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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  August 31, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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montgomery county. >> the front is sinkingho south word. may abe sowher or to south of .wn down inhe t extreme southern maryland, a few showers are possible. to d away to sunshupper 60's down. 60's and 50's for this morning. partly sunny overall and rather comfortable. temperatures are 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. >> eastbound 66 between nutley street and the beltway, a broken-down truck is blocking the road. james madison street, an accident. authorities say that the highway is open. nothing to report on 95 between
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richmond and baltimore. we take you live to a camera on the beltway here at new hampshire avenue moving up very nicely. >> thank you. this is the first day back to school for students in montgomery county. >> with big budget cuts, what should your children expect? courtney robinson is live with a preview. >> good morning. in just about an hour and a half, students will be walking through the school -- through the door. this is one of hundred schools opening their doors in montgomery county. this is part of about 3000 new students attending montgomery county schools. the school system is operating on a tighter budget. it is back to the books. the school system works out to balance theirs, and dealing with
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a tighter budget. >> it has to maintain itself with fewer funds. you have to be cautiously optimistic. >> the school system has promised not to increase class sizes. any open positions will now stay vacant except for principals and teachers whose pay is supplemented by a federal dollars. there is a freeze in effect. it is to shore up budget deficit of $353 million gap in 2011. it is something school systems nationwide are dealing with. the children will not feel the budget crunch in the classroom. that is the hope. some of the vacancies will be filled with substitute teachers. everything that is necessary to make the school system go.
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those things will be taking care of despite the spending freeze. anything they can trend, -- anything they can trim there will be doing that. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. republicans are accusing martin o'malley of diverting attention from the budget problem. maryland is not as bad off as other states. maryland is facing a $747 million budget gap. all prince george's county students are expected to have their class schedules today, one week after class started. 8000 students spent the week sitting in auditoriums or gymnasiums. as of friday, nearly 1300 students were still without schedules. starting tonight, road crews will be making big changes to
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parts of 95. kathy park has more on what we can expect. >> this is a long awaited project. drivers can expect to add an extra 30 minutes to their trip. they are adding an extra lane to interstate 95. drivers, be prepared to put on your brakes this evening if you plan on traveling along 95 in virginia. crews will begin paving the northbound lanes south of lorton road. it could meet a traffic nightmare for commuters. >> i live less than a mile and a half for work. it takes 25 minutes just to get there. >> this is part of a plan to widen to 6 miles of 95. there will be several traffic shifts this fall.
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this adds to the frustration for motorists who are familiar with congestion. >> to get to shopping is impossible. >> here is the good news. motorists can expect most of the construction to take place before and after rush hour. the goal is teased some of the congestion. it is already pretty tied up. drivers will need to have some patience until construction is complete. there will be some more traffic chefs as the construction continues. they will be taking place in the evening. kathy park, abc 7 news. >> thank you. large crowds are expected again today at arlington national cemetery to pay their respects to senator edward
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kennedy. thousands came for the first day of public viewing yesterday bringing flowers and cards. lawmakers are gearing up for a battle over his replacement. officials are preparing to hold a special election in january. some democrats are looking for the lot to be changed to allow the governor to fill that seat. congress returns from recess to tackle health care reform. many feel a lasting legacy will be the passage of a health care reform bill. >> he would fight for it and do everything in his power just like he did for children's health care. >> the reform issue has been polarizing. opponents say the legislation costs too much and would
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diminish the quality of care. support is growing for kennedy's wife vicki to pick up where he left off. many say his wife should fill fill his seat. many say she is qualified. president obama's vacation is over, at least for now. he is back at the white house and after attending a funeral services for ted kennedy. the first family will spend labor day weekend at camp david. nick cheney said he may not cooperate in to end investigation of abuse of detainees. he said this was bad for a national security. eric holder ordered the investigation last week. cheney said the harsh techniques saved lives.
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john mccain has called this a serious mistake. he thinks the use of suspect violated international law. he said the obama administration should move forwarand not back. 64 degrees. >> when we return, the big bank bailouts might just be paying off for the government. we will tell you how. >> there is cooler air into place. will these clouds stick around? >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. we have school kids in
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hello. join one of the free things you
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can do in ocean city. riding a bicycle down the boardwalk. what is better than this? good morning, washington. montgomery kids get back to school today. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> the beach days are almost over. it feels like fall out there today. >> wdo our ouriritst ftl l e .ome 40's inub bs . dtrapeemretus tatempetures thatn fromf chantilly, 65 in the district. clouds will mix with some sunshine. it will be a partly sunny afternoon. normally at this time of year, we're in the mid 80's. low humidity. south of town, southern maryland, down to the tidewater, you have a better chance for
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ome showers. some may be light. around the metro, we will see the sunshine peak on through. it should be a comfortable first day of school for montgomery school kids. fairfax, you have one week to go. >> very heavy for drivers in virginia. there is a broken-down vehicles on 95 north near the occoquan river causing a backup from dale city. it is an keep school bus. randolph road after old columbia pike closed. you can see westbound randolph road blocked by the police with that accident they are cleaning up now. west down randolph road will be to -- will be blocked. eastbound is able to get through. >> thank you. when we continue, really an
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amazing story of survival we will tell you how three men were found after eight days lost at sea. >> we will check those wildfires burning
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. welcome back on this monday morning. 6:14. montgomery county students -- in montgomery county schools will be open today. than 11,000 teachers will
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have to operate under a much tighter budget. and look for a night time delays on 95 south of the beltway in virginia. the dot is adding a fourth plane. this is in prince william county. cotruction is expected to be finished in 2011. fears of wildfires in california -- in california has turned deadly. two firefighters died. the fire has scorched 66 square miles and destroyed 16 homes near los angeles. 6:15. three texas men are back on solid ground after spending more than a week stranded at sea. >> they were reported missing after failing to return from a fishing trip. on saturday, a car dealer found
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them sitting on top of their boat. he rolled his video camera. they dined on steaks after existing on nothing more than crackers. >> they were hungry. they had to drink water. they work rationing of the water. >> t grduaoa d guard had stopped searching. they're all said to be doing fine. >> unbelievable. they had lots of sunburn. they saw sharks. >> hallucinating. lucky guys. 6:16. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's see how things are shaping up out there. >> an accident to start off this morning, a randolph road west abound with an empty school bus. the closure of randolph road
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after old columbia pike. these folks will be diverted up to fair land road. expect a normal heavier volume of traffic on a fair land road. let's look at what is happening on the highway. there is plenty of traffic on 395 north of duke street up to the pentagon. >> thank you. but do see some showers to the south and east. this is the one bringing in the cooler air. we do think those clouds will thin out. showers are lingering. we llit ctlall pyar sunny. let's look at theemsrararetu and contireonsason shot from te roof. we do have a fair amount of overcast overhead. mid 50's and 60's this morning.
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plenty of sunshine. showers just down to our south. the front is hanging up over the north carolina border. you can see a couple of showers there. otherwise, a peak of blue. typical temperatures this time of year, 84 degrees. we are 10 or 12 degrees cooler the more we should be. 50's tonight. 50's this time of year is definitely cool. scattered clouds and comfortable. a mix of klaus off and on during the upcoming week. -- a mix of clouds off and on during the upcoming week. >> thank you, brian. jeremy hubbard has the numbers at theox office in the
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months go. >> taxpayers turn arofit from the bank bailout. the government came to the rescue and it is beginning to pay off. the government has learned about $4 billion in profit from eight big banks th have fully paid back their bailouts. billions still exist -- billions could wipe out those gains from other banks. almost 70% say the interest rate policy is just right. that is up from 56% from last -- from last year. 49% say interest rates should stay where they are. general motors is expanding into the chinese market. they will build light trucks.
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the automaker is sales have jumped nearly 40% in the first half of this year. jetblue is working on the time with lufthansa. they could file a request for a co-chair agreement. it will help provide a gateway to europe. movie fans had a favor for the frightening over the weekend. "the final destination" debuted in the top spot. "inglourious basterds" slipped to number two. "halloween ii" slipped to number 3. new warnings about searching for jobs online. and that is your "money scope" report. i am in jeremy hubbard. 6:20. 63 degrees. >> a world leader is sick with the swine flu. we will tell you which one.
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>> later on "oprah," the notorious simon cowell. then pay a visit to the home of susan boyle. >> thank you for waking up with us on this monday edition, the last day of august.
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welcome back. 6:23. firefighters are working around
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the clock to get a fierce fire under control out west. >> it has scorched more than 60 square miles. matt brock is tracking the late details and he joins us now live with more. >> the latest comes from governor arnold schwarzenegger. he said, our hearts are heavy. two firefighters were killed this weekend. one was just 35 years old. dark skies over los angeles signaled dark news -- the wildfires turned deadly. >> two of our firefighters were in a vehicle. it went over the side. both of them suffered fatality, life-ending injuries. >> the fire destroyed at least 18 structures and is threatening some 1200 homes.
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it is in danger in emergency -- the air fog grounded dc-10 tankers that were attacking the fire. >> the fire is still totally out of control. the emergency declaration will help to free up additional resources. >> some homeowners are working to protect their property. >> i am trying my best to see if what i can do to save my home. i have three kids. i have to bring them back. >> they said it will burn to the wall of my house. >> some of the flames have been 200 feet high. it is buing up a national forest and sending flames in all directions. mount wilson has transmitters
6:26 am
for more than 20 television stations. television stations say if the antenna's byrne, broadcast signals would be affected. satellite and cable transmissions would continue. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:26. we have another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> n and ec becomes a crime scene. we will tell you what happens -- and embassy becomes a crime scene. >> time to head back to school in montgomery county. we talking with the superintendent about budget cuts. >> live in the weather center, we are waking up to a cool day today. you can see the sun on the horizon.
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. welcome back. just about 6:30 on this monday. it is the last day of august.
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i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. de your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. it feels like the first day of school. the humidity from last week is white away. >> we are happy. we kept saying last week wait until next week. we headed out this morning, the cars said 59 degrees. in>> it was in a tiaufulas weekend. >> we also got some rain in there. 61 in culpeper. becoming partly sunny. best chance of showers, far south and east. >> have the client of traffic. this is on 270 heading allen of frederick. 70 is ok. if you te 340, eastbound, a tanker truck and a car just
6:31 am
collided. a fellow just called me. we're checking 66, 95, and it 395 we will have a heavier volume of traffic. let's go live to 95. work with me. northbound 95, headlights out of springfield. this i randolph road in maryland. police have blocked near fair land road. this is after columbia pike road. you have to take fair land road to get a were around a crash. randolph road closed. >> thank you. thousands of kids are heading back to class in montgomery county. >> what should parents and students expect this school year with budget cuts? we have more on this big day from courtney robinson.
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>> it certainly is a big day here at quince orchard high school. this is one of 200 schools opening their doors of this morning. we're joined by the superintendent who will talk to us about the budget cuts that they are experiencing here. we're talking about roughly 140,000 students. you have 3000 new students. will we see less for less? >> we did our budget to take class -- to take care of the classroom size. we have a very supportive community. our employees gave the most. they give about $90 million of their wages away so our system could get our kids' college ready. we have high expectations for every child regardless of many
6:33 am
of the factors that might impinge upon them. >> you did slash roughly to watch 50 jobs from the school system. there are vacancies that now will not be filled. what positions will not be filled? >> the government came in with stimulus money and we were able to put back those positions. we put the right number on for the number of children. we have all of our vacancies filled. great weather. >> it is great weather. speaking about the budget cuts, you guys are in a spending freeze right now. is this going to -- will things be broken in disrepair? will things that are necessary to make schools go around will be necessary? >> if this is montgomery county. we have all of the high schools
6:34 am
in the top 3% in all of america. we tied r everybody in america -- where a 16th largest system. we have double the gradtion rate. we do it right. we will not leave things in disrepair. it is going to be difficult. everyone is going to have to hold hands. but we can do it. we have high expectations. >> a lot on your plate as you look to close the threat to $53 million budget gap. it seems like you are taking care of it and they're off to a great start. jerry, thank you for being with us this morning. we will be back to talk more about these budget cuts. thank you so much. >> thank you. schools in d.c. are revamping truancy policies.
6:35 am
parents will be called after just one unexcused absence. after five, the student will be referred to a support team. after 25 unexcused absences, the student can be referred to juvenile authorities. a new government study provides details for how much money schools spend per student. private schools spend almost twice as much per student as public and catholic schools and more than twice as other christian schools. the gap is wider than many previously thought. religious schools are the ones most likely to be accessible to students receiving school voucrs. his home in ersi slvinpr g. this was in the 900 block of
6:36 am
university boulevard. he has been identified as clarence rankine. neighbors say they heard multiple shots. james von brunn is expected in court this week. he will be arraigned in federal court on wednesday i with the with the shooting but killed museum guard stephen johns. von brunn has been in the hospital ever since. see -- d.c. fire officials are investigating a fire at this embassy. it caused about $2,000 in damages. the u.s. military is packing up to leave iraq. they are shipping out more than 1.5 million pieces of equipment along with a force the size of a small city.
6:37 am
it is taking place ahead of schedule. the deadline to move -- to remove all combat troops is next august. there is concern that the defiant of cases that must be investigated will delay the announcement of a winner in the afghanistan collection. hamid karzai is currently ahead. alvaro uribe from colombia has the swine flu. he is being treated at the presidential residence. he began feeling sick on friday after a summit. 6:37. time for a look at business headlines. >> sorry to say we have had more bank failures over the weekend. a bank from baltore is now
6:38 am
under government control. banks in california and minnesota have also failed. theth number ofotalheal bank failures this year is 8. stock index futures are atindicing a lower open. investors are speculating the recent stock rally has gone too far too fast. bottled water makers are turning the tap on for price cuts. it is an effort to win back customers who are drinking tap water to save money. aqua fina is selling for less than half their usual price. coca-cola has been reluctant to cut prices on their dasani errors. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell.
6:39 am
doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you. 6:38. quite chilly out there, 63 degrees. >> when we continue, after a touch and go, it is all aboard the international space station. >> we have a cool spate of weather. what about to rest of the week? it is not too early to look ahead. >> lisa baden will be back with another look at your morning commute. you're watching "good morning wa
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6:41. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> let's check in with brian. he is outside. it feels like fall. >> we have a thick overcast. we do expect sunshine to filter through. a better chance to the western suburbs. the clouds wil mbeororee abundant. it willear p ptly sunny. it feelsod go o o here. it should stay outof the metrotl area. it will be 50's 60's. low to0' mid 70's of today. we should be in the 80's on this last day of august. >> we have an accident with an empty school bus.
6:43 am
there were injuries involved. randolph road westbound has been closed. traffic is using serpentine to get around. columbia pike is a good route. not bad right now between columbia and washington at silver spring. this is 95 traffic out of dale city to get to lorton. there has been m a crash for our friends who take 340 at the shenandoah river bridge, washington county. there has been a huge accident. 340 is closed in both directions. >> thank you. the space shuttle discovery astronauts are getting ready for their first space walk. >> it will take place tomorrow night. discovery successfully docked at the space station yesterday.
6:44 am
the -- the shuttle will spend more than a week at the space station and three space walks are planned. coming up next, we will have the latest on our top stories. you're watching "good morning washington." a beautiful shot
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:46. >> we begin with the deadly
6:47 am
wildfires burning in california. firefighters are trying to hold back a massive wildfire that is threatening 12,000 homes. two firefighters died. >> president obama gets back to work after a weeklong vacation. it's number one priority is health care. democrats believe they still have the numbers to pass a bill without republican help. >> dick cheney is calling the justice department decision to investigate interrogations and outrageous political act. he says it will do long time damage to national security. >> the new leader of the japan is looking to fill his cabinet. he won a landslide victory. it is the first time in 50 years a single opposition party has
6:48 am
gained a majority. >> traffic changes in virginia on 95 ar expected to last months. they are adding a fourth lane to nine five. more than 100,000 students are heading back to school in montgomery county. >> count expect anything different? cracked the superintendent is saying they should not expect -- >> the superintendent is saying they should not expect anything different. as for class size, things should remain the same. they have had to make a lot of cuts because of the economic situation that many school systems have found themselves in. teachers have taken pay cuts to save roughly $90 million in the school budget. they cut to 250 jobs.
6:49 am
they are not going to be filling some teaching vacancies. many that are absolutely necessary will be filled through federal funding they have received. we will not be seeing some repairs made on certain things. the superintendent assures parents anything deadest necessary to make the school go round they will be taking care of it. they will trim if they can. they're looking at a $353 million budget gap. we're talking about 140,000 students. they are expecting to see 3000 new students. if they do see more than that, if they saw another 1000 students, that is one they might have to add extra students into a classroom. they're pretty confident that things are going to go well,
6:50 am
that they will have an overload. >> good things there in montgomery county. 6:49 is your time. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> it will be more proficient outside. >> i am excited. it does feel rather nice outside. it does at you can tur ofcoitioner for thecoextew there are a few showers do to ou south and east. you can see another batch near fredericksburg and shooting up into culpeper. we will keep an eye on a sprinkle or two. a high pressure from the ohio valley is moving in from the west. you can see the overcast sky. we do have a thick cloudec deck. it will thin out.
6:51 am
look at the numbers on our maps. 59 in front royal. 64 in fairfax. bowie, 65. detroit, 49. cleveland, 51. there is a lot of cool air out there. there may be a sprinkle or two this morning. most will remain down to our south. the -- it will be a comfortable day ahead of us. normally, about 84 this time of year. this is a big departure from that. lote 7's at lunchtime. a few short chances south and east of dc. -- low 70's at lunchtime. fairly nice tomorrow. lisa baden. >> randolph road was a hot spot
6:52 am
for a while. an accident is now completely gone. we had an accident reported on the baltimore-washington parkway. 340 is closed to get into hagerstown. 340 block at the shenandoah river. we will go live to some cameras. 395, right side, good volume. it is behaving up to the pentagon. this is traffic in maryland, which is moving nicely at the this is traffic in maryland, which is moving nicely at the what about the drink and the chips? extra. think a $5 sub is a good deal? it's time to unthink. kfc's new $5 fill-up boxes, each with a side... and medium drink for just5 bucks. unthink. and taste the unsub side of kfc.
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good morning. we will have the latest on the wildfires in california. sam champion it is live on the scene. new deep tales from the compound where jaycee was held. we will also talk to the women who helped crack the case. swine flu alert. dr.'s has some -- dr. oz will show us the healing power of music. have you ever been really frustrated with government leaders but unable to express
6:56 am
that? >> the citizens of reno, nev., got to express their anger with a tomato fight. for a $10 donation, residents could grab tornadoes to toss them at each other. the cost also pummel the maersk for $50. the money -- they could also hit the mayors for $50. money benefited the red cross. let's check in with lisa baden. >> we loved to throw tomatoes. let's look at the cameras of traffic crossing the potomac river. beautiful. roosevelt bridge, memorial bridge, and the key bridge. >> there are some clouds overhead. a few showers south and east of
6:57 am
town. >> it feel it
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yeah, no it's great.
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