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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 13, 2009 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[crowd chanting] >> a healthy debat or cil disobedience in action? good afternoon, everyone. i'm alison starling. we can expect more lively town halls on the health care overhaul plan. several options are floating. but it is what could become law that is sparking such debate locally and nationwide.
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>> the health care town hall and hagerstown was by no means unique. the lawmaker, in this case, senator ben carton stands amid a storm of critics -- loud critics. >> i see this health bill not as a reform, but pure government takeover. >> town halls across the country mirrored this one. while reform supporters say some of angry crowds are orchestrated by right wing activists and talk radio hosts, the question is, what impact will that video of angry crowds have on lawmakers when they return to washington and begin to hammer out a final bill? the fact there is no single bill but several proposals makes it all the tougher, some say, for supporters and for that matter, the president, to answer critics. more than a few audience members and the town hall said the plans are short on details.
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reform supporters say that leaves the whole effort open to interpretation, and in some cases, distortions. >> we should not have a government program that determines you are going to pull the plug on granma. >> ben cardin only scheduled 45 minutes to take questions from a crowd of 450 -- some clear left unsatisfied. >> it is not fair. >> he is giving it another shot in southbury, another effort to avoid threats like this -- in salisbury. meanwhile, in business was damaged when a fire broke out and northwest -- northeast washington. if for some o'clock a.m. and a commercial building on the 2100 fiaftrc wasw york traffic was block aafs the crews getlames under control. noo rd on what sparked the fire or how much damage the flames caused.
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there are nearly three dozen locations in the district where firefighters anticipate problems. mayor adrian fende mentioned the list of 34 locations in a preliminary report on the chain bridge rd. fired last month. the locations are of concern for a variety of reasons, including water supply. d.c. fire officials say the department has plans to make sure there is enough water to fight fires in areas on that list. 12-year-old boy is fighting for life after a serious crash in germantown. police are investigating exactly what happened, but they say the boy got pinned after the car he was riding in was rented by a pickup truck at ridge road and morning star. three others in the car were also hurt. the truck driver was not injured. it is life without parole for the man convicted of murder in a string o o home invasions.
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viimims in montgomery county and upper northwest d.c. between november of 2007 and september of 2008. his fourth victim died after ucedly struck in the head during a home invasion. thousands are expected to say farewell today to eunice kennedy shriver, the founder of the special olympics and a memr of american royalty. a public week begins in the hour in her home state of massachusetts. pamela brown spoke with those who knew her, showing how far her loving touch reached. >> eunice kennedy shriver is remembered as an estimate -- inspiration for those with intellectual disabilities. this is one of the lives she personally touched. he grew up in an institution but as soon as becoming a special olympics athletes he realized there was no limits to success.
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>> it brings a barrier, showing people what our abilities are. we can still overcome our disabilities. >> now a global and batch sater, he has been a guest in her house and read -- remembers the experience -- now a global ambassador. >> we set up a table, we got to see her show photos of her brothers. >> thousands are expected to line up for the public wake. but here locally, those involved with the special olympics are also paying respects. >> i got a card and brought it to the national office just to show our low -- show our love. our prayers arwith them. >> it began when eunice shriver invited 100 special needs kids to her back yard in 1962. it quickly grew to serve nearly 3 million people with intellectual disabilities. >> it only takes a little
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motivation, and little determination, you can succeed. i think that is what she did. >> he says even though she is gone and the age of 88, her spirit of hard work and compassion will live on through himself and other special olympics athletes. >> i will continuing on encouraging and motivating. that is something she gave me. >> in northwest washington, pamela brown, abc 7 is. the charles county judge can face sanctions or even jail time after a dispute over a parking space. the judge admits he deflated the tire on a car that repeatedly parked in a restricted area. the judge said he left the notes on the vehicle, a claim the driver is the ninth. she says signs were not posted and so she says she didn't even realize it was reserved. when you had outside, you will notice the air is thick with humidity, and that could mean strong downpours.
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brian van de graaff has the details on all of this. >> good afternoon. live and abc 7 weather center each and every afternoon. i took a walk around the block. with the light breeze, it is actually a little more refreshing than it has been the past couple of days. we are keeping an eye on the potential for an isolated showers and thunderstorms. because of the way ts tusehip if, if anything were to popp it could be a hefty downpour. let me show you this great time elapsed. we started off witho fg, and little hayes. notice we see those clouds out there but some blue peeking through. a quick look at the weather map for today, amid 80's, isolated storms or downpour. more on the weekend in just a few minutes. and metro bus operator caught talking on a cell phone was not on a personal call. in fact, wtop radio reports she
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was trying to tell officials about an issue with airbus. the trait agency is trying to determine if the driver should be punished -- thomas. metro recently implemented a zero tolerance policy and said only in cases of emergency should an operator ever be on the telephone. the ntsb is now backing off of a statement about when it learned about a past problem with the metro train detection system. the ntsb first said it learned about a march failure on the orange line just last week but now acknowledges metro official did tell them about the glitch the day after the june 22 crash. the new chairman of the ntsb tells us the probe could take longer than first thought. debbie hersman was the face of that investigation. like many members of the ntsb who live here and often ride metro, she says this one hits home.
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>> i have had the opportunity to meet with some of the families. just knowing the devastating impact that has gone on in the lives of parents and children, people who were loved very much. >> within minutes, debbie hersman was driving to the crash site from downtown office. she quickly became the of calm strong voice of the june 22 crash. sometimes at odds with local leaders. >> we need to be able to work towards a fleet with others, but we also need to be theruth tellers -- able to work cooperatively with others. >> we caught her moving into her new office as chairman of the ntsb. >> memories of 2006. >> she has been a board member for five years, but at 39, she is one of the youngest chairman ever.
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she says being the mother of three young boys keep sir focused on victims and families when tragedy strikes. as for metro, she vows this investigation will get to the bottom of metro's problems, no matter how long it takes. >> we know there is a very high level of vigilance right now on the system. and i think the safety board is going to be very focused on what we can find in this accident, not only for metro, but nationwide. >> chairman david hersman believes it is important to have firsthand knowledge of what she is making recommendations about. she is licensed to drive large trucks, motorcycles, and even school buses. her next role is a pilot's license. >> -- americans, still losing their homes at an astounding rate. what does it really mean for the recession recovery? and an airline buffet, all you can fly. and it does look like storm
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>> seven men will be arraigned on new charges in the murders of a florida couple who adopted nine children with special needs. byrd and melanie billings died in their home in pensacola. surveillance video shows men wearing masks and during the home and leaving in less than four minutes. two suspects told investigators 25-year-old gonzales jr. was the mastermind and triggerman. >> somebody who is the person who actually have the gun and pulled the trigger and killed somebody, much more likely to get the death penalty. >> authorities believe the main motive was robbery. much more about that case is
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expected to be revealed once the trial begins. there are reports from scotland is known that the only man convicted of the bombing of pan am flight one of three could be released from prison early. al-megrahi is serving life in prison. 207 people died when their plane exploded over lockerbie scotland, in 1988. al-megrahi is servant -- suffering from terminal cancer and may be allowed to go home to libya. officials say no final decision has been made. it will be a solemn homecoming for a navy pilot killed in the first of war -- captain michael speicher was shot down the first day of operation desert storm of his work -- his remains were not found until last month. former vice president dick cheney's memoir be a tell-all? "the washington post" reports that dick cheney said president
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george bush turned away from his advice during the second term. his memoir is due out in 2011. the former vice president says the statute of limitations has expired now on many of his secrets. now to virginia democratic candidate for governor, who is hinting he might support a tax hike to pay for transportation projects. creigh deeds did not gives this expanded told the richmond times dispatch that he would sign a revenue -- bill is passed. last time he supported a gas tax to raise money for roads and the republican candidate, bob macdonald, says he is going to get tough on crime -- bob mcdon nell. lifetime on entering a predator's and he reversed his position on drug courts su orting them because of their documented to the success. a poll shows mcdonnell holds a
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nine-point edge. foreclosing filings are still rising. the latest data shows about 360,000 u.s. households are losing their homes, that is one out of every 355. it is underscoring all of the new analysis this week that the recession may be easing. >> there are several green arrows to signal we are pulling out of the recession. but that positive news comes at a big cost. last month alone the government added more than $180 billion to the deficit. the federal debt as it is now merely $1.30 trillion. if you were to break it down, it amounts to $17,000 per family of four in this country. >> they are a testament to the fact the government is spending a lot of money to try to fix the economy, and all signs appeared the economy is getting better. the worry is long term, how we
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deal with the deficit. >> but when it comes to an overall economic picture, the federal reserve says the downturn has hit bottom near a report they released yesterday indicate financial markets, consumer spending and corporate inventories are stabilizing. >> economic recovery is really are not straight lines. i think the news we got today is an indicator that things are a little bit tough out there. >> weekly jobless claims came in worse than expected but the total number receiving benefits actually fell by 141,000. >> more people perhaps a getting hired, so the number of people meeting unemployment benefits decreased. itould also be a sign that the benefits people had were running out. >> while there has been good news recently about the market, a record number americans are still in danger of losing their homes to foreclosure. in july there are more than 360,000 foreclosure filings. that is up 7% from june, 32% higher from this time last year.
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while some are concerned inflation may be just around the corner, the fed chairman says the government does have an exit strategy when it comes to the trojans of dollars they pumped into the system so far. abc news, new york. jet blew isffering a new deal. by a monthly pass and travel as often as you would like. it is $599, a troubled past that covers all 56 jet blue cities, including in and out of dulles and thurgood marshall bwi. it covers travel for one month starting september 8, but no blackout date. >> but there is one little thing. >> i knew you would have looked. >> i travel a lot. you don't earn any frequent- flier points. so you take all of these trips, -- you do not accrue points. >> they don't get anything passed you. >> i'm the point of guru.
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and i know a little bit about the weather. i did go outside ans ali it feels a little better. maybe a thunderstorm today. >> i like et btermi. ty >> better h day -- it is looking good today. if you look of the shots from frederick, md., a few puffy clouds here and there and it is looking gorgeous. 78 right now. the last couple of days, by midday, upper 80's -- 7's still 19 past the hour, not too bad. fairfax station, 79. let me show you some other numbers around the area -- from leesburg, martinsburg, in the 70's. all in all, not a bad day. 81 at reagan national. we will see the temperatures warming in the past -- next couple of days and more humidity. as the system continues to trek
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south, you can see some of the strong storms at tidewater and virginia beach. as it continues the push to the south, cooler, canadian air -- relative term -- but the winds will shift to the south and texas back to a muddy pattern next week. but pleasant and least for today and tomorrow. storm's not widespread of all, just isolated. but those who did not developed the not have the energy to move them along so they will sit for a period of time and rain down heavy downpours. those that do see them, they will be real soakers. not quite as hot this afternoon, the best way to describe it. tonight we will be partly cloudy. pretty typical evening. should be fairly calm. maybe another storm or two. but again, it could be heavy downpours of the develop. temperatures ranging up slightly. 90 per -- for the upcoming weekend.
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each and every day, just that chance, threat for possible shower.
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>> the search for -- for world war i initiative is now on hold and the spring valley neighborhood after a worker found a flask with the chemical agent mustard, the key ingredient for mustard gas. it was discovered last week in a vacant home behind american university. the dig has been going on for years because that school was used as an army chemical weapons lab during world war i. abc 7 is on your side with details of a toy recall. little tikes is voluntarily recalled -- recalling children toy workshop tests and trucks.
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the have the oversized plastic toy nails that can cause a choking hazard to small children. there is one report that a child choked on a point now we are told the child made a full recovery. environmental working group released a list of 12 free to investable most likely to contain pesticide residue and peaches ranked the highest. apples, bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, kale, and let us are all on the list. imported grapes, carrots, and there's round out the so-called dirty dozen. the american council on science and health, a group that often defends, will use, says pesticide fears here are overblown just as we promise 100% fresh produce...
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>> get ready for a grudg match, battle of the beltways. nfl preseason gets underway for the redskins and raven is denied. they will face of in baltimore at 7:30 p.m.. can't believe it is already time for football. >> i know. it will be interesting to see. this afternoon is feeling pretty comfortable. pretty big import awards for the middle of summer in august. some are operating's. each day isolated storms possible of. but it had -- very birthday to my wife. i will give you a present right after the show. >> thank you for joining us.
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