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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  November 14, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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>> president obama is back to the white house tonight after a trip to asia and is facing a new political reality. he returns with a lame-duck session, the last time democrats will be in control of the house for a while. >> he is committed to reporters that his concentration on policy issues led to his shellacking in the midterm. >> i neglected some things that
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matter a lot to people. >> returning with disappointing results negotiating with asian allies, he must address congress on the expiring tax cuts. >> i hope we can get a permanent extension. >> we cannot afford to have another billions of dollars to pay for tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires. >> they may agree to a temporary suspension for the rich. >> what if we moved it up to $1 million? everyone below $1 million will get a tax cut. >> it is not just the tax cuts facing a lame duck session. budget items are also at sect -- at stake along with the don't ask don't tell policy.
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the federal government's newest hires will be in town for orientation. they will get briefings on security later this week. for more on new members, we spoke with a political correspondent. >> thanks for joining us tonight. congress is back in session tomorrow. the republicans are reinvigorated. >> 59 seats are decided with republicans favored. they will be here all week. they will meet with the new speaker in the current speaker. some may be elected but may not have been yet, because some
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races have not been called yet. >> will it be as unproductive as usual? >> it depends on what the democrats decide to do and how hard they decide to push. the big question is extending the bush tax cuts. obama's administration said they do not want to extend the tax cuts to the richest americans. we will have to see what the reaction is on that. >> russia and the missile policy is a factor along with the don't ask don't tell. >> there are concerns among groups that have been advocating with this. they do not think they may be able to push it through.
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>> it may potentially be a fight. some may not be on board. >> some people were saying certain things about the president's trip. what is your take? >> his trip started out strong. by correa, he had a deal that fell apart. -- korea, he had a deal that fell apart. >> charlie rangel has an ethics charge that starts tomorrow. -- trial that starts tomorrow. >> i will probably cover that.
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>> we have about 100 new congress people coming in. >> that is right. >> thanks. we look to have you back. a local marine killed in action will be laid to rest at the arlington national cemetery. he was killed in combat in afghanistan late last month. we spoke with his family earlier this month. they say he was a caring and loving person. >> he would take my place around the house. >> it was his first tour of
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duty. the chandra levy murder trial will resume tomorrow. there should be more witnesses. the prosecutors ran into problem with the d.c. superior court. three of the six charges have been dropped against the suspect. the defense could complete its case as early as tomorrow. metro will stay open an extra hour tomorrow due to the redskins game. it will remain in operation until 1:00 a.m. sections of rock creek park will be closed due to roadwork. monday through friday. it will impact certain sections of beach drive, for instance.
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they are making repairs to the road. a two-year ethics scandal will come to a head this week. charlie rangel will face his accusations on capitol hill. >> i am in your weather center where showers are on the way. we also have a dense fog and resolution affect. my forecast is coming up as we continue. me and the lads earn rewards just for everyday banking. like writing checks. i found your problem. thank you. getting cash from the drive thru earns us rewards. here's the twenty i owe you. so does paying our bills online. [ mouse squeaking ] click. we even earn rewards for getting money at the atm. it's new checking with rewards at capital one banks all over the dc area.
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>> the ethics battle goes to trial on monday for charlie rangel. he's accused of 13 counts of violating house rules. he is a former new york city prosecutor fired his legal team last month. he will represent himself. president obama will meet with the likely new speaker of the house shortly. the current house speaker will attend along with harry reid. in dallas, former president
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george w. bush will celebrate the groundbreaking of the the bush center. the southern methodist university. it will have a presidential library. the groundbreaking will happen on tuesday. changes are coming to facebook. it will announce changes to its messaging system. it will launch in e-mail service to compete with gmail. the redskins are in action tomorrow night for monday night football. next sunday, they headed to tennessee against the titans. then they will head to a plant on friday.
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the wizards start their week at home on tuesday. still to come, shopping malls are a popular destination for this time of year. how to avoid becoming a victim of criminals. stay w
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>> police in fairfax county are searching for the woman who abandoned her newborn baby this morning. the inventor was discovered by a prisoner in a duffel bag. the baby is reportedly doing well and will be kept at the hospital for observation. anyone with information is asked to call police. the prince george's county executive johnson will head back to work. he and his wife were arrested by fbi agents on friday. they were accused of evidence tampering in destruction. the incoming executive will hold a news conference on the political scandal tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. a warning for drivers in the district. blago of four police made ticket you. they are cracking down on violators of rock -- of people who have not wearing their seat belts.
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-- who are not wearing their seat belts. it will be nice on tuesday for the most part. >> tomorrow morning, there should be sunshine. but clouds will increase as they move through the day. the winds will become calm low most of the areas. -- along most of the areas. 49 degrees along the peninsula. george washington university, 52 degrees after a high of 65. 58 degrees is the average for
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this time of year. no complaints about temperatures outside. 43 at winchester. a cold front is off to the west of us. a slight change in wind direction. the showers are moving out of here that we had earlier. showers are to the west. they are dissipating right now. partly cloudy skies at this hour. mostly cloudy for the overnight.
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some patchy fog to the east. a dense fog advisory. visibility should be ok and not expecting -- not expecting any travel delays tomorrow. clouds will increase. in area of low pressure will develop. late tomorrow night into tuesday, the rain will increase. partly cloudy and cool for tonight. clouds will increase throughout the day tomorrow. still above average. 100% chance of rain on tuesday. gusty winds on wednesday.
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thursday, we look for cooler and drier air. nighttime lows from 50 degrees to be freezing mark. >> a reenforcing shot, reinforcing the winds are coming? >> that winter is right around the corner. hard to believe things giving is a week from thursday. here's to the believers.
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>> and alert for all of us as the holiday shopping season gets underway. pay attention, because criminals are targeting you at the mall. there are three places that you need to be in los careful. >> many crimes are theft related. >> they asked me if i had any money. i gave them the $6 that was in my pocket. >> he was leaving a movie theater last winter when a group surrounded him. these pictures show after he gave them money, they attacked. >> i got hit on my left ear and my left thigh. and they kicked me in the ribs.
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>> they are warning the community to be careful at the mall. >> with a hidden camera rolling, we found many distracted. she was so busy with her phone, she does not notice us right next to her. the woman at the right walks away from her open purse. >> by that time, they have gone shopping using your card. >> elevators are ace favorite spot for pick paupers. -- are a favorite spot for ers.pocket ters >> do not isolate yourself. >> i am concerned about
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security, if there are enough lights and cameras. >> many malls were talking about security. someone not call us back.
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>> rockefeller center now has their christmas tree.
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yet arrived friday morning. the official ceremony will be november 30. the tradition stretches back to 1931. >> state party have the ice skating rink. >> i love it. -- addai r. d. have the ice skating rink. have the icedlready skating rink. >> i love it. >> it will be windy on wednesday and arraigned on tuesday. -- enter rain on tuesday.
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