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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  November 23, 2010 7:00am-9:00am EST

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good morning, america. i'm george stephanopoulos. >> and i'm robin roberts. it is tuesday, november 23rd. and breaking news overnight. north korea fires artillery and rockets into a south korean border island, killing and wounding soldiers there. south korea scrambles fighter jets. the white house has weighed in, condemning the attack. also breaking now, abc news has confirmed from prince william and kate middleton will marry friday, april 29th at westminster abbey. charlie sheen responds to our interview with capri anderson, along with allegations of his own.
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accusing her of extortion. we'll speak with sheen's attorney. and the most dramatic dancing finale yet. bristol palin takes the floor. two, perfect scores for jennifer. who should take it all? hello, everyone. happy birthday, robin. >> you heard? >> the screams have been going on backstage all morning long. >> thank you. thank you. it was a good one. >> we have a lot more surprises coming up today. first, let's get to the breaking news this morning. overnight, north korea attacked a south korean island with artillery fire. south korea retaliated. and north korea's military command saying it will continue launching strikes. the u.s. has condemned the attack. it's the worst in years. and a colossal danger, that's a quote, must be avoided. >> they woke up president obama to update him on the situation.
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and a date and place, now. friday, april 29th. circle it on the calendar. westminster abbey. that's what it's going to be. we'll have the latest and will go live to landen in a few minutes. first, let's get the latest on the breaking news. a border skirmish between north and south korea. neither side is backing down. our team is covering this from washington. let's start with martha raddatz. martha? >> reporter: good morning, george. south korea has raised its military alert to crisis status, the highest possible nonwartime alert status. and it's no wonder. this is one of the most serious shelling incidents since the korean war. north korean launched dozens of artillery shells at the island, leaving 60 to 70 homes on fire. residents were fleeing in panic. south korea returned fire. this island is near the border
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and houses about 1,000 south korean marines. but there's also about 1,500 civilians living there. most of those fishermen. south korea was conducting annual military exercises in the area and test-firing weapons. but north korea was aware of those exercises. as you said, russian foreign minister this morning is saying this incident carries colossal danger and must be solved by diplomatic means. china is urging the same. tensions, very high this morning, george. >> okay, martha, thanks. let's go to jake tapper at the white house. the president awoken at 3:55 a.m., by his national security adviser. >> reporter: that's right. tom donnellan, the national security adviser, awoke the president to give him the latest on the korean peninsula situation. this is a serious situation, as martha said. especially coming off reports this weekend, as you mentioned before on this show, of a new,
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possible uranium enrichment facility in north korea, which would be a violation of an agreement north korea has made before. president obama is expected to call south korean president lee and talk to him. steven bosworth, the special representative to the korean peninsula, is already out there in beijing, china, talking to world leaders about the uranium enrichment facility. this has been added to the agenda. they're going to wait and see what other world leaders want to do. in the statement the white house put out, they used the word attack. they say that north korea attacked south korea. that's an unequivocal declaration of support for south korea, george. let's get more from donald greg, the former ambassador for korea. you see this attack about a week after the uranium enrichment facility that can produce weapons is discovered. are you saying deliberate
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provocation on south korea? >> i think the attack on the island has to be considered separately from the new nuclear facility. we've been conducting large, military maneuvers in that area since the sinking of the south korean ship in march. the north koreans have protested these maneuvers. yesterday, on tuesday, warned the south koreans to stop the firing they were conducting or they would retaliate. the south koreans did not stop. and the north koreans retaliated. i think we need to keep those facts in mind and urge both sides to calm down. >> this is all against the backdrop of the kim jong-il trying to salvage the credibility of his son and potential heir, kim jong un. you've seen a more aggressive north korea as it's discussed. >> i've been interested in the comments of the people who have been taken to this new nuclear
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facility. there's no evidence on north korea's part to hide what they are doing. they claim that this is a highly-enriched uranium process, which can lead to the construction of a light water reactor, that can make electricity. but it can also make a string of nuclear weapons. so, i think and we've got to get back to negotiations with north korea. but i noticed that's being ruled out, at least for the moment, by the white house. >> you would advise direct negotiations? >> i do. >> okay. mr. ambassador, thanks for your time this morning. >> my pleasure. let's turn, now, to london, where date and location has been set for the royal wedding. jeffrey kofman is at buckingham palace with the latest on this. we have a save the date, don't we? >> reporter: we do. book your tickets early, robin. friday, april 29th. we have a royal wedding. we have a wedding date. and we have a location. westminster abbey.
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prince william and kate middleton will be married on friday, april 29th, at westminster abbey. and take a look behind me. you see the royal standard flying above buckingham palace. that's because the queen is in residence. the queen, expected to leave with prince philip tomorrow for a tour. they wanted to get the news out quickly. one more thing, in these cost-conscious times in britain, the royal family has made it very clear that they and the middletons will pay the entire cost of the wedding. >> taxpayer, i'm sure, very happy to hear about that. any particular reason why it's going to be on a friday? >> reporter: well, it's clear this is a very big event. if you remember back in 1981, the story book wedding of charles and diana. this is going to be a huge, worldwide event. here in the u.k., in particular. they're going to declare a national holiday, a bank holiday. they want to give people a long weekend to celebrate. >> it will be a celebration. jeffrey, thank you very much.
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we'll be talking to you in the months ahead. katie nicholl, is going to join us now. she is the author "behind the palace walls." she is at buckingham bapalace. you've been out in front, saying the wedding would take place in 2011. you said it was going to be the spring. what do you make of the date? >> well, like you've said, i've been hearing for a while it was going to be spring. i think the situation with prince william and catherine middleton is they didn't want this to take too long. they have been together for nine years. they've kept this engagement a secret for so many weeks. they were desperate to get the date and get it over and done with. as was revealed in the paper last week, there were a lot of things to be taken into account. government officials. other royal households. we have to hear this morning that the date has been set. the queen is off to the gulf for her visit. >> they had to check with the queen for the timing and that. but william has been insisting
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it's going to be his show to run. right? he does not want buckingham palace to have all the say in this matter. >> yes. you're absolutely right. we just heard from the palace that prince william sees this as his and catherine middleton's day. they want to put their own stamp on the wedding. they are going to have assistance from buckingham palace, because of all of the pomp and pageantry, they will need it. but they want this to be their own day. >> how much will her parents, her family have involvement in this? >> well, what they said this morning they will be involved. and i'm hearing that the middletons are planning to host an engagement party. that, as you well know, is a breach of royal protocol. that doesn't usually happen. they want catherine to feel a part of this. and we know she's going to be taking a break from work and putting all of her efforts into planning this wedding. she's even got ideas for the table plans. she's going to be, like many brides out there, on to her
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wedding day, very much. >> she'll be busy in the months ahead. as you said, and jeffrey just reported, it's going to be a national holiday. people will take a long weekend. and people need to know that the royals and the middletons are taking care of the costs of -- it's going to run into the millions, of course. >> well, i think that's very important point to raise. also, the queen's diamond jubilee in 2012. and already, we're hearing plans to scale those celebrations down. and the same with this wedding. that said, it is a celebration. it is going to be, as they say. and the royal family are not shorting a penny. don't judge the scale and the exuberance of this wedding day. they have done it on a friday. they wanted a spring wedding. and they wanted to give the whole country a day off. >> and the abbey has space for 2,000 guests. and the square out in front, it will be something to see. have a good day. thank you, kate. >> we're fighting in our house over this. my daughter, ellie, has sketched a dress for kate. i don't know if she'll take it.
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we're going to turn to the travel controversy now. the thanksgiving holiday is upon us. and there's so much controversy over the beefed-up security at airports. the patdowns, the full-body scanners. sharyn alfonsi continues to cover it from new york's la guardia airport. >> reporter: good morning, george. 2 million passengers are expected to head to the airports today, for what is traditionally one of the busiest travel days of the year. but this year, getting to your flight, it's a whole, new ball game. for most, thanksgiving travel will be their first taste of new tsa security procedures. what can you expect today? how long does it take to get through security. in denver, we clocked the average around 16 minutes. chicago, seven. atlanta, five. and in boston, just two minutes. so, what about all that chaos those patdowns were supposed to create? well, the tsa says that less than 3% of passengers get patdowns. 3%. and less than 1% are pulled aside for additional screening.
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but wednesday, passenger rights groups are threatening to bring those lines to a standstill, encouraging members to opt out of the scanners and insist on a more time-consuming patdown instead. >> i regret any kind of an opt-out day. why? it's counterproductive. >> reporter: according to a new abc poll, most people don't mind the new scanners. it's the new patdowns causing problems. 50% of those pammed say they oppose the patdowns. 48%, support them. and stories like harry leibovitz don't help. leibovitz has two false hips, a metal femur and a variety of screws and bolts in his body. he's used to setting off metal detectors. but never like this. >> he grabbed and my pants game down around my ankles. right there, in full view of everybody in the airport. >> reporter: he filed a complaint. and the tsa did get back to him by e-mail. agency officials say they're working hard to deal with people with special needs. and what about the video of the
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8-year-old boy getting screened with his shirt off? the tsa said he set off an alarm and had to get a secondary screening. but they say it was his father that removed his shirt. the tsa is reaching out to passengers with a youtube video, trying to explain what they can expect. >> if you're directed to pass through an ait, you may opt out. >> reporter: only -- you'll only get the patdowns, just to be clear, if you set off an alarm. how do you avoid setting off an alarm? avoid metal? avoid zippers. avoid underwear. ladies, don't wear a skirt. pick pants. they can't reach where they need to reach. they will pull you out of the line if you're wearing a skirt that's too tight. make you change in a dressing room, put a towel on, then search you that way. if you want to main day any kind of dignity, you may want to consider pants. robin? >> good information there. sharyn, thank you. and from the nation's runways to the highways, almost
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40 million americans are expected to get in the car to see family and friends this thanksgiving. that's 90% of all travelers, traveling by car. but it's going to cost more to fill up than it did last year. bianna golodryga has more on this. good morning, bianna. >> reporter: good morning, robin. drivers may not have to worry about patdowns at the security lines. but they should prepare for sticker shock at the gas pump. the national price for gasoline is $2.88 a gallon. those on the west coast will pay the most. and here in new jersey at this station, it's $2.86 a gallon. >> what's leading to the jump in prices? >> reporter: it's largely due to the fall of the appreciation we've seen in the dollar. there's been refinery outages throughout the country, as well. >> despite the prices, aaa estimates that 4 million more americans will hit the road this year than last. and it's a lot less hassle than flying. and cheaper. >> reporter: it's all relative.
7:15 am
we did the math. we looked at a flight from chicago to minneapolis. the cheapest we found was $347. doing the math, that's 400 miles. we're talking your car gets 25 miles to the gallon. that still is going to cost you less than $100. it's all relative. it's still cheaper. >> that's the bottom line. all right. thanks so much. >> reporter: and happy birthday. >> thank you. appreciate that. even heard it in new jersey. >> reporter: at the gas station. yeah. they're all talking about it inside. >> all right. let's get to sam, now, and the weather because that is part of the story, too, with all of the traveling, the weather. >> yes, ma'am. and there's travel trouble. i have to start with happy birthday. then, let's get to the travel trouble. in the west, it is a mess. let's start with shoreline, washington. the pictures of traffic, just a lockdown there. we heard of people sitting in hours of traffic because of icy roads. then, look at this. a wipeout on snoqualmie pass on this car. up to two feet in snow in that area. there's blizzard warnings in
7:16 am
seven states that we've been able to count now. that's highly unusual for this time of year, to get this snow and ice in the northwest. the northeast has problems of its own. it's more likely wind, though. it's not heavy rain at this point. but gusty winds up to 30 miles per hour. and you know what that does. it slows down air travel. in the middle of the country, a big burst of colder air. we'll highlight all those spots for you all morning long. and mild start to the day
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with temperatures in the 50 'sa. we could see it few light showers by lunchtime. 53 degrees at reagan national and 43 degrees in manassas. annapolis is at 54 degrees on our way to the upper 60's this afternoon with midday clouds and blizzards, storms, wind, cold air. all to talk about in the next half hour, george. >> i don't think i want to come back. and tensions were high last night, as the three finalists squared off on "dancing with the stars." two, final dances down. two to go for bristol, kyle and jennifer, who leads the board with two perfect 30s last night. but the audience is voting now. and a new abc news/"washington post" poll, finds that more than half of the country suspects
7:18 am
that bristol's being kept in the continue tigs competition, thanks to votes from her mother's political supporters. chris connelly has it all for us. >> reporter: there were mental showdowns for the audience. and mental anxiety for the contestants that were ready to bust a move or bare a little skin, for a shot at the title. jennifer grey pulled heart strings with a to die for paso doble. before a "dirty dancing" throwback, with a climax on top of the judges' table. and yielded another night of perfect scores. >> what would it mean to win this thing? >> it would mean a lot. >> reporter: after his fox trot, old-school was in session for kyle massey. his throwdown, good enough for second place. doing the worm. how exhausting is that moment?
7:19 am
>> well, you know, i am half-worm, half-man. ♪ >> reporter: still, it was bristol palin, most under the microscope. an abc news/"washington post" postpoll indicating 54% of americans believe she is surviving on the show, thanks to viewer votes from her mother's political supporters. not because of her dancing. >> i don't think the millions of viewers that are out there voting are all republicans or all part of the tea party. i think that democrats are voting for us. and i think they see this journey that i've gone through. they see me having no dancing skills at all. they see me putting myself out there and having a good time. >> reporter: bristol's jive earned a high-five from mother, sarah palin. solid scores, too. >> 9. >> reporter: ungauged for a dance from "chicago," her bridled passion left judges
7:20 am
wanting. >> not the level that this song required. >> reporter: now, trailing juner if and kyle on the judges' score card she could still be the champ. >> i won an eighth grade basketball tournament. yeah. that's it. >> reporter: so, maybe she'll win again, right? combo platter of viewers' votes and judges' scores will name the winner. >> we'll find out tonight. you'll be there. thanks, very much. now, to john berman. he's covering sarah palin. you've been following the sarah palin effect. whether bristol is getting a bounce from her mom's supporters. what are you finding on the web? >> reporter: some people are calling this the first presidential straw poll. that's how it felt on twitter last night. people voting for and against bristol palin. let me read some of the tweets. this one is one i like. blow up a liberal's head. vote for bristol palin. christine o'donnell, the former
7:21 am
candidate from delaware wrote, i just voted for bristol on "dancing with the stars." she's enduring a lot and should be proud. and she included the number to call and vote. a lot of conservatives are posting the number. you can vote up to five times. it's within the rules. a lot of opponents of bristol say it's making the show a joke. let me read some of their tweets. here's one i liked. it says, bristol dances like her mother speaks, in circles without a goal at all. not very friendly. some of them weren't clean. here's another one about bristol. overheard in the oval office, if bristol wins "dancing with the stars," we start bombing alaska in ten minutes. now, sarah palin will be signing books tonight, perhaps, when the results come in. george? >> john berman, thanks very much. we'll find out tonight who wins. >> and you can vote at until 11:00 a.m. eastern time today. >> remember, tomorrow, the finalists join us live in times square. also, when we come back, criminal charges filed by the woman who was with charlie sheen
7:22 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> 7:26 is your time is tuesday, november 23. i am alison starling with a local news update.
7:27 am
let's begin with checking on the morning commute with lisa baden. the inner loop before braddock road, a flat bed carrying construction equipment is moved out of the way with huge delays out of dale city and on the belt way out of springfield towards a tyson's. newschopper7 was looking at a multi-car crash at pennsylvania avenue. this is video of that car wreck with about 8-10 cars involved. traffic is getting by in all lanes but congested leaving andrews air force base to go up to fedex field. in virginia, let's go live to a picture of traffic on i-395 at edsall road moving at a better pace. we have a lot of sunshine outside right now. this is the live picture over the chesapeake bay. let's go to the graphics and look at the satellite and radar composite. there are areas of rain of to
7:28 am
the west with a line of showers falling apart as they hit the appalachians. the cold front is moving in but it is warm. 53 degrees in the district on our way to the mid and upper 60's this afternoon with midday light rain showers. cooler tomorrow with a lot of sunshine, near 50 degrees. thousands of metro riders could soon see their transit benefits significantly reduced. there have been receiving $230 per month since the economic stimulus package was passed in early 2009 but that increase expires at the end of the year and those workers would receive $120 per month. we will be back with another update at
7:29 am
7:30 am
when i became really uncomfortable was when he put his hands around my neck. at that point, things began to, very rapidly, kind of fall apart. and just really get out of hand. >> that was capri anderson, speaking out yesterday, right here on "good morning america," with her shocking account of her stormy night with charlie sheen. she's now filed criminal charges against the actor. she did that yesterday. and he's firing back with his own allegations. >> that's right, robin. charlie sheen is accusing capri
7:31 am
anderson of extortion. his claims is that she threatened unless he paid $1 million. his lawyer is standing by live. first, ashleigh banfield has the latest. >> reporter: it's a high-profile legal battle. charlie sheen is suing capri anderson, for what he alleges is a million-dollar extortion plot. he says she demanded money to keep quiet. but she has taken her story to the press and to the new york city police, where she told them, he threatened her life and assaulted her. sheen denise that. tmz cameras caught up with her. >> it wasn't until he put his hands around my neck that i really thought to myself, you have gotten yourself in a bad, bad situation. >> reporter: but despite telling us she feared for her life, she waited nearly a month to report to police. choosing, instead, to hire a
7:32 am
lawyer and planning to sue sheen for money. >> she told the police one story on the night of the incident. she refused medical attention. she has some serious credibility issues. >> reporter: in fact, she an her attorney addressed that very question on "good morning america." why wait so long to tell the police? >> the process of coming here, speaking to you, the passage of time, hiring a lawyer. that's allowed her to be empowered. >> reporter: today, anderson is scheduled to meet with the d.a. who is considering a charge of harassment in the second degree against sheen. and while rarely enforced to the maximum, it could mean 15 days in jail, for the "two and a half men" megastar. anderson is alleging a civil suit, alleging battery, assault and false imprisonment. she's not yet filed the case. whatever the next salvo in this legal war of words, it's unclear in the sheen of tv's top star has dimmed. for "good morning america," ashleigh banfield, abc news, new york. we're joined live, now, by
7:33 am
charlie sheen's attorney. let's go through your countersuit. you hurl serious charges against capri anderson and her attorney, saying they demanded a seven-figure sum or what? what would they do? >> or they would go to, you know, "good morning america," and tell the lies and the fabrications that they told yesterday morning on your air. >> as you know, sir, we did not pay capri anderson anything for her appearance. >> i'm not saying you did pay capri anderson. i'm telling you -- you asked me what they told us. they told us if we did not write them a check, they were going to go on the air. and they were going to lie about what occurred that night in the plaza hotel room. >> they also charged -- capri yesterday, charged that she was offered a sum of money by charlie sheen, by your client, for her silence. i want to show you part of that interview from yesterday. take a look. >> yeah. he offered me a sum of money for
7:34 am
my silence. >> how much? >> we're not going to get into that right now, george. but it was a substantial amount of money. >> so, he offered you a sum of money. and what did he expect in return? >> just not to talk to anybody about it. just to go about my business. >> your response? >> they wouldn't show you the text message or e-mail or whatever they alleged to have. there was definitely an e-mail string between her and charlie. she was complaining that she didn't get paid her appearance fee. that her purse got damaged or destroyed somehow during the evening. that her dress was ruined. and there was a whole string. the real issue, george, is why is she going to sell it? why is she trying to make money on it? and why did her lawyers not let your producers and ashleigh see it before the interview. >> again, we did not offer any money for the text. you spoke to our correspondent, ashleigh banfield, the other night. and you said that charlie was going to pay capri $12,000 for
7:35 am
sex. and then, after the night went amiss, he offered her $8,000 more. is that right? >> well, there were -- again, there were a number of text messages back and forth. she was complaining that she didn't get paid for the evening. that her purse was missing or was damaged. and charlie said, listen, whatever money you're out. i'll be more than happy to pay you. that's the extent of it. >> he did hire her for sex? she denies that. >> no. she wasn't hired or sex. she was hired to be the entertainment for the evening. she was present at the dinner. she went back to the hotel room with him. but there was never a sexual encounter. and there was never money exchanged for sexual acts. >> as you know, she's made some very serious charges against your client, saying he put his arms around her neck. saying he threatened to kill her. saying he threw a lamp at her across the room. your response to that? >> well, there are a number of things you have to consider. one is, on the night of the incident -- and this aired last
7:36 am
night on "nightline." she said to ashleigh banfield, when the police asked me whether or not i was okay, i said i was fine. they asked me whether or not there was any physical violence or any type of verbal abuse. she said no. she said she wanted to go home. we submit in our lawsuit the reason she wanted to get out of that hotel room is because she had charlie's watch hidden on her. and she was afraid of getting caught. she told her friend she was fine. she put on her website a couple days afterwards that she was totally fine. you know, this girl has just changed her story. she has absolutely no credibility. what she said on your air yesterday and what she told the police and plaza security, were two, completely different stories. >> are you saying, on behalf of your client, that what she charged yesterday on the air was untrue or not? >> it's totally untrue. it's complete fabrication. it's a pack of lies. it belies what we know the facts
7:37 am
are. the fact that any victim would wait a month and announce her story on "good morning america," just belies even imagination. if she was truly a victim, she should have gone to the police. should have filed these charges the night it occurred. or even a day or two afterwards. to try to extort money in exchange for the threat of going on the air, is just improper. that's why we're suing her and suing her legal team. >> now, you're saying that she stole charlie sheen's watch. do you have any evidence of that? she completely denies that, as well. >> well, there were only two people in the room. she was the one that wanted to get out of there quickly. and the watch is missing. there were plenty of places to hide that type of a watch. >> do you have any evidence? >> yeah. we have evidence. there were two people in the room. she's told friends that she stole the watch. we have those statements from people. and that's why we alleged that
7:38 am
in the complaint we filed last night in l.a. >> i take it from your tone this morning there's no way there's going to be any settlement. you don't fear the potential charges of second-degree harassment from the manhattan d.a.? >> i'm confident that the new york police department and the manhattan district attorney's office will see it for what it is, which is a complete shakedown of one of the, you know, best actors on the planet. and that's all this woman is after, is money. and she's not going to get it. >> okay. yale galanter, thanks for your time this morning. >> thanks for having me. now, let's go to juju. she has the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. president obama will be speaking with world leaders today, about how to respond to north korea's attack on a south korean island overnight. two south korean marines were killed. dozens of homes set on fire. the south had been conducting military exercises in the border area. nearly 400 people have now died after a stampede in cambodia. a massive crowd in an outdoor
7:39 am
festival panicked and tried to escape across a narrow bridge. fearing that people had been electrocuted. an apparent end to secret talks to end the war in afghanistan, turns out the man that officials thought was a senior taliban leader participating in the negotiations was an imposter. "the washington post" says the man was actually a shopkeeper from pakistan. but he was convincing enough to be paid by the u.s. to attend the talks. and there's a major financial investigation rattling wa wall street this morning. the fbi is looking at three hedge funds as part of an inside trading case. more raids are expected in the coming days. that's the news at 7:39. time, now, for the weather with sam champion. hey, sam. >> good morning. eight reports of tornadoes in southern wisconsin, northern illinois. we start with pictures out of loves park. look at that funnel there. in southern wisconsin, they haven't seen november tornadoes since 1971.
7:40 am
behind that is the cold air. chicagoland, at 27. look at cut bank, montana, at 13 below. this is a real pocket of cold air. but it's not the only one of the weekend. there's a second one coming that's even stronger. there's a lot of rain on the west coast. if you're flying into sacramento, or san francisco. it could be three inches of rain. l.a. picks it later tonight. that means it will it's another warm day and we don't have the fog to deal with this morning. there will be a few light sprinkle midday and cooler tomorrow or near 50. slick roads this morning in middle kentucky and middle tennessee. all that weather was brought to you by kmart. george? >> thanks, sam. when we come back, is the mystery of what happened to
7:41 am
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we're back at 7:43. and the family of natalee holloway is awaiting test results this morning that could provide new clues of what happened to the missing high school student since 2005. you remember that holloway disappeared on her senior class trip. now, authorities want to know if a jawbone found on a beach there are the remains of the 18-year-old. jeremy hubbard has more from aruba. >> reporter: a fourth discovered the remains friday, and brought them to the front desk of his aruban resort, the phoenix hotel. the discovery of a tooth could be a clue. they rushed the bone and natalee holloway's dental records to see if it's a match. a recent hurricane could have stirred up the bones on the beach. >> some of her small bones probably washed out.
7:45 am
>> reporter: holloway's father won't comment until he knows if it's natalee's bone or not. her mother, beth twitty, has been desperate for answers, she paid joran van der sloot earlier this year, for information. van der sloot was looking for $250,000. he is charged with extorting that money, when he sits in a peruvian jail, accused of stilling stephany flores, last may. for five years, van der sloot has eluded charges in holloway's disappearance. >> if she had a fractured skull, will it determine a cause of death? will they put a case together against jorn? >> reporter: earlier, tourists took a picture of what they thought was a skull and bone. divers found nothing but rocks and coral. with this new discovery comes renewed hope. >> if this is natalee, they will have part of a body. they can move forward with their
7:46 am
investigation. they can get that closure. >> reporter: for "good morning america," jeremy hubbard, abc news, aruba. coming up, he says his daughter took her life after being tormented by bullies at ce's father is hool. pointing fingers if his first interview. ♪ wow! ♪ they're from my garden club, up north. [ female announcer ] this year, hallmark has all new ways to say it. well, there's the snow you wanted.
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7:49 am
it's the aging process, kiddo. 50 years old. couple of things, you can get
7:50 am
your aarp card, now. and you can probably host a program called 20/2010. 50's a big number. but i like watching you at any age. >> that was beautiful. >> you wanted to kick it all off. this is just the beginning. >> thank you. >> so many people wanted to wish you happy birthday. we had to pull together a few surprises. here's one more. >> okay. >> hey, robin. from all of us here at "the view," every ones of us, happy birthday. >> we love you. >> we love you. >> you look fabulous for being that sort of age. brilliant. well done, darling. i love you. >> we were told this is your dressing room. and we were also told -- >> that you're very nervous. >> yeah. don't worry about it. no reason to worry about turning 45.
7:51 am
>> no, no. she's turning 50. don't be scared. this is a big one. >> dr. maya anglo said at 50, you become the person you have been trying to become all your life. so, welcome to the rest of your life. enjoy it. >> okay. you got me there. you totally got me with that one. thank you. when i walked in my dressing room this morning, my mother had sent overnight, sent these beautiful, pink roses. right there in the dressing room. and a sweet card. and she said, i can't believe my baby girl is 50. i think my family is having a tougher time because i'm the baby. baby's 50, they know. >> makes them feel old. a lot of audience members have been tweeting in. many have been asking us to check your birth certificate but they don't believe you're 50. >> and the sweetest one. i have to tell you. happy birthday, robin. you're a survivor, a beacon of hope, a shining example of elegance, class and grace. all of that is true, for so many women in america.
7:52 am
>> so many survivors saying, you appreciate a birthday after you survive cancer. >> we'll learn everything about your dancing moves, coming up. >> i will cha-cha to 50. how can you turn your family photos into something extra special these holidays? create your own scrapbook. we have the top ten tips for you right now apt and walmart are teaming uper ]a to bring you a low-price medicare prescription drug plan called the humana walmart-preferred prescription plan. it's a new plan that covers both brand and generic prescriptions and has the lowest-priced national premium in the country of only $14.80 per month and in-store copays as low as $2. when you could save over $450 a year, you can focus on the things that really matter. ♪ go to for details. ♪ ♪ i'll stop the world and melt with you ♪ ♪ i'll stop the world ♪ ♪ i will stop the world ♪ ♪ you've seen the difference ♪ ♪ and it's getting better all the time ♪
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. 7:56 is your time on this tuesday, november 23. let's get started by checking the roadways with lisa baden. it has been quite a morning. let's start off with 95 in virginia with a truck hauling hay and it is burning. 95 northbound close to the exit
7:57 am
for route 1 in spotsylvania county. they are letting traffic get through. 95 is slow before that through the occoquan and springfield are we had a broken-down truck on braddock road and that is gone. 270 southbound delays are leaving 370 down to the beltway. we'll take you live to the beltway outer loop, traffic is going from right to left and they are there from 952 georgia ave. we have a lot of sunshine right now. the clouds are increasing from the west. we have a line showers moving our way but this rate is mostly breaking up. nonetheless, we will probably see some laid sprinkles and showers here and bear closer to lunchtime. 53 degrees in the district right now and mid day showers and high temperatures may be in the upper 60's today and tomorrow,
7:58 am
noticeably cooler with sunshine but only near 50. a few showers thursday into friday. the washington arch bishop is returning home to washington, d.c.. he is now a cardinal and he is scheduled to arrive this afternoon. benedict made him and 23 [ steve ] i was registering my citi card for the holiday sweepstakes, when i got this toy from my colleague in japan. turns out robosan was the hottest toy of the year. [ news tv ] robosan 4000 is sold out across the country. [ steve ] i was going to sell it online and make a fortune. but then, i won a $1,000 prepaid card just because i used my citi card. so i made a decision, if citi could surprise me, why not do the same for someone else? [ male announcer ] register and use your card for a chance to win a prepaid card worth up to $10,000. what's your story? citi can help you write it.
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more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value!
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more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack. good morning, america. it's diane sawyer. this is a special edition of "gma," 50 years ago, lucy marion roberts and colonel lawrence robertses gave birth to a baby daughter. 50 years. you're just a baby. happy birthday, robin. ♪ happy birthday happy birthday ♪ what a day you're having. >> that is so sweet of diane. she knows my mom well. and she loved my daddy as much as i did. great day so far. thank you, everyone. for making me feel special.
8:01 am
>> a lot more to come. >> no. >> a lot more to come. you're going to celebrate today. you've been working so hard on that cha-cha. >> oh, that. >> you and maks, right there. >> i think teaching me has been his ultimate challenge. he's been busy. that was my birthday gift to myself. to learn how to do the cha-cha. maks and i will go at it tomorrow. also in this hour, this girl's parents gave her what she wanted for christmas. plastic surgery is rising among teens. has it gone too far? we'll talk more about that. >> trying not to be too judgemental. but it seems early. we begin with the father of 15-year-old phoebe prince, speaking out about the last time he spoke to his daughter before she took her own life after months of taunts and bullying. >> reporter: it's been nearly a year now since phoebe prince died. this is the first time her father has been on camera talking about this.
8:02 am
with the accused teens yet to face a trial, he's clearly still trying to come to terms with what has happened to his family. the suicide of 15-year-old phoebe prince shined a spotlight on a national bullying epidemic. now, in a new documentary called "the trials of phoebe prince," that aired on irish television monday, her father, jeremy, is speaking out about the tragedy that took his little girl. >> the last time i'd seen phoebe, was when i give hear a big hug. before i left, daddy, i love you. to see her in a coffin. >> reporter: after prince move ed so south hadley, from ireland last year, she became the victim of bullying. by a group of girls that the teen had relations with their boyfriends. >> taunted and teased her. called her names. >> reporter: on january 14th, things had reportedly became so bad, prince took her life.
8:03 am
her sister discovered the body. while school administrators were allegedly informed about the bullying from students, as well as phoebe's own mother, the family and the d.a. accused them of taking no action. phoebe's father said, the whole culture was wrong at that school. the school turned a blind eye. he says now, if the alleged bullies would apologize, he would consider an appeal to the court for leniency. >> there is no healing in anger. and there's no healing in revenge. the only real healing in the long-term can come from finding the ability to forgive. and that really has been my focus from the start. and believe me, it's bloody hard. >> reporter: the teens are facing charges ranging from statutory rape to stalking and are expected to face trial early next year. we also reached out to the school board for a comment, based on jeremy prince's reaction to the school. they declined to comment to us yesterday. >> boy. the father's words so powerful. trying so hard to forgive. >> what a horrible thing for a
8:04 am
father to have to go through. >> andrea, thanks very much. time, to go to juju and the news headlines. >> good morning, george, robin, andrea. good morning, everyone. the white house is condemning north korea's bombardment of a south korean island, calling it a belligerent actions. this morning's attack has left two south korean marines dead and dozens of homes in flames. it was the first attack on south korean civilian territory by the north since the end of the korean war in 1953. south korea's military, which was holding exercises in the border area, returned fire after the attack. president obama will be consulting with world leaders today to decide on a response. tensions on the korean peninsula are already weighing on the stock market this morning. also today, wall street is awaiting news about how much the economy grew in the last quarter. they're expecting slightly more than a 2% growth. businesses are starting to spend again. now, the other big news of the morning. a save the date notice, from prince william and his fiancee, kate middleton.
8:05 am
our jeffrey kofman is at buckingham palace, with today's announcement about the royal wedding plans. >> reporter: good morning, juju. the announcement came early this morning from buckingham palace. prince william and kate middleton will be married friday, april 29th. the location, westminster abbey. that's where queen elizabeth and then princess elizabeth was married and crowned queen of england in 1953. it's not the same place where william's parents were married. that was at st. paul's cathedral. this will be a national holiday here in britain. juju? >> jeffrey kofman, thanks. mark your calendars. on your mark. get ready. more than 2 million people are expected to travel today, with many getting their first taste of new security measures at airports. despite the outrage over enhanlsed patdowns, the tsa says less than 3% of passengers are getting them. and you can avoid them by not setting off an alarm. avoid metal zippers and
8:06 am
underwires. delta is offering refunds to some passengers because of passengers that cancel because of security measures. now, diane sawyer has a look at what's on tap for "world news tonight." diane? >> good morning, juju. astonishing new pictures of animals showing mouth-dropping generosity and kindness. join in the debate about what they teach about morality, religion, and what's in our dna. you have to see the pictures, coming up tonight. see you then, on "world news." >> we look forward to that, diane. that's the news at 8:06. time for the weather with sam champion. good morning, sam. >> good morning, juju. how are you? one of the nicest things. people love robin just about as we love robin. take a look at the pictures and the signs. everybody put together down here. that is the nicest, nicest thing. i know she appreciates that. look at that. yeah. i'm just telling you. it's almost as much as we love you. and they love you a lot.
8:07 am
let's get to the boards. i heart you. let's get to the boards. one or two things we want to talk about this morning. we're going to start with the big storms in chicagoland yesterday. how about that? about eight tornadoes from northern illinois to southern wisconsin, in november. it was just a rough day of storms. and then, in comes the cold air in the chicago area. down south, look at these temperatures. houston, 82 degrees. new orleans, 79. sounds like places i need to be. atlanta comes in at 71 degrees with scattered showers. and there's blizzards in seven, it is warm right now with temperatures in the 50's and it will be worn today ahead of the cold front moving in from the west. there is a line of showers but most of the rain is falling apart. we are expecting a few sprinkles here and there around the metro area into the lunchtime hour. they should not amount to much highs will be in the mid to
8:08 am
upper 60's. it's a gorgeous morning in sometime times square. we'll have more from this in the next half hour. >> look forward to joining everybody down there. sam, thank you. plastic surgery is on the rise every year. did you know 200,000 teens had plastic surgery procedures last year. 200,000. amid so many stars admitting to plastic surgery procedures. cynthia mcfadden took a look at how modern medicine has changed the world of celebrity forever. it is something to see this, cynthia. >> reporter: it really is, robin. this special tonight shows some of the prices that are paid by the stars, both physical and financial. we'll be talking about the types of procedures, the dos and don'ts, and give you the real scoop on who's had what done. right now, i'm going to show you a report of the rising trend of teens going under the night. how young is too young for
8:09 am
breast implants? >> that's me, before my eighth and ninth grade dance. >> reporter: caitlin is a beautiful girl. but like many teenage girls, she suffers from insecurities about her appearance. >> i felt pretty. but i didn't want to draw more attention to what i didn't have. >> reporter: at 18, she says she's been continually tormented for what she considers her physical shortcomings. >> i have always been the friend with small breasts. and i was tired of being teased about it. >> reporter: and so, she yearns for what she thinks will be the answer to her problem, a breast augmentation. and how does your parents feel about you wanting to have it? >> they were understanding about it. >> reporter: do you think it's worth the physical pain of it? >> i do. we go to the gym. when we go to the gym, we hurt. we hurt for days. and we still go to the gym. >> it will be a funny little joke between all of us. like mother, like daughters.
8:10 am
>> two incisions right there. we'll give you a nice, pretty cleavage. >> reporter: caitlin went for a consultation, with houston plastic surgery, franklin rose. a known entity to the family. he did her mom's breasts, too. >> you'll be surprised, with the techniques we use, how little pain there is. >> did you look in the mirror this morning. >> i did. i was like, good-bye, old body. >> this one's not next, is she? >> no. >> that's the saline that's being filled in the implant. >> reporter: after surgery, caitlin is in excruciating pain. but is hopeful, it will be worth it in the end. have you ever felt a pain like this? pretty bad? can you describe what the pain feels like?
8:11 am
>> somebody throwing bricks at my breasts. >> caitlin's older sister also got breast implants. so, the surgery's definitely a family affair, robin. >> what's going on, cynthia? >> there are other 10 million plastic surgery procedures last year alone. on the special tonight, you'll see neal karlinsky talks to janice dickerson, the model who got lots of plastic surgery done. she is proud of it. also on the special, nick watt speaks to pete burns, the '80s pop star, the front man for dead or alive. he sees plastic surgery as a form of art. his face ravaged by the plastic surgery he's had over the years. he says he's never going to stop having it. and we'll have my conversation with heidi montag. juju talked to her about six months ago. she now has real regrets. >> she did ten in one day.
8:12 am
>> yeah. more than that. >> i know -- i'm like george. i mean, you got to do what makes you happy. i understand that. and everyone -- you don't want to judge. but when it's someone so young. >> that's the thing. it's one thing when adults do it. but when kids are doing it. and it's the culture. nobody's good enough. >> all right. >> happy birthday. >> thank you. >> serious flowers in that dressing room. >> i love talking about plastic surgery on my 50th birthday. >> i know. there are serious flowers in that dressing room. >> thank you, cynthia. you can see more of her primetime special, tomorrow night at 10:00, 9:00 central. we'll be right back. [ quinn ] m, and this is my eggo. on fridays i have hockey before school, so i take two eggo homestyle waffles and put peanut butter inside. [ whispering ] i add a couple chocolate chips when dad's starting the car. [ male announcer ] there's only one way to eat an eggo...your way. [ quinn ] l'eggo my eggo. [ louise ] my name is louise and this is my eggo. on tuesday i go in even earlier than usual. thank goodness for eggo, a nutri-grain waffle with a quick smoodge of cream cheese...
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simple blood tests will check for liver problems. tell your doctor about other medicines you are taking, or if you have muscle pain or weakness. that could be a sign of serious side effects. ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. i love it when we're here together. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. ♪ happy birthday, dear robin happy birthday to you ♪ >> here's hoping you have a great day. happy birthday. >> robin, i just want to wish you a happy birthday. i hear you're turning 50. you do not look at it all. very excited for you. happy birthday. >> wishing you the best birthday. and sending you the biggest
8:17 am
kiss. >> hey, robin roberts. guess where i am. i'm in your dressing room. and it feels fun in here. that's good. that's what 50 is, fun. i want to say happy 5-0. and saying, you make 50 look great. >> thanks, gayle. why is everybody hanging out in my dressing room? get out of there! >> the place to be. >> celebrating there. >> thank you, thank you. that was beautiful. i appreciate it. >> they keep finding it. you are having fun on your 50th. >> i am. i'm having the best time. a lot of people writing saying, it's their birthday, too. or they turned 50 this year. it's wonderful we're sharing it. >> the topper, maks. >> will they get to cha-cha with maks? take a look. the sun wasn't yet up. and i was on my way to work. no, not times square. but in hollywood, at the supersecret "dancing with the stars" rehearsal hall. from the get-go, maks and i hit it off.
8:18 am
>> hi. >> reporter: look, we even dress alike, without planning it. we're twins. i hope brandy's not jealous about me. >> she is. >> reporter: she is? since he was so busy with brandy all season, my maks time was limited. and oh, so precious. i want to step out of my comfort zone. i want to challenge myself. maks taught me, step-by-step, a whole semester of cha-cha, crammed into one morning. >> here. cha, cha, cha. here we go. cha, cha, cha. and back. cha, cha, cha. ♪ >> reporter: oh. that's what i want to do. the arm. okay. >> cha, cha, cha. >> reporter: whoa. ♪ >> reporter: i'm dizzy right now. >> think about how cute your fingers are.
8:19 am
>> reporter: i'll get a manicure that morning. >> can i tell you a secret that i tell all my partners? >> reporter: please. >> you have no choice. >> reporter: the cha-cha doctrine by maks. one, use those hips. lots of hip action. >> boom, boom, boom. >> reporter: his second big point, keep those knees straight, or else. and maks' final lesson, no freelancing. no showing off. always dance together. >> we do it as a couple. ♪ >> reporter: i've been maksified. it was crucial i practiced wherever i could. wherever i could. >> a raise for the holidays. what are you doing? >> reporter: help me with the cha-cha. one, two, three. one, two, three. i also rehearsed with maks' brother, val, in new york.
8:20 am
i practiced on my weekend get away to the beach. with a full orchestra of surf and sand. when i see you dancing, when i see a beautiful dance, i think of my mother and father. my father's departed. and my mother's 86. that generation. i don't know. you stand a little taller. you're a little prouder. as i turn 50 today, i can't help but think of my parents, who brought me into this world. and who challenged me and my siblings to dare and dream. and to really love a good dance. ♪ i love you, love you love you like you ♪ ♪ want me to [ applause ] >> thank you. working hard. so, tomorrow, live, with maks, i will dance the cha-cha. yeah. i don't know. no. no scoring at home. no scoring here in the studio. >> robin, we know that you've been working so hard. this is a true aspiration for you.
8:21 am
for your birthday, what do we get for the girl who has everything? george and sam and i got together and brainstormed. and we decided to get you a little dance kit. this is complete with an outfit. and this is for your sore mus e muscles. >> i am sore. >> and your feet massage. this is sam's idea. >> i don't know how to turn it on. >> good thing i got a pedicure last week. >> can i say, they are the best legs in television. there's no one who has better legs than you. >> you can say it. >> we want to take care of them. >> this is nice. do you see the pedicure. maks told me i had to do it. you really do get -- you know how the real celebrities talk about how -- the injuries they have. my shoulder hurts. i'm going to be ready for tomorrow. maybe. >> and we are all thrilled and excited to see you dance with maks tomorrow morning. as well as the three finalists from "dancing with the stars." they'll be here, too. live on "gma" tomorrow.
8:22 am
happy birthday, from the three of us. >> thank you. >> so happy for you. >> next time, a little hot water instead of cold? next time? >> we also have one of your favorite "gma" features coming up. "your three words." what's important to you. we have a special one this morning with music from beyonce. the song is "hello." ♪ you had me at hello hello, hello ♪ ♪ you had me at hello hello, hello ♪ ♪ you had me at hello hello, hello ♪ ♪ you had me at hello hello, hello ♪
8:23 am
>> who doesn't love beyonce? if you're sitting around after thanksgiving, watch "beyonce, the television event." 9:30, 8:30 on thursday. >> and go to, to send us your three words video. we might use your submission in the upcoming segment. i love "your three words." >> three words today, happy birthday, robin. >> thank you, george. lee majors will be here. "six million dollar man." [ male announcer ] for frequent heartburn relief, nothing beats prevacid®24hr. just one pill helps keep you heartburn free for a full 24 hours. prevent the acid that causes frequent heartburn with prevacid®24hr, all day, all night. nothing works better.
8:24 am
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8:27 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. >> and good morning once again, i am alison starling and 8:27 is your time. let's look at traffic and weather. things are moving slowly now. we have a full complement of traffic. every book accuse me everybody is heading out to work. the beltway is pretty saturated. i will take you live to the inner loop delay is at georgetown road near the mormon temple. there was some in your eyes earlier and an accident on the way to holy cross hospital which is gone.
8:28 am
66 inside the beltway looks great. so does glebe road. nice news for us right now we don't have the effect fog we had yesterday. bright sunshine right now and very warm. we are normally in the upper 30's in the morning. we are in the upper 40's and mid 50's. front royal is currently at 52 degrees. some clouds are coming in from the west and a cold front is moving into west virginia and we have some areas of light rain. most of it is breaking apart but we can expect a few light showers here and there toward lunch time. it should not amount to much and clearing later in the afternoon. we will be well into the 60's today. cooler tomorrow with sunshine and near 50. tensing is set for february
8:29 am
11 for ingmar guandique who faces a maximum of life in prison. a jury found him guilty yesterday of killing federal entered chandra levy in 2001. he was already convicted of attacking two other women.
8:30 am
♪ la, la, la, la la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day la, la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la good morning, america ♪ [ cheers and applause ] what a wonderful, wonderful birthday gift, george. thank you. i know you had something to do with this, bringing india.arie here to sing, "a beautiful day." it was so beautiful, when i had
8:31 am
an opportunity to write that song with india.arie. and she is going to be here to sing it for us. i just can't stop looking in your eyes. i dare you not to have a good day. i dare you not to have a good day after hearing this song. we're not done yet with the birthday greetings. >> i can't take it. >> here are some more. >> robin, happy birthday. i send my best wishes. >> happy birthday, robin. there's plenty of life after 50. happy birthday to you. >> 50 more to go. you'll have a part by. good bless you, robin. >> you're just like great wine. you start out good. and you only get better. we love you. >> oh. thank you. thank you. this is so incredibly special. i appreciate all those people. >> i'm glad you're enjoying it. glad to see you loving it so much. >> he hates birthdays. he turns 50 in february. and you're not even going to be here. >> no. also this morning, "the six
8:32 am
million dollar man," that classic '70s series, is one of the shows fans have been waiting to have on dvd. the wait is over. "the six million dollar man" himself, lee majors is here. >> he's part of our warm coats, warm hearts drive. you can do it, too. go to burlington coat factory. if you're tired of the same, old, thanksgiving dessert, emeril lagasse is here. he's whipping up the sweetest pumpkin pie alternative. sam? >> george, not to worry, wherever you are in january, the combined international resource of abc news, will embarrass you on your birthday. robin, don't i speak for you when i say we'll find you. >> him in february. and you in august next year? >> yeah. >> so, be careful what you do today. it will come back to haunt you. >> okay. let's get to the boards. one or two things going on we want to talk about, as you step
8:33 am
outside your door in the northeast. here's what you should understand about this. we had a mild run of it. that's about to change. wednesday into thursday, there's a big change in the weather coming. not that it will rain on the thanksgiving parade. there will be shower ps but there's cold air dropping in for the weekend. there's big-time snow in the rocky mountains. that's going to cause problems. we have blizzard 54 degrees at reagan national airport right now. it is a warm start to the day but we don't have eight fog. we will have a few light midday showers. all that weather was brought to you by jared, the galleria of jewelry. emeril? emeril, what have you got going on over there?
8:34 am
what's coming up? >> sam, it looks like pumpkin cup cake cupcakes. >> pumpkin cupcakes? can we get a little candle and make robin blow one out? robin? >> okay. you and emeril, simmer down now. it's a sound -- that can only mean one thing. "the six million dollar man" is here. after more than 30 years, the hit 1970s show about a bionic man, is finally out on dvd. ♪ i love that. and joining us to talk about it, the iconic star, lee majors. lee, it is so great to see you. huge fan. >> thank you. thank you, robin. >> sundays on abc. >> i think that's -- you're right. >> what do you think made this so special? >> i think during that period of time, it was a great, family show. you could sit down with your
8:35 am
kids, 5 on up. and it was just made specifically for that reason. we never had the violence. we never showed any blood. never killed anybody. never carried a gun. never shot a gun. and the whole family could sit down and watch it. it was just a wonderful show. compared to what kids are watching on videos and all the violence. it doesn't blow up something or if it doesn't shoot something, you lose their attention. >> that's a good point. but you were able to capture our attention without doing all that. and how much of it did you have to do? how physically demanding was it? >> i did probably 90% of my stunts. >> really? >> well, being an athlete in college, playing college football, and doing "big valley," "the western," "the virginian," you did your stunts. >> i forgot, "the big valley."
8:36 am
>> we're in there to do a movie. i said i guess you want me to play my original part? he said, you're playing the father of your original character. coming full-circle with that one. >> i'll look forward to seeing that. the guest appearances from everyone on "the six million dollar man." i think of farrah fawcett. you were married to her at the time. can we play a clip with you and her? >> where do you think you're going, baby? >> out, colonel, sir. >> if you run into trouble up there, you can't walk away from it. get back in that capsule. we'll run it again. >> we've been at it for six hours. >> that's not the program, lady. i've been asked to help you. i didn't want to do that. if you don't mind, we'll get back in that capsule and we'll do it again. >> yes, sir. >> steve, you have a problem? >> yeah. how do i get fired off this job? >> you said how much fun you had
8:37 am
working with farrah. >> yeah. you know, she hadn't done work at all when i met her. when i met her, i was doing "owen marshal, counselor at law." and i used her as my girlfriend to exexperience. i said, this is enough. get her on the show. and she did "charlie's angels." that's history there. >> and sandra bullock. >> 1989. we did a reunion movie. we had this young girl. a guest star. i think she made $2,500 for a two-hour movie. that was sandra bullock. >> and there were thoughts she would have a spin-off. probably the best thing that happened to her was the fact that did not happen. >> the best thing, that job didn't go. if anybody deserves a career in this business, she did. she was a wonderful girl. >> you have been wonderful. and to think that, playing football, right? you talked a little to it. you never had aspirations to be
8:38 am
an actor. how did it come about? >> i had an injury in football, runningback a kickoff. and lower back injury. and it put me out for a while. and all my teammates dare med to go out for this audition, for this play, "the crucible," which i did. and i got the part, and had to do it. i'm doing this play, a college play. and all my teammates are down in the front row. and with their dates. and i'm -- got this emotional scene. and they're taking my wife to burn her at the stake. >> oh. >> so, i look at the girls. the girlfriends. they had little tears coming down. and i look at these big tackles and guards. they had their eyes all moistened up. i thought, i can do this. that changed my career path a little bit. >> i'm glad it did. and now, it's out on dvd. >> somebody's been playing with that. i don't know if i ever wore short pants. >> our producer had that at
8:39 am
home. and brought it in. >> it's been 35 years since it's been able to come out. it's a wonderful box set. it's got 100 shows. the six movies. all six movies. >> wonderful. >> you can't get it in scores. only at great christmas present. >> thank you so much. continued blessings in all that you do. >> thank you. >>
8:40 am
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okay. here's the research perfectly timed for our thanksgiving. the taste and research center, tested 40 aromas to determine which one aroused men the most. can you guess? no guesses? pumpkin pie. >> yeah. pumpkin. >> pumpkin pie. >> pumpkin was number one. lavender was number two. and then, as someone said over there, apples, came after that. >> can you explain the pumpkin thing, dr. love? >> one out of four people prefer apple pie. pumpkin is second. apple pie, everybody? yeah. today, however, we're doing pumpkin. >> cupcakes? >> that's right. we're going to do simple -- i
8:43 am
wanted to do something just a little different. so, we're going to -- pumpkin cupcakes with the cream cheese icing. and you can decorate that and garnish it anyway you want. and an apple brown betty, which is sort of -- almost like a cobbler. but a little different. we'll explain that in a second. first of all, we're going to cream some butter. once it's soft, we're going to add brown sugar to it. yep. and regular, granulated sugar. we're going to bring this together on low temperature. as we mix this, we want to have a low temperature, 350 degrees, on our oven, george. >> okay. >> once this comes together. here it is right here. once it comes together, go in this bowl right here. >> going crazy on me. >> hold on. >> i got it. >> all right. that's okay. easy. all right. now, we're going to put this together again. and then, we're going to add
8:44 am
three eggs, one at a time. get a little bit more speed. and at this point, george, you can't really overmix this with the liquid. so, now, what we're going to do is add butter milk to this. and we're going to add vanilla. >> all right. >> and now, what i'm going to ask you to do is if you can spoon -- here's a -- put that pumpkin right in there. >> is this out of a can? >> you can use fresh. you can roast and then puree. or use a good, quality, canned pumpkin. all this comes together. while this comes together, the next mixture we're going to do, is quite simple. what we're going to do, is take flour, baking powder, cinnamon. you want to do all of the dry ingredients together. baking soda. this is a little nutmeg. and a little bit of ground clove.
8:45 am
you mix all of that in there. >> yeah. >> now, the important part is this part of it goes into the this. you just do it a little bit at a time. yep. keep it about one more speed. yep. this is what makes the batter. when all of the flour gets together, it looks like this. >> okay. >> so, now, this is the batter right here. what we're going to do is take a buttered muffin pan, spoon them in. 350 degrees. we're going to do that for 30 minutes. once they come out, they're going to look like this. these guys are already decorating. >> we're deck raiding. it's fun. did you see that? i'm telling your mom. >> i like them. >> i like a lot of the cream cheese icing. >> so do we. >> now, about the apple brown betty? >> i use an angel food cake. you can use pound cake. you want to line it. apples, brown sugar, bread crumbs. you put that over apple cider.
8:46 am
two or three cups. bake it in the oven, as you can see, right here. and if they go on, all the recipes are there. you like pecans? all right. you're going to taste that. that's great. >> wow.
8:47 am
8:48 am
she has received three grammys. 20 grammy nomination. sold 8 million albums. she was just inducted into the georgia music hall of fame. the name of her most recent album is "testimony volume 2." we are happy to have my bff back here in the studio. ladies and gentlemen, india.arie.
8:49 am
>> happy birthday. >> thank you. george and the gang knew what i wanted for my birthday. that was for you to sing. >> sweet. we're honored to be considered a birthday present. >> i'm telling you. you are just continuing to have such a wonderful, wonderful life and career. you're going to be performing at the concert, the nobel peace prize concert in oslo. >> yes. >> and you're also working on your second album? not second album. you're next album. >> fifth. >> what kind of music are you working on? >> oh, my. i don't know how to say it, really. i've not talked act it. it's called "open door." i'm doing it with an artist from israel. i'm not good at speaking hebrew. and it's called "open door." it's my favorite music ever. it's beautiful and melodic. all of the words i like to sing. and the song at the nobel peace prize, is "gift of acceptance."
8:50 am
it's something i've wanted to say for so long. just accepting people, letting them do what they want to do. it's my favorite music. but i want to say this. >> okay. >> i really admire you. and i am here representing all of the people who admire you and who are inspired by you because you're beautiful. right? and successful. and well-spoken and courageous. not just a survivor. but resilient, through your healing crisis and all that. people were able to watch you. i've always wanted to say that to you. but i wanted to say it to you on your birthday. and your legs are like 8 million miles long, on top of everything else. >> bless you for saying this. and bless you for this song we wrote together. "a beautiful day." the bonus track on your latest cd. india.arie, "a beautiful day." ♪ life is a journey not a destination ♪ ♪ there are no mistakes
8:51 am
just chances we've taken ♪ ♪ lay down your regrets 'cause all we have is now ♪ note wake up in the morning and get out of bed ♪ ♪ start making a mental list in my head ♪ ♪ of all of the things that i am grateful for ♪ ♪ early in the morning it's the dawn of a new day ♪ ♪ new hopes new dreams ♪ ♪ new ways i hope up my mind and ♪ ♪ open i my eyes and i wonder how life ♪ ♪ will surprise me today early in the morning ♪ ♪ it's the dawn of a new day new hopes, new dreams ♪
8:52 am
♪ new ways open up my heart and going to do my part and ♪ ♪ make this is a positively beautiful day ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la it's a beautiful day ♪ ♪ it's a beautiful day la, la, la, la ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la, la ♪ life is a challenge not a competition ♪ ♪ you can still smell the roses and be on a mission ♪ ♪ just take a moment to get in touch with your heart ♪ ♪ sometimes you feel like you've got something to prove ♪ ♪ remind yourself that there's only one you ♪
8:53 am
♪ just take a moment to give thanks of who you are ♪ ♪ early in the morning it's the dawn of a new day ♪ ♪ new hope new dreams ♪ ♪ new ways open up my eyes and ♪ ♪ open up my mind and i wonder how life ♪ ♪ will surprise me today early in the morning ♪ ♪ it's the dawn of a new day new hopes ♪ ♪ new dreams new ways ♪ ♪ open up my heart and i'm gonna do my part and ♪ ♪ make this is a positively beautiful day ♪ ♪ la, la, la, la la, la, la
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
it's not just india. the entire staff loves and admires you. it's been a great pleasure to be here. >> finally. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
>> and good morning everybody. 8:56 is your time. i am alison starling with your local update. we begin with lisa baden and traffic. i don't have any major accidents right now. there are some complications. let's go live to the cameras so you can get an idea of the pace of traffic. there is a delay out of roslyn because of building work on 23rd street north of constitution ave. we take you across the 14th street bridge which has normal volume to the third street, but everything is open. all the georgetown road is better and the inner and outer loop looks good. across the american legion bridge southbound has delays leaving river road. it is warm and very sunny.
8:58 am
manassas is up to 61 degrees. frederick is warming up to 52 degrees. mostly sunny skies but off to the west, we have areas of the increasing cloud cover along with the cold front that is moving in. most of the rain is falling apart but a few showers will make it across the mountains into the metro area around midday. it will be worn in the upper 60's and cooler and sunny tomorrow. a law standing kiosks on the national mall command by vietnam veterans was destroyed by fire. it took firefighters a few minutes to put out the flames that the kiosk was a total loss. a man suffered minor burns and authorities believe a malfunctioning heater start of the fire. >> thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is up next.
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