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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  August 19, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm ashleigh banfield. it is thursday, august 19th. >> and this morning, breaking news. a milestone in iraq, as the last u.s. combat brigade pulls out. >> we're going home. we won. >> will violence return? how will america's mission change. also breaking, the massive egg recall's almost doubled in size. we have the latest on the salmonella outbreak that's made hundreds of people sick. plus, stealing from the stars. the owner of an exclusive beverly hills star is accused of charging on her celebrity clients credit cards.
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how to make sure it doesn't happen to you. and running from the bulls. look at this bull leap into the stands. at an event in spain. talk about getting too close to the action. >> that bull just had enough. >> oh. that frightened me. i felt very uncomfortable watching that. >> 30 people were injured, including a little boy. but we all think they will be okay. we say good morning. robin is an assignment. we're happy to have ashleigh banfield this morning. >> thank you. good to be here. a lot of news this morning. including president obama making good on his pledge to wind down the war in iraq. as the last combat brigade leaves, the number of troops in iraq are 56,000. that's a benchmark effort to bring all of the troops home. also, the growing humanitarian crisis in pakistan. is the u.n. doing enough to help the millions affected by that flooding? the special u.n. envoy to
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pakistan and afghanistan, richard holbrooke, is here to talk about how much is at stake in this disaster. >> that's ahead of secretary of state hillary clinton going to increase the aid. we have medical news this morning. the egg recall we talked about yesterday. up to almost 400 million eggs. >> unbelievable. >> right now. we also have medical news for people suffering from chronic pain. it turns out that a spectacular antidepressant could be the answer. we'll have richard besser to talk about that. and got to have a lighter note here. one of my faves. jennifer aniston is here to talk about the new movie. and, of course, that debate, she has sparked over single motherhood. >> that's our next hour. we begin with the news out of iraq. combat brigades leaving the war zone. is it for good? martha raddatz joining us from the war zone. martha, there's going to be about 50,000 troops in iraq for now. but this is a significant milestone.
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>> reporter: a really significant milestone, george. it's truly historic, watching those stryker vehicles leave iraq, drive out of iraq, into kuwait. the troops that remain, the 50,000 troops. there's actually 56,000 troops right now. there's combat support troops. but the 50,000 will be in an advise and assist role to the iraqi army. they will go with them in combat, if they have to. but this is really, truly up to the iraqis. they are turning it over to the iraqis. the 50,000 troops who remain will consider training. they will do all sorts of medical evacuations. the iraqis certainly need help. but again, george, really a historic milestone watching the stryker vehicles leave. >> that's right, martha. but the combat brigades leaving iraq are not necessarily coming home. many to afghanistan? >> reporter: well, they certainly won't go directly to afghanistan, george. but indeed, those troops will probably end up eventually in afghanistan. there's no one saying we won't be in afghanistan for a very
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long time. as you know, president obama has talked about an initial drawdown next july. but that will likely not be very many troops. and many people are talking about a very long-term engagement in afghanistan. of course, there's a review coming up in december. they'll talk more about that. but for now, some of these troops probably will end up in afghanistan. >> and quickly. the remaining 50,000 troops are supposed to come home from iraq next year. but there's some talk that if the iraqis say they need some to stay, they might have to. >> reporter: end of next year, that's the status of force agreement. all u.s. troops out. but everyone i talked to, say they believe that iraqis, by the end of next year, if not before, will say we have to have some troops stay. so, i think you'll see engagement in both these countries for some time to come. >> martha raddatz, thank you very much. we have word this morning, the u.s. service member who died in a bomb attack in southern afghanistan. at least 17 troops were killed
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in august. two servicemen have lost their lives in iraq this month. some developments in the controversy over the islamic center and mosque near ground zero. two new york leaders, governor david paterson, and the leader of the catholic church in the city, have suggested that the center be moved to another site. the issue is following the president, too, as he begins his vacation today on martha's vineyard, where we catch up with jake tapper this morning. jake? >> reporter: good morning, ashleigh. that's right, president obama arrives here today, hoping to get a break from the depressing economic news, the grueling reports from the front lines in afghanistan. and, of course, that contentious debate of that proposed islamic center two blocks from ground zero. the president went to ohio to campaign for democrats and to talk about jobs. >> we are moving in the right direction. >> reporter: but inevitably, he was asked whether he had any regrets about joining the controversy over the proposed islamic center near ground zero,
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so overwhelmingly opposed by the public. >> the answer is, no regrets. >> reporter: house speaker nancy pelosi echoed the president's support for freedom of religion. she also called for transparency for who will pay for the project, which some estimates price at $100 million. and the house democrat called for transparency for who is funding the opposition to the islamic center. >> and i have joined for those who have called for looking into how is this opposition to the mosque being funded? >> reporter: some of the opposition is being brought up by the republicans william crystal and liz cheney, which has started running this video, featuring family members of 9/11 victims. >> this mosque, it's wrong. it's so wrong. >> reporter: not every republican agrees. ted olson, the solicitor general for president george w. bush, whose wife was killed on 9/11, said president obama is right. >> we don't want to turn an act of hate against us, by extremists, into an act of intolerance for people of religious faith. >> reporter: and, ashleigh, on the heels of this debate, a new
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pew poll indicates that a growing number of americans believe, wrongly, that president obama is a muslim. it's 18% believe he's a muslim. that's up from 11% last year. they were wrong last year. and the 18% are wrong this year. ashleigh? >> so much for vacation, huh? all right, jake. thanks very much. george? secretary of state clinton goes to the special session of the u.n. later today, to pledge additional u.s. aid to pakistan, where 4 million people are now homeless because of the devastating floods. joining us now is president obama's special envoy for pakistan and afghanistan. ambassador richard holbrooke. good to see you. >> good morning, george. >> i say dealing with crises like this. but one of the important points here is we've never seen a crisis like this. >> this is the worst flood in pakistan's history. a country the size of italy is effectively under water. that's the land mass. it's more than italy. 20 million people affected. it's more in an the tsunami, the
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haiti earthquake and the prior pakistan earthquake combined. we don't know how many hundreds of miles of road have been destroyed. we know that hundreds and hundreds of bridges have been wiped out. all of last year's reconstruction effort has been wiped out. it's the worst floods imaginable. and we're leading this international effort, as you just said. hillary clinton will be here this morning for a special session of the u.n. we're going to have a special emergency session of the nongovernmental organizations on the pakistani-american at the asia society here in new york in an hour and a half. and we're doing everything we can. but this is monumental. >> and because it's pakistan, it's not just humanitarian crisis. >> right. >> it's a national security threat. it affects the war in afghanistan. it affects the war against al qaeda. it could affect the control of nuclear weapons. >> i think all of that is
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correct. we're not oblivious to the security implications of this. but right now, we're focused on the effort and relief mission. but pakistan is not another country that's been hammered by a tragedy. it's at the epicenter of global terrorism. it lies between afghanistan and india. what more can you say? and the government infrastructure is overburdened with this. the rains are still coming. there's a third wave coming. the dams are at breaking point, as they are in india, as well. this is an amazing situation. >> you say the government infrastructure is overburdened. that seems to have created an opportunity for the enemies of the government. >> i don't think so. >> the taliban. >> i keep reading that. >> jim sciutto saw the -- >> jim sciutto's a wonderful correspondent. but the taliban are hammered by this, too. and the fighting has virtually ceased on both sides. if taliban charities are doing some stuff for the people, that's not a big issue.
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>> you don't believe that's a threat? >> no. the threat is to the government structure. let's focus on the real thing. local government is under water, just as the people are. i repeat, a country the size of italy is effectively under water entirely, larger than italy. and we've got to focus on the relief effort. i saw the piece you're talking about. great reporter. and it is an issue we're concerned about. but it's not what we're focused on today. and by the way, america's been very unpopular in pakistan, as we all know, in recent years. this is a situation where the u.s. popularity is rising because we have been first with the most, in terms of assistance. something americans should be proud about. that's what our country does. we have helicopters in there. no one else has gotten them in yet. we have -- we're giving a lot of aid. and secretary clinton will announce more this morning, this afternoon at the u.n. so, we are -- we're very visibly
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leading the international effort. >> and you say our popularity is rising among the pakistani population. in the pakistani government, in the security services, are they changing their attitudes, as well, because of how we're handling this crisis? >> the pakistani military called us and asked for help. we have american helicopter crews flying in an area they previously weren't moving in. the area you talked about, the tribal land where's the taliban and al qaeda hang out, have been hammered, as well. we don't know what the facts are going to be here in the end, politically. we do know that, my greatest concern, governmentally, george, is that local government has been put under water, as well. but i stress again, america is leading the effort. and every individual american can do something of their own, simply by taking out their cell phone. typing in swat, as a text message, s-w-a-t, and texting it to the number 50555. and they'll send $10. every, individual american can do something to help.
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>> we have a lot more information on how people can help on our website, as well, rich holbrooke, thanks very much. time for juju chang and the rest of the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with relentless rain down here in the south. more than one foot in some areas, in one day. and enough to derail a train in tennessee. steve osunsami is east of nashville, in cookville, tennessee. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, juju. these were flash floods. the water came and went in a hurry. but it left a mark. this is what happened after six to eight inches of rain fell all at once. this bridge was washed away. the rain came fast and furious. in the middle of louisiana, the totals were hard to believe. more than 14 inches of rain in 1 day. the flash floods hit at least three states. in cookeville, tennessee, the fast-moving waters not only wiped out this bridge, but bent the guardrails, too. wednesday evening, the rescue teams were busy pulling
7:13 am
residents out of the water. rising waters picked up this car and moved it a mile. fish were washing up on people's lawns. >> see the fish land here? >> reporter: in this neighborhood in new orleans, they're angry at a drainage system that didn't drain. erin has had to keep the sandbags by the door. >> we had these up since january when we moved here. we leave them here. every time it rains, it floods up to here. >> reporter: dozens of homes and businesses have been evacuated. and some residents had to move to shelters while their homes dry out. most of the heavy rain here has ended. but there's still the threat of scattered thunderstorms across the region which, juju, will make many residents here quite nervous. >> steve, we know you'll keep an eye on it. steve osunsami, from the flood zone. thanks. a crime lab in north carolina is accused of doctoring evidence in dozens of cases to help prosecutors win convictions. as a result, greg taylor spent 17 years in prison for a crime
7:14 am
he didn't commit. and now, nearly 200 cases will be reviewed, including 3 that ended in executions. a florida church that wants to burn copies of the koran on september 11th have been denied a fire permit. the dove world outreach center says it's taking a stand against quote, the evil of islam. have you seen a lumbering bull defy gravity? watch, as a bull in spain took a running leap straight into the stands at a bullfight. fans ran for their live, as you can imagine. 30 people were hurt, including a 10-year-old boy, with stomach injuries. finally, a crane had to be brought in to lift the bull out of the stadium. that's the news at 7:14. bull, no longer with us. but, the front-row seats are not going to be so popular. >> i wouldn't think so. >> how about the sport itself not being popular? i can't -- look at that. >> thank goodness, even the 30 hurt there, everyone is okay right now. let's go to sam champion with the weather.
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>> good morning, george. ashleigh, good morning to you. juju, everyone. let's start with all this going on in the deep south. it's so much more than one area of rain. it is a lot of areas. from six to eight inches in rain in tennessee. to the 14 inches of rain in louisiana. to the four to five inches of rain in the washington, d.c. area. this is soaking, tropical moisture, that's sitting in that area. and is likely to have more rain during the day today. here's the good news for the national region, the heaviest rain will be to the south of that. we're looking mostly along the carolina shore area. also, the coastal area of the gulf, where some of the heavier rains will be found. three to five inches of rain in both of these areas. flood watches out for seven states in that area. 88 in new york. 82 in boston. 88 in washington, d.c.
7:16 am
>> good morning, everyone. i am steve rudin. we're looking at 60 degrees in frederick, maryland. a stationary front is dipping to the south of us. high pressure will build into the mid-atlantic region over the next day or so. our temperatures will were nicely to the mid-80s for this afternoon. lower 90s for tomorrow afternoon. the heat and humidity will and we're throwing these numbers around, ashleigh, like 14 inches of rain. but that's crazy rain. it was may that nashville had
7:17 am
the incredible flooding. >> and they just got the grand ole opry up and running. thank you. an iowa egg processing company has expanded its recall of eggs to 380 million. after salmonella outbreaks spread to 17 states. nearly 300 people have gotten sick from the contamination. barbara pinto is in chicago with the latest. barbara? >> reporter: good morning, ashleigh. supermarkets have pulled the eggs from the store shelves. but this morning, the recall is expanding to hundreds of millions of additional cartons of eggs sold at discount clubs and food service providers. eggs that could be tainted with a dangerous strain of salmonella. this is ground zero for the nationwide outbreak. hundreds of millions of recalled eggs, all came from here. wright county egg in galt, iowa. nearly 300 people have been sickened so far in california, colorado and minnesota. millions of others worry about what they've been eating. >> stop eating until i hear more
7:18 am
about it. >> reporter: another 20 cases in wisconsin are also under investigation, including a woman who got ill after eating a cob salad at this kenosha restaurant. she is the first and not likely the last, to file suit. >> this outbreak could really be one of the largest, linked to eggs that we've seen in 20 years. >> reporter: the eggs in question for sold nationwide under 13 brand names. including dutch farms, albertsons and ralphs. that chain warned frequent shoppers by phone. >> you should not consume the product. you may return the product. >> reporter: the suspect cartons are stamped with the portland numbers 1026, 1413 or 1946. the owner of this massive farm has paid millions of fines for violations at other operations. now, local health departments and federal investigators are trying to zero in on the exact source of contamination here. >> we don't know where this
7:19 am
infection -- how it's getting into this particular farm that we've identified. it could be probably more questions than we have answers. >> reporter: last month, the fda issued strict guidelines to prevent salmonella outbreaks. but by the time they went into effect, the tainted eggs were already on store shelves. ashleigh? >> barbara, thank you. joining us now is our senior health and medical editor, dr. richard besser. i know you say it's a chicken and the egg thing. i don't get it. how can the salmonella be in the chicken and the egg at the same time? can you walk me through? >> yeah. clearly, the eggs can get contaminated at the production facility. but that's not the only way. the chicken may be infected in their blood. that's circulating around. as the eggs are developing within that chicken, they can cross over so that that egg, when it's laid, already has the bacteria in there. you can look at that egg, and you have absolutely no idea.
7:20 am
>> that doesn't help me in my kitchen. if i can't tell, and everything looks this pristine, what can i do that i don't get sick? >> you want to not get sick. look at your carton. make sure it doesn't have any oaf these numbers on it. if it does, you want to get rid of those eggs or take them back for a refund. the second thing you want to do is cook the eggs thoroughly. the white hard, and yolk hard. if you like them loose, use pasteurized eggs. and the third, eat it right away. if you don't want to eat them right away, get rid of the eggs. >> don't leave it warm on the counter. coming up, her centers include cher, halle berry, penelope cruz. police say she stole hundreds of dollars from her superstar clientele. we go inside the credit card scam. any resolutions? my resolution is the same as always; keep her full and focused with my fiber. [ all ] 3...2...1... happy school year!
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>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news. >> it is now 7:22 on thursday, august 19th. good morning, everyone.
7:23 am
i am alison starling with a live update. we begin with the morning commute. quite a few problems today. >> one was the rollover on the popular exit. it is now gone. john hanson highway slows to go south on to washington, d.c. 295. look at all that pavement -- after loop university boulevard, crash is completely gone. northbound i-95 -- no delays from the prince william parkway to springfield. you will slow down at a landmark. steve rudin in the weather center after this. >> we will continue the good news this morning. it is 70 degrees. the stationary front is now beginning to give it to the south.
7:24 am
you can see a clearing skies across pennsylvania, maryland, allegheny county to the panhandle of west virginia. the high temperatures will cover in the middle to upper 80s. we will see the skies began to clear. a little bit of pettifog earlier, giving way to sunshine tomorrow. the high will be near 92 degrees. the temperatures will remain in the lower 90s on saturday, and a chance for a thunderstorm on sunday. >> stay focused, tigers! children: yay, butterflies! youth coaching runs on dunkin'. with our delicious icy mocha beverages. get your summer treat today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> people all across the
7:26 am
washington, d.c. area will be picking up the damage left behind by mother nature. yesterday the storms brought down power lines and turn some key commuter routes into rivers. >> one day after the big rainfall, and beach drive here in the kensington is still closed to traffic. so much debris on the roadway will take awhile longer to clean up. the heavy rain hit early, and hard. four motorists got caught in fast-rising water and had to be rescued. >> i did not realize it would be quite so bad until i got on the road. >> it took many motorists by surprise. a veritable leak closed the road in both directions. >> it was raining hard, and very tough. >> everything was blocked off,
7:27 am
and flooded. the lights were out. and normal, at 10-minute trip would take about 40 minutes. >> this storm further cause damage, saturday ground and toppling trees. >> i feel grateful that it did not harm anyone, did not hit the house. >> the storms we have had have saturated the ground, making it easier for all these trees to come down. it has many people have been for a long spell of dry weather. in other news, fairfax water -- the 12-inch main broke this morning. it stretches from spring hill road east to the capital beltway, then from louis built road north to the georgetown pike. no word on what caused the break, or when the service will be restored. back with another update at 7:56
7:28 am
a.m. on this thursday morning. for continuous coverage, tune in to tbd news on channel 8.
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an abc news hidden camera investigation. are recruiters for the nation's largest online college making empty promises to students, plunging them into debt? this mom had dreams of being a teacher. the university said it could happen. we'll find out what happened to her next. we say good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> hi, everybody. i'm ashleigh banfield, happy to be here for robin roberts, who is on assignment today. also ahead, could relief from chronic pain be one pill away?
7:31 am
>> hope so. >> no kidding. the fda is looking at a widely-used antidepressant that may be the answer. we'll look at the pros and the cons for you. and fun in our next half hour. jennifer aniston is live in times square. she has a great, new movie out called "the switch." she'll be here to talk with us and answering our questions. speaking of jennifer aniston, celebrities may lead glamorous lives and afford anything they want. but all that fame and wealth does not protect them from being ripped off, just like you and me. the owner of a beverly hills spa is going to appear in federal court later today, facing charges that she ran up hundreds of thousands of dollars of fraudulent charges on her celebrity clients' credit cards. andrea canning has the details. >> reporter: on the chez gabriela salon website, cher calls the owner -- perez has treated dozens of a-list clients, from nicole kidman to former president bill clinton.
7:32 am
with facials costing between $3,000 to $6,000. but perez is accused of running up fraudulent credit card charges. named in the affidavit, cher, anne hathaway and melanie griffith. the celebrity hit the hardest, actress liv tyler. investigators say $214,000 in charges were made to her credit cards over a five-month period last year. >> you have someone quite desperate for money. celebrities, i think, historically, do not like to get involved in cases. and so, maybe she was hedging her bets that she could take the money and then work out an informal arrangement with the person later. >> reporter: gabriela perez's attorney released a statement saying, this is a legitimate business. and we fully expect that once all the facts come out, that she will be exonerated of all the charges and she is innocent.
7:33 am
but the beverly hills businesswoman who calls herself a skin artist, now faces up to 25 years in prison for her role as an alleged con artist. for "good morning america," andrea canning, abc news. to talk more about this, former prosecutor robin sax, joins us live from los angeles this morning. i can't help but think this is unusual because there's celebrities involved. but there's more to it, isn't there? >> good morning, ashleigh. there's more to this case. it's the reverse of celebrity justice here. we're seeing the victimization of a celebrity. but what's most unusual in terms of credit card theft and identity theft, is how personal the fraud is. this is not multiple degrees of identity theft, like we see with most people. this is the actual person who is fixing your zits and fixing your wrinkles is charging your credit card. >> thanks for that image. robin, come on. i wanted to ask you also, when i
7:34 am
was looking at one of the affidavits in the case, i was struck that the secret service was involved in this. not only the feds. but the secret service, as well. i started putting two and two together. i know they can freeze bank accounts. but is there another reason why this is a federal case? >> well, the los angeles county d.a.'s office would love to have this case because, really this appears to be a case where there is a ton of evidence. and the federal officials here in los angeles are notorious for only taking cases where there are lots of -- where there is a lot of evidence, where there is a lot of proof. and the biggest difference in this case, and probably why it went the federal route, besides the fact that it appears to be a lot of proof and evidence, is that the mandatory sentencing is much greater. and the punishment is much greater. thus, hopefully, insuring that the celebrities won't have to testify. and that there won't be a trial. >> i also thought maybe that whole fancy interstate commerce
7:35 am
thing would come into play. that's another charge they can handle. when people hear the headline that celebrities are involved, they think of the red carpet come to the courtroom. there's big stars here. cher and anne hathaway and liv tyler, melanie griffith. these are a-listers. is it possible we may see a parade into court? >> it's always possible. it depends what the deal is and how good the deal is. this gabriela may not have so much to lose. however, if she can come up with the cash and actually provide restitution to make the celebrities whole again, we're likely to see a plea bargain in this case. and certainly, if the evidence is stacked against her, as you know from your experience, it's very unlikely to have a case to get a deal negotiated. her lawyer came out saying she is going to be exonerated of everything, which is pretty big words to say on the day of arraignment. >> yeah. i have heard those before, too, and seen things remarkably differently. liv tyler's case, robin, there was like $214,000 of fraudulent charges.
7:36 am
i can only hope that in my lifetime, i'll put that much on my credit card. but, you know, are celebrities easy targets because they have a lot of handlers? or maybe they don't look at their charges the way we do? >> well, that's one of the ways that celebrities are the ideal and perfect victim. they are traditionally victims of financial crimes. first of all, they have lots of people handling them, as you mentioned. you can have an accountant, an assistant. and not only the people handling them. but people who have access to their personal information. and where the charges are occurring, at a place that they normally frequent, it goes undetected very easily. if they say, did you have a huge charge or a huge bill at gabriela's studio? jennifer aniston, you can see her saying, oh, yeah. i was there last week and move on. so, it really is a little bit different in terms of being a target because they don't necessarily look at their own records as meticulously as the average joe. >> i knew you were the person to
7:37 am
go to. this happened to you, too. it's remarkable. robin, thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you. i want to turn it over to sam champion again, with the weather. there's lots of it, once again. >> good morning, ashleigh. we're going to begin with pictures out of tennessee again. right in the heart of the storm, we get a twitter picture from mirvin365, from algood, tennessee. it's just east of nashville. kind of in the cookeville. i have family there. as you watch all of this low pressure swirl around this moisture in the deep south, we know there's going to be more heavy rain. on the gulf coast and the carolina coast. i wouldn't be surprised to see that rain clear nashville but really dump into north georgia today. a lot of heat. a lot of humidity. big, heavy rain. here's where the numbers are crazy. st. louis, 94 today. dallas had a break in the triple-digits yesterday. but back
7:38 am
>> good morning. we began with a little bit of patchy fog, nelson gradual clearing by the afternoon -- 84 degrees for the afternoon high. tonight falling down into the all that weather was brought to you by chili's. ashleigh? >> i remember those 100-degree august days in dallas. woo. thank you, sam. next up, are recruiters for the nation's largest online college making promises that they just cannot keep? we're going to go undercover, to get you some answers. like our famous texas cheese fries. then choose two freshly prepared entrees from 14 chili's favorites, like our chicken crispers with new sweet & smoky sauce, our new slow-smoked honey chipotle baby back ribs, or grilled all-white meat chicken fajitas served over a bed of sizzling peppers and onions.
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and we have more of that right now. an abc news hidden camera investigation. we've all seen those tv spots advertising for-profit colleges. in the last several years, enrollment has ballooned from 365,000, to nearly 2 million students. now, a government report of 15 for-profit schools says 4 of them encourage fraud. and all 15 engage in deceptive practices. here's chris cuomo with his hidden camera investigation. >> reporter: when a recruiter of university of phoenix, told melissa daalmyer, they had the program to enable her to become a teacher, she jumped at the chance. >> i grinned for weeks, just thinking about it, being a teacher. >> reporter: and because she didn't have enough money to pay for tuition, the recruiter helped her get about $8,000 in federal student aid. >> $8,000 is the most i've owed for anything. >> reporter: but just a few months after melissa started,
7:43 am
she says she learned the horrible truth. that the degree program she was enrolled in would not qualify her to become a public schoolteacher upon graduation in illinois. >> it was an outright lie. a boldface lie. >> reporter: what we wanted to know firsthand, whether what melissa says happened to her would happen to us. i'm looking for tanya. >> reporter: so, we sent in one of our producers, undercover, to meet with a university of phoenix recruiter from a campus in houston, texas. our producer told the recruiter he planned to live in new york or texas, and wanted to be a teacher. no problem, said the recruiter. enroll in our bachelor of science education program and do some student teaching. >> i can pretty much, go to the university of peex. do my bachelors degree. and 100% sure, i can go back to either texas or new york, and i can sit for those exams. >> right. >> and once i finish those exams -- >> yes.
7:44 am
>> i can teach? >> yes. >> reporter: the recruiter's claim was not true. if you pass the teaching exams, a degree from the university of phoenix, does not guarantee somebody a teaching certificate in new york or texas. we have people who are students at university of phoenix, who were promised that if they went and they borrowed all this money, they would be able to get what they needed so they could teach and get a job. >> it's simply indefensible, chris. it's wrong. it's, can we do better? absolutely. do we train our people to give that kind of misadvice? absolutely not. at the end of the day, we have to get it right. >> reporter: but you have not been getting it right, right? that's why you have to settle with the whistle-blowers that said, i only get paid with people that come in with the loans. and you settled that suit for an amazing amount of dollars. isn't that proof? >> i wouldn't say it's proof. it's certainly proof that we
7:45 am
weren't doing as well as we could. we could do better. >> reporter: then, there's the issue of money. the recruiter told our producer, he could take out as much as $35,000 in federal financial aid, in order to pay for school. she said there might even be some money left over after fwigs. >> i tell students to take out the maximum. if you don't need or or use, you can take out more than you need and send back the excess. they tell you use it for educational purposes. no one follows the money. >> reporter: our own experience, with our investigation, is that we were heavily pushed to borrow the max, that we could from public money. how do you answer for your recruiters who are pushing people not to be sensible? not to manage, but to go for the max? >> you know, there's no excuse for that, chris. it is absolutely indefensible. it is not the way in a i intend to run this university.
7:46 am
>> reporter: but for melissa, pepicello's plans don't help heal what happened to her. >> if they tell you something, investigate it. that way you don't end up like me. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm chris cuomo. >> the university of phoenix says it is changing its recruiting practices, including how recruiters are compensated. they tell us they offered melissa a scholarship for the degree of her choice. and she's considering it. you can see more of our investigation, on "world news," including one school that sought out homeless people as prospective students. and we'll talk to a former recruiter for is one of the schools. and coming up in our next hour, jennifer aniston joins us live. well, max, first day...
7:47 am
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usher will be here tomorrow. that is going to be so much fun. >> you like that song, don't you? >> i do like that song. my girls like that song, too. >> all we have to say is omg. >> we can sit around the last half hour. after that -- >> she said it again. >> you said it again. >> i didn't know.
7:51 am
i'm sorry. i'm the new girl. >> is that -- can we not? we can't say that? >> you can, sam. go ahead. >> no. i think it's been done enough. >> this will be memorable. >> pay attention here, guys. at an air show in south america, has a surprisingly happy ending. look at this. a stunt pilot was flying upside down. and one of the plane's wings broke off. he starts spinning completely out of control. >> look at that. not just the pilot's parachute. the plane's parachute. and the pilot floated to the ground in the cockpit. you think he would be injured falling to the ground in the cockpit. but apparently, the only injury was a burned foot. otherwise, he's okay. >> they're not normal parachu parachutes. they're ballistic parachutes. and they're jet sonned out of a canister.
7:52 am
>> to spin out of control, only thing out of it was a burn on the foot. coming up, jennifer aniston coming up in the next hour. she has a great movie. what defines a family? she is here to talk about that. and channeling her inner barbra streisand. can you imagine that? "harper's bazaar" right there. jen aniston doing barbra streisand. may i say... bee-utiful! prescription nasonex is proven to help relieve indoor and outdoor nasal allergy symptoms like congestion, runny and itchy nose and sneezing. (announcer) side effects were generally mild and included headache. viral infection, sore throat, nosebleeds and coughing. ask your doctor about symptom relief with nasonex. and save up to $15 off your refills. go to for details, terms and conditions. at red lobster it becomes laughs over new england clam chowder and a crisp grilled-shrimp salad instead of running errands. catching up over wood-grilled shrimp and chicken
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7:56 am
>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. welcome back on this thursday, august 19th. i am alison starling with the local news update. let's begin with checking the roads and lilsa baden. >> the morning is no better. on the baltimore washington parkway -- unusual delays from the green belt. the lanes will be open to get down to the split. we will take you live to
7:57 am
virginia, to give you an idea of the pace on 395. the delays after the pentagon. the last camera is going through some heavy traffic. ok, not happening. let's go to steve rudin in the weather center. >> looking at a nice day clearing up. the clouds are also beginning to exit along with the rain. we expect up to 87 degrees for the daytime high. tonight will be mainly clear and humid. in the mid-60s to the lower 70s. tomorrow will be mostly sunny and hot, 89 up to 90 degrees. if you like that heat and humidity, come saturday, highs again in the lower 90s and plenty of sunshine. >> and it will be dry. that is good. we will learn more about plans to close by the traditions
7:58 am
during the labor day weekend. there will be closed from september 3rd until tuesday, september 7th. the crews will implement recommendations made by the ntsb after last year's deadly crash. back with another news update at 8:25 a.m. for continuous coverage, tune into channel 8. into channel 8. activia has delicious news for dessert lovers. often, the best part of a meal is the dessert. but sometimes after a busy day and a heavy greasy dinner... my system needs some tlc. now there is something new. introducing activia dessert. rich, silky, smooth yogurt with desserty flavors like strawberry cheesecake, blueberry cheesecake, and peach cobbler.
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and because it's activia, it helps regulate my digestive system. mmm. works for me. ♪ activia new activia dessert.
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♪ hot town summer in the city ♪ ♪ everything getting dirt and gritty ♪ they are feeling the heat in times square this morning. it's only 72 right now. but it will climb to near 90. that's a break from recently. hi, everybody. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> hi. i'm ashleigh banfield, in for robin roberts, who is on assignment this morning. we also have rich besser here, with a new report on chronic pain. we learn that a popular antidepressant could relief suffering.
8:01 am
dr. besser to talk about that in a couple of minutes. >> can't wait for that. also, speaking of things you can take, look at your brain. is this your brain on love? can cutting-edge science reveal how you actually feel about the person in your life? we're about to uncover one of the deepest secrets of the mind. and one of our favorite people is here this morning. jennifer aniston. >> she's in the house. >> has a great, new movie. >> i'm like a stalker. i really like this woman. is that crazy? don't answer that. don't answer that. >> shouldn't ask rhetorical questions like that on television, ashleigh. >> especially after the morning here. >> she has a new movie called "the switch." it's about a different way to have a family without finding mr. right. it's sweet. it's funny. and she'll be answering your questions. first, want to get you to an fda advisory panel, that will meet to decide whether to approve an antidepressant, under the name cymbalta, as pain medication.
8:02 am
pain is the number one reason people seek treatment. and it would raise the hopes for millions of people. but there certainly are xrns and our dr. besser joins us once again with more. we are talking about a lot of people that could be affected by this. >> that's right. that's right, ashleigh. if approved, cymbalta would be -- it's an antidepressant. it would be the first nontraditional pain medication, with an fda approval for chronic pain. chronic pain, 42 million americans suffer from it. medication has always been an parent part of treatment. but the dream of a magic pill to cure it is far from reality. cynthia has pain in her right knee. she's tried ice, rest. >> why shouldn't cymbalta be an option for my arthritis? why do i have to wait it out every time it flairs and i can't walk. >> reporter: if the drug cymbalta, an antidepressant is approved for chronic pain by the fda today, cynthia will have another option that's covered by
8:03 am
insurance. >> i have had good luck treating patients with chronic pain with cymbalta. but not all of my patients have responded to that medicine. it's not a panacea. >> reporter: treating pain is complicated. some pain medications can be addictive, and have dangerous side-effects, like kidney and liver damage. cymbalta raises some of the same concerns. approval would raise even more issues. already, 14% of cymbalta prescriptions are used for pain offlabel, not approved by the fda. but if the fda approves cymbalta for chronic pain, it would open the door for more prescriptions, more profit, and more commercials like these. >> depression hurts. cymbalta can help. >> billions of dollars will be spent on this drug, based on the false belief that it's a major breakthrough in pain treatment. when, if anything, it may be a minor, an incremental improvement that could help some people. >> reporter: the drug's maker,
8:04 am
eli lilly, says cymbalta is effective and safe. since responses to medications can be highly individual lized, it's important that people have more treatment options. we're confident in the data submitted. and look forward to our discussions with the fda. and if you struggle with pain or know someone who does, go to for more information on that. >> so, dr. besser, i have a couple of questions off the top here. the drugmaker has done these tests. does the fda do different tests? because it's kind of weird for the rest of us out here, thinking it's only the drugmaker's tests that make the difference. and should it be approve? >> the question for the fda is simple. is this drug safe and effective for chronic pain? it's licensed and has fda approval for two types of pain, fibromyalgia and diabetic pain. they asked for chronic pain approval in 2008. it was refused. the fda is analyzing the data from the company to say, does it work?
8:05 am
and is it safe? and it's not clear which way they're going to go. >> let's say they get the green light. and 35% of the population that suffers from pain, will have an opportunity to buy this drug. what do i need to know and what do i need to ask in terms of staying healthy and safe? >> there's two concerns. the drug has never been tested against generics like tylenol or motrin to know if it's better. and this will open a floodgate of consumer advertising. that's concerning because it can be confusing for the consumer. and you don't see generics advertised. there's no profit in that. you need to ask your doctor, is this drug safe and effective for me? is there something that's cheaper that we know works? >> what about the other things that we need to know about? pain is a big deal. there's other treatments, not just drugs. >> it is. when you're talking about chronic pain therapy, it's not just about drugs. talk to your doctor about other things you can do to relief those pains. >> dr. besser, thanks so much.
8:06 am
fascinating. we want to be sure you go to for the comprehensive pain management center, with tools to measure your symptoms. over to juju chang with the morning's news. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with today's historic milestone, the final u.s. combat brigade has left iraq, crossing into kuwait overnight. support troops remain. and they're set to leave by the end of this month. 50,000 noncombat soldiers will stay behind until the end of next year. the south is bracing for another soggy day after drenching rain came down so fast, it swept away roads, trapped drivers and even derailed a train in tennessee. in central louisiana, more than a foot of rain fell wednesday. sam has today's forecast ahead in just a moment. overseas now. more than 4 million people are now homeless after the epic floods in pakistan. the u.n. is convening a special session today to commit more money to the relief effort. the u.s. is pledging a total of $150 million. well, the egg recall we
8:07 am
first told you about yesterday is expanding. 380 million eggs, that's nearly 32 million cartons, are now being recalled by the wright county egg company in iowa because of possible salmonella. they were sold nationwide under 13 brand names, listed here. check it out. bealso have this list and all the product codes on hundreds of salmonella cases have been reported so far in california, colorado, minnesota and wisconsin. and now, more trouble for ousted illinois governor rod blagojevich. his campaign fund is behind on payments for a storage facility. today, all his stuff, including a life-sized statue of elvis, and a neon sign with the governor's name, is going on the auction block. proceeds go to charity. the storage facility says they haven't received payment in five years. now, to the weather with sam champion. full-sized statue of elvis. who needs that? >> wait.
8:08 am
i couldn't hear you. what? >> a full-sized statue of elvis. who doesn't need that. you could bid on it. >> if you're talking about the statue of liberty beside me, there's three of them. where are you from? >> el paso, texas. >> tell us your names. >> carla. >> michelle. >> jalen. >> they give you a choice of colors of the hats from the ferry ride, right? >> yes. >> what are the colors? >> green and pink. >> everybody wears the green. >> we had to get the pink. >> first time i've seen it. i love it. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about as you walk out the door. how about this? we saw this early this morning. they were setting up a live shot in martha's vineyard. i have to have that picture. it's beautiful. look at that. sunrise in the vineyard. it will stay in the 70s during the day today. a quick look at the maps. in new england >> we had a little bit of patchy
8:09 am
fog earlier this morning. the skies are beginning to clear. it is 66 degrees in gaithersburg. between 84 degrees and 87 for our daytime high. many clear for the overnight. middle 60s with the suburbs, to lower 70s downtown. the heat will return tomorrow. it will get up giant crowd in times square. i believe it has something to do with, george, your next guest. i'm just guessing. what? >> how much do you envy me right now? >> i do. an awful lot. i think everybody here does. there's cameras lined all the way down the street. >> hard to believe. it makes sense. jennifer aniston's one of the nicest people in hollywood. we laughed with her. we cried with her.
8:10 am
she's had so many great roles. now, she's tackling single motherhood in her new movie. it's called "the switch." good to see you again. how is your summer going? >> great. in new york. >> first, the crazy story that came up out of hollywood yesterday. chez gabriela, this woman scamming celebrities. and you were one of them. you didn't know about it, right? >> i sort of got out of that world about five years ago. some stuff was not kind of -- well, i don't want -- it wasn't to the extent that these other girls have had. >> you had a sense something wrong was going on. >> yeah. we had a situation that was not cool. so, i sort of stopped going to her. paid the money. and then, left. but it was -- i knew that something like this would eventually happen because, you know. there's no way you can get away with that. >> no. you thought you stopped paying the money.
8:11 am
but it turns out a lot of people didn't. >> terrible. >> let's talk about "the switch." >> okay. >> it is so sweet. >> thank you. >> you play kassie. she's a tv producer here in new york. it goes through the ups and downs of dating life. and you just want to have a baby. you want to have a relationship. but it's not coming. it's not happening. you say, i'm going to have a baby on my own. let's show a little bit of it. >> yeah. let's do. >> i'm having a baby. >> you're pregnant? >> not yet. but i'm working on it. i went to the doctor. she said all my levels are really great. she said that my cervical mucous is gorgeous. >> thanks for that. >> and i thought to myself, i don't need a man to have a baby. >> technically speaking, you do. >> i want to do this. i want to have a kid. and i'm in the market for some semen. >> and? >> i need you to help me find some. >> you are breaking his heart right there and he doesn't even
8:12 am
know it. probably. how did you get attracted to this whole idea? >> well, of the movie? >> yeah. >> because i'd been -- it was just resonated with me immediately, having girlfriends, you know, that have been faced with this question. do i do it? do i do it now? do i wait? and it sort of is something that felt very topical. and i loved how it was sort of a refreshing angle on, take on a romantic comedy. it's a beautiful sort of ode to sort of family. what does it look like today? it's sort of nontraditional. you know? >> and you and jason are so great together. >> thanks. >> and so sweet, with the little boy. >> isn't he just so darling, that child? >> a great actor. >> i think this is -- jason's career will be different from this moment on. i just think he's absolutely breathtakingly perfect in this part. >> you had fun with him? >> eh. he's got a little bit of an
8:13 am
attitude problem. and he's a little needy. other than that. >> you know, that's what he said about you. >> he tries to make fun of -- like i didn't know my lines. come on. >> but you did? >> yes. >> you caught the attention of bill o'reilly. did you ever believe that was going to happen? >> i never actually thought that my name and that name would ever be in one sentence, i must say. >> and this was a -- he basically was saying you were glorifying single motherhood. >> i was actually glorifying 12-year-olds getting knocked up and doing it by themselves. that's what i like to preach. i mean -- that was one of the -- >> usually, you don't respond to this kind of thing. >> i know. >> why this time respond? >> i just felt it needed it. it was begging for a response. it was just such an unfair statement that he made against me. and, you know, people say things about me all the time.
8:14 am
you go whatever. but this was not just about me. it was also saying that something -- insulting women that are out there doing this on their own. i was raised by -- my mother was single. it doesn't always start off that way. but it happens. >> and you're right, the movie is a sill bracelebration of fam. >> it is. it's family. the most beautiful line is at the end, when he says to goldblum. he says go home. just drink it off. but they are my home. home is where the heart is. >> you brought a piece of my home here today. >> i heard. >> your director, billy speck, he and i were altar boys together in cleveland. >> i know. >> the whole greek festival. >> this is a crazy greek moment. there you are, will. >> embarrass him completely. he is actually using the altar boy connection to push me. talk about the movie. >> altar boy. what did you all do back there? that's what i want to know.
8:15 am
>> it's almost as long as -- >> oh. >> almost as long as the -- >> yeah. >> 12, but 14. >> that's up there. >> you stick around. we have more viewer questions we want to do in the next segment. >> sure. flatbread crisps.d ♪ with the tastes of sea salt and olive oil. ♪ or sprinkled with italian herbs. ♪ townhouse flatbread crisps. they're perfect for snack time, party time, any time. ♪ new townhouse flatbread crisps. the everyday cracker with the specially-crafted taste. but viva puts 35% more towel between you and the mess. 35% more? are you ready to take that 1-step? yes, i'm ready. beautiful. [ cheers and applause ]
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8:19 am
v8. what's yournumber? take a look at jennifer aniston. she channels her inner barbra streisand in this month's "harper's bazaar" magazine. where did that idea come from? >> channeled. channel your inner barbara. wouldn't that be weird? >> feel free to sing. >> chris mcmillan came up with it. he does my hair. and he is a little obsessed with the idea because, like i said many times before, i am his barbie doll. so, he basically, would always see pictures of her from great movies. kind of a fun idea. never been done. >> did barbara have anything to do with it? >> yeah. she absolutely did. she lent me one of her dresses from -- she has all of her own
8:20 am
wardrobe, still, from like -- back when she did her first show. here's her first shoes from her first concert. >> wow. >> and barbara's -- "classical barbara," that album cover, she lent me that dress for the shoot. it was pretty great. >> let's answer some viewer questions. we have a lot. the first came from idet gonzalez from houston, texas. everyone wants to know. how do you keep so fit? >> so boring of an answer at this point. i work. i workout regularly. and i eat well. and i think -- sleep is important. >> are you getting much sleep these days? >> i'm getting there. last couple nights have been a bit tricky. but we're here. >> and you're up early this morning. here's a question that came in if from facebook, the opposite direction. what are your favorite comfort
8:21 am
foods from millie winter ervin. >> that's the last part of that? >> that's her name. >> oh. by comfort foods, i would have to say, obviously, mexican food. yeah. i'm pretty much go to grease, fried foods. salt. >> any salt. that's better than -- >> like a burger. jackson hole hamburger, to be exact. >> you got your answer there, millie. and we have brenda lee arnold. i love these names this morning. do you have a bucket list of things you want to do or try before you die? can you share? >> i don't have time for this answer. >> ten seconds. >> ten seconds. well, you know, this is too much. sorry, millie. what's her name? >> jen aniston, thanks very much. "d
8:22 am
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chances are they'll own it one day, too. which is why it undergoes such a rigorous inspection to meet our uncompromising standards. one day, i'm gonna drive this to vegas. [ male announcer ] hurry in to your authorized mercedes-benz dealer for 1.99% financing during our certified pre-owned >> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news. 9 >> good morning to you on this thursday. i am at pamela brown. we begin by checking on the morning commute with lisa baden. >> it has been frustrating. still a lot of cleanup, damage from the storms. but reed just fell down blocking the road. this is a new development. we will take you to the longstanding problem from the storm. this is a video --that is damage to the bridge near brownsville
8:26 am
road at buehler road. repair could take several days. to steve rudin and the weather center next. >> the temperatures are in the upper 60s at this hour. in fairfax, 69 degrees, gaithersburg and 60. it is beginning to clear to the north and west. the gradual clearing will continue throughout the metro area. 87 degrees will be the did tame high, sunshine tomorrow, 89 up to 93 degrees. the humidity will make a comeback. here is a quick look at the
8:27 am
extended outlook. the temperatures will be in the lower 90s. a chance for showers monday through tuesday. >> right back with a
8:28 am
>> people in our area are cleaned up after the round of severe weather. yesterday's storm caused flash floods, leading to road closures. >> it was terrible. the worst. >> another wicked summer storm, but instead of high winds, thunder, and lightning, it rained very hard. the deluge flooded roads, knocked out power, and damaged homes. >> yes, it is a huge mess. >> the road problems persisted into the evening commute. debris from a fallen tree cut this boulevard down to one line. here in palisades, a massive tree toppled into her front yard.
8:29 am
>> my first thought was that it hit the house. >> but crushed her fence, tore through wires, and mr. house. >> i feel extremely grateful that it did not hit the house or harm anybody, that we were not here at the time. >> that was stephen reporting to do. we will hear more about the plan of metric to close five stations over labor day weekend, from friday, september 3rd, until tuesday, september 7th. the worker committed by the ntsb will be performed. turning to the mayor's race of washington, d.c. -- the two top contenders. a poll finds 39% support the council chair, then send gray, while the other 36% support fenty. and we will have another news
8:30 am
update at 8:56 a.m. for continuous coverage, to into tbd news on channel 8. tbd news on channel 8. ♪ three words that's what i'll do ♪ ♪ i'll love you ♪ i love you i love you ♪ ♪ i love you [ cheers and applause ] they are the plain white t's. what a great way to around our morning. thank you for coming here today. not a single white t-shirt in the bunch. >> what's up with that? >> had to dress it up a little bit.
8:31 am
>> thank you for doing it. thank you for joining us this morning. we'll hear from you in a little bit. i'm george stephanopoulos, joined by ashleigh banfield today. robin's on assignment. >> great to be here on a day when you have jennifer aniston. and great musicians. >> are you going to stalk them, too? >> i stalk them already. i completely lost it on the show. i have to go. first up this morning, you love your husband with all your heart. but do you love him with all your brain? we go inside surprising, new technology that's turning the meaning of love on its head. cynthia mcfadden has the report. we all have had the make-or-break job interview. what do you wear? it's a tough decision. we have our "project runway" fashion guru, nina garcia, on how to dress for everyone occasion. let's first get to stam and the weather. >> look at what i found. how old is this one? >> 4 months. >> and the name?
8:32 am
>> joseph. >> you're from dallas, right? >> we're from dallas. >> is there a favorite station? >> wfaa. >> is there anybody who work there's? >> my sister. >> it's what little warm at the end of the day. we're going to 88 degrees. it's so much better this morning. from wabc. we'll show you what it looks like in the deep south. this is problematic. this heavy dose of moisture. flood watches out for seven states. yesterday, we had -- on the high end, 8 to 14 inches of rain in the deep south. we'll see big rainfall tot >> and the fog finally beginning to diminish. temperature in the mid-80s today. tonight the temperatures will fall to the mid to
8:33 am
and all of that weather was brought to you by mercedes-benz. oh, george? >> thank you, sam. they say, when you fall in love, you love that person with all your heart. but do you really love that special someone with all your brain? researchers can now determine exactly how deeply couples love each other using brain scans. cynthia mcfadden is here to unlock the mysteries of love. that seems unbelievable. >> reporter: it's a big assignment, george. but we can start. 88% of us think we're in love at any one time. but how sure can we be? if there was a way to put your love to the test, would you want to know the results? i met a young couple that bravely underwent the results who wanted to learn exactly how they felt about each other, before they settled down forever. how do you know if you're really in love with someone? mike and elana felt emforically and deeply in love at their wedding. but mike was really alarmed to
8:34 am
hear that 50% of marriages end in divorce. >> the thing that really kind of struck me is how do we know which half we're in? to find out, mike had a radical idea. they put their young love to an extreme test. >> okay. we're going to quit our jobs. >> reporter: quit life as they knew it. and traverse the longest road in the world, an american highway. and in this motorcycle and side car. >> it was really scary. >> reporter: you're as crazy as he is? >> pretty much. >> reporter: first, mike and elana would turn to anthropologist, dr. helen fisher, to prove whether or not they were really in love. >> i decided that if i looked into the brain, i could, perhaps, find out what's going on when people are feeling that intense rush of romantic love. >> reporter: dr. fisher says there are three types of love that you can actually see in the brain.
8:35 am
sexual love, romantic love, and attachment love. so, before their journey began, the couple decided to have their brain scanned. >> in this envelope, are all of our results. >> and we're only going to open the envelope at the end of the world. >> reporter: would all that time together increase their love? or pull them apart? they take a second brain scan afterwards to find out. some people i know are going to be listening to the two of you. and they're going to say, love is mysterious. the attempt to study it grinds it down to something else. >> it's a bit like groucho marx quote about camry. >> reporter: the trip begins in anchorage, alaska. further and further south. days turned into weeks. great highs. >> look at little feet. >> reporter: and miserable lows. >> don't really feel like talking about the moment.
8:36 am
>> reporter: any issues with directions? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: after 8 1/2 months, the trip ended. and finally, the moment of truth. had they been in love when the trip began? according to the scans, they were in deep romantic love before this thing started. both their brains lit up like christmas trees in the romantic love center. but what about now, after their intense road trip? >> are you ready? are you ready to hear? >> scary. >> reporter: the results would shock them both. to find out whether or not this young couple still had romantic love for each other by the end of their road trip, you have to watch the special tonight. >> i should have known you were going to do that. i was waiting to see what was going to happen. we're not going to get that mystery solved. but we saw when they were in love. but what does it look like, what would a scan look like right after someone got dumped? >> helen fisher has done really interesting work here. you know that feeling that we
8:37 am
all feel when we're addicted to that person? guess what? when love is interrupted, what lights up in the brain is the center where addiction is located in the brain. so, when you feel it, you really are, in fact, addicted to love. i asked her whether or not love is like cocaine. and she says, yeah. it is. it lasts longer. >> when you're dumped, you go through withdrawal. >> why it is, helen fisher is an anthropologist. the idea is we were supposed to mate. and we were supposed to procreate. then, we were supposed to stay together for life to raise the kids. the brain is doing the things it did in ancient times, bonding us together. >> this is fascinating. you can see everything tonight on the abc news special, "secrets of the mind," at 10:00 eastern, 9:00 central. and i guess you're going to answer the mystery you laid out this morning. everyone's going to come back. >> it will be late for you, everyone's going to come back. >> it will be late for you, ge
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
every woman at some point, stares down her closet, angrily, if you're me, saying what am i going to wear? now, there's an easy answer, no matter what you're doing or where you're going. nina garcia is executive editor of "marie claire." and also on "project runway."
8:41 am
case in point, you're pregnant and you look spectacular. >> thank you. >> i didn't even know until someone pointed it out. >> that's a very important chapter in my book. >> not only that. you have what to wear to jury duty to your first job interview. you broke everything down that you never have to think. >> i had a lot of fun writing this book. what should i wear is a universal fashion dilemma. >> wanted a chapter for when you're feeling too fat for all of your clothes. that's me most of the time. i want to go through the looks. you've been gracious to get us set up. i love this look. what is significant about what you've chosen if n your advice for job interview wear? >> i think very important, is get a jacket. it gives you the sense of authority. it makes your posture look better. it doesn't need to be a matching suit. this one, for example, is very feminine. but it should be a jacket to
8:42 am
pull your look together. >> and simple. no frills. >> no patterns. no frills. nothing too flashy or out there. >> or a watch. >> no clunky, flashy jewelry. if you are into jewelry, a watch is important. it shows that you're prompt. it shows that you care about time. a man's watch is one of my favorites. a bag, logo-free. no brands. no clunky hardware. something simple and roomy to put your resume in and fits everything comfortably. >> let me go on to the next. this is what i'm a huge rule-breaker. i shop in flip-flops and a bathing suit. >> bad girl. >> you think it's important to dress to shop. >> you're going to see your reflection in tons of mirrors. >> bad lighting. >> if you look sloppy, you shop sloppy. how you feel is important. separates. you want to be able to wear
8:43 am
separates, if you're trying on a top, you want to have the bottoms. >> i like that you have the flats here. most stores have the high heels in case you need to have the high heels. >> most stores will provide you the shoes if you need them or ask for them. the other thing is, you want your hands free to rifle through the racks. i included cargo pants. you can put your wallet in there. if you want to take a bag that crasses your shoulder, that leaves your hands free to move through the racks. >> i'm a commuter. that means i never wear sensible footwear. but you say, this is one place you don't need to wear sensible footwear. the first date. make it sexy and sing. >> you want to be feminine and confident. not overly sexy. low necklines and too short of a skirt is too much information. also, men like very simple outfits. nothing too -- nothing straight out of the runway. they don't understand that.
8:44 am
they just want to see something feminine. >> but that sort of speaks to something other than these. >> the shoe is the exception. you want a sexy shoe. but it's all in balance and proportion. remember, if you're doing a sexy shoe, don't do too short of a skirt. >> and in the car, you're not hoping you have to walk the date, right? maybe that wouldn't be the best date. i the last one, i like it because i do a ton of travel in this job. i'm always looking for tips. this is your travel outfit. what's significant? >> significant, you start at the top. you want to wear as a scarf or shawl, that can double up as a blanket if you get cold on the ain. a trench coat, if there's inclement weather. >> and a trench coat is something you think everybody needs to have. the camel-colored trench coat? >> it's a must-have. any color. there's so many selections. khaki, brown. nice outerwear is perfect.
8:45 am
>> i like the size you chose. airplane travel is stressful enough. this is the size you want. >> in a tote, you want something that can collapse that you can fold into your suitcase. you don't want to use it anymore. or you can put a lot of things in there, souvenirs from your travels if you're flying back. >> any big surprises on "project runway"? are we going to have the play-by-play. five babies born in the last show. >> i don't know what's in the water. actually, six. this is my second one. >> i lost count. you look fabulous. >> thank you. >> the advice is great because you're living it. >> thank you. >> nina garcia. for the ten things that nina says every woman should have in her closet, go to our webs
8:46 am
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8:48 am
is the national scene with their hit, "hey there deliah." they're back with "rhythm of love." and now, here, the plain white t's. it's great to have you here this morning. >> quick question for you, tim. i know the inspiration for the new album -- i love it. it's great. is a show in vegas. >> yeah. that's best answered by tom. >> are you the vegas guy? is that the expert? >> not the vegas guy. >> he's headed there tomorrow, actually. today. >> you guys have a vegas vibe. i don't know. >> wait. it's coming. >> tomorrow. >> the show? >> the eau show, the cirque du soleil show, eau, with the water. it had pirates and carousels and horses. it made my think nostalgic and making me feel like a kid. we wrote songs about growing up
8:49 am
and not losing that innocence. >> for the inspiration, you built the recording studio to look like the haunted mansion, for the opulence of eau, the show? >> it's in tom's basement. it does have that vibe. >> that's nice. just like her parents. >> the video looks like a haunted mansion. >> the new single is "rhythm of love." you recorded it here. i can't wait to hear it live. are you ready? >> thank you, guys. >> everybody, from the new album that drops in october, plain white t's. [ applause ] ♪ my head is stuck in the clouds she begs me to come down ♪ ♪ she says boy quit fooling around ♪ ♪ i told her i love the view from up here ♪ ♪ warm sun
8:50 am
the wind in my ear ♪ ♪ wile watch the world from above ♪ ♪ as it turns to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ we may only have tonight but till the morning sun ♪ ♪ you're mine all mine ♪ ♪ play music low and sway to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ my heartbeats like a drum guitar string to the strum ♪ ♪ of a beautiful song to be sung ♪ ♪ she's got blue eyes deep like the sea ♪ ♪ that go back when she's laughing at me ♪ ♪ she rises up like the tide ♪ ♪ the moment clips me high
8:51 am
♪ we may only have tonight but till the morning sun ♪ ♪ you're mine all mine ♪ ♪ play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ when the moon is low we can dance in slow motion ♪ ♪ and all your tears will subside ♪ ♪ all your tears will dry ♪ ♪ ba, ba, ba, ba ba, ba, ba, ba ♪ ♪ dum, da, da, dum
8:52 am
♪ and long after i've gone you'll still be humming along ♪ ♪ and i will keep you in mi mind ♪ ♪ the way you make love so fine ♪ ♪ we may only have tonight but till the morning sun ♪ ♪ you're mine all mine ♪ ♪ play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ oh, play the music low and sway to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ yeah, sway to the rhythm of love ♪ ♪ yeah, sway to the rhythm of love ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
another big hand for the
8:56 am
plain white t's." rhythm of love" is on itunes right now. they're going to stick around and play the song "boomerang." you get that on our website. >> october 19th, the album -- i like saying drops. i feel cool. >> tomorrow, usher in central park. part of our summer concert series. see you then.
8:57 am
>> live, and in hd, this is abc 7 news. >> good thursday morning, i'm pamela brown with your local update. let's look at traffic and weather. >> a couple of two launches, including highway 81, north of winchester. a tractor tiller turned over, loaded with candy. traffic is going by on the right in both directions. just half an hour ago on goldsborough road, a tree fell down and blocked both directions. we will go to the cameras and show you what is moving. this is the beltway at university boulevard. it is good on 66, 395 to the pentagon. this is live on dulles freeway. near the airport, everything is smith. rubin?
8:58 am
>> first, a little bit of patchy fog early today, but now everything is beginning to clear nicely. it will be between 84 and 87 today for the daytime high. when from the north. tonight will be mainly clear, and humid, in the mid-60s to lower 70s. to malraux, heat and humidity, up to 93 degrees with wind from the north. it will be a hot weekend ahead. >> thank you, steve. some encouraging news about virginias governor -- his expected to announce that the state has a surplus of $404 million. that is nearly double the previous estimates. that is nearly double the previous estimates.
8:59 am


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