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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 9, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm robin roberts. >> and i'm george stephanopoulos. this morning, in an abc news exclusive, president obama. taking heat over his nuclear treaty with russia. he strikes back at one of his most vocal critics. >> the last i checked, sarah palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. and back here at home, public outrage. and the latest twist in the case of that foreign diplomat whose smoke in the bathroom and bad joke sparked a terror scare. is this latest case of immunity part of a pattern of diplomats behaving badly? plus, tiger returns and gets a hero's welcome. >> on the tee, tiger woods. >> tig shoots his best opening round ever at the masters.
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will his comeback put the controversy to rest. and we're live in st. petersburg as we take you inside the new russia. a russian renaissance. hello from st. petersburg. we're here at the constantine palace. it was first built more than 300 years ago, by the czar peter the great. i don't know how much of the grounds you can see around me. the magnificent grounds. he wanted this to be the russian version of versailles of the frempbl. we saw ice fall into the river there. it was a sanatorium for the mentally ill. but a few years ago, completely
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refurbished into a business center and museum. we're going to bring you a glimpse of the new and old russian today and monday. >> quite a backdrop, george. we'll look at your exclusive interview with the president coming up. and in a moment, we'll go to augusta, where tiger woods is answering skeptics as only tig can. five months away from competition. he's two strokes behind the leader, fred couples, at the masters. as one analyst at the masters put it, tiger loves golf and golf loves him right back. and a murder mystery that has a hollywood producer as the prime suspect in the death of his wife. the couple was on vacation at a resort in cancun. we'll go inside the investigation. that's all ahead. let's go back to george there in st. petersburg. george? >> we are going to begin, robin, with president obama. he left prague early this morning, after signing that landmark nuclear arms reduction treaty. and he's facing daunting
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criticism from sarah palin. and question about the treaty from senator john mccain and other senators. it's going to be a big fight ahead in the senate. but the president is confident that the treaty will eventually get ratified. and that's where we begin our interview. you have no doubt you're going to get the eight republicans you need to ratify this treaty? >> well, listen. i've now been in washington for long enough for me to say i have no doubt about how the senate operates would be foolish. i feel confident that leaders like dick lugar, who actually was somebody i worked very closely with when i was in the senate on issues of arms control. when they have had the opportunity to ful evaluate this treaty, will come to the conclusion that this is the best interest of the united states. what i will also say to those in the senate who have questions is this is absolutely vital for us to deal with the broader issues of nuclear proliferation.
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>> sarah palin, taking aim at your decision to restrict use of nuclear weapons. your pledge not to strike nations, nonnuclear nations, who abide by the nonproliferation treaty. here's what she said. it's unbelievable no other administration would do it. and she likened it to kids on a playground. >> that's like getting out on the playground and a bunch of kids ready to fight. and one of the kids saying, punch me in the face. and i'm not going to retaliate. >> your response? >> i have no response. last i checked, sarah palin's not much of an expert on nuclear issues. >> the strain of criticism has been out there, among other republicans, as well. they feel you're restricting use of nuclear weapons too much. >> and what i would say to them is, if the secretary of defense and the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff are comfortable with it, i'm probably going to take my advice from them and not from sarah palin. >> but not concerned about her
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criticism? >> no. >> let's talk about president medvedev. i'm going to see him tomorrow. you spoke with him about 14 times negotiating this treaty. what did you learn about him? >> he's a very deliberate, very methodical, very honest partner in negotiations, which i find very useful. he's somebody that says, here's what i can do. here's what i can't do. >> are you convinced he's the man in russia? >> i will tell you, he has been able to consistently follow through on the commitments he's made. i think there's no doubt that he takes the counsel of putin very seriously. i think that there's no doubt that, you know, russia is a big complicated country, just like the united states is. there are all sorts of different voices coming at him that he has to take into account. >> it sounds like you may be on the same page in dealing with iran. are you convinced that russia and president medvedev take this as seriously and feel the same urgency that you do?
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>> i am convinced that what you heard today would have been unimaginable a year ago. we are working together at the united nations security council to pass strong sanctions on iran. for me to lay out clearly our approach to sanctions, and to have then, a russian president next to me say, there's nothing i heard that i could disagree with. >> u.n. sanctions haven't worked. what will be different this time? >> i don't think you have seen the degree of international unity that you've seen in this effort. and i think you're seeing the results of that bear fruit today. >> so far, the iranian officials are calling the sanctions a joke. i'm sure you've seen that. and president ahmadinejad took after you personally. the quote was, inexperienced amateur. and he wants to wait until your sweat dries and you get some experience.
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what do you make of that? >> let's see, george. so far you've quoted sarah palin. and president ahmadinejad. you're trying to get a rise out of me. >> it's not going to work? >> no, it's not. look, the guy's known for saying some pretty unconstructive stuff. how's that? and offensive stuff. so, i don't take that seriously. what i do take seriously is the fact that if we are consistent and steady in applying international pressure, that over time, iran, which is not a stupid regime, which is very attentive in watching what's happening in the international community, will start making a different set of cost/benefit analyses about whether or not pursuing nuclear weapons makes sense for them.
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>> let me ask you about afghanistan. there's been something of a war of words between your administration and president karzai recently. and your press secretary, robert gibbs refused to call him an ally. and a lot of americans wonder, if he's not an ally, why are we putting american lives on the line? >> first of all, the reason we're putting american lives on the line is because 3,000 americans were killed in an attack that was launched from afghanistan. and those people are still out there, plotting to kill americans. that means that we are going after al qaeda to dismantle and destroy them. president karzai, i think is going to be a critical partner in this effort because if we are just succeeding on the military side but not succeeding on the civilian side, then you're going to continue to have instability in the region. >> is he a partner now? >> i think he has been a partner. but i think he has his own
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domestic politics he has to deal with. i think real progress has been made. but, you know, this is a country that went through 30 years of war. and so, part of president karzai's challenge is, he's got to bring his country along into a 21st century, in which it is functioning and effective. >> are you convinced he's committed to doing that? >> i think he's committed to doing that. that doesn't mean that it's easy. and that doesn't mean that there aren't going to be times when he and i disagree, terms of how things should proceed and how rapidly things should proceed. >> and the president clearly conflict with president karzai. he hasn't lost his patience yet. we're going to have aot more with the president in our next lf hour and get into issues here at home in the united states. >> we look forward to that, george. back here at home, the story
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that has top radio and blogs buzzing. this diplomat allegedly smoked a cigarette in the bathroom of a united flight, then joked about lighting his shoes on fire. all on the way to a convicted al qaeda agent in a supermax prison. the outrage, he could walk away free because he is claiming diplomatic immunity. claire shipman has more on this international power play. >> reporter: the qatari diplomat was clearly on a sensitive mission. but bizarrely, mohammed al modadi participated in bizarre behavior. sneaking a cigarette in an airplane bathroom. then suggesting he tried to set his shoe on fire. maybe a joke and a report the president. but the u.s. can't do much. he has diplomatic immunity, a situation creating some debate. >> we don't know when he said that. >> doesn't matter. you don't say those words. >> reporter: it is legally appropriate but that this is not why the system was created, said
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secretary of state, nicholas burns. >> diplomatic immunity does not give you the right to yell fire in a crowded theater. >> reporter: the laws were put in place in 1961, to protect governments from times of hostilities. but often its use seems unsatisfying. for example, u.n. diplomats owe the city of new york $18 million in parking tickets. and in 2005, virginia police had to let a suspected child molester go, after he was caught in a sting operation because he was a diplomat from the united arab emirates. he left the country. romanians are still angry about the death of a popular singer killed in a car accident by a u.s. marine stationed at the embassy there. sometimes, though, governments choose to lift immunity. remember the high-profile case in 1997. the deputy ambassador from georgia had been drinking and speeding and hitting killed a
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16-year-old girl. he spent three years in a u.s. prison, two in a georgian prison. and he's now on parole. now, let's be clear. mohammed al modadi will face consequences. just not from the u.s. government. his bosses here at the qatari embassy behind me have decided he will be sent home. and losing a job like that is a big blow. >> it is. have a good weekend. now, tiger woods answered five months' worth of questions thursday at the masters. would he be rusty? could he handle the pressure and put it behind aim hen just play? yeah an all accounts. john berman is there, and has much more from augusta. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, robin. no signs of rust here. tiger woods had the best first round he's ever had at the masters. >> on the tee, tiger woods. >> reporter: it started with a tee shot heard around the world.
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and ended with a score. >> tiger shot 4 under par 68. >> reporter: seen around the world. >> i hit the ball well all day. >> reporter: yeah. just two shots off the lead, after 144 days away from competitive golf. >> if it were anybody but tiger woods, you would say, this is impossible. >> reporter: but it's tiger woods. the golfer that everybody seemed to be cheering for on his course at least. how did he manage it? woods says practice. but there could be more. >> saying this is a compliment, as selfish as he is about his golf, allows him to step inside the ropes. walk out everything that's happened since november 27th. and play great golf. >> reporter: he didn't flinch at two taunting, teasing banners that were flying overhead. but as for the promise of a kinder, gentler tiger, well, there were smiles. but also, grains of grumpyness. this was the 14th hole. and some short answers with the press.
7:14 am
>> i wasn't? >> seemed like it. >> okay. then, it was. >> reporter: as for the nike ad -- >> i want to find out what your thinking was. >> it's amazing how it -- how my dad can speak to me from different ways. >> reporter: it turns out earl woods wasn't speaking to tiger. the sound comes from a 2004 dvd, where earl was tking about his wife. >> and i want to find out what your feelings are. and did you learn anything? >> reporter: there are some other phenomenal stories here at the masters. fred couples, age 50 in the lead. tom watson, age 60, just one shot back. and in a sense, getting overshadowed a bit by the tiger woods story. we go to mike tirico in augusta. we heard from john berman. there were a lot of terrific story lines, of course. but tiger more than held his own.
7:15 am
got such a warm reception. more than a minute of applause. did that kind of set the tone for him? >> it sure did. and after his round, he came into into butler cabin, where we host our espn coverage from, robin. i was surprised how fit tiger looked. how comfortable he was. and how much he said off and on the air, that that reception really put him in the mindframe for the success he had on the course. >> when he spoke to other members of the press, was a little short. it was shades of tiger of old. what did you make of that? >> i saw a little bit of the new tiger, or the tiger that's trying to emerge, and the old tiger. i saw more smiles. more conversation within his group yesterday, than normally at the masters. but also frustration. john pointed out. tiger wanted to be really mad. then, stopped and caught himself. with the media, he was a little short. it would behoove him to be more open with the press going forward. >> but what kind of statement? he doesn't play for five months.
7:16 am
he has his best first round ever at the masters. what kind of statement is that to the fellow golfers? to his fans? and to tiger himself that he can come back like this? >> i was surprised the fan reaction. if that that's a barometer. i was surprised how strong it is all the way around. and for us, it's a reminder that he can do what most other golfers can't do. and the 20 weeks haven't changed his physical ability or talent to do this skill. it's extraordinary to be away that long and be that good on this difficult of a course. >> you said that right. yesterday, you predicted that tiger would finish between 10th and 20th. you want to use a mulligan? you want another prediction? >> i'll take a breakfast ball. i'll take a second one off the tee. i'll move him up to the top five. not win. but i'll go 5 to 15 instead of 10 to 20. >> you're a good friend. we'll plug you what you're going to be doing. thanks, mike. >> i'll let you do it this time. thanks. >> you got it.
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have a good weekend, mike. full television coverage with that man right there, mike tirico, on the masters begins 4:00 p.m. eastern on espn. now, to juju for the other news headlines. >> that was generous to offer him a mulligan. good morning, everyone. we have breaking news we want to get to from west virginia. we just got word that rescue teams have once again been forced to evacuate the coal mine where they were hoping to locate four men missing since monday's deadly explosion. they had to pull back because of heavy smoke. they tried to get a camera down there. they are hoping to later today. three troops were killed in a hospital crash in southern afghanistan. the taliban claims it shot down the osprey aircraft. the u.s. military is investigating. and israel's prime minister benjamin netanyahu has canceled plans to attend next month's summit in washington. he is worried that nations will use the summit to question israel's unacknowledged nuclear program. and a busy morning in space. two shuttle "discovery" astronauts conducted the first
7:18 am
spacewalk of their mission overnight. they're replacing an ammonia tank that cools the international space station. i think it's fitting that there's a record number of women up there. it's a girls' day today here at "gma." >> it is. sam champion is on assignment. and in for the weather, wabc's heidi jones. >> good morning, everyone. it's a wet one here in the northeast. rain comes to an end in new york by mid-morning. boston, you hang on to it into the afternoon. little stormy in miami. but, oh, l.a. you are sitting pretty, right where you should be in the low 70s.
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>> brian van de graaf with a few lingering showers in southern maryland. some cloud cover, but it will dissipate. it will be cooler. upper '40's and '50's. a breeze out of the northwest adding a chill factor. the forecast today [unintelligible] the sunshine is back. the wins will make it still a little chilly. the week in its milder. so, good news at augusta. dry weather for the rest of that weekend. and we're going to talk about cooler weather in the northeast in the next half hour. ladies? >> looking like a ray of sunshine there with that bright
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yellow. >> i had to bring it. damp, damp, damp here in times square, right? >> after a beautiful week we had. >> it will be better this weekend. >> you promise. >> i promise. >> good to have you here, heidi, thank you. coming up, a reality tv producer, facing a harsh reality of his own. he is now the prime suspect in the death of his wife. we take you inside the mystery. an exclusive cancun resort, talk to one of the wife's best friends. and more from inside the new russia. george's exclusive interview with the president, president obama, including his thoughts on what his legacy will be. that and much more. hi, reservation for the carter family. uh, yes, your room is ready. free high-speed internet. relaxing pool. cozy beds. and free breakfast with hot waffles. need to relax after a long day of vacation? comfort inn. now stay two separate times with comfort inn... or any choice hotel and earn a free night. book at
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7:23 am
through laurel and essentially baltimore, it will return. in maryland, things are moving. this area will be closed this morning for a funeral. you're looking at traffic moving in the area. va traffic is not too bad to you can see the camera moving. 395, we look grade at washington boulevard and the pentagon. now to the weather. >> thank you very much. this morning, we have a few clouds. take a look at the shot from frederick. this is a great time. look at the sunshine. in the metro and east, '40's and '50's. here's the matter outside the area. beclouds dissipate. the sunshine returns.
7:24 am
[unintelligible] the clouds dissipate and the sunshine returns. back to you. >> we will be right back with a look at this morning's to
7:25 am
>> the storms of moved through the area left behind plenty of damage. heavy rain and high winds knocked down trees, damagg cars and homes. some streets are still closed as people clean up the damage caused by the storms. security will be tight as dozens of world leaders gather in dc for a nuclear security summit hosted by president obama. will be a huge headache for
7:26 am
anybody who drives our lives in the region. police will close metro stations surrounding the center. police are warning drivers to be prepared for a traffic nightmare on monday morning. >> expect two days of gridlock downtown as president obama host more than 40 heads of state at the nuclear security summit. security will take on a whole new meaning. the area surrounding the washington convention center remains on lockdown. >> basically, it is an inauguration and security time test. >> several streets will close. 13 bus routes will be detoured. metro trains will not be stopping at mount vernon square. >> we know that is of some burden. >> officials are urging employees who wk downtown to work from an alternate site. residents who live nearby will have to show i.d. and deal with other changes just to get home. >> i might have to park five blocks down the street.
7:27 am
>> business owners are pparing for the new rules by getting deliveries in now. >> it will be a hassle. >> we are learning more about what people think metro should do to close the huge budget gap. a summary obtained by "the washington post close " shows a 79% of people oppose service cuts. 80% of people took an online survey support raising of peak time affairs. a large percentage want local governments to increase their funding for metro. we'll be back at 7:56. we will continue with local coverage honor sister station.
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you're looking, live, cancun, mexico. it does look like a picture-perfect day in paradise. but it was not for this woman right here, found dead while vacationing at an exclusive resort. the wife of a former producer of "survivor." now, he is the prime suspect in her death. we'll tell you their story straight ahead. we say good morning, america, on this friday morning. i'm robin roberts here in new york. and, george, it's great to see you there in st. petersburg, russia. >> it is great to be here, robin. you know, this is my first time in russia. it's still a little chilly here in the early spring. and as we prepare for our exclusive interview with russian president medvedev, we're going
7:31 am
to do it in the palace later. we'll also bring you stories from inside this newly-resurging country. you might have heard the story of confederate history month in virginia. a controversy cked off by the governor there. we get the president to weigh in on that. we also reflect on how he might be remembered in the history books. that's coming up in just a little bit, robin. >> all right, george. before you go, you have got to hear this right here. >> 911. >> yes, ma'am. my wife is in the bathroom. she thinks she's having a baby. >> trouble is, they didn't even know she was pregnant. their bundle of joy was a big surprise. and so was the reaction of their friends and neighbors. there's a twist to this story. we'll tell you it all just ahead. first in this half hour, what seemed like a picture-perfect family vacation. a hollywood producer, his beautiful wife. their two, yng children in cancun, mexico. but this morning, bruce beresford-redman is the prime suspect in this murder.
7:32 am
ryan owens joins us from cancun. good morning, ryan. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. this reality show producer, the husband, this morning, he is very much at the center of a real-life drama that all unfolded here at this resort. the 38-year-old was released from police custody overnight. but he cannot go home to the united states. he must stay here in mexico until authorities here figure out who killed his wife. family members say bruce and monica beresford-redman came to this resort to work on their strained marriage. instead, it ended with monica's body found in a sewer at the resort, on what would be her 42nd birthday. all while her hollywood producer husband, spent the day being interrogated by police. bruce who produced several shows of "survivor," and mtv's "pimp my ride," claimed his wife left the resort to go shopping and
7:33 am
never came back. he told a los angeles television station, he was very hopeful someone will find my wife very soon. she still hasn't been located. and we're looking. but police here had their doubts. the night before she supposedly disappeared, several guests at cancun's moon palace resort, say they heard fighting coming from the couple's room. what's more, there is no record of monica leaving the grounds of this secluded, all-inclusive resort, where security guards check all cars entering and leaving. family and friends of the couple back in los angeles say their marriage has been recently marred by allegations of infidelity and talk of divorce. >> relationship that she had with her husband was mostly front stage for the last few months. and we were all happy for her finally because they were on a vacation. so, you know? they kept breaking up and coming back for the last months. and it looked like this time was going to be the last time.
7:34 am
>> it's a shock. it really is a shock to see such a lovely lady leave us in this way. you know, she'll be missed. she'll really be missed. beautiful woman. >> reporter: authorities here say monica may have been strangled. it also appears she suffered a severe blow to the head, while her husband, bruce, as we said, must stay here in mexico. the couple's two, young children, robin, are now back in the united states. >> they're ages 5 and 3. ryan, thank you so much. thursday would have been monica's 42nd birthday. and some of her friends were planning a party, including her good friend, lisa alerio, who joins us live. so sorry to hear about your friend of 18 years. just devastating news to everyone. what more can you tell us about monica? i know you were in her wedding. >> yes. monica was -- she was a spectacular person.
7:35 am
it's just so hard to describe how she was because it's so painful right now. and she's one of the person that you know, you want to befriend forever. even for a stranger that walked into her business, her restaurant, that she opened a big heart to them. and opened doors to everyone that come to the place that she owns. and she makes sure you are home and make sure you are welcome to her restaurant. in other words, if you've ever been there, you always come back because of the way she is. >> a big heart. that's what we've heard over and over again. >> she is a big-hearted person. >> we heard in ryan owens' piece
7:36 am
that she and her husband, bruce, were having marital problems. and they had gone to mexico to try to work things out. were you aware of the problems they were having in their marriage? >> i was not really aware of if they were having problems in their marriage. but i learned a little bit more that she -- a few months ago, she started having problems. but even though she has problems, she never showed to us. she wellept it. and sort of his part, as well. he, you know, was to -- i can only see their, you know, love, every time i see them together. but i, like i said, if there was any problem, they well kept it. and even now that i learn about a little bit more that he was having affair, it shouldn't be a
7:37 am
reason for this to end her life this way. >> no. how well do you know bruce? >> well, i know bruce since she met him and started dating him. and then, she broke up the news to us that he proposed to her. and she was very happy. right after, came the wedding. and they got married. and she was married for at least about three, four years. and that's when she started to plan to have children. and that was the time that she says when she's ready to be a mother, she alreadhave the fun in her life and lived life to the fullest, she went around the world. visit everywhere. and having fun. and now, 2005, she has got pregnant with camilla. >> who is 5 years old. >> 5 1/2.
7:38 am
>> i want to ask you one thing before we go. do you think he's capable of this? bruce? do you think he's capable of murder of his wife? >> for knowing him for all those years, it's, to me, it seems like out of his character. but i just don't want to believe that he was -- he is the one. but if he is, i don't know. maybe america has another monster. >> oh. mariza, i know you're hurting this morning. and i know you're thinking of the two little ones, 5 and 3 years old. thank you very much for being willing to talk about your good friend, monica, with us. we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. >> you take care. it's time now for the weather. and wabc's heidi jones, who is in for sam. he's out gallivanting somewhere. and we have you, heidi. >> as he should be. it's good to be here. good morning to you, as well. severe weather over the mid-atlantic.
7:39 am
we have a couple of pieces of video to show you. south carolina first. anderson county. check out the rooftops. we had a possible tornado move through. one of five in the southeast and mid-atlantic. thankfully, no injuries. but this did cover a several square-block area. and this is our nation's capital. boy, oh, boy, were the residents in washington, d.c. alert at 8:00 p.m. last night. 4,000 lost power at the height of the storm. where is the front that caused the action now? it's draped off the mid-atlantic and northeast. continuing to push through. that's responsible for the rain in the northeast. and guess what's behind it? remember the records we had? take 30 degrees off of that. this is where we should be. 60s in the big cities. 40s in upstate new york. back to normal, as the harsh realy goes. over on th >> they're very good morning. sunshine is returning. we will give way to highs near
7:40 am
60 today. breezy at times. 70's by sunday. breezy at times. 70's by sunday. and this weather report has been brought to you by chili's. robin? >> just like sam. you're all happy and everything. >> big shoes to fill. got to be bright and cheery, right? >> you do. and you are. thanks, heidi. coming up next, we go back to st. petersburg, russia, for more of george's exclusive interview with president obama. to smoke your ribs low and slow over pecan wood chips for a sweet, smoky flavor. then i triple-baste them till they're fall-off-the-bone tender. this is shiner bock barbecue sauce i'm using. come in now for baby back ribs. choose 1 of 10 freshly prepared entrées plus an appetizer for just $99. only at chili's. it's all in the pepperation.
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thanks for your help. of the whole grains your body needs. and we're back in st. petersburg, for more of my exclusive interview with president obama. we also have issues brewing at home, including that controversy in virginia over the confederacy. you might have heard the republican governor of that
7:44 am
state, proclaimed confederate history month. but no mention of slavery at all. i asked president obama to weigh in on the controversy. >> i'm a big histo buff. and i think that understanding the history of the confederacy, and understanding the history of the civil war is something that every american and every young american should be a part of. now, i don't think you can understand the confederacy and civil war unless you understand slavery. and so, i think that was a unacceptable omission. i think the governor's now acknowledged that. and i think it's just a reminder that when we talk about issues like slavery, that are so fraught with pain and emotion, that we better do so, thinking through how this is going to
7:45 am
affect a lot of people and their sense of whether they're a part of a commonwealth or part of a -- our broader society. >> speaking of history, the new book out by david remick, a biography of you, recounts a conversation she had with you during the campaign, where she was struck by your ambition. she quotes you saying, i have no desire to be one of the presidents just on the list. you see their pictures lined up on the wall. you're pretty confident you're going to avoid that fate? >> look, here's what i've been spending my time thinking about. i'm pretty confident that we're not going to plunge into a great depression, which i wasn't so clear about a year ago. i'm pretty confident that we've stabilized the financial system. i'm pretty confident that the economy's on the mend. i'm also pretty confident that we have a heck of a lot of work to do to put people back to
7:46 am
work. i'm confident that health care was the right thing to do. and that's going to be a significant achievement when generations look back on it. and i think this s.t.a.r.t. treaty we signed is the start of a good direction for american national security policy. but i'm going to wait until i'm maybe ten years out of office, before i start making assessments about how i do. >> mr. president, thank you very much. >> thank you, george. >> so, the president, not ready to handicap the history books yet. what i thought was most interesting about that answer, is how quickly he's focused on foreign policy, he turned it back to the economy at home. i think the president understands very deeply that that's how voters today are going to judge him. >> yes. and that was a criticism of spending so much time on health care reform. what about jobs? jobs? jobs? we haven't seen the president since health care was passed.
7:47 am
and that was a bruising time. and now, with the treaty, some criticism there. how did you find the president to be? his mood and everything, george? >> well, he's faced criticism over both those things. but these are two, big victories for the president. he has a little bounce in his step over that. but this president is really pushing it. he is very, very tired. he had come off basically an all-nighter. not only was he flying to prague. but they were kept up because of the reports of the incident over denver, with the qatari diplomat had the terror scare. they were kept up all night over that. he reflected personally when we were offcamera about the lessons he's learned. he learned that everything in washington takes a lot longer than you think. whether it's health care or the s.t.a.r.t. treaty. he knows he has to keep pushing. t he also has to be patient. >> is he taking on too much? that's one thing that people feel like -- does it have to be all so much so soon? >> i don't know that he has a
7:48 am
choice, robin. there are a lot of big challenges. a lot of big problems in the country right now, around the world right now. as you saw in that story related in dana remick's biography, the president came to office to do big things. he's not going to back down from that. >> all right, george. we're going to get back to you in our next hour. take a tour around. i know you've only been there a few hours. go see the place. >> we're going to do it all weekend. >> i know you will. you can watch george's full interview with president obama online on our website, we'll have more from russia. how about their answer to the big mac. and their answer to anna renntour. [ female announcer ] it's rollback time at walmart.
7:49 am
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. i'm doug mcelway with your local news update. >> funeral services will begin at 10:00 a.m. at st. peter's church for a police officer. right now, police are starting olney.ect traffic at al 270 is open this morning. we have been a live picture, 270 moving southbound at
7:57 am
montgomery vlage avenue to get down to the beltway. this is a picture of traffic on 270 making the exit for 370 where the was a problem with traffic on the ramp. new issues in virginia to report up to the pentagon. >> take a look outside. you can see the shot from downtown. the clouds are starting to thin. temperature-wise, will shoot into the 60-degree range. outside, the breeze will come in from the northwest. it will be pulling us down. it will not be as toasty, that is for sure. we will get back into the 30's and 40's tonight. the pollen is washed out so it feels more refreshing. >> thank you. it could soon be illegal to drive and talk on a cell phone
7:58 am
in maryland. there is a bill to ban the use of hand-held cell phones unless the driver has a handsfree devices. travers would only get a $40 a ticket if they are pulled over for something else. for continuing news covera
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ blame it on the rain that's falling falling ♪ great contrast in twos there. milli vanilli and -- i'm robin roberts in times square. we're blaming it on the rain on this spring day. and george is at the spectacular constantine palace in st. petersburg, russia. that's the reason for the music. did i hear you say something about ice earlier, george? >> there's ice right here in the pool in front of that house. that's the spectacular constantine palace, built by peter the great. as the camera pans around,
8:01 am
you'll see, the baltic sea. this was the beach house. not a bad beach house. it was real opulent. he basically owned everything those days. opulence is the hallmark of the new russ. we're going to show you the stories behind it. we're going to bring you russia's fashion mogul. a real rags-to-riches story. you'll meet her. and in the next half hour, the blini. the snack of choice. we found a guy that made it a business, as well. set up the largest chain in russia, even bigger than mcdonald's. that's coming up here. >> bigger than mcdonald's. that's saying something, george. we look forward to the new russia. and back here at home, want everybody to listen to this 911 tape. >> 911. >> yes, ma'am. my wife is in the bathroom. she thinks she's having a baby.
8:02 am
>> the trouble is, that couple right there did not know she was pregnant. you're going to hear their puzzling story. the shocking accusations that have followed. and that's coming up, in just moments. in our last half hour, world-famous chef, jamie oliver, spices up your weekend, with a food revolution, making kebabs for you. that's all ahead. but to juju and the morning news. >> so much fun. look forward to that. we begin with breaking news out of west virginia, where there's been another major setback this morning, in the effort to find four miners missing since monday's deadly explosion, at the upper big branch mine. our david muir has been on the scene all week. david, what are rescue crews doing now? >> reporter: an extraordinary rollercoaster. they're on standby at this point. they were up overnight. and they got well into the mine, almost to the chamber. and they came upon smoke. here's what we know this morning, there's a fire actually inside that mine.
8:03 am
a fire they did not know about. the rescuers were evacuated immediately. the 96-hour window. 96 hours of oxygen. they will not be able to get to that chamber before that window is up. they're finishing the third hole that's close to the chamber. and their hope is to actually put down into that hole a camera, that will be able to see the chamber, to see if any of the miners are able to access the chamber. but it is grim news because of in a window of oxygen closing in. the families have been briefed here. the governor still calling this a rescue operation, just moments ago when he briefed us. and i can tell you, juju, and you know him from earlier this week, his demeanor has clearly changed. nay know the time window. the fact that rescuers had to leave the mine again. and there was a fire in the mine, all not good is morning. >> thanks for that update. we turn, now, overseas, where we learned three american troops and a government contractor were killed overnight, when their helicopter
8:04 am
crashed in southern afghanistan. the taliban claims to have sho down the aircraft. but that has not been confirmed. and president obama says he's confident international pressure will force iran to rethink its nuclear program. in an exclusive interview with george, the president said there's unprecedented global support for sanctions against iran. the president also dismissed criticism of his nuclear reduction policy from sarah palin, saying that palin is, quote, not much of an expert. north korea also today called obama's policy hostile. the brother of figure skater nancy kerrigan has been indicted on monz charges and is due in a massachusetts courtroom. kerrigan is accused of beating their father in a drunken rage, after arguing over the use of the family telephone. the kerrigan family is vowing to fight the charges against him. and now, a look at what's coming tonight on "world news." here's diane sawyer. hey, diane.
8:05 am
>> good morning to you, juju. we'll, of course, have all the big sties of the day. the breaking stories. but what a story this one is. a wife, a mother behind the veil, given r chance in front of cameras. challenging the most powerful authority. risking everything. she is our "person of the week." you have to meet her tonight. >> truly a remarkable woman. and also, a remarkable accomplishment for a young man in los angeles. despite being homeless, tiki nowwerth is graduating high school and will attend west point. thanks to the generosity of strangers. he has a great gpa. class president. captain of the football team. but he could not afford the deposit for west point, until the school alumni association found out. they paid his deposit and bought his plane ticket. the tough guy broke down into tears. it's my favorite story of the morning. heidi, good morning to you. >> good morning, juju. shows, don't count anyone out. >> absolutely.
8:06 am
>> it is sprinkling in times square. but we're all keeping warm. and i am with -- started to say sters. best friends from kentucky and their daughters. columbia, kentucky. i love that accent of kentucky. can you give everybody a hey, y'all? >> hey, y'all. >> you can do the new york, too, can't you? >> yeah. >> go ahead. >> just forget about it. >> good. we might send you to brooklyn. look at the weather. we're going to start where it's still winter. we have in green and gold country. green bay, wisconsin, half foot of snow yesterday. not out of the realm of reason. but it's a bit of an ano >> thank you so much. the frontal system is moving through. the temperatures are falling back. we're now in the 40's right now. 47 in woodbridge.
8:07 am
a crisp start with skies clearing. outside, here is what it looks like. this system is moving eastward. near 60 today. into the 70's by sunday. it's a little chilly out here in times square. happy 30th birthday to tricia. and we'll send it back inside. >> looking so cute. thank you, heidi. now, from our good friends at "20/20," a 911 emergency that rocked one couple's world. a woman who did not realize she was pregnant gives birth to a baby boy. and that was just their first surprise. juju is going to tell us about the next one. >> reporter: there were many surprises. it's the kind of thing that makes you scratch your head. and that's because in part, the husband of this couple had had a vasectomy. they had no idea they were
8:08 am
expecting a baby. so, when the wife unexpectedly goes into labor, they were so unaware of what was happening, the husband called 911. what happens to keri and ryan emmons in this michigan farming town, even leaves them puzzled. >> i felt i was getting sick. i felt drained. kind of achy. i told ryan, i think i'm coming down with something. >> reporter: it was just last spring, in the middle of the night. >> i just felt a lot of pressure. like i had to go to the bathroom. when i sat down, it was a lot of fluid. >> she goes, call 991. are you serious? you want me to call 911? >> 911. >> yes, ma'am. my wife is in the bathroom. she's bleeding all over the place. she thinks she's having a baby. oh, my god. >> she's having the baby? >> i think she's in labor right now. >> okay. >> oh, my god. i can't hear you, ma'am. >> reporter: on the other end of the line, at county central dispatch, is 36-year-old angie
8:09 am
adams, working the late shift. what did you immediately pick up from the call? >> oh, he was scared. it was panic. he was speaking really fast. very hyper. and i knew we had something going on. >> okay. hold on. what's your address, sir? >> oh, my god. i'm looking at a baby. >> okay. hold on. >> pregnant? >> you didn't know she was pregnant? >> no. no. >> okay. >> reporter: what? how could that be? they had no idea a baby was coming? and on this night, the closest paramedics are 20 miles away. ryan's only immediate help is on this phone line. >> it's a boy. oh, my god. >> okay. she didn't know how far along she was? >> no. no. >> okay. >> reporter: so, then, you terally give birth in the tub. >> in the tub. >> reporter: and what did you
8:10 am
see? what did you hear, as this was all happening? >> i just kind of -- i think i was in shock. hesitated because i was so scared to roll him over. it was very scary. i felt guilty. i didn't care for him for nine months. i didn't know he was there. if something's wrong with him, it's my fault. >> i didn't know if he was alive. i didn't know if he was okay. i didn't know if she was okay. >> a pearson husband and wife are the proud parents of a baby boy. >> reporter: but their worries had only just begun. soon, the 911 call was released to the media. and the public reaction stuns the couple. >> one buddy calls me and told me a local radio station was dragging our names through the mud. >> reporter: she didn't know she was pregnant. >> her husband didn't know she was pregnant. >> let me tell you why. she's probably having an affair on her husband.
8:11 am
>> how dare you assume my wife would do something like that. >> reporter: you probably thought to yourself, there's no way. she must be having an affair. >> uh-huh. then, i felt foolish for considering that possibility. i'm not questioning my wife. how in the heck did this happen? >> he looked at me. and i knew what he was thinking. and i said, you don't even have to question me about that. and he said, i didn't think so. and that was all that was ever said. >> i know. i'm asking you to suspend your skepticism. it's a fascinating story. the couple iabsolutely lovely. the other note, is the 911 operator, as cool as a cucumber. it was her first full day on the job. this story has so many twists and turns. and tonight's special will get into the answers. what about their relationship and the medical mystery, perhaps, that made account for this surprise child. >> but that was her fourth child. >> i know. but the previous pregnancy, she looked like this. in this one, she never wore maternity clothes.
8:12 am
there's a lot of interesting medil aspects of it. >> the eyebrow's not coming down. i'll be watching. thanks, juju. thanks. >> my pleasure. >> you can see all of juju's report on abc's "20/20" tonight at 10:00, 9:00 central. next, meet russia's anna rentoul, in the new russia. ber . making him a great contender in this bout... against mid-morning hunger. honey nut cheerios is coming in a little short. you've got more whole grain in your little finger! let's get ready for breakfaaaaaaaaaast! ( ding, cheering, ringing ) keeping you full and focused with more than double the fiber and whole grain... in every tasty bite -- frrrrrrosted mini-wheeeeats! didn't know i had it in me.
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8:16 am
now, the face of high fashion inside the new russia. the modern russian woman exercises her freedom to choose from an array of designer labels. george has a story of the woman leading this style revolution. right, george? >> she is the one, robin. kind of like anna winter, the powerful editor of "vogue" magazine in the united states. the trend setter for fashion in the united states. we're going to meet the woman who is doing it here. the most powerful woman in russian fashion today. you can call it a rags-to-runway-to-riches story. meet ala, she's 52. a mother. daughter of a working-class dentist. raised here in st. petersburg when the soviets still called it leningrad. she was a girl with big dreams. but day-to-day life was a
8:17 am
struggle for ala and most russians over a generation. >> it was not a capitalist country. it was communist country. there was sometimes not enough food. we couldn't have dollars. anybody could go to jail for having one dollar in their pocket. >> reporter: today, that could put her away for life. she is a fashion mogul. arguably one of the most powerful women in all of russia. some in america say she is the most important fashion buyer in the world. >> a great-faced woman will go out wearinthis dress, in new york and in paris, or in moscow. >> reporter: as vice president of mercury group, ala has become the unique tastemaker, introducing grands like chanel, and gucci. >> russian women like to look sexy. why? maybe because for many years,
8:18 am
russia was a closed country. it was impossible to buy the clothes you dreamed about. >> reporter: under communism, ala says, individual style was suppressed. everyone had to look the same in fear of jail or worse. that wasn't for ala. she left the country and learned the fashion business in the west. but after communism fell, ala came home, with a big idea. >> i was standing in the center of voss coe. and i said to myself, it would be wonderful to build a fashion world. a store that everyone will go inside. able to buy whatever they want without traveling. >> that's what she did. back with big bucks from mercury, alla turned a department store into a boutique. soviet russia had never seen anything like it. it brought in the crowds and the brands. soon, luxury retailers from europe and all over america were clamoring to get into the
8:19 am
russian market. it's now a $1 billion a year business. alla has spent her life blazing trails. but her heart belongs to st. petersburg and her dad. >> it's a wonderful home for me. i go there once a year. and each time i come in, i said, father, i made it. >> and alla verber joins us now. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> what are you wearing now? >> i'm wearing one of the most popular brands right now. >> it's beautiful. it keeps you warm in this chill. i -- we're about the same age. i remember growing up. you hear about russia. and everyone wanted levis or wrangler jeans. >> every brand was a dream. >> that's what everybody's dream is. how about now? what's the hot item that every russian woman wants to have? >> now, we have everything in our country. there's no such dream anymore
8:20 am
like it used to be. jeans, it was our dream. now, we like brands like dolce gabana, gucci. there's different. there's luxury, beautiful brands. >> that's for the billionaires. for the wealthy. how about for the average russian woman? >> anything. juicy's wonderful. jeans. there's a million brands. we have many stores. before, there was only one or two department stores. now, you go and you buy whatever you want. it's a free country. >> you think there are any lessons that american women can learn now from russian women and russian fashion? >> russian woman loves to look good. she wants to be sexy. she wants to be walking in the room and everybody will look at her. and i think that's important for a woman. >> you think it's something american women have to step up a little bit? >> i don't know. i shouldn't say that.
8:21 am
but you know, because we were growing up in a very closed country, we never had this before. so, everything is very new for us. we're happy about this. maybe america always had this. they don't appreciate as much as russian woman. >> it's hard for us imagine how stark the change is. >> the change is completely. there's two different countries. when i grew up, it was a communist, different country. i could never imagine that one day i'm going to be here, in st. petersburg, where i was born and raised, in this wonderful place. couldn't imagine, 30 years ago. >> thank you for sharing your story with us. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> robin? >> that was fascinating. all right, george. thanks very much. going to do cooking for us in our next half hour, back in russia. we look forward to that. and something's cooking in our next half hour right here at
8:22 am
home. jamie oliver, with the perfect weekend dish. he's going to start a foot revolution. some kebabs for the weekend. "d [ male announcer ] aquafresh iso-active whitening. a breakthrough gel that tranforms into an active foam. it not only helps prevent cavities, it whitens 33% better between teeth. aquafresh iso-active whitening.
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8:25 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good morning. welcome back. i'm alison starling. let's begin with a look at traffic and the weather. we have a lot wild weather overnight. was there to agree on the roadways? but we had some scattered power outages and some of the power signals may still be acting up. there is a funeral service in montgomery county for her hector ayala. we will take you to virginia where things have been wonderful. 95, 66, the dulles toll road,
8:26 am
up 395 has a brief slow down in landmark. good leaving the benchmark -- could be the pentagon up to the 14th street bridge. >> the clouds are dissipating. it is clear. it looks good outside. temperatures are on the chilly side. 50 in arlington. we will call for a high near 60 degrees. much cooler than yesterday. mid 60's's tomorrow. back in the 60's again next week. last pollen today. it will build back in for the back half of the weekend. you will need a
8:27 am
welcome back. a nuclear security summit could mean big problems for anyone who
8:28 am
lives or drives through the city police will be closing streets near the convention center as well as a metro station. the monday morning commute could be difficult. kathy park has more. >> expect gridlock downtown post more than 40 heads of state. security will take got a whole new meaning. there will be locked down beginning sunday night. when the save the perimeter comes up, several streets will close. metro trains will not be stopping at mount vernon square. >> we know that that is of some burden. >> officials urged workers who work downtown to work from an alternate site. >> you may have to park five blocks down the street.
8:29 am
" business owners are preparing by getting deliveries in now. >> it will be a hassle. >> that was kathy park. a big honor for a special virginia boy. his name is william banks and he is the military child of the year. he was honored for its exceptional character. his father died when he was 4 years old. the father wrote several letters to be read at each stage of his development. he has been instructed to get good grades and be the man of the house. >> i think you should always help people and you should never turn anybody down. >> what a start he is. willie excels in school and at extracurricular activities. he has raised money for earthquake victims in haiti. he has raised money for earthquake victims in haiti. he received a trophy
8:30 am
♪ say you want a revolution we look like a girl band. ♪ well you know >> the food revolution is making america healthier one meal at a time. now, jamie oliver comes into our kitchen. >> jazz hands. >> if you could only see us on the commercial breaks. good morning, america, with juju chang and heidi jones, in for sam champion. we're going to have more coverage with george in the new russia, coming up. what do you have there, george? >> sorry. you're interrupting me. i'm making a blini here. blini is the fast food of russia. it's a buckwheat pancake. it's rivalling -- it's a
8:31 am
traditional russian food. but they figured out to sell it like they do mcdonald's burgers. the blini king. he's one of the entrepreneurs that exemplifies what is happening in this country the last decade or so. >> mickey blini. >> it sounded like you were eating the blini, not making the blini. here at home, we want everyone to get their handkerchiefs out. i can't get through this story without a tear. it's the story of a father whose daughter has disabilities. and he's created this huge wonderland for her. it's called morgan's wonderland. it gives dreams for all youngsters. it's a wonderful story. >> it is. i think we should hear "woman, hear us roar." another young woman, is having a good week. when she led the uconn huskies to their second-consecutive
8:32 am
title. then, first player in the draft on thursday. player of the year. now, college hoops phenomenon, tina charles, is here. how are you? good to see you, tina. i love it. >> see how she's palming that ball? >> exactly. >> you are a tall drk of water. >> look. first of all, congratulations. >> thank you. >> not a bad week, huh? >> no. a rollercoaster, that i'm just loving right now. >> you have the championship. back-to-back, undefeated years. and then, right here, you're going to play some pro ball. >> yeah. >> the top pick in the wnba draft, going to the connecticut suns. that's wonderful that you're going to get to stay in connecticut. >> yes. i'm really going to look forward
8:33 am
to it. my teammates will be there for summer practice. come around and enjoy the games. >> i have to tell you. let's go back to the championship game, juju. >> against my alum, stanford. i'll try not to cry. >> 12 points in the first half, my friend. 12 points, connecticut in the first half. what was going on? >> we couldn't get anything going on the offensive end. but maya moore, she stepped up. she led us out there. and on the defensive end, i was trying to make things happen. and caroline dotty, she made key shots for us. >> and your coach was very calm in the locker room at half time after that. he didn't say -- >> he was a little tense. but he gave us that confidence going into the second half, knowing we can pull it out. he puts us in situations like that every day in practice. >> you're the cutup on the team. you're being really nice and you look great. but i got some feelers out there in stores. is that true? >> yeah. >> bust a move now and again. >> a little bit.
8:34 am
>> didn't you have a little message after the game to the white house? what did you say? >> yes. i said president barack obama, we're back. >> no. you said, we're back. now, you're being all nice and the whole thing. congratulations. >> i appreciate it. >> it says a lot about you, that even you beat my alma mater, i still like you. >> great. >> i can still post you up. time, now, for the weather. wabc's heidi jones, in for sam champion. >> you got it. >> i'm old-school. i'm old-school. >> look at these beautiful girls from florida, the carpenter family. girls, what's the best thing about new yorko far? >> to get my american girl doll. >> american girl doll. big sister? >> seeing the statue of liberty. >> we love to have thelorida girls here. let's talk about the weather. it's a little damp here, but not in central and northern florida.
8:35 am
>> thank you. we're chilly, 40's. a bit of a breeze. we will see a high of about 60 today. by sunday, we are in the 70's. and this weather report was brought to you by amazon kindle. robin? >> okay, heidi. thanks very much. these days the golden arches are almost as familiar in ne russia as they are here in the u.s. mcdonald's operates 133 restaurants across russia, serving 200,000 cuomers each day. now, mickey ds is getting serious competition from a local favorite. >> that's why we have all these blinis. >> and the big mac is replaced by the blini. here's george. >> that's right. we have blinis here. we're going to have those in a
8:36 am
minute. but the blini is the ultimate russian food, just as the hamburger is in the united states. there's an entrepreneur that has taken the mcdonald's idea, put it to the blini. and he's selling them all over the country. it was 1990, when the first mcdonald's opened in moscow. >> this morning, they started lining up by the thousands. >> reporter: thousands flocked to pushkin square for the first big mac. >> long live mcdonald's. >> reporter: it became the busiest mcdonald's in the world. other fast food restaurants followed. today in moscow, the fast food favorite is a russian chain. it serves up the traditional russian treats called blini. they're thin, buckwheat pancakes that cost about $2 each. >> the blini is main russian food. and you can combine it with
8:37 am
sweet or salty fillings. we have blini with chocolate. at the same time, blini with red caviar. >> reporter: he came up with the idea for a blini stand in 1999. >> when i first visited mcdonald's, i was surprised and shocked by the quality and the staff, everything. and i immediately decided to open the same business in russia. >> reporter: and for him, that's exactly what it's been. the business pulls in over $100 million a year. it's the largest russian-owned chain. >> it's cheap. it's tasty. and it's always new. >> those people who like to eat our food, pancakes. drink our dinks. >> reporter: this year, he will open his 100th stand. an economic cinderella story, with russian roots. >> blini in russia is very simple. it's a symbol of russian food, just blini is a symbol.
8:38 am
>> and we can't wait to try them, robin. tanya, who works with abc here in russia, is here to show us the authentic way to have a blini. i would love one with salmon. how do i do it? >> so, you just take one blini. put it on your plate. then, help yourself with a piece of salmon. >> maybe a little sour cream, too. >> yeah. a little bit of sour cream. >> and you roll it up? or just eat it? >> yeah. just roll it up. and eat it. >> okay. that is good. and, guys, you know what? i know you're eating there, too. it wouldn't be friday at "gma," even if you're in st. petersburg, if you didn't have a little food. >> we're hoping it's not lost in translation. we're making our own, george.
8:39 am
what's cool is the capitalist success in the former communist world. >> it's incredible. we said in the piece, this mcdonald's here in moscow had been the busiest in the world. but these blinis are outselling them now. they're selling like hot cakes, you would say. >> like blinis. it's so good. all right, there. want to make your own? get the recipe at our website, this is so good. monday, george will bring us more from russia, including the
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
they're closing in on me. it is a friday. and i really want you all to see this piece. it is moving. it's a new, unique world for children with special needs. a place built just for them. a wonderland for kids with disabilities of all kinds. and john berman has their story. >> reporter: it all sounds so simple. but there is magic in a carousel. enchantmt on a swing. splendor in splashing.
8:43 am
>> have you ever had this much fun before? >> no. >> reporter: this is the wonder of morgan's wonderland. >> the blessing that morgan's brought, is beyond anything i could have ever have imagined and could explain. >> reporter: gordon hartman is a former real estate developer in san antonio. morgan is his 16-year-old daughter, with severe cognitive delay. gordon says it was a moment in a pool a few years ago that put life in perspective. morgan wanted to play with other children. but couldn't. >> she was the true reason why we worked so hard with so many people for the last three years to make this park a reality. >> reporter: gordon decided to make sure there was a place where couldn't, shouldn't, can't were not part of the vocabulary. he raised $30 million, including $1 million of his own, to build this, morgan's wonderland, the first large theme park created for people with special needs.
8:44 am
the design with more than 25 attractions is based on morgan's needs. and conversations with thousands of special needs families around the country. for the curious, a fiesta of light, touch and sounds, called the sensory village. for wheelchairs, wide, flat, universal access. the carousels lift the wheelchairs up and down. and for kids who run away, special bracelets with microchips. your location visible on screens all over the park. for the shy, controlled, limited crowd size. and for everyone, fun. meet ashton west, with cerebral palsy. big turn. big turn. >> this is cool. >> reporter: what do you like most about it? >> that i n drive. >> reporter: are you a good driver? do you drive a lot? >> no normally. my mom usually drives the car now. >> reporter: your mom doesn't let you drive the car?
8:45 am
>> no. >> you see them struggle with so many different things. little things that no one could even imagine that you don't think about until you have to live it. and seeing her without that limitation, it's just -- it's overwhelming. it's amazing. it's fun. very thankful. >> reporter: ann and nicole. >> it brought tears to my eyes when i came because 's difficult to find a place for him to interact with everything. the carousel, the thing went up and down. >> reporter: is that fun? you went up and down on the merry-go-round? what'sore, morgan's wonderland is free for families with special needs. >> it's nice when the kids come up to me and hug me and say thank you. they don't have to say thank you. you can see it in their eyes. that's a good feeling, sure. >> reporter: just good? >> it's incredible. it's incredible. >> reporter: an incredible, wonderful wonderland.
8:46 am
i am still smiling from my visit there. a great place for people of all ages. the official grand opening is tomorrow in san antonio. in attendance will be david robinson, the admiral. and eva longoria-parker, our abc colleague from "desperate housewives." it should be a great event in san antonio. robin? >> clearly, the story of the morning. we're in tea of joy, john. thank you for bringing this to us today. thanks so much. have a great weekend. you can hit our website and find out more a
8:47 am
8:48 am
standing with "charlie's angels" right here. jamie oliver, chef, author and
8:49 am
"jamie oliver's food revolution." he showed sam and anyone at home can do, with mere minutes to create a delicious and nutrition meal. >> this morning, he's going to show us incredib ways to put together kebabs, which in my house, we call a five-star meal on a stick. >> last time you were here. you told me to spank it. >> yeah. cooking is all about flavor. pork is really affordable. you can use various cuts of pork. you can have the leg of pork. i'm using the fillet here, which is still affordable. when you do a kebab, or a kebab, as you call it. >> should i say kebab? >> that's the way i call it. how do you call it again? >> kebab. >> oh. go with kebab, then. it's about encouraging flavor and basically cooking it. stretching meat. red onion here. mushroom here.
8:50 am
you see the meat's very lean. and we need to work with it. if i can ask you, my darling. >> i'll be happy to. >> and also, it's really nice if you get yourself one of these little zesters. they're like graters. and what you can do is just take that little layer of yellow zest off. it gives you the most incredible flavor. most people throw it away. you get really fsh flavor. >> when you were redoing your kitchen. that was top of the list. >> right. >> good girl. she's on it. >> you believe him? >> salt, pepper. this is cumin. a little garlic. i don't bother peeling my garlic. you get a garlic gun. and you put it in and pound it like that. >> that's all it takes? >> yep. and you mix up that meat. you can do it on the kebab or off the kebab. >> i'm going to do it on the kebab. >> get your griddle or barbecue
8:51 am
on medium-high heat. get it nice and preheated. >> you like the griddle pan. >> it renders fat. it adds flavor. >> explain renders fat. >> when you cook meat that has fat in it, it's the fat that gives it tenderness and juiciness and softness and flavor. but if that eventually renders out, you're not consuming it. >> oh. >> on your way out, it's doing its job. but it ends up in the pan. >> and not in your stomach. >> once this pork has had about five or so minutes, just a little bit of lemon juice here. as you can see, our darling friend has done a great job here. the nice thing about kebabs is you can have fun with it. put different veggies. mix up the meats. you can have lamb. you can have beef, pork. get those going. let's finish this dish up. >> please. >> you go and buy premade hummus. we have salad here with shaved pear. pecan. or walnuts. and various salads.
8:52 am
i want to show you a nice thing to go with the flat bread. get some low-fat yogurt. right? and we can get -- normally, it would be -- >> what is that? >> this is chili sauce, which you can get in just about any shop. >> specialty market, maybe? >> i would use one i couldn't find. i'm using common sense. and i move this around. that is like heat, but with a fire extinguisher around it. that's the way i think of that. if you bring that pan over here, big boy. >> yes, sir. >> we have the beautiful kebabs. a load of flat bread that don't exist. but you have to imagine it. we have the humus. would you try a little bit? >> i would love to try it. >> nick a little bit of that. pull it off there. pull it off with your fingers. >> tell me i'm eating it. >> i want you to dip it in there. >> do we have something for the fire? >> a little squeeze of lemon juice always gets you going.
8:53 am
big boy, come over, as well. >> do the whole thing with the meat. >> ultimately, it's fun. it's exciting. it's using fresh produce. it's affordable. squeeze the lemon. can i mention the petition? the petition. we're getting halfway through the series now, guys. the petition which i'm running to take to the white house will be on jamie's food revolution or on your website. sign the petition. if you think t
8:54 am
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watch jamie oliver tonight at 9:00, 8:00 central. and inside the new russia, as george brings us an exclusive interview with the russian president. have a great weekend, george, in russia. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. good friday morning. welcome back. i am alison starling. we check air-traffic and
8:57 am
weather. any major issues? >> we have a problem with a crash of the exit for 395. it is the 11th street bridge exit ramp. the accident is blocking the left lane. no problems on 95 between richmond and baltimore. we take you to a picture of traffic moving nicely through college park on the inner loop. the outer loop has an accident near kenilworth avenue that is causing a backup. newschopper 7 is live at new hampshire avenue. the funeral procession will be leaving the funeral home to head to the glenmont station. we will leave newschopper 7 and go to the weather center. >> there is a shot from the roof camera where the sun is trying to come through. we are looking east. the sunshine is appearing and is
8:58 am
quite brilliant. low 50's right now. 49 in gaithersburg. the moisture from last night continues to move eastward. sunshine will return. 40's this morning. near 60 today. warmer on saturday and sunday. >> we are glad about that. the annual cherry blossom parade is set for tomorrow. it goes from 10:00 a.m. until noon. meo riders should be prepared for big crowds. you could watch the parade here and abc 7 beginning at 10:00 a.m. we thank you for watching. have a good day. - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home. check records. change appointments. now doctors, nurses,
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