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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 11, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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oklahoma. of the wild west.rn to the days >> some beautiful views, there, though. stay with us for "good morning america." we'll have an exclusive look at the top five places to buyho e s house right now. it's not necessarily where houses are the cheapest. >> that's coming up ontodgo " >> just moments away on good morning, washington, a heat wave across the metro region and we'll see when some relief is in store. >> and the debate in the aisles of congress. >> plus, did you get a chance to see it? well d.c.'s marion barry makes his mark on hbo. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> and good morning, everybody. welcome to good morning, washington, on a tuesday, i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown in for
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doug mckelway, and we begin this early tuesday with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes, first here's meteorologist brian van de graaff. how's it looking today? [no audio] >> all right. and oui looking pretty good out here this morning. the roads are dry around the city. no early morning accidents to romp.
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might find a stray puddle around here from those who got a shower last night. from fredericksburg headed up the beltway no zonets report. back to you guys. >> thank you, jim. well hot temperatures are making life a little tougher for some people. whether they are working outside. >> or trying to go to work, some of the heat wave side effects. except for the sweat, of course. >> never let emcee you sweat. >> it's not quite that bad this morning in fact i think it's better this morning than it was yesterday morning. there are repercussions we know mark trains have had problems and they run slower during heat waves. well, train 405 from baltimore to washington leaves baltimore at 5:55, usually. it's canceled today. mark is saying you should take the 6:17 train from baltimore
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train number 470. they train number 407. they expect some overcrowding. they also warn to take it easy today. it's going to be a hot one. >> going to work this morning could be releaf for those in this maryland complex. >> it feels like 120 degrees. >> last night there waso air-conditioning and no indication on when it would return. >> they need to do something about this. it's critical. >> it's been a tough start to the week. temperatures up into the triple digits. a cold drink or a quick dip helped most. the call for today, cooler than monday but no picnic when you're above 90 and it's washington brand humidity, can you really
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feel that much of a difference? >> hot. >> probably wo't feel much of a difference at all, again mark train number 405 canceled this morning. take 407, there will be overcrowding. >> thank you, and metro says it is suspending work after sunday night's tragedy. a track man was struck and killed after he was replacing crossties on the rail line. no increased inspection and the -- the worker who was killed was 63-year-old michael nash a 21 -year veteran of metro. he was hit by a balance lass regulator, nash was well known
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in his silver spring neighborhood where neighbors considered him a friend. >> very gentle, kind, neighborly. >> my children called me, and when i found out it was michael, i was just devastated. >> that accident is still under investigation. >> a woman is under arrest for the shooting death of a man in southeast d.c. just after 6:00 last night they found the victim shot several times. he was taken to the hospital where he later died. the 36-year-old woman is charged with mder. >> police are investigating after it appears a man was mauled to death by his own dog. 20-year-old carter delaney was found dead after a relative sumened officers to check on him.
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officers are working on the theory he tried to break up fight between the animals and was attacked. >> the small dog or male tried to intervene at some level, treated originally as a suspicious death. >> the two pit bulls were taken to the loudoun county animal shelter and police are now waiting for results from an autopsy to determine death. >> and tracking down whoever left a pit bull in the trash to die. the dog nicknamed trooper was found in a southeast washington dumpster duct taped in a plastic bag and looked like she had been in a dogfight. she is expected to survive. >> a fourth person has been charged in an alleged corruption schedule "the washington post"
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is reporting 44-year-old mirosh mere was charged. he and three others are accused of lying on their time sheets and invoices and drawing up boeing gus contracts schemeing the district out of at least a half a million dollars. well, marion barry made his movie debut. >> he is the subject of a new documentary. the film looks at his long career from civil rights activist to mayor who fell from grace. >> he was an ince operational leader and inspirational leader and i didn't know that side of him except that he smobalingd crack and went to jail. >> they tried to box me into this person who doesn't care about people just corrupt and cocaine and womanizing. it takes a slice of my life and
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tried to show me as more than just that. >> the documentary appeared earlier this summer at the film festival in silver spring and sam ford who talked to the producer said you got to know marion barry over eight years did you like him or not? and she said some days i did and some days i didn't. >> i spoke to her yesterday. she said the same thing. he's so controversial in so many ways it's so hard to know him beyond the surface. >> well, 5:08 is your time. we have 74 degrees. >> still to come, there's a new way to save when it comes to college costs. we're going to tell you how apple is getting in on the book store business. >> and you're watching good morning, washington. ton.
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>> and welcome back, everybody. 35:11 is your time. let's get to your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is live with the check of the weather. >> good morning. all of you at home with us early this morning. it's another warm start to our day, of course. not going to be as hot as
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yesterday. that's the key. but still another warm start. still hot but not record-breaking yesterday at dulles we did break a record. yesterday at fairfax dew point 69. f 69. areawide condition gi gegi temperatures are st t70 o oar o's to star domi 70's in outlying areas. our forecast today similar to yesterday. we are expecting late-day showers and thunderstorms scattered in nature. high temperature today, 93. erstyedawest hit 97, which, by the way brokeec airport. toyda looks like it will be a few days cooler. nevertheless hot and humid outside. still uncomfortable. at least we don't have the heat advisories in effect for today. temperatures will drop a little bit. it will be in the mid to upper
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80's with the chance of a few showers and thderstos. it is august, after all. now let's go to jim russ with ay look at our commute. >> we have a car fire to start things off. midway between roots 220 and on the right side of the roadway. responding and when they get there they are likely to block a lane. it is visible at least partially from the southbound side of the roadway so may start to attract some attention there. let's go to maryland and take a look at the beltway. beltway heading west from collins park to silver spring. that's the traffic going away from us. the greenway and toll road heading toward the beltway. alison, pamela, back to you. >> 5:13 is your time. we have 74 degrees on a tuesday. >> still ahead on good morning, washington, swine flu and schools. there's a whole new worry for
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lysol. the #1 pediatrician recommended brand. disinfect to protect. this school season, kill bacteria on backpacks and sneakers too with lysol. >> and welcome back, everybody. in our top stories at 5:16 this morning, president obama is getting ready to face a tough crowd when he takes his health care reform on the road. dozens are reportedly gearing up to meet the president when he meets up for a town hall. democrats have accused republicans of sabotage. >> metro has now ordered a safety stand down after a repair
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man was killed on the job. 63-year-old michael nash of silver springs was hit by a piece of equipment while doing track work on the orange line. they have scheduled some additional training and safety inspections. and police in leesburg are investigating what appears to be a deadly dog attack. 20-year-old carter delaney may have been mauled to death trying to break up a dogfight. officers found his body and the remains of a small dog in the home and two pit bulls and a third dog were found alive. >> thank you, alison. >> hundreds of americans are lining up for experimental swine flu shots. the vaccine is being given at the university of maryland school of medicine in baltimore. the studies of 2800 people will test the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine. if it tests well, those at risk
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could be vaccinated by mid october. >> schools across e country are taking pralkses to prevent the spread of swine flu. more than 50,000 students started classes yesterday and school officials are already telling them how to avoid getting the virus. >> we prefer stinets to cough into a tissue or their elbow because when you shake hands and you're coughing you're going to spread germs. >> we have talked about no high-fiving and things like that, instead we're going to -- can you do that? yeah. >> student athletes are being told not to share food or towels and students with the slightest fever are sent home. >> all right. it is 5:18, time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes, brian van de graaff, this is this is day three of hot and steamy weather. [no audio]
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>> all right. thanks brian. we'll talk -- baseball is taking on twitter and the fight to know what you're doing at any hour of the day. >> and there is now an application for text books. we have those and more in this morning's "tech bytes." >> in today's "tech bytes," facebook gets a new friend. the social networking sight is buying friend feed which allows users to discover and discuss what their friends find on the web. that i say it should help facebook open up its site and users. microsoft is launching a games on demand service for the xbox 360 today. xbox owners will be allowed to download full games and store them on their consoles.
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they will cost between $20 and $30 each. are you ready for some football? the new season kicks off in a few weeks which means it's time for the latest version of the best-selling madden. >> the people who are really going to get the most out of it are the real football freaks. you get everything from the hand towels they wear to the super bowl patches to everything else being really, really authentic. if you're just the type of person who likes to see guys run around to be field it has a slower field and old men game it very much feels like watching a real broadcast nfl game so if that's the kind of thing that appeals to you you're going to like this a lot. madden 2010 will be available. >> and why carry around 50-poun text books when you can carry around an iphone.
5:22 am
there will be an application that will allow students to access full text books, read their digital notes and search for words and phrases. text books also cost 50% less than physical ones. for information on all these stories log on to the technology page of abc >> your time now 5:22, 74 degrees. still ahead on good morning, washington, the nationals can run but can't hide from the black cloud of 2009. rookie jordan zimmerman needs tommy jons surgery. how long he'll be gone today. >> and it's ask dr. oz day on oprah. you don't want to miss this one here at 4:00 on abc 7.
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>> hey, good morning, washington, just when things were looking up for the washington nationals get bad news to bring them back to earth. rookie right-hander jordan zimmerman. the 23-year-old rookie needs reconstructive elbow surgery which will side line him for at least a year. mewhile deloib hair cuts. hair cuts. the veterans took the rookies to the barber shots and got them some of the best. the rookieish tanger got one of
5:26 am
the worst deals, the difference between a good and bad haircut is about a month. >> coming in i was told i was going to get a haircut. i didn't quite understand what the veterans meant by that but as you see now i completely understand. >> explain that to your mom. have a great day, everybody. >> that's too funny. >> that's cruel. >> that is. the initiation, though. >> exactly. all right 5:26 is your time the latest headlines in business news. >> michelle joins us live from new york. good morning. >> hey, alison and pamela. good morning, everybody. the federal reserve today in focus because they are kicking off the economy and interest rates, one thing the fed's open market committee may be looking at today is whether the fed should continue its current path of quantitative easing. that program includes buying government death along with $1.5
5:27 am
trillion. there's concern inflation may result. meanwhile, if you're feeling more productive at the office u.s. productivity grew in the second quarter at the fastest pace in more than two years. we'll be getting a report on it an hour ahead of the opening bell. looks like we are setting up for a positive open here on wall street. that's business news live at bloomberg headquarters i'm michelle reporting for abc news. alison and pam? >> we appreciate it. thank you, so much. it is 5:27. 74 degrees. the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. >> still ahead in our next half-hour. >> if you ask my opinion i'm going to tell you i'm not going to be channeling my husband. >> hillary clinton gets fired up. we're going to hear the question that set off the secretary of state.
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>> and live from capitol hill with a look at the health care debate and rising public anxiety. >> and abc 7. we're tracking another hazy, hot and humid day, just not quite as hi, may i help you? yes, i hear progressive has lots of discounts on car insurance. can i get in on that? are you a safe driver? yes. discount! do you own a home? yes. discount! are you going to buy online? yes! discount! isn't getting discounts great? yes! there's no discount for agreeing with me. yeah, i got carried away. happens to me all the time. helping you save money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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>> i don't want the government to do it for me. >> tempers are flairing over efforts to -- but the white house hopes cooler heads will prevail. thank you for joining us on this tuesday, august 11.
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i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown in for doug mckelway. brian van de graaff is here and nice to see you dressed appropriately for the weather today. >> many suits but then a little where i thinkly. >> maybe tomorrow you can wear your tank top. >> and you can wear your tube top. >> you know how much i lov ey u be top. r culottes.w somofe the inow s 73 in your fecayoday hazy, not as hot and hid, temperatulose 'sth0 loe w 90's ande ca stter sed afternoon storms. grace today. first jim russ is on the case. >> yes, northbound -- a car fire blocking the right side of the roadway. if you're going north toward
5:32 am
baltimout on roe 29 a crash near the intersection ofn rte 15, northbound side of route 29 coming toward the city expect police there to direct you through the intersection. alison, pamela, back to you. >> thank you, so much, jim. we're overhauling health care. later today president obama will make an appeal but meanwhile courtney robinson joins us live from capitolill with some of the reaction out there these days. good morning to you. >> good morning. we've certainly seen tempers flair at these town hall meetings, people upset and confused by this and the democrats say the confusing comes from misinformation being spread by opponents. >> in town hall after town hall, -- >> how dare you! >> across america citizens are voicing opposition to this thou-page.
5:33 am
ben carlton shouted his way. >> if you'll allow the senator a few moments we'll get to the questions. >> he is defending the health care bill talking about the options. but the issue that has most fired up about 10 pages to rei mean burse a doctor for talking with a patient every five years about what kind of care they want near the end of life. opponents say it's youth in asia. >> adolph hitler calls this program the final solution. i kind of wonder what we're going to call ours. >> it now has the president and democrats quelling public anxiety. >> right now there's an intentional effort to confuse what's in it.
5:34 am
>> president obama has a town ha meeting planned for today in new hampshire and two more planned for later this week. we'll certainly hear him address these issues. >> should be interesting, courtney. meanwhile president obama says the nation's immigration laws are broken but any kind of reform is getting put on the back burner. those comments came after a meeting with leaders. he says health care and financial reform are his top priorities right now. >> meanwhile a new gallup poll finds president obama's approval rating is in the mid to upper 50's down from 60% in january-june. his highest rating is in d.c. where 92% of the people approve of what he is doing. his lowest approval rating is in wyoming, alaska then utah.
5:35 am
>> well, carefuling to the criticism house democrats say they won't try to buy four new jets. they added it to an air force budget but the pentagon never requested the planes. the pentagon use it is planes to carry senior government officials. most of y'all, 97% of you who logged on and voted says congress does not need to sneand extra cash. secretary of state hillary clinton was fired up on her visit to the congo when asked about her financial contracts. >> what does mr. clinton think through the mouth of mrs. clinton. >> wait, you want me to tell you what my husband thinks? my husband is not the secretary of state. i am. if you ask my opinion i will tell you my opinion i will not
5:36 am
be channeling my husband. >> the moderator quickly moved on. they say the student approached her afterward and said he meant to ask her what president obama thought about the chinese loans not former president clinton. >> of the 38 middle schools in the county, a dozen missed performance targets. that is seven more than last year, special education students faired the worst doing poorly in math in eight schools compared to four last year and special education students in four schools failed in reading compared with two in 2008. and montgomery officials are allowed more ack access to facebook while on the job. they are now allowed a personal amount of web time. montgomery county has its own
5:37 am
site on facebook and twitter. district officials want a feral court to rehear its ruling on the controversial check points in the trinidad neighborhood. the federal court ruled the check points unconstitutional this summer and now d.c. peter nichols is leading a charge for the appeal. a rash of crimes in the trinidad community led police to restrict access for several blocks. >> meanwhile residents at a southeast apartment complex say emergency crews had to take drastic measures just to get to a fire. the security gate is design to hope when sirens approach but laders had to be taken. several suggestions including a lock box for ems personnel. >> still ahead of good morning, washington, getting to the heart
5:38 am
of a hero. we'll show you how in death a u.s. troop dave the gift of life. >> and adam caskey live in fairfax corner. it will be a hot day but not as hot ads yesterday. temperatures are on the down swing. >> adam, thank you, so much. and jim russ is back with the latest on your tuesday morning commute.
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>> coming to you from the nation's fire department. be safe in ocean ocean. check the water level with your feet and not your head. good morning, washington. >> and welcome back to good morning, washington. on thi tuesday morning. right now 5:40 a.m. adam caskey live in fairfax corner. you know this morning is a lot like yesterday morning. good thing is this afternoon will be a little bit cooler than yesterday afternoon. we made it up to 97 yesterday which broke a record at dulles airport. we'll probably be in the lower 90's so don't get me wrong. hot, but not as hot. checking in at 78. another muggy daynd cstryal yl armand maryland6a lpl 7ata, la plata, . on one of the
5:42 am
we could find on our weatherbug network. so here's the forecast for today. becoming partly cloudy. scattered showers and thunderstorms later this evening as a cold front drops into the region. high of 93 today. tomorrow a little bit cooler. back in the mid 80's. ahh, that will feel nice. back to jim russ and a look at our commute. >> thank you. traveling on the northbound side of route 212 a car fire extinguish nedow off to the side. our callers reporting the left side of the roadway tied up. route n 29 a crash near route 1 police will have to direct you through that area. the beltway in montgomery county at the legion bridge, everything running nicely. alison? pamela? back to you. >> tnk you, vim. thank you, jim. we have 74 degrees.
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>> still ahead right here. you've really got to see this to believe it. look who is back. a disgraced governor sum mons the soul of the king of rock & roll? the soul of the king of rock & roll? stay with us. . ♪ [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through ♪ music and dance calling you ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup
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>> and welcome back. checking our top stories at 5:46 this morning, dozens of protesters are reportedly gearing up to meet the president when he arrives at new hampshire for a town hall. the white house is retooling its message among polling that americans are skeptical of democratic proposals. democrats have accuseed the republicans of sabotage and another victim has been located
5:47 am
from saturday's collision between a small plane and a tourist he can. the body is trapped in the plane and there's talk of trying to raise the aircraft. one victim remains missing. >> metro is suspending track maintenance work after a track repair man was struck and killed by a pair of repair equipment. they'll delay the work and review rules and procedures. and the heat wave continues today across the d.c. region with temperatures expected in the 90's once again. officials are reminding residents to stay hydrated and indoors as much as possible. cooling centers have opened in many neighborhoods and have extended hours. the time now is 5:47. time for weather and traffic every 10 minutes. adam caskey how's it feeling out there? >> pam, alison. of course it's warm.
5:48 am
today will be hot. but not as hot as yesterday. our temperatures are in the down swing, and that starts today and tomorrow we'll probably be at our low point which is probably mid 80's which will feel refreshing compared to the 97 we had yesterday. be i the way we broke a record at dulles airport. dew point at 68. a m dgy. d crystal clear ski erghrihvead but i k few fewid level clouds clear start to the day. is early hour00 a.m. in p6: .m. in 0th'se manassas 78. berk right now checkingn at an even 70. so here's our forecast. 93 the high. yesterday 97. today 93. no heat advisories in effect. nevertheless take the necessary
5:49 am
precautions. stay hydrated in the air-conditioning and avoid exercise or strength use activity during the heat of the day. we could still use some of the moisture. let's go to brian. random question. i thought about it the other day. how often did you mow your lawn from june until now? seriously. how frequently? >> well, not as much as i probably should have. >> i did once. once. over 1 1/2 months once a couple days ago. >> really? >> yes. >> just depends at my house we have a little sprinkler action so -- >> cheater! cheater! >> hey it's easier to water than the flies with the hose. >> we have a frontal system sinking south ward as we go through the area. pushing south ward. that will push things through the afternoon. tomorrow a few more clouds and
5:50 am
isolated storm but the focus for the week is the noticeably cooler air sinking in our area. we'll definitely feel more of a change. low 90's this afternoon and overnight in the 70's and tomorrow mid 80's. thursday probably a pretty nice day, mid to upper 80's then the weekend mid 80's but can't rule out a thunderstorm. that's the weather. >> the trip along the beltway, the outer loop of the beltway, the single lane that peels off to the right is the one tied up because of an accident. couple maps and show you other incidents out there on the baltimore washington parkway southbound between routes 175 and 32 a crash along the left side. north of route 198 a car fire now out and off the road to the right. in virginia 66 east between gainesville and 234 south an
5:51 am
accident along the left side. pamela, alison, back to you. >> thank you. take a look at this. a day at the park ended up being no fun for 24 people. they got stuck on a roller coaster. 80 feet up. this was at the great america theme park in santa clara, california. no one was hurt but the riders were stuck in the hot sun for more than four hours before the fire crews could get them down. fire investigators try to determine what went wrong. ooh. >> well, and it was hot, too, like 90 degrees. >> at least they weren't upside down. i've seen that. >> that would be worse. not in the heat for four hours. >> well, he is back and not singing the blues. that is former illinois governor rod blagojevich singing elvis presley songs at a block party. he was paid to perform at that
5:52 am
party but donated the money to charity. he had visitors hire him for parties and is scheduled to face corruption charges next year. >> uh oh. here we go. >> hair looks more tame there. >> looks the part. [laughter] >> ok. all right. whatever works for you. he's not going away. we know that much. >> all right. 5:52 is your time this morning.
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>> well, this is truly touching. this next story is about the heart of an american hero and how it saved a life even after its last beat. abc's charlie gibson has the story. >> 21-year-old corporal benjamin cop was burried at arlington national cemetery last friday. 4 eserved two tours in iraq and in afghanistan when he was severely wounded in a taliban fight. 10 of the enemy were killed then credited with saveing the lives of six in his platoon. awarded the purple heart and two others. he was flown home to walter reed brand-new died there july 18 and he made clear his intention to be an organ donor. >> it's something he and i both felt strongly about. >> his mother, jill steven son
5:56 am
was allowed to designate a recipient if she knew somebody in need who was to be waiting list. she did. a close friend of a cousin had been waiting for three months. along long odds judy turned out to be a good match and two days after ben's death judy had his heart. >> in her absolute darkest hour she chose life. i have the heart of a 20-year-old army ranger beating strongly in me and go up to people and ask to see their driver's license and if they are not a donor, i say it's time to be one sign right here i'll witness and no one denies someone who just had a heart transplant so it's working well. >> he would think that it's really cool. i know he's looking down with pride. i know he is. >> what a fire. you know? >> and the fact now that that woman is carrying on this idea of really pushing other people to do the same.
5:57 am
>> absolutely. touching. inspiring. >> this tuesday morning, 5:56 and a lot more to come in this second hour of good morning, washington. >> on the attack over abortion we'll tell you why the two in the race to richmond are squaring off on the right to choose. >> and beating the heat. it's going to be tough for commuters this morning. i'll tell you about that coming up. >> and jim russ is coming back to help you and a half gate your tuesday morning commute. traffic and weather when good
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> and coming up on this tuesday morning the heat wave continues. we're going to see if and when any relief will come our way. and the health care reform -- why the president's plan is getting a tough reception. >> and taking a look at air safety after the deadly crash over t hutsen river. >> good morning, washington continues right now. >> and welcome back to good morning, washington. great to have you joining us at 6:00 on this tuesday, august 11. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown in for doug mckelway we'll check in with jim russ in a moment but first we start


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