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tv   ABC 7 News at 500  ABC  August 28, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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kennedy clan. >> it is a tremendous support to all of our family. i want them to know how grateful we are. >> at the library stayed open until 2:00 a.m. last night and opened at 8:00 p.m. -- and opened at 8:00 a.m. he was the tallest tree in the forest. mi>>hile mostt admit he had plenty of problems, they are overshadowed by his accomplishments -- civil-rights, to rights for the disabled. for many, this family is theirs, too. >> i feel like i lost my father. >> notmaking saying goodbye that much harder. -- making saying that by that much harder. the library had to close its doors at 3:00 today to prepare for the week. speakers will include joe biden, john mccain, and caroline
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kennedy. they will also be showing a video tribute put together by legendary filmmaker ken burns. >> another service is prepared for tomorrow morning at will feature a cellist and a eulogy from a president obama. after the ceremonies, senator kennedy will be buried at arlington national syrup -- cemetery. greta cruz has the story. >> saying it is appropriate, beyond his years in congress, senator kennedy served in the army and he will be buried here tomorrow with full military honors. white gloves will be part of the dress uniform for this man from massachusetts and others in the old guard assigned to carry the casket of senator edward kennedy. >> it is a big honor.
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it is really a blessing to be able to do a hometown guy, do his funeral. it >> the final journey will take the final kennedy brother back to arlington national cemetery that he loved and often visited. he will be a mirror at stone's throw away from the grave of president john f. kendy, parked with the eternal flame, and the simple white cross of robert kennedy. today, mny were taking pictures of what will soon become another piece of history. >> interesting family, a big part of american history. >> 200 people are expected for the private funeral. this part of the cemetery will be close to the public all day tomorrow. steve adams of san diego is glad he got to see it today. >> i would like him to have a sense of awareness of the place and the importance of these people in history.
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>> another chapter of the history to be laid to rest tomorrow. the burial will be at 5:30 tomorrow. it is private, and all the kennedy family graves will be closed all day tomorrow, the arlington house closing at noon. the rest of the cemetery will be open to the public all day, however parking could be tight, especially later in the day. live from arlington national cemetery, greta kreuz, abc 7 news. >> it could be tight all the way around washington before he is laid to rest. he will make one final trip to capitol hill. the motorcade carrying his body is expected to stop at the senate steps at 4:30 tomorrow afternoon and travel down constitutional -- constitution avenue to arlington national cemetery for the burial at 5:30. we'll have full coverage of the ceremonies tomorrow on abc 7 news at 6:00 and allow the clock, and watch extended coverage on news channel 8. -- will have coverage at 6:00
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and 11:00, and extended coverage on news channel 8. tropical storm danny could pass by at our area sometime tomorrow. there is a flash flood watch to but because of heavy showers and lightning in areas like upper marlboro. a meteorologist steve rudin has more details. >> it looks like the worst of the rain is over, but we still have the flash flood watch that remains in effect for that 0mmediate metro areail u:0 2nt a. impressive rain totalai, ov er 2.25 inches in campov ngsri . ininle, a mclean, a virginia, at rain..25 inches of doppler r,dash erows movingow to the north and west andoh ut east. they are moving off to the north and east. ooflasdfl watch in effect for
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the metro area until 2:00, forecast for tonight calling for scattered thunderstorms, the temperatures falling into the 70's. coming up, the beach forecast and how tropical storm hanna could attack the weekend. -- tropical storm danny could attack the weekend. a disturbing discovery in rock creek park, a body found in the water. susan kennedy has the latest. >> authorities spent much of the day trying to figure out the circumstances surrounding the discovery of the body, face down in the creek. authorities say they have no identity on the man nor did they know how he died, and that has many people very worried. the body was found just before noon and the 2400 block of beach drive and rock creek park near a busy jogging path. runners and bicyclist had to navigate around the investigation.
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>> it is scary. wheat run down here a lot. you feel safe during the day. i never come when it is dark. >> we were talking last night about where it is safe to run it and running with friends. this is my second trip here and i see this. it is worrisome. >> a jogger noticed the body in the creek and called 911. authorities have not determined who is but they say is a male and he may be white. it will see if his description matches that of any missing person. >> we examined the scene and got a better description. we're putting together reports to see if we have anything matching the description. >> it appears the body was in the creek for a little while, less than today. an autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death. suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news.
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authorities are stepping up patrols near the jefferson national forest, where two virginia tech students were found. the bodies of dad metzler and heidi childs were discovered yesterday, both appeared to have been shot. their bodies were found in a parking lot in the section of the force that is a popular hangout for virginia tech students '' gwelletcory at 6:00. ry d at 6:00. ty> pnc prince george's counri ol brscff t brought a guto suitlan the weapon was f ndolou the weapon was found before classes began. nobody was hurt. a maryland congressman held his first town hall in silver spring, not quite as wild as some of the meetings we have seen. he tried to answer questions and ease fears of senior citizens. many were concerned about the financial burden that future generations would carry, the
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single payer system, and claims of the death panel. >> i am not worried about myself because i am old. i am on the way out. i worry about my grandchildren and great-grandchildren. >> i have to salute everybody here for the way they conducted themselves. >> the congressmen called the town hall and success because he is certain the house will pass the bill before the end of the year. prince george's county school leaders say all high school students should have their class schedules by monday, one week after class's were supposed to begin. a computer glitch forced thousands to spend a week and the cafeteria or auditorium. as of today, leaders say nearly 1300 studentsstill did not know their classes. coming up, a family reaction after seeing the man convicted of killing their daughter a little way to prison. >> what faculty members say is wrong.
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>> at the rush to finish an extreme home makeover. we have the progress. >> family members reunited with a
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tonight, there are new
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questions aut whether d.c.'s mayor got special treatment for his children's special school. >> sam ford has the story. >> for a mayor who has a virtual total control of the public school system, people are starting to ask why his children are not in it. this week, his sons went from private school to public school. it was supposed to go to wet, but went across the park to lafayette. it>> i would encourage him to visit the school. >> this is our neighborhood school. >> what parents and grandparents lamented that the mayor went out of bounds with his twins, sending them to lafayette elementary across rock creek park, reporters today asked the mayor if you follow the process to do it or if he got special treatment. >> i appreciate you have a job
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to do. i just ask that you move on to the next issue and restrained from asking further questions about my family. >> people say the public needs to know. >> i cannot imagine that lafayette does not have a long list of parents who want to get their children in that school. >> i'd% reading proficient compared with only 62% for west -- 90% reading proficiency at lafayette compared with only 98 -- 62% for west. >> he should not get a special privilege. whenever a normal parent goes through, he should go through thsame thing. >> yet the mayor says it is a private matter. >> i will not answer any more questions about this. you can stand here and asked repeatedly, i will move on. i have 8 $30 million budget.
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>> the mayor seems to be saying merely asking the question is a violation of his family's privacy, chancellor michelle rhee was on wtop radio today where she insisted all protocol was followed. she said about half of the students in the d.c. system are out of boundaries. she did not say whether the mayor had to wait on a waiting list. reporting live from northwest, sam ford, abc 7 news. it is official, the los angeles coroner says michael jackson's death was a homicide. the report says he died of acute -- overdose of purple fall. his doctor said he give it to him to help him sleep. several wildfires are burning in southern california, forcing people to flee their homes. it 15 other people have been ordered to evacuate just north
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of downtown los angeles -- 1500 people have been ordered to evacuate just north of downtown los angeles. the fire is 60% contained. nasa hopes the third time is the charm, attempting to launch space shuttle discovery just before midnight tonight. it had to scrub the attempt wednesday after a faulty fuel sensor. the thunderstorms forced tuesday's cancellation. if they cannot launched by sunday, they have to wait until october. we have some unstable weather? >> we ha had some storms that came through early this afternoon, especially prince george's county. they have moved off to the east. we have a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m. for the media metro area. outsideit is the end of august. we're looking at cloudy skies, could have some sunshine over
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the next hour as we are looking at the shower is beginning to dissipate just a little bit to the south. be forewarned, grab your umbrella if you had out later .his eveni three stops on the weatherbug, reston, va., currently 77 degrees, 0.1 inches of rain. compared with 0.80 inches -- 0.8 inches of rain in washington. the storm scan on this friday evening, the latest update on tropical storm danny, the wind at around 40 m.p.h., maximum wind gust 52 m.p.h., moving to the north at only six m.p.h. it is just off the carolina coast late tomorrow afternoon and it moves off to the north and east. we look at temperatures across the mid-atlantic region, 76 degrees reagan national.
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65 degrees state college, 65 degrees new york city. compare that with 86 degrees at richmond, 90 degrees, raleigh north carolina. the cooler air is to the north, humidity building to the south. this is a head of the cold front that will move across toward the end of the upcoming weekend. the temperature to more work should be, mid-80s. -- the temperature tomorrow is where it should be, mid 80's, the same on sunday. satellite radar, which are pushing to the south. moving closer, st. mary's, charles county, heavy rain showers, also in northern frederick county. in the district, arlington, alexandria, it is quiet and dry at this point. we have a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m. that includes their backs, but, prince george's, howard county -- that includes fairfax, prince george's, howard counties.
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we're looking for a possibility of thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow, but it looks like we will have much cooler air building to the north and west. that will arrive late date sunday, gradual clearing monday and tuesday, the temperature into the 70's. the delmarva beaches, as the waves, 83 degrees, daytime high. sunday, the storms clear out a little bit, mainly to the north. virginia beach, upper 80's. the forecast at 11:00, mid-70s. tomorrow, in the 60's. at noontime, 80 degrees, the high in the mid 80's. repeat that for the day on sunday. look at that, monday, tuesday, wednesday, only in the mid, upper 70's for the daytime highs. nighttime lows in the city in the 50's. in the mountains, the temperatures are in the low 50's. a nice " patch of bare all the
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way. -- a nice " patch of hair on the way. tonight on "20/20," a look at helicopter mothers, hovering over every aspect of their child's life. is it too much? >> why are you doing all this? >> he does not care if i do it or not. you know how college kids are. when i go over there, my heart breaks. >> that is at 10:00, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. coming up, what a grieving mother to not hear that makes pain worse. >> one-family cut their energy bills to it next to nothing. you couldo it, too. >> next, we're live at the extreme home makeoveeme home m
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we are learning surprising new details about a strange kidnapping case. >> the kidnapping happening 18 years ago and she is now reunited with her parents. >> murder charges could be added to the case. at the contra costa county sheriff's office said there was a strange encampment reported
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several years ago but the investigating officer dismissed it as a routine violation. the sheriff's department ss there are nousxc ees and admit xc that they missed a major opportunity to find this girl. she was 11 years old when she was abducted walking to her bus stop, her stepfather remembering that morning. i>> i saw the door flies open and i jumped on my mountain bike. >> 18 years later, this man and his wife are in jail, hours after a report of suspicious activity with two children. it >> we missed the opportunity to have intervened earlier. >> they were arrested and their home searched. officers found where they had hidden the woman all these years, kept behind a series of fences, sheds, and tense.
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>> none of them have gone to gone to a doctor. >> her daughters are now 11 and 15 and were also kept hidden in this compound. >> per child is the same age that she was when she was taken. >> they mailed out millions of fliers, working tirelessly to keep the story alive. she was abducted 150 yards from their home. >> knock on the door, do something, america. you cannot have children got 18 years. >> a share said he saw what happened two years ago as an organizational failure -- the sheriff said he saw what happened two years ago as an organizational failure and the deputy will be disciplined. the family is stunned. the officers are looking for evidence in the murder of several prostitutes. the bodies of murdered women were dumped near an industrial park where the man worked during
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the 1990's. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> some questions with that. closer to home, volunteers are working hard right now trying to finish an extreme home makeover project in northeast. >> the deadline is this weekend, but the rain has put them behind schedule. adam caskey is helping them, looking at super doppler radar? how were they doing? >> there have been about 100 people who have come by looking at super doppler radar. we had a severe thunderstorm moved through at noon. that of course cost some setbacks. another little rain shower. looking at doppler, looks like some light rain, we're getting a grip on, but heavier downpours expected in the next half hour. the big question is, how does this affect the construction? i have a senior producer with
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me. how did the storms earlier affect the construction and set you back? >> everything outside stops when the rain comes. everybody has to stop and get under cover, and its stops. everybody inside is fine because of the roof, but the outside is a mess. >> the forecast this ening is often on downpours. >> thanks, but you cannot do much about that. that is the guy upstairs. we are 20 hours behind schedule. we will be putting up dry wall and light flooring all night. we need help. we need skilled flooring and dollars, drywall installers. we are 20 hours behind schedule. -- we need skill flooring and drywall installers. we are 20 hours behind schedule. >> looking at the rate are now, people are asking, is that coming our way? there is a good mood. tell me about the volunteers and
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the general morale on the site? >> the volunteers are amazing. at united way has brought a great group of folks. they are smiling as they pick up trash, pass out water. it is so hot outside the victim barely moved. they're taking care of the workers. the builders here are amazing, working so hard around the clock. >> they have to prove on the structure. we have heavy rain showers, but of course more tol live in northeast, adam caskey, abc 7 news. >> they always work with a smile on their face. if you would like more information about the local extreme home makeover projects or details on how you can volunteer -- they need volunteers -- go to our website, coming up, they are cheap, but are they safe for your family? more people are purchasing damaged groceries. >> big charges onn
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an emotional family watched as a man was sentenced to prison for killing their daughter. brad bell has the story. >> friday hawkins walked out of the courthouse today hoping to move on with her life but not entirely satisfied. the man who killed her daughter
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was sentenced to four years in prison but showed no remorse and did not offer an apology -- he was sentenced to 40 years in prison. am i just wanted a simple "i am sorry." he took away a beautiful le. >> kristin hawkins was 23 years old and three months pregnant when her body was found her 49-year-old friend robert headley was arrested that night. he pled guilty to murder in may. the state's attorney glen ivey said no motive has been established. >> this is a horrible, bru killing. it is hard to know what was in this guy's mind when he did this. >> heidi found out only today that her daughter was stabbed over 130 times. >> she was a really good person. there was no reason for this. you could not do anything to anybody to make them that
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viciously mad at you. there is nothing. she meant everything to me. >> the victim's family in this case originally one that the death how they, they learn from prosecutors this case did not meet the requirements under maryland state law. state's attorney glenn ivey said they felt it was best to move ahead with the plea deal and the 40-year sentence was the best way to make sure that this man went to prison. brad bell, abc 7 news. prosecutors have released bout $100,000 in gold coins who call,0n who callsf clark rockel hefelmskr. ckefeller. het kanidnapped hi seven-year old daughter and a social worker supervising their visit last year. some of the gold coins have been returned to pay his lawyer. about 70 points have been reas go to his ex-wife.
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aryl mananstate li ace saye n r-ea-yold woman ledol trooper on asch e edd chmmra his cismmru whenwh he tried to livestigatorsev bl condition may have compromised the woman's judgment. the cecil county state's attorney's office is deciding whether to pursue charges. wssc said they may never know why a contractor improperly stalled a water main that burst 45 years later. that happened last year near cabin john. the pipe was built against rock without the required cushioning. wssc said the records from 1965 were mistakenly thrown out and it does not know if other pipes were installed incorrectly. inspections begin this fall. montgomery college once their president to resign. they say he spends too much money and disappears for days. julie parker has the controversy. >> the largest community college
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in maryland is expecting record enrollment this year, more than 25,000 students, but tonight there is a push to make sure that the president here will not greet them. the bookstore at montgomery college was slam today with students stocking up on textbooks for the first day of class is monday. the president is under fire tonight. that'll be on the campus say this leader is not acting like one. >> there have been noted absences at state and county meetings at that the president said he was attending and he was not. >> last night, faculty members voted for a resolution of no- confidence in brian johnson. they say he has tarnished the school's reputation and misused his issued college credit card. >> it is a dereliction of his duties.
5:35 pm
that does not fly at all. >> johnson earns about $220,000 per year and has a car and housing allowance. he sent an e-mail to faculty and staff to read in part, "i want to assure you i remain committed to serving as college." students signing up for class es said allegations disturb them but will not deter them from attending. >> i am concerned. >> the board of trustees which oversees the president will meet thursday to discuss this no- confidence vote. julie parker, abc 7 news. expect 30-minute delays on metro's red, orange, and green lines this weekend. the trains will be single- tracking on the red line between friendship heights and it grows from her -- and
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grosenor. green line trains will single track between georgia avenue and fort totten from 8:00 until 6:00 p.m. sunday. eric foster has the traffic situation. >> slow traffic out there, friday afternoon, that is usually the case. bethesda, bumper-to-bumper at old georgetown road, the blaze began at tysons corner, solid through bethesda -- the delays began at tysons corner, solid through bethesda. college park, the traffic in the lower right part of the screen near route 1, college park, the delay most of the way into landover. route 50 on the inner loop, south of 50 toward fedex field, the game tonight with the redskins and patriots at 8:00, slow ride on the inner loop toward fedex. major delays toward theastern shore, a 10-mile away from
5:37 pm
annapolis well before it the severn river. bumper-to-bumper, only two lanes getting across the bridge. i-395 across the 14th street bridge, the pace has been slow on the eastbound freeway toward anacostia. just volume, no incidents. back to you. coming up, less than $150 per year on air conditioning? >> it is not your typical summer camp. a local woman is is
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female announcer: from jennifer, while supplies last, this luxurious microfiber sofa and chair for just $399. our most dramatic offer ever: both pieces, just $399. while supplies last. from jennifer: you don't have to spend a lot to have good taste.
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as summer comes to a close, so does a unique summer camp. >> it is called the math tree, and its founder turned it into a booming business. alison starling has the story. >> it is not your typical summer camp. instead of swimming, arts, and crafts, this camp is all about math. math tree's powder lynn salvo says the first day is critical. >> if you actually come in kicking and screaming. by the end of the day, they almost always go home smiling
5:41 pm
and saying they did not want to leave. >> salvo started math tree 10 years ago. now there are 11 camps in virginia, maryland, and d.c., with 700 children ages 6 to 15. she says three months in the summer is too long to go without doing math and she wants to use fun activities to help kids gain confidence. >> when you understand math, it is fun. bacon go in the same sentence. >> salvo, a former teacher and stay at home mom, went back for her ph.d. in math at george mason university. her math tree camps are now doing a quarter million dollars in business, but for her, it is about passing along her enthusiasm and appreciation for math to as many kids as possible. >> what i get out of it watching kids' faces light up when they understand something. >> lynn salvo wants to expand
5:42 pm
the math tree camps to other states soon. if she sells the business one day, she hopes to stay involved by developing curriculum. alison starling, abc 7 news. >> great story. coming up next, a warning from a grieving father. what he wants you to know about the dangers of motorcycles. >> this is about as insulating as the walls of a regular home. >> 7 on your side shows new ways to cut your power bill. need a lift? hey buddy, i appreciate the ride, you know. no problem. ♪ mind if i take a shortcut? yeah, sure. ♪ i knew the subaru legacy was the smart choice...
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7 on your side knows that as summer wears on and the temperature rises, so your utility bills, but one virginia homeowners says that kirk home is so energy efficient, but she has paid about $125 for air conditioning. year. patti says her love for the outdoors letter to build a home as energy efficient as they come, from the countertops -- >> this is largely recycled material. >> concrete, to the wood beam
5:46 pm
supports. >> these posts are industrial recycled wood. >> every inch designed to decrease wait and save energy. >> that is $300 for the entire year, the heat and cool nearly 4000 square feet. at arlington home is certified platinum, the highest standard of energy efficiency recognized by the u.s. green building council, and this is the only one like it in virginia. she says it geothermal heating and air conditioning unit and solar panels on the roof minute the energy costs. >> this holds 6 kilowatts of solar panels. an owner could decide they want to go completely off the grid if they want to. >> even these plexiglass windows double as insulation. >> this is about as insulated as the wall of a regular home. we do is we get all of this light. >> her favorite teacher, rainwater harvesting, agreed
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roof, and gravel driveway which insures no more water runoff -- agreed roof. >> the potomac river and chesapeake bay are in crisis. damage using this standard is not easy, especially in tough economic times. this consultant helps homeowners find ways to tighten their home without spending a lot of money. >> $12 to of clkicun a some basc insulation understanding and evaluation of your home, you could make enormous strides. >> there are currently only seven homes of any level of green certification, but there could be more. we have more suggestions on the making your home more energy efficiency -- more energy efficient in the "web sites mentioned on eric" section of city leaders announced a new program to promote testing as a key tool in the fight against aids.
5:48 pm
it will feature adds on television, radio, and. . officials want to emphasize that hiv affects every age group, and every sector of the city. according to the aids office, more than 15,000 residents are affected with hiv. motorcycle fatalities continue to rise and many are attributed to of all. in 2008, motorcycle crashes accounted for 14,000 traffic deaths. -- many are attributed to alcohol. one parent whose 18-year-old daughter who was killed by a drunk driver spoke out. >> you can save a life, years, a family member, or an innocent stranger -- yours, a family member, or innocent stranger. that not mothers against drunk driving will hold a 5k walk next month. there are some things you
5:49 pm
should know before your cell phone bill comes for your child. experts recommend getting a phone with a keyboard for texting. for younger kids, limit the calls to preprogrammed numbers like home or the police. for teenagers, to recommend a prepaid plan. to avoid unnecessary downloading charges, turned the global internet feature on the phone off. with tough economic and financial times, more retailers are reporting a rise in the popularity of lay awake, even with school supplies. a record number of shoppers at k-mart are relying on the programs to pay for all of their needs. using lay awake, you pay overtime, interest free, and pick up after it is paid off in full -- when you use lay-away. aaa says 6 million people less the master will be traveling over the labor day weekend.
5:50 pm
aaa says cheaper gas and low or holiday fares will still keep things busy. we have heard the saying, " virginia is for lovers." it was launched in 1969, the longest tourism slogan, and forbes at dump it one of the top 10 marketing campaigns of all time. now they're looking to win a spot on the madison avenue walk of fame. the ft for the slogan on our website,, keyword "contest." let's see what is coming up at 6:00. >> gordon peterson has the look ahead. >> two virginia tech students killed in a popur night spot off campus. how the students are reacting to the latest tragedy in blacksburg. also, a virginia tech father about a parent's worst fear. also tonight, the mega millions jackpot is bigger than first expected.
5:51 pm
those stories and more coming up. meantime, we are watching the skies. >> steve? >> we are here in the belfort furniture weather center, looking at scattered clouds outside. mostly cloudy skies. live doppler radar, showers are beginning to pushfrom the south. tnowill eventually aec where they are county, st. mary's cnt everything moving off to the nort t northeabt atout 15-20 m.p.h. on the weatherbug, time lapse, 33oudshr tough theay . 0 in ches of rain and o rockville, 74 degrees. theatliel ste. our pivrsctpe showectrs mgrsinov off toward the north and east.
5:52 pm
a flash flood watch until 2:00 a.m., but cooler temperatures for the start of the upcoming work week. at the beach, t bad, in the 80's. it tonight, 70 degrees. the extended outlook, temperatures will warm into the 80's sunday, cooling down into the 70's monday, tuesday, and wednesday. leon and caroline? >> don't rub it in. >> thank you,steve. the redskins host the new oakland patriots tonight at at fedex field. thats their third and some say most important game. horace holmes has the latest from fedex field. for the redskins starters, hoping to get an extended workout. they're looking to pla least the first half. london fletcher says look for a very hard-hitting tonight.
5:53 pm
>> the intensity will pick up because you know you are facing a good football team. then we are doing it for the majority of the football game. that means the focus has to be there. >> it is time to go out there and makes it out. we bring the game plan and what we have to the table and see what we do. >> the players are looking for to seeing an old friend, shawn springs, who played five seasons in washington, now playing for the patriots. >> it will be fun. i know how shawn springs is. we're good friends. he will give what he has, and from there on is the game. >> is just like when i left washington to go to minnesota. we are still friends and always will be friends. >> they will be taking the part of the field soon, and then the redskins and patriots, out
5:54 pm
to warm up. they're hoping that the rain holds off so that the starters can get their work in it for at least half. if the rain holds off, they could get in, play, and get out without injury. reporting live from fedex field, horace holmes, abc 7 news. >> that is it, no injuries and lots of touchdowns tonight.
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would you eat food at of a smashed box of cereal? >> some people are saving money. we have a look at the growing popularity of scratch and dent groceries. >> it does not look like a grocery store that you are used to, but inside, you'll not find the prices you are used to. >> we have people from all walks of life. >> he runs this salvage grocery store that takes in damage, dented, or discontinued products. he offers them at huge
5:58 pm
discounts. >> we fried beans, which sell for $1.79, seventy-five cents. the cake mix could sell for $2, $3 apiece. our price is ninety nine cents. shoes that normally sells for $3, for alice, $1.99. >> there are deals for organic vegetables and even bug spray. they say business is up almost 50%. >> wole wheat pasta and cheese, 75% less. >> you could find almost anything in this store. pork and beans, $1, good deals, if you don't mind the packaging. salvage crews restores insist the food in the boxes and cans is safe. >> it is not something i would not eat myself. i would not put it on the shelf. >> experts say buyer beware.
5:59 pm
that might not be quite as fresh or ideal, but it will most cases be safe. >> any can that is leaking or bolting is not safe. >> customers say as long as you know what to look for and avoid , the price is right. shop carefully. that is all for abc 7 news at 5:00. at 6:00 -- >> an inspiration to so many people around the world. it is wonderful to be part of. >> thousands of people say goodbye to senator edward kennedy. two virginia tech students killed. increased patrols at a popular blacksburg spot. and we are on store much as storms moved through the area. --


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