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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 12, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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washington. >> we'll have to plan a trip soon. >> we should. >> stay with us for "good morning america." we'll take to you los angeles and a different focus on the health care debate. hundreds who are waiting in line to get it for free. the full story on "gma." >> have a great morning. >> just moments away, tempers are flaring. we'll see in the health care debate is breaking down. plus, police need your help in looking for a person of interest in the death of a woman. >> and there are more problems for metro. we're going to check out some more scrutiny to agency's employees. good morning, washington begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- >> and good morning, washington, and thank you, so much for
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joining us i'm alison starling. >> and pamela brown. doug mckelway has the morning off. those stories and more in a minute but first we begin with your traffic and weather. here's brian with the cooler forecast we hope, brian? >> yes. not quite as toasty, 97 on monday, 90's yesterday but the front is working its way through. outside right now 63 in frederick. 71 in centerville. winds light out of the northwest. still kind of thick out there. here's your forecast today. in and out of the clouds. we'll call it variable clouds. all in all a little bit better of a day, but we do have a shower chance. yesterday some people got rain and others got nothing. here's jim russ in for lisa baden. >> thank you, the pace is food
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at the outer loop away from us and we will continue towards spring field look good. 66 the toll road and 70 all off to a nice start. back to you. >> thank you. it seems like unfortunately, every day now there is more bad news for metro riders. >> and this latest black eye a worker on drugs hooks up too many trains. >> more on this latest incident. and also a new push for more metro money. good morning, matt. it all continues, doesn't it? >> yes. but it is just like a steady drum beat of metro incidents that have commuters very concerned. >> another morning, another day of concerned commuters on met tre. the latest news a 10-car train. the train assembled the train
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then handed it over that operator drove train two cars too long until a passenger spoke up. >> there was a customer to be train that nofede the train operator that he was operateing a train via two extra cars on the platform in the tunnel. >> that led to a positive test for drugs. >> when you operate this. >> no passengers were on the last two cars so no customer was ever in danger. >> as a frequent rider, it makes you wonder am i safe? >> that's where many commuters find themselves asking what's the breaking point? >> if it keeps on happening there will be one point where it just won't be worth it. >> and of course we've heard from commuters ever since the june 22 crash that many just
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have no choice but to take metro so they have to cross their fingers, have a little faith and ride the train, but certainly they are worried. as for the push for money there will be a protest around 11:00 a group called no more metro deaths is asking that congress invest about $13 million to rebolster metro's coffers becausthey believe that is part of the problem. >> matt brock. , abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. >> well, it has been a violent 24 hours in the district. d.c. police are investigating several shootings all around the southeast. in the 3000 block of 24th street police found twoen shot there. one in the head. he was killed, the other shot in the leg. he will be ok. no word yet on what led to that shooting. well, fairfax county police hope
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surveillance video will help them solve the video of an annandale woman. this video may lead to the man shown in a dark-colored infinity walking towards her accupuncture business which she operated on out of her home july 24, the day she was found stabbed to death. >> we want whoever did it caught because it's scary thinking whoever did it is still out there. 34r i hope they get the guy and put him behind bars and i'm really sorry for her no, ma'am. >> police believe this was not a random crime. if you recognize the man or car in this surveillance video, police want to hear from you. >> well, two female students in the naval academyn annapolis say they were sexual assaulted. this happened while the women were away from the school on
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summer training assignments. one case involved a sophomore the other a junior who filed a report last month. the navy is now investigating both these cases and no charges have been filed. >> turns out the hole cost museum gunman was put on a watch list after a rambling meeting with the naval academy officials. he was charged with murdering a naval museum officer but two weeks earlier it was revealed the person met with a commander and he told his superior that visit had ominous overtones. and a loudoun county police indicted for murder, 17-year-old jaime ayala was also charged wi aggravadalicteious wounding for the critical injuries inflicted than to man's
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wife. the man and woman in their 50's were taking a walk when they were attacked. >> mapping out a strategy to deal with a an expected sur intelligence of swine flu. unless the h 1 n 1 virus becomes more severe schools will remain open. testing for a swine flu vaccine is already underway in cities including baltimore and maryland. >> security will be high in maryland today in order to keep the crowd from getting out of control. democrats trying to explain their push for health care overhaul are getal plenty of push back. in some cases they are turning violent. >> one day god is going to stand before you, and he is going to judge you! >> we just had a demonstration of democracy, ok?
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>> i don't understand this rudeness. what is this? i don't get it. i honestly don't get it. >> well, president obama was treat ad little more respectfully at his town hall although demonstrators rallied outside. democrats accuse groups of organizing these protests. >> still ahead on good morning, shington, a twitter opera may sound crazy but we'll show you how the social networking site could be hiting the big stage. >> now i'm adam caskey at bailey's crossroads. no rain showers to our southwest. >> adam, thanks. jim russ is coming back with another check of your wednesday morning commute. you are watching good morgood
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>> and welcome back to good morning, washington. on this wednesday morning, meteorologist adam caskey live with storm chaser seven at bailey's crossroads. there is a mid level disturbance moving through our atmosphere and it's approaching our atmosphere. notice in partsf o virginia
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clipping eastern kyi that's part of the kentucky that's part of entucky what does that mean for us? a few variable clouds. a little cooler than yesterday and of course scattered showers and a few thunderstorms possibly even by the afternoon hours. outside west the rain will be later on this morning and midday. >> looking at the inbound side of the greenway and toll road headed towards -- up towards the belt way looking good and we'll go into maryland getting through hyattstown just starting to get heavy. alison, back to you. >> thank you, jim. >> all right. 12 minutes after the hour and we have 74 degrees on this wednesday morning. >> arod coming up, the local
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man is going for the big bucks on "who wants to be a millionaire." >> and we'll check your
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>> and welcome back, everybody. in our top stories at 5:15 this wednesday morning, more problems for metro today, a transit employee is off the job after testing positive for drugs. police say the rail operator allowed a metro green line train to leave the yard with 10 cars. trains are only supposed to have a maximum of eight cars.
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drugs revealed drugs in the employee's system, the employee is on leave and in a rehab program. at a town hall meeting campus security and police say they are prepared to enforce order if necessary. and could the economy be to be road to recovery? whale while the federal reserve will give -- it is widely expected the fed will hold interest rates at near zero. pamela? >> thank you, alison. a local man is going for a million dollars on the 10-year anniversary edition of abc's "who wants to be a millionaire?" anthony sloan recently auditioned to be a contestant and was chosen. his tape aired last night on his 41st birthday. friends and family went to his
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home not realizing they would be able to see him to be show. >> great family. great life. a lot of guys didn't make the it to 21 or 14. >> sloan made to it $16,000 on last night's show, the second half airs tonight. he not saying how the show plays out so we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> and what a great surprise for him. and his friends. >> 5:17 is his time. let's get to your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> jim how are the roads looking? >> we're in pretty good shape. the beltway to legion bridge. nice. outer loop and inner loop. good. we don't have much in the way of slow traffic. it's just getting heavy through the geico cameras. into virginia i-95 and
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springfield in good shape. no accidents to report. 66 and the toll road running well. >> outside right now looking at temperatures in the upper 60's, look at the rain from yesterday. hagerstown over an inch and a half. it was separate i can. i know my house was pretty dry. we have some showers that are working their way across the area from west-to-east and we'll continue to see a few areas of rain. it will be a cloudy day. the clouds will thicken up. let's get to our forecast for today. mid to upper 80's with clouds in and out. maybe a rumble of thunder. upper 60's and low 70's. partly cloudy. mid to upper 80's and we do it
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again for friday and saturday and sunday and monday and tuesday. mid to upper 80's, partly sunny. i guess anybody can do this job, pam? alison? >> play back today's tape. >> thank you. well, twitter is going high class teaming up with a famous opera house. >> and america is digging deep for cell phone service. those stories around more in this morning's "tech bytes." >> in today's "tech bytes," microsoft and nokia team up. the companies are expected to announce an agreement that puts pike soft office on nokia's phone, it makes deals accessible as microsoft tries to fight back a growing trend from google. it also helps make nokia's phone more attractive. if you think you're paying too
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much for your cell phone, you probably are at least compared to the rest of the world. we have the highest cell phone bills in the world. a big reason owe cell service costs more is we pay for incoming calls. >> two popular charging docks for the nintendo wisconsin remoats are being -- wii remotes are being recalled. they can overheat. two people reported minor burns to their hands. from january 2008 until last month they were sold. sony has developed a rechargeable battery that has a longer life charge and contains a material that helps it fully recharge in 30 minutes about half the time current batteries think and can be charged upwards of 2,000 times more than four times better than technology today. first they will appear in devices i like power tools
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before coming to electronics. >> london's famous world famous opera house is letting anyone who tweets contributing one line at a time to the micro blogging site and a director and composer will put those words to music. it may not be madam butter fly but could help bring a new audience to the opera. for more log on to the technology page of abc >> 5:21 is your time on a wednesday. we have 74 degrees. still ahead on good morning, washington the longest winning streak in the majors comes to a disappointing end. which former nat helped spoil al our fun? tim brant will tell us in sports. >> and later today on "oprah" a don't-miss hour, everyday heroes make miracles happen all around us.
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>> hey, good morning, washington. it was fun while it lasted. but the braves beat the nats 8-1 stopping their streak. >> 1-1 in the third. martin prada. he takes this pitch to deep left philadelphia? . ryan church is on his horse. church comes home and it was a 2-1 lead, atlanta. then in the bottom of the fifth,
5:25 am
ryan church, where's this guy been? one on. morgan has no chance at it. 4-1 graves and go on to win and tend streak final 8-1. tigers and red sox. youkilis throws his helmet and tackles him and here come the benches. as usual, no real punches thrown but they all get the wrinkles out of their shorts. suspensions se to follow. >> thank you. 5:25 is the time on this wednesday. t's get the latest headlines on business news. linda, good morning. nice to see you. >> well, will they or won't they? that is the big question this morning and analysts are predicting federal policy owners are looking to admit -- the
5:26 am
committee gathering and will put out a statement this afternoon and they expect the feds to commit to keeping its benchmark interest rate at current levels which are close to the lowest on record. and economists surveyed here at bloomberg say the deficit probably widened in june. they say rising oil prices are likely driving up the prices of imports. ahead of that report and the fed decision take a look at stock index futures indicateing a slightly lower open. and bank stocks are running on fumes. we'll continue to keep an eye on the open at wall street this morning. that's business news, live at bloomberg headquarters in new york. i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you. and it is 5:26, and we have 74 degrees. the news continues with good morning, washington at 5:30. >> still ahead in that next half-hour a dramatic park rescue
5:27 am
and it's all caught on tame. we have the amazing pictures you won't want to miss. >> and good morning to you. is the recession nearing the end? i'm courtney robinson on capitol hill with a look at day two of the fed's meeting. what that means to you. >> and a few showers could roll through town today. how warm will it get? we how warm will it get? we some people buy a car based on the deal they get. - others buy the car of their dreams. - ( beeps ) during the lexus golden opportunity sales event, you can do both. introducing our best offers of the year on the vehicles intellichoice calls "the best overall value of all luxury brands." it's an opportunity today. it's a lexus forever.
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>> one day god's going to stand before you. and he is going to judge you. >> well, emotions are continuing
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to run high in the health care reform debate. good morning, washington. thanks for joining us on this wednesday, august 12. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown. doug mckelway has the morning off we will check more on the heated debates. but we begin with weather and traffic. kind of sounded like a broken record earlier. >> tried to find a creative way to say it but it's basically a pattern that repeats itself over and over. >> and a little cooler? >> yes. 80's, a little better than the 90's. showers off to our southwest in our storm scan and they will be mowsying in this direction over the next few hours. y --he twill be b mosey mosey direction ove hours. your forecast today, mid to upper 80's. limited sunshine.
5:31 am
a rumble of thunder possible. >> we're looking at the greenway and toll road comboings in pretty good shape. one caller says construction being cleared up late apparently traffic there is quite slow and there's only one lane open at that point. in maryland we go to the 355 at bradly boulevard. traffic here running nicely and so far without incident. alison and pamela, back to you. >> thank you, jim. the struggling economy could get a fresh shot in the arm today. >> the federal reserve is meeting this morning, considering a change to a key interest rate, but either way there are new worries about the future of the job market. corey robinson is courtney is live on capitol hill. >> good morning. though it seems economic recovery is on track, the fed is still warning things could change and what comes out of today's meeting could effect the months to come.
5:32 am
>> the signs are there. economists say we could be coming out of the worst recessions in history, much of that based on growth, increased home sales and a better than expected july report. >> i'm convinced we could see a light at the end of the tunnel. >> monthly job losses averaged $645,000. the newest figure, 247,000. >> it's encouraging to hear that, but the proof is in the pudding. >> an improvement but for americans now jobless still a loss and the fed warns unemployment could hit 10% because companies won't get back to hiring quickly enough. >> i've been going to soup kitchens. going to the thrift store, staying with a friend, trying to make ends meet. >> and we should hear from the fed around 2:00 this afternoon. they are expected to keep a key
5:33 am
bank lending rate low to spur consumer spending. the bank also expected to do the same. >> courtney, thanks so much. and in related news, new numbers are showing buyers are jumping back spot housing market, help in virginia. the number of homes sold in northern virginia. they are also spending less time on the market. maryland homes spent 138 days to be mark and in d.c. homes spent 88 days on the market. the district was ranked as the bt place to sell a home right now. and maryland governor martin o'malley is looking to make another round of budget cuts. the governor is looking to propose $70 million in additional cuts which could mean more state employee if you are
5:34 am
lowes. officials are considering a plan for those who make more than -- >> the obama administration is investigateing the overnight stranding of passenger ons a tarmac the transportation department wants to find out whether consumer protection regulations were violated. continental express plane spent nearly seven hours on a tarmac where it had been diverted because of thunderstorms. >> all nine victims have been recovered, yesterday the last two bodies were pulled from a wreckage of a smalllane that collided with a helicopter. investigators believe those are the bodies of the plane's pilot and passenger. >> new developments federal drug agents and police raid ad pharmacy in las vegas and a law
5:35 am
enforcement official says that's where jackson's doctor obtained an anesthetic given to the pop star as a sleep aid and they believe the anesthetic that was given was a major factor. >> a stranded hiker is doing well. after a dramatic rescue. park rangers say if it weren't for the eagle 2 helicopter that rescue could have taken hours instead of just minutes. the hiker was in a remote area when he fell and fractured his ankle. once park police found him it took the helicopter team 40 seconds to get him in that basket and lift him to safety. >> difficult for all parties involved. the rescue technician has to keep the aircraft directly takeover patient while the cables are anchoring the aircraft to the ground. >> and during the time the hiker was lost and rescued, the temperatures were nearly 100
5:36 am
degrees. >> this morning president obama and the first lady will host a supreme reception for the newest member of the nion's high court, associate justice sotomayor will make her way to the white house for the first time since taking her oath of office over the weekend. she is the first latina supreme court justice. >> and a little later the president will award 16 americans the medal of freedom. the highest civilian honor. among them the late gay rights activist harvey milk. and sandra day o'connor. >> and the president's focus is still focused on health care reform. town hall meetings are being held across the country. >> and as abc's emily schmidt reports emotions are still running high on both ends of the aisle. >> you don't trust me? >> at town hall meetings across
5:37 am
the country, it's leading to high blood pressure and -- >> i don't understand this rudeness. what is it? i honestly don't get it. do you all think you're persuading people when you shout out like that? >> and they are getting pushed and pushed back. from pennsylvania. >> one day god is going to stand before you and he is going to judge you. >> we just had a demonstration of democracy, ok? >> to oklahoma. where one man who voiced support for reform was booed by the crowd. >> thank you. >> in fact one of the few people getting positive public feedback to the health care change is the president. he took his message to new hampshire. protesters were outside. >> insurance companies will be prohibited from denying those
5:38 am
with preexisting conditions. they will not be able to drop your coverage if you get sick. >> some democrats accuse conservative groups of orchestrateing the fewery. president obama calls the demonstrations democracy in action. whatever the case, protests continue across theountry while health care reform awaits in washington. >> and president obama plans two more meanwhile the first tv ads critical of the president's health care plan begin airing today. >> it's 5:38 and 72 degrees on a wednesday morning, august 1. >> on good morning, washington it's one of the most popular books in america, but was it plagiarized? the new accusations swirling around the "twilight" novel. >> and adam caskey live at bailey's crossroads. tracking an area of rain off to
5:39 am
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>> hi, my name is emma. i've spent my summer with a few friends. we do some field trips and many
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other different activities. good morning, washington! whoo! >> welcome back to good morning, washington on this wednesday morning. 5:41 a.m. is your time. a comfortable start to your day. comfortable relative to august. bu temperatures in the 70's. 75 at bailey's crossroads. partly to mostly cloudy skies. notice the rain action in southwestern virginia and that's part ofn a upper-ldisturbance ds anrbtuce drifting our way. that could brirb that could bri areas of midday. a culpepper 73 right now. arlington at 75. here's your forecast. minimal sunshine today. a few scattered showers, maybe light thunderstorms by the afternoon hours, the rain will
5:43 am
start off in the west and slowly push eastward and just scattered in nature. noticeably cooler than yesterday. let's look at the roads. >> we're looking at ancu accide on the southbound sidef routute efe b28ore sterling boulevard. callers on t snece now reporting the roa idshu st down. are g datateal of fire and lesk sterling boulevard. we'll continue to springfield, woodbridge up toward the beltway. no accidents to report and finally ending up in maryland, traffic looks pretty good 355 at bradly boulevard. back to you. >> the time is 5:43 on this wednesday morning, 74 degrees. >> still ahead, remembering a life of service to the special olympics. we'll look back at the leg the l
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>> and welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories at 5:46 on a wednesday morning, a metro train priority is off the job and in rehab after testing pods for drugs. the employees were screened after allowing the green line train to leave the yard with 10 cars. they are only permitted to leave with no more than eight cars. >> a senator will host another town hall-style meeting. he was booed in towson at the last one. >> police hope surveillance video will help stolve murder of 53-year-old accupuncturist she
5:48 am
was stabbed inside her home where he ran her business. >> u.s. marines are working to clear militants out of southern afghanistan ahead of next week's elections. troops launched a helicopter offensive. >> and it is 5:48. time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. adam caskey is live in bailey's crossroads with a live look. >> is it feeling any better out there? >> a little bit. a teeny little little bit because we have a northwesterly wind a light northwesterly wind which has dropped the humidity in a few locations. will you notice that? >> probably not. dew point of 66. we are seeing someew d points as low as the lower 60's so some
5:49 am
isolated locat dns will have a bit of a take a l ok atur storm scans. that will show you parar of an upper-level disturbance drifting overhead. some of the rain will make it in our viewing area in the shenandoah valley and maybe a few brief thunderstorms or two. in terms of temperatures, highs in the mid to upper 80's. about 87 this afternoon for our high temperature. yesterday 93. 87 is an improvement. let's go back to more to be extended -- to more of your extended forecast with brian. >> you'll have to excuse my mess. i'll be on it tomorrow. >> we'll get the intern on it.
5:50 am
>> adam, going to seem a repettive pattern. today is a better chance of showers to push on through and we have a mix of clouds with a little sun sineshine here and there. mid and upper 80's and every day a chance of showers and thunderstorms. the dry air trying to move in a little bit. a little less muggy but still kind of a sticky and summer day. our dew points are still up there. lingering shower. come tomorrow, kind of a similar pattern but then for friday, saturday, sunday through the weekend, partly sunny. jim russ, take it away. >> we're looking at an accident before sterling bvale ord and our callers who are trying to get past the accident sceneleay you can't right now. we go to springfield, i-95 in
5:51 am
good shape. from fredericksburg to the beltway, quiet start and in maryland, take a look at things here, traffic running pretty smoothly for those running along the beltway and 270 only have a brief delay getting through to route 109. >> while some rabbis on in the middle east are going out on a wi and a prayer, the jewish boarded a plane and prayed for swine flu to stop spreading in the homeland. more than 2,000 cases of that disease are in the country now. >> and a scary young author is taking on twilight. jordan scott says the fourth book middle agerizes lines from one of her own writings. her attorneys have sent a cease
5:52 am
and desist order to the twilight author but scott says she doesn't want any money from the book just proper credit. >> because it would be a lot of money. >> right. >> that series is so successful. >> absolutely. >> well 5:51 isoutime. at the jcpenney hottest back to school sale tired of waiting for your savings? with an instant money coupon from jcpenney,
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>> a little more than one day
5:55 am
after her death, the nation is mourning the loss of eunice kennedy shriver. >> and in addition to being part of the kennedy family she made a mark on community service. >> the d.c. headquarters of the special olympics honored its founder with this picture made during the happener days and a sole yellow rose. >> she had such a drive. she was a advocate f tshi cause that she believed in so strongly. >> three of her brothers ran for president but it was her mentally challenged sister, rosemary that inspired her. >> she taught us all that adversity meant almost nothing and that it could always be fun for all of us to be together. >> her work is now her legacy. she had suffered a series of
5:56 am
strokes recently and died at cape cod hospital. >> my mother has been a key leader in the field of intellectual disabilities and i think she h done more in a that field than any human being alive. >> today a silver spring elementary school bears her husband's name. >> they were just such a presence and eunice was definitely a part of that presence. >> and at the national portrait gallery a painting showing eunice kennedy shriver with a few of the mentally disabled she loved showed her tribute. >> you couldn't get -- help but get a sense of her. >> she started the special olympics in her backyard in 1962. >> as a day camp. >> and look at how much it's grown. what a compassionate advocate. > walt -- eunice kennedy
5:57 am
shriver is survived by her husband and children and grandchildren. funeral services are pending. >> coming up in our 6:00 hour of news, controversial ads get a stern warning from the white house. we're going to tell you why. >> and a white house protest. i'm matt brock. i'll tell you all about that coming up. >> and jim russ is coming back to help you a a half gate against --- this is more than my easy button. it's my "save-so-much-on- his-graphing-calculator... look. i made it say, "booger." ...i-can-get-him-a- math-tutor" button. it's my "save-so-much- on-school-supplies- he-can-stop-using-his-sister's- old-backpack" button. it's my "save-so-much-i-can- get-a-binder-for-every- day-of-the-week" button. there's no school on saturday and sunday, genius. don't ruin this for me. (announcer) staples equals savings on everything for back to school.
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staples. that was easy.
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>> and good morning, everybody. today more scrutiny on metro after another high-profile incident. we've got details to be latest troubles. >> and combble scandal. wait until you hear the shocking admission from a college coach. >> and the health care debate. we'll see what's next for lawmakers trying to push the president's plan. good morning, washington continues right now. >> hi there, everybody. and good morning, washington. 6:00 is your time on this wednesday, august 12. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm pamela brown. doug mckelway has the morning off. thank you, so much for waking up with us, everybody. thank you, so much for waking up with us, everybody. time now for your traffic and


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