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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  May 31, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm juju chang. this memorial day, monday, may 31st. this morning, worst-case scenario. bp's new plan to stop the oil could actually increase the leak. the white house braces for oil to flow until august, just as hurricane season's set to begin. sam is on the coast. and breaking overnight, israeli commandos storm aid ships bound for gaza. at least ten are dead. and the latest on the tragic death of troubled tv star, gary coleman. his estranged parents want an investigation into what caused their son's sudden death. plus, the dramatic finish at the indianapolis 500. a spectacular crash on the final lap, clears the way for the
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winner, crossing the finish line, while running on empty. and talk about down to the wire at indy. of course, our own robin was there, which is why it's great to have you, juju chang, sliding that seat over for memorial day. >> happy to be here on this holiday morning. of course, we will honor it by honoring the war dead. that, of course, is a live shot of arlington national cemetery that you're looking at now. in a moment, we'll talk with the chairman of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen. there will be a moment of silence, at 3:00 p.m. all americans asked to pause and remember those who served. we're going to start in israeli, where commandos stormed relief ships headed for gaza, reportedly killing ten people. the ships were trying to break israel's three-year blockade. the u.n. secretary-general bonn
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ki-moon, has called for an investigation. and we turn to the gulf oil disaster, the top story here. to prepare for the worst. the oil could keep gushing until august when relief wells will be completed. and bp is about to begin a riskier procedure to try to stop the flow. >> their fifth attempt to try to stop this leak. sam champion is in the florida keys, trying to reassure tourists this weekend. first, matt gutman has the latest on bp's new plan to stop the oil spill. he joins us from burress, louisiana. hey, matt. >> reporter: hey, george. they're running out of letters at b. this is plan "g." it's a risky maneuver, to lower a containment dome and siphon off the oil. that work could begin today. it's bp's riskiest plan yet. the seventh in their quickly shrinking arsenal. undersea robots will lob off the crippled pipeline, which could
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release 20% more oil than is already gushing. then, they'll low a small dome, to latch on to the blowout preventer and siphon up the oil. >> it's a suction system, that if successful, will produce the majority of the oil to the surface. >> reporter: if it works. over the weekend, top kill, the force feeding of cement and mud into the well, failed to work. the oil continues to spew oil with the force of seven fire hoses. and the only real fix, two relief wells that won't be completed until august. >> that amount of oil coming out every day for 60 days, that's about 40 million gallons from now until august. >> reporter: but overnight, abc news learned that federally-backed scientists, hunting plumes of oil in the gulf, found the biggest plumes yet. 3,500 feet under the surface. the concentration of oil they said was literally off the charts.
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a clear sign, they say, that at least half a dozen plumes some 22 miles long, are growing. but on sunday, bp's ceo denied that the plumes exist. >> the oil is on the surface. it's very difficult for oil to stay in the column. it wants to go to the surface because of the difference in specific gravity. >> these are the tar balls they're talking about. >> reporter: it's a spill that the obama administration and scientists are calling the worst environmental disaster in u.s. history. and that disaster could get worse. once those undersea robots begin slicing into that pipeline, it could be several days until that containment dome is lower and the oil gets siphoned up to the surface. in the meantime, juju, there's no guarantee any of this will work. >> matt gutman reporting from louisiana. thanks for that update. the images of the relentless oil spill may be scaring some tourists away from the gulf region. so, businesses are going all-out to reassure visitors that for the most part, their perception has little to do with reality.
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and sam champion is in key west with the story. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. as soon as the oil hit the gulf waters, it seemed like tourism hit a pause. it's big business. they need to tell the world that these coasts are clear. gulf coast communities are trying to reduce the impact of these images with these messages. >> the gulf coast is open for business. >> reporter: in ads. >> our seafood is as fresh as ever. >> reporter: on facebook. >> the sand is still white. >> reporter: and on youtube. >> the coast is clear. >> reporter: and it's a crucial message here in the gulf, where tourism brings in over $100 billion a year. second only to the oil industry. even though almost every, single beach is clear, it's the television pictures of brown, oily water that seems to stick in people's minds. in the last month, some gulf coast destinations have seen reservations drop by nearly half. and about four in ten travellers say the bp spill would influence future plans to visit the gulf
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states. this is why people vacation on america's gulf coast. there's chris cal-clear, calm water as far as the eye can see. even though where we're standing is 400 miles away from the spill, there's one question we keep hearing. >> what's happening with the oil? we hear it's on the beaches. >> reporter: so far, not one drop has come close to florida's pristine waters. and the call is, come visit. but some tourists are scared off. >> people are convinced there's a black blanket across the entire florida keys that's smothered every fish here. >> reporter: florida has launched a $25 million ad campaign, bankrolled by bp. >> it's a beautiful day in the florida keys and key west. >> reporter: and some hotels are making this guarantee. >> if any tar ball affects our beaches and your stay, we'll refund your room and taxes. >> reporter: but with the leak potentially continuing through the summer, that guarantee may eventually become harder to keep. of course, all of this as the industry tries to recover from a recession. and there's an added problem.
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we'll start talking about it starting tomorrow. it's the beginning of the hurricane season. and typically, there are hurricanes that work their way into the gulf. george? >> the trouble keeps on coming. thanks, sam. with bp facing a lot of criticism about how they're handling this whole crisis, president obama is now facing calls to push the company out of the way, and have the military play a much bigger role. former joint chiefs colin powell weighed in yesterday on "this week." >> whether it's army, coast guard, local forces, it's time for comprehensive, total attack on this problem. to protect the shoreline. to protect the livestocks. to protect the wetlands. military brings organization. it brings control. it brings assets. whether it's the right combination of assets that you need right now, i don't know. but certainly, i'm sure my colleagues in the pentagon are looking at it. >> brings us to the man now holding powell's old job. the current admiral of the joint chiefs, admiral mike mullen. good morning, admiral mullen. >> good morning, george.
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>> is this something you're currently discussing at the pentagon? >> george, we've been involved in this response from the beginning. certainly, in support. there are over -- almost 1,400 guardsmen who have been activated, certainly our coast guard. admiral thad allen, who had great katrina experience, has been installed at the national commander. we've provided 10,000 feet of boom. dispersement sorties from the air. we've been involved. but we've not been the lead. and any change, with respect to the lead, would be a decision that the president would have to make. >> is that something that you're capable of taking over? >> well, i mean, we've -- i think what general powell said was correct, in a sense that we do bring command and control. we certainly bring organization. but the real challenge, from my perspective, has been the technical aspects of this. you've cited the attempts which
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have taken place so far. we certainly, from the pentagon's perspective, have looked at all the technology we have available. and have been in support of the efforts of the -- of the oil industry. and from that perspective, they actually have the kind of technology that, in fact, potentially could get at this. >> so, there are no navy submarines? no other materials, technology, that you have, robotics, that could do a better job of shutting down that leak than the bp technology? >> we've looked into that continuously since the leak started, george. we -- whether or not we would have submersibles that would go do this. and in fact, the technology that the -- the best technology in the world, with respect to that, exists in the oil industry. >> how about bringing in more of
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your thro help clean up the spi? >> certainly, that's possible. and secretary of defense gates has authorized up to, you know, several thousand more national guard troops. and that's -- they would be called up, quite frankly, by the governors of those states. so, there is manpower available. but there's also, from my understanding, a great deal of civilian manpower that's available. should we be called to do that, we can continue to do that there. >> one final question on this. admiral allen had plenty of experience. but he had planned to retire from the coast guard. one of the things that general powell talked about yesterday, was maybe to have an active duty service chief. would that make a difference? >> admiral allen is on active duty. he was relieved the other day as
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comandante of the coast guard. all of the different agencies we have in our government. we couldn't pick anybody any better thanned th ad allen. >> what is the most important thing you want americans to know about the sacrifices that the military is making on this memorial day? >> this is a weekend and, indeed, a day of remembrance. that the sacrifices continue. we've lost in these 2 wars over 5,400. we've had tens of thousands visibly wounded. and tens, if not hundreds, of thousands invisibly wounded with these wars. and this is the best military i've ever been associated with in over 40 years. they continue to make the sacrifices. the support of their families has been better than i have ever seen. and just integral to our ability to succeed in these missions. i'd like the american people to reach out to them.
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to remember them. certainly, today, on this special day of remembrance. but also, reach out to them every day of the year. and make, in ways and communities throughout the country, their sacrifice special as it has been throughout our country's history. it is today. >> okay. admiral mullen, thank you for that. and thank you for your service. >> thank you, george. >> juju? george, the president has had to deal with the political fallout of the handling of the oil spill. including criticism from fellow democrats. has he quieted his critics? let's ask someone who has voiced his concerns here on "gma." our political contributor, james carville. good morning, james. >> good morning. >> you have been a full-throated and emotional critic of the administration's response. he visited the region over the weekend. he tripled the resources. has the administration done enough in your view? and obviously, you heard olin powell's remarks over the weekend. should the military take this thing over?
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>> first of all, say the president, administration, is doing better. this is an unbelievable event. i think the president has to address the nation. where we are, we're likely -- this is already the largest environmental disaster in the history of the united states. understand now, we're only, what? 40 days into this? this thing is not going to end until one of these miracle things work. august. it's likely not to end until late september or october. so, whatever the situation is today, it may gets two -times o three-times worse before it's over. and the president needs to explain to the country what's happening in the gulf. why this area is so vital to the united states. and what he's doing to deal with this. this is a war that the united states is in. foreign substances invading our coastline. and it's not just louisiana. it could be all over the gulf coast. it's getting bigger every day. >> the president says this is
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enraging, as well as heartbreaking. congressman markey is calling this an environmental crime. is there not enough outrage? >> the outrage from the president is, you know, one thing. but what it is is that understanding that his legacy depends on what happens in our gulf of mexico. basically, the gulf of mexico depends on what happens. and people say, i come down here or will make more trips. i don't know about that. but i do know for too long, they were taking bp's word for everything, which turned out to be wrong at every juncture. i know this. every piece of information we have gotten is to the size of this, or things that were going to work. none of it's turned out true. it's all turned out on the worst side. you know, let's say -- i don't want to argue with the white house. it's painful. i don't like arguing with people in my party. >> in the short time we have
7:15 am
left. it looks like as you say, the oil will continue gushing throughout the summer. this is the beginning of hurricane season. the beginning of tourist season. how is that region, the region you love so much, going to cope? >> first of all, in new orleans, let's be candid. there's no effect in new orleans. there's no reason for people not to be coming here. there's every reason for people to be coming here. if you're a sports fisherman, you're not going to have -- the summer doesn't look so promising for you. that's a shame. but i think the president understands the depth of this. and i think that he has been down here. and i think he's going to give the address to the nation. explain what's going on. rally us as a country and take charge of this thing. at least i hope that's the case. >> james carville, with your helpfulness. we appreciate you being here this morning. >> thank you. we're going to go now to the breaking news in the middle east, where israeli commandos stormed ships carrying
7:16 am
pro-palestinian activists and aid to the gaza strip. our simon mcgregor-wood joins us with the latest. simon? >> reporter: good morning, george. the israelis are claiming their forces came under fire as they boarded the ships. that's something that the protesters onboard those ships are categorically denying. whatever the circumstances, the death toll keeps creeping up. and this is turning into a major diplomatic incident. the israeli navy confronted the convoy of ships in darkness. warning them to turn back. >> the gaza area and gaza harbor are closed. >> reporter: they refused. speedboats raced alongside. naval commandos dropped from helicopters. tv pictures show scuffles between soldiers and passengers. gunfire in the background. passengers bleeding and injured. >> they are using live ammunition. >> reporter: onboard, hundreds of pro-palestinian activists and tons of humanitarian aid, bound for hamas-run gaza, determined
7:17 am
to beat israel's three-year blockade. israel said it would turn ships back. but this operation has gone wrong. in iz tan bull, there were violent demonstrations outside of the israeli consulate. in jerusalem this morning, government spokesmen are in damage limitation mode. >> the organizers are well-known for their ties to global jihad, al qaeda and hamas. >> reporter: the convoy will be turned into an israeli port later, where the full extent of the casualties will become clear. in the meantime, international criticism of israel is growing almost by the hour. even the moderate palestinian president, mahmoud abbas, has called this incident a massacre. he's called for three days of palestinian mourning. israeli security forces, george, have gone on high alert. >> thanks. prime minister netanyahu expected to meet with president obama tomorrow in washington. we'll see if he continues with that trip. it's time for the weather and sam champion.
7:18 am
he's down in the keys. hey, sam. >> good morning, george. as the nation takes a pause on memorial day. we'll look at triple-digit heat in the country. there's places going to 100 degrees. and some places close. dallas about 97 degrees today. that's close to the 100-degree mark. also, into the ohio valley and northeast chicago, detroit, pittsburgh, there will be scattered storms this afternoon. for new york, philly, washington, those storms will hold off until 8:00 tonight. you'll get your memorial day holiday in and your barbecuing plans done before the line of storms move in. severe storms in the middle of the country there.
7:19 am
hazy sunshine across the region right now. overlooking the district, you have that hayes and the sky. it will feel like get a with highs in the 90. in general, a good memorial day weekend and a good memorial day itself. if you patchy clouds by midday and this afternoon and there may be scattered cent -- thunderstorms this afternoon in . we'll have more weather this morning. sit right back in your chair. in the next half hour, we'll reveal everything that's
7:20 am
incredible about the keys. it goes from food, to music, to water. all here on this one show. >> that will be great to see. our "picture of the morning," dario franchitti won his second indy 500 after this gruesome crash. >> it's amazing to see the recovery. the winner won with 1.6 gallons of gas in his tank. what dazzled us, was the pace car driving of robin roberts. coming up, new questions about gary coleman's death. his parents are demanding answers. our lashes. with maybelline new york's lash stilettos. the #1 lengthening mascaras. our longest lashes ever... choose original stiletto black... for staggering length... sleek and tapered. and now stiletto voluptuous red... for length with volume... lush and full each with that trademark black patent shine. it's hotter than ever. [ female announcer ] lash stiletto original and voluptuous
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would we eat better? at hellmann's, we make our mayonnaise with eggs, vinegar and oil rich in omega 3. for the quality tht could only be hellmann's. hellmann's. t's time for real. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> it is 7:22 on this memorial day, monday, may 31. let's start by checking the roads. we are looking at a minor accident on 270 southbound.
7:23 am
they moved everybody to the shoulder and there is no delay getting through here. let's go to college park where traffic is nice and light on the beltway. 95 in springfield has express lane traffic that are carrying traffic. hazy sunshine right now across the area. it will be hot and sunday -- hot and sunny and muggy today. with all the sunshine, we cannot rule out a few pop up storms later today of around the metro area and north. 71 right now in hagerstown.
7:24 am
bowie looks like 70 degrees. by lunchtime, 86 degrees, a few patchy clouds, isolated and scattered showers this afternoon but nothing the severe. watch out for lightning if you happen to be outside. mid-80's tomorrow with more scattered showers and storms. >> we will be right back.
7:25 am
today is memorial day when
7:26 am
we pause to honor the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. there will be many memorials today. [taps] >> across the country, people will pause to honor those who have served and those whom never made it home. >> for people like me, this celebrates soldiers and veterans. memorial day is a solemn reverential de. >> a number of events are planned around washington including a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns at arlington national ceremony. there is a ceremony to pay tribute to six servicemen who were added to the vietnam wall. >> i don't -- i understand it
7:27 am
more now than i ever used to. >> last night, thousands packed the lawn at the capitol to taken a star-studded event on this memorial day weekend. we wanted to celebrate memorial day. >> we couldn't have thought of a better place to do with them here. >> the wreath laying ceremony at arlington takes place at 11:00 this morning. there will be replaying at the world war two memorial. another event is the national memorial day parade at 2:00 p.m. there are street closures. other streets will close at about 1:00 p.m. we will be back with another
7:28 am
update at 7:56. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8
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gecko: oh dear. vo: geico. fifteen minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. ♪ boy, it is nice out there on the jersey shore today. the safaris playing "wipeout." we want to make sure you have a fun day without a wipeout. we're going to give you information on rip currents. riptides. tricky and dangerous. 80% of lifeguard rescues. we'll tell you what you need to know before hitting the water. sounds like fun, doesn't it? >> it's beautiful out there. makes you want to go out there. good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm juju chang, in for robin roberts, who is making her way back from the indy 500 this morning. if you have kids, young kids, these are the rage. they're silly bandz. they're wildly popular.
7:31 am
so much so, that some schools are beginning to band them. >> at our house, both girls are going crazy over these silly bandz. i had not heard of the dangers ahead. when gary coleman died last week, he was just 42. and he was estranged from his parents. but willie and sue coleman say they loved their son and want to know how he died. >> reporter: gary coleman's estranged parents want to know wha what happened leading up to their son's death. telling, that they tried to get in touch with his wife, shannon. but she won't call them back. >> gary coleman's parents want answers. they want to know what happened to their son. how did he fall? what are the circumstances of his death? >> reporter: the actor who is 42, died last week at this hospital in utah, after a fall, in the home in utah that he shared with his wife. police say there's no
7:32 am
investigation under way because there's nothing suspicious about the death. but no details have been released about how or why he fell. we do know he suffered two seizures earlier this year. >> gary and shannon had a tumultuous relationship. >> reporter: the couple got married on a mountain top in nevada, in 2007, after meeting on the set of a film called "church ball." he was 42. she was 40. shortly after, they granted this interview to "inside edition." and the honeymoon was not over. >> he's not romantic. but i'm kind of different. i'm just not in the mood for that right now. >> we may go a week and not speak to each other. >> reporter: the next year they were featured on an episode of "divorce court." >> i have low self-esteem. i don't feel successful in life. >> reporter: in 2009, shannon was charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct. this year, gary was taken in for
7:33 am
a domestic violence warrant. this is believed to be his final tv appearance, three months ago on "the insider." >> she says you did. is that the way you talk to your wife? >> if i have to. if i need to. but i don't. and i don't know you. and i don't care about you. and your life doesn't matter to me. >> reporter: it was a far cry from the young boy once named the greatest child star of all-time. >> what you talking about, willis? >> last year, he reflected on his life and on the parents whom he accused of stealing three-quarters of his television earnings. >> i'm still bitter. it still hurts. it still hurts. you do midgets and mascots to pay the mortgage. >> reporter: for "good morning america," dan harris, abc news, new york. time for the weather. let's go back to sam in key west. sam? >> good morning, again, george. george, we're going to show you some of the things we love about key west. what's better than a motorized
7:34 am
lounge chair? don't know. the 800 islands that make up the florida keys, closer key west to havana than to miami. let's get to the boards. show you what's going on this morning. we'll start with what's happening in the midwest. in the great lakes, there's a cold front that drops down. cincinnati, detroit, buffalo, you're likely to get thunderstorms earlier in the day today. on the east coast, from washington, to new york, burlington, philly, you wait until after 8:00 tonight to get the storms. you'll get the day with temperatures in the 80s and near 90 in washington, d.c. here's the storms from goodland, to wichita, to dodge city. they could have 80-mile-per-hour winds. and they could kick off one or two tornadoes. look at the big board on your memorial day today. in the west coast, we have one or two cooler temperatures, and a little line of showers, as well. 67 from san francisco. and 72 degrees at reagan national airport.
7:35 am
it may even be the low 90's this afternoon. we cannot rule out a few isolate all this weather is brought to you by chili's. juju? >> sam, you look very relaxed out there. >> it's pretty wonderful. >> enjoy yourself. here, we're talking about toys, basically. remember cabbage patch kids and pokemon cards? there's a new phase. they're rubber bracelets. they're in the shapes of animal, food, and superheros. they're such a big hit with my boys and george's girls, that schools are having to ban them because they're distracting. if you have kids of a certain age and you haven't heard of them, you will soon. they're called silly bandz. >> i have like 150 or something.
7:36 am
>> does everybody want to have them? >> reporter: take a look at the arms of these new york fifth graders and you'll see the latest fad sweeping the elementary and middle schoolkids. these bands start out in shapes, ranging from animals to superheros. some are called silly bandz. others zany bandz. there are knockoffs. this store sold four dozen packs in weeks. make the call, western. >> you can wear them. and trade them. >> reporter: even "sex in the city" star, sarah jessica parker is into silly bandz, going into the audience to borrow a bracelet for reege. jim howard said he came up with the idea last summer.
7:37 am
he spotted rubber bands and made them into shapes for his nieces and nephews back home. >> as soon as i received them, they e-mailed me back, wanting more for their friends. >> reporter: now, they're so popular, some schools are banning them for students. saying they're too distracting for students. >> my teacher said, if you have silly bandz, i'm going to take them away. >> reporter: do you agree with that? >> no. >> reporter: why? >> i think he should take them away from the kids that were distracted by them. >> reporter: some kids wear so many, they can cut off circulation. i see the red marks on your hand. these hurt your hands because they're the little ones? >> yeah. >> reporter: why do you wear them if they hurt? >> because they're so cool. >> reporter: principal lisa ferrell no longer allows the students to wear the bands past their wrists or trade them at school. >> at one point, my school nurse
7:38 am
came down to me and said, have you insided the silly bandz on the children's arms. it was getting tight and constricting. >> reporter: even though, it looks as though silly bandz are here to stay, for now. at least until the next fad comes along. nurses offices are saying that kids are coming in with their fingers falling asleep and numb. she says, take the bands off. >> i'm going to take these home. i'll be a hero again. >> exactly. >> last week, jonas brothers. this week, silly bandz. >> the perks of the job, george. do you think silly bandz are harmless fun? or a school nuisance? when we come back, a memorial day safety alert. before you hit the beach, important tips about rip currents. we'll talk to a lifeguard live ahead. look at that smile. never-frozen usda choice beef, d press fres, hand seasoned and cooked to order. new handmade burgers with fries starting at just $5.99.
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comes reason for caution. just last week, new york beaches battered by severe rip currents at a second response could make the difference between life and death. let's go back to sam and look at this danger of rip currents in the water. good morning, again. >> good morning, juju. who doesn't want to be in the watt center it's the official start to the summer season. as the water rush to the shoreline, it has to go back to sea. in one line, the current is headed strongly out to sea. we thought we would get advice from the experts about how to spot a rip current, how to avoid it. and if you get in one, how to survive it. you're watching a rip current take a young couple away from shore. >> lifeguard dispatch 31 s.a.m. receiving a 911 call. >> now, there's two victims? >> two. >> okay. hold on. how far offshore is she?
7:43 am
>> she's a good 300 yards. >> reporter: a rookie lifeguard hears the call and springs into action. the young woman sinks below the surface. the lifeguard dives in the direction where he has last seen her. several seconds pass when he has emerged with her. once on shore, the medics take over. and she was able to meet the lifeguards that saved her life. tragically, her 19-year-old boyfriend drowned. rip currents kill 100 people each year. they're also responsible for 80% of the rescues performed by each lifeguard. with cooperation for the lifeguard unit for san diego county, i waded right into a rip current, to experience what it's like. >> it looks like a drowning victim. >> reporter: it's easy to get disoriented. not only tired but a little panic. in less than five minutes, the
7:44 am
rip current pushed me way offshore, even though i was swimming to the beach. swimming against a rip current can be a mistake. you're tired, you're exhausted. you're exhausted in minutes. i don't think it was five minutes. how do you avoid it? lifeguards say you can read the beach. a channel that doesn't have waves in it. here, the water is flowing swiftly away from the beach. the best advice is really to only swim at a beach that is lifeguard protected and you know the waters very well. sometimes you're vacationing some place and you don't know the beach very well. this is something i never thought of. walk up to the lifeguard stand, and ask them the lay of the beach. they're your tour guides to the beach. they're tell you what areas are rip current likely. and it's common sense. ask the lifeguard. >> you're a strong swimmer. to see you struggling out there is an eye-opening event. thanks for that. now, we want to head out to
7:45 am
the heart of the new jersey shore for some expert advice, following up on sam's terrific report. 13-year veteran lifeguard out there, john luik, who made over 250 rescues in your career. 90% of them involving rip currents. good morning to you. >> morning. >> so, let's talk about the biggest mistake that swimmers can make. when you get caught up in a rip current, what should you not do? >> the first thing that we try to get across to swimmers is if you feel yourself getting pulled out in a rip current, don't panic. you'll tire yourself out. the more you panic, the more you'll hyperventilate. you have a greater chance of drowning. you'll tire yourself out. you want to let the rip current take you out. it's going to eventually dissipate. as you feel yourself getting pulled out, just start swimming parallel to shore. don't swim into the rip current.
7:46 am
no matter how fast you swim, you're not going to be able to swim in faster than the rip current's pulling you out. you want it to dissipate. swim parallel to shore. once you feel you're not being pulled out any further, that's when you can swim in. if you feel yourself being tired, you wave for help and get the attention of the lifeguard or someone on the beach. >> sam's report showed how you can spot a rip current from an aerial view. but how do you spot a rip current from the shore? >> some rip currents are invisible. there are signs that we look for as lifeguards and you can look for on the beach. rip currents occur across any beach that has waves breaking on them. you can see them in the great lakes. but what you want to look for is, when the water crashes in, it crashes pretty uniformly. and then, it will go out. but it will funnel out in certain places. it's almost like a conveyor belt when it funnels out. what you look for is a greenish
7:47 am
hue or a discoloration in the water that's different than the rest of the water. you can also see kelp or sea weed in the water. that will be flowing out faster. you tend to find those along jetties, peers and along sand bars. >> sam had a good piece of advice, to find somebody like yourself and get the lay of the land. i think some swimmers have a false sense of security, that i'm only wading up a certain hide into the water. how high are people vulnerable to a rip current? >> we've had full-grown adults being pulled out in rip currents when they're in the water to their knees. they'll turn their back. a wave will crash. they get knocked over. the next thing you know, they put their feet down. and we have to pull them out. if you have questions about going in the water. the water's rough. ask us where the safe places are to swim. >> a great piece of advice.
7:48 am
swim where there's a lifeguard and talk to them first. we have more tips, as well, as a video demonstration for escaping rip currents on our website at coming up, the ivy league's new fab four. i love this story. the quadruplets heading off to yale in tandem. woman: i just joined extracare advantage for diabetes at cvs/pharmacy. i'm taking the right steps to manage my diabetes and my budget. extracare advantage for diabetes is a new program that helps me save money and earn double bucks on over 100 items, so we can stay a step ahead of... all: our diabetes! join extracare advantage for diabetes today and receive a free gift when you enroll. only at cvs/pharmacy. [ splash, water drips ] [ whoosh, bell dings ] [ female announcer ] new dove go fresh now with nutriummoisture. adding nourishment to freshness. [ birds chirping ]
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7:52 am
the crouch quadruplets of danberry, connecticut, all heading to yale in the foul. the first quadruplets in an ivy league ever. >> other teens will have to hit the pavement, looking for summer jobs. five things you can do right to nail down that summer job. lots of good advice, coming up.
7:53 am
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it pays to get more, it pays to discover.
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, it is 7:56 on this memorial day monday, may 31. we begin by checking the roads. we are looking at the beltway in prince william -- prince george's county by andrews air force base. no accidents here and this is how the beltway looks all the way around. there was a minor accident on the outer loop near the wilson bridge which has been cleared away. the bay bridge traffic is running well in both directions. no delays currently.
7:57 am
we will tell you about road restrictions downtown. the canal road, clara barton parkway will be closed for recreational activity. here is a live look at that hazy sunshine across the region. it is a quiet morning across the region. there is a lot of sunshine and you will fill the she meditates throughout the day. it will be less than yesterday. chevy chase is at 75 degrees right now. your forecast today calls for patchy clouds developing this afternoon and you cannot rule out widely scattered showers and thunderstorms especially after 4:00 or 5:00 p.m. cooler tomorrow. a decrease in ad revenue has metro spending plans to install
7:58 am
television screens in metro stations. metro had been earning $40 million per year. the metro channel will be back in action. we will be back with another news update at 8:25
7:59 am
[ air blowing ] [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning.
8:00 am
a higher standard of comfort. ♪ everybody's dreaming big everybody's just getting ♪ [ cheers and applause ] and what a big memorial day crowd we have down here in times square. people from all over the country excited. listening to sugarland's cd. they were here for the summer concert series on friday. but they'll be coming back in the next half hour, as well. just to give us a little memorial day feeling here. >> it will be happy to hear them. and also, we're going to meet the crouch kaud rquadruple. they are, all four, going to yale this september.
8:01 am
first quads going to an ivy league. we're going to talk to them in a little bit. >> can you imagine, four tuition bills from yale? memorial day is also the unofficial start to summer. you don't just pull out your white shoes. you have to get ready for summer jobs. five surefire ways, tips to help them land the right summer job. >> spike mendelsohn here. [ cheers and applause ] president obama's favorite burger joint in washington, d.c. he's going to have a memorial day burger bash for all of us. everybody's excited about that, as well. >> the award-winning obama burger. first, bianna golodryga has the morning's news. >> good morning, everybody. we begin with a new plan to stop the constant flow of oil in the gulf of mexico. bp's next strategy calls for underwater robots, to lob off the damage's pipeline. then, cap it with a dome to siphon off the oil. that could release 20% more oil.
8:02 am
two relief wells would be the only real fix. but they won't be completed until august. the u.n. is condemning actions by israel overnight. a commando raid on a convoy of ships. israel says its forces were fired on when they boarded. but acted viss on the ships said the israelis fired first. on this memorial day, u.s. troops in afghanistan have been remembering the sacrifice of friends and colleagues. we talked to the u.s. commander there, about the increasingly deadly war. >> i want the american people to have great pride in their soldiers. but i also want them to remember that the soldiers and all of the service members, are really making a sacrifice on their behalf. >> general mcchrystal says the u.s. needs to be patient in winning the hearts and minds of afghans. a former tv producer of "survivor" could be charged with killing his wife last month in
8:03 am
mexico. abc's john quinones has the new details. >> reporter: the reality show producer could well face a harsh reality of his own today, when a mexican judge receives evidence that could lead to charges that bruce beresford-redman murdered his wife. it's been almost seven weeks now since the 42-year-old monica was found dead in the sewer of this resort in cancun. today, the prosecutor will finally hand over his evidence. >> what the law in mexico requires that the judge waive all of the written paperwork. and the judge makes a determination whether an arrest warrant be granted. >> reporter: that decision could take days or weeks. yesterday, the victim's family held a memorial service for monica in los angeles. calling it, a celebration of monica's wife. >> she was a loving person. i know she wasn't supposed to
8:04 am
die like this. >> reporter: bruce refused to let his children attend the ceremony. this week, monica ice sisters will travel back to cancun to keep pressure on authorities to take bruce to trial. bruce's attorney says he will fight any such evidence. in other news, there is new hope in the war on breast cancer. a possible vaccine. researchers at the cleveland clinic say they have developed a vaccine that may treat, even prevent, cancer. it prevented tumors from forming in mice. they hope to start testing in humans in the next year. finally, celine dion says she's pregnant with twins. the 42-year-old singer and her husband have a 9-year-old son. she became pregnant after her sixth in vitro fertilization treatment. she's six weeks along. that's the news at 8:04. we go along to sam champion. he has music. speaking of celine dion.
8:05 am
he has music of his own there. >> good morning. you're listening to the monks of funk. i know everybody wishes they were here. and this morning, basically, in this one show, we'll tell you everything you need to plan a beautiful trip in this direction of the keys. our favorite band. and our favorite restaurant, an out of the way place to get. all of this comes from these waters? >> all of this food comes from these waters. florida keys, this is what you get out of clean water in the florida keys. >> unbelievable? these are key west pinks? gorgeous, huge shrimp. >> this is? >> black fin tuna. >> it's like a competition. who can make the best key lime pie. eric is here the marina reserve. when you make this -- we love yours. what makes yours special? >> not only is it made in-house.
8:06 am
we have maringe. >> it's a dense key lime taste. the recipes are on our website. in case you didn't get down here, you can put this whole thing together right off our website. let's get to the boards. show you quickly the water temperatures on the east coast. from a 60-degree water temperature on the cape. believe me, it is 80 degrees. and warmer on the keys. on the west coast, you have cooler water temperature than normal. malibu, 61 to the 50s. here's the fly-by for your weather on your memorial day. one or two places you have to watch for strong storms. north in the oklahoma panhandle there. also, storms from the great lakes, toward the east coast. east coast will get them later today. that northeastern corridor right now, water temperatures in the bay are around 70 degrees. 71 in leesburg.
8:07 am
your forecast for today will be generally night. hot, muggy, and a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms and into the evening. it will feel like yesterday. first taste, chef. cheers. that's good key lime pie. george? >> what a healthy breakfast. sam, thank you very much. watch out, yale, here they come. imagine the day last december when all four of the crouch quadruplets gathered around their computers at home, to find out one by one they had all been accepted by yale. it was the first time the quads had ever been accepted at the prestigious university. first time ever in the ivy league. now, the crouch quads, kenny,
8:08 am
ray, martina and carol, have made yale their choice, too. i vividly remember back in december, that front-page "new york times" story about the four of you. and that moment, you gathered around 5:00 p.m., when you found out one by one what happened. who was first? >> i was actually first. >> you logged on? >> yeah. it didn't work the first time. and my brother is the tech wizard. booting it up again. got working. i had no reaction whatsoever. i kind of looked at the screen. had this wicked grin on my face. everyone else is just screaming. screaming. screaming. and i didn't -- i don't know. >> you went next? >> i went next. entered the password. i saw the blue screen pop up. went, wow. started fist-pumping. >> now, the tension is rising. you all had been told that it would be pretty hard for four of you to get in. >> told that probably one or two
8:09 am
of us would get in. >> we were like no. >> you were next? >> i was next. sorry, guys. and i butt in the password. and the blue screen came up. and then, martina had to go. >> i was so nervous. i was forgetting my password. >> you're not the youngest, are you? >> no. >> and you thought, okay. here it is, guys. >> yeah. just crazy. it was quite a moment. >> and what happened when the fourth popped? >> we kept screaming and screaming. i think our neighbors are probably disturbed. >> yeah. >> you didn't decide right away you were all going to accept the idea of going to yale. and it must have been something of a difficult decision, as close as you are, you finish each other's sentences. i would imagine there would be this temptation to strike out on your own. >> for me, originally, it was like i don't want to go to school with you guys. we need to break apart and be independent. i was afraid if we went to school together, we wouldn't be
8:10 am
able to be individuals. but we the way it's set up, at colleges, you can be your own person. >> in different parts of the college. >> yeah. you don't have to be like a group. >> what tipped the balance for you. >> for me? i think it was going to the bulldog days and meeting all of the people. and really seeing how i can fit, as my own person, in university. i kind of did my own thing. i wouldn't always with the four of them. it was different. >> okay. i want you each to do a little lightning round. give us the one thing that sets your sibling apart. you go first. >> sets who apart? >> kenny. >> he's the mastermind. he's the guy who would know the combination all the time for a safe or something. >> yeah. >> and the fact -- >> and kenny, what sets ray apart? >> he's a renaissance man. he dabbles in everything.
8:11 am
>> what sets carol apart? >> uh-huh. >> carol is a good spokesperson for anyone. she is the ringmaster of the circus here. it's different when you find somebody who can actually, on the spot, speak for herself and for us. she's very good at self-advocating. it's rare to find that in someone. she's a small person. but she's got so much energy and so much leadership potential. it's really great. >> she's very deep. and she's very nurturing soul. she would the person all the wounded animals would come to. but she has this profound place with her art and her personality comes from. >> and what's this about? >> it's actually an eye contact. i hate conversations where you're talking to somebody, and they're looking everywhere but your face. i decided they're going to look
8:12 am
at my face. >> i was dating myself before we went on the air. this remind med of "desperately seeking susan" the madonna movie. channeling her a little bit. how about the issue of, i've got to imagine your parents must be so proud. the idea of paying for four yale tuitions at the same time must be so daunting? >> yeah. >> luckily, yale is great financially. won't have to worry about money at all. >> you're set. it's about getting in, is what it is. >> that's the best thing about yale's policies. if you qualify and get admitted, money won't be an issue. >> the hardest part is getting in. after that -- >> you know what you want to do yet? >> political science. >> environmental studies. >> i'm kind of into the art, literature, creative writing. >> i'm into like comparative literature and drama. i'm going to live in a box. and we'll be living together in a box.
8:13 am
>> it's such a treat to meet all of you. i don't know if yale knows what they've gotten themselves into. >> yeah. >> we all wanted to help. i'm glad they're going to be paying the most. we wanted to help with school supplies. here's a gift certificate. >> that's so nice of you. >> can't wait to have you back in four years to see where you're going next. the crouch quadruplets. give them a hand here in the studio. >> i want to do some maintenance. my calculus teacher wants to ask all of you the primitive of x-squared. and i want to give a shoutout to john murray. we had a deep philosophical situation before. >> don't pay attention to this. [ speaking foreign language ] >> they wanted me to do this. >> i thought you were all done. you're going to be taking my job, as well. the crouch quadruplets. next, five things your teen
8:14 am
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a deep ache all over. i found out that connected to our muscles are nerves that send messages through the body. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia, thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now i can do more of what i love. [ female announcer ] lyrica is not for everyone. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior or any swelling or affected breathing or skin or changes in eyesight, including blurry vision, or muscle pain with fever or tired feeling.
8:17 am
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8:18 am
drag your teen out of bed. "gma" workplace contributor, tory johnson, is here. with the five things your teen can do right now to find summer work. unemployment, 9.9. a tough job market out there. none of your pieces of advice have anything to do with clicking. it's all about pounding the pavement. >> face-to-face. absolutely. talk to friends and neighbors. the easiest thing your kids can do. spreading the word that they're interested in a summer job. and sharing some of the things they might be willing to do, for friends and neighbors. whether it's yard work. tutoring. music lessons. whatever it is. i spoke to one young man, alexander fellows. he did just that. and here's what he told me via skype. >> my neighbor named kevin told me about this job opportunity this woman had. it was about mowing lawns for her. i called her up. and we talked about how much she would give me. now, i'm looking at job opportunities around my neighbor to earn more cash.
8:19 am
>> budding entrepreneur. >> he's 12. not even a teenager. >> he got one yard job. now, he's looking for others. and it's working for him. >> as a parent, you don't want to do the legwork on behalf of your kid. but you say it works to talk to shopkeepers. >> for example, you shop in that grocery store. you're a family face. people know you. you have a right to walk up to the manager, that i have a son or daughter looking for a summer job. and you can walk up. you don't want to say, can you help me get my son off the couch this summer? if you find out about those opportunities, it's a good chance to pass it along to your kid. and let them take it over from there. and a woman i talked to in michigan, did just that for her son, adam. now, he's working two shifts at a tim horton's coffee shop.
8:20 am
mom got to know the people where she gets coffee every morning. helped her son get that job. >> where do you stand on internships? >> absolutely. both are wonderful. one of the best plays to look for them are through nonprofits. many times, nonprofit organizations have access to internships that we wouldn't know about because external candidates can't apply. the nonprofits do all of the screening, recruiting and replacements. one group, stuckup women's network. it places 100 teenagers into summer opportunities. one of them, sapphire hilton. a 16-year-old is going to work this summer at deutsche bank's i have a dream program. another person they placed. she's going to be working at the skin care company. you can talk to your local government agency. call 311. ask about summer youth employment opportunities. bases of worship often have good
8:21 am
access to internships. >> right. >> or part-time opportunities. and talk to your school right now. now is a really good time to talk to teachers, counselors, princip principals. they would have referrals. >> you can get more tips from tory online. tomorrow, tory is back with five things your college student needs to get a job. coming up, spike mendelsohn's burgers. pace yourself. be aware of your surroundings. don't ignore obvious signs. stay hydrated at all times. get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. ♪ and don't worry-- lots of people live active lives with asthma. answers and advice to help you get well and stay well.
8:22 am
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8:25 am
hello... new bush's black bean fiesta. and try new texas ranchero, >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning. i am doug mckelway and it is 8:25 on this memorial day. let's look at traffic. it has been a quiet morning out there. there were issues downtown. there are roads closed today, beach drive for recreational activity. the reversible roads carry traffic two-ways all day today. springfield 95 looks good. no delays to report. the car pool rules are relaxed today in virginia and 270 because of the holiday. the beltway college park is pretty good.
8:26 am
here's adam caskey with the forecast. it will be a warm breeze from the southwest today. there will be added humidity in the air today. it will be a hot day with temperatures in the 90 degree range. here is your memorial day forecast, this morning in the 70's with hazy sunshine, 86 degrees by noon, and this afternoon and evening, you cannot rule out scattered thunderstorms. it will be cooler tomorrow with a better chance of a widespread storm. >> we will be right back.
8:27 am
having a child with diabetes... i'm nervous about her going away. but i know she wants to be able to do things on her own. [ sunny ] the bayer meter helps me become more independent. [ male announcer ] bayer's contour meter has programmable, personal high low settings. the high and low setting gives you a good idea of where your blood sugar is at and what you need to do to control it. the bayer meter will give me peace of mind. i want you to be happy... don't cry... my name is sunny and independence is my simple win. [ male announcer ] the contour meter only from bayer. ♪ today is memorial day which
8:28 am
is a commemorative day. many events are planned today. >> [taps] >> all across the country, people will pause to honor those who have served and those who never made it home. >> for people like me, memorial day celebrates soldiers and veterans. memorial day is a solemn, reverential day. >> there are a number of events around the washington area including a wreath laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknowns in arlington ceremony. there will be a ceremony that pays tribute to six servicemen will be added to the vietnam wall. >> before i enlisted, i thought it was another holiday.
8:29 am
now i understand it a lot more than [star spangled banner] >> thousands packed along in the capital. >> we want to celebrate memorial day and we could not have found a better place to do witit. the parade gets going at 2:00 this afternoon. there will be street closures after 1:00 this afternoon. we will have another news update at 8:56. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8
8:30 am
♪ if i was invincible clay aiken, singing "invisible." he will be live in times square tomorrow, with some songs from his new cd "tried and true." ♪ if i were unbreakable good morning, america. we're here. a very big crowd in our early memorial day barbecue. a lot coming up this half hour. "inside edition's" rita cosby is here. she's used her investigative reporting skills to learn the truth about her father's wartime past. it's a project that ended up
8:31 am
bringing them closer together. you can't have memorial day without burgers and potato salad. we're here with spike mendelsohn. he has a d.c. burger joint. award-winning burger, called the obama burger. it's a presidential takeout favorite. >> it is. sugarland is back today ing singing their hit, "every day, america." >> also, we want to talk about major league baseball we can. for the third year, kicking off its fund-raiser and awareness initiatives from the welcome back veterans program. we'll look at what those veterans need and the problems they need to address to get to their families. we'll look at the father with sam champion, who is in key west. sam? good morning. >> good morning, juju. good morning, george. you're listening to the monks of funk. we, in america, pause on memorial day. we're in key west live.
8:32 am
mel fisher's treasures. your grandfather was one of the first guys to get in here and find the hidden, sunken treasure in the keys. >> that's right. >> is there stuff to be found out there, from the ships that have gone down? >> absolutely. we find stuff every day. we brought in treasure every week. my favorite thing is this. a gold chalice. single artifact worth over 1 million bucks. >> over $1 million, this thing right here. >> came up just like that. we were excited. put champagne in. took a sip. >> silver comes in coated like this. if you see anything like this, these gold bars, this will come up just like that. grab it and come to the top. emeralds. a little chain. >> this is a great piece. it's called a money chain. they would just twist a link off. use it as currency. see what it feels like.
8:33 am
if you could wear your wealth back then, you wouldn't have to pay taxes. >> understated elegance. >> if you wear it too long, it will make your head swell. >> it's making me swell. let's get to the boards. show you one or two things going on this memorial day. favorite cities to vacation in. cape hatteras. lake of the ozarks. and on the big board, vacationing, no matter where you are, we have one or two trouble spots. we're going to watch a line of storms come out of the great lakes and swing toward the northeast. as the storms get to the east coast, it will be the evening hours. you'll get your day in. in ohio and western pennsylvania, and northern kentucky, that could happen as early as this afternoon. there's an area of sever as an sunshine across the region right now as we are having a very summer-like day.
8:34 am
we are starting out in the 70's an thank you very much. this is seriously heavy gold. >> that's one chunk of gold. >> all that weather was brought to you by bush's grilling beans. george? >> are you going to bring that home, sam? >> can i bring this home? >> that's mine. we're going to turn to the story of an award-winning journalist who uncovered the story of her life when she learned of a secret her father had been keeping for decades. "inside edition's" rita cosby, reveals what he learned in her new book, "quiet hero." what an amazing story. you're 8 years old. you see your father come back from a run, covered in scars. >> and my father became a very
8:35 am
good athlete. he came back from a run. this is the first time i realized my dad was different from other dads. took off his shirt. and i saw these scars all over his body. i said to my mother, after he walked away, did dad get into a fight? she said, your father went through tough times growing up. we don't talk about it. >> and you didn't talk about it. >> we didn't talk about it. and i didn't revisit it until recently. >> because of the secrets, you always had a distance relationship. >> my father walked out on the family on christmas. i'll never forget. i was a teenager. i remember hearing my parents argue in the other room. and i thought my dad was, you know, leaving his job or doing something else. he was leaving the family. we had a very disconnected relationship. and now, thank goodness, we have a wonderful one. >> two years ago, you're going through some family belongings in 2008. tell us what you discovered. >> the most amazing find. my mother passed away. i'm going through a storage locker, looking through old
8:36 am
things. it's a painful task. a daughter or family member looking for belongs. and i saw this old, tan, tattered suitcase. i had never seen this suitcase before. it had a rusty p.o.w. band. it had cards with code names on it. i saw this card, of an ex-p.o.w. and i said, this is my dad. this is some of the footage when i returned the suitcase to him. he was in shock and in aw. >> you find this stuff. and you call your dad. what does he say? >> i want to know who i am. and i want to know who you are. he said, i'm 84 years old. i think i'm old enough to talk about it. it's difficult. i was part of the polish resistance. i was captured by the nazis. i was a prisoner of war. and the most amazing part, george, i'm learning what a hero
8:37 am
my dad is. at six feet call and 90 pounds, my dad escaped from prisoner of war camp. first, my dad's fighting on the front lines of the polic resistance. he could have left. he's not jewish. his family said we can probably sneak you out. and my dad at 15 or 16 years old, said, no. i'm staying. i'm fighting for my country. he said this amazing line to me, george. he said, i would rather fight with my friends and die with my friends than live with strangers. and that's why he decided to stay. he fought in the resistance. he was captured by the nazis. then, he was taken to this p.o.w. camp. and he and other comrades escaped. they're in the woods for 2 1/2 days. you can imagine after five years of war, how horrible it must have been. a plane came by. and they thought it was a german dive-bomber. they dropped down a note. it was a chocolate bar and a note. it said, welcome.
8:38 am
you have 15 miles to walk. there's no troops between you and our lines. you can walk in daytime. 15 miles and you're free. >> wow. >> and so, my dad just cried. and jumped up and down. came to a river bed about 15 miles later and saw the young american g.i.s. >> what a moment. and the act of reliving that story, with you, brought you two closer together. >> and we went back to poland. my father said poland was a nightmare. i saw the scars. i saw the mental scars that were car rid over from poland. and in the middle of this. i tell everybody, this book, quiet hero, is not just a book. it's a journey. along the way, my father said, i want to go back to poland. we had the pleasure of meeting with lech kaczynski there. he was taken at gun point. carried on a rail cart in germany. and he came back with a hero's
8:39 am
welcome to poland. i felt like i finally had my father now. >> what a lovely story. quiet hero. thanks very much. you can learn a lot more about rita's father and read an excerpt of the book online, at and "know the species, know the stain." lanolin-free coat, i know it's an alpaca. walks in here, looks says "hey look, it's a llama!" cleaning the stain like he would a llama stain. time he's wasting. ♪ call 1-800-steemer
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8:42 am
[ cheers and applause ] let's face it. it's the holiday. the goal is to make the best memorial day burger ever. to make the best burger ever, we have spike mendelsohn here, burgermaker extraordinary. you have a burger that's an award-winning specimen, called the obama burger. how did it get its name? >> obama burger got its name because i was in d.c. opening up my restaurant. at that time, the elections were going on. we did an obama burger against the mccain burger campaign. obama won. and we put his burger on the menu. >> and mccain's off the menu? >> he's off the menu.
8:43 am
maybe next year. we cook the burger and make it better. we improved the simple ingredients and made something a little more extreme and more innovative. we have a little mayonnaise. we're going to add a little horse radish. do you like horse radish? >> i do. i love it. >> and we add cayenne pepper. >> that's serious kick. >> a little salt and pepper. the next step, we're looking for something sweet. that's going to be spicy. we're going to make a red onion marmalade. i like using red onions. >> cayenne pepper. >> uh-oh, they're spicing it up. red wine vinegar. sugar. let this cook down for half an
8:44 am
hour. nice and slow. medium heat. let it caramelize. >> and look what happens. >> red marmalade. we're going to take the bacon over here and top this off. remember, we're all about -- >> do you make the tea? is that really good? >> yeah. we make the tea. >> i love how you sign your name, love and bacon. >> that's my tag line. >> that's good. >> in the cookbook we like taking the textures. crispy bacon. we're going to put beautiful, blue cheese. that adds a little tartness. do you like blue cheese? >> i love it. and the cayenne and horse radish is embedded in there, right? >> no. it goes on top. >> beautiful. >> all right. we have those. and pretty much, what we're going to do is top these off. there's the aiolle. >> how is it going?
8:45 am
>> got rid of all of the appetizer squares. >> i'm sure. we'll sink our teeth into that. what's memorial day without potato salad? >> exactly. here's another recipe we have in the cookbook. we add some thyme, cilantro. >> summer treats, strawberries. apricots. >> just to finish off the barbecue or what have you. >> the key to the burger, it seems, that you're mixing the different textures. >> yeah. that's what we love to do about the book. >> i never eat potato salad. >> is it good? >> very good. >> the cookbook is going to be like your bible. your summer cooking bible. we're going to take the burger
8:46 am
to another level. show you how to make it more interesting and more tasty. >> and you're starting a new restaurant. it's called? >> we the pizza. all of the democratic themes. >> yes. >> george is over there flipping your burgers. >> i wanted to barbecue today. >> george is greek. i have compliments to the greeks. >> i can grill. >> you can check out more on the recipes online. go to we've got lots more. sugarland. stay with us.
8:47 am
8:48 am
we had so much fun with sugarland friday, when they jumped off their tour to be part of our summer concert series. so, we had them thing their song, "everyday america."
8:49 am
>> we are setting off memorial day. huh? go out and have a picnic. in the park. ♪ grew up on a tired road learned to mile even ♪ ♪ when i was falling down daddy had a hard hand ♪ ♪ and momma always had hope me and my sister ♪ ♪ couldn't wait to get out i fell in love out of college ♪ ♪ a good man for the bad year visions of sugarplums ♪ ♪ and boxes of roses all my girlfriends cried ♪
8:50 am
♪ and i was out of here ♪ oh, everybody's dreaming big oh everybody's just getting by ♪ ♪ that's how it goes everyday america ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪ ♪ joey stares at a trophy took us all away ♪ ♪ to stay back in '85 shining moment and ♪ ♪ a dusty reminder he never felt so scared ♪ ♪ never felt so alive we found his toys ♪ ♪ in the backyard
8:51 am
daddy's boys, yeah ♪ ♪ you know how they like to fight ♪ ♪ when they sleep he swears they're angels ♪ ♪ and he wouldn't trade a day for all those friday nights ♪ ♪ oh, everybody's dreaming big oh everybody's just getting by ♪ ♪ that's how it goes in everyday america ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪ ♪ we can laugh we can cry ♪ ♪ we're all just looking for the reasons why ♪ ♪ in a place so dark we can see the light ♪ ♪ either way it will be all right ♪ ♪ oh everybody's dreaming big oh everybody's just getting by ♪ ♪ that's how it goes everyday america ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪
8:52 am
♪ oh, everybody's dreaming big oh everybody's just getting by ♪ ♪ that's how it goes in everyday america ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪ ♪ a little town and a great big light ♪ ♪ i can see that great big light ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> happy memorial day. [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
so, if you're watching a baseball game this memorial day
8:56 am
weekend, you'll notice that all of the players have specialized capps with logos. if you buy one at the ballpark, all of the proceeds go to welcome back veterans. and if you buy it online, you can send a dollar to the organization. >> great cause. and also to mark the national day of remembrance at 3:00 at every baseball park across the country today. we hope you enjoy your memorial day. have a safe holiday. enjoy your barbecue. clay aiken will be here tomorrow. >> live, and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> good morning, it is 8:56 and
8:57 am
i am doug mckelway. it has been a very quiet morning. this is a 270 in germantown which is nice with light traffic. things continued to move along nicely. we will move along to the camera on the beltway at college park and over at the bay bridge. two lanes in the eastbound direction and three in the westbound direction hov rules have been relaxed today because of the federal college in all roads in virginia and 270 in maryland. we are starting off with a live camera picture and looking at hazy sunshine. it will feel like yesterday. today we cannot rule out some isolated and widely scattered showers, especially to the north and northwest. 78 degrees in washington.
8:58 am
your memorial day forecast calls for patchy clouds and high humidity and temperatures in the 90's. scattered thunderstorms are possible later this afternoon into the evening and more storms possible tomorrow and 85 degrees. events are being held throughout the area today. the memorial day parade along constitution avenue gets under way at 2:00 this afternoon. thank you for watching today. we will be back at noon.
8:59 am
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