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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 17, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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this morning good morning, america. we have breaking news as claudette, the first tropical across the florida panhandle. and the first big weather monster this year, hurricane bill, gains steam in the atlantic ocean. white house compromise? will president obama give in on the key position in the health care battle? what that means for you and your insurance. missing mom. the desperate search for a woman kidnapped while talking on her cell phone. what are the clues in her last conversation? and the wait is almost over. this morning we reveal the new cast of "dancing with the stars." is this surprise guest really stars." is this surprise guest really ready to shake that stuff?
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captions paid for by abc, inc. and we hope it's a great dne sawrh itcurif you.s on cuo omon this monday, august 17th, 2009. robin is awas today. here it is, claudette. >> this is the first tropical storm of the season. some big numbers here. 50-mile-an-hour winds, 6 inches in rain. the big question for us now, where does it go? >> some areas could get as much as 10 inches of rain. as we project it will go up into alabama and georgia later today. >> bill, of course, that is the first hurricane of the season. we'll tell you everything we know about that in a moment. first we have questions about claudette. >> that's right. it's as we said claudette is slamming ashore panama city and we have right there spending the night in the drenching winds jeffrey kofman himself. how was it last night, jeffrey? >> reporter: it was wet and it was windy but right now it's actually not. you know, about half an hour ago if you had seen me it would have been a lot more dramatic and expect to see more heavy rain
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and winds coming as the tail end of claudette makes its way ashore but we're between bands as we say when we cover storms. you know, it's like someone flicked a switch over the weekend, diane. for ten weeks we had a hurricane season with no hurricanes then suddenly in 30 hours we had three named storms. overnight here in the florida panhandle tropical storm claudette came ashore with winds of 50 miles an hour and rain, a lot of rain. 6 inches or more. came with little warning. claudette is a classic pop-up storm suddenly appearing out of nowhere in the gulf of mexico and here it is 18 hours later making landfall. >> i think claudette in the end is a warning shot. the gulf is more prime than usual for intensification. >> reporter: which is why claudette surprised many here. >> looking at my boat trying to do what i have to do to save it. >> reporter: what was the first named storm of the season, ana, is already falling apart.
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overnight ana was downgraded to a tropical depression. just behind is bill. overnight it became the first hurricane to form this season. the good news, the computer forecast models show bill staying out at sea. the sudden explosion of activity has knocked complacency out of some. they concluded maybe this season they didn't need hurricane supplies. as this time lapse shows this rainy season has been marked by sudden weather changes and intense rain showers but no hurricanes. officially, hurricane season begins on june 1st. the last time the first named storm came this late in the season was 1992. that storm became hurricane andrew. it made landfall as a ferocious category 5 which is why experts warn that just because the storms are starting later doesn't mean the seaso is going to be spared. and this morning, claudette is making its way ashore heading
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towards alabama and points north. you know, as long as it doesn't do damage these rain are welcome. a lot of areas are well below seasonal norms for rainfall and could use a good soaking. diane? >> our thanks to you. bring in accuweather meteorologist mark . want to take a look at the satellite map of. aheti ttlanc ocean. a ana, tropical depression fraying at the seams. hurricane bill is the real deal. jeffrey just told us it's expected to miss the unite states at this point. is that what you show? >> the present time we aren't wasting time at all getting a hurricane in the atlantic. bill is forecast to get close and to the islands later on this week and thentletting to the watos the weekend.d east coast that is the projected path right now. any deviation in the path could bring it closer to the east coast or closer twao bermuda wi time. >> when will that be when you'll
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know for sure whether it's going to graze these coast of the united states or not? >> we'll have to wait later on into t week. depends on how strong bill gets and the environment around bill. that could certainly change. any subtle changes in high pressure in the atlantic or trough coming from the west could direct the system closer or further away from the east coast but nonetheless being such a strong system there will be a lot of wave action. there will be high tides and we could have dangerous swimming conditions at the very least along the east coast. >> as it churns along. talking about the fact it's been 2 1/2 months of relative tranquility. the last time that happened in a hurricane season was 1992 then hurricane andrew. cat a, slammed ashore. expecting 30 years of debris. still picking up debris from andrew. any reason to believe this period of calm has led to an ocean ready for a giant storm, bill? >> well, typically, the latter
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part of the summer season, august into september, october, that's when we see most of our hurricane activity in the atlantic. warmer waters are found off the east coast. conditions, closer to home this year, a little more favorable for a veloent, so, bill certainly has time to ville. it only takes one storm. should never let your guard down. always be prepared during the hurricane season if you live near the coast. if you're vacationing near the coast and as we saw with andrew, the power of these storms very dangerous and cause a lot of destruction years of cleanup in the wake of andrew. >> who could forget the sight of the boats being lifted out of the water and dumped into homes, into backyards of homes way offshore. thanks again to you, mark mancuso, accuweather. good to have you with us. chris? >> the latest on insurance form. mixed signals are coming out of the white house about the future of the public health insurance option. the question is, will president
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obama bargain away one of his key goals in order to get democrats united? abc's senior white house correspondent jake tapper has the latest for us. he's in the capital this morning. good morning, jake. >> reporter: good morning, chris. well, that's right. president obama spks to the veterans of foreign wars today in phoenix. but his allies in washingn n are tryiyi to o certain juow much t the obama a ainisatioio hass rsed ththe wtete flalag of rrenender, key controverersial provisioions of the bill in ord to get it through congress. while president obama did the tourist ththing with his familyt ththe grand canyon -- >> pretty nice. >> reporter: -- members of his administration were addressing the cast many betweween what th want in health care reformrm an what they can get passed. facing false chargrges of a dea papanel and killing off seniors the obama admdministratn says the end-of-life care provisions in the bill may be dead. critics say they're ununeasy abt end-of-life measures being discussed within the context of cost-cutting.
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can you understand that discomfort? >> we wanted to make sure doctors were reimbursed for that very important consultation if family members chose to make it, instead it's been turned into a scare tactic and probably will be off the table. >> reporter: this even though the president made a personal pitch about the issue. >> i just lost my grandmother last year. the notion that somehow i ran for public office or members of congress are in this so that they can go around pulling the plug on grandma. when you start making arguments like that, that's simply dishonest. >> reporter: but it was the president himself who seemed to signal he was willing to fold on the push for a government-run public plan to compete with private insurers to bring down costs. >> make sure that the public option whether we have it or we don't have it is not the entirety of health care reform. this is just one sliver of it. >> reporter: this will be a delicate dance for the president.
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but grandparenting these provisions might be the own highway to get the bill passed. >> there are not the votes in the united states senate for the public option. there never have been. >> reporter: though house liberals argue killing offer the public option will hurt attempts to cover the millions of uninsured. >> it would be very, very difficult because without the public option, wll have the same number of people uninsured. >> reporter: now, chris, one option that's gaining steam in washington is that of co-ops, these would be nonprofit, but they would not be run by the government. they would be run by members, but some people say they are not nearly as effective as public plans. chris? >> and a lot of debate left to be had. jake, thanks very much. appreciate it. to david muir. he's following the other major story. the wildfires in california. good morning, david. >> we are watching them. good morning, everyone. thousands of firefighters are returning to the front lines this morning to battle nearly a dozen wildfires burning across california. a stubborn fire south of san francisco is keeping pore than 400 people from their homes. heavy smoke prevented crews from
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battling flames over the weekend and further south a fire in los padres national forest is blamed on marijuana growers. a move that could signify easing tensions between north and south korea. the north agreed to ease border restricts to allow more family reunions and tourism. they did respond positively but more talks are needed. back in this country michael jackson's father tells a new york newspaper his son will be buried august 29th on what would have been his 51st birthday. meanwhile, the battle is heating up this morning over jackson's estate and lisa fletcher is in los angeles with new details. good morning, lisa. >> reporter: good morning, david. you know, today is the first time that we are going to hear from the attorney that the judge appointed to look out specifically for michael jackson's children's best interests. remember, they're entitled to 40% of michael's estate and the upsays he wants somebody in the courtroom that is exclusively looking out just for them. ♪ ♪ all i want to say this they
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don't care about us." >> reporter: hundreds of millions of dollars on the line and today a judge will rule on some deals that could add to the fortuning. mainly one with bravado, a company that would license and merchandise his products valued atbout $15 million. meanwhile, katherine jackson is still fighting with executors to have some control of michael's fortune and legacy saying they don't have his best interests at heart. but abc news has learned the executors expect to bring $100 million into the estate by the end of the year and up to $50 million annually. making katherine's case difficult to prove. >> it's a situation of command and control. you know, right now these two executors are sort of king of the hill and they don't want too many chefs or too many cooks in a sense spoiling this particular meal. >> reporter: executor john branca said despite the debt there is a way out and they're following the plan they created with michael before his death. it includes books, movies, merchandise and the multitude of
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unpublished jackson songs. >> it seems to be a situation that's almost going to write itself in that michael jackson now is going to have a legacy, hugely in demand by the public. that's goi to be worth a substantial amount of money. >> reporter: and the executors tell us that they believe so much in the strength of the michael jackson brand that they are not going to sell off the sony atv music catalog to pay off debt. remember, that catalog contains thousands of songs from artists like the beatles and eagles and jackson owns that. and it is valued at hundreds of millions of dollars. david? >> so much money we're talking about, lisa fletcher this morning, thanks. two notes from the sports world. the world's fastest man slattered another record. usain bolt bolted through the dash at 9.58 seconds. bested his time by 0.11 secon and check this out in golf i'm sure you have seek it worth looking at again. tiger woods was at the pga
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championship and y.e. yang became the first korean to win a major. and i wanted to show you this. i took note of this. look at him peering out from just beneath the brim of his hat. didn't want to look up at the sky. 110th player in the world beating him there. 110th. he said nobody will be the spoiler if i lose. that's how i went into this thing. >> he said "i'm not afraid. what is he going to do, bite you or hit you with a 9 iron" i wasn't afraid the whole time. can we see that putt again. the eight-foot putt he missed on the 17th hole. aw. >> first of all, probably the best putter in the history of the game and i think it speaks to how dominant this man is that in a sport where nobody wins like two, three times in a row he is so dominant whenever he loses it's seen as a huge upset. >> he's the closer. >> not yet. >> marysol castro is in from "gma weekend." sam chamon is off this week. hello, mary. >> good morning, everyone.
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seemingly a typical august a hurricane and wildfires, we first start off with claudette. a lot of rain, 2 to 4 inches some areas seeing 5. we do have watches and warnings from panama city up through montgomery. big storm to watch, of course, is hurricane bill. still churning in the atlantic. category 1. 75-mile-per-hour winds. we're going to update you throughout the morning. over to california, northern california, 11 wildfires still burning. the good news there is more humidity in the air. we'll keep an eye on this, as well. your local forecast is coming in just 30 seconds. first this morning's "good morning america" selected cities brought to you by
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>> a very good morning, meteorologist brian van de graaff. we are in that mid 60's in the area. there are some tropical waves out there. one is down in the south which is losing steam, coming across the caribbean. locally, it is about the sheet which begins to build in. >> thanks so much. more on your monday outlook later in the show. diane? >> thanks, marysol. now the nfl quarterback michael ck willing back on the practice field this week continuing his quest to get his life back together after spending 18 months in federal prison for running a dogfighting ring. as vick tries to get his career on track trying to explain
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himself rebuild his reputation, abc's dan harris tells us about it. >> the first day i walked into prison and they slammed that door i knew, you know, the magnitude of the decisions that i made and the poor judgment and what i, you know, allowed to happen to the animals. >> reporter: in an interview with "60 minutes" michael vick said he is taking responsibility. >> it's no way of, you know, explaining, you know, the hurt and the guilt that i felt and that was the reason i crashed so many nights. >> reporter: forgiveness may not come so easily judging by signs like "hide your beagle vick's an eagle." >> why do they need a distraction? why do they need vick? >> reporter: vick was convicted for training dogs in death matches and putting down dogs who underperformed by shooting, drowning, hanging and electrocution. vick n says he wants to help bring awareness to animal
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cruelty and he's working with the humane society. the question is, will that be enough to repair his reputation? as for vick's former dogs, many are still being rehabilitated. the toughest cases came here, the best friends animal sanctuary in utah. >> george has had a rough life. >> come on. >> reporter: among them, georgia. >> aw. >> reporter: her body scarred from fighting and cherry used as a bait dog in his past now terrified of people. >> you can do it. come on. >> reporter: but through positive reinforcement dedicated trainers are able to slowly draw out these abused animals, animals they say are worth saving. >> i personally believe every one of them will find a great home or if need be we will take care of them for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. >> you're my number one, yes, i promise that. >> and if you want to see more about the rehabilitation of vick's dog, tune in to the
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national geographic channel on august 29th. so what would you do? would you take him back? would you root for him? >> from a football perspective you take him back because he's such a talented player. i believe in mercy and redemption. you'll never be able to excuse what he did. he'll never be able to explain it away. >> see what he does with the humane society. >> let's see what he does with the second chance. the school year hasn't started but increase of the h1n1 virus already coming true. duke university, nearly half the football team has been treated for swine flu symptoms already. so in an effort to increase public awareness, the government has launched a video contest on youtube. today is the deadline for submissions so which so far they have a little mix of humor and healthy advice. abc's john berman has highlights. >> reporter: the federal government thinks it will take more than vaccines to battle the h1n1 flu. it will take sock puppets.
7:19 am
>> clean and care for all the things that you share so the virus is the one to beware. >> reporter: puppets and maybe bad rap music. ♪ wash your hands on a regular basis cough or sneeze in your sleeve ♪ >> reporter: announced by kathleen sebelius. >> i'm excited to announce a new video contest from hhs that will tap into our nation's creativity. >> reporter: the government is looking for more than boring men in suits telling you to wash your hands. they're looking for something memorable. >> we don't want to pass on the flu on to you. >> none of us doo! >> reporter: 15 or 30-second public service announcements posted to youtube. they're flowing in from the young. >> achoo. she should have stayed away from that sick person. >> reporter: and old. >> if you want to avoid the flu, do what smart people do, wash
7:20 am
your hands many times a day. this will keep the germs away. >> reporter: there is high art. ♪ >> reporter: and high comedy. >> wash your happens as frequently as possible. >> reporter: all they have to do is give simple healthtips. ♪ wash your hands wash your hands ♪ >> reporter: the winner gets $2,500. >> that's right. >> reporter: if tell it alone can beat sickness, the swine flu is in trouble. >> www.flugov. >> reporr: john berman, abc news, new york. >> see you after the break. achoo!
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>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. and good morning, everybody. i am alison starling. 7:22 is your time on this monday morning.
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>> good morning. welcome to monday. newschopper7 is flying over 95 and maryland. everything is quiet. there is nothing on the beltway to report between 95 and georgia avenue but a good volume. eastbound 66 had an earlier crash along with which has been cleared. this is a live picture of 95 virginia. the left side of thecreen is northbound. 395 as a stalled vehicle on the bridge. a tow truck has just arrived. >> we mentioned club that was a tropical storm that popped up yesterday near the -- club that was a tropical storm that popped up yesterday near the florida panhandle. -- claudette twas a tropical storm that popped up yesterday near the florida panhandle.
7:24 am
bill will be the first hurricane of the year and could become category three by thursday. it should stay in the open waters of thocean. we are in the 60's in the western suburbs. it will be hot today with temperatures in the 90's. will be co orange ai
7:25 am
ware following a developing story out of college park where police are investigating a doubletabbing
7:26 am
that left one man dead. >> police are saying that it stemmed from an altercation. we are live near the 7-11 at college park and greenbelt road and college ave. they found a blue pontiac and it was near this car where they found two men on the ground with very deep cuts. what is unique is that this is not the crime scene. the actual crime took place at a house nearby on hollywood road. authorities say the two men started off their and ended up here and that is where they were found with the injuries. both men were flown to nearby hospitals. one man was pronounced dead and the other man is expected to live. this is an ongoing homicide investigation. we will have more details later. a former builder is facing
7:27 am
up to e yight dato prhton today. was rubbing off local home buyers. he will w sentenced later this morning. was found guilty of taking $3 million from 10 buyers to build homes in upper marlboro back in 2004 and then pocketing the money. best skaters are looking into suspicious fires in a neighborhood on capital -- investigators are looking into suspicious fires in the neighborhood on capitol hill. these fir left trash containers chart or destroyed. they are amazed that the fires did not cause more damage. >> this was 1:30 in the morning. the planes were 20 feet high. my room i got a hose and put the fire out by herself. had she not come home and 1:30 in the morning, i think the whole building was started on fire.
7:28 am
>> fire officials say they are following some good leads and they are actively looking to the public for information.
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♪ start spreading the news >> want to keep you up to date on our neighborhood which you foe has a new look. they're transforming times square. they've already blocked off part of the road. now they're putting tables and chairs along the pedestrian mall. there it is, umbrellas, we're going to have latte with skim whole and cinnamon coming up soon. anyway, come join us any morning you can as we say good morning, america once again. i'm diane sawyer with chris cuomo and robin is off today. we have royal news this morning. prince william alert. could this be the deal? is prince william already setting a date to tie the knot with longtime girlfriend miss kate middleton. we'll take you through it. a health alert about stress
7:31 am
and something that could be happening all around you. word this morning of the number of middle-aged people, people who never drank before, who are drinking so much they find themselves passing out in humiliating ways. hear their stories. that's ahead. >> first we have a call to action as people in georgia search for a missing mom. we have new clues in the disappearance of kristi cornwell. police say the 38-year-old was kidnapped while walking on a remote country road. she was talking to her boytrend on her cell phone and the last thing he heard was the sound of kristi's voice saying "don't take me." in a moment we'll speak to kristi's mother and brother but all the facts from steve osunsami. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, chris. more than a hundred police officers have spent the past five days searching for this 38-year-old mother. and they've seen no sign of her. she's a former probation officer and authorities do not know whether she was abducted because of her job or at random.
7:32 am
authorities are now focusing on the highway where kristi cornwell's cell phone was found. she is a mother to a 15-year-old son on a walk talking with her boyfriend on that cell phone when she told him a car was following her. her boyfriend says he heard a scuffle and cries for help then silence. police believe cornwell was kidnapped. >> we've had lots of ups and downs. i think the discovery of the cell phone, we got positive emotions from that because we're on her trail. >> reporter: she vanished in the same area where meredith emerson disappeared last year. emerson was murdered. her killer was caught and is behind bars. many of the people searching the woods for cornwell had also searched for emerson and can't believe this is happening again. >> when i found out this poor woman was gone, snatched, i cried. >> we're in a rural community.
7:33 am
>> reporter: with people on edge cornwell's brother hope the clues police have including that final phone call will lead to a different ending this time. >> we'll be here as long as it takes. we have absolutely no plans of going anywhere or stopping searching. >> reporter: the search resumes today but police are telling us this morning that they might soon have to scale it back some. her family is hoping that training she received as a probation officer, self-defense training might make a difference. chris? >> all right, steve, a lot of questions here. let's go to the interview we had with richard cornwell the brother of missing kristi and her mother joanne cornwell. richard, first, tell us how are you all doing now and how is kristi's son doing? how is everybody holding up? >> we're holding up. of course, the sleep deprivation is the hardest thing. it takes a toll on us and makes
7:34 am
it sometimes difficult to focus on the things that we need to focus on. >> this evening walk, richard, that's something that's normal? >> yes, it is her routine to take an evening walk for exercise. >> some news here that you take optimism in is that the cell phone, your sister's cell phone was found not in some abandoned street or forest but on a main thoroughfare. that's relevant to you. why? >> i take some comfort in the fact that the phone was found on the main state route and gives me hope that there's still -- there's a good chance that she's out there somewhere possibly still in the vehicle somewhere and unharmed. >> now, the last time she was heard from was a phone call, we believe, to her boyfriend. richard, have you spoken to her boyfriend about that phone call? >> yes, she was on the cell
7:35 am
phone with him having a conversation as she was walking. he has given gbi tremendous amount of testimony regarding that and he's been very cooperative. >> is the boyfriend a person of interest or a suspect? have the authorities told you anything about that? >> not that i'm aware of. the gbi has not mentioned that at all. >> now, joanne, just to help me understand what happened and when here. when your daughter's boyfriend finished talking to her, he called you, right? you were the phone call that he made? >> that's righ >> and what did you think when you got that phone call? >> well, it terrified me. i couldn't believe what he was saying. >> and -- >> so i called 911. >> so you made the911 call.
7:36 am
he hadn't called 911 yet? >> as far as i -- i don't think so. >> how are you keeping up the strength for the search? >> i just know that god is looking after her and she had great faith in god a tt's where i'm putting my strength. >> is there a message if she has been taken if she is being held, what is the message to the people who have her? what do you want them to know? >> i want them to know that we love her very much and we need her back. her son needs his mother back. and i need my baby back. we all need her back. and we believe we're going to get her back. >> richard, joanne, thank you so much for talking to us this morning. let us know what we can do to help. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> and there are things we can
7:37 am
do to help. please get involved. kristi's family set up a website. and putting together a fund to help aid in the search for clues. want more information go to our website at 37 minutes past the hour. the weather from marysol castro of "gma weekend" in for mr. sam champion. hello, marysol. >> good morning, chris. suddenly a very active hurricane season. let's take a look at panama city beach, florida, last night as tropical storm claudette came ashore. 45-mile-per-hour winds. it is now currently downgraded to a tropical depression packing 35 mile miles-mile-per-hour win. the rain will be a concern. could be localized flooding. the big star of the show, hurricane bill, currently a cagory 1 hurricane moving, cruisingt 22 miles per hour in a north-northwest direction. by wednesday expected to
7:38 am
>> a very good morning. we will talk about the tropics later and they may affect us with moisture by wed >> thanks so much. this weather report has been brought to you by fancy feast cat food. didn't? >> okay, thanks, marysol. now, it is still too early to talk about a royal wedding but british newspapers are on fire with the latest on a possible engagement for prince william and his longtime girlfriend kate middleton and nick watt has it. >> reporter: poor prince william has a whole country bending his ear to go ahead and ask her to marry him. an off the cuff remark has quickened pulses once again. at his best friend's wedding william was mocked by the groom who joked, you're next. one rather unreliable newspaper now claims they will absolutely no doubt about it wed in 2011.
7:39 am
>> there was a rumor that william was going toet married this year and the queen was very worried because of the recession to be seen to be spending anything. >> reporter: so recession has delayed the path of royal love. william and kate have been together eight years since college days. that's a long time to keep a girl waiting. kate's been dubbed waity katie. >> william has obviously set a date or a date or else she wouldn't look so relaxed. >> reporter: it's just everyone else that's stressed out. royal reporters dress separate for a big story. the souvenirmakers who have started making mementos. step up to the plate, william. apparently britain needs a wedding to lift her spirits. for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, london. >> don't be stampeded. take your time. coming up next, a health alt about something happening in middle age that brings on a conger we associate with g co llege, binge drinking. even for people who never drank
7:40 am
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get the picture.
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some big news abou what turns out to be a big secret about middle age stress and drinking in america. a new study just out finds that binge drinking turns out to be a big problem among middle-aged americans and it's often missed by health care providers. abc's david muir as we know is here this morning and has the story. it's missed over and over by people going to talk to their doctors. >> because they're astute at keeping it hidden. headline that got our attention. binge drinking often undedecked by doctors and loved ones because they do such a good job at keeping it under wraps. this morning a look at what's behind it all. the headlines were as painful as the secret they might have revealed. a new york area mother driving drunk crashes going the wrong way on the highway killing eight. her husband later said he had no
7:44 am
idea she even drank. if true, that mother's secret it turns out could be part of a fast-growing and troubling trend, binge drinking among adults. >> this is not a teenage problem. this is not a college level problem. this is a problem that is existing in today's boomer population. >> reporter: 11,000 adults 50 and older were asked have you consumed 5 or more aoholic beverages in just one day sometime in the last month. 23% of men said yes and 9% of women said they had too. most common in men experts point to that very public cry for help in 2007 from the daughter of 55-year-old david hasselhoff who she recorded. >> dad, you need to promise me you'll get off alcohol. >> what? >> reporter: experts say the number of women is particularly troubling because they are the ones most likely to hide it. >> they have tremendous amount of responsibility on their shoulders. they have the responsibility of aging parents and they have the responsibility of their
7:45 am
children. >> reporter: 41-year-old rachel bronell began losing control in her early 30s drinking even as she took the kids on a walk. >> hit 35 and you're in the big leagues for me. you know, it meant i had kids and mortgage and a big job. >> reporter: she drank more than two dmraszs of wine almost every day for nearly three years. she remembers open house at her children's school. >> i spent the entire hour of the orientation in the little teeny tiny elementary school bathroom on the floor and i was sick and i just felt terrible. and that was really to me that was the beginning of the end. >> reporter: rachel is now sober for nearly two years. which is really a huge feat for rachel because experts say the risk only heighten as you hit your 40s and 50s. a time in life when you begin accomplishments and so many people experts say place unfair expectations on themselves and this binge drink something a way of trying to put aside the fact that they think they haven't done as well as they think they
7:46 am
shou should. >> college high school, you think u're past that. okay, thanks to you, david. coming up next, it's monday. want to see a kid lip-syncing i watching ♪ - hi. - crowd: hi!
7:47 am
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7:50 am
all right. make my monday, alright. this is what got us going this morning. people here in new york city, they love the apple store. people love to go in and shop there. >> people anywhere do. >> you're in the apple store and you see this. this is nikolai white, the 13-year-old. he goes to the apple store. and he uploads lip-syncing videos of himself. listen ♪ tonight is going to be a good night that tonight is going to be a good night ♪ ♪ that tonight's going to be a good good night ♪
7:51 am
>> he goes to the store and then look at this. >> why not is. >> that's his party shades and the people behind don't really know what to make of it. >> look at the entire family vi ind him there i t video. >> then he uploads them onto youtube then we see them on youtube then we put him on television. >> that's how it works. these apple stores in new york. that's what they do. >> look at those two women. >> and he's very serious. >> no stage is too small. there you are. nikolai. >> 13-year-old. >> welcome to showbiz. >> everybody is finding creative ways to get on the internet now. he's pretty good actually. >> a lock there. >> so when we come back, "dancing with the stars," the new contestants revealed right here. >> very big. >> it's a big seek, all o us. we don't even know. >> nobody knows until we know
7:52 am
here. >> and we will and you will. coming up on "gma," a medical mystery, why this woman is always hungry. the rare condition that makes her lie and even steal for food. >>plus, the wait is almost over. we're just moments away from revealing the new cast of "dancing with the stars." [ kissing ] come on. good girl. mollie's never looked better. i really was amazed to see the change in her coat. people stop us when we're walking, and they'll say, "did you shine up her spots?" [ woman announcing ] just another way purina one... unlocks the brilliance of nature... to transform the life of your dog. for us to see the difference in mollie-- we were really excited about it. it just makes you feel wonderful. [ announcer ] it's amazing what one can do.
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good monday morning, erybody. welcome back and i hope you had a good weekend. i am alison starling. let's look at traffic and weather. >> on 270, on 95 in and out of baltimore, it is a good monday even on route 50 out of the john hanson highway. we will go live to fort belvoir
7:57 am
on route 1 near gunston road. newschopper7 is there and nothing on i-95 between fredericksburg and springfield, just brief delay is heading to the beltway and retailers across the 14th street bridge out of springfield. we will go to leesburg where it has been gorgeous on the dulles greenway, the dulles toll road and rte. 7. >> we had one tropical system make landfall in florida and another one will be coming into the gulf of mexico through the next couple of days but it should not be that strong. hurricane bill become a major hurricane by mid-week. locally, there is or rained down to the south and we could have some scattered showers later in the week. heat and humidity to day end mid-90's today. a prince george's county
7:58 am
teacher is charged with having sex with a minor. authorities say the 43-year-old began taking the 16-year-old female student to his alexandria home for sex in december after befriending her three months earlier. will anothno
7:59 am
8:00 am
"good morning america" continues with triple threat. the hurricane season unleashes a powerful punch. three storms. tropical depression claudette now onshore ove the florida panhandle and dropping heavy rain and now the season's first hurricane. hurricane bill. brewing in the atlantic. plus, she is always hungry. stealing, eating out of the garbage, anything to get food. the mysterious illness that could hold the secret to controlling your hunger. ♪ and who will have the next dance? this morning we reveal the new cast ready to take the floor on the biggest season ever of "dancing with the stars."
8:01 am
>> good morning, good morning. this is a big moment. this is big, big, big. as you can see, we have with us mr. dancing with the stars himself over on our special set waving his arms. he's kissing the crowd. big things. dancers behind him. the moment is almost here. the new cast of "dancing with the stars." can't wait to find out who is on it. he seems expectant himself. the dancing. >> yes. >> hazardous pay duty he needs over there. also coming up in our next hour, we have the best advice if you're sending your child off to college for the first time. the little practical things that can make all the difference in their first year particularly say when they haven't ever washed clothes before in the dryer, in the washer themselves so we're going to have lee
8:02 am
woodruff here with practical tips for the first year in college. david muir is back at the news desk with the news. >> hey there. thanks. the hurricane season has suddenly roared back to life. we now have our first hurricane churning in the atlantic and claudette, the first tropical storm to make landfall, has now been downgraded to a tropical depression still dumping heavy rain in the florida panhandle. jeffrey kofman is there this morning. >> reporter: good morning, david. well, you know for ten weeks we had a hurricane season with no hurricanes but suddenly over the weekend three named storms popped up over 30 hours. the first one to make landfall came here in the florida panhandle. tropical storm claudette came here overnight bringing sustained winds of 50 miles per hour and 3 to 6 inches of rain. no reports of major damage. heavy rains now experienced over alabama and the storm is heading north. meanwhile, out at sea, two more named storms, the first one of the year, anas already dissipating downgraded to a tropical depression. bill became a hurricane
8:03 am
overnight expected to be major but forecast models say it wi stay at sea. >> all right, jeffrey, thank you. much more on the storm's track in a moment. marysol is traing it. the bitter fight over health care reform and signs this morning the president may be ready to drop the controversial public insurance option. the health secretary told abc news that the provision is not an essential element. that follows the president's statement on friday that called the public option just a sliver of the overhaul. in california this morning thousands of firefighters are struggling with at least 11 wildfires burning theiray through the tinder dry canyon, some of the worst in the santa cruz mountains are only partly contained. officials blame marijuana farmers for start, one and the burning feathers of a hawk that flew into the power line for another fire. a man accused of attacking the mayor of milwaukee is under arrest. mayor tom barrett was leaving the state tear when he tried to intervene in a domestic dispute to help her woman and child. when he tried to call 911, the man involved in the dispute attacked him with a pipe.
8:04 am
>> we're extremely proud of tom's selflessness and his courage. tom's efforts protected the woman and the child. his efforts also protected members of our family, as well. >> barrett was in stable frfrturehahandnd a at l lasast p this morning especially if you read magazines thahat target younger women and mothers. researchers found more than one-third of magazine feets showing them asleep on their tummies, turns out the pictures arare ununsafe. experts recommend babieses actuallyly sleep on their backs and avavoid the soft bedding.g. it is four minutes past and marysol, i know you listen very closely to that with a newborn in your house.e. >> t that's absolutely right, david. gogood mororning t to you. good morning, everyone. look at all my friends joining us for one of the steamiest dss nework cityty. the trenend throughout the northeast. it turns out it actually isis summmmer here's august. all the way from portland down to richmond. temperatures in the 90s. we could see close to
8:05 am
record-breaking temperatures. from there to the middle of the country, severe weather folks waking up to stormy weather, 60 to 80-mile-per-hour winds, an all day event near denver and wichita. the rest of the nation, it looks like the pacific northwest is finally starting to warm up. this will be a trend throughout the week. very hot in phoenix, 108. the drought continues in southern texas, of course, we're keeping an eye on the severe storms and of >> a very good morning. a few clouds out there and it is 71 degrees. highs today will be in the mid- 90's. there will be southerly winds at 5-10 miles per hour.
8:06 am
>> thanks so much. more on your monday outlook later on in the show. diane? >> okay, thanks. now we'll turn to one of the strangest medical mysteries that doctors are trying to solve. a disorder that can cause life-threatening obesity, hunger so unrelenting you'll eat 24 hours a day, food has to be kept under lock and key and that includes other people's food. juju chang is here to tell us about this strange as we said secret disorder. >> good morning, diane. it is a rare genetic disorder that affects an estimated 45,000 americans but specialists believe it may be undiagnosed in another 25,000. i spent the day with a woman who is always and this is no exaggeration, no metaphor, she is always hungry. everyone says they have an insatiable appetite but what if that were literally true? how often is food on your mind?
8:07 am
>> all the time. >> reporter: kate cane feels hungry all the time. so hungry that she beg, steals, even eats out of the garbage to get food and if someone didn't stop her, the consequences could be tragic. >> i can eat so i die or i got really sick. >> reporter: for years it was a mystery. ironically as a baby she wouldn't eat at all. >> we were very concerned. >> reporter: when she gained an appetite her parents were thrilled. but by age 2 she was stealing cupcakes at birthday parties. by 3 kate weighed 45 pounds. already 50% above the average. doctors finally diagnosed her with prader-willi syndrome can you katrina caused by a chrome domal flaw that causes learning issues and muscle weakness but also a feeling of never being full or satisfied. there is no cure. kate, like the estimated 20,000 people with prada-willi will do literally anything for food.
8:08 am
she's lost several jobs for pilfering food but that's not all. have you ever been caught shoplifting? >> yes. i have almost got arrested on two occasions. >> reporter: what were you caught stealing? >> candy bars, i think. >> reporter: and you wouldn't know the canes keep any food in the house. >> total lockdown. you have to lock the refrigerator, the freezer, cabinets. i mean you can't turn your back for seconds. >> reporter: your parents resorted to locking the cabinets, locking the fridge. >> yep. >> reporter: did you try to get around that? >> yes. >> reporter: in what way? >> i would find the keys where they were hidden and just pick the lock, take the locks off. >> reporter: kate is not trying to be bad. prada-willi is just part of her makeup. it affects the hypothalmus that controls desires. scientists hope by studying
8:09 am
prada-wi prada-willi, it will give us insight into what causes obesity. it'seen exhausting for their parents. kate had ballooned to 310 pounds and kate wasn't happy either. >> my breathing was very difficult when i exercised. >> reporter: then when kate was 23 she qualified for a hom for adults with prada-willi in wisconsin with no cure in sight, it was kate's only hope. and the good news, in the six years she's been there, she's lost 150 pounds. when you look in the mirror, though, how do you feel? >> good. >> reporter: why? >> because i see how far i've come in my success in losing my weight. >> reporter: the key to the home success, a structured environment including work and an hour of exercise every day. the residents are monitored 24 hours a day. >> they have a schedule and they obviously everything inside is
8:10 am
locked so it takes that tension away, that stress away from food seeking. >> reporter: but kate still struggles. last time she was on home leave she gained 25 pounds in just 10 days. food will always be a distraction and she'll probably have to live in the group home for the rest of her life. do you ever wish the hunger would go away? >> yes. >> reporr: why? >> because it would be so much easier, i could do anything. >> it is the appetite and hunger and all and the way of being happy, probably and you wish for that to go away. you want it solved. >> and despite all of her success, there is no cure. she had been on a whole host of drugs and for some, things like prozac, anti-depressants help with the behavior but the hunger remains. >> so no cure but some help with the behavior, some of these drugs that target like what obsessive compulsive. >> obsessive/compulsive
8:11 am
behaviors like ritualized eating. it's restricting it. kate's father has been a driving force in raising mon to study it because they feel if they study the extremes of eating they can help with obesity and overseating in the general population. >> bigger numbers than i had ever heard of before. thank you very much. if you want more information on this, visit and juju will be posting there. the wait is over. tom bergeron next. the new cast of "dancing with the stars." can i pour? you can help me pour. good. ( laughs ) ( gasps ) do you hear that sound? they're popping! - really?! listen. - ( laughs ) ahhhhh... mmm. where'd the sound go? even when they've stopped popping, is it in your tummy? they haven't stopped working. now, every box of kellogg's® rice krispies® cereal... has antioxidants and nutrients... that help support your child's immune system.
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8:15 am
♪ there is only one man who comes with an entourage of dancers and that is tom bergeron host of "dancing with the stars." >> spy spandex posse.
8:16 am
>> courtesy of -- thank you t all of you. beautiful. this is the moment, thank you for letting me a part of it. we have to announce the big names. this is it. >> this is it snflt are we ready. >> are we ready? yes. get to it. the first one, a model, featured in quart sports illustrated" issue for 13 consecutive years. her first cover shot for the 25th anniversary swimsuit edition, still the best-selling issue of the magazine ever. it is kathy ireland. >> kathy ireland, ladies and gentlemen. yay! very big. >> yeah. >> she's done a lot of different things. >> absolutely right. absolutely right. >> wow. this is pretty exciting. pretty exciting. wohl new departure. no, kathy ireland, personal fan favorite. now, muted for the next one. this grammy winning singer's unique voice from "why didn't you call me" and "i try" also
8:17 am
acted in film, pop artist -- >> macy gray will be with us in season nine. >> very nice. also working on a current album. her fourth album so learn about that. >> riding to the ballroom right now. >> very nice. one of her videos. >> next dancer known for her starring roles in television series "clarissaxplains it all," "sabrina the teenage witch," she is the actress. >> melissa joan hart. >> mother of two sons. mason age 3, braden, 17 months. >> she was recently i think on was it "people" magazine. >> how to lose the baby weight. >> she's going to learn now. all right. another grammy winner, r&b artist, patched mights with christina aguilera and pink in the remake of "lady marmalade." also starred in the film version of the musical "chicago." she is -- >> she is mya.
8:18 am
>> mya has arrived. one of those people that will fall into the category of has danced before. took a lot of training. >> but not ballroom. that's always tough. >> interesting distinction. okay. our next dancer keeping it in the family, father george hamilton, who is on the second season of "dancing with the stars," george made it to the sixth round. can mr. -- >> ashley hamilton. >> ashley hamilton, beat his dad's record? there he is. >> i imagine he'll be on the sidelines. >> very handsome like his dad. following the great tradition from going to the gridiron to the dance floor one of the most successful wide receivers former dallas cowboy, football hall of famer -- >> i bet emmitt smith has tips for him. michael irvin. >> two-thirds of the triplets. >> a phenomenal athlete. phenomenal athlete. he also -- this man is known as the chairman. >> yes. >> okay. when he hosts on the food
8:19 am
network. he is from iron chef america mr. -- >> well, because of the food connection you might think it's the uscous, but it's mark dacsscos. >> from hawaii working films with jet li. martial arts there. >> yeah. >> finally we saved the most -- >> i don't actually have number eight. i -- really? >> i don't -- >> oh, here he is. >> how are you? >> what a surprise. i had no idea. >> yeah, baby! >> donny osmond. >> hello, chris. >> you teased me about doing it. >> remember, but after your samba, breathe. breathe. >> thank you. >> please, have a seat. >> what am i thinking about? you know -- >> we talked about this when you were on. >> yeah, i know we d i know we did, but i'm actually going to do it this time. >> that's right.
8:20 am
and this is the season when we have a cast that's as big as some of your family reunions. >> okay. here's the deal, i'm doing a full production show with marie in las vegas every week. what am i thinking about adding "dancing with the stars" on top of that? >> well -- >> i must be crazy. >> answer your own crazy. >> i must be an idiot. >> what made you do it? >> i reject that answer. what do you think pushed you to it. >> marie. >> everybody keeps saying ever since marie was on and did such a fabulous job raised the bar so high for me. if i do half as good as marie -- >> don't do a rag doll -- >> i won't do that. >> don't do that. >> that's my only advice to you and not to faint. >> now, do you think it's nice -- do you buy -- >> i'll breathe. >> watching. i'm a huge fan. i say nice thing, bergeron, not so nice. >> i love her. she knows i'm teasing. >> let me ask you this, there's a little bit of a sibling
8:21 am
rivalry. is it you want to do half as well or outdo. >> you're really getting to the honest deal, i got to beat her. >> you got to beat her. >> i got to beat her. >> this is the biggest cast you've ever had. >> this is the biggest cast we've ever had. eight more names donny will stick around and help us announce in the next segment. one of the things we're going to do different which will add to the tension level for you and the others is that in the middle of our season over three weeks, we're going to have double eliminations. three weeks of double eliminations so we'll lose about half of our cast within that period of time. >> fast and furious. >> it will be a ballroom bloodbath. >> well, it'll be nail-biting. >> we have another segment coming up of more people, the rest of the cast, let's recap for those watching at home. kathy ireland, macy gray, melissa joan hart, mya, ashley amounty, michaelive vin, mark dacascos and mr. donny osmond.
8:22 am
mr. donny osmond. >> and some of the big surprises yet to come. >> absolutely. more after the break. "dancing with the stars." can it get any better? x chnoy evuieqx. with an epa estimated 32 miles per gallon. and up to 600 miles between fill ups. it'th fe mostuelmofficient crossover on the highway.
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8:25 am
and we're walkin'! esve! >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway. it is 8:25. >> we have had a relatively good morning. we have an earlier car wreck on 66 in vienna which is gone. 95 into baltimore is good. 270 had a minor car wreck southbound but no impact on traffic. southbound on 270, the lanes are relatively free. on the virginia side, there is a brief slowdown on 395 to get to a landmark.
8:26 am
>> upper 70 possible right now. -- upper 70's right now. temperatures today will be in the low 90's. it will be a hot and sticky day with code aren't air quality. -- cote orange air quality. -- cote orange air quality. tomorrow, more of the same period. by wednesday, we may see a few thunderstorms.
8:27 am
8:28 am
residents say they are amazed at the fires have not caused more damage. >> this was 1:30 in the morning. the planes were 20 feet high. my roommate got the host and put the fire out by herself. had she not come home at 1:30 in the morning, i think that whole building>> 47% of voters would r
8:29 am
bob mcdonnell and 40% would vote for creigh deeds. the poll was conducted through telephone interviews 4.11 11-14. these arerom th aol challenge yesterday at the princeli wam cl counanass. matt brock was one of the judges. the challenge is a fund-raiser for the american red cross. the fair runs through next weekend. we will have another news update at 8:56. for continuous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, news channel 8.
8:30 am
♪ >> i'm on the inside, buddy. >> donny osmond joining us with the host of "dancing with the stars," mr. tom bergeron. a special edition of "dancing with the stars." >> chr, you got to tell them what i was doing. >> getting votes. >> you haven't even danced yet. >> it never hurts. >> trying to rescue a kitten from a tree. >> taking people's home numbers so he can call in the middle of the night. >> you got to work it, baby. i am so excited about this, you guys. >> yeah, but having said that, stand up. honest to goodness, i'm only
8:31 am
doing this -- >> we're dancing already. whoa, whoa. >> no, come on, tom. chris. >> you are in such amazing shape. >> well, thank you. >> which i'm not kidding. solid as a rock. you take my word for it. >> yeah, what were you two doing before the show? >> that was donny's one free pass at diane. next time i dot to slug him. >> until this morning i didn't think you smoked. >> need to keep some distance because there's a whole evaluation process. we know it's the ninth season. we just went through the first group of people, the biggest cast ever. we'll recap but before we do the next segment. >> tell you coming up, as well. when you send your children off to college the first time and they've never cleaned a room or never done -- you'll stay tuned because our viewers came to the rescue of lee and bob roadrough with practical things you might not have thought of. marysol castro has the weather
8:32 am
right now. >> thanks so much. good morning to you. good morning, everyone. hangin out with my new-found best friends from iowa among the tourists here. lucky for them they don't have to stand here anymore. they can actually take a nice casual relaxes seat. part of an initiative here in new york city. beautiful chairs. they're not the plastic kind, makes life in the hot, steamy summer in new york city t let's take lbett. t gog onon i a teaea w er he ps woworlrl tinck tckg tpical dedepression claudud aitakakeses its y thugugh h e deeeepp sthth movi t thrghgh alabamamandnd 35ililpeper-r-urur wiwis.s. hohour..orwewest at t 22 m mil byby wednesesda cocomemeatatege y-y-bybyrom eastst t too wewest inin the nonoheasas r rainnn t vevere weaeath w we' keengng a a eye e on in e midwesesttlrlrea he i inhehe raraininndnd a aoo
8:33 am
>> in washington, it is muggy. temperatures will be in that 90's with hig >> thank you so much. this weather report has been brought to you by progressive insurance. hit it. go. >> we're on. >> marysol we're on tv. thank you very much. ninth season of "dancing with the stars." the most contestants ever, 16. we announced the first eight. i will recap for you. we have kathy ireland, macy gray, melissa an hart, mya, ashley hamilton, michael irvin, mark dacascos and the one and only mr. donny osmond sting with us now very excited to go ahead. with the next eight, shall we begin? who wants to go first? >> i'll go -- >> thank you. i appreciate that. that's a big honor. >> all right.
8:34 am
who do you got? >> kelly osborne. >> kelly osbourne. you know her from the season "the osbournes." her father ozzy osbourne. can she dance the way her father sings? >> can't wait for dad to show up. >> oh, that's going to be -- that's going to be a party. that'll be good. >> and the osbourne family and the osmond family on the same -- >> there's a reality show. the osbournes versus the osmond. >> could you please not curse? could you please not curse. who is number two. >> our next contestant, a sharp talking takeharge hollywood publicist on the series "entourage" debimazar. >> all right, next one. a little bit impartial. ultimate fighting champion, he's a titan. >> in fact, he did a cameo appearance on "entourage". >> this man has been on "entourage."
8:35 am
>> hall of famer. >> light heavyweight category, chuck liddell. >> lights out liddell. >> one guy you don't want to make mad. >> you want to be nice to him every time he dances. >> judges should give him 10 every time. >> he will make you look like me. be careful. chuck liddell. back to you. >> no, tomster. >> back and forth. you weren't here for rehearsal. at the 2008 beijing games she became the first female athlete in olympic history to win six medals in one olympics. olympians have had a good run, swimming champion natalie coughlin. >> there she is. all right. who does next one. >> interesting, "maxim" named this lady the sexiest swimsuit model in the entire world. the stunning joannakr uchljoann
8:36 am
krupa. >> snowboarder to make it, 21-year-old ohio native louis vito. >> right here, all right. >> now, this is going to be -- this is the young vote. the triple platinum selling music artist who is also starred with his four siblings in the reality show "house of carters." pop star aaron carter. >> all right. now, i'll do this. >> you'll do this one? >> by the way -- can we pause for a moment, this is the one when the producers last week were telling me who the lineup was, this nex name was the one i went, you're kidding. >> this is -- >> everybody will say -- >> this guy is an x factor. must be known jake tapper actually broke this before we could break it on the show.
8:37 am
how good a reporter he is. put out the contestant on bitter. it is mr. tom delay. that's right, tom delay, the former house majority leader is on "dancing with the stars." >> by the way, for those of you who know your nicknames, we've got the ice mann chuck liddell and when tom delay was the house majority leader, because he was very -- he was a stickler for enforcing rules he was known as the hammer. >> oh, that's right. >> the ice man versus the hammer which puts pressure you for a nickname. >> what do you think for donny? what do you think? >> i'm a lover. there you go. the puppy lover. >> oh, man, i'd rethink that one. >> i better rethink that. can you erase that from the tape. >> ice man, hammer and puppy lover. >> i'll come up with another one. by the time we go on the air i'll have my nickname. >> i want to mention too, this
8:38 am
is where it's going to be tough on you guys. this is the largest cast we've ever had in 16 and it'll be the first time in the middle of the season that we have three double eliminations, so there will be three weeks that will take out about half of our cast and that's something we've never done before. we'll have some new -- tuesdays and there will be new dances we're adding to the competition as always and we're looking forward to it. >> a lot of intrigue. >> going to be a big three-night premiere. >> shall rerecap from the top from the first original eight and eight we did. woe begin again. kathy ireland, miss macy gray, martha joan hart, mya, ashley hamilton, michael irvin, mark dacascos, donny osmond then kelly osbourne, debimazar, chuck "lights out" liddell, natalie coughlin, joanna krupa, louis
8:39 am
vito, aaron carter and mr. tom delay. >> we're nervous. guys, i can hardly wait for this to start. it'll be one of the best seeings yet. >> i'll tell you, it is a three-night premiere starting september 21st and i always love it when we get back together and get the whole gang together and see what you guys bring to the ballroom. >> the people here are very excited. donny osmond, huge expectations and a tremendous -- >> oh, come on, chris. oh, please. >> grew up watching him dance. >> huge expectations. >> celebrated performer. stakes are tremendous. >> a little bit rock 'n' roll. >> oh, a little bit salsa. i'm a little bit salsa. >> lights out liddell versus provo, utah, see it on "dancing with the stars." >> that's it. should be a great season. >> our thanks to both of you, mr. osmond, good luck to you going forward. mr. bergeron, always a pleasure. >> see you in the studio.
8:40 am
>> the ballroom. >> there you go. >> there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. the table is set for "dancing with the stars." the biggest cast ever and how t' isthodma>> ready to r haat twhs ha t >> that's what that >>prreemiere, special. em>> s t'haiple. >> that's rtt. staing >> s staing september 21st, mond monday, 8:00 p.m. eastern time when we' all glued to the list. >> you know who my partner is? >> no, i honestly don't. >> i don't. >> i find out tomorrow. >> yeah. i think they do today. >> oh, seriously, okay. >> more intrigue coming up. see you afepter the break.r
8:41 am
8:42 am
start here. go further.
8:43 am
so it's back to school, facing a lot of parents, d college-bound un teen for le away from home for
8:44 am
the first time. the woodruffs doing that. what mack needed for his dorm om bob and lee did some reconnaissance and made a video diary about what they found. >> my son is cp counselor and not living at home. living in a dorm. i'm going to take a sneak peek at what his future college dorm could look like. it's a little frightening. come on. oh, one giant secret. oh. wow! i think there are unidentified life forms in here. just like his closet at home. let me just do this. "animal house." oh, that's good. would this be over here the general trash baskebasket.
8:45 am
if this is what we expect his dorm room to look out for we have our work cut out for our. our first stop, target. shaving kree, bodywash, razor, comforter. i'm thinking -- when you're accepting your kid off to college for the very first time i want to get everything right. this really shouldn't be that hard of a decision. i know i'm overthinking it. do we go design? i'm so confused. what's a mother to do? >> so did he do, mom, don't show that, don't show that? >> i got permission to show the picture. i asked. absolutely. >> you did. well, again, so many of you wrote lee and bob with advice from your own experience out there and really great surprise practical things. >> wonderful things and facebook now, something completely new to me to get online, they decide
8:46 am
what they're all about and what they need. >> go online. no surprises and you can start out by deciding if one of you is going to bring a little fridge, one is going to bring a microwave. >> we're microwave parents this year. colleges want you to have these especially if your kid doesn't eat breakfast, he can make oatmeal or something in the morning. >> very good tip and then a power strip, of course. >> all those alliance, you'll need the extras. >> this was new to me and very interesting. >> this is like a bridal registry but for college. bed bath & beyond but their program is the one that came up most number of hits for me. you go to the store, you use this checklist and it's called pack and hold so they will put it together for you and ship it to your college or ship it to the closest store near you. >> get this, for free. >> for free they ship it to the college or ship it to another store. leave it there. laundry. laundry challenge. >> that towel just got washed first time this summer. >> this is smart.
8:47 am
don't just send laundry but send -- >> quarters. >> yeah, sometimes many colleges now have the card that is like a debit card that will fit in the laundry machine. just in case who can't use quarters. >> somebody told you about the length of the bed. >> extra long for those basketball size playing kids. you can buy extra long twin sheets and most are extra long. >> how many of us show up or send kids, our kids off with two short sheets in the bed. one of the things, one of the other great tips. don't scrimp on the bedding. this is where they'll spend a lot of time, study there. it's a small room so there are lots of stores also where you can get great deals. home goods has nice department store sheets for a lot less. look for those bargains but don't scrimp. >> did he pick those out for you. >> those might be a little more for me. >> when i come and visit and stay with him in the dorm room. >> storage, always hard. always at a premium. under the bed. >> yep, under the bed. look at these bed lifts that can lift it up so you can fit more.
8:48 am
shoe space and everything. just to elevate it more. >> lift the bed. your your storage under it. shower caddie but this is really important. >> imagine you saw max's dorm room. imagine what the bathroom will look like at thanksgiving time. get their feet clean and also first aid. bought this same one for him. has the basics. anything beyond that i want him to go to the infirmary when something wrong. >> six or seven or eight things you need. >> and a night light which spares your roommate. >> from flipping the lights on. >> a tip from a kid in college who said i did it for my roommate. i don't wake her up. >> it sticks anywhere. >> finally, of course. >> oh, mack, take a little bit of us with you, honey. you may never look at it but i'll know i gave it to him. this was really important moo me. >> even if he doesn't take those sheets. >> or even if he doesn't call. call your mother. >> yes, more tips, of course, go online. check our website. because we're going to put everything's responses there, as well. relaxation in a body.
8:49 am
a new nonalcoholiccoholic this is one way of getting vitamins and minerals. this is another. new total blueberry pomegranate cereal gives you 100% of the daily value of 12 essential vitamins and minerals.
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plus the bold new taste of blueberries and pomegranate with crispy whole grain flakes and crunchy oat clusters. total, a truly delicious way to get vitamins and minerals. how are you getting 100%? visit and get a free sample.
8:51 am
all right. everybody, we've heard of the drinks that are supposed to give you energy. these are a new crop of drinks ththat are supposed to help y yu re unwind from the grirind as one sa. letake you through them and trthem out and let know. don't try them if you don't want to. we'rnott endorng them but firsone we h he hers we've t ani, i-chill, vacation in a bottle. vib and blue cow.w. >> man have melatonin in them. >> that's becacause matonin as i geget mymy proper note here is something that is supsedly able thelp y relax. it affects the hormone that controls the human sleep cycle. that in a drink. >> melatonin and the hour that
8:52 am
we get up in the morning, the four of us. >> i-chill has a warning. says it may cause drowsiness and not to drink it while operating machinery or driving. vacation in a bottle, blue cow, they contain teinine, thought to have calming properties. fda approved it in 2006. gatorade tiger endorsed by tiger woods. >> i mean he did well yesterday. >> let's vote on the person who could most use a relaxation drink. >> i'm just anxious. i just love my job, jo
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
tomorrow we have renee zellwer with a new movie coming out so does christina applegate. she'll be here, as well. >> shout-out for two members of the "gma" family we're proud of. half marathon in new york city yedaery. inda zidelln-iogree heat. we want to tell you about them.- wasn't sure she could do it. 2:41:33. sheets us on the air in a
8:56 am
thousand ways every morning. the pride in her family's face, tears this their eyes. tiana burns, an original member of our fitness club. said she couldn't possibly run one mile when we started out. she finished in 2:52:44. 13.1 miles. it can be done. you dot to believe. tiana, cara. you dot to believe. tiana, cara. >> have a great day, everybody. captions by vitac >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning.
8:57 am
it is the club 56. i am doug mckelway. >> nothing major right now for our friends in virginia on 66, 395, or 395. on the outer loop of three lanes of the wilson bridge, we had a minor crash. only the right side was getting by. we look past the car wreck on of and it looks like once you get past that crash, things are very nice. we are live in the camera of the beltway traffic at to attend. that is moving smoothly, as well. >> this is from our live camera above our studios and there is a bit of haze. temperatures are expected to climb well into the 90's. it is a code aron's day.
8:58 am
-- orange day. it is similar to the last couple of days to night. there might be some moisture from club that by wednesday. thursday and friday, isolated storms, and saturday has a better chance of storms and cooler temperatures. construction for the intercounty connector has kicked into high gear. the western sections of that 19-mile highway should be open by fall of next year. the next two segments should be finished by next year or early 2011. that will link i-95 in prince george's county to 270
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