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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  July 26, 2010 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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besides, they're unstoppable. stephanie sy. >> that is what's making news in amer >> lets go, let's go. >> powerful storms pound r area, leaving behind a massive damage. if we are on your side with information you need to know to get to work this morning. live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it's monday, july 26. i am scott thuman. neologism adam caskey, we are trying to get jobless after last night. >> a little line of storms had strong gusts in advance of the heavy rain showers. that is what we had yesterday locally. that caused damage.
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i got stuck on the beltway because of a downed tree that was on the shoulder and above one or two lanes. we have pretty nice weather behind that. humidity dropping, with good, stable conditions the next couple days. it is 77 in arlington, for 74 in capitol heights, 72 and winchester. the dew points, it is still little muggy in spots. humidity will be dropping gradually. by lunchtime you'll notice a change compared with what is outside right now. 90 degrees is the high temperature today. pretty close to normal for this time of year. 89 is the average high temperature. let's go to lisa baden. you cannot take the parkway from massachusetts avenue towards the hospital because of a lot of tree limbs and debris down the road/ bud cummins from macarthur up to the circle at massachusetts avenue, that side of the parkway
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is open. nothing reported along macarthur boulevard. 410 is at connecticut avenue still has to be on the roadway. there's widespread power outages. a lot of traffic signals may be added this morning. because just. beltway travel bans interstate travel, things look pretty clean. back to you. >> thank you. more on the violent storms that lived through our area last night. two deaths of being blamed on the storm. damage is evident across the region. hundreds of thousands remain without power. the impact will be felt this morning in the community as well. we have live team coverage beginning with brianne carter at the forest glen metro station. >> good morning. the power was out, but it is back on. service will be up and running for passengers this morning. there was shuttle service that had happened before when the power was out. it's part of a massive storm damage that happened when the storms ripped through on
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yesterday. on many roads in montgomery county, this is the scene. electric poles snapped. >> the trees below and then there are parallel to the ground. but the storm killed a woman in prince george's county when a tree fell on a minivan in college park. a large tree smashed through this house as well where everyone made it out ok. \ >> there was a person sitting right where that tree fell on the couch. it fell through the roof right down to the floor and crushed our grand piano. >> it left hundreds of thousands in the dark. there could be chaos this morning. a number of intersections are dark spirit of foresthill metro station is back open after it was forced to close last night due to power problems. several other metro stations were affected. trees on the tracks caused up to three auto delays for some amtrak passengers try to get to union station.
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riders could see delays because of outages. we are hearing that hundreds of thousands remain in the dark across the region this morning. crews tell us they will be out trying to get services back and running. there is no time given as to when that will be fully restored. brianne carter reporting. a six-year old boy has been killed in the storm after part of a tree fell on him. he was walking with his family outside of reparations center in sterling, virginia. strong winds knocked out a large section of the tree that landed on him. he was taken to local -- local hospital, where he later died. people in prince george's county and montgomery county state's mandatory water restrictions. they announced the restrictions because of severe weather knocking out power or at the main plant in potomac.
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residents and businesses should conserve water and only use what is necessary. look at dispatch center was by all of your -- by one of our viewers in maryland and a waste transfer center. wind toppled a giant crane, no reports of injury. the storms were just as destructive in the district. hurricane strength winds broke trees and branches, sending them into houses, power lines, and on top of cars. roads were lifted from buildings -- rooves or listed. >> we have an abundance of large, old trees in northwest washington. this is a chevy chase parkway. there is one lying right across the street. it fell on top of several vehicles. aside from all of the of debris, power lines are down in this neighborhood.
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if we look around this area of northwest d.c., this is a real problem for a lot of people this morning, lights out. a lot of people still in the dark. at this hour we have not seen any cleanup crews or any repair crews coming through. of course, we understand that in the near future they do have this neighborhood on their agenda. a lot of people in this particular community are very anxious to get the streets cleaned up and to get their lights and air conditioning back on. that is the latest from the westy sea. abc 7 news reporting -- the latest from northwest d.c. 6 people were taken to the hospital after being overcome by heat during the boy scouts centennial borate in northwest washington. paramedics evacuated 100 people. it is 73 degrees. still to come, is today tony
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hayward's last day on the job at bp? we will have the latest from the gulf. field reports it from the afghan war online, formerly classified reports. the desperate search continues for two u.s. sailors missing in afghanistan. but the taliban claims their role is in all this. lisa baden has a check of
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coming up on 5:10 on this monday morning. last night was active as well as the afternoon, many trees foresthill down due to wind damage. -- trees down. we had some wind gusts yesterday at 58 miles an hour, mainly centered in montgomery county, in the gaithersburg area, and towards rockville. temperatures right now are around 70 degrees. humidity will be dropping to
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russia to the day. piketon pager of 90 with a lot of sunshine. much cooler. -- high temperatures of 90 today. new york avenue is closed in both directions between first northeast and first northwest. police are investigating an incident that happened during the storm. new york avenue will not be an option for you between first northeast and first to a west. it's complicated to report as far as traffic along bladensburg road. we are wrecking on east capitol street. eastern avenue at minnesota avenue is underwater. it always floods in that spot at that overpass. you cannot leave westmoreland circle and go past the hospital towards macarthur boulevard. that portion of the dale
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parkway has a lot of storm damage and tree debris. rock creek park is open. george washington looks good. if nothing on the stove and partly. baltimore washington parkway in it is quiet as well --. this is 270 traffic leaving montgomery county. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, a stolen sheriff's cruiser and a high- speed chase, we will tell you how it ended.
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the white house is condemning an online whistleblower for releasing sensitive afghan war documents. they posted them on a website
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yesterday. the new york times reports of the documents describe that to the pakistani intelligence service is aiding the pakistan, but the guardian says the document fails to provide a smoking gun for such complicity. nato is intensifying the search for two missing sailors in afghanistan. and left their base saturday without notifying afghan security forces in the area. the taliban said it killed one of the soldiers and kidnapped another. changes at bp could be in order. the u.s. government official says that ceo tony hayward is on his way out. the board is scheduled to meet this morning to discuss the matter. many gulf coast residents affected by the massive oil spill say that a change in leadership will not make much difference. a suspect leads police on a high-speed chase in a stolen sheriff's cruiser. this morning that man is behind
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bars. now the details from brandywine, md.. >> investigators and the sounds of gunfire came to this neighborhood on sunday at brinton way. >> we heard gunshots and we heard tyres. -- tires. >> the single gunshot came from a sheriff's deputies serving large. someone jumped in his cruiser and jul. >> the suspect made aggressive moves. the deputy, in fear of his life, one round. the subject fled the scene in the vehicle. >> this should not have happened. they are here to serve and protect and someone steals their car. that is not called for. >> we have a lot of children around your. it could have hit a child. >> the driver did several other vehicles near la plata before he fled on foot. the bazaar afternoon in an
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otherwise quiet maryland's neighbourhood. >> it is crazy for this to happen. > back to the storm team coverage. lynn is with us on the phone. what are you faced with? >> we have some good news. the power has been restored within the last 30 minutes. at a water filtration plant, that is. water restrictions remain in place because it takes time to get that back on line and start producing water. the restrictions are in place. we are in the same situation as the last time we lost power at one of our major plants. >> what about the difficulty in trying to reach people to let them know? usually you can get the word out
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pretty easy to conserve water, but there is the power out. >> that has been a challenge for us since last night when we put the restrictions in place. we are reaching out to every form of media and putting it -- a lot of folks are putting it on the websites and people are accessing information that way on their smart phones. radio stations have been a big help as well. it is on our website. it is a struggle with so many people out of power. >> the next few hours, what will that be like for you as we begin this monday? >> we are launching our distribution system carefully. it is a heavy demand time, folks waking up and using the water. a lot of those people do not have power, so they do not know the restrictions are in place. we are watching everything very carefully. the most important thing for us is to make sure there's water in
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our distribution system in the event of a fire. the good news is the dollar has been restored right now. in a few hours, hopefully, we will be back to producing water as normal. we will work as quickly to get the word at when the water restrictions are lifted. right now we need everyone's cooperation that they continue conserving water until the plant is fully functional. >> thank you. as we talk about traffic and weather every ten minutes, we began with adam caskey. you have warned us that this would happen. but there would be afternoon thunderstorms. i don't think people for the intensity of them. >> you got to those strong gusts at the leading edge of the storm. that is what caused damage. i was at the orioles did/twins game in baltimore.
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i was stuck on the beltway because of downed trees. they came crashing down. a lot of energy and then that cold front, turns that energy into a big thunderstorms. behind a cold front, there are still clouds. you are looking at washington. it's going to be a sunny day. behind the cold front, it's not going to be as hot or humid. their average. look at some of the wind gusts yesterday from the storm. in takoma park, gusting well over 50 miles an hour yesterday. the highest best i could find was in montgomery county. 77 into b.j.'s right now. arlington is at 76. la plata, 73. the main clouds and showers are all down to our south right now. the rain is over north carolina.
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the clouds will continue pushing south. a lot of sunshine is in store today. still little humid outside right now. high temperatures near 90 degrees this afternoon. partly cloudy tomorrow. highs in the upper 80's. looks like the hottest we will get this week is 93. that is good news. that is on thursday. the orange line commuters are affected by a power outage, but that has now been resolved. they're opening that station. no shuttle is necessary. the orange line, everything is operating on normal service systemwide. new york avenue is closed in both directions between first northeast and first northwest. that is with activity due to the storms yesterday. they are taking -- documenting some things for you. this is live along 270. southbound, plenty of your neighbors leaving frederick to get to montgomery county. nothing reported in virginia as
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far as 66 and 95, looks good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. back to you. >> thank you. 73 degrees outside. coming up, ever feel like your personally gets lost a little when you write an e-mail a text message pulls off pretty soon there's a program that makes sure your readers know exactly what you meant. that is coming up. later today on "the oprah show" nadya suleman takes you through a day in her life, the mother of the octuplets, today at 4:00. we will be right back.
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watch your tone. that is what the new program purports to build to do when it comes to your e-mail. and all the problems with the iphone, how happy are iphone users? vinita nair has those stories and more. >> a surprising finding about iphone owners. at&t usually gets the blame when there's something wrong with the iphone, but in a new survey 73% of users give a positive response when asked about a tough they feel regarding at&t service. only 59% of smud phone users as all will say they're happy with their service. there's a new program called tone check that scans e-mail
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messages for sentences and phrases that might carry to mucho emotion. it works by adding real words and phrases to a massive data base. a test version is available for free right now. a couple of months, sulley will release its new motion control system for playstation. it is similar to the nintendo wii and comes, then left before microsoft releases the handsfree kinex. >> i had a nintendo wii a long time. the sony remote control is much more accurate and sensitive. it is exciting to see selling pushing the boundaries on something that already exists in the marketplace. they took that promotes and added new features to it. it is going to depend on the gaming that put sali there. >> the playstation goes on sale september 19. queen elizabeth is expanding,
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on-line presence. the british monarchy has started an account on the photograph sharing website flickr. 600 photographs already available. thithey already have to account and youtube channel. log on to the technology dayjet for more. -- technology page at clean up after the massive storm, details on what was left behind after that. we are tracking all the changes in the weather pattern. the good news is after the strong storms, much more settled the good news is after the strong storms, much more settled th
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is monday, july 26, i am scott thuman. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. it was a very busy night. everyone is dealing with the cleanup now. >> the avoca record at dulles airport and bwi. one degree shot at reagan national. -- we broke a record at dulles airport and bwi. the cold front trigger is a strong storms. today there is good news. the entire week as well. rainfall totals from yesterday, temple hill and morningside, 1
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inch. oakton and boxville picked up 0.8 inches. let's go to the extended forecast. high temperatures will be near 90 degrees. noticeably less humid by the midday and afternoon. we're not expecting any more storms until thursday. another bit of good news, the hottest it should get this week is 93. not 100, only 93. i know that lisa baden is busy right now. 250 signals are still dark. that is the latest from montgomery county authorities. they don't have the manpower to get them all done. your cooperation is appreciated. in loudoun county most of the signals are dark along route 9. vdot says that everything is closed on new york avenues so they can document a crash between first northeast and first northwest. you cannot travel in either
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direction of new york ave. everything is quiet in rock creek park. good on the george washington parkway. canal road near arizona avenue, there's a tree down on the lake. back to you. >> thank you. let's continue with the lingering effects of last night's powerful storms. hundreds of thousands are without power. traffic lights as well. businesses and a metro station as well. we begin live team coverage with brianne carter at the forest glen metro station. >> we saw a number of intersections and outages. the power is back on might in. we've seen a number riders headed to the station. the lingering effects can be felt throughout montgomery county. along many roads, this is the scene, trees toppled over, electric poles snapped after a
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storm barreled through the region. >> the trees below and r parallel to the ground -- blothe trees below and are parallel to the ground. >> and another house a tree went through the roof. >> id qwest tara grant pannell. >> the storm left hundreds of thousands in the dark. that means commuter chaos this money. a number of intersections are dark. the forest glen metro station is back open after powell problems forced it to close last night. several other stations were also affected. last night some trees on the track caused a to a three-hour or delay for some amtrak passengers trying to get the union station. ride-on service could be functional, but they could see delays.
5:34 am
crews will be out today trying to get the dollar back up and running. still no time on when service will be fully restored. brianne carter reporting. the forceful been snapped trees and power li annes. teams of investigators will be sent to our area to see if the damaging winds where a tornado. continuing our coverage in northwest, stephen to cetchida s the latest. >> in a bill witupper northwest. at chevy chase, a massive tree right across the street. a summer storm smacked down sent people scrambling for cover and it hit fast. >> i was scared.
5:35 am
my dad can dial into a shelter immediately. >> rain and wind pelted the region. it picked up trees and pulled them out of the ground and scattered them. or sent them slamming into buildings. >> i heard a loud bang. >> a tree came down on this house. it went through the second- floor. no one got hurt. >> i'm glad nobody was home. especially at night if someone were upstairs sleeping, that could've been hobbled. their house is destroyed. >> the storm brought down pipelines across the district, leaving thousands without power. >> we have some power lines across juventis parkway in upper northwest vc no cleanup crews in this neighborhood get. --they are hoping to get their
5:36 am
air-conditioning units back on. coming up on 5:36, 73 degrees outside. still ahead, bp with a possible management change, a rumored to include the ouster of chief executive tony. we will get the latest. and joint military maneuvers between south korea and the u.s., readying their defenses in the wake of escalating tensions with north korea. also, lisa baden has the latest on your morning commute. "good
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we are at paradise fitness wear pole sitter this is for men and women. >> good morning, washington. still cloudy over the metro area right now due to the cold front that moved through yesterday, which triggered the damaging storms. the clouds will continue clearing out of the region. the humidity will drop as well. it is 71 in march and right now, 77 in chevy chase and clarksburg. arlington is at 76. it is a little human right now, but that drops through the day.
5:40 am
near 90 degrees this afternoon. goodbye record-breaking heat for this week. that is it for the better. let's look at the traffic with lisa baden. she has had a busy morning with trees down. near 90 degrees tomorrow for the high temperature. mr. upper 80's tomorrow, partly cloudy. it has been a busy morning. metrorail reported that the online at a station closed. that has changed. palin is restored and everything is on almost service systemwide -- a power is restored. don't be surprised if you find traffic signals that are dark because of widespread power outages. right now we are dealing with a lot of traffic as far as interstate stuff and beltway stuff. problems on route 92 loudoun county. they just called us on the hot line to say most of the signals
5:41 am
are dark along route 9. -- problems on route 9 through loudoun county. the headlights right here or northbound out of springfield. 5:41, 73 degrees. still ahead, the ntsb gets ready to name the official cause of the debt limit to crash last year. and in eastern afghanistan, u.s. troops are searching for two of their own. details coming up. their own. details coming up.
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welcome back. checking our top stories, thousands of leaks u.s. military records. also, a blow by blow account of six years of the afghan war. it was posted on a website yesterday. they describe u.s. fears that
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pakistani intelligence was aiding the afghan insurgents say. pakistan ambassadors say u.s., afghanistan, and pakistan are working together now. the taliban says that it has killed a u.s. sailor and kidnapped another. they disappeared on friday in eastern afghanistan. there are conflicting reports about whether the body of one of the two has been recovered. u.s. and south korean warships and helicopters are conducted anti-submarine maneuvers off the korean peninsula. there are preparing defenses against the kind of attack that killed 46 south korean sailors. north korea has denied any responsibility. now to the latest on the oil disaster in the gulf. crews are getting back to work at the side of the deepwater horizon rig explosion after a tropical storm postponed those
5:46 am
cleanup efforts. as changes, at the oil spill site, changes are said to be coming to their main office. >> he famously made wrong predictions. >> the impacts are likely to be very modest. westhe vacationed on his yacht in the gulf dealt with an environmental catastrophe. >> i like my life back. >> now tony hayward may have his wish. he's expected to be forced out, replaced by bob dudley, a mississippi resident whose low- key style contrasts with the brit. he will lose a salary of 18 million-dollar -- he would be compensated with $18 million.
5:47 am
>> i think he's a lot of bad things. all of us say things we regret saying later. i feel sorry for him. >> work on drilling a relief well has resumed less than a day after tropical storm bonnie went through. admiral thad allen says they mady be able to kill the damaged well in about a week. >> we will proceed to the well intercept spirit of its engineers plan to a clogged with mud and cement and then they would go ahead with the relief well. this has lasted nearly 100 days. the midterm election is less than 100 days away. the battle over taxes could become a big issue in november. the obama administration wants to rollback some of the tax cuts enacted by former president george bush to help cut the massive federal budget deficit.
5:48 am
individuals earning more than $200,000 a year and families earning more than two and hundred $50,000 a year would be affected. >> just letting those tax cuts expire for the highest-earning americans in the country, i don't believe it would have a negative effect on growth. >> both sides say they would support extending tax cuts for middle-class americans. the tax cuts are set to expire in january. we find out tomorrow what caused last year's deadly crash on metro's red line. the ntsb will release its final report on the june, 2009 crash. officials say it will include new safety recommendations for metro. nine people were killed when two trains collided between fort totton and takoma stations. a fatal shooting in the white oaks section of silver
5:49 am
spring this morning. a 29-year-old man was shot and killed around 12:30 this morning along columbia pike. he was in a parking lot when two males approached him. after a brief verbal exchange, one of them shot the victim. police have not release his name. the storms that created major problems in our area cost plenty of trouble in the philadelphia area. they brought heavy rain, hail, and triquint. wind gusts of 90 miles an hour knocked down trees, which landed on top of houses and cars. hundreds of thousands of people were left without power. the same system responsible for the damaging storms in our area and in pennsylvania led to massive flooding in iowa. torrential rains caused a dam to sail in eastern iowa, sending water flushing into nearby communities. dozens of nearby houses and businesses were flooded. roads and bridges were washed- out. >> i have been here 20 years.
5:50 am
i have lost everything. >> it is unbelievable. this is unprecedented. >> why the dam failed is not known. no reports of injury or death. officials said the flooding caused millions of dollars in damage. we began with adam caskey in the letter department. it did not seem to let a while it was going on. once it did, you could see a lot of damage. >> trees knocking down power lines and blocking the blaze. that is the biggest issue yesterday and again this morning. apologist across the region. never a good situation. in terms of the rainfall, we picked up a to an inch of rain. there was not heavy rain. it came down quickly. about an inch accumulation in the highest totals i could find. that was in parts of montgomery and prince george's counties.
5:51 am
lingering clouds still across the region. we have lingering clouds that are moving away quickly. the clouds are quickly moving through. they will continue to move out and we will have a fair amount of sunshine through of the day. much more comfortable conditions as well. in silver spring it is 79, 71 in manassas, off 70 and brunswick, fredericksburg, 78 degrees right now. still pretty one outside. the cool air will take its time to push from the north. the dew points are still up there as well. you still feel the humidity. rather humid to start the day. you'll notice the gradual change, especially by lunchtime. noticeably less humid than what we have right now. it will get better. we are not talking record- breaking heat today or for the rest of the week. much more comfortable and a more stable atmosphere. not the high thunderstorm
5:52 am
potential either. we did break a record at dulles airport and bwi yesterday. at reagan national we were signed by one degree of tying the record. there are the clubs continuing to push southward. we have some cooler, drier, less humid air that will slowly filter in throughout the day. 85 by lunchtime, less humid. high temperatures near 90 degrees. more comfortable air. near average tomorrow. the high temperature for tomorrow might finally be about one degree below average. about 88 at reagan national. the average high is 89. partly cloudy otherwise, still relatively comfortable in terms of humidity. the warmest we should get this week is 93 on thursday. we are not talking 100-degree heat.
5:53 am
with that, we get the humidity back. we are expecting another cold front. that should give us the chance of thunderstorms again by thursday afternoon and evening. more comfortable on the weekend, mid to upper 80's with less humidity. we have challenges because of the storms, very busy since the storms hit. there are still trying to get a pilot back on. in montgomery county del reporting to hundred signals dark because of the palace of outages. at the loudoun county, please be careful all about nine. still have a lot of signals their oregon. there are doing what they can't help you -- a lot of signals out. the interstates look ok. the beltway looks great. looks fine on i-495 at university blvd.. we will be back with more on the moment. signal.
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airborne. beautiful. and strong. there to ensure the most powerful transmitter is you. rule the air.
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the largest annual celebration of comic books in the world. thousands of fans gathered in san diego during the past few days for the 41st annual comic con. this year's debate unfold about what will happen to the book in comic books. the new wave of comic consumption is going digital. ebook readers, phones, and the ipad are promising to
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revolutionize the industry. >> comic books look fantastic on digital devices. the colors pop off the screen. digital enhances the reading because it highlights the artistry. >> digital sales are less than 5% of the overall u.s. market for comic books, but they are exploding. more to come in the second hour. coming up, live team coverage of the storm damage. it hit the upper northwest d.c. i will give you an update on what they're dealing with this morning, in a moment. we are giving you help navigating the monday morning commute. lisa baden has the latest and what you need to avoid when good morning washin
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. good morning, washington. it is 6:00 on monday, july 26. i am scott thuman. we will check with lisa baden in a moment. let's begin with meteorologist adam caskey and latest on the storm yesterday. >> it was a tough situation yesterday. we looked a


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