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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 11, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> fed up over health care. >> who has card number one? >> anger leads to pushing and shoving on top of protests. new tonight -- do people here
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see any hope? the video that's become a vit cal clue why this is linked to a murder. >> and a local man goes for a million. >> anthony from washington, d.c., we've got 15 seconds on the clock for you. >> now at 11:00, his hometown support and why today is special to him for another reason. captioned by the national captioning institute >> and we begin tonight with what's become a very fiery debate over health care and the growing outrage from many during numerous town hall meetings on the subject. president obama took his message on the road in new hampshire but hundreds of protesters were there waiting for him outside. and similar meetings held by members of the senate turned downright violent. horace holmes is live on capitol hill with what comes next on this congress mess. >> what we'll see likely next, more town hall meetings and, again, more raised tempers. to say the health care reform
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debate is heating up would be, well, an unde understatement? >> one day god's going to stand before you and he's going to judge you and the rest of your damn cronies up on the hill. >> town hall forums all over the country sponsored by members of congress over the past week, the meetings have turned into shouting matches. today in new hampshire inside a high school gym, president obama was met by a polite crowd, and the president was able to talk about the specifics of his reform policy and he accused his opponents of scaring and misinforming the public. >> where do disagree, let's disagree over things that are real, not these wild misrepresentations. >> but outside the gym, a different scene. >> i'm a retired senior citizen. i don't make much money but i don't mind paying a few more dollars to see that people who don't have health care get it. >> tonight in seat pleasant, maryland, a health care forum was held for people concerned about the quality of care in prince george's county. the county has one of the
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largest number of uninsured residents in maryland. the crowd was small but those attending were very concerned about the future of health care and very concerned about the tone that the debate on reform is taking across the country. >> some of the yelling that's going on different locations, that's all planned, and i wish they would not do that so you could get your questions answered. >> i don't like a lot of the dramatics but at least people are talking about this issue seriously. >> now, as far as any possible legislative action here on capitol hill, that won't happen until next month at the earliest, when congress returns to session after nearly a month of hearing from their constituents. reporting live on capitol hill, ll>>ce holmes, abc 7 ht r aneig. >> all right. thank you, horrace. we've learned this health care debate could get even hotter in our area. maryland senator ben cardin will be hosting a town hall meeting on health care tomorrow afternoon. it takes place at hagerstown community college. hundreds of protesters lined up
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outside a similar rally held by cardin outside of baltimore last night. we'll keep you posted. >> now, again tonight scattered showers move through parts of our region this evening and more stages are in store. doug hill now with more of that for us and the forecast. doug? >> leon, the latest from the weather center is the worst of heat and humidity is behind us. it's muggy out there tonight but toioigh temperatures g take a break for the next several days. live start with superdoppler 7 radar. showers out there, light and east of town. erbowie andowe ov then down through prince george's county just to the southeast of college pardoer wn through largo. that'stabout i locally for the showers andmsorst.or but a little farther to the north and west wedo ve some more rain coming across western thisand, partf o slow-moving storm front. get a expa ot a good look at the front, with showers lined up from western maryland, all the way back to west virginia and tennessee. you see the motion mainly west to east and it looks like anhing that we have overnight will be basically in the formofa scattered light rainshowers. the heavy duty weather should
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stouthea, lien, they'rehso esurilstli eyen, thli're guill warm, oaugust and it'sauh stgu a and it'srees reportl at crch d78es eg church. eh degrees 7 in n waldorf. wh0 triangle still. en you fora i ctnthe moisture mu the air,it ilstl kind of e yo u u see the break north of theh, inhe t 's.70's south of the t st mostly in the mid and upper 80's. so the worst of the heat is over but we're still going to have chances of showers and storms because of the cold front. maybe for seven more days. we'll lay out in the forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. to fairfax, where county police hope a new clue can help them solve a murder. rdrdinindale mu hdeerersimo inside her home on mmer road. jay korff now with the latest. jay? >> leon, this is the break that police, a grieving family and a frightened community have been waiting for. on friday, july 24, a dark infinite s.u.v. pulled up to the
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annandale home of chung au. a man gets out of the passenger's side of the vehicle and walks toward her house, where the 53-year-old wife and mother worked as an ack could you puncturist. police say later that day, she was found de in her home. she was bound and stabbed. investigators are now calling the man in this video a suspect in this case. >> it is very shocking. we never have that kind of violence here in annandale. >> but this new potentially critical clue, along with an even closer picture of the s.u.v. taken by another undisclosed surveillance camera, provides a sense of hope for a family, a community and investigators. >> there are several community watch vehicles in the area. and i'm sure if this gets on air that people will be looking out for that vehicle. >> we hope they get caught because it's just scary thinking that whoever did that is still out there. >> the victim's family tells us they are too angry and too afraid to discuss a case that police believe was not random in
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nature. what they will say, the chung au was a good person with a big heart. >> i hope they get the guy and i hope they put him behind bars and i'm really sorry for her family. i'll pray for her family. >> and investigators certainly hope that someone recognizes the man in that video or recognizes that dark infinite s. up. v. live in annandale, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00, a potential scandal at the naval academy after two female students say they were sexually assaulted. a spokesman for the naval academy says the alleged incidents occurred away from the school in annapolis. one case involved a sophomore who made the report in june. the otr involves a junior who made the report last month. both cases are under investigation. >> an area hike certificate recovering tonight hours after u.s. park police saved him during a dramatic rescue mission. park rangers discovered the injured hiker after he slipped and fell into a rock. he fractured his ankle on old rag mountain.
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despite being deep in the woods, the hiker was able to use his cell phone. he did and he he called for help. and once they found him, it took park police -- the park police helicopter team 40 seconds to get him in the basket and lift him out to safety. and now that hiker is recovering and doing well tonight, we hear. >> metro rail operator who is in rehab, rather, tonight without pay after taking a train on the tracks that had too many cars attached. metro investigators say this incident happened late last month when the employee left the greenbelt station with ten cars. the transit system can only accommodate trains with a maximum of eight cars. as part of the investigation, the worker tested positive for drugs. the incident remains under investigation and no formal disciplinary action has been taken at this time. >> now to a developing story from south america, where costa rican president oscar arias has been diagnosed with swine flu. the 69-year-old president and nobel peace prize winner has shown flu symptoms since sunday but participated in public activities as late as this morning. arias is quarantined at home now
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and is being treated with the antiflu medicine. >> tonight, the nation is mourning the loss of you'r eunie kennedy shriver. she made a permanent mark on the american landscape with her commitment to public service, particr our region. the d.c. headquarters of the special olympics honored its founder with this picture made during happier days and a sole yellow rose below. >> she has touched so many. she was so committed. she really was a tireless, fearsome advocate for this cause that she believes iso strongly. >> three of her brothers ran for president but it was eunice kennedy shriver's mentally challenged sister rosemary, who inspired her. >> she taught us all that adversity meant almost nothing and that it could always be fun for all of us to be together. >> the 88-year-old's work is now her legacy. she had suffered a series of strokes in recent years.
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she died at cape cod hospital early this morning. >> my mother has been a key leader in the field of intellectual disabilities. i think she has done more in that field than any other single human being alive. >> the reflection over kennedy shriver's death stretched to montgomery county. today, a silver spring elementary school bears her husband's name. >> they were just such a presence and eunice was definitely a part of that presence. >> and at the national portrait gallery, a painting showing kennedy shriver with a few of the intellectually disabled who she loved received some extra attention hours after her death. >> you can't help but get a sense of her vitality and energy as she was doing this. >> in a statement, shriver's brother, senator edward kennedy, said she understood deeply the lesson our mother and father taught us: much is expected of those to whom much has been given." shriver is survived by her husband, her five children and
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19 grandchildren. funeral services are pending. >> coming up on "abc 7 news at 11:00" -- a big change is coming if you have an american express or discover card. 7 is on your side with the important information you're going to want to see. >> and an american idol life altering arrival. a big announcement by jennifer hudson. >> who wants to be a millionaire? a d.c. man got his shot tonight. i'll tell you how he
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' >> new at 11:00 tonight, we're following a developing story out of southern california, where a female toll worker is dead after someone opened toll plaza of the richmond san rafael bridge. police say a man in a parking lot nearby was also shot and killed. authorities say that this may be a domestic dispute. a lookout has been sued for a man driving a white van. police are looking into reports of other crime scenes as well. >> 7 is on your side tonight with news of an important change at two major credit card
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companies, american express and discover card are dropping their fees for customers charging over their credit limits. the moves come ahead of new regulations set to take effect in february that limit the way credit card issuers may charge these kind of fees. under the legislation, consumers must agree to pay a fee before they can charge more than their credit limit. >> how about getting 230 miles per gallon in the city? today, general motors previed its new chevrolet volt rechargeable electric car. the battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet and it's said that it only costs 40 cents to charge it overnight. this first-generation volt is expected to cost nearly $40,000. >> new at 11:00 tonight, oscar and grammy winning actress jennifer hudson is now taking on a new role as a mother. david daniel otungu jr. was born today weigh not guilty although 7 pounds, 14 ounces. he's named after hudson's fiancee. she won the academy award for her role in the 2007 movie "dreamgirls." and we hear that both mom and
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baby are doing well. >> now, i -- >> oh, love it! >> oh, my gosh, anthony sloan. >> regis philbin. >> where are you from? >> originally washington, d.c. >> he's got good reason to love it. one of television's most successful game shows is back. tonight, a local man got a chance to face regis philbin and give his final answer for a chance at winning $1 million. we've got the word on how his family and friends got together to cheer him on? >> leon, you can imagine this was the opportunity of a lifetime for anthony sloan. you might even call it his lucky day, which would make sense, because it's also his 41st birthday. when family and friends came over to anthony sloan's parents home this evening, they expected a birthday party. not this. [cheers and applause] >> it was a surprise appearance on "who wants to be a millionaire?"
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anthony auditioned and a few weeks later got the million-dollar car and then it was off to new york. >> two hours sleep, lots of energy drinks, lots of adrenal adrenalin. >> but it was worth it. anthony made it to the hot seat and breezed through the first few questions. he was doing so well he decided to call his wife on the thousand dollar question just to say this. >> hey, babe, i just wanted to give you a call and tell you i missed you. tell the boys hey. >> allison sloan gave the wrong answer before she was cut off the line. >> and i was sitting there for the next few hours going oh, my gosh, did i just ruin it for my husband, is the game over? i hope he didn't listen to me. >> but her husband gave the right final answer. >> so you're not going with her? >> no. >> you're going with -- >> i'm the one home with the kids, regis. >> that'sright. but you're right! >> he made it to $16,000 in tonight's show and continues towards the dream of a million tomorrow. and while he's not saying how the show plays out, it's clear he's already a winner. >> great family, great life, you
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know, coming from southeast d.c., a lot of guys didn't make the 18, didn't make the 21. today i turned 41. so i can't complain. >> well, a million dollars would certainly be an amazing birthday gift but we're going to have to wait until tomorrow to see what happens. a special ten-year anniversary edition of "who wants to be a millionaire" resumes at 8:00 p.m. we're wishing anthony all the best and hoping that he remembers to put us on that christmas shopping list. leon? >> you've got that right. >> what do you think? do you think he pulled it off? >> i'm hopeful. i thought about that show. i would probably be the one that gets out on the thousand dollar question. >> no guts, no glory, man. >> good luck. that will be fun to see what happens. a couple showers left. the big news weather-wise is the worst heat and humidity is behind us. it's moving out. >> that's great to hear. >> we'll see some improvement. let's get to it he re. live superdoppler wewhe 'lerl'l start. zoomst iean ofea town over bowi wieand downhsout towards sargo and upper marlboroat,th ' th midiisngmi ngshowers. they were heavy lfur haho- ago
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as they came through the ci.ho. but that's about that locally. we've got more information on what's coming next, and th'as little larger areaowofash ers lined up with the actual cold front across pennsylvania and out across portions of west virginia and extending a little farther south and west of that. one area of storms that went through our area awhile ago have gone across the bay and turned severe over portions of talbott county on maryland's eastern shore. so severe thunderstorm warngs in effect there until a little bit after mid-figh midnight. rainfall totals from some of the stuff earlier in the day, hagerstown, 1.4 inches of rain. middletown, a little over an inch. shady side on the bay, south of annapolis, .69. let's check out official numbers for washington today,93sh 93 an. not as hot as yesterday but still above average. 72 in frederick now. 81 still in fairfax.
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80 in bowie and 80 degrees in fredricksburg. 81 degrees still reported at reagan national airport. but a little bit cooler. so it's still going to be august-like, the heat, humidity, daily chances of showers and storms, but the intensity of the heat and humidity taking a break, getting pushed well to the south where temperatures are still pretty impressive at this hour, well into the 80's across the southeastern parts of florida. the satellite shows the long front running from new england to the middlepart of the country. but what's behind it is high pressure. it would be myself to bring that into town. mother nature is not going to cooperate with that thought because what's going to happen is this cool front is going to get south and east of us tomorrow and putn the brakes and stop. and that means every day tomorrow and thursday and friday and saturday and sunday, probably all similar, partly to occasionally mostly cloudy, isolated shower or thunderstorm now and then. the real heat and humidity and nasty stuff will be to the south. but the real comfortable, dry, sunny, clear weather? that's going to be just to the north. so we'll be inbetween. that's the way it goes. at least we got rid of the heat.
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87 in the afternoon tomorrow with a few thunderstorms possible. but then as i suggested in the forecast discussion, the next seven days kind of similar temperatures, similar sky conditions, partly to occasionally mostly cloudy. scattered isolated shower or thunderstorm possible each and every afternoon. so it's that or it's 97, 98. which will you snake > take? >> i'll take that. >> me too. >> thanks forhe point. >> my pleasure. >> back right after the break.
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>> the queen of commonsense advice and quick-witted one-liners is now coming to the post office. the post office today unveiled a new stamp honoring vivian nance. the stamp which portrays her and a ramoorabl e scene where the two worked in a chocolate factory -- probably one of the most famous scenes -- is now one of 20 new stamps that the postal service is releasing.
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no doubt that's going to be a popular one. >> one of the all-time great scenes, i will tell you that. >> there you go. >> hey partner, the redskins needed that vitamin on a hot tuesday at the park today. >> and on a hot night in atlanta? remember that one? the nats cooled off, chipper went deep, the streak ended but not without a fight tonight. the highlights of the nationals at the home of the braves, and it's coming up next in sports.
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>> hey, it sure was fun while it lasted but the nationals winning streak came to an end tonight in taatlanta. the braves beat the nats 8-1. let's go straight to atlanta. 1-1 game in the third. martin prado takes this pitch deep left center field. ryan church is on his horse. he's going to try to score from first. church comes home. it was 2-1 atlanta. ryan church, remember him? all right, let's go to the bottom of the fifty. former national ryan church again, one on, one out. rips a shot to deep center field. morgan has no chance. that's going to be a groundrule double for church. one run scored. it was 4-1 braves. they go on to win the game and end the streer the streak, the l tonight was 8-1. >> a's and o's at camden yards. brian roberts with two on for the birds singled to right
11:28 pm
field. two runs scored and the orioles beat the a's, the final there tonight was 3-2. >> let's go to boston, tigers and red sox. portello hits kevin youkilis, and here we go, he throws his helmet. youkilis then tackles him and here come the benches. as usual, no real punches thrown or connected but they all get the wrinkle says out of their shorts. purcell and youkilis both thrown out of the game. the red sox lead 6-3 in a rain delay but they're now back on the field trying to play. >> the redskins play the ravens thursday night in baltimore and the players are thrilled to get into a rhythm of a game week and get these two-a-days out of the way. guys will get more reps and plays and kelly needs the opportunity to prove that the great years he had at oklahoma, well, they can translate into an nfl career. >> this is the first time in a long time that i went a whole year without making any plays on
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the field. do you know what i mean? firstime since freshman year of high school. it's just a pride thing, man. you know what you can do and you want to get throughout and show people. >> let's go to black blacksburg, virginia. sophomore running back darren evans tore his a.c.l. today at practice. he's out for the season. evans ran for over 1,200 yards last year, 11 touchdowns, out for the season with an injured knee. >> e washington wizards signed former spurs big man, febrezio alberto today. the native of argentina, 6'10", 250 pounds, he was the starting center for the spurs on the 2007 nba championship team. good get for the wizards. >> the mystics blew a 12-point lead against detroit tonight in the phone booth. beard and langhorn combined for 31 points. nolan led detroit by 236789 the shock beat the mystics, the final 81-77. sa>> so you like that pick? >> i do.
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it gives them a g
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