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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 19, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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moments away, virginia lawmakers are going back to richmond to discuss a supreme court case. >> stopping the spread of swine flu. it prevention summit to. >> need details on a body found. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison staing. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> here is brian van de graaff with the latest on bill. don't mess with bill. >> we went to category four just
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moments ago. that means a major hurricane. i do not think it will go to a category five. it has bermuda in its sights. it will probably stay off the coast. a few sprinkles south and east of town, over near ocean city. temperatures will go to near 90's. mix of clouds and sunshine with some later de storms. hot and near 90 degrees. >> overnight construction is being cleared out of the way. no accidents to report as far as interstate or beltway travel. 95 north to get into springfield. this is the springfield traffic. headlights heading north on 95.
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newschopper 7 in just a little while. >> thank you. . a recent supreme court case has forced a special general assembly session. >> lawmakers may face a new distraction -- new budget cuts. matt brock has more with what to expect. >> we will talk about the budget cuts in a moment. the reason they are in richmond today for a special session, it is too close a loophole in a law. the special session in richmond has everything to do with ko'd to with -- has everything to do with clogged court cases. >> they are all affected. >> technicians who process blood alcohol evidence must be able to testify about their results, not
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just issue a certificate. it conflicts with current virginia law. court dockets have begun to fill with defendants looking to close their cases on what some are calling a technicality. >> thereill be implications well beyond drunk driving. this man worries those accused of dangerous crimes will get off because they ruled on this issue -- the right to face their accuser. >> in my daughter's case, it was the state of virginia reverses the defendant. >> on the front, on this ruling, lawmakers are expected to kick the can down or road to do something temporary that addresses the supreme court ruling and then to take the time
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over the next year to find something th will be permanent in a lot. they will close that loophole, on both sides of the i/o. this times out at the same time the governor is expected to make his annual speech to the budget committees, those who write the -- he is expected to cut $1.3 billion from the estimated revenue that will be coming into the commonwealth over the next year. it is likely to mean cuts in education, transportation, and what enforcement. there'll be many budget reviews. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. the commonwealth is not the only state dealing with a cash crunch. martin o'malley said he is working to trim about $250
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million more from the budget. a major victory in the fight over furloughs in prince george's county. a judge said they violated and members must be reimbursed 80 hours of lost pay. council leaders say they will appeal. wenow know the identity of a man found at the body of shahabuddiho s discovered inside the pizza mart. police are treating this as a homicide. there are looking at the cause of death. there is a $25,000 reward leading to the arrest and conviction. a teacher is being held
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without bond. 32-year-old shannon patterson had inappropriate sexual contact with a male student. during that same time, he was sending sexually explicit text messages to another 15-year-old male student. he is now on unpaid leave. a large tree branch came down on an apartment building. this was in capitol heights. no one was hurt. no word if any residents were displaced. a man who was shot is suing the county. they are seeking $40 million in damages. the lawsuit alleges that stephen jackson pepper sprayed and beat
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the suspect and then shot him. eleanor holmes norton plans to visit a site where trace amounts of mustard gas were found. a flask containing the chemicals of mustard gas were found. the digging must continue. you can expect metro trains to move slower than expected for a while longer. they will remain in manual mode indefinitely. they have been running in that mode since the june crash. john catoe says they will stay that way until he is satisfied that all problems related to the crash are fixed. the red line trains are expected to be on schedule. a cracked rail was discovered yesterday. trains took turns sharing one
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track. that track was repaired overnight. president obama bowl welcome some nascar stars at the white house. then he will take his health- care plan to religious leaders in a separate conference call liberal democrats say it is reform bill cannot pass unless it does incle the government- run insurance option. there has been criticism about this. another -- they are seeking in detail financial records from dozens of insurance companies as part of an investigation into compensation packages. 8 minister after the hour. >> still to come, it looks like
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the reign of the cd is almost over. we havthe latest numbers. >> it is a difference "rain" we could be seeing with hurricane bill. we will have a all coming up for you. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. you're watching "good morning washington." ."
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welcome back on an early wednesday morning. a lot of humidity in the year. we did have some thunrmrstos yesterday. we have a few sprinkles le on the radar. you can see some pr skles dpr south, culpeper. 79 and dulles. outside, we will see a mix of clouds and sunshine. temperatures near 90 degrees. lisa baden has traffic. >> things are fabulous on 66. nothing on 95 or 395.
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normal traffic times at the american legion bridge. i want to take you to maryland 29. a vehicle rolled over in the median. one lane is affected at 29. we will leave damascus, 27 southbound, somebody rolled over. on your way to 270, allow yourself some extra time. >> thank you. 5:13, 72 degrees -- 75 degrees. >> taking control of combat stress. we will see what steps the military is taking to make our servicemen and women mentally fit. >> you>>
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. virginia lawmakers will go back to work today for a special session. there will be plans for tim kaine to cut the budget once again. lawmakers will discuss a supreme court ruling dealing with how forensic labvidence is presented in court. leaders are in our area for the international swine flu conference. one of the things it will be discussing is how to deal with the unexpected resurgence with the virus this fall. the cash for clunkers program has given car companies a much-
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needed jumpstart. general motors is increasing their production. ford has raised its fare -- its sales force by 500,000 vehicles. iraqi police say at least four explosions have killed at least 10 and wounded scores more. more violence in afghanistan on the eve of those elections. at least three militants were killed this morning after man armed with rifles and hand grenades took over a bank. the taliban has vowed to -- they have sent 20 suicide bombers. the claim could not be verified. the increasing violence is raising the stress levels of u.s. troops. nearly one in five troupe's
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report mental health problems. the army is launching an effort to bolster the mental toughness of its soldiers. among -- the army hopes to deal with issues of suicide and post- traumatic stress. :1 58. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we start off with lisa baden. >> we will start with brian. tell us about bill. >> bill is a major do it. it has been gaining strength. -- bill is a major de. it is a minimal category f four t bua monster of a storm. it wi curb just to the west of bermuda. in looks like it will be off our shore.
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the biggest of fact would be rough surf and were currants at the beaches up and down the eastern seaboard. bermuda it m not take a direct hit.itit is keeping a close eye. it should stju be wave its sll 800 degrees in southern maryland. 79 in fredericksburg. 74 in leesburg. some of the showers pushed through yesterday. some cloud cover and some fog. another steamy afternoon. temperatures near 90 degrees. the heat and humidity makes for muggy conditions. near 90 degrees. any of these thunderstorms may
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linger into early evening. it is looking comfortable by this weekend. now to lisa baden. >> let's go to virginia. everything looks great except looksreston. lawyers road, they just had an accident. a vehicle hit a utility pole. let's go back to virginia. not going to happen. we will take you to traffic moving at i-395 and washington boulevard. nothing to report elsewhere. >> thank you. more people are logging on to listen to music. >> said jeremy hubbard has those stories and more. >> sony is cutting the size and price of the playstation 3. it is a smaller and lighter console. it has 120 gigabytes of storage.
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sony has cut the price of the current models of the ps3. they are hoping the price cut will help it gain ground on the xbox and the wii. there is a partnership with blockbuster and mobile video. they say they are still working out the specifics, like where the service will be available. time is running out to get a free test copy of windows 7. an early version is available on-line until tomorrow morning. you can test out the system before it goes on sale in october. the days of the cd appeared to be numbered.
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digital down loads accounted for 35% of sales in the first half of the year, up 30% from last year. they are projected to be about equal by the end of next year. that is good news for apple's itunes, which accounts for nearly 70% of digital's sales. for more information, log onto the tech page at those are your tech bytes. i'm jeremy hubbard. 5:22 is your time. >> like a daytime tv character who keeps coming back, brett favre has again returned to the nfl. >> later today on "oprah," nate is making house calls. he is going in to get you out of
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a house time warp.
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quarterback brett favre has flip-flops once again. he emerged in minnesota yesterday and signed on to become the vikings new quarterback. the vikings are the rivals of his old team, the green bay packers. >> that will be weird for
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packers fans. >> how many times has he cried? >> very emotional. 5:25. time for a look at economic news with linda bell. >> it is a game on for sony. they are slashing the price of the playstation 3. if you cannot wait until september, you may want to hold off. they are offering a slimmer ps3 at the same price. it is 32% smaller. as for trading, look at stock index futures, pointing to it lower opening on wall street. iron and steel companies in china posted a loss. we're seeing gold and oil
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futures falling. the theme is low or stocks. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. back to you. >> linda, thank you. 5:27. the news continues. >> d.c. it is topping another best of list. will tell you about the latest honor. >> we are tracking the muggy, sticky air. any relief? ief?
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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and welcome back. it is wednesday, august 19. 5:30 is your time. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. let's find out the latest from hurricane bill. >> he is a category four storm. it does look like it willok st llouto twilet got it land will be bermuda. t rm and st is. even warmer than a was yesterday. 75 in la plata. if you have glasses and you step out of the air conditioning, they will fog up. we will call for a mix of clouds. hot th a chance of some late- day storms. lisa baden, you said things
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were rough in maryland. >> this is out of -- this is out of damascus. 29 out of maryland, a vecle is upside down. we will go on over to a map. 95 is good between richmond and baltimore. more to come on the traffic end. >> thank you. swine flu is getting lots of attention. >> the government is working on it vaccine. they are talking about preparations for a pandemic. brianne carter has a preview. >> this morning's conference is the start of a three-day conference in which those in attendance will get an update on the swine flu. health officials say the production of the swine flu vaccine is lagging. it is the single best hope of
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slowing of the swine flu. the vaccine will not be available as quickly as planned. instead of the 120 million doses, and just 25 million will be ready to dispense by october 15. >> this virus could cause more illness and deaths. >> this will be one topic health officials will discuss at the swine flu conference. there will be an update on swine flu in this country, there will also discuss what is being done worldwide to combat the virus. >> we will not have enough vaccine. >> how slowly this vaccine grows in size eggs. this also coincides with the start of school for many
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children. school officials are giving the warning signs to prevent the spread of the swine flu. this conference is expected to run through friy. >> thank you. a 14-year-old girl is recovering after being shot by stray gunfire in her own bedroom. it happened early yesterday morning in southeast. she was shot in the back that came through the walls of her room. >> de -- is feel like a firecracker came into my skin. >> she now insists on sleeping on the floor of her mother's room. the family says this is not the first time there house has been hit by bullets.
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police are trying to track down the suspect. on august 7, a neighbor found the boy at the bottom of a staircase and not breathing. he died. a friend of the child's mother said the boy had fallen. pace was ruled a homicide. police are trying to find out who is responsible for 80 arsons in damascus. firefighters extinguished mailboxes that were on fire. kings of valley road was shut down because of the smoke was so thick. if you have any information, please call montgomery county arson hot line. 8 virginia tech counselor had been fired europe's before that deadly schools shooting.
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robert miller was let go after an independent review in 2005. nor reason for the firing. he said he grabbed the records while packing up his records in 2007. seung-hui cho killed 32 people in a shooting rampage. miller said he did not counsel him and discovered the records last month. more than 100 drug treatment workers in d.c. may soon be out of a job. they have been told to take administrative leave. the center treats 3400 residents for drug addiction. the facility is being remodeled and will reopen. d.c. is the easiest place to find a job.
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they ranked number 1 on the list by search engine they had a 6.6% unemployment rate, but there are six jobs posted for every unemployed person. the governor's race is heating up with some major endorsements. creigh deeds won the backing of the legislative black caucus. bob mcdonnell picked up an endorsement from the virginia association of realtors. this race is expected to be the most expensive in virginia's history. more than $32 million was raised for this race just through june 30. virginia imposes no limits on donations. unless you have verizon, you cannot use your cell phone in
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the underground subway stations. >> that is about to change. verizon is joining sprint, nextel, antiobile in next -- in installing the software. >> it comes in handy when you want to call work and say you may be a few minutes late. >> i use it all the time. if you're at of town, it would be nice to be able to do that. >> these servers should be working by october 16. metro hopes to have a systemwide by 2012. i guess it is good if u.s. someone sitting next to you talking really loud. 5:37, 76 degrees. >> the man with michael jackson at his last moments is speaking out. we'll show you some of this
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youtube video and tell you new details about the resting place of the king of pop. >> is it going to be another scorcher? what about the threat for some showers? >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. we will be right back. .
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it is a girl.
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i'm at the birthing center of the montgomery county fair. come see all of our new babies. good morning, washington. welcome back. 5:41. we're near the end of the summer. it feels like it. we have had many 90-degree days. the humidity is pretty intense. i do think we will see some sunshine ok t me athf oeeslook at some of b s. ryrom4 7in fom 74 in malandry to rtspa72n rts of virginia. here is of the deal for today. clouds today mixing with sunshine. some thunderstorms could pop up this afternoon. highs near 90 degrees.
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the weekend looks refreshing. >> everything refreshment on the dull greenway and the dulles toll road, on 66 between centreville and the beltway. normal travel times between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. from newington to springfield, all those headlines are making their way towards the pentagon. this is 29 maryland. they are operating and overturned vehicle. traffic is getting by in both directions. >> thank you. 5:42 is your time. >> new details on the white house strategy to reform health
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, d lisa baden, traffic.
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this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. checking our top stories. the virginia lawmakers will gather in richmond today for a special session. they will discuss a supreme court ruling on how forensic evidence is presented in court. tim kaine is set to announce $1.3 billion in more cuts. >> leaders from all over the world are in our area for the international swine flu conference. it kicks off today. they will discuss how to deal with the resgence of the virus this fall. >> police are looking for clues after the owner of a pizza shop was found dead inside his business. the body of shahabuddin rana was discovered inside the pizza mart
5:47 am
on fourth street. >> hurricane bill keeps getting stronger. it is bringing winds near 135 miles an hour. it is expected to head towards bermuda in the coming days and avoid the east coast of the united states. we have good news about the oakton industry. general motors is boosting production by 60,000 vehicles. >> more than 1300 workers will be recalled. those already on the payroll will have the opportunity to work overtime. >> i love it. we have all of our guys back to work. >> it will be good for everybody and the economy. >> this is a classic case of supply and demand.
5:48 am
when the government offered money for clunkers, sales went up. they now have to replenish their low inventories. government rebates are arrive in slowly. the water dealers association's survey it car dealers. of about 4000 deals that were done, only about 2.8% were paid for. more people are now processing the claims. 5:48 is your time. the big weather story is hurricane bill. >> winds just over 133 miles per hour. that makes it a category four. pay close attention. the waves are going to be bad. all of the models are doingoi better job. they could still put veer off.
5:49 am
let's take a look at this picture. winds 133 miles an hour, gusting to 162. there is bermuda right there out in the atlantic. the system will lose a little steam as it gets closer to the mid atlantic. keep in mind, this margin of error. it could go either way. just off our coast by sunday and then quickly raced up into canada. we have a muggy start. 75 in alexandria. dew points are zero oppressive, in a sense. 72 in rockville. some kids will be back in school as early as next week.
5:50 am
the heat and humidity will continue to build. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. there could be some heavy rains. they could wilinger at times. the more sun we get, the warmer it gets. patchy fog tonight. saturday, hot -- hot to start. mid 80's on sunday and i will call it comfortable. >> i will call up comfortable on 95 and 66, along 270. we will show you how comfortable in it is. this is rosslyn and balston through falls church near glebe road. this is the pentagon. 395 here at washington boulevard tells the tale. >> thank you. michael jackson's former
5:51 am
doctor has hit the internet to get his side of the story. >> i recorded this video to let you know i have been receiving your messages. i have not been able to thank you personally, which is not normal for me. your messages give me strength and courage. >> this video was posted on youtube yesterday. marie was with jackson when he died. detectives are investigating possible manslaughter charges. jackson's family has confirmed burial plans. he will be buried on what would've been his 51st birthday. >> in maryland lawmaker is under investigation for his marriage proposal. he reportedly used a police
5:52 am
boat and a helicopter as she pops the queion. he had the marine police create a divergenc he has apologized and offered to pay for any expenses. the time when so many people are hurting and people are keeping a tight wallets. not a good choice. >> trying to be creative. >> hopefully she said yes.
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a new report says democrats might try to ram through a health care reform bill without compromise from republicans. >> viviana hurtado has more. >> e white house insists they have been consistent when it comes to health care reform. >> the president prefers the public option as a way of doing that. if others have ias, we're open to those ideas. >> some are furious the president is open to abandoning the public option. >> we continue to support the public auction. it will help lower costs and give consumers more costs, and
5:56 am
keep private insurers on this. >> some say the attention of the shift of the government auction is better than the anger at public meetings across the country. >> outside washington, lawmakers of finding the temperature is still high. >> do you really think thoughtful conversation and it advances your argument? president obama will participate in a conference call with religious leaders who want to make sure abortion does not interfere with this reform. >> still to come, more controversy over a shot. some doctors say it could prevent cervical cancer. will tell you about the reported side effects.
5:57 am
>> it is the off-season for virginia lawmakers, but they will beat in richmond today. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute.
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coming up, summer break is over for virginia lawmakers. we will preview a special
5:59 am
session about to get under way in richmond. >> getting together to stop the spreadf the swine flu. >> we will tell you about michelle rhee's place on a prestigious place. captioned by the national captioning institute good morning, washington. 6:00. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. thank you for joining us. time for your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we start with brian van de graaff. all eyes are on hurricane bill. >> it looks like it will continue to keep itself off the coast of the seaboard. oaab . fourt fourstorm. storm. meo s maj some mid hyitum ndarou humidity l0' 7de.


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