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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  August 21, 2009 12:05am-1:05am EDT

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finally tonight, a decision that has drawn heated reactions from around the world. despite strong opposition from the united states, scottish authorities released the man convicted in the 1988 airplane bombing over lockerbie, scotland, that killed 270 people. abdel baset al-megrahi had been sentenced to life, but because
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he has cancer and is believed to have only three months to live, he was released and returned to libya today where he was met by cheering crowds. in theast decade, scotland has granted 23 such compassionate releases so tonight we ask you should convicted murderers ever be given release based solely on compassion? tell us what you think by clicking on the "nightline" page or thetw teitr agpe. that's our report for tonight. "jimmy kimmel live" is up next. from all of us at abc news, good night, america. tonight on "jimmy kimmel live" -- >> when jeff and i got married they taught us that [ bleep ] is three seconds. >> quentin tarantino. >> i heard that brad pitt is in the movie. i heard you got him drunk. >> i did not get him drunk. it's his wine. he lives on a vineyard.
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that's how you get the most sought after guy on the planet earth. ♪ i want porno, i want porno i want porno ♪ >> rachel nichols. >> you guys have a fight in the movie. >> we have a really brutal kind of kick-ass fight. >> really? what were you wearing when you guys did that? >> come out in the sequel. >> "jimmy kimmel live" back in two minutes with quentin tarantino. from "g.i. joe", rachel nichols. and comedian doug benson. make me realize... that you need some of these "comfy weekend jeans? or you could get your booty in these dreamer jeans. supportive, like my man wesley. you'd look smoking in these supegirl, th're 19 ucks./ just get 'em all. i'm not talking about new jeans. i'm talking about... hey babe! josh?! it's tie for me to find... "new jeans." new jeans?! annall adult jeansr jeans #just $19.,desires./ this week only at old navy.
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with cleto and the clenes. and now, once more, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] captions paid for by abc, inc. >> thank you. i'm jimmy. welcome to the show. that's -- hey, let's change things up tonight. this time, you tell the jokes and i'll laugh just to be polite. i hate to start the show this way, but some disturbing news surrounding the death of tv pitchman billy mays. you know this guy with the mighty putty and oxy clean. the coroner in florida announced
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that cocaine played a role in his death, possibly even a starring role in his death. i have to say, hindsight is 20/20 vision. they say, but when you look back on the commercials right before he passed away, you can ki of tell that something was up. >> hi, billy mays -- and it looks the same, for your pets -- call right now -- and it saves -- >> it seeped like he was going a little faster than normal, right? it's one of the signs. as the world is now aware, "american idol" will go on without paula abdul next season. her manager -- yes, her manager walked away from the negotiating table. this week, because she suppose lid wanted $20 million a year. paula told the associated press "at this point, there are many wonderful things that are being offered to me". of course, there are. she knows that that value pack coupon envelope you get in the mail goes to everyone, right?
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but she's right there's a lot of crazy openings for women right now, octomom nanny, governor of alaska. our governor yesterday, arnold schwarzenegger signed a bill that will ban gold miners from using gas-powered tools to look for gold in rivers. once again, arnold versus the machines. it was put in place to protect the salmon, but they were strongly opposed by the powerful mining companies and by heather mills and the governator explained his decision to sign the bill. if you listen to him, it makes a lot of sense. >>el this is governor arnold schwarzenegger with another california report. as you know, i have been movies like "conan the babarian" anwai was in jingle all the way, junior, twins and other films of that nature.
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gas powered machines kill salmon. panning for gold is safer to the environment and so on. alyssa milano played my daughter in the movie commando. i wonder what she's up to. thank you for listeninand thank you for watching my movies on the tv. >> all right. [ cheers and applause ] our governor used to be in films. >> yes. >> another great episode of maury povich. i love it when maury does the paternity tests, yes, but the best is when he helps people confront their fears. this is a woman named deborah and deborah is afraid of caterpillars. god bless maury povich. all the man wants to do is help. >> i've got in this pocket -- >> [ bleep ]. >> no, please, no! get that the hell out of here! [ bleep ]! [ bleep ]! please! [ bleep ]!
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>> deborah! deborah. >> oh, my goodness. what are the odds that they would have two heaping platters of caterpillars on set? so she's cured. and -- [ laughter ] but there's a lot more work to be done including for this young woman. her name is emily. her unusual fear is the fear of cotton balls. >> okay. you know you've got to confront your phobia now. this is the famous maury show cotton ball man. emily! [ cheers and applause ] >> at least they give her a reason to be scared of cotton. the balls sometimes come together to form a man who
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chases you! which to me is a perfectly reasonable thing to be afraid of. [ laughter ] this is a story that can only come from our crazy state of florida. the south florida sun sentinel has the story about heath griffin and he was charged with ten counts of possession of ild pornography. police found it on his computer and he's blaming his cat. he told -- he said that the cat would jump on the keyboard and somehow that would download child pornography. [ laughter ] actually, had the similar problem with my cat. but what i finly did is i filled a spray bottle with water and every time he downloaded objectionable material from a proxy server i sprayed him in the face. it sounds like the most ridiculous excuse. it turns out, it may have been a big misunderstanding. he wasn't downloading kiddie
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porn, but his cat was downloading kitty porn. ♪ i wantporno, i want porno, i want porno, porno, yeah ♪ ♪ i want porno, i want porno, i want porno ♪ >> well -- [ cheers and applause ] time to get that cat fixed. the new g.i. joe movie opens this weekend. we have one of the stars, rachel nichols here as a guest tonight. [ cheers and applause ] and we are lucky enough to have one of the stars working at the show. our security guard guillermo. how did the movie come out, guillermo? >> it was great. >> was it pleasurable experience making it? >> yes. >> how'd you like working with the director? >> great. >> what's his name? >> what's his name? >> we'll come back to you in a minute. go check it out this weekend but in the meantime here's -- oh,
12:17 am
guillermo in "g.i. joe, the rise of cobra". >> technically this unit doesn't exist, but if it did it would be compromised of the best operatives in the world. and when all else fails, they don't. >> i want in. [ laughter ] ♪ >> it is too tight. i shouldn't have eaten those last 14 tacos. ow! >> plenty of time. eject. >> yeah, we're running out of time. eject! >> this is general hawk. >> go go go!
12:18 am
>> hey, what happened to you? >> i went through the train. how about you? >> i exploded. >> you can do that? >> yes, because i'm g.i. joe. [ laughter ] >> nicely done, guillermo. oufriday night -- it's friday night and time for the weekly tribute to the fcc where we bleep and blur things whether they need it or not. this is this week in unnecessary censorship. >> vladimir putin showing off while on vacationing [ bleep ] bare back for the camera. >> i'll grab her and kiss her and [ bleep ] her butt and then hand her back to the husband. >> joe jackson filed a statement with the court saying h won't be [ bleep ] michael's children. >> and now adults are reminded that [ bleep ] have benefits.
12:19 am
>> when we got married, [ bleep ] is for three seconds. he split the [ bleep ] and it was good. >> i posted a video of ryan o'neal hitting on his own daughter at farrah's funeral and i got a lot of [ bleep ] responses. >> one hand on the mic. you should get a prize. >> [ bleep ] me off. >> i don't wa to let him get me [ bleep ]. >> but it's time to talk. >> when was the last time you spoke to your father? >> the night he tried to [ bleep ] me in my face. >> right on target. quick, let's get him into the car. >> hodgy, slow and easy. >> on the show tonight, rachel
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♪ hi, there, we're back. with us tonight on the show, from "g.i. joe, the rise of cobra" which opens today, rachel nichols is here. also with us, a very funny guy. this is his new cd, a comedy cd called "unbalanced load". doug benson will be with us as well. you know, very few people are bold enough to rewrite the end of world war ii. in fact, our first guest tonight might be the only one to do it ever. he's an oscar-winning
12:25 am
screenwriter and director of a slew of great movies. his new one, "inglourious basterds," opens everywhere. please welcome quentin tarantino. [ cheers and applause ] well, first of all, the movie is really great. i saw it the other night. >> oh, i heard you got a kick out of it. >> i loved it. >> that gave me a kick that you got a kick -- >> i mean, it's really a good one. i think people are going to love i. yeah, very well done. i will say. congratulations. i know you got an honor just across the street earlier tonight. >> earlier tonight, no less. actually. across the street. >> here it is, we have -- you have been cloned. >> yes. >> that is your wax figure. >> i'm the star of muscleman two. >> that looks really good at the hollywood wax museum.
12:26 am
that's pretty cool. >> it's not the hollywood wax museum, it's madame tussaud's wax museum. >> who was madam tue tussaud? >> i don't know. i think she was into wax. >> i thought people wait until somebody dies and then dips them into wax. >> we all remember the get smart episode where they were taking the person fine the wax museum. >> that's right. >> the thing is when they called and said they wanted to do it, i said, yeah, about time. let's get to it. and they literally they put all the little dots li on your face and then all over your body. they put you on a lazy susan and photograph you from every solitary area you can be photographed so they can make this -- this wax dummy that is like really capturing your facial muscles.
12:27 am
>> are you nude when they do that? >> no no no no. i had clothes on. not that suit, but i had clothes on. >> wow. >> there was a madame tussaud's in london and a few of them. this is their first one on hollywood boulevard so the whole thing is we're old school hollywood. old hollood. okay, what other directors do you have? and they go, well, actually, you're our only director. >> really? >> yeah. so i was feeling pretty cool. >> sure. >> i go, wait a minute. you mean you don't have hitchcock? this is hollywood. >> sure. >> you're on hollywood boulevard, the old hollywood madame tussaud. i said, do you have hitchcock and they kind of laughed and i said what? if you had said, we would have asked hitchcock. i get a kick that hitchcock is a
12:28 am
fall back. >> there's a lot of history here, kind of cheesy as it can be around here. >> that's one of the things that was so cool. you know, i grew up in california. and so my stepdad took me to hollood -- to hollywood proper hollywood when i was like 5 or 6. you know, like to take me down hollywood boulevard and everything and actually he planned a whole hollywood day for me. he took me around the dome which is still there and lovely. they were showing sometimes a great notion with henry fonda and paul newman. newman directed it. >> perfect for a 5-year-old. >> actually. it was the first time in the dome. it was cool. he took me to hollywood boulevard and then he took me into the hollywood wax museum. >> mm-hmm. >> so i -- so i actually associate the whole hollywood wax figure of hollywood boulevard thing with hollywood. then at night, it just opened. he took me to the chinese
12:29 am
theater which they were showing "diamonds are forever" with sean connery. it was really super. >> two movies in one day? >> and the two best theaters in the world. around the dome and in the chinese -- and the fact he knew to do that, the fact that he knew to do that, at 5 or 6. >> is that what turned you on to that sort of thing? >> i have to say, he went a long way to pushing that. i mean not pushing it, but he was respectful of movies and hollywood and like one of the things that kind of happened is, you know, i think this happens to a lot of kids. i took it really seriously where the other kids didn't. you know, when you're 6 or 7 or 8, you're watching movies with your dad or mom or something and then they're always, oh, hey that's harry carrie, jr., he was in that or that or the other and that's bill bixby and he had a rtian"nd a at 5 or 6 you don't
12:30 am
knowhothesesee ople are. my dad woululd d dohat, ani >> rlly?asas a a movieieert. > any person at walks ththh door, henenew what t they h had he kall their r ed u know, , i saididow. everyoho pepearars onlt, will >>o i have to o ststart workg . evevererybybodnow to know nonow,w, ttleid i nonow, i'i'd becomen n adt anthat h howow bemen n adt. i o lklk a aut -- well, e c cast in t movov, great cast, obviously. there are a couple of people i have never seen before. there's a guy that plays one of the nazi, landau -- >> yeah. aka the jew hunter. >> the jew hunter gives -- >> that's by name. >> if he does not get nominated
12:31 am
for an oscar -- >> i would not concur more. >> he's unbelievable. i have never seen him before. where did you find him? >> his name is chris and he hasn't done that many movies. he's her known as a television actor in germany. more like a third lead in miniseries. they do a lot of miniseries. >> he was so good. >> he came in to audition, i didn't know who he was. and halfway through the first scene, that was the guy. i mean, it was just -- it was just that clear. my producer lawrence fender was in the room with me and halfway through the scene we exchanged looks. okay, we're making the movie. thiss our man. >> a lot of great performances. brad pitt of course is in the movie. >> he's awesome in the movie. >> he does a great job. how did you wind up getting him in the movie? >> that was interesting. we let it be known that i was
12:32 am
interested in working with him and he was interested in working with me. we had an idea that we'd like each other, so it was like, you know, whenever this love affair happens it had to be right, so let's be prescient about it. i wrote this part. hey, i think this is the one. and so i sent him the script. he liked the script. so the thing about it was i flew to france where he lives. then we sat down and had a big talk with him about the piece and what we'd do with it. so i arrived to his place and we had a talk and, you know, it all worked out. >> wow. did you guys just talk -- you just talked to him? i heard you got him drunk is what i heard. >> okay. okay. you have to understand something, brad lives on a vineyard. >> i see. >> it's his wine. he lives on a vineyard, all right? >> all right. >> so it was just like we're popping rose, he's got this cool
12:33 am
pink floyd rose, we're knocking it back and then the smoking apparatus of some sort found its way -- [ cheers and applause ] -- on the table. i think it sort of popped hands, it was red with a -- you know? >> this explains a lot of things now. >> yeah. >> now going back through the movie, it makes a lot more sense now. >> but it was literally the thing when brad woke up the next morning, he comes walking out. he sees the smoking apparatus and he starts to count the empty bottles of wine. >> what was the number? >> it was six. >> really? >> it was six empty bottles of wine. [ cheers and applause ] >> there's how you get the most sought after guy on the earth. >> that's how you end up with a whole houseful of kids. you drink the wine. >> you go to his vineyard and let him pop the cork. >> "inglourious basterds."
12:34 am
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♪ hi, there, we're back. quentin tarantino.
12:38 am
rachel nichols and doug benson still to come. quentin, you always hated nazis or is this a new thing for you? >> well, i always had a fantasy about killing nazis. so i decided to act it in out in a proper way. >> when you shot it in germany what did the locals think when it's about this band of jewish-american soldiers wreaking havoc on nazi soldiers? >> you know, that's one of the things that people ask question about, oh, how did the germans take all this? i'd like to be a fly on the wall when you show it in germany. and, you know, there's a thing where i feel like i'm being an ambassador to germany, i have to deal with it. but the fact is if you think about it, all right, other than the possibility of jews if you're talking about anybody that's had bringing down the third reich and the third reich fantasy it's the last couple eras of the germans. even the german actors i dealt
12:39 am
with, almost all of them wore a nazi uniform before in the movies because that's the parts that they're asked to. they hate that stuff. all right? so it's -- you know, they were over the moon about the film. and not only were they over the moon about it, but they were cool about it in so far as they were excited about it. you know, we could don't this movie in germany. we have to be too respectful about the whole situation. the fact that you're doing it the way you're doing it, this could not be done in germany. that's why we're so into it. >> that's great. there's a bar in berlin named -- is it named after you? >> it's called tarantinos, yes. >> had you been there before? >> well, no. i live there when i was there at a certain point, but when i first showed up there, you know, i was like told there's a place called tarantinos and people would give me match books. it was cool because my name was on there. and so i go, yeah, hey, let's go. i'd go there and like there was my name.
12:40 am
boom, right there on the big sign. >> yeah. >> and the guy who ran the place was so cool because i made it a point, okay, don't cacall himm advance, let it be a surprise. but he sees me outside and rather an acting geeky, he was cool and he was standing halfway in between there and the bar. he greets me serenely, he sticks out his hand and he says, welcome to your bar. and then the thing about it is, if you know me and you just sit at the bar, you would think i started the bar. >> why is that? >> well, because it's just filledith my stuff, all right? like movie posters from every different nationality. all the different countries that my movies have come out in. >> like a little shrine to you. >> not like a shrine, but a room i would put up in my house, all right? i was having tarantino's bar. like spike lee's joint, i have
12:41 am
been there. >> so they created a theme bar around you? >> around me. and my movies are playing on the big screen on the tv, they're playing my soundtracks. they have even drinks named after, you know, my characters and stuff. >> really? wow, that's awesome. >> it is really awesome. like i asked the guy, i go, how did this all come about? well, i opened it up four years ago and the thing is i wanted to start a bar and i'm a big fan of yours and my friends are, and what a place i woudn't mind going to for the next ten years of my life. >> so you're not going to sue him then? >> no, not at all. he's the man. >> did you bring brad to your bar? >> oh, yeah, he definitely came. >> he did? >> every fourth weekend, we would go to tarantinos and have a big blowout and brad went there and had a blast. >> he doesn't have a bar named after him? >> there's no pitt anywhere. there's a lot of pits everywhere, but no brad pitt.
12:42 am
>> there was a peach pit on "90210". we have a clip here, you need to set it up. >> part of the thing of the basterds, they want to wipe out the german patrols, kill them all. leave a couple of guys left to get information from them. so this is brad as lieutenant raines, also know as -- known as aldoe the apache. >> here is "inglourious basterds." >> i assume you know who we are. >> geraldo the apache. >> but you probably heard we ain't in the prison-taking business. business is booming. that leaves two ways question play this out. either kill you or let you go. up the road a piece, there's an orchard. besides you, we know there's
12:43 am
another [ bleep ] patrol around here. that could be a [ bleep ] sniper's delight. if you ever want to eat a sauerkraut sandwich again, you have to show me on this here map where they are. you've got to tell me how many there are, and you've got to tell me what kind of artillery they're carrying with them. >> you can't expect me to divulge information that would put young lives in danger. >> well, now, that's where you're wrong because that's exactly what i expect. you need to tell me, and you need to tell me right now. >> i respectfully refuse, sir. >> actually, i thought you'd say that. that's the closest we ever get to -- donnie, this german wants
12:44 am
to sky for his country. oblige him. >> oblige him. >> that's what i'm talking about. >> quentin tarantino, everybody. we'll be right back with rachel nichols. dbattery life... for under $1700. we t find it, you keep it. let's go find a laptop. i'm about to be a law student and portability is important to me. this mac, it's more expensive. it seems like you're paying allot for the brand. let's go look at that dell again. it's portable, great battery life, it also has speed. lauren and sue: (laughing) nice work ladies. and nice pc. the total; $972. i'm a pc and i got exactly what i wanted. sue: she usually does. yeah, my buddy's got all that. ouch. we've done corn dogs, pizza, and nachos. put it down. [ moans ] dude! pepto guy: sorry to hear that. everything ok? no, we are a little strapped for cash. do we need to buy a bunch of different medicines? pepto guy: oh, no, pepto alone relieves all five symptoms. it's a real value.
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♪ by the way, there is "inglourious basterds" -- it's spectacular. even has the vintage stains on the back of there. there's something for you. our next actress is in "g.i. joe, the rise of cobra" which opens today. please welcome rachel nichols. [ cheers and applause ] thank you for coming. you look fantastic. >> thank you for having me. >> last night was your big hollywood premiere and that happened to be across the street here. was it fun? >> yes, it was amazing. it was really exciting. i know that you saw sienna ller last night. >> sienna miller was on the show
12:49 am
last night. yes. why? did she say something about me? >> no. >> are you friends in real life? you're enemies in the movie? >> we're actually friends in real life. >> you have a fight in the movi >> we have a kick ass fight where she wins sadly. we spent a lot of time rehearsing and we got to know each other. >> that's what they should film. >> i know. >> you practiced fighting in the hotel room? >> yeah, we re-enacted it a bunch of times because we liked shooting it so much. >> really? what were you wearing? >> it will come out in the sequel called "g.i. ho". [ laughter ] >> if you had a real fight, who would win, do you think? >> you know, i'm taller than she is, so inevitably a lot of people might think i might win, but she's a fighter. >> really? >> she's scrappy. i'm going to give it to her. >> well, very good. you play a good -- you're one of
12:50 am
the -- g.i. joes, are you one of the g.i. joes? >> yeah. g.i. joe is an elite force -- oh, i see it there. >> there's your action figure. >> are there fanatic g.i.'s like the "star trek"? >> i wouldn't have thought so, until i saw on the youtube clip, some guy had dressed up like cobra commander and had gone on a tirade about how he didn't want stephen drew in his childhood and there's one requirement enough thfilm. i finally get to scarlet and that's my character. >> reaeally? >> i was like, oh. >> did you have sesex with him? >> i totalally did. i really wanted that, his $10. >> is he in ustody? do you datate? >> we trackeked him down. >> that sounds ke a bad ia.
12:51 am
>> he's al - -- >> so do you hang around th sienna miller? it seems like she isaccosted with hotographers. i was wi her on a planone time and we came off and she was surround by theplanes. >>e were at lunch in prague when we were shooting g.i. joe. she said they've been there for an hour and a half and they're not taking any pictures of any sights -- >> i'm not sure if that a -- that's a special talent or you're obelieves you with you. the guys have cameras pointed at you. you're a natural blonde and sienna miller had to dye her hair dark. >> yeah. we should have swapped heads. >> did you have fun making it? >> yeah. anyone who sees it will see that. >> there was secrecy around the film which seems weird for a
12:52 am
g.i. joe movie. but they -- but you auditioned film. script with a different what was the script -- >> yeah. stephen sommers and a.j. are secretive with their script. >> not like quentin. >> i've heard that about you. >> well, i'm pro of my scripts so -- [ laughter ] >> wow. i wasn't expecting that. i'm not talking to you anymore. go away. >> he's kidding. come on. >> i'm not kidding. i am proud of my scripts. [ laughter ] >> he's got a wax figure across the street. >> got a huge following. so when i accepted the role of scarlet i had not read the script yet because during the auditioning process i read kate beckinsale's lines from another movie. i knew that i was going in to
12:53 am
audition for "star trek," i didn't know whichole. i had in idea. i showed up, they gave me sides and i went in. >> you didn't know what the character was? >> they didn't tell me until after i accepted the job i'd have to dye my hair and be painted green for five to seven hours. >> why tell somebody that until the last minute? well, congratulations. e,. "g t rise of cobra" is in theaters right now. rachel nichols, everybody. we'll be right back with doug benson. hey, why don't we use our points from chase sapphire and take a break? we can't. sure, we can. the points don't expire... ♪ there is nothing for me... ♪ there's no travel strictions... we could leave tomorrow. we can't use them for a vacation. you can use the points for just about anything. i know... ♪ the way you look tonight ♪ chase what matters. get your new chase sapphire card at
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♪ all right. you know our next guest from his many appearance on best week ever and his very funny documentary. his new cd is called "unbalanced load" that's out now. you can go see him live at to go bananas comedy club august 20 through the 23. please welcome doug benson. [ cheers and applause ]
12:58 am
>> hey, everybody. i saw a dog in a cage and the cage had a sign on it that said i bite. i was like, that is good to know, doggie. but that'sot the most important thing about you. you should make a sign that says i make signs. you're losing out on a lot of money in the lucrative dog sign making industry, of which you woulde the sole member. i met a woman in a party and she said to me out of nowhere, she goes, i have a three-legged cat. what am i supposed to say that to that? so? most cats have three legs when you think about it. cats with four legs have three legs with one. the only cats that don't have
12:59 am
three legs are those with two to zero legs and when do you see them out and about? never, unless they have like a but cart, a cart that they roll in on and creep everybody out. i think there should be a big foot channel on cable. 24/7, all big foot, all the time. there's channels for golf and for gay, why not a channel for big foot? i've already thought of a slogan. the slogan would be skwach what happens. skwach it! skwach and discuss. i went to a sexual harassment seminar recently and now i think i'm going to be pretty good at it. i'm excited and i can't wait to try out what i learned. nice boobs. sir. those are some awesome man boobs. i like to leave my socks on during sex. and what? what are you laughing at this for? what's the big deal? it's just me alone at the computer, what difference does
1:00 am
it make if i leave my socks on? my tootsies get cold! it's chilly in my parent's basement. listen, i'm about to do for you now an amazing mental feat that i memorized that you're going to enjoy with your ears. check this out. don't try to help me if you know it, dude. all right. here we go. monta, nevada,a, mmico, do, egegon, rhodiislan vmomont, anwawashgtgton [ applause ] those are the 13 states where [ ughter ]jujuana is legal anand the re of the e states ar deadad tmeme! i wwilmemoririze them when they get together. yeah. connectiticu d dead. new w yo, dead. new england, not a state. listen, i'm t t here telling
1:01 am
any -- i'm not telling you to do drugs, buthehecoeralals ththat crazazy. tnot drugs are right? did you see the one where the dog starts talking to the teenage girl? just starts chatting her up. the dog is like, hey, i don't like it when you smoke pot. you're different when you smoke pot. she doesn't say, oh, yeah, i could talk to dogs, that would be one difference. that leaps to mind almost immediately. you're the dumbest talking dog -- you're the dumbest and the dumbest talking dog i have ever talked to. why don't you like ask to like be let outside or for more food instead of whining about the very thing that enabled us to communicate in the first place? [ laughter ] stupid talking dog. i wonder if that dog knows the sign making dog? they should get together and be
1:02 am
stupid. you guys have been awesome. thank you so much. [ cheers and applause ] bye- (employee 1) subject: urgent!! bob!! i need the baker file stat!! reply!! still making changes. circle back later!! what's with the yelling? oh, our internet slows down during peak hours so sending e-mails and large files just takes forever. so, we just yell. ben!!! thanks for the flowers!!! i thought you hated me!!! lol!!! semi-colon! right parenthesis! winky emoticon! (announcer) switch to verizon and get a dedicated high speed internet connection from our office to your small business so you won't be slowed down even if your neighbors are online. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v today
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i want to thank our guests, quentin tarantino, rachel nickle ofs. i want to thank you, dg,


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