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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  December 23, 2009 7:00am-9:00am EST

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morning. good morning, america, on this wednesday, december 23rd. i'm robin roberts, here in new york. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos, back in washington this morning. >> good to see you there, george. and we have breaking news this morning. near disaster on a holiday flight. an american airlines plane, packed with vacationers, breaks apart on landing in jamaica. dozens are injured. we'll have the latest coming up. also, my exclusive interview with treasury secretary, tim geithner. does he think the recession is over? plus, michael jackson's fbi files. 7 investigations over 13 years. new allegations of abuse. all inside reports that we have never seen before.
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we're going to take a closer look. and aloha. the obamas are heading to hawaii for christmas. and we have an exclusive look at the winter white house, $9 million worth. good morning, everyone. a lot to tell you about, as always. beginning with american airlines flight 331, that slid off the runway overnight in kingston, jamaica, and nearly fell into the caribbean. >> thank goodness no one was killed. the plane cracked in two.ctures. dozens of passengers taken to local hospitals. some injuries are reported to be serious. flights have been delayed for days since the huge blizzard over the weekend. >> many are wondering if that could have been a contributing factor in any kind of way. also this morning, the dramatic international battle over a little boy. david goldman has cleared all
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the legal hurdles to get his son back in brazil. but he's not in his arms yet. what's going on here? we'll give you the latest. a live report from rio coming up. we begin with the american airlines crash in jamaica. lisa stark with here with the latest this morning. lisa? >> reporter: good morning, george. american airlines flight 331, was a boeing 737, with every seat taken. 148 passengers and a crew of 6. as it approached the airport in jamaica in heavy rain. as the plane came down at the airport in kingston, jamaica, it overshot the end of the runway and broke into pieces. stopping just ten feet from the ocean. passengers scrambled down the emergency slides. there were dozens of injuries. some serious. but apparently, none of them life-threatening. a local reporter rushed to the scene and described what he learned. >> a passenger told me that the oxygen masks deployed when they heard the nose bang. and they could see the fuselage breaking up. and then, the chute deployed.
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and persons managed to escape. >> reporter: american airlines flight 331 originated at washington, d.c.'s national airport. an airport that's been in turmoil this week, after the record snowstorm and flight cancellations. from d.c., it headed to miami. then, it was to be a quick hour and a half hop down to jamaica. where the plane craslanded about 10:20 last night. runway excursions have been a major safety concern. there will be a full investigation into the american airlines accident. >> at this time, we will not speculate as to the possibilities or the causes of this incident. >> reporter: now, one factor investigators will clearly look at is the stormy weather. and whether the crew should have even attempted a landing. there were reports the flight was so turbulent, tt the flight attendants had to stop serving drinks. and just before landing, the
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captain reportedly warned the passengers of a bumpy ride to that runway. robin? >> all right, lisa. lisa stark in d.c. for more on what possibly went wrong, joining us now from seattle, is john nance, our abc news aviation consultant. and, john, any early indication of what may have gone wrong here? >> well, robin, whenever you have a situation like this where an airplane goes off the runway. you have a heavy rainstorm, and standing water on the runway, we at least probably will have some involvement of hydroplaning. there's so much water that the tires are floating on a thin film of water. and can't get traction to help stop. if you couple this with landing too fast or too far down the runway when you touch down and then try to stop the airplane, most of your landing parameters in terms of how much distance to stop go away. that's one of the first places that any investigation, or an investigator will be looking here. secondly, we've got to question fatigue.
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we have the question of distraction and decisionmaking. decisionmaking and judgment is really about 90% of airline and aircraft safety. and all of this will have to come into play, in terms of what exactly was the sequence that happened here. >> well, we just heard in lisa's report about a growing concern about these types of incidentseincidents . how common is this, sliding off the runway like this? >> we've had too much of this, sliding off the runway in the past 10, 20 years. we had an accident years ago, at chicago midway airport, with southwest airlines landing too hot and too far down the runway in snow and being unable to stop at the runway. you have a tremendous force in a jetliner. to bring that to a halt properly, you have to judge it right. that sometimes trips us up when we have a heavy rainstorm. >> lisa alluded to this, the
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blizzard. cancelling flights. delaying flights. adding more planes. i know it's early. but could it have been a contributing fact center. >> one of the things we try to do, and the national transportation safety board is good at this. looking back over time, before an accident, a week or two, to look at cumulative fatigue of the pilots and for that matter, the dispatchers, and anything that could have contributed to bad decisionmaking. i'm not says that's what we had here. but that is on the table. >> this has been a difficult year in aviation, hasn't it, john? >> it is. we are plagued by these problems. >> john nance in seattle. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thanks a lot. now, let's go to george back in washington. >> thanks, robin. we're going to turn to my exclusive interview with treasury secretary tim gheiter. we sat down in the treasury department's diplomatic room,
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after a surge of home sales in november. and i began if this is good news, plus the dramatic drop in job losses last month, means that the recession is over? >> the economy's growing. it's getting better. getting stronger. i think most people would say that actually the economy's strengthening going into the end of the year. accelerating now. but the key thing is when we get job growth back. >> that's what i was going to ask you. you say it's accelerating. we saw the job loss slow down in november. are jobs going to be created in december? >> i don't think so. i think it's likely, most economists would say, by the spring, we'll have positive job growth. >> maybe before that, though? >> it's possible. >> most of the country is still not feeling it. we saw a new poll out. it shows that fewer than one in three americans believe that your administration's policies will actually help them. what do you say to that? >> it's very hard out there. it's a tough economy. the crisis caused a huge amount
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of damage to people's basic confidence in their economic future. you see that in business confidence. consumer confidence, too. but confidence is improving. >> we asked your former fed colleague, to grade the administration on the last year. an "a" for restoring the financial system. "b" for job creation. a "c" on home foreclosures. is that fair? >> i don't think so. i would say it this way. wh the president did on housing was to bring interest rates down in ways that had hugely powerful effects on home prices and stability. he also put in place a program to help people who could afford to stay in their homes, stay in their homes. and that program has already put three-quarterses of americans into loan modifications that reduce their monthly payments substantially. >> home foreclosures in the millions now. and some of the banks say for christmas, they're going to hold off for foreclosures. but do they need to be forced to do more? >> i think it's very important banks work very hard to start to rebuild trust and confidence in
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the american people, in their institutions in the financial system. they did a huge amount of damage to the country. lost a huge amount of trust and confidence. they need to work very hard to -- one of the ways to do that -- >> do you think they get it? >> i think some banks do. not all banks get it yet. >> what do they need to do to show they get it? >> i think they need to make sure they can do everything they can to help people stay in their homes. to begin landing to communities that need credit. >> let's talk health care. i was talking to howard dean last week. and he told me that e senate bill was a bonanza for the health insurance companies. >> this is an insurance company's dream, this bill. >> and it became clear, health insurance stock hit a 52-week high. so, does that show that this senate bill is a bonanza for the health insurance industry? >> i don't think so. i think it's a strong package of reform. it will be good for the american economy. and good at offering the
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prospect of improving care, expanding access. >> meanwhile, we saw dealmaking in the final hours on the senate bill. mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader, saying the bill is chock full of deals. and you see ben nelson, with a permanent taxes of medicaid for his states. how can you justify it? >> this is the most important set of reforms to one of the hardest problems facing the american economy, facing the american people, that you've seen in decades. and it offers the prospect of in a very short period of time, expansion of access, better ways to use health care in a way that is fiscally responsible. >> let's talk about your first year. the market tanked when you rolled out the bank plan. and you faced harsh criticism in congress. >> the public has lost all confidence in your ability to do the job. >> i don't think that you should be fired. i thought you should never have been hired.
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>> how much was deserved? >> this was -- i knew from the beginning this was going to be hard and tough. and the things we thought were necessary to do, were going to be deeply unpopular, on both sides of the aisle. but what we did to help break the back of this financial panic was hugely effective at much lower costs than anybody expected. we had $90 billion come back from banks. banks repaying with interest. >> to the t.a.r.p. >> yeah. that's one measure of to get stability back. >> as the banks pay back the money, they raise a lot of stock and money in the capital markets and are paying themselves as they do that. a column in "the new york times" quoted one of the bankers saying, thank you, mr. geithner. >> i saw that. >> what did you think when you saw it? >> most of what's happening, americans can take some comfort in. we've been able to repair the most damaged parts of our financial system, much more quickly, at much lower cost to taxpayer. >> you said earlier that some of
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the banks get it. which ones don't? >> that's not a judgment for me to make or i want to share on tv. i don't think i'll share that with you now. >> let me ask one final question. it's about christmas. bend a few days off, what is your real wish this christmas? >> i think americans should go into the holidays and into next year with more hope. with more hope about the future. you can see now, the beginnings of that process of healing. confidence gradually improving. and that's something we want to work very hard to reinforce. >> mr. secretary, thanks very much. >> thank you. nice to see you. >> you can watch my entire interview with secretary geithner, at click on "gma." the full transcript is there, as well. >> george, thank you very much. juju chang is getting an early jump on the holiday with her family. bianna golodryga is here with the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone at home. we begin with yet another winter storm threatening to wreak havoc on holiday travel plans. the heavy winds have done deadly
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consequences, whipping up a dust storm that caused this 22-car pileup in arizona. three people were killed. snow and ice threatens to bring more chaos to the airports. sam champion will have much more on the storm's track in a moment. well, the plot is thickening in the case of a utah mother who vanished early this month without a trace. susan powell reportedly left a trail of e-mails about her marital problems. and one, she vowed never to commit suicide. meanwhile, investigators are focusing on a car her husband had rented. here's our mike von fremd. >> reporter: e-mails from missing mother, susan powell, to her friends, have now been turned over to investigators and reported in salt lake newspapers. they say she lives in fear that her husband, might kidnap her two boys, divorce her or worse. the e-mails were written last near, when her friends say the marriage was at its lowest point. susan writes that her husband, joshua, is very controlling.
7:14 am
susan was reported missing december 7th. two days later, police confiscated the family's van to search for idence. it was the couple's only vehicle. but when husband joshua, went to the salt lake airport to rent a car, it somehow took investigators by surprise. >> we were uware that he had a rental car and was on the move. he had that rental car for 24 hours or less. >> reporter: in that short time, joshua drove more than 200 miles. just what he did with the rental car and where he drove it, is one of many questions investigators want answered. police have not filed any charges. but investigators are learning painful, personal details about a missing mother, who in her own words, feared her husband. for "good morning america," mike von fremd, abc news, salt lake city. in other news, a u.s. army general in iraq appears to be backing off his threat to court-martial soldiers who become pregnant. major general anthony cucolo
7:15 am
says his policy was to maintain troop strength. the generasoftened it starns saying, i do not ever see myself putting a jol jer in jail for this. instead, a letter of reprimand will be placed in a soldier's file. finally, more frustration for blackberry users. for the second time in less than a week, users had trouble accessing e-mail last night. the company blames a technical glitch. but isn't saying when the problem would be resolved. i didn't know what to do without any blackberry last night. it felt like 1985. >> very nice. >> i don't remember 1985. >> to tell you the truth. bianna said you would tell us more. >> we have a lot. we showed you the dust storms. flooding going on in the deep south from heavy rain. 25 states have some kind of watch, warning or advisory because of the storm. outside of utah last night, heavy snow. draper, utah, outside of salt lake city.
7:16 am
about a foot and a half of snow. and gusty winds. also the same scene in northern arizona with the snow falling. that's where the storm got its start. today, we watch the low drop into the texas area and will spin up a lot of rain. eastern texas, arkansas. even missouri. some of this will be flooding and heavy rain. then, we have the icy edge around chicagoland. chicago starts with snow and gets into the mix. there's a heavy t of snow that includes blizzard warnings in the northern plains and the midwest. that's the storm position today. look at the flooding that goes into the deep south. winter blizzard advisories, winter weather watches. all of that out there in the middle of the country. quick look at the big board. we'll give you thorough weather in the next half hour.
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a very good morning, brian van de graaff pierre. temperatures were about 31 degrees -- 41 degrees yesterday but now it will be cooler today. 20 degrees tonight the sun will melt a little bit tonight. there could be some of his early on tomorrow. it will change over to reign. limit your travel on christmas morning. the snow a lot of crazy weather with this storm in the middle of the country. we'll talk about it the next half hour. robin? >> all right, sam.
7:18 am
thank you. now, the international custody battle one new jersey dad has been fighting for five years to get his son back. david goldman has cleared every legal hurdle to bring his son back. but father and son are still waiting to be reunited. our jeffrey kofman has been in rio. he's still there. has the latest for us. what is it, jeffrey? >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. well, what it is, is the boy goes home to his dad. that was the decision handed down by the chief justice of the supreme court of brazil. and he distributed that news by twitter. it is news that david goldman has waited five years to hear. congressman chris smith was in the room with goldman when the anxious father got the news. >> i was about three feet away from him. and a big smile came to his face. but he said, i'm not going to rest until we're airborne. it's wheel's up. >> reporter: that's almost exactly what goldman said when we talked with him just hours before the decision came. are you allowing yourself to
7:19 am
believe this is the end? >> until we get a ruling. until it a favorable ruling. until sean and i are together, reunited, on a plane, the wheels are up, i only will remain hopeful. and no less determined to make that happen. >> reporter: and before the ruling, one, final maneuver from the brazilian relatives, who so doggedly fought to keep 9-year-old sean, despite rulings against them in the u.s. and brazil. sean's grandmother, who has cared for him since his mother died, wrote an open letter t the president of brazil, saying, in the absence of the mother, the raising should be done by the grandmothers. this is custom in brazil. an emotional plea. but far from what the law says in brazil or in the u.s. >> under united states law, and probably in many countries, biological parents who are fit are presumed to have superior rights to custody of children. >> reporter: so, now, david goldman waits to find out if the brazilian family will cooperate
7:20 am
with the chief justice's order. and when he will get his son back. when that does happen, he tells me he and his boy will be on the first plane they can get back to the u.s. as they can get on. >> jeffrey, thank you. keep us up to date. to come here, on "good morning america," the michael jackson files. why was the fbi investigating the superstar? and what did they find? surprising details from a newly released report. and president obama can't wait to geout of washington. he'll be far away this christmas. we'll take you inside his winter hideaway. it's the second year in a row. it's worth $9 million. we'll have that and much more from washington and here in new york, after local news and weather. so, come on back. walgreens wants to remind you that there's no greater joy than the joy of giving,
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- ooh, wait-- i've got it. - he went... female announcer: jared has five times the selection of ordinary jewelry stores, with thousands of loose diamonds and hundreds of settings - [laughing] - i take it you told her. research shows that dancing is good for your heart. so is fish oil. nature made fish oil protects your heart so you can dance great and live great every day. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am doug mckelway at 7:22 on this wednesday. let's start with traffic. >> we are looking at a house fire in bethesda on bradley lane of wisconsin ave.
7:23 am
because of this, bradley line is closed in the westbound direction near the intersection of 355. we will find that traffic will be hung up on wisconsin avenue because they cannot turn their. the interstates are in fairly good shape otherwise. here is the forecast. >> outside, with temperatures in the teens and the 20's. anything that melted yesterday will possibly re-freeze again today. we will keep an eye on that. this high pressure will settle in from the northwest. that will keep our temperatures below average it should be 45 degrees but not the case the next couple of days. temperatures will probably be in the 30's.
7:24 am
early christmas morning, a little ice as possible. that happens, we could see some very slick spot so be careful. it will turn over to reign. it will be in the 40's by christmas day. we will be right back. here are school closings.
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an american airlines flight originated from reagan national airport has overshot the runway in kingston, jamaica. one after the people were on board and 44 people were taken to local hospils with injuries. the plane landed in a heavy
7:26 am
rainstorm. it skidded across the road before stopping a few feet from the caribbean sea. the fuselage was cracked and its right engine was broken off from the impact and the left main landing gear collapsed. >> a passenger told me that the oxygen masks deployed when they felt they banned and they could see the pews alleged breaking up. the chute deploy and manage to escape. >> passengers said there was heavy turbulence throughout the flight. many others in the dc/metro area are still digging out from the big snowstorm. main roads in our area are in very good shape but many neighborhood streets remained snow-covered. the snow has become -- has become hard. vdot says they are finished with their snow removal efforts. there could be an wintry mix
7:27 am
beginning to marmite. numerous stores will stay open late because of a snowstorm. retailers are hoping for a bigger than usual last-minute spending spree from shoppers who are behind on their holiday purchases. researchers say that super saturday sales dropped 12.6% from one year ago. >> saturday bristle that. we are making the rebels. >> i have cabin fever and some of the shopping a wanted done, could not get done. >> many stores are offering extended hours. the tysons corner mall is open this morning and will open again tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. pentagon city mall will open up the usual time but will stay open until midnight. today marks the one-year anniversary of the walls -- mass of water main break in cabin
7:28 am
john. a 66-inch pipe broke causing massive flooding and the road looked like a fast-mov
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and team sports comfy throws, only $14.99. this season, good things come at small prices. there's smart, and there's kmart smart. ♪ i knew it was worth living new details this morning about michael jackson from the fbi. sexual abuse allegations we didn't know about. fears for his safety. for the first time, we're finding out just what's inside the music icon's secret fbi file. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos in washington, this morning. >> mr. stephanopoulos goes to washington. i'm robin roberts, here in the big apple. also this morning, george, we're going to take everyone inside president obama's winter white house. the nearly $9 million hawaiian retreat, where the family will be spending their holiday vacation. and we're at the time for
7:31 am
the end-of-the-year wrap-ups. we'll look back at the highs and lows of 2009. and all the people and events that made it a year to remember. it was a big one. >> it was. first in this half hour, michael jackson's confident fbi files. hundreds of pages going all the way back to 1992. the fbi has now made them public. and they showed the fbi played a bigger role in investigating the pop star than was previously known. pierre thomas, abc news senior justice correspondent, has more from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: hi, robin. michael jackson was one of the most famous peop on the planet. it turns out, he was also the target of intensive fbi scrutiny. police were concerned about the media circus surrounding the 2005 michael jackson child molestation trial, they asked the i to assess whether it was a soft target for terrorism. it was just one of the revelations from newly-released fbi files, that portrayed the king of pop as potential
7:32 am
criminal and potential victim. we learned today as early as 1993, there were allegations that jackson made sexually charged phone calls with a boy in london. and we discovered that the fbi was more deeply involved in the highly-publicized 2005 sexual abuse trial than we ever knew. >> there was a high motivation to help potential children victims involved. >> reporter: james clemente was one of the fbi agents brought in to assist with the jackson investigation. >> we have the international and intrastate capabilities to do investigations that local law enforcement and local d.a.s don't have. we also have the forensic capabilities. >> reporter: fbi forensic scientists pored over jackson's computers, lking for signs of child pornography. they even had interview strategies for a victim who alleged that jackson abused him in 1993. none of it ultimately matter. jackson was acquitted. but why would the fbi have a 300-page file on jackson? turns out many celebrities routinely find themselves under fbi scrutiny. there are fbi files on marilyn
7:33 am
monroe, frank sinatra, martin luther king, even supreme court justice, william rehnquist. in a serious of bizarre letters, that included threats against president george hur bert walker bush, frank jones writes, he'd commit mass murder at a michael jackson concert. jones was recently arrested outside the home of jackson's parents. jackson brought many people so much joy. but in this case, clearly fame had a darker side. robin? >> it did, pierre. joining us now from los angeles, our attorney, brian oxman, that's represented several members of the jackson family. and from washington, brad garrett, abc news consultant and former fbi agent. want to start with you first, brian.
7:34 am
how aware? was michael aware of the extent of the fbi's investigations? >> not at all, robin. it was really kind of a surprise when we got these documents. back in august, i learned that there was an fbi file on michael jackson. i made a request under the freedom of information act. and as a result, this is what we have. we have the files coming out. there's some 673 pages. but the fbi has only released 333 pages. so, we're kind of curious as to what is in the balance of the -- we're surprised and shocked by what we found in what they did release, though. >> had they been talking with you at all? have you been asking them questions as an attorney, for the family? >> i spoke to mr. jackson, joe jackson, last night. and he said that this fbi file was something he never heard of. are they investigating his son? they can't do those sorts of things. but as an attorney, i knew that the fbi was significantly involved in some of the aspects
7:35 am
of michael's life. but there are aspects, particularly the pornography aspects, which you had mentioned, that we had no idea that they were involved at all. >> brad, we saw in pierre's piece that this is not unusual. that there are celebrities that are investigated. a lot of people want to know why? why did the fbi -- why do they take up these cases? >> robin, when you look at the files that have become available, they are files that the fbi has been asked by the police, to help them with certain aspects of the case. they're really not operational fbi cases. for example, coming to the fbi, because they have a forensic capability with computers to mirror image hard drives. so, they can look at evidence inside a computer. or asking for investigative strategies or interview strategies that they may ask to profile at quantico. these are support functions where the fbi was involved in
7:36 am
the case. the other side were the threats, which were operational cases. >> a lot of people want to know how much time, resources, expense, goes into these types of cases. >> that's exactly right. it's areas where the police either have limited man power or they don't have expertise in a particular area. so, they step to the fbi for help. >> well, as brian just said, brad, hundreds of pages from the fbi. they only released about 300 or so. and a lot of people are asking them why? why are they releasing this now? >> it got released under the freedom of information act. but what you don't have typically are things that could have been used as evidence or may still be under review. or maybe more importantly, protecting people who gave them information. whether it be true, or whether it be not true. that's typically why things get redacted. >> brian, what do you want people to know now, now that these pages and all these
7:37 am
investigations have been released? what do you want to the public to know about? >> very interesting, robin. in hundreds of pages, many hours of investigation. going to the philippines. going to chicago. going all over the country. there's not one scrap of evidence that michael jackson ever harmed a child, did anything wrong, committed any crime. it's almost a vindication, when you look at this. the fbi looked at all of these matters and said, there's nothing here. and i think that's the most startling thing, which i've seen. >> brian and brad, thank you very much for your perspectives and insight. appreciate it very much. both of you take care. >> thank you. it's 37 minutes after the hour. time to get the weather and sam. >> okay. so, you ask the fbi to help in an investigation. but they have a file that's ongoing? and no one knows about it? >> but there's certain cases, certain aspects you can understand why. there were serious threats and
7:38 am
things like that. but in other instances, that kind of manpower, you scratch your head a lilt bit. >> and you only find out about it after people are dead. all right. good morning, everyone. let's deal with what's going on outside our doors. this much we can tell you, openly, honestly, new york city looks pretty good along the eastern seaboard this morning. and we're going to try to chemoa good travel day on the east coast today. however, if you're off the east coast, into the middle of the country, whave some issues. weave more than half the country with weather watches and warnings and advisories out because of one, big storm. we'll break it down. and all of the abc stations will follow the storm. here's the snowmaking area. grand island, all the way to minneapolis. look at the heavier snowfall totals here. this is a foot to a foot and a half of snow and high wind. many will come up to the criteria of blimpd watches and wa warnings there. then, the heavy rain in some places that don't need rain.
7:39 am
two to four inches. and one of the two places that seem to be pretty nice right now, are both coasts. as the storm moves east, it gets better in the west coast, by the way. the gorgeous temperatures. let's see if we can get it. in san diego, about 61 degrees. l.a., as well. about five to ten degrees cooler than average there opinion a look at the big board, in case you're traveling. east coast seems to be pretty good. if you're traveling anywhere in the middle of the country in the next couple days, and chicago's a big airport. they will have a mix of everything. little snow, some ice. and by the time we get into christmas day, the east coast will be dealing with it right now. here's the good news about that. it looks like more of a rainmaker. a very good morning, outside this morning, cool temperatures in the 20's and 30's but in the afternoon, it will climb higher
7:40 am
in the 30's and allow more melting to occur. we repeat the all that weather was brought to you by tylenol. george? >> what's so funny, sam? >> robin wasn't ready for the three shot. >> i had a fresh piece of gum in my mouth. >> sorry. sorry. >> real nice. there's one guy who doesn't have to worry about weather when he's traveling this winter. air force one can fly through just about anything. president obama's heading to hawaii. we're going to take you to the winter white house. a hawaiian escape where the first family will be spending their christmas holidays, when first family will be spending their christmas holidays, when we come back. running on empty. to relieve headaches doctors recommend tylenol... more than any other brand of pain reliever. tylenol rapid release gels... release medicine fast... to silence headache pain fast,
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when i last interviewed president obama in september, he was already pining for his christmas vacation. two weeks of sun, surf and
7:44 am
shooifed ice in hawaii. it's finally here. delayed by the health care vote. then, the president will be taking off. one of the big perk of the trip, a magnificent beach house where the family is staying for the second year in a row. yunji de nies takes a second look at obama's winter white house. >> hi. welcome to the obama winter white house. >> reporter: wonderful. this is amazing. step into the obama winter white house. and it's easy to see why the first family has made this their hawaiian home away from home. >> you have a chance to relax. you have this large, enclosed area, that feels like you're at your own private hotel. lush setting. and it's very peaceful here. it's very quiet. >> reporter: dave zimmel owns the property. large, open spaces built around a lagoon pool. one of the things i noticed here, is there's a christmas tree in the corner. is that special delivery? >> it is special delivery.
7:45 am
there aren't a l of evergreen trees here. >> reporter: the obamas rented this house and the two next door for family and friends. when you spend that kind of money, people pay attention to detail. >> we brought some things in last year. we found out what he really loves are the sweet potato chips and the taro chips. >> reporter: you can't get them anywhere but hawaii. malia and sasha have the rooms next to the pool. >> they can giggle all night. it's separated from the rest of the house. >> reporter: and they have easy access to -- >> their favorite spot, the pool. >> reporter: but it's the master bedroom and its breath taking view that's the crown jewel. hialeah beach has been crowned the best. and the president has a personal connection to this stretch of
7:46 am
sand. >> his grandfather used to take him to hialeah beach. >> you catch one wave. and start fresh again. hopefully that's get in the ocean and have a good time. >> reporter: the president has two weeks to soak in the serenity, before heading back to work. for "good morning america," yunji de nies, abc news, hawaii. >> one real for says the president has expressed some interest in buying it. but no final word on an offer. coming up next, a look back at the people and stories that shaped 2009. (woman) dear cat.
7:47 am
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7:50 am
showing you out in the elements.
7:51 am
we show sam being blown away and all these things. a lot of folks are trying to get home for the holidays. get home for christmas. we're going to be heading out. george is already there in washington. you're on a train? >> on a train to d.c., right after this, george. >> better luck than i had on sunday, sam. yesterday was a breeze. >> i'll beeading to the airport, newark to mississippi. keeping my fingers crossed and packing a lot of patience and books and things like that. your family came to you. >> they came here. here all weekend. a lot of parental time. love you mom, dad. >> say it with a little more enthusiasm, bianna. we have a lot of family coming in for a couple days here, as well. for christmas eve and christmas day. it's going to be a lot of n. the girls are already banging us. they wanted to start opening their presents last night. >> you didn't give in? >> not yet. we might today, if they get unruly. speaking of unruly, your wife,
7:52 am
ali, will be here. >> setting up that segment. >> she's running late. the interview's at your own home. and she's running late. how can that be, george? >> she has a few things to do upstairs. the girls were sleeping in this morning. she had a little trouble with that. >> there's the charge. that's george's home. >> that's a good thing. a lot of people tuning in, as soon as she comes. you better believe i'll be listening in.
7:53 am
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning, it is 7:56 and i am doug mckelway with your local update. let's start with traffic. >> we are looking at bradley boulevard in bethesda between wisconsin avenue and goldsboro, closed by fire equipment dealing with a house fire. that will be shut down for a water that will make things heavier on wisconsin avenue this morning. let's go to the beltway and shows you it looks as good as it has been all week on the american legion bridge. 95 north bend is not bad and 395
7:57 am
is hung up getting to the 14th street bridge. here is the forecast. we have sunshine across the area and 30 degrees. there is snow on the ground which will be there for some time. temperatures will be in the 30's. outside, there are a few clouds but all in all a fairly calm pattern. later in the week, there could be some ice around the metro area. early morning travel on christmas may be impacted. there could be some issues. that is for early christmas morning and that will turn to rain. temperatures are in the mid and upper 30's. a woman is dead this morning after a car struck her while she was waiting for the bus. it happened about 7:30 last night on southern avenue se for the woman was dead on the sidewalk at a bus stop when a driver lost control coming down a hill. police do not believe the
7:58 am
accident was weather-related. thank you for watching. we love another update at 8:25.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ ♪ sleigh bells ring are you listening ♪ ♪ snow is glistening a beautiful sight ♪ ♪ we're happy tonight walking in a winter ♪ ♪ wonderland oh, yeah. the unds of the singers of atlanta west pentecostal church choir. they've just been named the best church choir in america. and they proudly wear their medals to prove it. they'll be singing for us in our last half hour. good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> i'm george stephanopoulos, in
8:01 am
washington, this wednesday, december 23rd. coming up, it's movie time, too. chris connolly will come up and say what to see and what to avoid. i have to find out about "alvin and the chipmunk." there's a certain actress. i know meryl streep is really good. but could it be -- oh, no. that is george's wife, ali wentworth. >> look at the size of that bowl. >> at home. she said she was getting ready, george. >> she looks gre right now, huh? hates the camera, too. >> the line, ali. there's a line. and she just straddles it. >> straddles it or jumps over. we'll come back to this in a little bit. right now, we have to get back
8:02 am
to news. >> george, just breathe. >> i'm going to breathe in. throw it over to bianna golodryga. she's in for juju this morning. >> gd morning, everyone. we're getting more video this morning from the near-disaster involving an american airlines flight that overshot the runway and broke apart by landing in jamaica last night. our aviation correspondent, lisa stark, is following the breaking developments in washington. lisa, what do we know this morning? >> reporter: well, bianna, american airlines flight 331 was packed. every seat taken on the plane. there was a crew of 6 and 148 passengers, most of them heading home to jamaica for the holidays. the plane, a boeing 737, was landing in heavy rain, when it overshot the runway. it apparently crashed through a fence and across the road, before coming to an abrupt halt ten feet from the ocean. the fuselage cracked open. engine sheered off. landing gear collapsed. thankfully, everyone got out alive, scrambling down the
8:03 am
emergency chutes. a couple people did receiver injuries, a few serious. none life-threatening. the flight originated in washington, d.c., stopped in miami, and headed on to jamaica. one thing that investigators will look at clearly is the weather and that wet runway. and if pilots should have attempted a landing. bianna? >> lisa, thank you for that. turning to the economy, the job market might be finally about to turn the corner. in an interview with george, treasury secretary tim geithner said it's reasonable to expect recovery in the spring. many banks have a lot of work to do before regaining the public's trust. the colorado parents behind the so-called balloon boy hoax in october, ha been ordered to pay $42,000, to cover the costs for the search for their son. richard and mayumi heene face possible jail time with their sentence later today. a florida teenager who was doumsed with rubbing alcohol and set on fire by his schoolmates is home for the holidays.
8:04 am
15-year-old michael brewer was just released from the hospital, after three surgeries and months of physical therapy. he was discharged much earlier than expected. and as his mother told us this morning, she credits his perseverance. >> michael does help me keep my spirits up. just by the fear fact that he's so strong. he does whatever the doctors tell him to do. it's very uncomfortable. it's extremely painful. it's grueling. it's grueling. but he knows he has to do it in order to move on and have a normal life. >> courageous boy. brewer was burned over 65% of his body. three teens have now been charged as adults with attempted murder. and finally, a christmas wish come true for a little girl in ohio. 7-year-old reagan walters visited santa at the mall. but didn't ask him for toys. instead, she asked for her dad to come ho from iraq. she got an early gift.
8:05 am
her dad walked right in. the reunions never cease to move me. it's like niagara falls, sam. i love to see the reunions. >> i know. that's a special one. as a child, you sit on santa's lap. and you ask your wishes and dreams. and right there, they come through in front of you. you're my wish and dream. >> you're mine, bianna. good morning, everybody. how are you? good? we barely have room to squeeze an audience in the studio. i have to show you this. this is the first time i've seen it. the entire studio is taken up by the atlanta pentecostal west church choir. go ahead, and wave. i don't think you should hold that stuff in. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on to talk about. a quick twitter picture. we love this one. from suzanneec. we think it's close to philly. look at the gorgeous house and the snow for the holidays. now, here's the rest of it. on the east coast, a good travel day today. a good situation the northeast,
8:06 am
particularly. elsewhere, in the country, we have that storm to worry a >> a very good morning. we're in the 20's outside. 30 downtown. in front royal and to the west, temperatures in the mid 20's. you can see partly sunny and clout. i will tell you, some milder air will move in from the west. it could bring a bit of a wintry mix early friday before changing over to rain. we'll come back to downstairs in the next half hour. george? robin? >> looking forward to it. thanks, sam. now, we're going to look back at the year that was. 2009, brought new hope to guide the country. new words like octomom.
8:07 am
and what about balloon boy? >> who could forget him? but it was also a year when americans faced a tough economy. as we heard from the treasury secretary last hour, there are signs of a turnaround, as 2010 is coming into view. here it is, a year in review, 2009. >> there is nothing you can't do. >> michael jackson died. >> there is an airplane down. >> attack on ft. hood. >> the dow closed below 7000. >> swine flu outbreak. >> i barack hussein obama. >> the first african-american commander in chief. >> will to the best of my ability. >> pserve, protect and defend, the constitution of the united states. >> preserve, protect and defend, the constitution of the united
8:08 am
states. ♪ and at last my love has come along ♪ >> no. >> it's not good. >> the national fight over health care reform has raged throughout the summer. >> the reforms i'm proposing would not apply to those -- >> he graciously accepted my apology. and the issue is over. >> swine flu outbreak. >> this is something we are worried about. >> experts declare the swine flu, a phase six pandemic. >> keep your hands washed. cover your mouth when you cough. >> we don't have the vaccine. >> this vaccine was developed very quickly. and i'm not comfortable with that. >> the only way to protect against infection is by vaccination. >> i'm aseeing the airplane going down. >> there is an airplane down in the hudson river right off manhattan.
8:09 am
>> the temperatures in new york city are absolutely frigid. >> just slowly continued down thriver. it was almost as if he used the hudson river as his runway. >> kept saying relax. relax. women and childr first. then, it started filling with water. hell of a landing. >> the crew is here. we have some very grateful people. come on out. >> there is a heroic pilot that saved himself and approximately 154 other passengers. >> breaking news. >> michael jackson died from an overdose of propofol. >> no matter what he wanted, somebody would give it to him. >> you gave him medication? >> yes. >> murray was with jackson at the time of his death. >> i do believe it was foul play. >> do you hold him responsible? >> i told the truth. and i have faith the truth will prevail. >> was michael in denial? >> i wish he could answer that question for you, and not me. ♪
8:10 am
>> what do you miss most about him? >> for me, his love. >> daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine. and i just wanted to say, i love him. >> attack on ft. hood. 13 dead. 30 wounded. u.s. army major, turning his weapon on fellow soldiers. >> in a horrific outburst of violence. >> he stood up out of nowhere. >> they want to hold our ship for ransom. we're trying to get it back. >> the first u.s. vessel to be hit by pilots in 200 years. >> captain richard phillips was taken hostage. >> there was no way he was going to get out of there. >> this was a truly remarkable rescue, ending with snipers targeting and killing three pirates in rolling sea. >> i'm just a bit part in this story. i'm a seaman doing the best he can, like all the other seamen
8:11 am
out there. >> i ran into the house. got the kids. the house is burning. >> in california, they're facing the largest fire in decades. >> you can see where the edge of the fire is. it's a good thing the evacuation started there. there is nothing there now. behind me is the national fast. >> i go door-to-door. >> the unemployment rate at 7.2%. >> employers cut 500,000 jobs. >> this is a struggle that goes deep. >> i've been unemployed since july. >> the bold experimentation that's gotten this country through some of our darkest hours, remains alive and well. >> we don't have homes. >> the dow closed below 7000, for the first time since 1997. >> the stock market has rallied. 3000 points since march. >> banks celebrating record profits.
8:12 am
>> is the recession over? >> i think so, yes. the unemployment rate does tend to continue to rise even out of a recession. >> unemployment will be the lasting scar of this recession. >> this is the end of bernie madoff. sentenced on monday to 150 years in prison. >> a ray of hope, when i saw him walk out in handcuffs. >> he has truly earned the reputation for being the most despised american today. >> judge sonia sotomayor, the first hispanic justice. >> i sonia sotomayor, do solemnly swear. >> august was the deadliest month in afghanistan for u.s. troops since the war began. >> the insurgency is growing larger and bolder. >> the 30,000 additional troops that i'm announcing tonight will deploy in 2010. >> people say she was found guilty. she must have done nothing horrible. >> all over the world, truly innocent people are found guilty. and this is one of those cases.
8:13 am
>> this is not the end. she will get out of there. >> jaycee dugard. >> hello. >> the woman has been reunited with her family, after being held captive for nearly two decades. >> jaycee dugard was found alive. >> my wife called. she said, are you sitting down? i said, yes. she said, they found jaycee. she's alive. and weoth started crying. >> hello, everyone. >> walter cronkite died friday nights in new york. a funeral will be held late their week in this city. >> the last brother of an american dynasty, slipping away in the night, surrounded by family. a 15-month fight against brain cancer comes to an end. >> here's johnny. >> it takes a lot more time to not be nice, than toe nice. >> words ed mcmahon lived by.
8:14 am
♪ thank you for being a friend >> actress bea arthur passed away this weekend from cancer, at 86 years old. >> we were all so sad, when he heard the news last night. >> their beloved natasha. >> farrah fawcett died after a public and brave battle against cancer. she was 62 years old. >> you know your movie, "ghost," do you ever think about that? >> big-time. the biggest line out of ghost was -- >> it's amazing, molly. the love inside. you take it with you. >> this has turned into a national story. we still have a 6-year-old boy unaccounted for. >> searchers discovered tre was nothing in that balloon but hot air. >> you said we did this for a show. >> there were a lot of cameras out in front of our yard.
8:15 am
>> i feel like i'm going to vomit. >> a california mother h given birth to eight babies. >> i'm excited to have all of them back. six.he was already the mother of >> how will she be able to provide for them? >> please, don't squish the cereal in your anger. >> i'm tired of smiling on the outside when i'm crying on the inside. >> kate and i have decided to separate. i was verbally abused. i was beaten down. i'm not going back to that lifestyle. >> at the grammys, artist chris brown was absent, after reportedly being charged with an alleged assault on rihanna. >> he had no soul in his eyes. >> where is the governor of south carolina? >> apparently he was taking a hike on the appalachian trail. >> he was not hiking. he was in argentina, visiting the woman he's been having an affair with. >> i've been unfaithful to my wife. >> i have had sex with women who >> i have someone down in front of my house. they hit a pole.
8:16 am
>> tiger woods says the situation is my fault. but hasn't managed to say how he crashed his car. >> stories of moreomen. >> rachel uchitel. a different affair with a cocktail waitress. >> elin nordegren looking to divorce. ♪ i dreamed the dream of time gone by ♪ >> susan boyle, three yeses. >> taylor, i'm really happy for you. i'll let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all-time. >> mr. and mrs. salahi. >> would you ever want to be president? >> that certainly isn't on my radar. >> nice. >> for the little lady. see ya. >> i've decided that next season will be the last of "the oprah
8:17 am
winfrey show." >> chris allen. ♪ bring it back bring it back ♪ ♪ let's bring it back >> i still can't believe kanye west did that to taylor swift. >> i know. it's still hard to believe that. you're right about that, george. >> i can't believe balloon boy threw up on our air. >> and it all came unraveled after that. sometimes the year is so difficult and so many challenges. you take a deep breath and go, that's done. >> witnessing the miracle landing on the hudson. that will never leave my mind or my heart. st watching that land, the plane land, captain sully on that. we have so many people we want to thank. that was beautiful the way they put that together. carla moue, jeremy phillips, and they've been working hours and hours on this. well done, everyone.
8:18 am
well done. thank you. >> thanks, guys. >> all right. and you can go to "gma's" highlights for the past decade, on our website, click on "gma." we'll be right back. (announcer) nxious about quitting cold turkey? make that first step easier, th the nicoderm cq patch. nicodermteps you down from nicotine gradually. doubling your chance for success. nicoderm cq. three steps, ten weeks and you're free.
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two of nature's sweetest wonders now in new sun crystals ® . the only 100% natural sweetener made with pure cane sugar and stevia with just 5 calories a packet. new sun crystals ® all natural sweetener. coming up, so many holiday
8:22 am
movies. luckily, we have a must-see list as 2009 comes to an end. plus, acial film star. we haven't forgotten her. don't worry, george. where did she go? ali wentworth. >> getting the curlers out of her hair. don't worry. she'll be there. don't worry. she'll be there. >> i know. this to my clients.recommed then we revealed what was really in the bottle it's suave professionals. suave, really? i'm shocked. i didn't know suave could do that. top stylists were surpris. you will be, too. suave professionals. salon proven to work as well as salon brands. suave professionals. rethink salon hair. salon proven to work as well as salon brands.
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8:25 am
this... can i have another one? yes! is what memories are made of. rice krispies®. childhood is calling. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i am told michaele. time for a look at traffic and the weather. >> we start out in fairfax county. this is on the southbound fairfax county parkway. a tractor-trailer used a snowbank and a fence to stop. the cleanup continues. traffic despite single file to the left. delays begin near 66. northbound is unaffected. 95 northbound in fredericksburg, a crash near route three westbound. somebody ran into a ditch. there is an accident in the main line along the right side.
8:26 am
an accident has been cleared near the 14th street bridge. >> outside in frederick, clear skies and 28. cold outside. high pressure over the northeast will keep us under a dome of cold air. highs will be in the 30's and lows back into the teens and 20's tonight. scattered clouds today. chilly, 39 degrees. teens and 20's tonight. on christmas eve into christmas morning, which could see some of precipitation early in the form of ice. then we'll get more moderate showers with all of the snow on the ground and there could be some flooding concerns. warmer air for the weekend. >> thank you. we will take a short break.
8:27 am
ere is a look at some school closings and delays for today. there are several of them. we will start in maryland.
8:28 am
on the virginia side, arlington county, fairfax,, falls church, manassas park, and shenandoah county schools are all closed today. more than 40 people are injured after a plane overshot a runway in jamaica. the flight began at reagan national airport. the plane overshot the runway while landing during a heavy rainstorm. investigators are trying to find out what caused the accident. if you're behind under holiday weekend -- holiday shopping, many stores will be staying open late tonight. retailers will be looking for a big spending surge. >> i think we're making the rebound. >> some of the shopping of wanted to get done this weekend i could not get done. >> many stores are offering
8:29 am
extended hours. tysons corner is already open. the pentagon city will stay open until midnight. many other stores are offering extended hours including target and toys "r" us. tim kaine got a surprise call on wtop radio. he was told that barry was calling in with a question. >> governor kaine, this is president of the united states calling. >> no >> i have questions about traffic in northern virginia. >> oh. >> i just wanted to say how proud we are of poor service as governor of the commonwealth of the virginia and just wish you and your family all the best this christmas season after a terrific round of service for
8:30 am
the people of virginia. >> kaine thank the president and said he look forward to ♪ over the hills and every, everywhere ♪ ♪ go tell it tell it on the mountain ♪ ♪ go tell it go tell it ♪ ♪ tell it on the mountain that jesus christ is born ♪ ♪ tell it [ cheers and applause ] "go tell it on the mountain." easy to hear why the atlanta west pentecostal church won. how sweet the sound nationwide choir competition. they're here live this morning to help us get into the holiday mood. congratulations. i see you're wearing the medals that you won.
8:31 am
congratulations. we can't wait toear more from you. >> they are fantastic. >> good morning. with sam, who made a wardrobe change. >> i'm ready to get out the door. >> and george is already out, in d.c. and we'll speak to someone close to george's wife, his wife, ali wentworth. she's there now. in a new movie. "it's complicated." did george call you? ali? since we saw you in the curlers? >> he never calls me. >> i sent you an e-mail. >> he knows what mommy looks like in the morning. >> you look lovely, honey. >> this can go on the whole show. for your attention this holiday season, chris connolly will have other movies. there's the other movies. that's "up in the air." a terrific movie, as well. there's chris connolly. >> we'll talk about all of them.
8:32 am
what to see. "nine," coming up, a as well? >> oh, yeah. first, we want to welcome new york's bravest. the most attractive firefighting unit in the world. the fdny., sir? now, and go ahead, guys. making a big donation. tell me your names. >> i'm keyshawn. >> and eddie long. >> welcome and thank you. toss the coats in. lieutenant, wenow you should generally, all year around, keep a working spoke detector. got to have a plan for evacuating. what are the things to keep those guys from coming in our homes? >> if you use a al christmas tree, you want to cut an inch off the bottom. make sure it's watered. any lights you have on, you want to have on when you're home and, in, of course, the house. so, you can keep safe. and any kind of lights, extension cords or power strips,
8:33 am
surge protectors have to be a u.l. approved, underwriters lab, so you know it's a good product. >> thank you for coming in this morning. and here in new york, we have proud, proud, proud, to have the greatest taking care of us. and every firefighting unit in the country, is on for the holidays. all of the paid firefighters are on board to make sure you're safe for this holiday weekend. if you'd like to donate a coat, look for any burlington coat box. it's one warm coat is the group we're working with. warm heart, warm coats drive. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want you to know about as you walk out the door. the big topic will be the storm out of the middle of the country. in the rockies with heavy rain in the deep south. some of that will become ice and snow later on today. be careful with that. it will swing east during the day tomorrow. that means it's a mixture of
8:34 am
rain and ice for a lot of places in the east and northeast. not the prettiest of the beginning of the holiday. and maybe should get better by the end of the weekend. we look at this cold air that's settling in behind the storm. and you >> thank you so much. it looks gorgeous outside. take a look outside. 30's and sunshine. there could all that weather was brought to you by kellogg's rice krispies. robin? >> sam, thank you. actress ali wentworth is joining us from her home live in washington, d.c., th morning. she plays meryl streep's bff in "it's complicated." and, of course, she's married to
8:35 am
our own george stephanopoulos. good to see you ther >> good to see you, robin. >> put george down. >> get out of here. >> just you and me, kid. just the two of us here. you -- >> we're not doing "the brady bunch" thing with george. >> not yet. you were with him when you found out he got the role in "it's complicated" right? >> yes. we were talking down the street after dpinner. i got the call. i was jumping up and down. george was jumping higher than me. and he couldn't have been more excited. i was like, back off, buddy. >> this is my moment. for once, it isn't about you. but it's a movie, ali, that's getting a lot of buzz. and we talked about the golden globe. >> that's so funny. >> i want to play a clip. your relationship with meryl streep's character is something else. here's a bit. "it's complicated." >> janie, come on.
8:36 am
he cheats on you with her. your 20-month marriage ends. then, she meets jake, rans off with a random guy. has a baby. leaves that guy for jakes. she's nuts. >> you're so lucky jerrys dead. >> thank you. >> no. i mean, you don't have to bump into him. >> well, thas true. >> that's one way of looking at it. it's a real date movie. what was it like for you to be working with meryl streep, ali? >> well, you know, she's a real up-and-comer, robin. i feel like i taught her evything she knows. she is everything you'd want her to be. she's the warmest, nicest. i mean, when you're shooting a movie, they're always tweaking lights. and you sit around the set a lot. i mean, we talked banana bread, bernie madoff, raising kids. the whole thing. >> you all really did hit it off, though, didn't you? >> oh, yeah. those girlfriend scenes at dinner, i didn't know when we were shooting, when we weren't
8:37 am
shooting. we were really getting into it. >> that's why it looks so -- >> meryl streep knows things about george that no one els knows. >> all right. i'm going to ask you a little bit about that. because you all are the shining example of opposites attract. i mean, how did you guys meet? >> yes. well, i'm the more serious, introverted one. and george is a little wacky and off-the-cuff. we were set up on a blind date. and i, of course, knew who he was. and wasn't interested. and he didn't know who i was. and we met at barney's for lunch, just in case i needed my body scrub after. and i had no expectations. i don't think i even took a shower that day, honey, sorry. we sat down. and we started talking. and i'm telling you, like a good melon, by the end of lunch, we were so smitten. and we were engaged two months later. >> when you know it, you know
8:38 am
it, huh? >> when you know it, you know it. and i'm telling you, to this day, he'll walk in the front door. and my heart still goes pitter patter. >> aw. now, we can bring george in. >> i better get a good christmas present, george. >> if you believe that. >> come on. ali, tell us something that we don't know about george. >> or not. >> no, no. has he ever -- without his tie? does he ever take the tie off? come on. >> no. he sleeps in his boxers and a tie, which is weird. it gets caught around his neck. i'll tell you something about george, robin. >> okay. >> he cried at the end of the movie "enchanted." >> aw. with the girls. >> that's right. i was next to elliott. we shared a moment. >> yep. and our 7-year-old has been humiliated ever since. >> so, he is a softy at heart. >> he is a softy at heart. >> you can say it. it's oka >> and his new morning routine.
8:39 am
you know, a 7-year-old. a 4-year-old. i mean, is it disruptive at the house? >> it's a little less disruptive. >> here's the thing. we all sleep in the same bed. there. i'm just going to say it. "parent" magazine can come after us. it's me, george, the two girls, and our dog, charlie. so, when we ke up in the morning, we're usually covered in pee, and we don't know whose it is. [ laughter ] >> i thought maybe, george, we could get through the interview. i thought maybe. >> without pee? >> and when i said to george, hey, don't worry, george. about the interview. i'll be fine. he said, i'm not -- he wasn't worried about me. he was worried about you, ali. >> i was worried about me, because of her. but that's okay. >> honey, i've learned my lesson. >> i can tell. >> it's good. ali, i said this. when we both come back from the holidays, we're going back to lunch.
8:40 am
i want the handbook. i want the handbook on george and how to handle him. >> it is this thick, robin. >> at least. >> yes. i'll tell you everything you need to know. >> all right. you have a wonderful, wonderful holiday with the girls. and we just love having you as part of the "gma" family. thanks so much. >> thank you, robin. >> and i'm sure you're going to get some of the -- robin, you're going to get some of george's homemade toffee. he's been up all night, making toffee for everyone at abc. >> really? i can't wait. >> yes. >> gee, toffee. you shouldn't have. have a good time. i'm serious about that lunch, ali. you know i'm serious about that lunch. >> if you pay, i'm there. [ laughter ] >> you're on. "it's complicated" opens on theaters on christmas day. and for more on the star-stu
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
holidays equal movies. they want to keep you and your family entertained. that's part of it. but they want to drive you into theaters. that's a bigger part of it. who is on the big screen that we need to see? chs connolly has a roundup of the best movies at the end of the year. no one knows it. >> glad you say that, sam. >> we just talked about ali's movie --
8:44 am
>> funny movie. you think it's a chick flick. but it's enjoyable for all adults, as long as they're adults. it's not a chick flick because the friends don't dance around the table. alec baldwin is wonderful. the level of self-satisfaction he has, as he woos his ex-wife. it's fun to watch. >> that makes its to me, a great deal film, because guys love ali. you just love it. and he stands out as a guy's guy. >> if you want to know how the affluent live on the west coast. >> love it. "it's complicated." here's the big one. i'm excited about this movie. "nine." >> kind of a misfire, sam. i was hoping for something fizzy and sexy, the way "chicago" was. a lot of talent in that movie. but a lot of them not fitting their roles that well. it's disappointing. yothink with that level of talent on board, you wou have a great time.
8:45 am
the one that really shines, the show-stopping number is fergie. she knocks her number out of the park. >> we hear reviewers and guys in the business talk about the film. but are there performances individually? is it worth to go see a good performance by kate. a good singing number -- >> weirdly enough, fergie, amid all of the oscar talent shines. she has the earthy quality. it's interesting to see daniel day-lewis to play this role. but doesn't seem to suit him as well. but i was kind of disaointed when i saw it. >> go or no go? >> think about it. i'm not so sure. >> we'll see. "avatar" got texts from my friends that said it was fantastic. >> people are split on this. it's like a b-plus movie. you admire it. you enjoy it. it does show you things you've never seen before in a movie. it's probably the most fun you can have this season wearing glasses. but, you know, it is remarkable to watch.
8:46 am
but there's something about the story that maybe doesn't soar as much as you would kind of like. you think it's the way "titanic" was sold by the final scene, the one that really grabbed you. that imaginary flashback. this one needs that scene and doesn't have it. but it's an amazing ride for 2:45. >> that sounds like a go. >> there you go. >> "sherlock holmes," another movie -- you have robert downey jr. jude law. >> a little less fun than we hope it to be. not that there aren't moments of amusement. particularly because of robert downey jr. it's a little macabre. a little dark. people should be advised. it's not really a comedy. it's not a traditional "sherlock holmes" thing. a little bromanse. go with advisement. >> just be advised. >> absolutely right. >> we want to say family films. "the chipmunks" is that a family
8:47 am
film? >> "the chipmunks," and "the princess & the frog." the chipmunks have a romance. i think that's the first example of rodent love since muscrat love. >> i want to say about "blind side." >> "blind side," could be an oscar film before it's all over. who saw that coming? sandra bullock primed for an interesting first couple of months in 2010. >> it looks like a great story. and chris connolly, you proved me right. no one knows it as you know it. >> you are too kind. >> to see what movies are getting the buzz, and what you should spend your money on this holiday, go to click on "gma." we'll lead you to all the films. coming up next, the christmas classic from the best church choir in america. christmas classic from the best church choir in america. we'r
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ooh, representing atlanta so well. thank you for being here. thank you. and we are thinking about the troops. i know you're thinking of your daddy. we have an extravaganza, christmas eve extravaganza. okay. bring it on up. bring it on up. have a great day, everybody. sing it. ♪ everybody, everybody >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning.
8:57 am
i am doug mckelway. let's get a look a traffic and the weather. >> we're looking at a truck crashed cleanup on the southbound side of 7100. newschopper 7 tells us the southbound fairfax county parkway is closed every 29 while they sort this mess out. a tractor-trailer ran into somebody's backyard. it was carrying heavy construction equipment which came loose from the trailer. northbound 7100 is open. hung up, i am springfield because there was a crash on the left side of the exit ramp. there could be a new accident. you might want to stay off the toll road out in the reston parkway vicinity. sunshine and gorgeous, blue skies overhead. temperatur range from the
8:58 am
upper 20's in frederick or the sun came out not long ago, to 30 or so downtown. 32 in woodbridge. 27 in huntingtown. we will see a pretty decent pattern with cold conditions today and tomorrow. as we head into friday, moisture will work its way into the mix. we could see some ice developed early on that could change over to a cold rain. this goes into early friday morning and could cause some flooding friday afternoon for christmas. >> thank you. thank you for watching. we leave you with a list of school closings and delays for today. we will be back in at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is next. "live with regis and kelly" is next.
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