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tv   Good Morning Washington  ABC  August 15, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste. >> straight ahead, delays an departures. maintenance closes one metro station and closes traffic between others as two former metra officials speak out. plus a local marine killed in battle. friends remember a sergeant who was inspiredct protect his country after it was attacked. a former local police chief had spend time behind bars. "good morning washington saturday" starts right now. >> live and in h.d., this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> it is saturday, august 15. we'll get to the morning's top stories in just a sec but first
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a check on the forecast. adam, how is it looking? >> not a bad looking day at all. it looks great outside. today will look a lot like yesterday. there will be a few minor changes tonight into tomorrow. first, let's look at gee numbers ts sto o rttaur day, it isrt a mfeortabl 67 taxat hediast, yoo sreheast, a yore a3. germantown, currently 65, and ldwach ecngorecki in at in, upperal 60 upper 60's to ne0 70dywine at brandyne at 66. these are forecasts for today. morning fog in northern virginia, and that will burn off and give us patchy clouds for the rest of the day. mixture of sun and clouds, highs right near 90 this afternoon. now, tonight and into tomorrow, most of the humidity drops. lower humidity tonight, mostly clear skies.
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temperatures again mainly in the 60's. tomorrow, it will be a hot one but slightly less humid on our sunday with high temperatures in the lower 90's and a fair amount of sunshine. >> we start with breaking news from asia this morning. witnesses say u.s. senator jim webb is meeting the democracy leader, the first talks since being sentenced to more house arrests. she met with webb at his guesthouse, and we will stay on top of there throughout the day. if you're headed into town on metro, it could be a long ride. one station is closed and delays between others. a fired metro diver is telling his side of the story after the agency let him go. >> good morning. well, metro is making critical changes to its infrastructure following the deadly train collision back in june. now track repairs will continue
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through this weekend so red line trains had will not serve the fort to then stations -- toten station, plus metro is taking changes to its personal. this week we found out that metro fired two of its own. we spoke to one employee who said hes was just doing his job. >> michael robinson is now speaking out after being let go from metro. the transit agency fired the driver after he was charged last month with kidnapping a passenger. robinson says he was, in fact, the victim. >> i'm a professional driver of 20 years. it's not safe. >> what's not safe? >> the way this happened. >> july 25, robinson said a passenger on his bus became irate during an argument. he was waiting for the authorities to step in. >> she took pictures and
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threatened me. i followed procedures and called central communications. it took them an hour to show up. >> days after this incident, a nine year metro employee was arrested are for driving with a suspended license following an accident with her bus. customers are now saying that the department needs to shape up, especially after this latest round of dismissals. >> it should be investigated to find out where the pblems are. you know, it's better for us. >> you are just in the wrong. you don't realize that. consequences come back to haunt you. >> now, a third metro employee was under heat for using her personal cell phone while operating a bus. the investigation found that she was using her cell phone to report a mechanical problem and she is back. >> we thank you for that. >> the former alexandria police chief will spend five days in
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jail after pleading guiltyo drunken d 6riving charges. arvid baker pleaded guilty in n stri court admitting his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit when he was involved in a crash last month. baker retired after his arrest. and another local official is in trouble this morning. a charles county judge is suspended after he let the air out of a tire parked in his space near the courthouse. the chief administrative judge is removing him from criminal cases for now. police have not said if charges had will be filed. he had already resigned as chief administrator following this incident. he said he let the air out of the cleaning worker's tire because leaving notes for her wasn't effective. sad news from overseas this morning. abc 7 has learned that sergeant william kerry, a marine, has been killed in afghanistan. we have more on how friends are remembering his life.
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>> marine sergeant bill care, 40, was killed in afghanistan thursday. a a single gunshot ended his life in the helmand province. >> shock still, but he was doing something that he believed strongly in and he was proud. >> bret lieberman, a long time friend, is stung by his death, and a former congressional staffer and journalist for the new house news service joined the marines as a reservist in 2003. >> after 9/11, he wanted to serve. >> he would go on to serve two tours in iraq. he rejoined new house, ran for congress in 2008 and lost the primary. then he are returned to afghanistan as a member of the fourth civil affairs group, trying to make contact with the afghan people. >> he shared stories about the
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kids who touched their lives and would send pictures sometimes of the kids grabbing candy when he would throw t. >> the area where he was killed is a taliban stronghold. he told his fliriendsen, despite dangers, he felt he was making a difference. >> he was a hero. he believed in something and he did it. >> he is survived by his wife renee and two unborn daughters. we are told that friends are trying to establish a merial fund. his body is to be returned to dover air force base later on today. abc 7 news. >> and to read more about his military career and life in journalism before joining the marines, log on to politico .com. >> the president heads to grand junction, colorado this morning for another healthcare town hall. he downplayed the emphasis on the ary protestors of the community meetings.
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mr. obama said he has not tried to villify insurance companies. this is the fourth day of touring to get help for the man to overhaul the healthcare system. baltimore police say they will cite michael fep phelps after a he was in an accident. he was cited for driving without a license and failing to have residency in maryland. he had an expired license from michigan where he lived until last year. detectives say the crash was not phelps' fault. the driver of the other car ran a red lig. it is 6:08. it is 61 degrees on this saturday morning. still ahead, heading to the doctor? how about naming your own price? we will tell you about a website that lets you make a deal with the doc, plus people who say they don't need sweets, well, it cienceout they may have science ,
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>> welcome back. 6:11 a.m. right now. here is a live look over the nation's capital. you can see that early morning fog which will burn off rather quickly. we will have a lot of sunshine this morning with patchy clouds for the midday and afternoon. it is a muggy start to our saturday, but what you would expect for this time of year. olli atat 65.n.waton, 65,on a,nd 65,d waldorf is at 66. let's go to our graphic. notice most of the clouds are down to our south and will remain there for the day today, so becoming partly cloudy with passing fair weather clouds this afternoon. same story for tomorrow. here is the key tomorrow. not as humid as today. high temperatures near 90 this
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weekend. >> thanks so much, adam. we'll check in health news now. women who take birth control pills are five times more likely to have blood clots than women who don't. two new studies found that taking certain kinds of the pill could minimize the dangerous side effects. women on oral contraceptives that combine a low dose of estrogen cuts the risk of clots by half. it is like price line for the medical world. it is called lets patients compare prices an bargain for other ones. it is available in washington state only with 500 participating. it is set to go nationwide in november. new developments in a terrifying midair crash over the hudson river. we will get those details when you look at head behinds from around the region and adam has the full weekend forecast straight ahead. thank you so much for waking up
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>> welcome back, everybody. at 6:15, here is a look at the top stories. a suicide car bomb is bombed outside kabul. 7 people were killed. 100 were hurt. it comes less than a week before afghans around the country vote for president. new information about the midair collision over the hudson river last weekend. just seconds before the crash, a conflict alert warning appeared on a radar display at teterboro airport. controllers tell the ntsb they don't remember hearing the warnings, and two were suspended, one employee making a personal phone call and another missing from his post. bobby brown had fallen $45,000
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behind on child support payments and was arrested. you are probably wishing you could grab a few minutes more of sleep. doesn't it seem like some people can get by with just a little shut-eye? its has nothing to do with caffeinated dinks or fluffy pillows. >> ah, sleep, 8 to 8 1/2 hours a night. is what most people need, but for millions of americans, just getting that sleep, you must be dreaming. >> roughly about five. >> do you feel the effects? >> i can't form complete sentences. i don't know where i am necessarily. >> i don't think i have ever gotten enough sleep in my life. >> surveys show 30% of americans sheep 6 hours or less a night and that can increase risks for cardiovascular disease, obesity and especially memory problems, so imagine the excitement alt discovering the gene that discovers how much people sleep, a gene that allows people to
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sleep six hours every night and wake perfectly refreshed. >> there is a subset of the population who can function well on less than six hours of sleep. this is a potential by hodgeic basis for that. >> researchers expect fewer than 5% of people have this mutation, making them short sleepers but at least now there is a target for one day creating a new type of medication. >> the goal is somebody who can sleep less than six hours with no consequences, and thereby increase their productivity. >> raising the question, just what would you do if all you needed was six hours a night? >> try to do something a little leisurely, read the whole paper. >> you have to look good, too. that's the important thing. you got to look good on six hours. >> sleepless and look -- sleep less and look good? now that's asking a lot. john mackenzie, abc news, washington. >> i wish i had that gene! >> that would be a nice gene to
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have. i need a lot of sleep. >> i do, too. i hate that. >> all summer we haven't had the typical summer in washington weather but now we're getting a reality check. >> exactly. now it's here. you know it is the dog days of summer when i put together the extended forecast and it is pretty much the same old day after day. de up.minor changes and i will fi comgrsp. rs t a our l or saturday. rtit our saturday. is a lelovyuratda sy morning, en a reagan national lk over gaa aun getsa leatle bit of fog out huttcwah outag outre t.he af you'renni i t you'rodhotorha hbigodhotharo prog, thewi yllhe lyobab have a little bit rigrt . ho shld dissipatehi wnitthe urhi 673 at rganeaganaalti n.on itals bethesda, bethesda,n hbatur urn at 67. hagerstown, cooler at 65.
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mclean right now, checking in at 68. it is muggy outside, about what you would expect for this time of year but one of the minor changes that that is going to come is lower humidity levels later tonight and tomorrow. woodbridge, 66. let's look at the almanac information from yesterday. we topped out at 87, exactly average again. average high temperature yesterday and today is 87. today, probably a couple degrees warmer than that, at the 90 degree mark this afternoon. notice the cloud cover down to our south, even extensive showers from tidewater down to eastern north carolina. there is a little circulation or atmosphere down there which has kept the clouds and rain showers just south of our region, and we will keep it out of our hair for the next several days. we don't have any precipitation in the forecast until we go into tuesday afternoon. there after that, we have the typical afternoon popup storms in the forecast. until then, we look dry. most of the action is in the midsection of the country
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from's. texas northward to the international border. this is going to get deflected up and over our region. that's another reason why we're going to remain dry. not your typical popup storm. we're not expecting that, because the dynamics in our atmosphere will be suppressed. we are not going to have the same conditions that we often get around here with the afternoon storms. looking dry a lot like yesterday, patchy morning fog, and in the patchy fair weather clouds for the rest of the day, highs near 90. here is one of the changes. later tonight, lower humidity levels. humidity will gradually drop throughout the evening and into the night. mostly cheer and pretty comfortable tonight, with low temperatures down to the mid to upper 60's. sunday, a mixture of sun and clouds. mostly sunny. a few fair weather clouds by the afternoon. it will be hot, in the lower 90's but less humid. that's the key. we know the heat is going to be here. it is the humidity t looks hike we will get a brief break from the humidity tomorrow and
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introduce the chance of popup storms tuesday and the rest of next week. back to the usual grind in terms of afternoon storms. so tomorrow is a better day. >> i would say so. >> thanks, adam. hots more ahead on "good morning washington saturday." up next, it is the sports story everyone is still talking about. now michael vick speaks out about his second chance in the nfl. plus, heavilying families cope with cancer. a local woman helps give hope to hbhers. s i 6:21. thank youcso m f moroining joing
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smart. so smart. >> welcome back. it is 6:23. you are looking at our nation's capital. it is shaping up to our another hot muggy day. we will hear more from adam later in the show. thank you for waking up with us. michael vicks has signed with the philadelphia eagles and he
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has just finished serving a sentence on dogfighting charges. he is speaking out about having a second chance. >> the philadelphia eagles coaching staff is working on ways to fit michael vick into their offense. vick signed with the eagles yesterday and later on this morning will suit up and attend his first football practice in two years after serving time in prison for his involvement in a dogfighting ring. vicks says he can't wait to suit up, but most importantly, he's happy for a chance to rebuild his life. >> i'm just blessed to havethe opportunity to be here with this organization. my goal is to come back and get ak chim mated and whatever the coach says, that's what i do. i'm just here to contribute and help win the super bowl. >> is anyone going to bet against tiger woods this weekend? he enters the third round with a three shot lead. tiger birdied three straight on
6:25 am
the back 9, 13, 14, and 15. that putt put tiger at eight under par. he is finished today at the second round with a comfortable heed heading into the weekend. that's sports, everybody. have a great day. >> labron james was shooting some hoops at the side of the stadium as part of a promotional movie "more tha a game" about labron and his high school teammates growing up in akron, ohio. we got his thoughts. >> our team is going to be a better team this year. i know he is healthy. i worked out with him. he worked out with him a couple of days ago in chicago. the addition of mike miller and randy from minnesota and we know anton is always consistent t should be a good team.
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>> anyone who has dealt with cancer knows the importance of family and friends. a working woman has journals from his darkest days into a book creating the survival guide for families battling cancer. alison starling has her story r^ . >> i feel amazing. it has been a hong journey. >> 33-year-old danni green is healthy and happy today but at 26, it was a different story. the active former college softball player was always full of energy, until september 2002. it started with a misdiagnosis. >> i was so sick, and i had been kept telling that i had strept throat. it was not strept throat. >> it was cancer, a form of leukemia. the next months were a blur of drugs and treatment. her family has chronicled all of it in their book, called "it's good to know a miracle. " overall, our goal was to get the story out and to help others that are going through a similar
6:27 am
experience. >> an experience that culminated with a bone marrows transplant from a stranger, the one mch on a registry who happened to live in germany. they met for the first time in danni's wedding. >> i have this connection to a person who saved my life, who is the most modest person, and you know, has never asked for anything in return, and he just did it out of the goodness of his heart. >> now danni's full life includes a job teaching preschool special education in arlington. she said her illness made her understand how it feels to be different. >> when you're bald and walking down the street and you think that you're fine and then you have those people staring at you, you really start to understand what it must be like for some ofs those families. >> and now, just this week, baby samuel from an adoption process, two years in the making. >> green raised $50,000 for the leukemia society this year and
6:28 am
asks everyone to consider getting on the registry to become a bone marrow donor. abc 7 news. >> well, in switching gears now, it was raining toy soldiers over the skies of missouri. more than 300 parachuting g.i. joe action figures were dropped from the top of the hyatt regency hotel in kansas city, as part of the 16th annual g.i. joe convention which runs through sunday. the collector's club is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the world's first action figure. meanwhile, the movie g.i. joe topped this weekend's box office. >> still ahead, delays an departures, metro maintenance will make for a slow ride as a former employee speaks about his firing. plus, they outnumber lawmakers 6 to 1 and all have a stance on healthcare reform. we will look at the push from lobbyists, straight ahead.
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the second half hour of "good morning washington saturday" starts right now. >> welcome back, everybody. good morning to you. it is 6:30 on this saturday morning. i'm pamela brown. let's begin this half hour with a quick look at the forecast. adam is in the weather center. how is it the shaping? up? >> we have some fog in northern virginia but that's going to burn off now that the sun is up and we have clear skies overhead. patchy and fair weather clouds for the rest of the day. we have high pressure influencing our weather. however, notice in eastern north carolina, down toward the tidewater region of virginia, that's where we have alittle bit of rain action going on. that's been the case for the past couple of days. this is a little atmospheric circulation down there. that will stay down to the south not just for today but the entire weekend. we have a dry forecast the next
6:30 am
several days. temperature-wise, we're near0. 7 reagan national right now at 73. dull also, 67. ff atrick, 64, and 63. he i ossur forecastture of 90his be iny lunchtime, we will noe mid80. noon, 86 and chiming up to near 90 this afternoon with just patchy fair weather clouds today. it will be hot again tomorrow, highs in the hoer0's, a few degrees warmer than today, hover, scheidtly less humid. there won't be a drastic dop in humidity but just enough to notice a change t will reintroduce a chance for showers and thunderstorms from tuesday through friday. a good chance to get outside and enjoy. >> good news. thanks, kevin. >> if you are leaded into town on metro, it could be a hong ride. track maintenance wills close at one station and cause delays
6:31 am
at others. meanwhile one metro driver is telling his side of the story. >> metro is making critical chain changes to its infrastructure for he lowing the train collision in june. track circuit repairs had continue through this weekend. red line trains will not serve the fort totten station, also, and there will be a single track between the vienna and west falls church stations. met he troe is making changes to its personnel. two employees were fired. one talked to us and he said hes was just doing his job. >> michael robinson is now speaking out after being let go from metro. the transit agency fired the driver after hes was charged last month with kidnapping a passenger. robinson says hes was, in fact, the victim. >> it's not safe. i'm a professional driver of 20
6:32 am
years. >> what's not safe? >> the way its was done. >> on july 25, robins said a passenger on his bus became eye ate during an argument, and he was waiting for the authorities to step in. >> he took pictures, and then she called central communications and it took an hour for them to show up. >> just days after this incident, perletta douglas was arrested are for driving with a suspended license following an disentsdz with her bus. customers are now saying that the department needs to shape up, especially after this latest round of dismissals. >> i think it should be investigated to find out where the be problems are so they are resolved. it is better for us. >> you are in the wrong. you don't realize that, but consequences come back to haunt you. >> third metro employee was also under heat for allegedly using her cell phone while operating a
6:33 am
bus, but an investigation found that she was actually using her cell phone to call in a mechanical problem. she is back on the force. reporting live from fort totten met metro station, abc 7 news. >> we thank you for that report. >> the last patient who remain hospitalized after the collision in june is now out of the hospital. the patient has been released from the washington hospital center. nine people died an 70 were injured when two trains collided on the red line on june 22. we have some good news an bad news from d.c. public school. 23 elementary schools have double digit gains of pass rates on math exams. 19 have double digit drops n reading, 26 elementary schools gained 10 points but 19 lost at least that much. scores also rose this year at public charter schools. adoptions are now suspended at the fairfax county animal shelter because of a canine flu. 31 dogs have been quarantined
6:34 am
because of the virus. vets worry that it will spread through the community. in order to p prevent from happening, workers are turning away people interested in adopting pets. >> i have been waiting for two weeks now. i'm sad and disappointed. >> we just have to keep looking. maybe he we will find the right one. >> health officials say the cant treated. the biggest worry is that it is very contagious. all the pets at the an animal shelter are expected to make a full recovery. >> conflicting staimghts could result in a kidnapping charge against a former astronaut to be dropped. sworn statements filed this week from two paramedics contradict colleen shipman's statement that know whack sprayed her with pepper spray. now nowak's lawyers want the attempted charge kidnapping charges to be thrown out. she is charged with driving from houston to orlando to kidnap her
6:35 am
romantic rival. >> last night, a shop closed after 51 years in business. the schuman family has run the business for 51 years but the rising popularity of internet sales forced them to close down. neighbors say the little blue notebook will be missed. >> is a family organization. we know everyone here. >> youou cld talk to them. >> the shop specialized in politics with books and references to supreme court justices spotted in the shop over the years. another fixture on chill, will l be buyists, groups with -- lobbyists who are hired at a huge rate as the debate continues across the country. here is david wright. >> president obama expressed concern that special interests are trying to shanghai the healthcare debate. >> every time we are in fight
6:36 am
over health insurance reform, special interests fight back with everything they got. >> the health reform lobbyists outnumber congressmen six to one. >> battling drug companies, hospitals going to war against nursing homes, all kinds of different institutions are looking to protect their bottom interests. >> well heeled lawyers walng these halls of the capitol, button holing members of congress. the other way they try to buy influence is through campaign contributions. max baucus, who chairs the committee drafting the senate health bill is number four from total contributions from healthcare and insurance insurance. $12 million over four years raised at camp baucus, a fly fishing and golf weekend he held two weeks ago in big sky, montana. by the way, five of his former staff members are now hobbyists for lsh lobbyists for healthcare
6:37 am
interests. chuck gas grassley has $of 600,000 so far this campaign cycle. orrin hatch, senior republican on the health committee has pulled in nearly a million. >> money is going to speak louder than the merits of the legislation. >> out on the campaign trail last year, obama vowed he wouldn't let that happen. >> i'm going to have all the negotiations around the big table. we'll have doctors and nurses and hospital administrators insurance companies, drug companies. they won't be able to buy a chair. >> but the table is getting pretty crowded th special interests. abc news, the capitol. >> as the healthcare debate continues around the country, we have good news from prince william county. a free chinnic opened its doors, the hope wellness clinic provides patients with treatment and provides preventive care in the form of exercise, fitness d nutrition advice. the center is entirely volunteer
6:38 am
run and funded through grassroots donations. a whole new knock of eagles will be build -- a whole new flock of eagles will be building their nest. 1,500 incoming freshmen will descend on the campus starting at 9:00 a.m. at trinity and howard university. >> governor martin o'malley is taking suggestions from maryland residents on how to handle the state's budget problems. residents can post recommendations on the governor he's website. some of the recommendations including lifting a tuition freeze at state colleges and universities and reducing land acquisitions. officials are looking for 470 million in budget reductions by labor day. >> and turning briefly now to the virginia governor's race, republican candidate bob mcdonough will be at his offices this morning and sunday he will unveil his tourism plans at the luray caverns as part of the
6:39 am
site's 131st celebration. looking for weekend fun? the fair is in town. the 61st annual montgomery county fair featuring entertainment and carnival rides. a one-day all you can ride wristband can be purchased at last year he's price of $20 until midnight saturday. tickets are available on-line and in person. the fair runs until august 22. the time is now 6:39. it is 71 on a saturday morning, august 15. coming up, we will check out the baseball rundown coming up in sports. plus, 40 years of peace, love and music. woodstock marks a major anniversary this weekend. stay with us. we will be right
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>> welcome back to "good morning washington." 6:41 right now in the nation's
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capital. you can see the sun popping up on the horizon. a biteorning it is because the morning fog is burning off. right now, reagan national airport checking in at 71. shre is a look at sunrise in thf ot seunaubea ti ol beotshf n iefring up over the iced ank erdot icerk and 55 right now in ick.erfr pode 63.w at not quite as muggyp u nths as on i ly . fo8. prince frederick, 66ment front 65.isis currently checking i 6. d d.c., 73. here is our forecast for the weekend. becoming partly cloudy today, just a typical patchy fair weather clouds, passing through the skies throughout the day today and tomorrow. near 90 today and tomorrow. tomorrow, not quite as humid. not a drastic change but you will feel different. >> every little bit helps. >> thanks, adam. turning to sports. the nats were tired of losing so
6:43 am
they got it together against the reds last night, plus a local team goes for the gold. >> good morning, everybody. the nationals snapped their three-gamelosing streak last night in cincinnati. let's go there. the skipper signaling what kind of game this would turn out to be. fifth inning, ronnie gets the party started. better late than never. a solo home run, 1-0 washington t would stay that way until the 7th inning. that cheered the fences. 2-0 washington. the nats hold on and beat the reds 2-o brooks robinson, cal ripkin, jr., and last night felix joins them, right there with that triple to right center against the angels as he come meeted the cycle, only the fourth oriole to hit a single, double, triple and home run in one game. the orioles smoked the angels.
6:44 am
chantilly, virginia playing for a chance to advan in the little league world series last night taking on robbins from georgia. the georgia team wasoo much for chantilly to overcome and they lost 6-3. that is sports. have a great day, everybody. >> your time now is 6:44. we have 71 degrees on a saturday. still ahead, looking for a good flick this weekend? ar campbell has your best bets co the we d movie guide ming up. "good morning washington saturday" will be right .ck cob.
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>> welcome back, everybody. it is 6:46. here is a look at this morning's top stories. expect delays on metro this weekend. the fort totten station is closed for repairs and trains will single track between vienna and west falls church. every inbound train will turn around at theest falls church
6:47 am
stop. a suicide car bomb exploded outside nato headquarters in kabul. 7 people were killed and 100 hurt. the attack on the high profile target comes less than a week before afghans around the country vote for president and provincial councils. two airport employees have been suspended after the midair collision over the hudson that killed nine people. seconds before the crash, an alert went out to the teterboro airport but employees say they don't recall hearing. a young reporter scored a very special interview and exclusive talk with president barack obama. 11-year-old damon weaver is the lead reporter for his elementary school's in-house t.v. station. he came to the white house with lots of questions for the president. he asked the president what could be done to improve education and lunches in public schools. >> the problem with school lunches is that we don't have french fries and mangos but he
6:48 am
said we have to eat healthier so we can grow big and tall. >> this is his first high provile interview because he has interviewed ve president biden and colin powell. the mother of all rock concerts kicked off 40 years ago this weekend. wood stroke drew hundreds of thousands -- woodstock drew hundreds of thousands. we caught up with a man who made that trip four decades ago. >> the woodstock exhibit at the museum brings tom haller back to the summer of 1969. and to the moment he saw his idol chose up. there is haller in this photo taken from behind guitar great jimmy hen dix onstage. >> he was our hero and we were at the foot of the master. >> haller and a buddy heard about the massive rock concert planned in upstate new york. he and a pal hitchhiked all the way to woodstock. the concert stretched over four days, drenching rain delayed
6:49 am
performances and left thousands of fans soaked and muddy. larryic ards drove with a pal but the crowds kept him away from the performance. >> traffic, rain, mud and chaos was just impossible. >> but he remembers the overwhelming energy. >> it is really interesting to see how it has taken off and become one of the icons of my generation. >> both men say it seems like a long time ago, but the experience proved to be so unique and moving that the memories remain as vivid as the thai died -- tie-dyed t-shirts. >> it was everything that was good about the '60's. >> i wonder how much they changed from then until now. looking back at those pictures now. >> something they will tell their kids about. >> exactly. >> we have a pretty
6:50 am
straightforward forecast for this time of the weekend. >> just a few tweaks and changes here. i will detail that right now. let's start with someft emmera pictures, this feonrom r stewed he quos here in roslyn looking east into the district. mostly sunny skies r 73 73 at reagan national. not really a cloud to fnd locall i'msilseit but i'm of fog ha futding the foinng fdi the io our cameras that cameras tha. s yoe region. ledd rmiwntoight nyoow middtowns and noton c mdition id not m lstnea lstea in this shot. 64 in m maryland. dew point nataland. dew point le humid north of the met he troe areapposed to locally. bethesda, 57 along with ashburn and maclaine and mclean. frederick, 66. mid upper 60's a few locations,
6:51 am
70. let's fire up our almanac data. just a typical date. 87 was the high temperature. that is exactly our average high yesterday and today. today will be probably just a few degrees warmer than yesterday. you're not going to feel much of a difference, though i am anticipating more sunshine today than yesterday with some patchy fair weather clouds passing through the sky later on today. most of the thick cloud cover is far down to the south. here is the district down towards tidewater and the outerring banks where we have the cloud cover. just a little circulation in our atmosphere, a weak area of hoe pressure that is causing the clouds an and showers that will drift out to the east an push on out of here. our forecast will he remain dry through the weekend and on into monday. the action is in the midsection of the country. that's not quite going to make it here. we have the high pressure protecting us from any showers. some of us could use the rain, northern p marand, it doesn't
6:52 am
look like we're in luck this weekend or on into monday. 90 the high temperature this afternoon. partly cloudy skies. passing clouds, mixture of sun and clouds. mostly cheer tonight. here is one of the minor changes you will feel over the next couplef days. less humid tonight than the past couple of nights. mostly cheer and temperatures in the mid to upper 60's. then tomorrow on our sunday, looking great, a mixture of sun and clouds. i think overall, mostly sunny t will be warm and hot but not as humid. that's the key. lower humidity levels for tomorrow. at least it will be a brief bake in the humidity, and then by tuesday, we bring back the afternoon showers and thunderstorms. tuesday, and then every afternoon through the rest of the week next week. tuesday through friday. >> we could still use a south and east of the metro a good rain. >> coming up, the movie guide. stay with us. n
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>> good morning, washington. happy saturday morning. i'm arch campbell with your weekend movie guide. >> rachel mcadams falls in love with eric bana when he arrives from the future in the time traveler's wife. they get married but he keeps traveling. 2 and a half stars romantic, makes no sense whatsoever. >> don't get me started on pearl harbor. >> jeremy piven leads a team of used car super salesman in the goods, some laughs but mostly clunkers. on star. a spaceship full of sick aliens runs out of gas and it hurls them into district nine, a concentration camp. three stars for sci-fi fans. they will love it. now here is the come meet weekend movie guide. almost four stars for 500 days of summer and for julie and julia. three stars for districtine, the the new movie bandslam,
6:56 am
three stars, and almost three for the time traveler's wife and for puno and a perfect getaway, two stars for adam and one star for the goods. have a nice weekend, everybody. i'm arch campbell, abc 7 entertainment. >> adam, i know you're a big fisherman, so before we check on our forecast, we wanted to show you this amazing catch. bob morris from rhode island just caught a 12 1/2 pound lobster. he has been fishing for 35 years and hasn't seen anything hike it he has named the 6-year-old crustacean lucky lucy. others call it big bertha. they're considering a charity auction where the winnere baas o release him back into the ocean. >> you can't eat that. not an eater. >> right back in the ocean. >> probably a good reproder, too. >> there you go. >> really! good fishing weather around here this weekend. if you're headed out, enjoy t it
6:57 am
will be hot and sunny. unfortunately, not much of a breeze to cool you off. keep that in mind if you're hitting the water. not much of a breeze to keep you cool. the storms will not be around this weekend. highs in the lower 90's. we will reintroduce the storms on tuday. popup storms tuesday through friday next week. notice highs in the low 90's for the extended forecas >> thanks so much. that does it for "good morning washington saturday. " have a great weekend. ♪
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