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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  September 1, 2009 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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county. good on the dulles greenway and toll road. you can see in this camera there is a substantial drop-off on the american legion bridge. the headlights -- watched closely. there is a substantial bump because of work that is still under way. now to alison and doug. >> thank you. we begin with a check on a developing situation out west. >> thousands of acres have been burned. the flames are threatening and mountaintop broadcasting complex near los angeles. pamela brown has the latest. >> the blaze has grown to the size of san francisco and is showing no signs of slowing down. more than 2500 firefighters are tackling the fires. many are focus on the battle of
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the mountaintop. from the air and land, firefighters are in a fierce battle with a raging fire that is on its way towards mt. wilson. there are 20 television and radio transmitters. >> this is treacherous. i wish i to be more optimistic. >> with high temperatures and low humidity, conditions are a dangerous recipe for the fire to pickup speed and spread. the fire may not be fully contained forever least two weeks. >> a lot of this vegetation has not burned in over 100 years. it will be a fire we have not seen in a long time in southern california. >> those who stay behind closed and added risk for firefighters. some have been badly burned. >> some think they need to stay
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behind and protect their home, but somimes they pay dearly for that. >> a wind-driven fire destroyed 60 homes northeast of sacramento. more than 100 homes have been destroyed. another 1200 homes have been threatened by the homes -- but the fire. the fire is only 5% contained. >> thank you. a 24-year-old man is dead and three others are hurt after a shooting last night. police say the victims were in the backyard of a home when somebody fired several shots from an alley. michael harris died at the scene. still instead georgetown university -- students at georgetown are on alert after another break-in.
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a student woke up to find man next to her. police say he got in through an unlocked door. she screamed and he took off. things are back to normal for prince george's county high school students. the scheduling college is now fixed. 8000 students had empty or incorrect schedule for the first two days of the school year. they are now offering extended day clinics for students who missed and the daytime. a new report is out at violence and d.c. public schools. the report says schools made 3500 emergency calls to police. more than 900 of these calls cited violent incidents including assaults and sex offenses.
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1400 calls reported property incidences' such as vandalism. the remaining calls reported drug offenses, gunshots, and disorderly conduct. a long suit to stop toll hikes could cause problems for financing the eension of metro rail. the toll would increase by 25 cents. it is the first of three increases. the citizens' groups filed the lawsuit. they claim goal is really a tax because the highway has already been paid for. the top commander in afghanistan said u.s. and made no need a new strategy to defeat the taliban. the 80-year-old war is winnable but the situation is serious. they did not ask for more
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troops. they are expected to do so in a few weeks. august was the deadliest month yet for troops in afghanistan. the previous record that was set in july it was broken in august. george will is calling for the u.s. military to pull out of afghanistan and. he writes the number of troops should be reduced and they should only concentrate on the border with pakistan. will has long been a supporter of the international law on terror. the weather is getting cooler, kids are getting back to school. >> unfortunate, the perfect conditions for the spread of disease. in this case, the swine flu. officials want to make sure they are ready for whenever fault might bring. matt brock has more. >> it is the same back-to-
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school fears that others are fearing. >>we do not want to get us -- we do not want to get infected. >> health officials predict half the country could become infected with the swine flu this year. >> we should not minimize the impact of this virus could have on the population. >> according to an advisory panel, as many as 120 million americans could get sick with swine flu this fall. as many as 90,000 americans could die. >> it is a plausible scenario that we need to be ready for. >> deaths are more likely to occur among children and young adults, usually the healthiest group. live now. this is where governor kaine will meet later this morning
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with his cabinet and health officials for the coonwealth. there are some things you can bet there will be talking about. we no vaccinations will likely not be ready until november. most folks would not be protected from the forest until around thanksgiving. the swine flu spreads via personal conduct. one of the things you can bet will be a part of their plan to deal with this is to inform folks until the vaccination is ready is to wash their hands. there'll be a lot of antibacterial material in schools like this. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. you can get your seasonal flu shot in drugs grow -- in drug stores across the area. the campaign is starting earlier this year because they are anticipating greater demand.
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you should get the shots as soon as they are available. >> a lot of people will be coming down with psychosomatic symptoms. we have 57 degrees. >> when we return, a local student gets the gift of life. >> i can run. i can jump. i can swim. i can be normal. >> we will show you the amazing commission that made his new life possible. >> temperatures have dropped into the 40's in the suburbs. how much sunshine will we see? >> lisa baden is saying there are no major problems. back with more ack with mo
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hello. i am from a volunteer alexandria. how can you help out in your community? go to to find out. >> good morning, washington. and we say good morning, but washington, as well. 6:11. the first day of september. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> brian stepped outside. >> some folks may call it chilly this morning. we have 40's in the western suburbs. it may be a shock to this system. take a look at theseumbe. is
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49 in st. mary's county. 54 in ashburn. temperasre will climb back into the mid 70's. 76 deges, sunshine, and low humidity. we have low average temperatures for the next couple of days. we will give you an update on the holiday weekend in just a moment. >> the george washington parkway and the clara barton parkway are running smoothly. so is the baltimore-washington parkway. you can see through the trees in this camera. it is so beautiful rights now. we will leave the potomac river and tell you there's not much happening around the beltway. there was a stalled vehicle near the ikea but they moved it out of the way. i did not give you a chance to
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tell you. >> thank you. 6:12, up 58 degrees. >> marvel comics and mickey mouse. we will tell you about the latest deal from disney. >> we also have other stories making headlines. yo
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eg >> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. in our top stories, officials are gearing up to face the swine flu. president obama will be briefed on the government's efforts to face the swine flu.
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officials are also holding meetings today. >> opponents are trying again to stop same-sex marriage in the district. a group will try to put a gay marriage initiative on the ballot in november. >> some california residents have restarted to return to what is left of their residence. the largest blaze has destroyed more than 50 homes. a local high school student is beginning to the school year with a new heart. >> miles davis is a senior in silver spring. a virus attacked his heart. he was given a device that pumps blood for his heart. he underwent heart transplant surgery over the summer. > the night before someone had died across the hall from me,
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and their heart was a perfect match for me. i can go back to being normal. >> the donor was a 19-year-old who apparently was shot to death. they want to thank the donors. >> wow. >> such an ordeal that young guy has to go through. >> i bet he will teach his classmates a lot. 6:16 is your time. it is the first day of september. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> we will start off with lisa baden. >> it is cooler around the beltway. nice drive if you're going to head up towards the potomac river. this is virginia. beautiful across the river on the 14th street bridge. changing cameras through
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rosslyn, ballston, and falls church on 66 moving nicely. the beltway is still a a sp seed pa rk a tndlege dhe anereg lnio bri a> c arisp e dthay. e u up across the horizon. it is 51 in frederick. look at the numbers. we do have some 40's. 58 in fairfax. leesburg, 54. 50 in frederick. 64 at the patuxent naval station. we will look for sunshine. clouds are close. they're down in the southern sections of virginia and the carolinas. the high pressure will squash them down to the south and that is where they will stay. low humidity all the way through
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the afternoon. we are normally around 84. this afternoon, mid 70's. tomorrow, more of the same and just gorgeous. maybe a few showers on friday. partly sunny and low to mid a's next monday. that is a quick look at the weather. >> thank you. looking forward to that. big tobacco is taking on the government. >> jeremy hubbard has the "money scope" report. >> we begin with another major bank looking to return taxpayer money. bankamerica is out to get under the microscope. they want to pay back $20 billion. it would ease some of the restrictions placed on the company. they will auction off parts of
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the homes of bernie madoff. this is a $7 million beach house. it has four bedrooms and three bathrooms. the money will go to repay the victims of his massive fraud. some say the law violates their right to free speech. they say they are restricted to market their cigarettes. a media merger is bringing spider-man and mickeyouse under one roof. disney is buying marvel entertainment. marvel has about 4000 characters. the deal could lead to new rides and action figures. walmart is adding about 1 million items to their website. they e letting certain outside retailers sell their products.
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they want to gain ground on slates such as amazon. some drugstore chains will begin offering flu shots several weeks earlier. cbs said they expect greater demand. the vaccine is not the same as the one for the swine flu. avoiding hidden travel fees. don't let them ruin your vacation. and that is your "money scope" report. i'm jeremy hubbard. 6:20. we have 58 degrees. >> we will check some of the stories you'll not find on the front page. >> michael j. fox returns to "oprah ." it is a dr. oz special report. >> thank you for waking up with us. you're watching "good morning
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the u.s. open tennis tournament is banning twitter. >> aspirin may not be as good for you as your first thought. we have some stories you may not find on the front page. >> healthy people who take aspirin as a precaution for heart disease may actually be causing more harm than good.
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the daily benefits must be weighed against the risk of internal bleeding. some people given aspirin a day suffered major bleeding. the u.s. open is closed to twitter. officials worry players may pass on inside information to fans. advisory notices applied to coaches, agents, family members, and tournament staff. andy roddick says he is not police. jason is singing his way into the history books. one of his songs has been on the charts for 71 weeks straight. he says he has been singing it for about five years and it was only after seeing live audiences
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react that he decided to release this song as a single. the previous record was "how to live." that lasted 69 weeks. >> it is a catchy tune. >> i have not heard it. >> it is on a lot. we will play it for you later. >> it is something you can listen to at any time. it makes you think of a good summer day. >> obviously popular. thank you so much. good to see you. 6:25. we have another half-hour of "good morning washington." >> there is fresh scrutiny for bob mcdonnell. we will check out the latest from battleground virginia. >> the gay marriage debate heats up in the district. i am courtney robinson live in
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northwest. >> we are live in the weather center were things are cooling off in the metro,o,
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6:28 is your time. the first day of september. i'm alison starling. >> and i'm doug mckelway. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. we do have a touch of a fall in the year. >> last week we started some mornings in the 70's. 40's this morning. it is nd of a shift. go go80's. partlyny ses owsherssh have a wayfep ore cing back in. aborlaborab d ayand memorialay tricky 53 in gaithersburg. leonardtown, 57 degrees. we may barely have a cloud in the sky. about 10 degrees cooler than it should be at this time of year. it was warm and low humidity
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last weekend. now we have cooled and low humidity. it is a stretch in washington. are things warming up on the roads? >> they are starting to warm up. we have about a 30-minute ride leaving frederick. ec on the right side of your screen a heavy volume -- you see on the right side of your screen a heavy volume. headlights are northbound. delays from dale city to get to route 1. there is a delay of up to the beltway and through landmark. >> thank you. same-sex marriage opponents are launching another attempt to get the issue in the hands of d.c. voters. >> quarter robinson has more. >> -- courtney robinson has more.
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>> the district does recognize same-sex unions from other states. opponents are concerned the district might take the next step and legalized gay marriage in the district. at 10:00 this morning, opponents will be down here at the board of elections asking them tout that issue before voters. >> we believe we will prevail and lets the people's voice be heard. >> that voice is opposition to same-sex unions. he will once again request the board of alexian's let d.c. voters decide whether to legalize same-sex marriage in the district through an initiative. in may, the d.c. council voted to recognize same-sex unions performed in other states. that is something some residents have long awaited.
6:32 am
it was a win in the battle for marriage equality in the district. >> it is important for us. >> jackson and others say it is a decision for the residencts to make. they requested the board hold a referendum. the board denied that. >> it is basic human rights. >> same-sex marriage advocates say they are confident the board of collections will uphold their previous ruling and not grant this initiative. the 1977 human-rights act prevents discrimination of gays, lesbians, or any other minority groups. courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you. same-sex marriage is now legal in vermont.
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that law took effect at midnight. vermont is one of five states to allow same-sex marriage. new hampshire and iowa are others. today it is the first day of school for a lot of catholics students. several back-to-school celebrations are planned. some new figures are in on the d.c. summer jobs program. the government will pay more than $20 million to the summer jobs participants when the final numbers are tallied. that is about three. million dollars per week. next week, the program will be cut to six weeks. bob mcdonnell will unveil part four of his plan to improve education. it is included to increase
6:34 am
funding in the classroom. a graduate thesis he wrote 20 years ago is providing political ammunition for creed deeds. he criticizes working women. mcdonald says his views have changed since then. police are searching for a hit and run driver that critically injured two women. rosibel pereira and maria argueta were in the crosswalk saturday morning. they were hit and dragged about 100 feet before the suspect sped off. police believe a grill is that of the striking vehicle. it i a afrfryoyoom totota from . police are looking for the person who killed a woman in the
6:35 am
columbia heights nghd.borhoo debbie brown was apparently an innocent victim caught in the crossfire of a feud. she was walking along on saturday night and police said someone on a bicycle opened fire on a group of men and brown was struck. there are new details about the murder of a pizza mart owner. they say that shahabuddin rana may have been killed after a marriage for a green card scam. police charged shanika robinson with felony murder. the doctors state that rana was married in her so a brother could get a green card. controversy over the removal of a memorial sat up to remember a bicyclist has reached the mayor's desk.
6:36 am
this was a memorial foalice swanson who was hit and killed by a garbage truck. the memorial was removed on friday. the family wants the mayor to put it back. >> we did ask throughout the mayor to put it back until an improvement is made. >> it is a reminder to be careful. it is a tribute to her and to people who ride bicycles. >> the moral was put up. the mayor's office blames it on the miscommunication. they so far have not said whether it will be put back. there will be a chance to speak out about health care reform. steny hoyer will hold a meeting tonight between 7:00 and 8:00 p.m. in waldorf. lawmakers are preparing to come back from recess and tackle
6:37 am
health care reform. a small group of bipartisan senators are said to be working on a bill that will not include a government insurance option. they hope ted kennedy's memory will inspire them. reaction from locaresidents is mixed. >> we love teddy but, come on. >> i do not think it is the right answer. >> we are disappointed it has taken so long. >> president obama has been accused of not doing enough to steer the health-care debate. t white house is calling those accusations inaccurate. linda bell is live for a look at business headlines. >> you know those charities that made money's iestigating with bernie madoff? now they say they may sue the charities and forced them to
6:38 am
return their profits. charities are not exempt from the so-called clawback waugh. as forrh trading, take a look at stock index features, indicating a lower open. there'll be reports on manufacturing and automobile sales. the paper says restaurants are trying to entice more parents into bringing their kids to the table withealthier menus. the cheesecake factory is among the restaurants adding children's menus in order to get kids in their restaurants. denny's removed several sugar creek and fatty items from their menu. that is your business news. live at bloomberg headquarters in new york, i am linda bell. doug and alison, back to you. >> thank you.
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6:38. 57 degrees. >> a lot of people have been complaining about their high electric bills. imagine the reaction of the sky when he got a bill for $10,000. >> it was pretty shocking. >> we will tell you what went wrong with that bill. >> we will tell you what is going on with the weather. will the cold weather stick around? >> lisa has the latest from the morning rush on
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ba welcome back to "good morning washington." wear we clear overhead. we had someilch ly t.wel we had some 40'on s the map in september. frederick, 48. 56 downtown and in culpeper. plenty of sunshine and comfortable. low humidity. more of the same tomorrow. upper 70's. 80 degrees on friday with a chance of some showers. >> we have a gorgeous drive.
6:43 am
things are moving nicely on the highway. no disruption at all. we will go into virginia. we're moving slowly. this is the typical volume from edsall road to get to seminary road. let's go across the roosevelt bridge. it looks like some sunshine will be an issue. the sun is on the back of the outer loop, topside of your screen. and again through college park. let's go back to our sunshine behind the news desk. >> thank you. a small business honored in rockville is relieved to know he does not owe pepco thousands of dollars. >> he runs his business in an energy efficient manner, but he has received some large bills
6:44 am
from pepco. pepco outrage -- they checked their meters. he was being overcharged. >> he said they were using the wrong meter since day one when we opened. >> he thought the problem was over until he received another bill from pepco, for now i'm thousand dollars. it was a mistake. pepco said it would remedy the situation. -- the bill was for $9,000. 6:44 is your time, 58 degrees. >> swine
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>> you are watching abc 7's "good morning washington," with doug mckelway, alison starling, meteorologist brian van de graaff, weather, and lisa baden, traffic. this is "good morning washington," on your side. 6:47. time for a check on the top stories. >> we begin with the raging wildfires in california. low wind it is helping a bit. at least eight wildfires are burning. the biggest blaze is threatening thousands of homes in the los angeles foothills. >> it was the deadliest month on record in afghanistan. a new strategy is needed. this situation is serious but the war is winnable. 47 u.s. troops were killed there
6:48 am
last month. >> four men were shot in the backyard of a home on ninth and hamilton streets. michael harris died. >> opponents of same-sex marriage are trying once again to put that issue on the ballot. another reqst is expected to be filed to let voters decide if it should be on the ballot. >> it is moving day at the international space station. astronauts will unload quit meant including a treadmill named after steven colbert. there will also conduct two space walks later today. top leers are meeting today to talk security issues. >> one issue is the threat from the swine flu. matt brock has more.
6:49 am
>> governor came in virginia will be at samuel tucker elementary school here in alexandria to me with health officials as schools in virginia, many of them open next tuesday, a week from today, and here is what they are dealing with. think about this. an advisory panel said as many as 120 million americans, will get sick with the swine flu this fall. as many as 90,000 americans could die. very serious business as they prepare for the school year and prepare to get vaccinations under way. they are hammering out a plan here in for jeanette later today, talking about what they are going to do. the vaccinations will not be ready until november. they have to talk about how they will dea with outbreaks in school.
6:50 am
antibacterial soap will become very important. we'll have more updates for you and what the plan is later today and abc 7. you will want to tune in at noon for that. matt brock, abc 7 news. >> thank you. 6:50. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> i wonder how the swine flu virus does when it is 57 degrees. >> we will check on that. >> it feels good. >> it is. it together.nd some wayav together. wehao ve dihu n.mi ay wayenweth weend. this im coin coming in in ianrl gt60 is our warm spot, ifou will. we have some 40's out in the shenandoah valley.
6:51 am
t a high pressure is squashing out the clouds. it will keep us in the sunshine and in comfortable conditions. 40's again tonight in the suburbs. more of the same again tomorrow, upr 70's. we will talk about the seven- day forecast in just a few. >> we have a heavier volume. a minor crash after the occoquan on near rte 1. some slow traffic spotted through landmark, northbound 395. leaving 15 to get to the truck scales, a 30-minute ride. this is close to 28. we're good on 270, moving at speed. no accidents here in springfield. i love this camera. it is so beautiful.
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we will take you inside his vacation getaway. there is a health alert about some popular cancer tests. what you should know about hidden travel alerts. mexico is on a pace at breaking world records. >> it was a few weeks ago they had thousands of people come to mexico city to do a mass dance of "thriller." update form the largest mariachi band. earlier in the year, mexico broken record for the largest group kiss. they are on a roll. our about mayor ratchet bands serenading a kissing crowd with "thriller." >> i wonder if that would work.
6:56 am
mariachi music sounds fantastic. cool. that is one big band. let's check in with lisa baden. >> we have plenty of traffic. no major problems at all. beltway travel, interstate travel. this is maryland, this is 270 at democracy boulevard. pretty decent to the beltway. no issues on 3. this is the normal back up through landmark. >> it is beautiful outside with blue skies overhead. 50's downtown. mid 70's today. tomorrow, more of the same. near 80 on thursday. partly cloudy and 83 for labor day monday. >> all right. it feels great out here.
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