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tv   AB Cs World News Saturday  ABC  August 15, 2009 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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♪ i never really cared ♪ until i met you... a1 makes the burger king steakhouse burger sing. i'm dan harris, and this is "world news." tonight, sound and fury. the president on the road again, selling health care reform. and urging both sides to turn down the volume. will the president have to scale back his plan? state of emergency in california, a roaring wildfire there, forcing thousands to evacuate. this one could burn for weeks, we're told. take the field. michael vick suiting up for the first time since his dogfighting conviction. we'll look at vick's highly choreographed comeback. and almost famous, the west performer at woodstock you've never heard of. ♪
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40 years later, he is ♪ 40 years later, he is finally getting his due. captions paid for by abc, inc. good evening, here we are saturday night in the dead of august. and president obama is out on the stump, far from the white house trying to whip up support for health care reform. it's a rough couple of weeks for mr. nitoheco'snin iloran holding the last town hal meeting. as he tries to regain the upper hand in this debate. our rachel martin is there. good evening. >> reporter: good evening, the presidt took a break from health care this evening. took a tour of yellowstone park along with the first family. tonight he's in grand junction, colorado. and it's back to work. it's the land of big sky, big water and what may be the president's last big public push to save health care
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reform in the face of growing criticism. >> i know that there's some folks that believe government should have no role at all in solving our problems. these are legitimate differences worthy of the real discussion that america deserves, one where we lower our voices, listen to one another and talk about differences that really exist. >> reporter: rowdy town halls, and misinformation about the president's health care plan, have fueled growing criticism from right to left and put reform on the ropes. >> every time we're in sight of health care reform. the special interests fight back with everything they got. they use influence. run ads and political allies try to scare the heck out of everybody. we can't let them do it this time. >> reporter: some like what they heard in the town hall in montana last night. but the concern that many cost up, time and again, the price tag. >> that's all we get is bull. you can't tell us how you're going to pay for this. >> you are absolutely right. that i can't cover another 46 million people for free.
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>> reporter: the other hot button issue, the president's plan for a government-run health insurance program to compete with private insurer, leaving democrats now saying that may have to go by the wayside. >> the last thing the government needs is to be taking over the health care system. >> reporter: and while many of these town halls are impressed by the man, they still don't buy the message. the president was met in grand junction by a couple hundred supporters of the health care plan. a couple dozen protesters. reports say all those demonstrations were relatively quiet and the president hopes things stay that way in debate. as he tries to win key support for health care reform and prepare to make tough compromises. dan. >> rachel martin in colorado tonight. thank you. in englewood, california, a vivid demonstration of tdo t health care crisis. a clinic that provides free health care has been inundated
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with patients almost 46 million people don't have health insurance but many that do. still can't afford the care they need. mike von fremd is at the free clinic. mike, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, dan. many of the people waiting in line for this free care are what the medical community calls the under-insured. they have basic insurance, but it does not cover their most basic needs. damone jones, in the dental chair, works for the edison power company. he has medical insurance, but could not afford the $5,000 root canal that he is getting today for free. >> i have insurance, but it's so high, when i go to the dentist, it is outrageous prices. i can't do it. i can't afford it. >> reporter: more than a thousand volunteers, dentists, doctors and optometrists such as jayme chiu, have been working 14 hour days. they are shocked at the number of people desperate for care. >> i'm exhausted.
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people are continuously coming. people have very basic needs. it's so basic, it'sad. >> reporter: this event was sponsored by remote access medical, an organization started to serve third-world countries. it's now helping people in america's second largest city. >> this is the poster child to everything that's wrong in american health care. when you see working americans, people with health insurance coming here because their health insurance isn't good enough. >> reporter: the care is estimated at $200,000 a day. they expect to treat 8,000 desperate patients. lindsey hough has catastrophic health care. it does not cover dental or vision needs and she has not had an eye exam or teeth cleaning in years. >> it's unbelievable. for me it's like winning the lottery. seriously from here i'm going to dental. all these little problems i've been able to slip by and get guy are going to be resolved. >> reporter: this is godsend to
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these people. but the clinic closes down tuesday. mike von fremd, englewood, california. staying with california. firefighters dealing with nearly a dozen wildfires across the state tonight. the fiercest is in san francisco, in santa cruz county. where 24 people have been evacuated and a state of emergency has been declared. laura marquez is in the fire zone. >> reporter: high winds continue to give firefighters trouble as they battle the blaze in the rugged santa cruz mountains that consumed 7,000 acres. >> today is a make it or break it day we're expecting the wind to change directions. that's going to bring us dry wind. >> reporter: making their job tougher, the steep unforgiving terrain, where fire trucks cannot go. crews must rely on air support to knock down the flames. ten other fires are burning, in california, including this one near santa barbara. 25 firefighters have suffered minor injuries.
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the parched state is in its third year of drought. today arnold schwarzenegger came to thank firefighters for a year-long battle. >> there is really no more fire season, the fires start early on in the year. we've seen 5,000 fires so far. there's a lot of fires. >> reporter: the governor declared a state of emergency in santa cruz county where more than 2,000 people have been evacuated. some like marty wrist chose to stay to protect their home. >> i wasn't going to give it up without a fight. as a former firefighter, i know when it's time to bail out and when it's time to stay. >> reporter: for the firefighters on the front lines it's an exhausting job. some working 36 hours straight in the thick smoke and hot temperatures. how important is it that the firefighters be well rested? >> it's extraordinary. if we don't take care of our firefighters they can't take care of anyone else. >> their job got a whole lot tougher in davenport.
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the path of the lockheed fire. the winds have really picked up. this fire is only 30% contained and could be weeks before it's out. dan. >> laura marquez in california. thank you. overseas a brazen bombing in afghanistan five days before elections there. le7 lepeop1 kil 9d,injured. bombers passed through several check points before blowing up their car in the middle of kabul. 9 first attack in the capital city in months. jim sciutto is in afghanistan tonight. >> bombers struck at the heart of kabul's heavily guarded diplomatic district. powerful blast, shattered bodies and stripping trees of their branches. on the scene, we heard anger and frustration. why didn't coalition forces capture the bombers, one eye witness asked us. they spent so much money on security. the attack appeared to be well planned. police believe there were two men inside the car to distract guards who focused on loan
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drivers due to the suicide threat. they passed three security check points. making it to within 150 yards to the u.s. embassy and right to the entrance of nato headquarters where the u.s. commander, general stanley mcchrystal has his offices. >> can we ask what your advance is before the election? >> absolutely. we have innocent afghans die this morning. when you talk about giving them a choice then kill them the message is contradictory. >> reporter: get a sense how powerful the bomb was. we're 300 yards from where it went off, and it broke all of the glass and found shrapnel that injured people this far away. the taliban immediately claimed responsibility. latest attack in a deadly campaign intended to scare voters from taking part in next thursday's presidential elections. we ask people who only narrowly
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survive the attack how they would respond. i'm not scared, this man answered. afghans are used to this sort of thing. >> so you'll still vote on thursday? yes, i will, he said as he showed us his voter registration card. the question is how many other afghans will do the same, despite the very real danger. jim sciutto, abc new, kabul. >> as we said, elections coming up there in just days. american senator jim webb from virginia, is in the reclusive and repressive country of myanmar where he claims he won the release of an emprisoned american. john was convicted of swimming across a pond to the home of lenmar's detainra docemoc erad. webb's office made the announcement after he was granted a rare sitdown with myanmar's ruling militalary jun.
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tropical storm got a late start. picking up speed and heading toward puerto rico now tropical storm bill brewing further to the east. coming up here this saturday. disgraced quarterback michael vick. two months out of jail for running a vicious dogfighing ring, is he really a changed man or a product of an image makeover? the students who say their college dured them into crushing debt. that's "a closer look" tonight. students said their college lured them into the crushing debt and woodstock. made a start. now one performer missing for 40 years is getting a second act. i'm a little irregular today. don't you eat activia? for my little issues? they')re not that bad. summer' no time to put up with even occasional digestive problems. believe me, once they go away, it's mazing howtgood yo.
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when i feel the pain coming on, go take two aleve. works fast, kicks in, and it lets me keep up with my kids. i want to teach them the value of family. i'm very proud of both of my sons. i couldn't ask for better. for the past two seasons, michael vick has been federal prisoner number 33765-183. serving time for running a truly horrific dogfighting ring. today at his first practice with the philadelphia eagles, he was simply number 7. not everyone is convinced he should be there. here's david kerley. >> reporter: michael vick is back in cleats. on a professional football field, just three months out of prison. his coach says the quarterback is in good physical shape but his signing by the eagles split philadelphia. >> personally i don't think it's right. i mean, this is crime pays. >> reporter: but she was one of just a half dozen protesters
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here a day after vick apologized. >> i've done some terrible things, made a horrible mistake. >> reporter: the eagles are rolling the dice. >> how much of a distraction has this been for your team. >> didn't feel a distraction. almost a little bit of energy. i think they're all pulling for michael. >> reporter: in the locker room. number 7 is already getting support for his teammates. >> i just told him i'm here for him. i'm happy to see him rebounding off his bad situation. >> i don't think he's just talking thtalk. it's very heart felt. >> reporter: vick can practice and play in the last two preseason games. but that's it so far. this day has been planned for nearly a year. a calculated, concerted effort to turn vick from social outcast. a scourge into a repentant player. >> it's been a long road. >> reporter: judy smith is crisis public relations expert who, with vick's lawyer, put together a 45-day action plan. fall tv interview. work with the humane society on
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an antidogfighting campaign. little to chance. >> it was not one thing you can do. it's a journey, a road. vick was committed to do that. >> reporter: he'll learn if he can play a real game by the sixth week of the regular season. the nfl commissioner said he'll be watching vick's deads, not his playing. coming up in the broadcast. students suing their own college for fraud. they say they were lied to and left with a mountain of debt. we'll take "a closer look" and left with a mountain of debt. you're the colon lady!
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we are going to take "a closer look" at colleges run for profit. in this tough job market. more people are going back to schools. however, at the same time banks giving out fewer student loans. now some colleges are stepping in to lend the money themselves often at very high interest rates. brian rooney reports tonight on one college accused of saddling students with massive debt in exchange for a largely worthless
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degree. >> reporter: offering courses in computer game design, interior decorating and criminal justice, westwood is a chain of profit-making colleges with 17 locations and online offerings across the country. 90% of its students need financial aid. some of which comes direct from westwood at 18% annual interestn in an arbitration, former students claim that westwood fills its classrooms through a hard sell. and keeps its students with insurmountable debt in pursuit of a largely useless degree. >> the adviser told me that i was pretty much guaranteed to get a job in the field after graduation. >> reporter: she graduated with honors but the best jessica espinoza said she did with her degree in graphic design was making copiest kinko's and currently a support staff at a design firm. she and her husband are $110,000 in debt after attending
6:51 pm
westwood. the school categorically denies the allegations. >> the value of the degree is tremendous. under national accreditation, you will have completed a bachelor's degree that has same academic rigor that would be at any other degree at any other school. >> reporter: westwood's accreditation is not the same as traditional four-year colleges. >> i also can't pursue higher education. when i contacted some colleges they wouldn't accept my degree from westwood. >> reporter: one paragraph warns that most cases will not be transferable to any other college and university. westwood said they extend credit to about a third of students at 18% when other loans fail to cover the tuition. >> same thing when you go to nordstrom's and use a nordstrom's card. same kind of transaction. >> reporter: a former admissions representative says he was really a salesman, who
6:52 pm
was discouraged from discussing with applicants the full amount of tuition which can run to 70,000 to $80,000. >> the script you're given is filled with lies. you do whatever you can do get a student to sign up. >> reporter: the school rejects the claims, and several levels the westwood website full tuition is revealed. they claim 75% of graduates are employed in their study in 180 days. a different case in texas, the department of justice accused the scol's admission representatives of using, quote, false placement rates in the school's efforts. the school settled the case for $7 million without admitting wrong-doing. westwood stands by its numbers and introduced us to one former student happily employed creating cell phone entertainment. >> i was hired two months before i graduated. >> reporter: lawyers suing them said jessica is typical with more than 200 graduated. hobbled by debt and unemployed
6:53 pm
in tir field of study. >> we're both now facing having to go back to a traditional college and do it all over again to get a bachelor's degree. >> reporter: now parties to the lawsuit, they want westwood to write the checks. brian rooney abc news, denver. and when we come back a woodstock flashback, a loaded term, i know, bringing a missing performer back into focus 40 years later. into focus 40 years later. i go down to the pool for a swim... get out and dance... even play a little hide-n-seek. i'm breathing better... with spiriva. announcer: spiriva is the only once-daily inhaled maintenance treatment for both forms of copd... which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema. i take it every day. it keeps my airways open... to help me breathe better all day long. and it's not a steroid. announcer: spiriva does not replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms. stop taking spiriva and call your doctor if your breathing suddenly worsens, your throat or tongue swells, you get hives,
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you've probably heard by several times over by now, this weekend is the 40th anniversary of woodstock. from many groups that took the stage, from santana to crosby, stills, nash & young. woodstock was a ticket to stardom. but for one performer, it has taken 40 years to get his due. bill weir is upstate new york tonight. ♪ >> reporter: it was a heady moment for a young man, only 20 years old, when he sat down before the teeming masses on max yasgur's farm. as a member of the cast of "hair," bert sommer had the look of the era, and a ten song set at woodstock, seemed like a ticket to instant fame. the haunting sweet, "jennifer."
6:57 pm
is captured in a new documentary. ira stone was on guitar that day. his wife, maxine, a backup vocalist, and they still remember the sheer size of that crowd. >> it looked like hundreds of thousands of colors and it was really the people. >> reporter: without the marker, you never know thiss the field it all happened. and even with the marker, you'd never know sommer played. his name not among the baez's, hendrix's and others listed here. >> bert sommer was the lost bard of woodstock, he did a wonderful set on the first day and then he completely disappeared from the mythology of woodstock. >> reporter: a picture of the wife, ma axine appeared in "life" magazine but bert was cropped out. he was missing form michael wadleigh's legendary documentary and never appeared in any of the soundtrack albums. his friends thk they know why. >> bert was on capital records. his record company was not included because warner had rights to the whole thing. so bert never got into the
6:58 pm
original movie or the first album. >> reporter: while other woodstock artists rocketed to stardom, sommer settled in upstate new york to play his music in relative obscurity until passing away in 1909. but, thanks to this ip on youtube, new fans are finding bert sommer 40 years after the fact. there is a memorial website and three of his songs now appear on a new rhino box set. >> it's great to finally see that there has been a second chance here given for people to hear just how talented he really was. >> reporter: an encore long overdue. bill weir, abc news, bethel, new york. ♪ and if you want to hear more of bert sommers' music, go to our website at that does it for the show toi'gh nitoght i'm dan harris, thankst that does it for the show toi'gh nitoght i'm dan harris, thankst for watching. captions by vitac
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