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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 13, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> i'm going to keep on sam pling to see which is better. a deep look at the beauty pajs ents for preschoolers. one former contestant looks back on what her life was really like. >> not as reform but pure government takeover. >> the health care debate is not going away. >> a local teen in critical condition after a two-car crash in montgomery county. we'll tell you what happened. >> plus saying goodbye to a dedicated public servant. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> thank you for joining us on this thursday morning.
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i'm alison starling. >> we'll have much more on all of those stories in a few minutes. first we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. first a check on the forecast. >> outside this morning, it actually doesn't feel quite as intense. it is a little less muggy this morning but not quite refreshing just yet. we're still in august. keep that in mind. in virginia, the winds are fairly light. a couple of thunderstorms. not a lot of them but the ones that come together, there could be pretty heavy downpours. temperatures in the mid 80's. averaging 87. a touch cooler than we typically have this time of year. >> good morning. we are looking at the southbound side of 270 here from montgomery county. the change of route 109.
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we will take you to the beltway and show you how things are doing at the american legion bridge. finally we end up in springfield and traffic is running freely, no difficulty getting from fredericksburg. >> thank you very much. well, tempers are flaring at the town halls all across the country. >> the reason, health care reform. matt brock is live with the fight for an overhaul an some of the road blocks. >> good morning. this steady stream of town halls at some point begins to seem self-destructive for supporters of health care reform. some of them are massive chaos. 450 people in hagerstown and just 45 minutes to speak. not exactly a productive result
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of discuion. >> the town hall in hagerstown, not unlike town halls across the country. the lawmaker faces a crowd and many in the crowd are down right angry. >> answer my question! >> at times it reached a boiling point. marylanders shouted over and over. at when there was an opportunity to actually speak more often than not, it was criticism. not questions. >> doing nothing but putting more debt on us and our children and it has got to stop. what are you going to do about it? >> the bill will be paid for. the president said -- >> 45 minutes after it began, it was over. the mics were cut off and he cut out leaving some with unanswered concerns. >> it is not fair.
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>> he will give it another shot. it won't be a town hall meeting but he will be talking to government and non-profit leaders about health care reform. that is set for 11:00 this morning. no word on how long he will speak or if he will be taking questions. abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. americans rate president obama's handling of health care policy essentially the same as they did about three weeks ago. a new poll from july 17-1943% of americans approve. $43% approve. still 43% approve and 49% disapprove. >> a 12-year-old boy is fighting hisifhie ae aer a serious crash in montgomery county in germantown. the boy was pinned after the car
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he was riding in was rear-ended by a pick-up truck. three other people in that car, ages 20, 17 and 15 were also taken to the hospital. there is no word on their condition. >> the man convicted o murdering aet b bethesda womhea injuring five other women. he could get life in pson. a culpeper county woman is recovering after her estranged boyfriend allegedly set her on fire. police say on monday night she was driving james anderson highway 29 and he doused her with a flammable liquid and threw a lit match at her. anderson was arrested in southeast washington and remains in jail. >> the time is now 5:05 and the
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ntsb is reviving statements about when it learned of problems with metro's automated safety system. investigators learned just last week that the system used to prevent crashes failed in march but yesterday a metro employee spoke a day after the june 22nd crash that killed nine people. another crash was avoided march 2. we have an update now on a story we reported on yesterday. a metro train operator tested positive for drugs and did not lose his job. metro tells us it fires employees who fail a drug test the second time or are in a probationry period. they can enter rehab the first
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time. >> the washington examiner reports only 30% say they would vote for fenty again. 13% said no and the rest would consider someone else. a hotel across the street from the washington convention center is a step closer to reality. the mayor signed a bill yesterday that provides financing for a future hotel. it will create more than 1,000 jobs. some people protested during the bill signing. they are concerned that not enough d.c. residents will get those jobs. a half-finished building is becoming an eye score. the building at 105 house street is supposed to be a shopping
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center. they are trying to figure out what to do with the prompt. >> a potential deal in the skies. we will give you more options to fly to and from reagan national airport. u.s.a. and delta plan to swap takeoffs and ldings. air tran and continental made a similar trade. this deal could take effect by early next year if it is approved by federal regulatorses. >> it is 5:408 and 72 degree -- it is 45:08 and 72 degrees. >> video games are more top lar than ever. we have a report. >> first jim has another check of
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington." really feels a lot like yesterday morning. no big changes even in terms of the sky conditions. we have the clouds overhead
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right now. however today compared to yesterday looks like these clouds will begin to break up this morning. i'm anticipating a little more sunshine out there. right now 73 in arlington. not much in terms of wind. gusts of onl m pileser hour. il ot nghor ot70 gr aceederos tssbohed. gh ashbur ashburn, 68. germtownan68, . it is m it will stay tha it will stay thahe foreseeable future. today partly cloudy skies by the afternoon and a few isolated thundershowers and downpours. most of us should remain dry but a few locations will get hit with a couple of downpours. now jim with our commute. >> 95 in good shape coming in from the south. the pace is good. 395 if rest of the way looks good. this is northbound traffic. the headlights coming to us.
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the other slow spot we ten to see is 270 southbound. so far it looks like it is in pretty good shape. julie, alison, back to you. >> 5:12 and 72 degrees. >> putting a face on the health care reform protests. we're going to interview a maryland man and hear his reasons for standing up to congress. >> and we'll get a check of what's making headlines c at your chevy dealer yab
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with more eligible models to choose from than anyone. if your clunker ifalquies to be recycled,al you can get a $3500 or $4500 government rebate. and just announced! if you qualify for the clunker rebate, you may also qualify for 0% apr for 72 months. $oreansou can buy thi silverado half fon228or228 a month after a $3500 government rebate and no downayme.nt. go to for details. >> and welcome backing everybody. our top story at 5:15 this morning, the soaring federal deficit is causing a roadblock to overall health care. it rose to $127 trillion.
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health care reform points argue against it. president obama said he will not sign the bill if it adds to a deficit. an accident in german town left a 12-year-old boy in critical condition. the 44-year-old driver of the truck remained on the scene.tin ieth man convicted ofe killing montgomery countynt woman durint ring of home invasions will beri entod daeny. ldhe couda get life in prison. police say he robbed a home of least five elderly women and killing one of them. and there will be a public wake in cape cod today to remember eunice kennedy shriver. the 88-year-old died tuesday after a series of strokes.
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an invitation only funeral mas will be held tomorrow. >> time now for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we go now to jim. >> thanks. looking at the george washington parkway. pretty good shape here. you might find fog in the low spots. traffic is running without incident on the interstate to virginia. now we'll go over to take a look at things on the maryland side. we'll show you that the traffic is in pretty good shape here at long the beltway. no accidents to report here or for that matter we'll take a look at bellway and university c boulevard. loafc fi gsc ood here, as well. >> temperatures in theo area, this morning stilln ethiledil er aowers 70's. l coe d be patchy fog. i will tell you today it will feel a little bit better. each and every day we've been seeing temratures go back just
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a couple of degrees but each day those few degrees add up. we'll really is a little more sunshine as well. let's get over to the maps and show you what's happening on the bigger picture here with the satellite radar. we have the clouds and moisture riding along the coastal areas. a little bit dryer and more clear skies. partly sunny and see a little bit better chance of sunshine later on today. all in all, not a bad afternoon. averages in the mid 80's. thunderstorms could pop up this afternoon. they pop up and could hang over for a long time. temperature-wise, mid 80's or so for afternoon highs. this evening 60's and 70's. tomorrow more of the same. it runs all the way into the weekend and next week.
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>> google is joining the social networking bandwagon. video game use is actually growing. we have those stories and more in this morning's tech bites. >> giving electronic book buyers more flexibility. sony is announcing a new format for its new e books. they will be able to read their books on any sony device or any reader that supports the format. the change will take place by the end of the year. sony and other companies are hoping to counter amazon which has become the dominant e book serial. google is getting more social. google's personalized homepage, i google is issuing social networking and features. it allows people to play scrabble or share lists.
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>> americans spent more time playing video games this summer. time spent increased 21% in june compared to a year ago. on average players played 13 hours during the months. almost after the time was adults 18 and up. one reason is more people are choosing to stay at home and save money during the recession. finally, texting extra trest yells. an australian website is sending text messages in hopes of reaching intelligent life. it will be transfered to the nearest planet likely to support life. there is no guarantee you'll get a response and it takes 20 years. >> some democrats are expressing disfrust about the motives of
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people -- distrust about the motives of people mo moating health care. this morning we have a file of one protesters. mark calls himself an independent who votes mostly republican. he said he is worried president obama's health care reform plan will mean massive tax bills for middle class families for decades. >> it is disappointing to me that i'm being characterized. i'm just an average guy. if we just let it go the way it is going to go, a trillion dollars for health care legislation it is not really going to be a trillion. it is going to be a lot more than that. >> he spoke out against the plan . >> it is 5:21 and 72 degrees here in rock lynn. are you ready for some football? tonight is the night. the red skins first preseason game. we'll hear from jason campbell when we come back.
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>> and on oprah, an incredible case of mistaken identity. two young girls in a horrible car crash. only one survives. then came the tragic twist that will leave you in shock at 4k on abc .
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>> good morning. tonight's the night. the redskins first preseason game against ravens in baltimore. santana moss will be held out. clipton portis won't play much, if at all.
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for jason campbell it is time to put the off-season turmoil behind him and start building for season. he knows every time now is a test and a way to fine tune for the regular season. >> what have you done for me lately type business. we went 2-6 down a stretch. there is a number of things that went wrong for us. you're going to get scrutinized the most because you're in a position that people look up to. >> the nationals lost to the braves. two losss in a row now for the nats. there is a look at your morning sports. >> let's get the latest annoyance business news. >> -- news from business. >> for consumers if you're trying get a good air fare,
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jetblue is offing unlimited flights for a month covering all 56 jetblue cities for $599. there are some night destinations in mexico and the caribbean and costa rica. the pass is good for a month with no blackout days. jetblue said it has never done anything like this before. why are they doing it now? they are trying to sell seats. take a look at stock index futures. firmly higher thisorngni. that gain yesterday fueled by comments yesterday about how the economy and household spending is stabilizing. we'll see if the gains will continue today. at 8:30 we'll get weekly jobless claims and a report on july retail sales. back to you. >> linda, thanks.
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5:26 and 72 degrees. news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> still ahead, crews dig up a deadly chemical weapon. we have the fuel story. >> and remembering eunice kennedy shriver. how her life is being celebrated today. >> the weather may actually feel a little bit better today. storm chances and with just a few adjustments, the plan we worked on for your retirement makes sense, just stay on track. what is...? that's the guidance you get from fidelity. thanks. stay on the line! whatever your destination,
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>> welcome back to "good morning
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washington". it is thursday, august 13. thank you for joining us today. i'm alison starling. >> i'm julie parker in for doug mckelway. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> good morning. welcome to the morning. you know, actually you open the window this morning, felt a little less intense. >> less humid? >> a little bit. not super different than yesterday but each day we get a little bit better feel. outside this afternoon we'llon t y liho s twnoo. shown too.e a lh fog. les tat'lkt' about whatforecastr ucaol hds for us ast few pop up butavye avy wnpos.ur mid 80's, a couple of degrees below average for this time of year. >> we're looking at 270 southbound where there was a minor accident on the ramp. it has been cleared away now.
5:31 am
the lanes are open again. now the beltway enter change. traffic looks good college park to silver pring. the west side block of middle brook is blocked. >> thank you so much. this afternoon public will have its chance to say goodbye to one of the last members of american royalty. eunice kennedy shriver died tuesday but her life was about much more than just a famous last name. we have more on her life of service. >> eunice kennedy shriver is remembered as a caring, compassionate advocate for the sbenl educately disable. today thousands of people are attending and paying their
5:32 am
respects. the outpouring of praise is a testament to the widespread impact eunice kennedy shriver continues to make even after her death. >> she changed people's attitudes. >> it all began in her backyard in 1962. shriver, inspired by her sister rosemary who was disabled invited 100 kids to her camp. it served 300 people with disabilities. >> you take a radical idea, which it was ho years ago and through her tireless efforts day in and day out, you can really make a difference to change the world andhe inspired many souls to do that. >> she was the fifth onut eve nt otligh shining so bright on so many other family members, shriver was able to set herself apart through hard work, compassion and a big heart.
5:33 am
>> shriver was weakened by a series of strokes in recent years. she died tuesday at the age of 88. today's public wake will be held from 1:00 to 7:00 p.m.. >> virginia democratic has hipted he might support a tax hike to -- hinted he might support a tax hike. he hinted he would sign a reave revenue-boosting bill if the committee passed it. he mentioned no specific proposal in the newspaper interview. deed's republican opponent is out with a lengthy proposal to lessen crime. it promotes lifetime monitors of sexual predators. deeds has reduced his position
5:34 am
on drug -- >> mcdonald now holds a nine% age -- a 9% lead over deeds . >> a crackdown on illegal immigration is netting big results. 325 suspects illegal immigrants have been turned over the federal authorities so far this year. a nearly 20% jump over all of lastier. more agents are being assigned to maryland now as part of the crackdown. the two pit bulls have been euthanized. on monday police found carter delaney dead inside his home. delaney's mother's dog was also dead. it is believed he tried to break
5:35 am
up a fight between the pit bulls and the smaller dog when he was attacked. there was one puncture wound to the neck area that likely proved fatal. the number of owners giving up pit bulls is on the rise. area animal shellers are reporting an increase in abandoned pit bulls. these dogs face obstacles for their adoption. if left unadopted some will face eventually euthanasia. experts say they are smart and loyal dogs but can be dangerous in the wrong hand. >> the search for world war i era chemical weapons in spring valley is being called to a halt after a dangerous discovery there. a worker found a flask containing mustard gas. it was found behind a home at american university's campus.
5:36 am
it was used during world war i and this find has neighbors concerned. >> it has been years. >> it baffles me that they can't find and get rid of it. why is it taking so long? >> officials say safety procedures will be reviewed before the excavation continues. government leaders will meet this afternoon to discuss cleaning up the chesapeake bay. they will hold a hearing in tread rick. part of several meetings -- frederick. it is part of several meetings ordered by president obama. officials are trying to determine the problems harming the bay and how federal agencies should fix them m >> detainees from guantanamo bay prison could be headed for trial at courthouses in the u.s., including one in virginia. a courthouse in newport news is reportedly under consideration for the trial because it had high security facilities for holding inmates.
5:37 am
two other places in new york are being considered. president obama has vowed to close the military prison in cuba by january. >> we continue to follow the developing story in afghanistan where u.s. marines are meeting heavy resistance as they fight gain control of a taliban-controlled town. so far seven militants have been killed in the offensivive. u.s. troops are trying root out militants and boost security ahead of next week's presidential elections. >> it is 5:37. outside we have about 72 degrees. >> a little later on "good morning washington," an investigation that hits home for federal officials. we'll talk to the head of the national transportation safety board. >> and live at the virginia square metro station. we have clouds overhead but no showers here or locally on the radar. we'll talk about our rain chances. >> jim is coming back with the
5:38 am
latest on your morning commute. "g e
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>> we're here at the german town library in montgomery county, maryland. this is our discovery room. we love to have area mops come by with their kids and -- moms come by with their kids and
5:41 am
enjoy this. good morning, washington. >> 5:40 a.m.. welcome back to "good morning washington". live in arlington with storm chasers. how the we're checking in at 73 degrees. it is the dog days of summer. similar today like we had yesterday. the difference today will be a little added sunshine compared to yesterday. let's take a look at our early morning temperatures to start our day. normallyhteg dre .eseg drees. that's wheree are fow.ick.eredn. here is our hourly forecast for today. by lunchtime we should be in the lower 80's. topping out today in the mid to upper 80's for the most part some locations south and east of the metro area could be a few degrees warmer. it is all sunshine dependent. isolated showers, about a 20% chance of you getting hit. now to jim with our commute. >> there is a problem in
5:42 am
germantown. middle brook road is closed east of 270 . observation driver, the first intersection east of 270. wires down on the roadway. you can see the wire going off into the woods. that's why nobody can use this portion of 270. also blocked the ramp coming off 270 north. so far this is really not causing much in the way of delays. we're going to go out and take a look at another camera in maryland. the american legion bridge traffic is going nicely between tysons and dethey see da. >> -- bethesda. >> 72 degrees. >> still ahead, did he win the million dollars? we've got the final answer for one local game show contestant. >> we thank you for weigh up with us
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>> and welcome back, everybody. checking our top stories at 5:46 this morning. new government numbers are showing the highest annual federal deficit ever. supporters of the new health care bill say researches will pay off. president obama said he will not sign a bill that adds to the deficit. the president and congress will be planning for town hall forums all across the country. >> there will be a public wake at cape cod today to remember eunice kennedy shriver. she died tuesday after a series of strokes. an invitation only funer mass will be head tomorrow. >> a 12-year-old boy is fighting if his life after a serious
5:47 am
crash in montgomery county on bridge road and morning star road in germantown. the boy became pinned after the car he was riding in was nd-ear bedy a pickup truck. b convictar convicted of killi montgomery a a life fe prison. poay sce hlie robbed the homes of at least five elderly women killing one of them. 62-year-old mary fncis havenstein of bethesda. >> it is 5:47 on this thursday morning. let's get to your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> this morning's really a lot like yesterday morning even with the cloud deck that is overhead. the one difference is the clouds are a little thinner to start our day today. i'm anticipating a little more sunshine. that filtered sunshine in the morning and then clearing by the midday and afternoon. we got swers and thunderstorms
5:48 am
yesterday. very slow movers. rainfall totals. some locat onsver half an inch. bowie,.81. ar mtinsrg atirg at buwi wif ananma. ry's today will be similar in terms of the showers and thunderstorms. an isolated pop-up random style of thunderstorm. very slow moving. they will rain themselves out probably within an hour to a half-hour or so. otherwise partly cloudy. high temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. close to 85 to 87 degrees. similar to yesterday in terms of temperatures as well. really we're in the dog days of summer. day after day very similar weather. no big changes. to force excitement let's go to brian with more on the traffic. >> we're getting in the middle
5:49 am
part of august. a couple of places to watch out for. doesn't look like it is going to gain too much strength over the next day or so but possibly later could intensify sbithes a tropical storm and it will be the first one -- you can see we atop the atlanc just off the coast of africa and it will missouriy sometime next week closer to the u.s. -- mozy sometime next week closer to the u.s.. let's talk about local weather. adam said temperatures today pretty typical. i think we'll call it a little more comfortable because although we have humidity we'll be in the mid 80's opposed to the upper 80's. notice a few clouds and a little pocket of fog. otherwise partly sunny conditions at lunchtime. partly sunny with a thunderstorm or two possible through the afternoon. they are not going to be widespread. isolated but as they do pop up
5:50 am
they could bring down heavy rain. a little warmer into the weekend. >> thank you very much. we are taking a look first of all at traffic along the -- we're going to go first to the 270 corridor. take a look at the middle brook road incident. wires down. traffic coming toward theottom of the screen is coming west. all those people are being forced to make a u turn at that point and you cannot get off of 270 northbound while the crews continue to work on this situation. now we go to virginia. take a look at i-95 traffic, which is in pretty good shape. we have no accidents to report on any of those routes. julie and alison, back to you. >> loc kids with big hearts helped give back to the community and they set a new world record. the readers of national geographic kids collected 30,000 pairs of jeans for this recycling program.
5:51 am
the clothes will be turned into insulation for homes. an official from guiness world records was on hand to certify all of these results. a 9-year-old from ohio was honored for having a drive at his school that collected 1,600 pairs of jeans. good idea. >> that's kind of neat. >> look at that. >> i picture these layers of jeans in the walls of your house. >> and then maybe they could come back. the acid-washed ones could come back when ty are allowed in the future. >> the video game the sims as always appeared to gamers. the latest version has offded some critics with its availability of lifestyle choices. it allows same sex couples to get married and adopt children. some accuse the game of an
5:52 am
agenda to get gay players. >> i don't know about that game. >> we talked about him a little bit yesterday. it wasn't quite the question that did in a local contestant last night. >> anthony sloan was asked which state voted for the winning candidate in 24 of the last 25 presidential elections. >> c, final answer. >> oh, no,t is d, nevada. >> oh thargs hurts. he left with -- that hurts. he left with $25,000. he said he'll use it to take his wife on the honeymoon they never
5:53 am
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>> the new chairman at the ntsb tells us the investigation into the metro collision could take longer than thought. >> it is personal for the member of the ntsb because they live here and many of the
5:56 am
investigators ride the metro every day. >> she says this one hits home. >> i have had the opportunity to meet with some of the families and you know, just knowing that the devastating impact that has gone on in the lives of parents and children and people who were loved very much. >> within minutes, debbie was driving to the crash site from her dounts office. she quickly became the calm, strong voice of that crash. sometimes at odds with local leaders. >> we need to be able to work with others but we also need on the the truth tellers and we need to hold up a mirror and say this is what we're seeing and sometimes it is not good. >> we caught up with her just back from the scene of that mid-air collision in new york and moving into her new office as chairman of the ntsb. >> i put this together. these were some memories from 2006. >> she has been a board member
5:57 am
for five yearsut b at 39 she was one of the youngest chairman ever. she said being the mother of three young boys keeps her focused top victims and families when tragedy strikes. ed a for metroshe vows this investigation will get to the bottom of metro's problems no matter how long it takes. >> we know there is a high level of vigilance now and the safety board is going to be focused on what we can find in this accident not frontal metro but nationwide. >> she is an incdibly accomplished woman. >> she does a triathlon a month by the way. minor detail. >> can you imagine? >> still more to come in the second hour of "good morning washington". >> coming up, a charles county judge could be in trouble with the law. we're going to tell you what happened outside his courtroom. >> and drama at the health care town hall meetings.
5:58 am
i'm matt brock. i'll have that story ahead. >> and jim coming up to helpp b
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>> coming up, another round of


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