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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  February 3, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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a triple dose of snow in one week. tonight, there is a new storm on the way. problems with the prius. >> i tried to reported three months ago. >> complaints grow. the latest trouble for toyota.
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and the one clue that mark sanford gave his wife before they were married. captioned by the national captioning institute 1 stormed down, another big one to go. we began on storm watch with a powerful storm moving our way with the potential to produce more snow than back in december. we have live team coverage beginning wth doug hill. >> it has the potential to produce more snow, but it does not mean that it will. it is coming from a different direction, more moisture, more warm air from the ocean. first, let's look at the storm scan. low pressure developing across texas, heavy rain and thunderstorms, moving slowly east over the next 36 hours, redevelop along the carolina shore, and that will be a big source of the weather for us.
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definitely snow is in the future. storm watch in effect from late friday morning through saturday evening. we continue to monitor things closely, and it looks like a high impact snowfall from west virginia, southwest for jan and, especially north and west of town. a lot of heavy rain and the carolinas. somewhere along the way we will have to deal with sleet and rain. clearly with cold air we will see more snow. this is kind of a time line. the leading edge southwest virginia early friday morning, moving and late morning, early afternoon into the metro area. we will give you snowfall totals tomorrow. i want to continue this graphic we started earlier today. in areas with all snow north and west, the best chance from current data is 12-16 inches.
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there is also the chance of a 17-21, perhaps a chance of a little more. that would put us above the december 19 storm. it is a very fluid situation coming together. we will do our best to give the the timing and impact and what to expect. this is not the first big storm of the season by far. >> we are about 36 hours away from the beginning of that storm and government agencies are issuing a warning. virginia gov. bob mcdonnell has declared a state of emergency, meaning the national guard could be prepared to respond if need be. they are warning residents to be ready to shelter for three-five days in arlington county. the only ones who are not complaining, the students. here are some of those delays.
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the complete list will run at the top of the screen during the newscast. we're learning more about the supply shortage for those looking for shovels and assault. john gonzalez continues our coverage from montgomery county. >> the sense of humor has run out in the d.c. area and now hardware stores are losing a lot of money. this has become reality. the d.c. area is literally covered with snow and we are getting more credit -- and we are getting more. keeping up with the snow has exhausted and overwhelm this hardware store. after yesterday's storm, the shelves are bare. >> we are looking for shovels. >> as quickly as customers come in, they leave empty-handed.
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>> we are out of shovels. >> with what could potentially be the biggest snowfall headed our way, this supervisor is near panic mode. yesterday's snowstorm cleared out the rest of the shovels and ice melt and the supplier will not deliver until this weekend. he is not sure what the order will be because of demand. the store is not alone. this resident has looked everywhere for snow fighting tools. >> mine is rusted. this much we did not expect. >> i cannot remember a time when there has been this much snow. a damned if you can't beat it, enjoy it. that is what this woman and her children have decided to do. -- >> if you can't beat it, it join it. that is what this woman and her children have decided to do. a lot of snow could be coming and appears a lot of people are
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not prepared. we saw at least two dozen people leave the hardware store on happy. the supervisor says he cannot remember a time when he ran at of so much product some of times in one winter. -- when he ran out of so much product so many times in one winter. >> for the latest on the closings and delays and the forecast and other breaking developments, just log onto the compte forecast is coming up in just about 11 minutes. significant new developments in the growing problems for toyota. the auto maker has received 77 complaints in japan and 100 and the net estates over. problems with its hybrid prius. the problems, on top of the recall of the other recalls with sticking gas pedals and a separate problem with the gas pedal could get stuck.
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this and a mixed message from the government has drivers concerned. like most owners, this man is also a prius lover. >> we love it and would not treated for the world. >> with news that japanese officials have ordered toyota to investigate complaints of malfunctioning brakes on the prius, he is not taking any chances. >> we have scheduled maintenance coming up and we will not delay. >> add that to the growing confusion of the safety of toyota vehicles, which transportation secretary ray lahood did not help. >> my advice is if anyone owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, ticket to a dealer. -- take it to a dealer. >> as toyota stock plummeted, he changed his tune. >> what i meant to say and what i thought i said was if you own one of these cars or if you are in doubt, take it to the dealer and they will fix it.
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>> this did nothing to call rapidly fraying nerves. either jack fitzgerald says the government is frightening people about a problem few people will have. >> how you fix the problem is the real important thing. >> dealers are starting to receive new parts for the toyota repair. as for the prius, the transportation department is looking into them. the taliban leaders to plan the christmas day attack has died. he is the one who claimed responsibility for the see a bombing that killed seven officers and two contractors. -- for the cia bombing that killed seven officers and two contractors. he is said to be responsible for hundreds of deaths and is pakistan's most wanted man. a minor scare behind the
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saudi arabian embassy about a suspicious package discovered in the 1000 block of 30th street around 7:00. the police closed the 30th street, but the package contained a liquid that was not harmful. we are hearing from neighbors hours afterthey watched d.c. firefighters rescued three small children trapped in an apartment fire. the smoke and flames broke out in the kitchen of the apartment on naylor road. jay korff has more on the rescue. >> tragedy was offered it thanks to well-trained d.c. firefighters and emt's. dramatic surveillance video shows d.c. firefighters polling three young children out of a burning apartment in southeast washington. how they got here and how they survived it may amaze you. >> i cannot believe it.
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my heart stopped. >> sources say the father left early wednesday morning for work while his children slept and asked the neighbor to check on them. sources say the gas stove was being used to heat the residence. before the neighbor could look in on the siblings, fire erupted in the kitchen was destroyed. once inside, firefighters found the children struggling to survive in the smoke-filled unit. >> i had a little child who was lifeless. >> he did it chest compressions on two children at the same time and all were breathing by the time that the hospital. >> that was a great feeling. >> those three young lives have a second chance. some wonder why they were left alone. >> i cannot understand why he would do that. >> the father is by the side of
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his children tonight at the hospital. as far as the investigation, that remains under investigation. the officials would also like to talk to the father about why he left his kids home alone. jay korff, abc 7 news. fairfax county police released new clues in the search for a man who they say exposed himself and a pk. detectives believe he looks like this. he is between 20 years, 30 years old. investigators say the man approached a woman on a path near like mercer on monday and simulated a sex act in front of her. the police believe he wrote a dirt bike similar to this one and is behind a string of similar incidents between july and december of last year. coming up, what is in a word? bold, it's about the very issue during a wedding to the south carolina gov..
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>> a wall is closing and on michael jackson's doctor. what he is saying. >> first, breaking news in the death of three people during a sweat lodge ceremony.
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the leader of an arizona sweat lodge ceremony has been charged with manslaughter more than three months after the five days per worhop and it with three people dead. authorities say james arthur r ay anchorage people to stay inside of the sweat lodge even as they began becoming ill and passing out. michael jackson's former doctor has his first appearance on the docked ifriday afternoon. he is expected to face a single
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manslaughter charge, which is apparently news to his attorney. >> you have more information than i do. i have no information. we don't know. nothing has happened yet. >> he told the police that he administered jackson a powerful anesthetic shortly before his death in june. he maintains nothing that he gave jackson should have killed him. authorities found him on the fault on a $130,000 debt related to office medical equipment. it a judge has dismissed a lawsuit by members of the alpha kappa alpha sorority. ght members wanted the president removed claiming that she spent over $1 million of sorority money on herself. an example is 900,000 letters that went to pay for a wax statue. the judge ruled that the cla was not weak enough. --. weighty enough.
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jenny stanford said her wedding day should have been a sign of things to come. they say that he did not once included afoul of cibacy -- south of fidelity during their marriage ceremony. he was accused of having an affair with a woman in south america. there is more of that interview coming up on "20/20" on friday night at 10:00. and massive 35-car pileup in oklahoma a chain reaction crash that happened during the morning ru. it was a model wreck at first -- it was a minor wreck at first, but then more drivers lost control. despite all the wreckage, nobody
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was seriously hurt. are we ready for more snow? >> no. >> it is coming. we start with three stops on the weatherbug network. this is good ws, we are above freezing in most places. there will be a chance of refreeze overnight with clearing skies, dropping into the 20's. 35 in the district on the campus of children's hospital northwest. 36 degrees howard university. germantown 32 degrees. everybody is above freezing. let's talk about the storm. but first, some housekeeping, the numbers on this wednesday, 42 and 32 high and low, about average. above freezing. that is good news. they will stop -- it will decrease a little bit as the skies clear. just enough cold air in the
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storm to do the job for most of us with snow, and then some, as cold air follows with the storms sunday and monday. the storm down in texas right now, cool temperatures, a lot of rain. the clouds are pushing and through the tennessee valley. high clouds midday tomorrow, a touch of morning sunshine. then it will be which way the storm moves. i think it is well established with the computer models that it will in fact move across the south and up the east coast and follow a more typical storm track. the weather service earlier today issued a winter storm watch for the entire viewing area going into effect late morning friday into saturday evening in anticipation of the major snowstorm. the storm will intensify and deepen as it gets off the carolina shorefront, moving up the coast and off the coast. with the cold air in place, chance of high impact snowfall
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mainly through the metro area, especially north, and northeast. there will be big snow totals. what we don't quite know yet until tomorrow is how much moisture will come in the form of sleet and rain. that rain/snow line could set up on the i-95 corridor, one way or the other. we think it will look move in late friday morning, early afternoon. as the storm cranks up, that could turn more into snow. as far as how much, we will give you the snow band tomorrow. we're thinking 12-16 is the best chance. there is a slight chance of higher accumulations through the storm, putting it least on par with the storm of december 19 and perhaps some areas above that. the seven-day, the cold air, the snow, we clear out and are chile on sunday and monday. another storm, smaller, coming our way tuesday.
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the superstar of the national zoo, panda cub tai shan, is leaving washington tomorrow. hundreds turn out to say goodbye. he is returning to china to become part of the breeding program there. he was born in the national zoo in 2005 and was granted a two- year exemption. his parents are on loan until december. >> think they will pay for their peanuts on the flight? he will >> eat for free, believe me. -- -- >> he will eat for free,
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believe me. the wizards struggle against the nets. and at the geo
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the people who walked these streets before us were just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges. today, we do more than just walk the same streets. for a moment, we get to walk in their shoes. preparing us for what lies ahead. down our next road. be part of the story. colonial williamsburg. the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. after blistering duke last weekend, the seventh ranked georgetown hoyas were upset by
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south florida. south florida shot 65% from the field to win their fourth straight game. the verizon center, second half, look out. chris howard, usf up by 4. greg monroe, watch this. the left hand, gets the foul, 3- point play. the hoyas trailed. what a game by jones from south florida, drives the lane. he hits the high parking shot off the glass. they beat georgetown. >> they came in here. they state focused. -- they stayed focused. eventually, he got loose. everything about that game you ha to give credit to them. it is what they did. and see state-virginia, mike scott led the cavaliers.
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-- and see state-of virginia, mike scott led the cavaliers. virginia beats north carolina state, jumping back into a tie with duke for first place in the acc. georgia state beat george mason, and george washington lost to charlotte. and the nba, the knicks won for just the seventh time in seven games. that snaps their three game losing streak. this is bad. madison square garden, larry hughes game off the bench -- came off the bench with the steel. way too easy. robinson led the way with 23. he just drives past the wizards. new york goes on to block the wizards, 107-85. keep in mind that the trade deadline is february 18. national signing day for
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high school athletes. florida it is said to have the best crop of players, virginia tech got a lot bigger in the acc. maryland recruited a solid class which is ranked in the top 40 nationally. >> i think i stay with the philosophy that i will stay with guys who want to be successful and are willing to work to be successful, and i think that is what we have in this crass -- what we have in this class. >> ralph friedgen. if you are tired of all the cold weather and snow, the nationals pitchers and catchers report in 17 days. >> let's start talking about them. ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky ♪ hefty ♪ stinky, stinky ♪ hefty, hefty ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ ♪ stinky, stinky, stinky stinky, stinky, stinky ♪ ♪ hefty, hefty, hefty [ announcer ] hefty bags with unscented odorblock technology...
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storm is still on track. brian van de graaff will give you an update 5:00 a.m.
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