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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 17, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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for the trophy on the new season of just moments away, swine flu and back to school. what parents need to know. >> it is sentencing date for a nother -- for a fraud convict. >> we are waking up to the first hurricane of the 2009 season. "good morning washington" begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning. i am doug mckelway. >> welcome back. i am alison starling. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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>> let's start with brian van de graaff and find out what is on tap for today. >> we got our first named storm but we have three named storms. claudette is making landfall. we have troubles metro we have built. we also have ana. upper 60's. not to muggy out there. maybe sme patchy fog this morning. of little bit more humidity. temperatures in the low 90's. the he is on. lisa baden is back from maine. >> we are all set to go. no problems to report as far as beltway travel. it looks good through springfield. nothing to report on 95 and the
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baltimore washington parkway. a good ride across the american legion bridge. now to the news desk. >> thank you. our top story, three big storms are threatening the florida coast. >> one has turned into the first hurricane. matt brock is a live with more on how the sunshine state is getting ready. good morning. >> we were not talking about this on friday. here it is at 5:00 a.m. on monday and one tropical storm has already come ashore. the calm before the storm is now over. just ask people off the panhandle about claudette. it is the first named storm to come ashore with the threat of 10 inches of rainfall.
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>> we usually experienced this this time of year. >> people had about adair so to gear ready. >> we do not know what is going to happen. -- people had about a day or so to get ready. bill is the most likely to become a full-fledged hurricane, perhaps a major hurricane. >> anywhere between the carolinas, you better keep an eye out on it. >> this has happened. in 1992, andrew formed. days later, it became a category five devastating florida. as for damage from claudette, it appears there is nothing major. as soon as we get some video from florida, we will show it to you.
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matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. investigators are looking for a group of men who attacked a graduate student at union -- at george washington university. the victim was waiting for a bus. the man suffered minor injuries. it appears to be a random attack. police are looking for a suspect in an afternoon shooting. a male suffered a graze wound but is expected to be ok. 7 people were shot on saturday. the victims were standing and a bus shelter when somebody opened fire. it may have spilled over from an argument from a nearby block party. police major help to solve the death of a manned found
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lying in the woods. he was found near oak grove road. demand appears to be of hispanic descent. please call poli if you have information. new information about a legal immigrants who were arrested last year. there is a report to it says the fast majority of immigrants arrested were charged with public drunkenness for driving without a license. arrests for those three crimes account for the balco arrest for illegal immigrants. the recent heart problems were caused byhe strsesbyofof many hmany hastiof hy or is d sseeam,oked disease, smoker is f decades, and have been retired
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for more than 20 years. some of these cases have been appealed. construction is on schedule for the intercounty connector. the western section should be open by next fall. the next two segments should be finished by early 2011. it will link i-95 with i-270. there were some suspicious fires on capitol hill. there were three in an alley near pennsylvania avenue. there were charred trash containers. residents are amazed these fires did not cause more damage. >> this was 1:30 in the morning. my roommate got beat host and put the fire out by herself. had she not been home at 1:30 in
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the morning, that whole building would have started on fire. >> officials are following a few good leads and looking to the public for information. president obama will address the veterans of foreign wars convention. during the speech, he will thank them for their service and laid out his commitment to the wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> thank you. house may be backing off the controversial public option to the health care plan. it has sparked heated debate at town halls. kathleen sebelius said the white houses open to the idea of a nonprofit insurance coops currently being developed. seven minutes after the hour.
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73 degrees. >> a new way to pay for college. we will tell you about a new pay pal option that to make education more affordable. >> lisa baden will be ba
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10 minutes after the hour. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we start with brian. he has a check on monday forecast. it was a hot weekend. >> outside, the humidity went down just a touch. w for for some patchy g. dawn.ilp deloveouarnd temperatures outside the area -- 67 in chantilly. it will be hot with more humid. mid 90's or so. we will talk about the tropics coming up in tan. >> traffic seems to be ok. the beltway is good in tysons right now. wantnt to take heed to some maps to reiterate that we're on
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normal travel time around the beltway where they did some overnight roadwork around 450. all clear on 95 where your travel time is good. traffic on 95 in springfield, where it is heading south. north out of newington up to the beltway. this is southbound 270 near the signal. southbound 270 moving well to get into germantown. more to come on the traffic end side. >> thank you. 5:00 12th. we have 72 degrees. >> -- 5:12. will tell you about some new gun-control questions following a family trip to a state park.
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welcome back. we have newt video. police are investigating a deadly stepping in college park. two men with knife wounds on ryland avenue. both were taken to the hospital where one victim later died -- this was on rhode island avenue. with kids getting ready to head back to class, we are getting ready to heed the call of the swine flu. they plan to have a vaccine and out by mid october. officials are preparing for widespread vaccinations and are considering what to do with six students.
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tropical storm claudette is hitting florida and is bringing heavy rain and winds. two more storms are tuchurn ing. the white house is considering dropping 1 proposal for the health care plan. the president wants the legislation to pass. the public auction is 1 parts of the plan. president obama has used a trip out west for a chance at a family vacation. they did some sightseeing at the grand canyon. they also checked out old faithful during a visit to yellowstone national park. gun-control advocates has sparked some criticism.
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fire arms would be allowed in national parks. the brady campaign is using the trip to raise awareness of their measure. it is extremely rare for african americans to visit national parks. there is only one black park ranger in california. he says there is a perception and national parks is where white people visit. he's trying to change that. >> if oprah winfrey is in a national park, if it is snoop dogg, it is sending a message it is an informant for us. >> less than 1% of people who visit yosemite are black. he has been trying to get young african-americans interested in visiting national parks. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes.
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a national park sounds like a fine idea. >> was checked in to see how hot it is going to be. >> we were talking about the tropics. claudette made landfall near fort walton beach. this is the storm working its way inland. on its heels is a depression called ana and is running into some dry air. it could bring some rain to south florida. bill is the first named a hurricane of the season. epb category three. we will keep an eye on allhree storms. -- it will be a category three. gaithersburg, 67. it looks like a fairly hot day today. no storms. we were pretty dry it last
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weekend. there is a storm system on the weather graphics system. it will be heading down the pipe. we have some thunderstorm activity by midweek. we could see some of the moisture by claudette by the end of the week. some patchy fog early this morning. temperatures in the low to middle mid 90's. it will be a scorcher this afternoon. and a code orange day. mid 60's, mid 70's. we repeat this pattern over the next couple of days. low to mid mid 90's tomorrow. isolated on thursday. another front on thursday and friday. we will keep an eye on a bill off the coast. back to you.
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>> let's check in with lisa. >> first, there is a new way for students to keep track of college costs. >> changing the channel could be as easy as putting your feet up. we have tech bytes. >> a new way for students to manage their finances. paige powell has launched students accounts. --papal has launched student accounts. you cannot view all transactions. it can be managed by text message. many families are shopping for a new computer at back-to-school time. sony recently released a new netbook. we hear how would stacks up against the competition. >> it is a nice netbook. there is a lot of room on the
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keyboard. you're not going to feel like you're typing on something small. it does not have a great battery life. we are expecting five hours for netbook these days. this gets around three hours -- three . >> red box kiosks are renting kiosksfor 2 a night. it will have games for all of the major systems. most of us keep our remote controls on the coffee table. researchers from around the world have developed this table that serves as a universal remote. you can control the tv, the stereo, and even though whites in a room. this could solve the age old
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problem -- there will not be any more fighting about who gets the remote. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i am jeremy hubbard. >> just what we need, more sedentary activity. >> we could ordered more food. we'll check in now with lisa baden. people still have to get up and go toork. >> construction on the beltway, things are very convoluted. detour sign to take everye to route 7. be careful over on the beltway at tysons close the123. normal travel times between centreville and the beltway. nothing to report on 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. we will jump to a live picture
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of traffic in germantown. things look good. not bad through springfield, either, live on >> thank you. 95 > still ahead, the one and 10th-ranked golfer in the world stared tiger's in the zero eyes and did not blink. he beat tiger at the pga championship. >> later on "oprah," what goes on inside a famous brothel, the notorious bunny ranch.
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the redskins are trying to put last week's a loss behind them. >> there was a fight. colt brennan said he will not allow his poor performance affect his confidence. he intends to make the most of his chances. how about this. tiger woods was 12-0 went holding the lead in going into the last day of a maj. y.e. yang had only one major win. the odds were against him y.
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yang was fearless on the final day. he beat tiger to become the first asian-bn player to win a pga maj. can you imagine the thrill for him? >> tiger knows a lot of people are gunning for him. 5:27 is your time. >> linda bell joins us with some bank news. >> you are correct. nkere is ncern aboutba i failures. look at stock inde futures, indicating a 2% drop. since the closing bell on friday, regulators have closed down five banks. colonial was the sixth biggest failure in history. colonial is based in alabama. it had some bad real-estate
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loans in california. the other places they have shut down banks on friday are in pittsburgh, ariz., and in las vegas. wal-mart has a new kiss album. they are selling a new $12 cd with new music from the band kiss in 11 years. it includes new material. it goes on sale october 6. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> thank you. 5:28 right now. the news continues. >> in our next half hour, a former political prisoner is in the hospital days after his release. >> live in the weather center, but it is all about the key to.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good monday morning, everybody. it is august 17. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's find out what we have in store for us today. >> all and all, it wasn't horrible. it was hot. you were able to do some outdoor stuff. me will probably see 90's
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90's twe wl get to the tropics soon. upper 60's to the low 70's. hazy, hot, and humid. 94 degrees or so for an afternoon high. >> we had a crash on the outer loop in maryland near georgia avenue. let's see the impact is having. outer loop between cole's hill road and the exit for georgia avwilo this is the 14th street bridge where everything is good. >> thank you. 5:32 is your time. police are investigating a deadly stabbing it in college park. two men were found with knife wounds. this was just before 4:00 this morning.
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one victim later died. we will have more details on this as they become available. after a quiet start to the hurricane season, we're now watching three storms in the atlantic. claudette is soaking the florida panhandle. >> it has heavy wind and rain. it is expected to begin. residents are expected for whatever claudette brings. >> you should prepare for the worse. >> claudette is not expected to cause significant wind damage. there are two more storms following close behind. tropical storm ana and tropical storm bill. brian will have much more on the tropics. back here at home, students,
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teachers, and parents have a new worry -- swine flu. >> local school districts are taking precautions. kathy park has that story. >> schools are not taking any chances when it comes to swine flu. an outbreak of the virus shutdown in tire schools last year. officials are preparing for the worst just weeks before the first day of clashes. >> we're optimistic we will have a vaccine by october 15. >> volunteersare testing the vaccine now. if the results are positive,. -- children will be among the first in line to receive a shot. >> their first year is the worst. teachers get sick is the first
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year. >> staff and students will be seeing a lot more hand sanitizers. there will be a renewed emphasis on hand washing. they are posting resources online to reassure parents. >> i will monitor her and make sure she washes her hands. >> the goal is to protect students early to keep schools open this year. doctors in britain are monitoring a serious nervous disorder that could be triggered by the swine flu vaccine. because paralysis and can lead to death insert -- in extreme cases. there is an increased risk in developing after any flu like illness. adoptions have been suspended because of a canine
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flu. at least six dogs have tested positive for a virus. one of them has died. humans cannot get this virus. it can spread to other dogs. a $12 million project is apparently several months behind schedule. the main contractor has passed a series of deadlines since the contract was awarded last year. it is not clear when it will be back on track. there -- a former builder found guilty will learn his sentenced today. he conctvi oedf theft in june for taking $3 million from 10 by year's in promising to
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build homes. these homes were never built. he faces eight years in prison. others have not gone to trial yet. a schoolteacher is charged with having sex with a minor. mark jackson developed a relationship with a 16-year-old girl. he is an rotc teacher and is due in court one week from today. bob mcdonnell will be in power. today, campaigning in stand and strove so. he plans to visit the prince william county fair in manassas. creigh deeds will be campaigning in norfolk today. the latest poll puts mcdonnell ahead of deeds. 47% would vote for mcdonnell. one% said they would support
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someoneelse. 3% said they would not vote. an american man held prisoner in myanmar is receiving treatment now. john yettaw of misery is said to be in poor health after three months in a myanmar prison. he w sense seven years of hard labor. he was freed yesterday through the efforts of jim webb. >> the government pondered my request to allow him to come back here to thailand with me. >> webb is hoping fist gesture lays a foundation of good will. he received the approval of the obama administration. 5:38. >> still ahead, to put on your
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dancing shoes. here they go would again. we will learn who will be joining the cast of "dancing with the stars." >> we are tracking the tropics and our local keep wave. more on that coming up.
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hello. i'm here with the ocean city beach patrol. the surf is up. good morning, washington. good morning, washington. we have fairly clear skies. a little patchy fog. .t will be a hot one.umersbe n th they range from the low 70's. our forecast today, a hot one. temperatures in the low to mid mid 90's. a code aren't day. -- a code orange day. he will continue through midweek. all that and the tropics coming up. >> we have an interesting morning.
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an accident northbound on 17 after richie road. one lane is getting through. a crash near georgia avenue. let's check the pages together. let's see what we have. we have a delay from university boulevard with the lanes open to georgia boulevard. >> thank you. 5:43 is your time, 72 degrees. >> we will tell you why the white house could be backing off plans fo an option. this is in the fight for health care reform.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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checking our top stories -- the first named storm is raining down on the florida panhandle. claudette made landfall at this morning. two more storms are in the atlantic. >> if you are a parent, the government says you need to have a backup plan in case your child gets the swine flu. you need to have a strategy in place to care for a sick child. a vaccine will not appear ready until mid october. >> a former builder is facing up to eight years in prison. he was found guilty for taking $3 million from 10 by years to build homes and pocketed the money. 5:47.
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72 degrees. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> when the sun pops up, you feel it. >> some intense heat. we are looking at 94 or s today. the hot pattern continues. >> k itind of i came out of nowhere. >> there were some stor in he la one made landfall ey could siltl cause issue l there could still be some flooding. here we go. claudette made landfall and is moving inland. the next system, this right here is ana. it is losing steam. it could still bring some showers to florida by the end of the week and into the gulf coast
5:49 am
it could bring some more moisture. it is a category one storm. a major storm on wednesday. it looks like it will stay in the mid-atlantic. let's look at the temperatures. it is muggy a is muggy. 73 down in orange. the forecast today is much like yesterday. there is some fog possible. then some patchy clouds. it is a typical august day. we have code orange wges unhealthy for sensitive groups. overnight, same deal, 60's and 70's. some patchy fog could develop. then we do it all over again tomorrow. i think we will remain dry.
5:50 am
a cold front could swing through and to bring us a storm on thursday or friday or saturday. notice the heat sticks around with us. >> traffic is moving slowly on 95. we are in the normal pattern to get to the occoquan. 66 it looks good. outer loop exit to 123 is h closedot lane -- is closed for hot lane work. you exit early on the access road, the left exit for 66 west. south leaving into tysons, pay attention. nothing reported on 270. good in and out of baltimore on 95. a crash before 450, so ally yourself extra time. >> thank you. we have news about the box
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office. "district 9" came in first place. it was directed by and stars a group of unknowns. it will give a late summer boost to hollywood which is struggling a little bit this year. it had a viral marketing plan. "g.i. joe: the rise of cobra" and "the time traveler's wife" roundeout the top three. >> if you like science fiction, you will like it. >> a lot of costumes in the years to come. we're just hours away from learning who will join season 9 cast of "dancing with the stars." that will be announced on "good morning america." there is word that paul abdul
5:52 am
could join the judges. >> i liked finding out who joins the cast. >> paul of dual could make a lot of money if she joins -- paula abdul could make a lot of money if she joins the show. >> we will find out in a few hours.
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♪ [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through ♪ music and dance calling you ♪ just need that mountain grown lift ♪ ♪ before you share your gift ♪ ♪ now there's rhythm and sound ♪ making their hearts pound ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup the white house may be ready
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to back down on some priorities in the overhaul to redo healthcare. >> an option for government-run health insurance may not go through. >> i think there will be a competitive part to that. you did not turn over the whole marketplace to private insurance companies and trust them to do the right thing. >> there are not the votes in the senate for the public auction. there never have been. to continue to chase that rabbit is a wasted effort. >> senator conrad has come up with an alternative. money will be there to get started. membership would be voluntary. the co-ops would use buying power to negotiate for better and cheaper medical coverage. >> it would be a way for the
5:56 am
government takeover of ou health care in this country. >> the white house is waving white flags because it knows liberals alone cannot pass the health care bill. >> it knows it will rise and fall on some moderate democrats and republicans. >> another part of this plan that may be taken off the table, the proposal to pay for counseling for end of life care. >> in as been turned into a scare tactic and likely will be dropped from the final bill. >> more to come in our second hour. >> remorse from michael vick. we will hear from him in his own words. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. traffic and
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protecting students from the swine flu. >> the system where we're collecting the latest information from florida, the hurricane system is officially under way.
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>> we are hours away f th the be revealed. who will join season nine of "dancing with the stars"? captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. welcome to monday. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. they do call these the dog days of august. >> we have had about 16 days of 90-degree weather. we will get a shote oft hanea d dihu we atca wnghi the atmpurerhero a mperatures tt fromhe t0' 7s toe around 67 inro ckcke.ll youre. fec


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