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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 10, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> le, and in hd, this is abc 7 "news at noon," on your side. the sun is blazing out there. we could be in for a record- breaking heat on this monday. good afternoon, everyone. thank you for joining us for the item alison starling. a heat advisory just went into effect.
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what does that mean for you? how hot will it really get? brian van de graaff has more. >> the heat advisory takes in conjunction the at and temperatur t ihe t fes y wt enintodvoryen wt intoin eft fo r much of the area. he isre there latest u noon until 8 thesee there a sasn yellow. it is not to the west but it will still be hot but not quite as hot. let's take a look at our weatherbug network. let's show you the hazy sunshine. we have tse have not we have not you see. 99 sveilegre in silver spring bt it feels like 101.
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here is a look at the storms gan. a couple of storms along the appalachian chain. we will see if it makes across the mountains. the big story today is the key. we'll show you how people are dealing with the heat. kathy park is live in northwest d.c. >> we have been out in northwest since 5:00 this morning. ever since then, we have keep in -- we have been keeping an eye on the temperatures. this is live from cleveland park. it is 90 degrees and climbing. >> this was a terrific summer, so far it is washington. we expect hot weather. >> it took some time but august is finally delivering big heat. >> i don't like this weather any more than anyone else. you live with it. >> the mercury began climbing
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before the sun rise. some d.c. residents decided it was best to exercise sooner rather than later. >> it is good to get in earlier. >> a good feel like one of five degrees by this afternoon. much of the d.c.-metro area is under a heat advisory until 8:00 tonight. it is not stopping this ohio family from going on with their plans. >> will go to the zoo and the national mall and try to stay in the air-conditioned smithsonian. >> it could be the hottest day of the season. many jurisdictions are opening up cooling centers. most locals are familiar with this weather. they were prepared for the day at 3 >> i have my water bottle. if i have to go out, i go out. >> drink a lot. i try to stay in the shade. >> any time the temperature goes near triple digits, it is never good news. >> it was like, oh gosh, why did
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i come back. >> if you have to be outdoors today, remember to stay hydrated, where light clothing, and try to stay inside as much as possible. thank you. aying safe in the heat means finding certain ways to stay cool. stay indoors in air conditioning when you can't. if you must go out, first responders say you must stay well hydrated. water is best. reduce your activity and wear light-colored clothing and take breaks in the shade. check on loved ones like the elderly and make sure your pets have water and shade, too. symptoms of heat exhaustion include nausea, fatigue, and headache. secondly to heat stroke which includes rapid pulse, difficulty breathing, and even hallucinations. if you want more and eat safety, including local cooling centers, log on to our website,
12:05 pm and metro worker was killed on the job last night very officials say the 25-year veteran was struck by a track unit spreading gravel on the tracks betwe dunn loring station. metro is promising a thorough investigation. a new report is out raising questions about metrobus crash- avoidance system. a glitch in march ended in may near-miss but it could have had consequences as it did three months later on the red line. matt brock got commuter response. >> metro's safety is in the headlines again. >> i hope they can work out. >> over the weekend, there was another close call near the potomac avenue station back in
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march. one train was headed for another rare and collision for if not for the train operation, there would have been a crash. there were 500 feet apart. it was a safe distance. the trains riders were offloaded and the train was taken out of service immediely for a follow-up investigation. with the latest news, an awful lot of metro customers are asking who is watching metro. >> the ntsb has oversight power? >> no, that is only after an accident. >> the ntsb only make recommendations. who else? >> i don't know, the watches? >> it is the tri-state oversight committee, six members. the committee was informed about the march incident but according to the news, whether it was a widespread issue has been limited. metro says an on-train warning system failed.
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the june crash was caused by a faulty track circuit. both are part of metrobus pollution prevention system. >> i am more than concern. >> concerned enough to give up on metro? >> i can't. how can i get to work? >> they are asking if the oversight committee is not giving answers, who can make sure that metro is on track? three firefighters were overcome by the heat while battling a house fire in the district. food cooking on the stove sparked the planes produced in the 700 block of third street in northeast last night. fire gutted the home, displacing two families. one person escaped but three firefighters -- firefighters were treated on the scene. the university of maryland in baltimore is one of eight locations across the country beginning human trials for the swine flu vaccine today. the race is on to find the best
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and safest way to prevent a second wave of the h1n1 expected this fall >> >> president barack obama flow into guadalajara, mexico sunday for the three amigos summit with the mexican president and canadian prime minister. the main topic of discussion was how to combat swine flu this fall, which is anticipated. >> what will this trial tell us? will it tell us whether we need one or two doses per person for a vaccination? >> in the eighth u.s. test cities, volunteers will receive a series of shots, some stronger than others. volunteers will be closely monitored over the next several weeks. >> the opportunity to contribute to something that is in the cutting edge of science, that has a significant impact on lots of people around the world is something that makes the risk
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worth it. >> doctors say the trials are safeguarded potential side effects are beaver, allergic reactions, and a remote chance of paralysis and death. burley said the results should be available in september. >> the clock is ticking and when children go back to school, children will be very susceptible to this virus. >> last week, u.s. officials encouraged schools across the country to remain open even if a few students are infected. more montgomery county middle schools are failing under the no child left behind law. of the 38 middle schools in the county, one dozen missed performance targets for its seventh more than in 2008. special-education students. the worst. in eight schools, they did poorly on math, compared to four last year. special education students in four schools failed in reading as opposed to two in 2008.
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modified tests were given to special needs studes for the fit hitime tdeye wilsoonon be a new way to gett to nationals park. ne wa rk pier has opened on th he anacostia river. they will service on gamehtigs with trips from axarinda and the national harbour resort. the company has not said when the trip will begin or how much they will cost. hbo delves into ninethe" nine lives of marion barry." it looks into alley in merges triumphantly each time after his legal woes. he will be the guest on " newstalk" today at 4:00. still to come, a grim recovery continues on the hudson river.
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the search for the final victim's and a mangled plane in a deadly mid-air collision. while you were following the tweets about the air force one fly over over new york city, it seems the air force was falling you. we are staying otaying my husband and i, we love to go to steakhouses i can smile, i can carry on our conversation i do most of the talking yes i wear dentures and they fit wonderful super poligrip acts as a seal
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divers are coming the hudson river to search for the final two victims and the deadly mid- air collision between a sightseeing helicopter and a private plane that crashed saturday was new york city's worst since a commercial jet crashed in queens in 2001. we have the latest on the recovery and the investigation. >> divers went back in the
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hudson today. their first priority was revering the last two bodies that remain in the river. the recovery team is helping to retrieve what is life -- left of the plane. >> the condition is challenging, the current is that agreed they think the point is in approximately 50 feet of water. >> the helicopter ride was posted a 12-minute tour of new york city. after takeoff, it was struck from behind by the pipeline. >> teterboro attempted to contact your plan with no results. shortly thereafter, the target was lo. >> the nine victims included the plane's owner and pilot and brother and nephew. there were tourists. both aircraft were below 1,100 feetn a congested corridor where they are required to navigate visually, without supervision from air traffic controllers.
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investigators believe the plane was climbing in making it right turn when it collided with the chopper. this pilot, flying 25 years, says pilots in the area are required to see and be seen. >> see and avoid, this is not magic. >> many aviation experts say there are blind spots. plane pilots cannot see was below and helicopter pilots cannot see above and behind. some feel the rules need to change. >> when we say it is ok to be careful, that is fine but sometimes you cannot do it. we need to move on from that concept and use electronics and procedures to bridge the gap. .au fie aqucor tyun manau fqn irinmemade vita ia state police say they e twioik ldtoan e an not adt p power 100 ydsds offshore, 48-arye- 8- t year- old on impa his daughter is now being treated at a local hospital.
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he was a commercial pil, leaves behind a wife and two daughters. new details are emerging about the man who shot and killed three women in pennsylvan and then shot himself he was questioned by police just one week before the shooting. he was taken into custody after a passenger on a pittsburgh city bus reported seeing a man with a grenade. they say the witness could not identify the man. the matter was dropped. when president barack obama returns from mexico where heas focusing on this one to pandemic, he will hit the road to push for health-care reform. he has a lot of work ahead. there is a lot of anger and confusion over provisions in health care reform legislation regarding end of life care. one proposal calls for doctors to be reimbursed for counseling patients about the kind of care they want at the end of their lives. critics are calling it a path
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toward a government-sponsored euthanasia. >> let me start by dispelling the outlandish rumors that will promote euthanasia. that is simply not true. >> the president says that millions of dollars could be saved if people talk more about what they want in the final months of life. the pentagon has issued warnings about the security risks posed by social networking site. they may not be keeping her on the advice. the u.s. military uses sites like twitter and youtube to monitor and react to high- profile events. the air force used those sites to assess the controversy surrounding the air force one fly over last year over the statue of liberty. parts of asia are being damaged by two thai phone one storm flooded villages, crushed cars -- to -- "typhoons.
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dozens of people were killed and many people injured. look at the video. hundreds of people were buried. at least 12 people were killed when another typhoon slammed into western japan. those are tough images. >> that is rough weather. we have not had much in hurricane season as yet, but things will heat up in september. around here is the heat. august heat is not atypical. we have not had a day thi i nt >>he >> i dimi, tyotor bh. >> it is the dry heat in arizona. it is hot and stickysiutde and we will show you some of the numbers. 89si degrees at but when we lookesd when we looked at the numbers and factor in s elferemot feels more we will be in the upper 90's this afternoon and combined with humility, it will make for a monday afternoon. -- amuggy afternoon.
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93 in shenandoah but it feels like 99. there is a lot of sheep out there. records could fall today. the dollar's record is 96 degrees. -- the dulles record is 96 degrees. yesterday we work 96 but bwi hit 100. the average is 87 so temperatures are well above average. the key revisory is in affect. -- the heat advisory is in effect from noon until 8:00 tonight. the western counties will be warm but they may not feel less hot. outside, we have 80's and 90's around the metro area butt off to the west, we see temperatures that are a little bit cooler.
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the front is off to our west and high pressure has been allowing the heat and humidity to pump in. a few little thunderstorms tried to pop up to the wes we will look for an isolated storm through the afternoon. the big story is the sheet and humidity. -- is the sheet and humidity. -- is the heat and humidity. into the 80's and 70's tonight and tomorrow, the front will approach and there will be more clouds. there will be a couple of thunderstorms more likely as the front swings through. it may cause storms on wednesday. we will see if it affects us late
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have you noticed that we are paying more at the gas pump? aaa says gas prices have risen 22 cents since memorial day and 11 cents in one week. aaa says the national average for a gallon of regular is a $2.64. in this area, is $2.59. commuters should prepare for some big delays on the blue and yellow line. trains will share a single track for the next couple of weeks for the pentagon said the station from 10:00 p.m., sunday through
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thursday. metro will replace a switch of the pentagon city station. the transit agency says you should add at least 45 minutes to your trip. the redskins' preseason opener is thursday against baltimore. the team is working hard to get ready. the redskins had their first official scrimmage satury. it showed the defense is further along than the offense. deangelo hall has settled into his role and the top draft pick is learning how to better
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there may be life after " american idol" for paula abdul. she might be hired as a judge on ""dancing with the stars." she says she has received quite a few wonderful offers. she is no lune >> i like bruno. >>et '' tsk about thaave heat ay hwee t advisoryhha tt is in effect for the ar. er 90's. 0' 's. withifelel ud like05 1-110. 1 sstherftis aerftnoon
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otherwise, the heat will break tomorrow. try to take it easy out there. >> do not wear your 3 piece
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