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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  August 31, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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news, boca raton, florida. she does have quite the little forehand. >> andrea was getting schooled. >> stay with us for "good morning america." sam champion will be live from southern california with the latest on the wildfires. just moments ago way, summer is not over for more than 100,000 montgomery county students. we will tell you what to expect on the first day of school. >> there are some big traffic changes. what you need to know to get around town. >> a state of emergency for california. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good monday morning.
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i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. welcome back. it is back to school for montgomery county. summer is over. let's get started with your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. did is refreshing this morning. >> temperatures onoo t cheler side. -- it is a refreshing morning. 66 downtown. 61 in culpeper. some showers down in the northern neck of virginia. low humidity and cool. low to mid 70's and downright comfortable. >> downright quiet. there was some overnight work on the beltway at river road. everything is gone. nothing out of the norm on 270.
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this is springfield. headlights north on 95. everything good on 66. no complications in and out of baltimore. newschopper 7 in just a little while. >> thank you. this is the first back-to- school for students in montgomery county. >> more than 100,000 students are due in class. what should your students be -- which of your children be expecting? courtney robinson has more. >> a big day for thousands of students in montgomery county. mccormick county is expected to add several thousand to their rosters -- montgomery county is expected to add several thousand to their rosters. it is back to the books. the school system is working to balance a much tighter budget.
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>> it has to maintain itself for the whole year with fewer funds. you have to be cautiously optimistic. >> the school system has promised not to increase school sizes. any open positions will now stay vacant except for principals. for his an across-the-board spending freeze. the superintendent says it is to shore up a budget deficit of -- and a gap. some school systems are dealing with a budget gap. montgomery county is saying the children will not feel the budget crunch in the classroom. that is their hope. we will be speaking with the superintendent in the next hour asking him about the budget cuts and how it will affect the students.
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a very exciting day. the teachers are ready. some of vacant positions are going to be filled by substitute teachers. >> thank you. higher education will take a hit i maryland. governor martin o'malley said it could be worse. he said the state is not as bad off as many others. some say the state would not be in such a bad position if better positions have been made. they're facing a seven and $40 million budget gap. students are expected to have their schedule of classes. 8000 students without schedules. they spent the week sitting in the cafeterias or in the wrong class as. as of friday, nearly 1300 students were instilled without their schedules.
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large crowds are expected at arlington nationaleccetstetoy tr kennedy. many brought flowers and cards. kennedy is near his two brothers. as lawmakers mourn his death, they are gearing up for a battle for his replacement. they're holding a special election in january. some democrats are pushing for the want to be changed to allow the governor to fill that seat. kennedy's voice will be missed. some think a lasting honor would be the passage of a health care reform bill. >> he would do everything in his power for this bill. >> the health-care issue has
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been extremely polarizing in this country. some say it would cost too much. the vacation is over for president obama. he is now back at the white house after a week at martha's vineyard. the first family will head to camp david later this week. much cooler as you start the morning. >> still to come, a public memorial at disappears. some people are not happy. >> it is said here. this is a dangerous spot. >> we will tell you why this city removed a tribute to a woman's death. >> we actually have a temperature in the 40's to the west. we will talk about what is ahead. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. comm
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welcome back on this monday morning. let's get to your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. . >> brian just stepped outside. it is much cooler this morning.
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>> that is the case. it feels refreshing. if you are one of those kids heading after-school, you may need a life jet -- you may d49egrees ndrynt . maryland. lo 6's's in herndon. it is dry and comfortable. we have a lot of cloud cover. the clouds will break for some sunshine. if you head down to southern maryland, a couple of showers are possible. partly sunny and enjoy the day. it should be refreshing. will be in the 50's tonight, even downtown. >> i just love that word. i perked up when he says "refreshing." there was some overnight construction. this is 270.
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spin around the beltway. it is not too complicated. we are in good shape on 95 between richmond and baltimore. normal travel times along 66 and 29. >> thank you. 63 degrees. >> still to come, there is a new push to banned texting while driving. we will tell you why it marks a change in course. >> parts of southern california change in course. >> parts of southern california nia come on in. where getting a new vehicle is easy. aicthe price you pay on remainig '08 and '09 models. you'll find low, straightforward pricing. it's simple. now get an 2009 chevy silverado half-t ferornd u 0 r 8,00teafall offers.
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the energy to get the economy humming again. the energy to tackle challenges like climate change. what if that energy, came from an energy company. every day, chevron invests $62 million in people. in ideas. seeking, teaching, building. fueling growth around the world, to move us all ahead. this is the power of human energy. chevron. >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back. 5:13.
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month permit county students are heading back to class this morning. -- montgomery county studes are heading back to class. more than 500 teachers are new to the school system. look for delays tonight on 95 south of the beltway in virginia. vdot is adding a fourth lane. construction is scheduled to be finished by fall of 2011. those fears wildfires in california have now turned deadly. two firefighters died when their vehicle rolled over a mountain. 66 square miles have been burned. 12,000 homes are now in danger of burning. the family of a woman killed while bicycling in d.c. is upset that a memorial has
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been removed. alice swanson was killed there was a memorial placed there after her death. it was recently removed. >> is not really about alice. it is about safety. it reminded people. it sat here and said this is a dangerous spot. >> the mayor's office said to remove the moral purpose of complaints from area businesses. the city removed it. they're now looking into the situation. 5:15. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will check in with lisa baden. we have more kids heading to school. >> that is true. we're off to a pretty good run for a monday morning. travel times with us on 270
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between frederick and the beltway. watch out for the kids heading out to school. it is a different traffic pattern starting to evolve. good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. this is out near the airport. this is maryland, 270 at shady grove road. my strip in virginia. 66, 95. nothing complicated in the district. -- nice trip in virginia. >> we do have a cold front down to our south and east. there will be some lingering showers in southern maryland. we have clouds this morning and some of sun peeking through. let's look at some of the numbers. 50's in loudoun county. 62 in calvert county.
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66 in the district. high pressure is building in from the north. we are caught in the middle. most points out westward will see more sunshine. down to the southeast, there will be a slight chance of a shower. 71 to 75. we are 10 to 12 degrees cooler than normal. 59 downtown tonight. it will feel great. it will give the air conditioners some break -- a break for the next couple of days. mid 70's. we will see a variation of clouds and sunshine. but the weekend, we will be in the mid 80's. partly sunny for monday, labor day. that is a quick look at the forecast. >> thank you. the governor's highway
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safety association says it supports a ban on texting and driving. >> this marks a different change of course. a new call to banned texting while driving. the highway safety association is backing a ban on texting. they said questions the value of such a law saying it would be difficult to enforce. but now the senate a ban would send a message that this is unacceptable. a recent study found texting while driving increases the chances of crashing by 25%. they found nothing wrong with the iphone. there were reports from europe that said the iphone was exploding. the touch screen -- the talks -- apple looked into complaints about the battery overheating
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but sd it found no problems. if you're planning to twitter or facebook about an upcoming vacation, you may want to wait until you return. burglars use social networking sites to torture victims, learning when they will be away. there are pictures you might post from inside your home. criminals know what you have and where to find it when you're gone. ibm has filed a patent for technology that would allow you to send twitter messages from your remote control. just turn on the tv and change the channel and the whole world could know what you're watching. you could then track any comments your friends make while you' watching the show. for information, log on to the
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technology page at 5:20. pretty cool outside, 65 degrees. >> the redskins are trimming down their roster. we will tell you who survived the round of cuts. >> the notorious simon cowell. find out who he thinks will be the newest superstars. that is at 4:00 right here on abc 7.
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welcome back. nfl rosters have to be cut down to 75 players by tomorrow afternoon. >> the redskins dismissed five players yesterday. on that list, alfr fincher, devin clark. the unexpected named espy fincher. he was a regular on special teams. >> ronnie belliard made a brief appearance in st. louis, striking out in his only at bat. that is how he finished with the nationals. after the game, he was shipped to the dodgers. the nationals could not get anything going against the
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cardinals. they fell two-one. the nationals are on to san diego. >> a fairfax native could not hold his lead in the gulf. it opened the door for tiger woods. he thought slocum -- heath slo cumb won the golf tournaments. time for elect -- time for a look at business news. >> the winning streak of stocks last week may not extend into today. the opposition in japan one in a landslide. stocks in china fell. investors worry measures designed to curb lending would end up hurting prospects there. markets right now are mixed.
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stock index futures are indicating a lower open. the cheapest recession hair cut a man can get maybe at home. a number of americans are forgoing the barber and taking matters into their own hand. they cite a growing number of sales of electric hair clippers. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you very much. 5:25. the news continues. >> the debate over the harsh interrogation tactics is heating up. a former vice president has some harsh accusations. >> california fires turned deadly. i will have the latest. >> we're in the weather center. we're attracting a cool and refreshing pattern.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. we are not saying we are telling to you to leave, you leave. >> mass evacuations as wildfires in california raged out of control. good morning, washington. it is monday. thank you for joining us. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. we will have more on the wildfires in just a minute. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it is a refreshing morning.
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>> it is crisp puff there. temperatures will be in mid 50's tonight. -- it is crisp out there. >> and the first day of school for montgomery county. oe missing o l o. there is some cloud coverre. there are. showers south andas of town. around the metroe th clouds should give wayomo te s temperatures right now, asutte's and low ls theewthe dew point is in the l's an means the air is very dry. temperatures willowl sly climbed from thel upperss 6po t0 leibo below 70'sle around lunchtime.
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mid 70's at best for a high. we are well low average. we like it. >> we like it. on 95 in maryland and virginia, everything is running normally. a good ride on route 7. feeling good on 270. this is alive picture. we will leave the camera and go back to the news desk. >> thank you. the bus stop will be a lot more crowded as thousands of students head back to school in montgomery county. >> teachers faced record enrollment but a smaller budget. any open positions will stay vacant except for teachers and principals. the school system is looking at a $353 million budget gap.
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d.c. schools are revamping truancy policies in an effort to keep students in class. parents will be called after just one unexcused absence. after five, that student will be referred to 18. after 25, the school can refer the student to the juvenile authorities. about 20% of d.c. students regularly skip class. new details on how much schools spend per student. private schools spend almost twice as much as public and catholicchools and spend more than twice as much as other christian schools. the gap is wider than previously thought. in other news, investigators r ngvemeri silver spring.oedll a
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the victim wa found around 5:00 yesterday morning in the 900 block of university boulevard. he has been identified as clarence rankine. police have no suspects. accused holocaust gunman james von brunn is expected in court this week. he will be arraigned in in s shooting and that killed museum guard stephen johns. von brunn has been in the hospital ever since. d.c. fire officials are investigating a fire. a fire was set in this and the sea on 20th street in northwest. >> it caused about $2,000 in damage. no one was hurt.
5:33 am
now we turn out west. firefighters are trying to get a wildfire under control. >> that blaze is only about 5% contained. it is threatening more than 12,000 homeless. matt brock is joining us live with more. >> fighting this fire has become all the more difficult because firefighters lost two of their own on sunday. dark skies over los angeles signal dark news -- the wildfires turned deadly. >> in the national forest, two of our of firefighters were in a vehicle that went over the side. both of them suffered fatality life ending injuries. >> the fire destroyed at least 18 structures.
5:34 am
officials say it is in danger in emergency communications facilities in nearby mount wilson. dc-10 tankers were grounded because of the air quality. >> the fires are totally out of control. the your emergency declaration will help. >> homeowners were ordered to evacuate. instead, some work to protect their property. >> i'm trying to do what i can do to save my home. i have three kids. >> back to those of firefighters who were killed. one was a captain who had been with the department for 26 years. the second was just 35 years old. it is a dangerous business. only about 5% of this fire is contained.
5:35 am
we're live in the satellite center. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. support is growing for vicki kennedy to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. close friends of kennedy endorsed this idea over the weekend. they said vicky is well qualified to serve, even until an election is held in five months. cheney said he may not cooperate with an investigation into the abuse of terror suspects. he called the probe a terrible decision. eric holder ordered that last week. he says the techniques save lives. a cia probe is growing
5:36 am
criticism. john mccain is calling it a serious mistake. he says it violated international law. we should look forward and not back. the u.s. military is preparing to leave iraq. they are taking out a force of the size of a small city. this is being called the largest movement of manpower and is taking place ahead of schedule. the deadline to remove all troops from iraq is next august. the white house has a list of 50 measurements to gauge progress in the war. categories include newly trained afghan recruits and on- time delivery of promised u.s. resources. the white house is compiling information as it tries to calm
5:37 am
public anxiety about its war strategy. the number of fraud complaints met -- the number of fraud complaint now stands at 700. president hamid karzai is ahead with 46% of the vote. there is a leadership change in -- there is a leadership change in japan. the wind is the opposition majority in the house for the first time in more than 50 years. the president of columbia has the swine flu. officials say he is not considered to be a high-risk patient. he is being treated at the residence. he became sick in after attending a summit. six the four degrees.
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>> an amazing story of courage. how three men survived eight days sanded at sea. >> some cooler air outside. i will head out side and lets you know firsthand how cool it feels. >> lisa baden will lisa bade [ woman ] ♪ early light breaks through [ sniffs ] ♪ music and dance ♪ calling you
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♪ ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ ♪ is folgers in your cup
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i am from the ocean city beach patrol. keep your feet in the sand until the lifeguard is in the stand. good morning, washington. 5:40. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it is back-to-school day for students in montgomery county. it will feel a little bit like fall out there at the bus stop. >> we have some cool numbers. we have a refreshing hint of fall weather. i want to hone in onomef o coth .e cool responstrorol,ya 57 damascus,. ki ng 5 nggegeor geor,ge, 65. southern maryland, you can see some showers. in the metro, our morning clouds will give way to some sunshine.
5:42 am
low to mid 70's. it does not get much better. enjoy it. you can give your airconditioner a rest. >> ok. i am trying to find a leader in on them. let's go right to the map. it is working. traffic in the normal pattern as far as 66, 95, and i-395. no complaints on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. good on 5, 301, up to 10. all quiet in the district. all quiet on the american legion bridge. this is beltway traffic at university boulevard. this is the inner loop. they are on their way to college park. everybody is moving in nice fashion.
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>> very good. thank you. your time is 5:42. >> a former first daughter has a new day job. >> we thank you for waking come on in. where getting a new vehiclis easy. because the price on the tag is. e e icpapryou thy. yo y 'll find low, straightforward pricing on remaining '08 and '09 models. including eight that offer an epa-estimated 30 miles per gallon highway or better. highway. get it now for around $21,500 after all offers. go to for more details.
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. checking our top stories on this monday morning. more than 100,000 montgomery county students head back to class today. e thsystem is facing a gap of $353 million for fiscal 2011. >> traffic changes on i-95 in virginia are expected to cost
5:47 am
worst backups. vdot is adding a fourth lane near 123 in prince william county. construction is expected to be finished in 2011. >> a wallflower -- erewhile fired has claimed the lives of two firefighters near los angeles in california and has destroyed at least 18 homes. >> there is a civil debate over health care. some say the death of ted kennedy hurts the chances of passing a new health care plan. the space shuttle discovery astronauts are getting ready for their first space walk. >> it will take place tomorrow night. discovery successfully docked at the space station yesterday. the shuttle will spend more than
5:48 am
a week at the space station and there will be three space walks planned. as montgomery county students get back into the act, your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it feels like fall when you go outside. >> rather refreshing outside. it is cool and crisp. ca,ifniorahi68rns tmo iginn po is o of our wstart. sme look atpe ueper 50's in montgomery county. also in ashburn. let's look on the satellite radar picture. clouds are pretty thick. we will see it partly sunny afternoon developing. showers continue to fall to the
5:49 am
south and east of bust. if you're down in southern maryland, you may see some sprinkles or showers. most of the. number which of remain dry. low 50's detroit, a 50. there is a lot of cool air out there. tonight, we will have a refreshing blast. woolsey numbers, maybe 50's by tonight even downtown. partly sunny. the further west you head, the better the books for you. the better chance for a shower as you head to the southern suburbs. we go through the overnight, we will continue to see a refreshening day, a 52-59. tomorrow, some scattered clouds. very comfortable, into the 80's by the upcoming weekend. >> we have the first word on a
5:50 am
new spelling fame. everything looks great. normal travel times on 95 between richmond and baltimore. 70 between hagerstown and baltimo. we good. we will loood at a prince george's county with no complaints. we'll look through seat pleasant on 214. a nice ride around the beltway. approaching the beltway is traffic on the right, southbound on 270. every traffic already. back inside. >> i know you have been following the extreme makeover fe have been doing locally. it came down to the wire. the cast and crew have done it again. >> move that bus! >> with that, the creator of the
5:51 am
fishing school got their first look at the results. the fishing school was the second local project the team was working on. they have served thousands of kids. volunteers scrambled to g the renovation done. >> it looks beautiful. >> they were saying last wednesday of that they needed help. >> do not lean against the walls yet. a blue streak down your side. the former first daughter is getting into the tv business. schultze served as a correspondent for the "today" show. it will be a second job. she is already a teacher and it baltimore school she will have an interesting perspective as a teacher.
5:52 am
>> the list keeps on growing. a new report is now alleging a former child star macaulay culkin might be the father of water and michael johnson's kids. they became friends in the early 1990's. this say he helped follow a son with a surrogate mother. culkin has not commented on this. >> it gets weirder and weirder. i do not want to know. just keep me in the dark about appeared >> 6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m 6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m6m
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take a look at this incredible story of survival. >> 3 boaters that were missing were found alive in good health after the coast guard gave up searching for them. >> they were rescued after more than eight days adrift at sea, existing on crackers and chewing gum. they owe their lives to local car dealer who was fishing on his yachet. >> they got the binoculars out. somebody was flagging them with a white flag. it was a t-shirt. >> the coast guard had given up
5:56 am
their search. there were more than 180 miles from shore. >> they jumped in the boat. >> he captured the journey on his camcorder. their first real meal, stake. >> they were hungry. one guy on the boat said, i am taking all the crackers. he gave them one cracker a day. >> they drank from a water tank used for cleaning up the boat. the men were awakened by the sound of water. the 23-foot vessel rolled over. they survived blistering sunburn. they are lucky to tell these stories. >> wow. those guys are extremely lucky. >> what a happy ending. we have more to come in our
5:57 am
second hour. >> the latest on those deadly wildfires. they are burning out of control in southern california. >> it is back-to-school for thousands of students in montgomery county. i have budget cuts. will it mean for parents and students. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. traffic and weather when we continue.
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coming up, up more than 100,000 students are making their way back to montgomery county classrooms. >> it traffic alert for drivers in northern california -- in northern virginia. >> huge fmeslaordce f tlahousans from their home. "good morning washington" continues right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. i'm doug mcelway. >> and i'm alison starling. good monday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's start with brian van de graaff. a cool start for those kids


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