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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 14, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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clouds. we hate on even mention a storm because it's a highly isolated chance, but if one were to pop up, it could be a heavy rain maker, but most of us remain dry. adam will talk about the weekend in 10 minutes. but first, jim russ will give us the lowdown on the commute. >> thanks a lot. traffic on the interstate largely in maryland, we're in pretty good shape. this is the beltway in silver spring off to a nice, quiet start. no accidents here. we have had some problems on the interstate in virginia. gototo're g in go to a mg tosh the accident on the suitland n ith stantctseonion with stanton road and naylor road, that's all been cleared up now. everything iopreen the an them, in fact, on 66, westbound after 123, westbound after 7100, both of them are out of the way, and the lanes are open in each location, and there are no delays. alison and jew lee, back up to. >> jim, thank you so much. our top story this mornings a late-night explosion rocks a >>rtheast d.c. neighborhood. it happened along the block of mea seetrt. that's where we find matt brock
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live with the latest details. hi, matt. >> good morning. yeah, quiet here in the neighborhood now. we're looking forward to talking to neighbors here, because many of them were sort of booted from their homesast night when this happened. it happened around 10:00, and we can show you some video. got to be honest with you, though, it's far back from the actual scene where this happened, because they were holding people back. they had two big concerns. number one, that their there moon a secondary divide, a secondary explosive device that could blow up and hurt somebody else who sort of ran to check out what happened. two, they were concerned about radiation. there were some checks. they used some detectors last night, and apparently they didn't find anything because everybody is back in their homes today. nobody was hurt, and it's fortunate, because we understand that shrapnel from this mailbox flew as far as 60 feet away, so lucky no one was hurt. what was left of the mailbox is not here anymore. it has been taken away. this investigate is now in the
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hands of the postal inspector. but this could have been a very dangerous situation. let me tell you why. to my right, there are homes along the street here, along meade street. here across the street, you can see is ron brown middle school. of course, it was closed at 10:00 last night, but people are on the street at all hours, so very fortunate that no one was hurt. as i said, the postal inspector has this investigation in their hands, and we'll get an update from them later today. live in northeast d.c., i'm tt brock, abc 7. >> matt, thank you very much. meanwhile, the phone service is back to normal in prince william county this morning. verizon says a fiberoptic line was cut or damaged in woodbridge yesterday, causing problems for thousands of customers. there was concern that emergency calls could be dropped, but county officials say they are unaware of any 911 calls going unanswered. and a invest to rock creek park turns frightening for several young students after they were attacked by wasps. authorities say students
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disturbed a wasp's nest along that trail, and several people were stung yesterday. more children were stung hours later after a failed attempt by u.s. park police to spray the nest. park officials say that trail will remain closed until the wasps are properly handled. >> maryland is confirming its sixth swine flu death. state health officials will only say the victim was an adult from the d.c. suburbs with underlying medical conditions. the state department of health and mental hygiene says it expects more flu-related deaths. it's urging people to take advantage of seasonal and swine flu vaccinations when they're available. >> the latest now on the metrobus driver who has been placed on leave for using a cell phone on the job. a passenger took this photo of the driver on the phone late last month. well, the union that represents metro workers now says the driver was not on a personal call. it says she was calling the central control center because her work-issued radio did not work.
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and it says she never moved the bus while she was on the phone. and metro riders can expect delays on the red and the orange lines this weekend because of track maintenance. red line trains will not serve the fort totten station during these repairs. trains will operate between shady grove and brooklyn and between glenmont and tacoma. free shuttle buses will transform riders on the orange line, and trains will share one track between vienna and west falls church. the brentwood d.m.v. service center in northeast d.c. is permanently closing its doors as of 6:00 tonight. the district still has three other d.m.v. service centers available. they're at georgetown park mall at 3222 m street northwest, the pin branch shopping center at 3220 pennsylvania avenue southeast, and 95 m street in southwest. >> virginia is getting more than $41 million in federal
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funding for transportation improvements. u.s. transportation secretary ray lahood announced the funding yesterday. since february, more than $4.2 billion in grants has been awarded for transportation improvements across the country. d.c. mayor adrian fenty's nominee to a city appeals board has been blocked. the "washington examiner" reports will purcell was aprooveed by the d.c. council last month to serve on the contract appeals board, but was recently disbarred in maryland for his role in a real estate scam. he's accused of signing false doumingts for a mortgage broker. he also faces disbarment in the district. d.c. congress mask eleanor holmes norton is questioning the commander of the army corps of engineers about the decision to halt the clean-up in spring valley. last week, a worker clearing world war i new munitions found a flask with the chemical agent mustard. norton says the digging must continue until all chemical weapons are removed. she plans to visit the site next week and hold a public hearing on the issue next
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month. >> former d.c. first lady cora masters-barry says she is being evicted from the tennis center she founded. barry is the estranged wife of d.c. councilman marion barry, and she says the eviction notice came yesterday without warning or reason, and it left her in tears. at the southeast tennis and learning center she created, underprivileged children learn to play tennis and they improve their reading. >> this is the reason i get up in the morning, to do things for these kids. when the vision came to me, this was just a rocky with hypodermic needles. >> we called the attorney general, and he said he made the decision to evict barry because her organization's corporate status was revoked by the city more than three years ago. no word as to why. all a a final farewell today for eunice kennedy shriver. vice president joe biden will join shriver's family and friends for a private funeral
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mass later this morning in massachusetts. yesterday, a steady stream of mourners paid their respects at a public wake. shriver was the sister of the late preside kennedy and founder of the special olympics. shriver died tuesday at the age of 88. >> and the time now is just about 6:07. we have 71 degrees. >> and when "good morning washington" returns -- a disappointing start to the preseason for the skins. we'll look back at last night's blowout. >> and happy friday morning. meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville. i am tracking a few showers on our radar display. i'll show you those coming up and talk about our chances of rain for later today, and, of course, detail the weekend. >> sounds good, adam. jim russ is coming back with another check of your friday morning commute. you're watching "good morning washington wash
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>> we have 94 eakers of flowers, trees, and trails. come join us. good morning, washington! >> welcome back, everybody. 6:10 is your time. for the last few weeks, we've been hearing how slowly the redskins offense is getting compared to the defense. ll, both appear way behind the ravens. baltimore took it to the skins from both sides of the football field in the preseason opener last night. the skins just couldn't muster anything offensively, and the defense was repeatedly burned. it was 23-0. the good news here, i guess, is that it's still very early and not all of the key players were
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out there either. so trying to see glass half full. >> but that wasn't the talk of the day. >> no, not at all. the big news this morning, michael vick has found a new home. >> the former falcon is head t the city of brotherly love. vick signed a two-year deal with the philadelphia eagles. it's the 29-year-old's fir time back in the big leagues since 2006. that's when he pleaded guilty to felony dogfighting charges. an official announcement from the team is expected later today, and we will have complete reaction coming up in about 20 minutes. it's 6:11 now. time for zprask weather of 10 minutes. >> adam caskey is live in rockville with a check on our neighborhood forecast. it's not too bad of a morning out there, adam. >> no, not at all. births -- it's about what you'd expect this time of year. we have the all-important weekend forecast coming up. i want to take a look at the radar screen right now. we do have a few showers popping up over the northern neck of virginia, basically
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readville southward, and these are hardly moving at all. one to the south in the center of your screen, well, that has intensified, while the one to the west has actually begun to rain itself out. that's it for rain right now, and there's the slightest chance of an afternoon shower or thunderstorm later on today, but it's so slight, we hesitate to even mentiyou'moe re b pd you'll be more prepared abbi your sunshine than urll right now in downtow elsewhere, it's 69 chevy e, it's 69 chevy ti ce chctrian ch idetdl atow middletown, right now it's 69. so temperatures where they should be again, and comfortable. of course, muggy today and muggy over the next couple of days. we're actually going to crank up want heat. today, 87 the high temperature. but into the lower 90's mos likely into the weekend. as a matter of fact, we've had 15 90-degree days so far this year, andhat's about half the normal amount for this time of year, so we could use a few more, and looks like we'll get them this weekend. now back to jim russ for our
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friday commute. >> traveling on the beltway, things in brett guide shape around town. springfield, a crash northbound on 95 north of fredericksburg, route 3. it's on the shoulder. our caller is reporting there is slow traffic getting past it, but that the lanes are open. take you to some maps, and we'll show you that. early morning crash on the suitland parkway in the vi ocitynifty stanton road and naylor road isow n gone. all the bridges in southeast off to have a good start. and also, two crashes on 66 cleared up, westbound fter 123 completely gone, and it looks like if there's anything left westbound near 7100, it may obtain left shoulder, but neither causing any delay. now back to you, alison and julie. >> tim, thanks. it's 6:13 and 71 degrees. >> and when "good morning washington" continues today, cash for clunkers i getting a new lease on life. we're going to tell you what it means for your trade-in. >> and we'll check on hitlines around the region. you're watching gaurnt.
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>> in our top stories at 6:15 this morning, the postal service is investigating after a mailbox was blown up in the district last night. the explosion happened on meade street in northeast just before 10:00. no one was hurt, but destroying or damaging a mall box is a federal offense. >> police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run accident on suitland parkway. police say a man was struck and killed bween naylor and stanton roads in southeast just after 2:30 this morning. that area was closed off while police investigated, but it is l clear now. president obama takes his pitch for healthcare out west. he'll hold two more town halls,
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one in montana today, another in colorado tomorrow. the white house is now using email and web video toss lay out its case. a group of healthcare backers will start airing tv ads in support of the plan. >> u.s. marines are gaining grnd against the taliban in afghanistan. american and afghan troops have managed to take over half of a militant-led town, and u.s. aircrafts are using missile toss drive suspects out of the mountains there. troops are trying to secure the area ahead of next week's presidential election. >> a fairfax county man is about to go out of this world. >> that's right. and his success is now inspiring local students. this trip will be patrick forrester's third time in space. the virginia native learned to love science in the classrooms of west springfield high school. he graduated in 1975, and now friends and neighbors in that community are talking about their local hero. >> yeah, it's pretty amazing. people have dreamed, they fulfill them, and it's pretty
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cool he's an astronaut, you know? >> forerester says he is very excited to work with his team. the astronaut will travel to the international space station aboard space shuttle discovery, and the lanche date is august 24. >> good for him. it is 6:17 on a friday morning. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> let's start with jim russ and find out the latest on the roadways on a friday. >> most recent action we've got on 95 is going to be northbound, northbound, north of route 3 in fredericksburg. vehicle ran off the road, and you'll find a brief delay getting past that. about 40 miles north of that, this is springfield, and we're looking pretty good here heading past the beltway on 395. now we'll go to a map and show you a new crash down by the washington navy yard. this is on ninth street f. you're heading that way, stay to the right along m street. and now we will continue over to maryland and take a look at some things on the highways here. traffic on 270 is in good shape. no accidents to report right
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now on the beltway, both of which are running largely without delay. a little fog out there. this is a camera at 270 near middlebrook road. alison, julie, back to you. >> there's fog out there in a feplaces, as there was yesterday with extra cloud cover, but then we go partly sunny, and with the temperatures in the mid and upper 80's, it will feel refreshing compares to 90's earlier in the week. 69 in the district. upper 60's in sandy spring, maryland. waldorf, 69 as well, so many upper 60's out there to start the day off. let's go to the maps. we do have a partly sunny day ahead with us sunshine mix. a thunderstorm or two could pop up, but yesterday, we literally counted two of them on our maps. the one that popped up did put down half an inch to an inch, but they were very, very highly isolated. adam said bring the sunscreen before the umbrella. tonight, sony and muggy. for the weekend, partly cloudy, sunny. low 90's on sunday. if you head to the shore, from
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atlantic city down to ocean city, looking great. ocean city, maryland, and delaware, or new jersey, for that matter. as you go down further, virginia beach, outer banks, thunderstorms are likely for the day tomorrow. around here, for the most part, dry other than a stray storm, low 90's into the weekend and first half of next week. now let's get over to julie and alison. >> the government is giving new support for the cash for clunkers program. >> and this is kind of an unexpected side effect of the economic recession. fewer blood drives. we have the story and more in this morning's "money scope." >> good morning. topping your money scope report, ford is shifting production into the next year. the automaker is boosting output for the rest of the year, building an additional 10,000 vehicles in the third quarter. that includes 6,000 ford exakts and 3,500 escape s.u.v.'s. ford is looking to resymptom show rooms completed by the government's cash for clunkers rebate program. both model realize top sellers under the program. the government is responding to
6:20 am
those dwedgedses cars on car lots. the obama administration is changing the trade-in program rules and will now let customers order vehicles even if dealers don't have them in stock. customers will still have to give up their old vehicle when they buy the new one, even if they have to wait for it to be delivered. republican airways has beat out southwest to buy bankrupt frontier airlines. republic will pay almost $110 million. southwest says its $170 million bid was unacceptable to the bankruptcy court because of the terms it placed on the deal. many college students will now have the option of renting their textbooks instead of buying them. publishers plans to rent hundreds of titles directly top students for 40% to0% of the retail price. students would get immediate irhe c tst electric ver irst chapter before the book ships. the renlts program begins in december. the bank that holds your money may not be the only one hurt by the recession. according to "usa today," blood
6:21 am
banks are losing donors because layoffs are reducing the number of blood drives. corporate blood drives make up about 20% of the red cross' donations. and coming up on "good morning america," we put some popular infomercial prkts to the test. but do they really work? that's on your "g.m.a.." >> and your time now, 6: 1, 71 degrees. >> and coming up on "good morning washington" -- we have some of the storieyou will not find on the front page. >> and then later today on oprah, it's the science behind sex appeal. what makes a man instantly more attractive, and what do women desire more than anything? well, oprah's got all the answers, today at 4:00, right here on abc 7. >> thanks for waking up with us. you're watching "good morning washington." pt
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>> there's a whole new market for move he's, and a little reporter gets a big scoop. >> philip stewart has these stories and a few others you won't be finding on the front page. good friday morning. >> yes, good friday morning. we'll get to those, but first, we want to start with a name that will certainly take you back. lynette squeaky fromm, the woman who tried to assassinate gerald ford, is set to be released later today. she was one of charles mannson's most loyal followers, and in 1975, convicted of pointing a gun at ford. her release comes less than a week after the 40th anniversary of the manson murders. starting today, you will no
6:25 am
longer see the late billy mays indoors health insurance. the company behind one of the pitchman's most recent commercials has officially pulled the spot off the a i can benefit group did get the ok from the mays family to keep running those ads, but now says they've decided to go in another direction. you'll remember, of course, an autopsy found that cocaine use contributed to the heart disease that killed mays. and listen to this, more movies studios are turning to toys for movie ideas, this following the recent relative success of the transformers and g.i. joe movies. a lego movie was just announced this week, and also in the works, films based on monopoly, candyland, battleship, and a remake of a game that was already adapted for the big screen back in the 1980's, "clue." and -- >> hi, i'm here at the white house to interview president obama about education. >> 11-year-old damon weaver sat down at the white house recently for a one-on-one with president obama. now, you might remember damon.
6:26 am
he made his name in journalism with a campaign-time interview of then vice-presidential hopeful, joe biden. then he made the rounds on cable and netwrk tv. so now a veteran reporter, the florida boy asked obama about issues important to kids in america. this is a brand-new clip. damon's previous interviews, by the way, got hundreds of thousands of hits on youtube. so when the three of us are all gone on monday and you never see us again, you'll probably see damon sitting here. >> that's a great story. i love to hear what questions he asked and hear the president's response. >> he did ask if president obama can dunk, and he said not anymore because he's approaching 50 and the legs are the first things to go. >> right, there you go, so hard hitting questions. >> all right, phil, thank you so much. have a good weekend. 6:26 is your time. there's still other half-hour of "good morning washington." >> coming up, new developments in the midair collision over the hudson river, why two air traffic controllers are now out a job.
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>> michael vick returns to the nfl, and this time he's with the philadelphia eagles. i'm cast can i park. coming up, i'll tell you how football fans are reacting to the news. >> and outside, some clouds and fog, but will we get more sunshine as the day wears on? i'll let you know. "good morning washington" calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens...
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>> welcome back, everybody, and good friday morning. 6:30 is your time on this august 14. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm julie parker. doug mckelway has the morning off. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we turn now to brian for the weekend forecast. >> it's not looking too bad this weekend. it will be a little warmer than yesterday. we're going to get back into the low 90's, but the thunderstorm chances are so few and far between, we'll just focus on the partly sunny skies and warm conditius fet t.'set focus on thakt. myocus f 60r 's iand ready to go.2 atup ugr 60's in roe ththrnh teod through the afternoon, mid and peup mr 's,r uch like st'sy. yesterday. i thought yesterday was comfortable, so i will say this afternoon is comfy. how about that? let's take a look at traffic with jim russ. anything comfortable about it? maybe not. >> huh? hi. sorry, talking to the producer ther sorry about that, brian. we have got a couple of deals out there on the road right now, northbound 95, north of the interchange at route 3, we
6:31 am
had an accident earlier. we're showing this video, there was a crash earlier this morning at suitland parkway near the intersection with naylor road. that's been cleared up now. this involves a destrian that was struck and killed by a car. suitland parkway is open for those heading downt n. now let's go to my mapnts and show you that we had an accident on i-95 north of route 3 in fredericksburg. that is now off thesoad but causing some delay. off in the navy yard, ninth and m, at that location, traffic squeezes by on m street. julie and alison, back to you. >> authorities in the district are looking for a mailbox bomber. e p onso uewa posservice mailboe viceerailbox in the 4800 ocblof meade street just before 10:00 last night. the explosi sent debris flying for several feet. that area was evacuated for a few hours while police searched. no one was hurt, and the postal service is now investigating. >> also on this friday morning, president obama will take his healthcare pitch to montana
6:32 am
today. >> the wte house is also taking to the web to fight back against critics. the president's plan for reform has proven a tough sell at town hall meetings all across the country. the pharmaceutical industry is helping fund a $12 million ad campaign in support of the plan. mpcatelid too expensive.too oc >> why on earth are you producing a healthcare bill that has so many pages in it and such complex wording that we can't understand it? >> we hope to quell the misconceptions that are apparently held even by some in the senate about what the bill is and what the bill isn't. >> senate negotiatetors have decided to drop controversial end of life provisions from their bill for fear they could be missbermented and misused. one man could be in trouble with the law for taking his views on healthcare a bit too far.
6:33 am
the man held up a sign outside a healthcare town hall in hagerstown on wednesday. the sign read, "death to obama, michelle, and their two stupid kids." officers detained and questioned the 51-year-old, then turned him over to the secret service, which is now investigating. maryland senator ben cardin host that had town hall in hagerstown. today he's taking a break from healthcare reform to focus on the economy. senator cardin will take pt in a panel discussion on the economic development later this morning as part of the maryland association of county's summer conference. a d.u.i. court hearing is set for today for a former alexandria police chief, david baker. he's not required to be there. baker resigned after being arrested for drunk driving last month. police records show he failed four sobriety tests after a fender bender in arlington, and his blood alcohol level was more than twice theal limit. >> a maryland nanny charged with exposing the children she cared for to pornography is scheduled to be in court today
6:34 am
as well. aza hrnjic will have a hearing in upper marlboro. police say she showed children pornographic images on a computer. she is also accused of sending pornographic photos she took of these children over a live web cam. baltimore police are investigating a car crash, and this is involving olympic gold medal winner, michael phelps. this happened last night in downtown baltimore, and phelps was driving a late-model cadillac escalade when his car and a honda accord collided. he was not hurt, and the driver of the accord was shaken up and taken to the hospital as a precaution. police say alcohol was not a factor in this crash. and we have new details about last week's deadly midair collision over new york's hudson river. the f.a.a. says an air traffic controller was on a personal phone call at the time of the crash, and a supervisor was not even in the building. the f.a.a. has placed these
6:35 am
employees on administrative leave, but it says their actions dnot appear to have contributed to that crash. >> more than two years sense his last game, michael vick is stepping back on to the gridiron. >> late last night, the philadelphia eagles announced they had signed vick to a multiyear deal, and later today, she will make it official. kathy park is live in our newsroom with this reaction to this surprise acquisition. kathy, good morning. >> good morning, alison and julie. eagles coach andy reid says michael vick deserves a second chance, and the quarterback is getting that opportunity sooner rather than later. the news that vick would soon a two-year deal with the eagles came last night as the team played the new england patriots in an exhibition game. according to the nfl, vick can start practicing with the eagles and can also play in the final two preseason games. he's expected to receive full reinstatement by week six of the football season. the former atlanta falcons star was just released from federal dulles today after serving 18 months in prison. he was convicted back in 2007
6:36 am
for running a dogfighting operation. football fans have mixed reaction to vick's comeback because of his past. >> he shouldn't be on any team, period. because, the way he treated the dogs and everything likehat. no, doesn't mean anything. >> i am an enormous dog lover, so i have very mixed emotions. but, you know, in the end, everybody deserves a second chance. >> vick was once highest paid behavior in the league, and chances are his salary will stay pretty high. espn is reporting that in his first year he will receive $1.6 million with a 2010 option to earn $5.2 million. this doesn't include a $3 million inen? sives he could receive over the length of his contract. a news conference suspect expected to be held later on this morning to announce his official signing. reporting live in the newsroom, kathy park, abc 7 news. >> kathy, thank you so much for that. 6:36 is your time on this friday. let's get a check of business headlines. laned bell is live once again in new yorthis morning. good morning again, linda.
6:37 am
>> good morning once again to you, alison. the u.s. may be headed for a robust recovery. that's the word from james glassman at j.p. morgan chase. he says forecasts of 3% to 4% economic growth in the coming quarter may be too low because of pent-up consumer demand. at the same time, there's word this morning of more problems looming for the 150 banks in our nation. bloomberg data shows that they own nonperforming loans that equal or exceed to 5% of their holdings. that's the threshold marked by regulators. go above that, and regulators say a bank's equity can be wiped out and a bank's survival will be threatened. take a look at stocks right now. we're looking for a report on a private report on august umconser confidence, along with government reports on consumer prices and industrial productionco. ahead of tha data, stock index futures have been fluctuating between gains and losses. and that's business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i'm lend abel reporting for abc news.
6:38 am
alison and julie, have a great weekend. >> 6:37 is your time, 71 degrees. >> and when "good morning washington" continues, it's a deal that almost sonds too good to be true. all you can fly for one month for $600. actually, it's not on a rocke we'll bring down some of these details coming up. >> and we are in the dog dails of summer, so temperatures where you'd expect them, comfortable, near 70.
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>> happy friday. i'm meteorologist adam caskey live in downtown rockville with your forecast. i want to show you an example of some of the fog that we have working across the region this morning. i'm looking down maryland avenue here. you can see the builng off in the zafpbles it's a bit blurred out due to some light fog. if you look up into the sky, it looks like there may somebody morning clouds. that's just the fog lifting in&burning off. and do expect a lot of sunshine today. yeah, we did have one rowing storm yesterday afternoon. right now on the radar screen, we have a couple of rogue storms over the northern neck of virginia. chances of seeing a shower or thunderstorm later today very slim. let me put it this way -- you'll be better off grabbing your sunscreen and a mmderi-beds athiri tafternoon thco yrnr oumbyollr u. y ay your w. right now,em 7 6's it's 67 in rockville stafford at 75.
6:42 am
t naen9.t 69. anth deistrict at 69 as well. so here's your forecast. today, a lot of sunshine this morning, then patchy, fair weather clouds this afternoon. pretty much the same story through the weekend and into the early part of next week with very slim shower chances. high temperatures, though, upper 80's today, back into the lower 90's over the next couple of days, especially by sunday and even lingering into monday. we'll have more with brian coming up in 10. now back to jim russ. any problems on the roadways? >> we're looking at aid map to show you northbound 95, frederickserrgisth, e was a crash a bit that was off the road to the right. everybody was slowing down to take a look at it though. further upstream near the interchange at springfield in pretty good shape. we got no accidents to report along that stretch. and we're going into southeast d.c. and show you there's a crash at ninth and m. traffic was getti b along m street in that stretch. and now back to alison and julie. >> so man you're tired of driving out there and you want to fly. well, jet blue is offering pangs a new deal.
6:43 am
you buy a monthly pass, and you can travel as often as you'd like. >> the $599 travel pass covers all 56 jet blue cities, including flights in and out of dulles and thurgood marshall b.w.i. you have until august 21 to buy the pass, and it covers travel for one month starting september 8 with no blackout dates. >> the idea that you can pretty much reserve it three days in advantage and go to los angeles or san francisco or costa rica or puerto rico, that's a really good deal. >> well, wrls the fine print? >> the fine print. you need to book or cancel reservations at least three days in advance or there will be a fee. >> and you know what brian pointed out yesterday? because he's a little travel agent. you don't get any frequent flyer miles either. if you bought enough of these tickets, you could wrap autopsy lot of miles. >> he's greedy, though. >> he heard that, i think. all rigu
6:44 am
this friday morning. 72 degrees. julie said that, brian, not me. >> oh, next, the latest on this morning's top stories.
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>> welcome back, everybody. it's 6:46 on this friday, 7's on your side with what you need to know before you walk out the door. >> we begin with a check on this morning's top story. president obama hit the road for more town halls on his healthcare plan. he'll hold one in montana today and another one tomorrow in colorado.
6:47 am
the president has reportedly said he wants to get a healthcare bill passed even if it costs hem a second term. >> vice president joe biden will be among those saying a final farewell to eunice kennedy shriver. the invitation-only funeral mass will be held later this morning at a massachusetts catholic church. thousands paid their respects at a public wake yesterday. shriver died tuesday at 88 years old. >> michael vick is back in the nfl. the phildelphia eagles have given vehicle a one-year deal with an option for a second. vick has not played in the nfl since 2006. the former falcons star was convicted and served time in prison for running a dogfighting operation. ought a and police are searching for the driver in a deadly hit-and-run accident on suitland parkway. this happened just after :30 this morning. police say a man was struck and killed between naylor and tan ton roads in southeast. if you were in that area, police are asking you to give them a call. >> a neighborhood in northeast d.c. is getting back to normal
6:48 am
this morning after a late-night evacuation. >> and the cause of the alarm here, a powerful mailbox explosion. matt brock is live with the latest details on this situation. matt? >>t looks like somebody put some kind of bomb in the mailbox. let me show you where it was, because the mailbox is gone. down there on the corner of 49th andeade, you see that fire hydrant there? it was right next to the fire hydrant. i want to show you video from last night. they blocked off folks for blocks around here. the concern was that there might be a second device or possibly radiation. they tested for that. there was no second device, so they let folks back in their home. now i'm going to show you video from this morning. take a look at this t. you can see the spot exactly where the mailbox was. and then you see in the studio, we cross the street and into this yard across the street, 60 feet away, 50 feet away, and you see that divot in the ground? that's the slab nell where shrapnel hit the grass and sort
6:49 am
of dug up the dirt there. so that tells you how strong this blast s. the man across the street from the mailbox, his name is garland logan. he heard this whole thing last night. >> my neighbor said he heard a small boom andhen the big boom. but i didn't hear the small one. i heard the big one. >> mr. logan says it did wake him out of bed, though, and he came out to see what happened and saw the fire truck. the postal inspector is looking into what the mailbox has clearly been taken away from him. live in northeast d.c., i'm matt brock, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you very much for the latest out there. >> time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it's friday. >> which is always nice. >> and a decent weekend comin up. >> today will be much like yesterday. a little cloud cover early, then sunshine, highly isolated thunderstorm. for the most part, week stay dryer. a little warmer for the weekend. t what do you ct
6:50 am
let's dive right in and show yo'su ngwhatoi g on across the n ie67uroila. ea m from tennae vienna to theo dtrtrist.icis in rgyo, ciareinu'ck virginia, you're checking isthorning at syow thhongeu st' show you the maps. this is our satellite and rad together, is not always the best way to show the story early in the morning. we have a little bit of ground fog out there. they're not fully showing up here, but the heavier and thicker clouds are down south and east, and they'll kind of remain that way. that's why dry air dries to work its way in, but we still have a little bit of energy in the southeast. but really, storms will be so isolated i hate to even mention them. in the afternoon, we hit about 87 for our afternoon high. we're talking 60's to low 70's tonight. tomorrow, near 90. a little more heat and humidity. if you're heading to the beaches, the better beaches would behe northern beach
6:51 am
near the outer bank. more on the next 10 days. >> a coupled of accidents, off the road to thhteig r,iganes are open, and no crushes ttho e trip further northward. as y travel theas beltway, outer hoop, an aident. that may cause a delay, but en again, at least all lanes are open along that stretch of the beltway. we'll be back with more on we'll be back with more on oh, hi! welcome back to! how's that car insurance? great! just bought a house... and you just heard progressive offers homeowner's insurance. yeah! i also heard i could save a bundle -- because progressive already insures your car. yeah, and i like -- one-stop shopping! right. i know! anything else i should know? yes -- make sure you stay away from shag carpeting. getting your auto and home insurance call or click today.
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>> good morning, everyone. coming up -- shocking new images that have deadly midair collision over the hudson river. the government's plan to crack down on executive salaries is at the end of the billion dollar bonus. another celebrity photo shop flap, why star kelly clarkson looks a lot different on a popular magazine cover. we have country superstar kenny chesney performing live, and we're going to put our favorite infomercial products to the test yet again. snuggies for dogs? ahead on "g.m.a." we'll look for you then. >> there is something for everyone this weekend at the box office. >> that's right. arch campbell has your weekend movie guide. >> good morning, washington. i'm arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. a big weekend for new movies. rachel mcadams falls in love with eric bana when he arrives
6:55 am
from the future in "the time traveler's wife." they get married, but he keeps traveling. 2 1/2 stars. romantic, makes no sense whatsoever. jeremy piven leads a team of used carupersalesman in "the goods quts. some laughs, but most clunkers. one star. a space ship full of sick aliens runs out of gas. the government urges them into district nine, a concentration camp. three stars for the sci-fi fan. they'll love it. weekend's best bets, "500 days of summer," "district nine," and "julie & julia." i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment all a now one last look at your friday morning commute with jim russ. >> overall, the interstates are lighter than normal. a car broken down westbound span of the bay bridge in the roadway. a couple of other he wants out
6:56 am
there. the john hampton, that's on the shoulder, lanes are open there. now with the forecast, here's brian. >> outside this morning with a light, northeasterly breeze that actually feels refreshing. we'll see a fair amount of sunshine today. temperatures will climb into the mid and upper 80's, much like they were yesterday, maybe one or two storms, but not too much to even talk about into the weekend, temperatures will climb into the 90 degree range for saturday, low 90's on sunday, so a touch more humidity, but most of your weekend outdoor plans should not be affected. if you head to the virginia, down so the south, some showers. if you're up in ocean city, maryland, rehoboth, lake city, more sunshine, so maybe head north to the shore this weekend. >> that does it for us here. >> garninggarninggarning is next. have a great weekend, everybody. see you monday. hey smart,
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