he has concerns about the welfare of the children. and where there are concerns about the welfare of the children, the court is the gatekeeper. >> so it's really going to be not so much about his medical claim as it is about this best interest. >> that's correct. >> and getting into the fray of whether katherine jackson is the best choice here. >> it's not even about whether she is the best choice. he has -- the question is, whether or not he has any standing whatsoever to have a relationship with the jackson children. he isn't at this point saying i want to be the custodian of the children. he says i want a relationship with the children. and the question is, as the
7:36 am
gatekeeper the court needs to find out is that in the children's best interest and should they intrude on the rights of the custodial parent at this point, the grandmother, to assure that the children are have a continuing relationship? >> now, let me ask you something, okay, so you have lester. he's saying i'm the sperm donor. you have arnie klein who tells diane very interesting, what she called it, an intriguing phrase, noto the best of my knowledge. to me it sounds like he's in the mix. could the court say let's get a dna test and resolve that issue of paternity from a biological standpoint so not so much intrigue of surrounding that? could that happen? >> it could happen. it is highly unlikely that it would happen. the fact of the matter is michael jackson was the children's father. he is now deceased. the fact that someone has given sperm unless in very, very limited circumstances which we do not have here, the sperm donor has no legal rights as a sperm donor.
7:37 am
that doesn't mean that legal rights aren't implicated by a relationship. if you go back in history, for example, there are now most states have grandparents' rights. it started with someone filing a complaint and saying, i'm a grandparent. i should have rights to see my grandchildren or sibling or half sibling relationships or step sibling relationships. so as the sperm donor, he has no particular rights but as a person who is the godfather, h may, in fact, have some rights that the judge will have to determine. >> it's interesting. he's boasting about the biolical connection but really just his familiarity with them may be more powerful when he gets to court. >> and the fact that there was perhaps a religious relationship through being the children's godfather which may in fact give him some standing at least to fight in the courts should he choose to. >> this will go on and follow it and help. >> i suspect it will go on. >> thank you very much for the insight. >> nice being here.
7:38 am
>> 37 minutes pa the hour. time for the weather. mr. sam champion who is over there. >> good morning, chris. start with the unusual pictures of folks getting ready for a tropical system in hawaii. hasn't happened since a hurricane in 1992. we're pot pecting a hurricane here but folks are stocking up as they should and getting ready for the passing of this system. we start with a look at the islands. here's what's left of felicia is moving across the islands. we think sometime by 2:00. the change on this it is going directly over oahu in some kind of strength. we think it's like 40-mile-an-hour winds up to 5 inches of rain in the mountain which could cause a lot of water sliding down the mountain. tropical storm watches out at this time for all of the hawaiian islands. again, we've got big thunderstorms back here at hope, as well. so anywhere from call it eastern colorado through dodge city, kansas, st. louis, indianapolis, pittsburgh, buffalo, it is likely we'll see strong to severe, dangerous storms popping up. this is the zone we think. it's that illinois, indiana, ohio area where one or two tornadoes could pop up in the storms.
7:39 am
stay with your local abc stations. big heat all over the eastern seaboard for folks who have no a very good morning, across the area, it is hot. high heat and humidity. >> all that weather was brought to you by splenda. >> talk about dedicationo your clients. take a look at this trainer. in six months he went from looking like this to this. why did he gain nearly 90 pounds? to help you get in shape? that's why. we'll tell you about it when we come back. little fiber? sweet! sweet! sweet! (announcer)splenda no calorie sweetener with fiber. now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet. sweet!
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reform, it's worth noting that one study finds medical costs for all that extra weight adds up to nearly $100 billion a year. so with that in mind our next story takes on extra significance. it's about a personal trainer who decided to gain almost 90 pounds. sharyn alfonsi is here to tell us why? >> what was he thinking? imagine having the body of a model, perfect arm, perfect legs and six-pack abs. now imagine letting it all go on purpose. that's what one man is doing. he's documents his slide from gorgeous to, oh, my gosh. personal trainer paul james had a body to die for. rock hard abs, ripped muscle. a body that even landed him jobs as an underwear model but in just six months he went from fab to ultra flab. >> i decided to eat whatever i wanted. there were no restrictions. >> it's a skwurnny captured in the upcoming documentary "fat
7:44 am
and back." james packed on nearly 90 pounds entirely on purpose. >> the reason for doing it was to better understand and empathize with my personal training clients. there's a lot of people who can't come into the gym for the first time because they feel embarrassed and appreciate them someone walking in their shoes. >> reporter: in his attempt to walk in other shoes he's finding it harder and harder to walk in his own. >> your whole body changes from top to bottom so it's very, very difficult to dea with six months prior to that you were in shape. >> reporter: he experienced joint and muscle pain and dangerous spikes in cholesterol and blood sugar level. >> i'm currently fighting that addiction to sugar and fat. it's actually a lot more expensive to be overweight than it is to be in shape. >> reporter: james' medical costs skyrocketed too. in the u.s. health cost for an obese person are on average $1400 a year higher than for someone who is not obese. the greatest cost is the emotional toll.
7:45 am
>> i'm struggling to deal with a lot of things at the ment. one of those is getting back into shape and realizing it's going to be a long journey back. >> it allows him to understand his clients better. if you don't look after yoyoursf anythihing is possible, , it sh hihis journey back, , he hasas entirely rethink his own trainining s starting g ouout s. soso far he's lolost a about te the newly packed p pounds. >> i owe it to eveveryone outut there ththat i c can g get my w body back and i don't claim to, you knowow, tototally understan what it's lilike to o be overwe but hohopefulllly mymy journrne encourages peoplple out there e undertake their own jojourney.y. >> and we kekeep joking g hehe like he's pregnant. he went from being 6'2", , 176 nearly 90 pounds to 264.ainly he's been now exercising again for about six weekss and h has t ten pounds. >> he'll continue to go but does have insight. when we were watching the photos
7:46 am
of him you could tell how his back, his posture was changing and lets you though that extra weight. >> he said he had all kinds of crazy back pain and feet started to hurt. i can relate. >> you're pregnant. >> we don't look that different, actually. >> when you are due, november? >> see how long it takes to take that weight off. >> coming up next extreme surfing. the way to do it. forget waves. these guys ride volcanos, magma, come on back. ♪ come on safari with me i'd say it's taken us for a ride. honestly, what thanks do we owe progress? we're up to our necks in landfill, and down to the wire in resources and climate change is out to get us. that's why progress plays no role inside post shredded wheat. here, we put the "no" in innovation. post original shredded wheat is still just the one simple, honest ingredient which naturally comes with vitamins, minerals and fiber. all we did was make it spoon size. did we go too far?
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7:49 am
7:50 am
♪ let's go surfing middle of the summer. maybe surfing isn't dangerous enough for you. 100 foot waves not enough for you. we have found even more dangerous. let's look. >> woo! >> reporter: from one of the most active volcanos on earth. >> aw! wicked. >> reporter: tsome of the roughed whitewater on the planet. those who love adrenaline are putting a new twist on extreme surfing. >> nice. >> yeah, baby. >> reporter: first stop nicaragua, the cerro negro volcano. still active, it could blow at any time. once at the top there's only way down.
7:51 am
these youtube pictures show the sizzling descent. if you hang-ten down these slopes you can hit speeds up to 50 miles an hour. >> small stress, nothing. >> reporter: in case you're wondering wipeouts are a part of the ride but as you say if you can't stand the heat get out of the fire. next surfing stop, as pen, colorado, surfing, class four whitewater. >> it's just complete adrenaline rush. >> reporter: it's called sledging, just you and your board riding the rapids. >> woo-hoo. >> reporter: you're totally immersed, dude, in the icy stream dodging the rocks and rolling with the underwater, part of this new extreme fun. >> looking cool. >> cannot volcano surf in the u.s. but you can sledge, as pen, colorado, the only place you can do that if you want. >> that is gorgeous. that looks like so much fun but when they were going down, it wasn't hot? i mean it's not --
7:52 am
>> it's been about ten years since the volcano erupted so this is all ash. >> completely dangerous. >> you are cut up. >> good thing he has orange on. that helps. orange helps. >> magma. coming up on "gma," she's been called the gold digger and cougar queen. now for the first time since her divorce from wrestling superstar hulk hogan, linda hogan speaks out. plus the always outspoken nancy grace on michael jackson's children and her surprising first novel pulled from her own life story. (announcer) the brands you love cost less at walmart.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning, everybody. welcome back on a monday. i am alison starling with your local update. let'lookt traffic and weather. let's start with jim russ. >> this is the belt way north of town.
7:57 am
there is a new crash north of town at georgia ave. there are traffic light troubles onin m tgerinomy county. this is occurring and a nomumber of spots. springfield traffic looks pretty good on 95 northbound. route 1 is hung up near fort belvoir. here is the forecast. >> it will be easy today, a verse 70's already in annandale. it will be very moist and you will feel as you head out the door. we have a hero -- a heated by azeri in effect at noon. it will feel like 105 degrees this afternoon. it will be a scorcher. an isolated storm cannot be ruled out but that might be in the mountains. temperatures will be in the upper 90's.
7:58 am
there might be an isolated storm tonight. tomorrow, not quite as hot and by the end of the week, temperatures will be below average. tests of the swine flu vaccine will begin in our area today. the university of maryland school of medicine is the lead center for the nationwide trials. 67 young adults and siebert -- senior citizens have volunteered. if the vaccine is safe, it will then be tested on children.
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. continuing with life after hulk hogan. in a "gma" exclusive his wife tells her side of the split. >> i couldn't even see a reason to live. i mean, i had no reason to even be here. >> linda hogan speaks out about her fear, her family and her much younger new man. >> plus, amazing grace. nancy grace on michael jackson's children and penning her first
8:01 am
thriller, torn from the pages of her own thrilling life. and ashton kutcher and cameron mathison take to the streets to find out what men and women think about dating. oh, how are you? how are you doing? las vegas. beautiful people. celebrating. having a great day. hello, summer. very nice. good morning, everybody. it is monday, august 10th. how do i know? because they told me. chris cuomo, robin roberts, mr. sam champion. diane sawyer not here today. maybe sledging down a volcano. >> actually, no, you don't sledge -- never mind. >> whatever. >> they have been talking about that since the "water cooler." also we'll talk about we have a green beret that is here going to tell us rubbing two sticks together. is that really a way to start a
8:02 am
fire? how do you know if you're out and about if a berry is poisonous or not? so we'll hear from this green beret, top of the line when it comes to survival ills to keep your outdoor summer fun safe. >> what berries to eat, how y can make tent peg, all the stuff on your own. >> don't eat any berries on the street in new york. >> also, we have everybody's favorite top chef here today. >> fabio viviani. >> fabio viviani, the name alone is delicious. there he is. listen to how deck depth it sounds kind of sexy, naked inach. with ricotta and >> naked, not naked. >> is it naked. >> i like naked. >> i was going to say -- do the whole thing. >> the menu. >> fabio viviani with naked -- naked ricotta ravioli and his grandma's favorite tiramisu. >> sounds delicious.
8:03 am
kate with the news. >> good morning, everyone. the search is resuming for the last two s.e.c. victims of saturday's midair collision over the hudson river in new york city. nine people were killed when a small plane slammed into a sightseeing helicopter. the helicopter wreckage was recovered sunday. but the plane is still in about 50 feet of water. overseas the top u.s. commander in afghanistan says the taliban is gaining the upper hand and the u.s. needs to change course. general stanley mcchrystal tells "the wall street journal" he wants to send more troops into urbaareas to protect civilians. he expects u.s. casualties will remain high for months. parts of asia are recovering from two powerful typhoons. the first hit china, taiwan and the philippines. hundreds missing. more than 1 million evacuated. another storm hit japan killing at least 12 and triggering landslides there. across the country today hundreds of volunteers will be lining up to get a dose of the h1n1 or swine flu vaccine. yunji de nies is at the university of maryland where one
8:04 am
of the first trial studies is getting under way. good morning, yunji. >> reporter: good morning, kate. volunteers begin arriving at the hospital at 7:00 this morning. researchers inside are working overtime to try to find the right flu vaccine formula. researchers are in a race against time as they try to figure out the most effective h1n1 flu vaccine. >> the clock is ticking and when children go ba to school, children are going to be very susceptible to this virus. >> reporter: which is why these clinical trials are so important in eight hospitals from coast to coast. voluntnteers will receive a sers of shots. some stronger than others to figure out how much vaccine sen how many shots it wi take to protect the public. >> when u vaccinate hundreds of millions of people -- >> reporter: volunteers like paul ritterhouse will be closely monitored over the next several weeks while doctors say the process is safe. he and the others risk several side effects including fever, allergic reactions and a remote
8:05 am
chance of paralysis and even death. >> the opportunity to contribute to something that is really in the cutting edge of science that has a significant impact on lots of people around the world is something that makes the risk worth it. >> reporter: now, the hope is that the vaccine will be ready to go in october before the temperature drops. doctors say when the winter sets in, they expect the epidemic to take off. kate? >> yunji, thanks so much. finally, "g.i. joe" on a mission. "g.i. joe: the rise of the cobra" marched to the top of the weekend box office raking in more than $56 million in the u.s. alone. meryl streep's "julie & julia" opened in seco place with 20 million, which is pretty solid considering the film's budget was only $40 million. "g-force" rounded out the top three and that is the news at 8:05. on to the weather now and sam champion. sam? >> good morning. all right, kate, we're just surveying the crowd. we got a birthday in the
8:06 am
audience full of hats there. lots and lots of signs. where is your sign? what happened to it? >> all right. now, show me the back side of that sign. >> it's my schedule for work. >> it's your work schedule. >> is there anybody who needs to know what their schedule is that you decided to make a sign out of it? >> well, no, everybody will just be on vacation this week. >> thanks. now i'm glad you came in and made the sign anyway and all the loly signs around. one or t tlonghis going on. first of all, twitter ngpicture you send them in all the time. we want to get them on the air. a storm moved over fire island. gorgeous beach, terrible looking storm. much better conditions today even though it is humid out here, folks. about 80%, 85% relative humidity going up to about 95, 96 degrees in the area. 98 in washington. 100 in raleigh. waiting for summer this is your day. west coast, much cooler because of where theet stream comes into the north
8:07 am
ay er vgood a very or mngnil be a muggyay with humidi.tyathe .at it w the uppin terhe upper 90' 5.el lik 10 your forecast for the day includes hazy, hot, and humid and a key adviser goes into effect at noon. and a key adviser goes into effect at noon. >> steam heat in times square. chris? >> thank you, sam. the legal smackdown that played out for nearly two years between linda and hulk hogan is finally over. they searched a settlement in their battle two weeks ago and now linda is ready to turn the page. she turns 50 later this month. she's dating a much youer man and is speaking out for the first time since the divorce in an exclusive interview with our andrea canning. great to have you, andrea. >> good morning, chris.
8:08 am
lots going on with her. linda says "the war is over." she settled with hulk for an undisclosed amount and says it was her ex who reached out and gave in to her demands. she sat down with her divorce attorney opening up about everything from hulk's infamous o.j. comments to buying her clothes at walmart. ♪ >> reporter: they were once the first family of wrestling. america even had a front row seat to the good times in their hit reality show. >> hogan knows best. >> reporter: but behind the scenes linda hogan's world was crumbling. her divorce from hulk tearing the family apart. >> i just couldn't even see a reason to live. i mean, i had no reason to even be here. >> reporter: in a face-off worthy of the wwe, linda and hulk hogan wrestled in court for two long years over their estimated $30 million fortune. online linda took a beating from fans who she says ded with hulk calling her everything from
8:09 am
a gold digger to low class. does that hurt you. >> gold digger? you know, i mean i was a manicurist when i met my husband. he was a struggling wrestler. we didn't have anything when we started so i built this empire with him. together we built it together. what was the next one? >> reporter: low class. >> maybe the way i dressed but that would be all. you know, i've got blond hair and i wear the long acrylic nails but i wouldn't say low class. i would say maybe a product of the '80s. >> reporter: she is getting past the divorce wasn't easy in part because of her husband's fair with her daughter's best friend. >> there were some infidelities. i thought, i my god. is that my fault. is he moving on? am i just a dumb housewife or am i just not -- am i too fat? you just start doubting yourself. >> reporter: linda said what she feared the most was the wrestler's temper. during the divorce she made this 911 call. >> he's threatened my life
8:10 am
before and i don't want him around. i'm shaking and trembling. >> reporter: after the split, linda's relationship with then 19-year-old charlie hill, 30 years her junior and a schoolmate of her daughter's pushed hulk over the edge. how afraid for your life were you? >> well, i was very afraid because i thought, you know what, everybody has a snapping point. >> reporter: hulk told "rolling stone" that 19-year-old boy sleeping in your bed with your wife. i tally understand o.j. i could have turned everything into a crime scene like o.j. cutting everybody's throat. >> after reading the article in -- about the o.j. thing, i thought it's possible. i don't want to be a nicole simpson situation. i don't know if he could go there or not. >> reporter: hulk responded saying he in no way approves of or justifies the o.j. simpson. linda says she found comfort in her may/december romance with hill. do you feel it's an unusual
8:11 am
relationship. >> totally. >> reporter: do you love him? >> yeah, i do. and he's young. you know, i know he's young and i'm old. >> reporter: does it bother you at all when it's written in the tabloids cougar queen? >> no. it's kind of the fad now. i'm like, cool. i'm finally in style. >> reporter: does having a younger man make you feel sexy. >> i have to say it does. >> reporter: but the relationship with charlie hill wasn't so cool to her 21-year-old daughter brooke. >> you don't know which one to believe. which one to trust. >> reporter: she publicly accused her mother of abusing drugs. >> brooke was so far out of touch with what was real, i've told her many times, brooke, you know, please, just come back. i want to be your mom. i want to be there for you. i want to be a part of your life. i mean i love you. i raised you. >> reporter: linda says her bond with son nick has never been stronger. after he went to prison for a reckless driving accident that nearly killed his best friend. >> they put the handcuffs on him and took him back and i mean it
8:12 am
was -- it was really hard. and then to not see him for six months, you know and they put him in an adult facility and it was just like isolated and it was really hard. >> reporter: when we visited linda it was moving day. the house once full of cameras is now empty and for sale. >> so many episodes have been filmed here and stuff it's just -- it's sad to leave but you know what, we're going to do it again maybe. you never know. we'll always be parents together and we'll always be a family. >> linda is now focusing on pink paws for life and says she's? a better place with her dghter aookeholtugh we reached out ho for a statement from brooke and says she does not have a relationship with her mother at this time. she hopes that changes and as for hulk he said publicly after the divorce papers were signed he will always laughlin da. >> court battle is over but a lot of intrigue there. >> yes. >> left to come. >> andrea, thank you very much. a lot of other great stuff fromed gentleman's interview. go online and see more of it
8:13 am
there if you'd like. when we come back, nancy grace is here.a new book and se got insight into the case of michael jackson's children for us. so please join. depression is a serious medical condition that can take so much out of you. i feel like i have to wind myself up
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8:17 am
and only on "good morning america" right now, nancy grace. you all know her, the popular hln host and former prosecutor. she is now adding novelist to her resume. her new book, "the eleventh victim" tells a moving story of a former prosecutor surrounded by killers and corruption and it's good to have our good friend nancy back with us. >> thank you for having me. >> you are just beaming. this is something that you -- tell us how long you've been working on this. >> i started working on this
8:18 am
book almost ten years ago. and so much has happened since i first started on it i started right right after i came out of the courtroom to start a show with johnnie cochran and i worked on it. missed the courtroom so much and since then i published another book with high peerian, launched a show on headline news with my producer. got married, got pregnant, nearly died, didn't die, gave birth and finished the book. >> oh, is that all? >> yeah. >> what you've been up to. >> that's why it took so long and a real dam to come true. >> it literally brought tears to your eyes right now. >> actually talking about the twins did that the book did not make me cry. the twins made me cry. >> john david, lucy elizabeth. you said they had a big fight. >> as i was trying to get here. they got into a fight. a big fight over m potato head. and -- no, they both wanted -- we have two but it didn't matter. it had to be that one. they like to stick the arm in
8:19 am
the head. big fight over that. >> when did you find time to finish this because the twins are 21 months now. you have your show that's going so well. when did you find time to do it. >> i hear other people talk about, oh, i did it while i was on the treadmill. that bs. it was hard to finish this book. i would stay up till 3:00 and 4:00 in the morning trying to make that final deadline to finish this and it's been a real labor of love. and it was hard. working moms have it hard. >> yes, yes. i'm about halfway through so don't give away too much but i have to say, nancy, the main character is named haley and i'm like, is this haley or is this nancy? >> it really is a much better person than i could ever hope to be but i never dreamed i'd have a family and i always wanted a little girl and i thought of a name haley. in the end i named her after my grandmother lucy but i thought when i started the book i never thought i'd have a child and i used that name as my heroine.
8:20 am
>> an amazing woman much like yourself. she went through a lot of pain losing her fiance. >> you lost your fiance, was murdered. >> yes. >> how painful, emotional was it for to you write it even though it's under haley but so much about you. >> i have to tell you that parts of writing it would make me cry and were very emotional because it dredged up so much of that time that i really try not to think about it and a lot of it is a big, dark blur of that time. thankfully i can't remember a lot of that pain. but it was very difficult writing portions of it. >> it must have been. i know and in the book she kept her -- you know, the box, the wedding dress that she was going to wear for her wedding. you have a box of mementos from your fiance. >> i have a box from keith. i have all the letters that he ever wrote me. he was a baseball player. i have his baseball. and i have that when i want to
8:21 am
think of him and touch something that he touched, but, you know, since i am married and have the twins my life is so full of love and joy and i feel that this book came out right at the time that my life is the happiest so i hope it's reflected in the book near the end which i won't give away. >> like i said i'm halfway through. there are going to be some people tuning in going is that nancy? i'm used to grrr. you see her and the passion you have especially for children on your own program. so is this the kinder gentler nancy grace? >> i can tell you that having the children, the twins, has made me even more angry about crimes on children and even -- i can't even fathom how you could hurt a child. i can hardly swat one of them on the hand if they're hitting or doing something horrible. i just can't bring myself to make them cry.
8:22 am
it's hard for me to believe someone could harm a child. >> it's even added to your passion in your crusade. nancy, thank you very much for coming here. >> it's a blessing to be here and to be back with you. thank you. >> all the best to you. all the best to you and, boy, you are just beaming. you can read an excerpt of "the eleventh victim" on the book's page of our website at nancy grace. we'll be back. tonighs dinner specials: teamwork... time together... real conversations... and memories.
8:23 am
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning to you. i am pamela brown. it is a the clock 25. -- it is 8:25. >> there is heavy traffic heading west from college park to silver spring. we had traffic signa problems in montgomery county. here is the accident on route 1 near the intersection withri c ento drive a car that has
8:26 am
been cleared up and the lanes are open. the problem with the traffic lights are all over the place. we will take you to springfield and 95 northbound is in good shape. >> outside, it will be a t hoone da heres i our shot across o across the river. 80 degrees right now. there's a haze out there and the dew point is in the '60s. a he is vice rate for the afternoon. temperatures will feel -- a heat advisory for the afternoon. temperatures will feel like 105. that runs from noon until 8:00 this evening. we have the potential for an isolated storm but mainly to the west. there will be a better chance to moral and temperatures droppedoe
8:27 am
8:28 am
it will be extremely hot today and many people are taking precautions. >> here you go. >> this weekend's he may be no match for the summer scorcher today. the mercury is expected to climb into the high 90's. the heat index could top 100 degrees. >> i have done 90s before. it declines into the 100 boss, i would be concerned. >> the sweltering forecast yesterday did not keep people from soaking in the sun rays. >> i have a cooler full of water. i have some sunscreen. i am good to go. >> today, could be the hottest day of the season. officials are bracing for dangerous conditions. they remind residents to stay hydrated and stay indoors as much as possible. chances are, many will beat the
8:29 am
heat in other ways. they might go to the pool. >> this makes it more bearable. i am enjoying it. >> that was kathy park. if you plan on having the pool, you will have a few extra hours. the department of public works in d.c. is extending hours on outdoor swimming pools. they will be open from 11:00 this morning until 9:00 tonight. metros iveinigstinateg deathf n wma wkiasll killed while working on the tracks in northern virginia. it happen before 10:00 last night on the orange line. the man was part of a group doing scheduled maintenance when he was hit by a piece of track equipment. his name has not been released he worked for the transit agency for 25 years commuters need to prepare for delays on the blue and yellow line. the trains will share a single track from 10:00 p.m. until
8:30 am
midnight, sundays through thursdays. no blue line trains will run between rosslyn and king street -- between those hours you should add at least 45 minutes to your trip. we love another update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8. ♪ just a little bit of history repeating ♪ ♪ >> wow. >> thanks. >> wow. >> wow. there's a lot of great stuff here. there they are. burning up the floor. dancing with the broadway stars. this is our great show. sneak preview of what we'll see tomorrow. something drawing our attention back here in the studio. let's take a look at this. shall we? bring it in. bring it in.
8:31 am
bring it in. >> robin roberts's 1988 sporting the 'do. >> that's me right here. that's me. >> that is fun. >> what do you think? >> you look great. i don't know what's worse, the sweater or the hair. thank you. >> and then my daughter is going to be on a reality show "the winemakers" on pbs. >> a plug and an embarrassing photo all in one. a new christmas idea. good morning, everybody. i'm soon to be deceased chris cuomo here with robin roberts, sam champion, kate snow. >> showing maks and karina. they'll be here tomorrow so they'll be here. >> also do you know what berry to eat in the forest when you don't have anything else to eat? you're in the middle of nowhere. see that man, he is a green beret and he has a survival guide book for us. great tips in ere. >> does spit wk?
8:32 am
that's what i want to know. >> it does, watch. >> and, of course, we got fabio viviani here who is like cooking it up. first of all you don't need anything else but to have your name be fabio. making ravioli, naked ravioli. makes it even hotter. >> we have cameron mathison that is over there. he's eating grapes. look at that. look at that. cameron is here. he went out on the streets with ashton kutcher to find out what women really want when dating men. that's a rough life that cameron has right now. a little to the left. is ha what you're saying. >> yeah, you're interrupting somethining here. so we'll be back in a minute. >> what really women want is cameron and ashton kutcher when dating. >> they did not know what they were getting into. >> no. >> we've got a "just one thing." roll that beautiful "just one thing" music. aw.
8:33 am
our moment of zen. as cameron gets a back rub -- i don't know what's going on over there. anywaycnet whihich is ere we go for electronic reviews, this is what the new thing is going to be in television and it's l.e.d. tvs to be exactnd by the way, they are power-saving and don't have mercury involved in the tv, so the idea is when you buy new electronics look for something that saves power and also going to be easier to get rid of when it's time to get rid of. the good news about these l.e.d. tvs last up to ten types longer than regular tvs. samsung which cnet liked. it's kind of the advantage leader. they do all the big stuff in coming up with the new technology. they are a little pricey on the set but lg comes in with something that is a little less expensive. cnet liked them equally. toshiba, brand-new set as sexy from the back. isn't it? isn't it? as it is from the front if you
8:34 am
ever look at the back of your tv set then if you want to go crazy with a 55-inch tv. this is the real crazy expensive one, the bravia. l.e.d. the way you'll see tvs in the next ten years. 3% of the tv market but it will be what we all end up buying because more energy efficient and going to be easier to get rid of. no mercury involved. to the boards. thanks for that "just one thing." we'll link you to that on, click on "gma." when you want to find a cool corner you would normally go there. this year it has not been the case so congratulations seattle, olympia, you're all in that kind of just in that front there so a cool day. a little bit more comfortable. more typical but still cooler than normal. rest of the nation is under the heat. particularly the east, so make sure those -- you head out the door. there are heat advisories and warnings or llvetheve eastern seaboard. nine states have heat advisories out so do take it easy.
8:35 am
high temperatures there. dallas, 101 today and a very good morning, it is all about the heat and humidity. temperatures are already at 80 degrees. through the >> it's a very powerful thing to have every tv say "good morning america" to you. that's brought to you by "the time traveler's wife." chris? >> infusion of man here. feel good bit. go wild out there in the camping and hunting and shooting. anything you're trying to do, you could wind up, though, in the middle of nowhere. life-threatening situation and you don't know what to do until now. why, army special forces captain and special ops direct mr. myke hawk. 25-year combat veteran. world renowned survival expert
8:36 am
new book "myke hawk's green beret survival manual". that's all you need to know. it is full of practical tips. myke, thank you very much. that's a shake -- going to be great. so here is the kit you must have. >> the bottom line is it's that boy scout motto be prepared much the lighter it is the more likely you'll carry it. a little bit of food such as jerky or food bar, stores well, gives you a lot of nutrition, something for carrying water like a ziploc. something for starting a fire like a lighter or matches. something for shelter like an umbrella or even a trash bag makes a great individual improvised shelter and something for signaling, such as light or whistle or phone for calling for help and you always need some kind of tool like a little pen knife or multi-tool. carry it in your briefcase, diaper bag and you're good to go. >> just in case if you know how to use it which is why we need the book. you're out there, alone. you get hungry.
8:37 am
people are afraid. don't not be squeamish. it's a buffet out there >> that's it. >> lit rulely you can get nutrition from pine bar -- you like the pine tree. that's your favorite. >> the real rule for survival food it's got to be easy to identify and prevalent anywhere you go you can run into eight plentiful so when you take the effort to eat it you'll get a good meal out it like dandelions chuck full of vitamin, minerals, everywhere and you can eat every bit of it then the pine tree is my favorite because, a, the pinecones give off the nuts full of protein and fat, the bark underneath the dead outer layer, slimy skin is just like eating kind of pine flavored pasta, full of carbohydrates and needles, mix them up and boil it in a water and vich in vitamin c. >> let's pop throu. give me the quick rule for berries. >> very good. very good. white and yellow, kill a fellow. purple and blue, good for you. red, 50/50, could be good, could be dead so to help narrow that
8:38 am
down what you got to do is if they're growing in little clusters probably not good. if they're growing in singletons they probably are good >> that's the berries. to start a fire, you do not need to have matches or two sticks. >> well, if you don't have a lighter and you don't know how to rub sticks then you want to try to improvise with whatever you have. if you have steel wool and a battery that's a good way to get a fire going. magnifying glass or bifocals. mag bars or any products you might have in your car full of alcohol, common things are like the hand cleaners and the petroleum jelly or any kind of cologne or after-shave. >> beautiful. we're running out of time. so much great stuff to talk about here. go online if you want to find out about your natural infection fighters like garlic, putting honey on a cut. how you can use flowers as a bug repellent. everything is in the book.
8:39 am
go to find out what mr. hawk has for you let me hear that voice one more time. >> thank you very much. >> we have to work on me getting some of that voice. when we come back cameron not sos uny does nooenounoes non vu?x?z?z?zrrñziçñx
8:40 am
8:41 am
start here. go further.
8:42 am
you're just delicious. >> wow. >> you're just so comfortable. you know. >> i got to hang out here more often, i think. >> ashton kutcher isn't bad either. he's conquered the media world. sam and chris, they think they put stwiter on the map. real ashton. >> 3 million followers i think he's got. >> he does. oh, when youdd that to his acting and producing success, he's a tough act to top. now he's out with a new movie and our special correspondent cameron mathison, you tagged along with him. >> true.
8:43 am
i thought it would be good to do that interview in central park but everywhere he goes, fans follow, taking picture, calling out. and maybe even swooning. >> dance? ♪ >> reporter: in his new movie "spread" he plays nickie, a sexual grister using looks and charm to work his way into the lifestyle of rich l.a.omen. >> what's your name? >> samantha. >> hi, samantha. i'm nickie. >> i'm leaving. >> really? why? >> it's late. >> you're right. we should get going. >> look, you're cute and everything but you're not coming home with me. >> the tale is a story of a guy choosing between love and lifestyle. >> reporter: how did you prepare for the role. >> i studied a bunch of those -- ton of how to pick up a girl and one-night like books so i read a bunch of books like that and instead of going to the club and partying i went out and sat back and observed what was going on
8:44 am
and you see more of this than what you think. >> reporter: there is some pretty intense sex scenes. >> yeah. >> reporter: in the film. did you have any hesitation of kind of going that far with those scenes. >> i've had to ask myself are you ready to do this because i knew what it was going to involve and then -- then once i got into it once i got into the character and it became less about the sex and more about, all right, what's the emotional honesty that we're trying to convey in the scene. >> reporter: how was demi with all that kind of stuff. >> she was good with it. you know, it helps that we're both arcs so we both understand. >> reporter: i actually felt like a little compassion with nickie. is there something wrong with me. >> that was the foremost challenge of playing the character. can you get people to feel for a guy that's this much of a jerk, right? like that's what -- that was the whole challenge, like if you pulled that off, then the character works. because nobody wants to watch just a guy who is just a jerk the whole time.
8:45 am
>> reporter: this movie made us wonder. what are women really looking for when it comes to love and dating. do you prefer that a guy used a line or do you prefer that a guy just come -- >> the best thing, be genuine. >> he cooks you dinner. how many points is that. >> depends on how well he cooks. >> he doesn't get points for effort? >> no. >> really. >> you actually approach guys. >> i do. >> you like that. >> well, you know, guys generally like it when women are willing to pick them up. >> okay. let's act it up. i'll set up scenario. like improv. you're rocking a little bit and all of a sudden this guy here in the brown sweater turns around. you spot him across the bar, make your way over. >> you can't talk to me yet. >> i haven't talked to you. i said hey you with my eyes. >> got it. got to connect. >> action. >> hi, how are you doing today. >> what up? want a beer? >> yeah, man -- >> the music is a little loud in here. >> can i buy you one? >> you want to buy me a beer? >> yeah. >> yeah, hell, yeah, buy one for
8:46 am
my buddy too. >> single guy, here's what to do. >> what to did, nephew. how are you doing today? what's going on? what's happening. i like your earrings. what's up? >> thanks, hi. >> nice scarf. >> cool. >> can i just say something. >> you suck at this. >> i'm married. i'm just working it, man. what not to do. i'm doing the what not to do. >> so not. >> good save there by him. he's married now. he doesn't have any -- >> he lost his moves apparently. i doubt it but -- >> his new movie called "spread" opens friday. the character he plays would not have been caught dead doing what you did in weekend. share with everyone. >> it was a little b bitizar be fome to be out in central park finding out. itas wike hours after we did d d this ceremony i'm out in central park with ashton kutcher trying to pick up women.
8:47 am
>> but it was -- >> i love your wife. she is a secure woman. has every right to be. >> i'm very, very, very lucky. >> and she is too. >> coming up next we're in the kitchen. can you kooky fabio can p
8:48 am
8:49 am
this is fabio viviani. forget about the fact that he is the big top chef. everybody loved him. forget about the fact he brings authentic passion to food like a true italian would. here's why you want his new book because it is the only cookbook you will ever have that pairs every dish with a martini and is written in broken english because he did it himself without any ghost writer. fabio. right? >> it's true. it's true. you know, as a matter of fact my mom told me you can't write those things in a book.
8:50 am
first of all nobody will understand you. second of all, you know, you got -- it's great. we do simple food. that's what we do. we pair the food with a few wine, select a few pine, pin know bridge joe, some proseca, what we love and we paired the food with martinis. >> this is very hot because you'll give them the drink and they'll like that but you're doing things in a way where people's minds are. you're doing the ravioli without the pasta. >> naked. >> naked. >> but we keep our clothes on. >> especially for me because people would lose their appet e appetite. >> very easy. all about simple food. >> okay. >> pretty much there is few tips to do it. first of all, add the little, you know, baking salt. doesn't come out -- >> baking soda to the water why? >> keeps the leaf green and nice. >> did not know that. isn't that a great tip? >> once you've done that, drain the spinach. make sure you chop them very finally. like it's super easy then you got two cracked eggs. you add some ricottricotta.
8:51 am
>> it's great because you can get it low fat. >> however you want it. parmesan cheese. a good amount of parmesan. >> eggs in there that will hold it together. >> salt, you got it. pepper. nutmeg. >> nutmeg. we love nutmeg. >> strong. >> you got to mix this one, okay, then you add the spinach at the end. you add the little spinach. >> so you mix it around. >> you mix it around. now, we did it before because we don't have time to show everybody. but so we got the mixing and then the end product is ricotta cheese, salt, pepper, spices and the spinach. you do some of this. these are called mulfati. means in italian -- >> not in good shape. >> no one looks like the other one. very simple. if you see that the dough is too wet, you add a little flour. just a little bit. enough to keep it hold. you grease a sheet pan. sheet pan and you put them in
8:52 am
the oven 500 degrees, as hot as it gets for about three to five minutes. >> okay. >> and then you let go a little bother, sage, fresh black pepper, and salt. >> okay. >> and you do the brown butter sage. now, brown butter sage is a sauce and it is called brown because the butter will burn a ttle bit. okay, then nothing. you take your mulfati out of the oven. >> and ladle it on. >> here's our dish. do you love it over there? look, they won't even answer. they're trying your grandmother's tiramisu. what's the tip. >> you got to whip it with whipped egg yolk and sugar. all i know about food come from my mum and as you guys know, she is in italy hanging out. we are trying to bring her over to the united states. we have to take care of your family.
8:53 am
so mom is the most important things and these dish are the dish that would make her happy, so if you do this, you will make your mom happy home. >> you can make a lot of people happy. this is really good >> that's easy to do, you know. >> it's delicious. it's easy to do and it's in the book. "caffey firenze." >> a mortgage della sandwich. which means to die in italian. very nice. want more information go to
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
yesterday was chris' birthday. >> yes, it was. >> cake on friday. let's see. who has a birthday coming up this week? >> it's not -- no, it's much later. >> mr. sam champion. but you're not going to be here so let's bring it out for him, sam's favorite food, ice cream cupcakes. they say happy birthday, sam champion >> i love you all. it is not my birthday. >> you're not going to be here.
8:57 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning at 8:56. i am pamela brown. let's look at the traffic and weather. >> we are looking at 270 where traffic is in good shape. 95 northbound, there is a truck with a problem with its brakes being hot and is stopped in the right lane. along colesville road, near the intersection of franklin avenue, we have a broken-down car. we can see that that will be hanging up things going into silver spring. there are other problems around montgomery county. along 270 @ barack bill stretch, there is also a crash.
8:58 am
>> 82 degrees in annapolis. 83 degrees downtown and it is not 9:00 yet. it will be another hot and steamy day. a heat advisory will be in effect at noon. it will feel like 105 + and it will be a muggy and sticky day. upper 90's this afternoon. tonight there may be an isolated storm. tomorrow, a front will start to move through. storms could linger and for the end of the week, low to mid- 80's. swine flu vaccine tests begin today at the university of maryland school of medicine for its 67 young adults and senior citizens will volunteer and get shots. it will be tested on child chi
8:59 am
how about a swim? i'm a little irregular today. don't you eat activia? for my little issues? they're not that bad. summer's no time to put up with even occasional digestive problems. believe me, once they go away,


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