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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 14, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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our country and generation. >> reporter: part of woodstock's i'm t.j. winick in washington. >> great vans and certainly a great audience. >> just moments away -- an explosion in a northeast neighborhood. we've got the latest from the scene. plus calming the fears over the healthcare overhaul. president obama braves another crowd to sell his plan. >> and the redskins take on the ravens, but it's big news from an n.f.c. rival that's hogging all the headlines this morning. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> and good morning, washington. happy friday, everybody. thanks for joining us. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm julie parker. doug mckelway has the morning off. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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we'll check in with jim russ in just a moment, but first, brian's got a check on your friday forecast. brian? >> good morning, julie. good morning, alison. it's going to be much like yesterday with conditions outside mainly just partly sunny skies, a little sunshine, a little cloud cover, and really, these thunderstorm chances the last couple of days have been so sporadic. we had one or two yesterday total, so we hate to mention it, but there could be one or two. low 70's from annandale to landover. 68 this morning in warren ton. the forecast today, mid 80's, partly sunny, all in all, not a bad day, not like thursday. jim, what's happening? >> got an accident on the suitland park. police have been on the scene of this for a bit now, and the rodeway is shut down. be prepared for diversions. traffic on the inbound suitland parkway near the intersection with naylor road. let's take a look at a camera in maryland now. we'll show you the traffic alg the beltway is in pretty good shape heading west from college park towards silver spring.
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no accidents here. 66, the toll road and 95 in virginia are also quiet. back to you guys. >> jim, thank you very much. our top story this morning is still a developing one. a late-night explosion rocked a rtc.rtd.t neighborhood. he 4800 block of meade street. that's where we find matt brock with the latest details. what happened? >> it kind of scared a lot of folks last night. they heard it blocks away, this explosion. we can show you some video, but i got to be honest with you, it's pretty far back from where we are right now because they were holding everyone back. they're concerned for several reasons about this explosion from a mailbox. they were concerned there might be a secondary device somewhere else. they were also concerned a lite bit about possibly radiation. they had to do some radiation tests. so far, no word that they found anything. it's pretty clear that he probably didn't as far as radiation goes because the neighborhood is pretty much back to normal this morning, if we can come back out to our
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live camera. you can see here along meade street, the 4800 block, it's very quiet. that's ron brown middle school over there, very quiet this morning. i did ta to a police officer who pretty much told me this morning, they heard the call last night. some officers here last night were securing the scene, and now they're keeping a high presence on the street, not only for this last night, but also for a series of robberies they've had from people walking to the nearby metro station. so they're concerned about this. this investigation, though, is now in the hands of the postal service, postal inspectors. they'll be trying to figure out who put this here, who blew up this mailbox and exactly why would be a good question, if it's something very serious or a prank. it certainly scared a lot of people. someone could have been hurt, but no one was. we're live in northeast d.c. this morning. i'm matt brock, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you very much.
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911 callers in prince william county will not have any trouble now getting through since some damaged phone lines have been repaired. verizon says a fiberoptic line was cut or damaged in woodbridge yesterday, causing problems for thousands of customers. there was concern that emergency calls could be dropped, but county officials say they are unaware of any 911 calls going unanswered. more than two dozen people, including several young students, are recovering this morning after being stung by watches at rock creek park. oraus thieitsay some students disturbed a wasp's nest, and then several people were stungi u.s. park police sprayed it, but it didn't work. and then several more children were stung hours later. one mother says she tried to warn others, but they didn't lesson. >> it was very frightening. they put them in danger. you know, what if one of the children, you know, went into shock or something? >> well, two of the children were stung multiple times. they had to be taken to the hospital as a precaution. we are told this morning,
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though, there are no serious injuries. park officials say the trail will remain closed until the wasps are properly handled. >> maryland is confirming its sixth swine flu death. state health officials will only say the victim was an adult from the d.c. suburbs with underlying medical conditions. the state department of health and mental hygiene says it expects more flu-related deaths. it's urging people to take advantage of seasonal and swine flu vaccination when is they're available. >> and we have the latest now on the metrobus driver who's been placed on leave for using a cell phone on the job. a passenger took a photo of the driver on the phone late last month. the union that represents metro workers now says the driver was not on a personal call. in fact, they say she was calling the central control center because her work-issued radio wasn't working, and it says she never moved the bus while she was on the phone. the brentwood d.m.v. service
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center in d.c. is closing its doors as of 6:00 tonight. the district still has three other d.m.v. service centers available. they're at georgetown park mall at 3222 m street northwest, the penn branch shopping center at pennsylvania avenue southeast, and 95 m street in southwest. >> d.c. mayor adrian fenty's nominee to a city appeals board has been blocked. the washington examiner reports will purcell was approved last month to soverbt contract appeals board, but was recently disbarred in maryland for his role in a real estate scam. he's accused of signing false documents for a mortgage worker. he also faces disbarment in the district. d.c. congressman eleanor holmes norton is questioning the army corps of engineers about the decision to halt the clean-up in spring valley. last week a worker clearing world war i munitions found a flask with a chemical agent mustard. norton says the digging must
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continue until all chemical weapons are removed. she plans to visit the site next week and hold a public hearing on the issue next month. >> switching gears to sports now, sorry to have to tell you this, but it was a preseason blowout for the redskins. the hometown team traveled up i-95 to face off with the baltimore ravens. and in the end, the skins couldn't even get a point on the board. final score, 23-0. tim brant will have a complete highlight wrapup and reaction to this in just a little bit. but the big news in the sports world this morning, michael vick has found a new home. >> the former falcon is headed to the city of brotherly love. vick has signed a one-year deal with the philadelphia eagles. it's the 29-year-old's first time back in the big leagues sense 2006. that's when he pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting charges. an official announcement from the team is expected later this morning, and we will have complete reaction coming up to this in about 20 minutes. >> have to wonder what the fans think there.
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>> they're talking, that's for sure. it's 5:07, 72 degrees here in rosslyn this friday. >> and still to come on "good morning washington" -- do you know what your kids are looking at online? we've got the latest google trend for kids. >> and happy friday. meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville, currently checking in at 71 degrees. talk about the forecast coming up >> but first, jim russ has another check of your friday morning commute. it's friday. you're watching "good morning
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>> we are following breaking news out of southeast. right now d.c. police are on the scene of a deadly hit-and-run accident on suitland parkway. police say a man was struck and killed between naylor and stanton roads in southeast. this happened just after 20 this morning. suitland parkway is shut down between naylor and stanton roads while police investigate this incident. jim russ will have more in just a moment. right now it's 5:11. going to get more on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's begin with adam caskey. he is live in rockville this morning with your neighborhood forecast. hey, adam. good morning. >> hey, good morning. downtown rockville right now pretty quiet, but it's a very pleasant morning, and temperatures are where you'd expect them to be for the
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morning hours this time of year. right now it's a comfortable 71. we'll call it a comfortable 71 right now, though, of course, still a bit muggy outside, dew point of 68 degrees. so we have the typical humid thought we get around here this time of year. ot temperatureids,e tempea wi n ngnerto newington at 7 e 'rrttainout rather comfortable for this time of year. later today we'll be back in the upper 80's for highs, about 87 this afternoon. a mctour of sun and clouds passing fair weather clouds this afternoon. swreel more on the forecast coming up in a few minutes. now back to jim russ with our friday commute. >> traveling on the suitland park, an accident. the inbound side is shut down between naylor road and stanton road. a serious crash under investigation. we're looking here at the beltway north of town, which is in good shape. going to show you on a map y exactlwhere this crash is on the suitland parkway. you're going find the inbound e neaceds aroscl at naylor road.os out of bounds, move single file
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to the right in order to get t stacpat ntdeneci sceha. expect to find some delays s there if you're trying get et inbound toward the beltway th to er, th ay an wstsypeitnn ialv avenue,h 295 heading inro fm the south. alison, julie, back to you. >> jim, thank you. 5:13 now, 71 degrees here in rosslyn. >> coming up on "good morning washington" today -- a final farewell for eunice kennedy shriver. we'll hear some of the tributes to her life of service. >> and we'll get a check of what's making headlines all around the region. you're watching "good morning "n next to the house,
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exploded in the district. a postal service mailbox blew up on meade street in northeast just before 10:00 last night, and it spread debris for about 50 feet. police evacuated that area for some time to check for any other explosive devices. no one was hurt. president obama has reportedly said he wants to get a healthcare bill passed even if it cost him a secon term. the president heads to montana today and colorado tomorrow for more town halls. meantime, a group of healthcare backers have now launched a $12 million tv ad campaign to answer the critics. and u.s. marines are gaining ground now for the battle for control of taliban-led towns in afghanistan. american and afghan troops have managed to take about half of the town, and u.s. aircraft are using missiles to attack militants. they want to secure that area ahead of next week's presidential election. >> a private funeral mass is
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set for today in hyannis, massachusetts, for eunice kennedy shriver. last night a prayer service was held in cape cod. shriver was the sister of the late president kennedy and the founder of the special olympics. shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. mourners praised her for her life of public service. >> she regarded the wealth she had, she'd been given t gift that she'd been given, her body. bfering her was appear asset that she was meant to use to help other people in the service of god. >> earlier in the day, hundreds of people gathered for a wake foshriver. she included her daughter, california first lady maria shriver, and talk show host, oprah winfrey. >> our time now is 5:17 on this friday morning. let's switch gears and check your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> jim russ is in for lisa baden. how about that suitland parkway? >> we just have some upd informatn g tellinus that the suitland parkway within thell past few moments has been
5:18 am
ndet bween nayr road and stanton road. the investigation of a pedestrian accident has been completed, so now coming in from andrews and pnt is i southern prince george's syyocan use nniapeanlv --pennsyiaan- suitla way heading in. new accident, 6wa6 eastbound before route 7100, aarppreenppy serious crash. nkucha mimso j rca right up the >>usso mnkh, jim ruse i a ouate tha mperatures on the weather bug tu teneork in the upper 60's to n. rightrur o 6 f9 fori our friends ec ikichthn ng ch iking in with us up in ec 69 inlendxaria. i got to tell you, outside today, kind of similar to yesterday. it wasn't too oppressive of a day. temperatures did top out about 87, and we'll be close to that later on today. but light easterly breeze and 70 degrees. i'll show you the clouds out there that have been pretty thin. best chance that have moisture is well south and east down through the tidewater area. i do think although an isolated storm or two could pop up
5:19 am
today, most of us remain dry. the thing is, if one does pop up, it could be hefty, but the majority won't see because the focus is south and east of town. pleasant day, all in all, not a bad-looking stretch of weather. tomorrow into sunday, just some isolated storms. for the most part, we are staying dry. it's going to be hotter and stickier, low 90's to start off early next week. that's your forecast. alison and julie, back to you. >> while video game popularity is up like most things in a bad economy, sales are down. >> right. and do you know what your kids are looking at online these days? we have the answer in this morning's "tech bytes." all a in today's "tech bytes," samsung has unveiled two new cameras with a second screen on the front of the camera. the second display makes it easier to snap self-portraits and also an easy to see countdown for timed pictures and an animated cartoon that just might hold your kids' attention while you try to take their picture. "usa today" tech columnist gave
5:20 am
us his instant reaction. >> this is a very interesting idea. it's one of those things that comes out of, why didn't i think about that before category? now, there are some issues here. if you had the second screen on all the time, it could drain the battery. and how do you frame this to this, where there's a lot more in the background? so there's some things that need to be worked out. >> those cameras are due out next month and start at about $300. microsoft has taken the wrap off of its anyone jation zune media. it has built-in wifi. it goes on sale september 15. a 16-gage byte model will sell for $222. 32 gigs will cost $290. video game sales fell for the fifth straight month in july. sales of consoles, software and accessories plunged nearly 30% last month, much more than expected. during the recession, gamers have become more selective about what they buy, and many
5:21 am
are waiting for blockbuster unches later this year. one of those blockbusters will be released today, the new madden nfl game hits stores. finally, what are kids searching for online when their parents aren't watching? anti-virus software firms has compiled a list, and it is surprisingly similar to what parents are looking for. number one is youtube, followed by google, facebook, sex, and my space. you can find the full list of the top 100 on the technology page at those are your "tech bytes." >> hmm. i'm sure for a parent, that's not the best news. 5:21 is your time on a friday morning. and outside we have 71 deges. >> still ahead on "good morning washington" -- well, it's back to the lab for the redskins after their preseason opener. tim brant has highlights from last night's dismantling in baltimore. >> and then later today on oprah, the science behind sex appeal, what makes a man instantly more attractive?
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what do women desire more than anything? well, oprah anticipates got all the answers. that's at 4:00 right here on abc 7.
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>> good morning, washington. the redskins lose their preseason opener. don't read too much into it. not a whole lot of drama, not a lot of emotion. but redskins coaches got a chance to see some of the young players, but they lumes the ballgame to the ravens, the final was 23-0. take a look at the highlights. the redskins won the toss, elected to receive. jason campbell completed his
5:25 am
first couple of passes, but he ended the first quarter hitting only 3-6, never got the offense into baltimore territory, and scored no points. baltimore's joe flacco was the crowd pleaser, completing 9-15 passes against the skins and making it look easy. rookie cornerback justin was beaten several times. fred davis fumbled late in the second quarter. the ravens quarterback troy smith ended the half with this touchdown pass to justin harper to beat former terp kevin barnes, and the ravens beat the redskins, the final was 23-0. once again, the redskins lose to the ravens in the preseason opener, the final here in baltimore, ravens 23, washington 0. there's a look at your morning sports. have a great day, everybody. >> so i guess some of the review is just that they didn't have all their key players out there, so it wasn't necessarily as bad of a loss as it may seem. >> based on the 23-0 that tim told us, yeah. >> all right. better next time, maybe. 5:25 is your time. let's get the latest headlines
5:26 am
in business news now. >> linda bell joins us live from new york. hi, linda. >> happy friday morning to you, julie and alison. we have news this morning on the housing industry. home prices continue to decline. connecticut, rhode island, massachusetts, and illinois suffered the most widespread price cuts in the past year. that's according to a real estate data provider. nationwide, a quarter of home sellers cut prices at least once by an average of 10%. some of the biggest price cuts were in nevada, idaho, florida, arizona, as well as hawaii. meantime, more concert-goers are apparently opting to stay at home. ticketmaster enter statement said second quarter profit declined 70%. the world's largest ticket selcer blaming the drop on lower concert attendance, plus costs related to a merge we are live nation. and the curtain may be about to fall at blockbuster. the c.e.o. says it may be more aggressive about closing stores. this as it aims to have 10,000 can i oftens up and running by the middle of next year.
5:27 am
and finally, here's a look at where stock index fulets stand this friday morning. this comes ahead of economic data. and that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. julie and alison, back to you. >> thanks, linda. it's now 5:27 and 71 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> still ahead in our next half-hour today, will it be a mutiny in montana? we'll preview the president's trip as he continues to push healthcare reform. >> after spending 18 months in prison, a football player gets a second chance. coming up, i'll tell you what's next for michael vick. >> and we're live in the abc 7 belfort furniture weather center, where today is much like yesterday, but what about the weekend and the beach forecast? we'll let you know.
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>> my trust in the united states government has been destroyed. >> emotions ran high over healthcare reform, and now president obama is going back on the road to try to clear up what he calls rumors out there. good morning, washington. it is friday, aust 14. thank you for joining us. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm julie parker in for doug mckelway. we begin with your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. here's meteorologist brian van de graaff much he's got the all-property weekend forecast. >> yeah, the weekend not too bad, actually. in fact, i think we'll repeat a pattern we saw yesterday, where we saw hardly a storm. i hate to mention it, but there could be one or two, but nothing like this. >> not bad. it's really pretty comfortable.a
5:31 am
>> it was comfortable yesterday yd daet stickier busthd meesy d temperatures range from the 60's to low 70's d a look at our maps for today, mid and upper 80's, partly sunny skies, just a stray thunderstorm chance, and for the weekend, similar kind of deal, temperatures will be in the low 90's. all in all, not a bad weekend. i think you can get all your outdoor activities done without any problem. >>een a tough morning on the roads already. that's for sure. we're looking at a couple of he wants out there on the i understand side of the suitland nd kway, between naylor a stanton, in fact. early morning crash involving a pedestrian. the investigation, ale asndont the scene, has been completed, stanton. on 66, there are two crashes. one westbound st of 123, where two lanes squeeze by to the left, and then the original crash out on 66 junt wustes of 7100. that's now been moved to the shoulder and the lanes are open all of these are heading
5:32 am
westbound. i understand traffic, at least for slow traffic at each scene, everybody was getting by in all lanes. julie and alison, back to you. >> authorities want to know what caused an explosion that rocked a northeast neighborhood. it happened in the 4 hundred block of meade street just before 10:00 last nht. police say a postal service mailbox exploded, scattering debris for several feet. bomb technicians moved in, and the area was evacuated for hours while authorities searched to see if there was another bomb. no one was hurt. damaging or strog a mailbox is a federal offense. >> 5:32 is your time, and on this friday, the president is ending his week just like he started it, defending his plan to overhaul the nation's healthcare system. >> and today he travels to montana, where he'll hold another town hall meeting. but these days, the meetings are more about clearing up misconceptions than the actual details of the plan. abc's emily schmidt has more. >> president obama goes to montana today making a pitch
5:33 am
for healthcare reform, proving a tough sell across the country. >> my trust and faith in the united states government and its leadership has been destroyed. >> i think somebody in congress needs to go to jail, a whole bunch of them. >> members of congress trying to explain healthcare reprofessionals are running into opposition at these forums. fears of the government spending too much money for systematic pain. >> why on earth are you producing a healthcare bill that has so many pages in it and such complex wording that we can't understand it? >> thursday's senate negotiate fors announced they were dropping controversial end of life provisions from the bl because they could be misinterpret and had misused. now the message is playing out on television. >> what does health insurance reform mean for you? >> this new $12 million campaign is funded largely by the pharmaceutical industry. ads are running nearly 2-1 in favor of reform, and the white house is now using email and
5:34 am
web video to lay out its case. >> we hope to quell the misconceptions that are apparently held even by some in the senate about what the bill is and what the bill sent. >> president obama faced a mostly friendly crowd at a town hall mting earlier this week. today's tickets are given out first come, first serve. those who arrive early may come armed with some critical questions. emily some midst, abc news, washington. >> one man could be in trouble with the law for taking his views on healthcare a bit too far. the man held up a sign outside a healthcare town hall in hagerstown wefpbles the sign read, "death to obama, michelle, and their two stupid kids." officers detain and had questioned the 51-year-old, then turned him over to the secret service, which is now investigate. a d.u.i. court hearing is set for today for former alexandria police chief, david baker. he is not required to be there.
5:35 am
baker resigned after being arrested for drunk driving last month. police records show he failed four sobriety tests after a fender bender in arlington. his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit. a maryland nanny charged with exposing the children she cared for to pornography is also scheduled in court today. she'll have a preliminary hearing in upper marlboro. hyattsville police arrested her last month. they say she showed children pornographic images on a computer. she is also adeuced of sending pornographic photos she took of the children over a live web cam. >> baltimore police are now investigating a car crash, and it involves olympic gold medal winner michael phelps. this happened last night in downtown baltimore. phelps was driving a late-model cadillac escalade when his car and a honda accord collided. he was not hurt, and the driver of the accord was shaken up and taken to the hospital as a
5:36 am
precaution. police say alcohol was not a factor in that crash. and we have new details about last week's deadly midair collision over new york's hudson river. the f.a.a. says an air traffic controller was on a personal phone call at the time of that crash, and a supervisor was not even in the building. the f.a.a. has now plamesed these employees on administrative leave, but it says their actions do not appear to have contributed to the crash. >> more than two years since his last game, michael vick is stepping back on to the gridiron. >> that's right. big news. late last night, the philadelphia eagles announced they signed strike a multi-year deal, and later today they're going to make it official. kathy park is live in the newsroom with reaction to this surprise acquisition. kathy, good morning. >> good morning, alison and julie. eagles coach andy reid said michael vick deserves a second chance, and the quarterback is getting that opportunity sooner rather than later. according to the nfl, vick can start practicing with the
5:37 am
eagles and can also play in the final two preseason games. some football fans aren't too happy with this latest announcement. >> eagles in the red zone. donovan back. >> this morning, football fans aren't buzzing about the outcome of some of last night's preseason games. it's what ppened off the field that has folks talking. >> it's very important that people give him opportunities to prove that they are change, and so we're doing that with michael. >> after being convicted in 2007 of running a dogfighting operation, news broke yesterday that michael vick is back in the league and joining the philadelphia eagles. the official announcement is expected to be made in a few hours. >> he shouldn't be on any team, period. because the way he treated a dog and everything like that, no, doesn't meannything. >> but the quarterback getting a one-year deal with a one-year option. >> i think it's good, really. >> and his friend and new teammate, donovancnabb, seems to agree. >> it's an opportunity for us to add another weapon to our offense and to our team.
5:38 am
>> the nfl commissioner is expected to give vick full reinstatement by week six of the football season. chances are we'll see the quarterback on the field no later than mid-october. reporting live, kathy park, abc 7 news. >> this will be interesting to see how this pans out with the big sports picture. >> and fans' reactn. >> yeah. it's 5:38 and 72 degrees in rosslyn. >> they say if you remember the 1960's, you weren't really there for them. coming up on "good morning washington," we're going to take a look back at the 40th anniversary of a counterculture milestone, woodstock. >> and happy friday morning. meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville. 72 degrees outside right now. we'll talk forecast coming up. >> plus jim russ is back with the latest on your friday morning commute.
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>> come down and meet your new best friend, and we we are you a good morning, washington. >> and welcome back to "good morning washington" on this friday morning. happy friday. right now we're checking in at 5:41 a.m. currently in downtown rockville, it's 72 degrees. and we do have a few isolated downpours on the radar screen over the northern neck of virginia, and even stretchar tih
5:42 am
ninsa. these aren't moving vein m is py em esseth. olv temperaturewise right now, germantown, 68. martinsburg, 69. temperatures where you'd expect them this time of day, this time of year. otherwise, a lot of sunshine today, some patchy fair weather afternoon clouds. just the slightest chance of an isolated afternoon storm, really. most, if want all of us, will remain dry. warming up into the weekend. now back to jim russ with our commute. >> thanks a lot. we've had a bunch of accidents early in the going here. one overnight crash on the inbound side of the suitland parkway. that crashasee now bn cleaed up, and then- oenn-e veiostatigcotempleatd. all lanes are open there once again. onwo-6le accidents, both of those westbound. westbound after 123, two lanes get by to the left there, and t th another crash on 66 west after route 7100. th that has been moved to the shoulder and everything has been reopened. take a look now at traffic in
5:43 am
maryland, and traffic is on pretty good shape on 270 coming out of frederick, and on the beltway so far, no delays heading west, college park to silver spring. traffic looking good heading toward the left side of your screen. alison, julie, back to you. >> jim, thank you so much. 72 degrees outside. your time is 5:43. >> and coming up on "good morning washington" -- big developments in the michael jackson death investigation. authorities have new details about a possible fatal drug dose. >> thanks a lot for waking up with us on this friday morning. you're watching "good morning washington."
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5:47 am
in northeast just before 10:00 last night. the area was evacuated for a time while authorities investigated. no one was hurt. >> police are still on the scene along suitland avenue investigating a deadly hiand-run, but the road is now back open. police say a man was struck and killed between naylor and stanton roads in southeast. this happened just after 2:30 this morning. >> vice president joe biden will be among those saying a final farewell to eunice kennedy shriver. the envy station-only funeral mass will be held later this morning at a massachusetts catholic church. thousands paid their respects at a public wake yesterday. shriver died tuesday. she was 88 years old. >> it's 5:47 and time for your traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> adam caskey begins things live in rockville this morning. hey, adam. >> hey, good morning. it's a comfortable morning out there. temperatures are where you'd expect them to be this time of year. right now in rockville, we're checking in at 72.
5:48 am
by the way, we are in the heart of downtown rockville here along maryland avenue, that new development area. we have a little bit of action on the radar screen mostly out of our viewing area, but some lucky folks getting hit over the northern neck, and we still ed rain showers in parts of our viewing area, and it lest len'k oo ok ur odds are t b r t 'sreoohe l o aathoweho 's a lrek at our l ytafr total from yesterday's downpour that is poppe. osecr th region. rom in fnn arundel county, even f piatun ioatstn pin u uedckp a little e bdkacedla fred back ac 1.2 inches tre.he bunh. and jessup, about .6 of an inch. today, a very, very slight chance of a shower. i think you'd be better prepared for your day if you grabbed the sunscreen as opposed to the umbrella, ok? a lot of sun shown out there, and some patchy fair weather clouds developing later this afternoon, a nice friday, a great day. it's what you'd expect this time of year. so, of course, warm and humid.
5:49 am
still looks like we crank you want heat a little bit into this weekend. for more on that, let's head over to brian. any big plans this weekend, pal? besides sleeping? >> the wife and kid are out of town this weekend, so when the wife and kid are away, daddy can play. >> and sleep. >> probably do a lot of sleeping because it will sob quiet around. let me show you what's happening. the focus of the energy is south and east. we'll talk about the beaches for the weekend, where they have a better chance of a shower or storm. but really, it's so highly isolated. you don't to want not throw it in to get that storm, but as adam said, i guess sunscreen is the better thing to have today, with just that stray, stray chance. in fact, 82 at lunchtime. 87 this afternoon, much like yesterday, i think. maybe the weekend, we throw a little bit more heat into the mix, near 90 on saturday, lope 90's on send with a bit more mugginess arou. low to mid 80's, looking good at the delmarva beaches and jersey shore, but showers will linger on the outer banks, so you could see showers on saturday. as for the weekend, all in all, pretty calm. into next week, we keep it in
5:50 am
low 90's and hot. jim russ? >> thanks a lot. we have got trouble out on 66 this morning. a couple of accidents. we're going to show you first of all theui stlanui pdarkway crash from overnight. that's been cleared up now. i understand lanes open, suitlandaret p benaywe p nloray and stanton. and two accidents out on 66, the one that's still in the road is westbound west of 123 blocking the right side. the accident on 66 after 7100 is now on both shoulders, but the lanes are open there. you might find a brief delay eastbound at each, but all of the inbound lanes have been open. on the beltway, traffic heads pretty good. no silver spring, no he wants. 270 is also a quiet start. so is 95 in virginia. alison, jupe lee, back up to. >> pretty soon "extreme makeover" fans will be getting a chance to getnto the action. because that's ty and the home edition team are here in the washington area, and they held a kickoff event in northwest yesterday morning. the show plans to go visit properties in our area, and
5:51 am
they're looking foreople who to want share their time and their skills. we had him on our show, some of the builders, and they said they have to do a task that normally takes six months in four days. that's why they need so many volunteers. >> i watched them do this in capitol heights maybe five years ago, and we covered it. it was fascinating. i dare to you watch that show and not have a little tear in your eye. >> i know. it's always so emotional. >> are you going to volunteer? >> nothing. >> i want to get a mega phone and say, "move that bus." that's what i want to do. >> you'd be great at that, brian. >> investigators might have new information in the death of michael jackson. a law enforcement oicial says they have traced the drug that might have killed the king of pop to a nevada pharmacy. authorities say jackson's doctor bought the anesthetic propofol at the pharmacy on may 12 and gave it to the singer ads a sleep aid hours before his death. >> and the music world is mourning the loss of a rock 'n' roll pioneer.
5:52 am
les paul died yesterday at the age of 94. paul is best known as the creator of the electric guitar. the les paul series guitar is one of the most widely used. had a good, lg run. 5:51 is your time, 71 degrees. >> "good morning washington" continues right after this. ( birds chirping ) ♪ ♪ mmm! ♪ and i would do anything for love ♪ a.1. makes meat loaf sing. at the jcpenney hottest back to school sale tired of waiting for your savings?
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5:55 am
>> woodstock became a symbol of the love and peace generation that brought so much turmoil and change to this country from the mid 1960's to early 197 's. >> this weekend, the memories in the time of change will all come flooding back. abc's t.j. winnick reports. >> 40 years ago this weekend, a half million people gathered in upstate new york for three days of peace, love, and rock 'n' roll. many of these moments are revisited in the newseum's woodstock exhibit. there's even an original list of how much each act was paid. the best bargain, that would be carlos santana at just $1,500. you can also check out the famous work of some little known photo journalists, including dan garson. >> he was 17 years old and decided, hey, big festival, i'm going shoot this for my high school newspaper. so he gets the press pass, and he gets a seat in the first or >> the best photographs of janis j oplin and roger daltry
5:56 am
were snapped by these cub reporters, proof of the mane streem's reluctance to take them seriously. at the time, this headline focused on the weather, e traffic, the drug use, aspects of the festival that now seem insignificant. but after woodstock, that all changed. >> woodstock and the era around it transformed what moved. >> the festival also made journalists sit up and listen. >> you've never soon a mess of people working together to help each other so much, like it's going to do a hell of a lot for this country and our generation. >> all right, there's a lot more still to come in our second hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up, it's t minus two weeks for a fairfax county man. we'll introduce you to a local astronaut getting ready for a third trip into orbit. >> and the mailbox explodes on this quiet northeast d.c. street. i'm matt brock. i'll tell you all the details,
5:57 am
coming up. >> and jim russ is coming back. he's going to help you navigate your friday morning commute. traffic and weather when "good morning washington" comes back in 90 se in 9
5:58 am
>> coming up -- a mailbox explosion in northeast d.c. forces&forces a neighborhood evacuation. >> from a falcon to an eagle,
5:59 am
michael vick has a new home in the nfl. we'll check out fan reaction from the n.f.c. >> and a 911 nightmare is over for some virginia residents. "good morning washington" continues right now. >> and welcome back to "good morning washington." thanks for joining us at 6:00 on this friday, august 14. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm julie parker. doug mckelway has the morning off. time for traffic and weather of 10 minutes. we'll check in with jim russ in just a minute, but we want to start with meteorologist brian van de graaff because it's friday and we want to know the forecast, brian. >> not a bad looking next couple of days. this morning, we have clouds overhead, as we did yesterday morning. we have a slight breeze out of the northeast, so it's actually still fairly comfortable outside early on this morning. take a look at some of the numbers around the area. upper 60's from alexandria to fr la plopa,n la plata, cd trilletoc c m to easterly wind. so today we'll look for sunshineed


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