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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  December 5, 2010 11:35pm-12:05am EST

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we are getting word that the white house and top republicans are kneeling -- nearing a deal, no new taxes. it appears that the bush era tax cuts will be extended for the wealthiest americans. >> president obama is prepared to break one of his biggest campaign promises. it appears that the republicans will get all of the tax cuts extended. >> the tax cuts are not going up on anybody in this recession. we are discussing how long we should maintain the current tax rates. >> we are moving here against my judgment and my own view of things. >> democrats tried to extend tax cuts only for the middle class. >> there have been mandates that the wealthiest americans get a
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tax cut that is 1000 times the size of the average american. >> the president promised compromise. >> we need to redouble our efforts to resolve this impasse in the next few days. >> somebody making $62,000 a year could see their taxes go up $22,000 -- $2,200 starting next month. earlier tonight i sat down with somebody to discuss the future of the bush era tax cuts. >> thank you for joining us tonight. let's start with the democrat's push to extend only some of these tax cuts. the senate twice this week said no. >> most people think that having taken those votes they are going
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to force back both parties to the negotiating table. the president seems intent to get a deal by the end of this week. it is a question of what the resolution is. no matter what happens, the democrats are heading towards a resolution that is not satisfactory to them. >> the president wants a deal. he is talking about republicans giving an extension of unemployment benefits in exchange for extending the tax cuts for the rich. do you think that republicans will go for that? >> republicans are going to have to go for that. that is the one big act that the president is making, that unemployment insurance is extended. the big question is how it is paid for. that will be the sticking point. that will be the framework for ending -- any pending bill. the question is if democrats are
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going to extend -- accept it. extending the bush tax cuts, that is something that they pledged not to do. >> obama would be breaking one of the biggest campaign promises that he made. >> almost every democrat in congress, they have run on this for the last 10 years. >> republicans say, how can you not extend these tax cuts during a recession? democrats are saying that this deficit is spiraling. it could save $68 billion. both sides claim politics with their argument. >> if you extend the tax cuts to the middle class, that costs billions of dollars. over 10 years, it is $3 trillion. there is a lot of adding to the deficit on all sides.
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at the same time, the republicans have the argument that they should not be raising taxes during a recession. that is an easy sound bite that works for them. democrats have not been able to match that simplicity of argument. >> what is the final compromise? these expire on january 1. >> a lot of back room negotiations. maybe action on the senate floor by friday. congress is only set to be in session for two more weeks. something has to move this week. otherwise, we are looking at pushing this into next year. tomorrow, prince george's county will have a swearing in ceremony. he replaces the outgoing executive, jack johnson, who is facing federal charges of destroying evidence.
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his wife faces the same charges. she is set to be sworn in as the new county council member. montgomery county will be holding its inauguration. leggettt will be sworn in along with other council members. the county is bracing for more budget cuts. after a decade of planning and building, a new hospital is opening in hagerstown. she explains why the need is so great in the area. >> say goodbye to the 106-year- old washington county hospital and hello to the county's newest pride, gri hundred million dollar hospital with a new name. they prepare for the job of transferring the patients from the old to the new. >> we have contracted with
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commercial ambulance is out of the washington area. >> patients will feel like they stepped into the future. nurses and doctors are being trained on state of the art equipment. they will cut in half the time the patient spends in the hospital. >> we have oxygen. >> that has 70 new operating rooms and 50 new treatment rooms with real-time audio-video connection. live cameras with doctors and specialists for doctors that can participate in surgery from afar. all of the information that a doctor needs is read out on a computer screen. >> patient records, lab values, all of that is fed to the operating room. >> it is called clinical integration.
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>> we see more and more people moving to this area in their 60's and 70's. >> while the old hospital had a lack of beds, the new one has 230 critical care beds. a pediatrics unit and a psychiatric facility. >> the outgoing house speaker will get a chance to flip the switch on the capitol christmas tree this year. the 67 foot tree hails from the forest in wyoming. students are making 5000 ornaments to decorate the tree. the lighting ceremony in dates back to 1964 will be 5:00 p.m. on tuesday. still to come on washington weekly, facing the consequences, the key deadline for actor wesley snipes. temperatures today only in
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on wednesday. he denied his request to remain free on bail while appealing his conviction. over gaya's battle marriage continues. a three-judge panel must decide whether private groups are allowed to file an appeal. the nation gets its first peek at how the census bureau will be analyzing all of the data during the 2000 ted headcount. they will brief the media on five estimates of demographic estimates. the data will be used to great models for analyzing sentence data. next weekend, the redskins are at home to take on the buccaneers. they come to fedex field for a 1:00 game on sunday. the capitals are here all week. the colorado avalanche are here on saturday.
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the wizards start their week on tuesday in los angeles to take on the lakers. on friday, the team heads home to welcome the new york knicks to town. still to come, protecting yourself from a common check scam.
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>> of hundreds of students gathered at frostburg state
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university to honor the lives of two classmates killed in a fire on tuesday. eric and elissa died after being trapped in their apartment. two officers barely escaped being seriously injured this weekend. they had just gotten out of their police cruisers to direct traffic away from an accident when and suv slammed into one of their cruisers which slammed into another cruiser. police believe that the driver was intoxicated. an investigation is under way. tonight was the kennedy center honors. paul mccartney, oprah, merle haggard, and others were honored this evening. other stars that attended were julia roberts. a chilly night to come to washington. >> a very cold and windy night.
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we will look for a cold stretch of days over the next couple of days. we move through the month of december and it will only get colder outside. our average's fall from the 50's 2 b 40's. 28 degrees in frederick, maryland. it feels like 17 degrees. head over to big meadows. off to the west, shenandoah national park. we are looking at 19 degrees for a wind chill index. we have 32, right at the freezing mark for reagan national. wind gusts at 20 miles per hour. 51 is where we should be for this time of year. winds out of the west, northwest. martinsburg looking at 25 mile per hour wind gusts of this weekend. the windchill factor from the upper teens to the lower 20's throughout this area.
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strong northwesterly winds, high pressure just off to the west of loss. a very tight pressure gradient. that is why we will see wind gusts of about 40 miles per hour during the afternoon hours. head over to garrett county into allegheny county. this is where we have a winter storm warning, not only for tonight, but for tomorrow. as we move into tuesday, it expires tuesday at 7:00. we could see 8-12 inches of snow. this is our extreme western suburbs. nothing is going to amount to a lot over the next few days. it is going to be cold and windy. the snow showers remained well to the west of the d.c. metro area. by wednesday night, the rally called air arrives, whisking up on thursday morning, could see
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temperatures in single digits out to the west in the mountains. this is thursday morning. for tonight, partly cloudy, cold and breezy. for tomorrow, we will call for calm -- partly cloudy skies and a windy day. when chill factors will make it to about 15 degrees cooler than that. the outlook holding in the 30's for the next several days. the next chance for a warm-up will come up this weekend. 46 degrees, still below average for this time of year. no snow for the immediate area. out to the west, frostburg and garrett county, it has been a rough weekend. >> snowing on friday and snowing this weekend. still to come --
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and warning about a scam that is making a resurgence. they will say cashed the check, and keep a portion as long as to somebody else.
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>> a 20-something mother of two have one thing in common. they were both targeted by scammers and sent them bad checks. >> it overdrew my account. >> they replied. he claimed he worked for club moncao. he sent two checks including this one for two grande. >> i was supposed to take the check, the positive it, but it said 424 hours and then withdraw most of the money and then send it to stone mountain, georgia. >> i think it is horrible. especially when you look at people that are looking for work. you scam those people. those are the people that are most in need.
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>> who would be sending me a check for this amount of money? >> williams got an unsolicited check in the mail. this supposedly came from a market research. the check is from california and the firm website has a big scam warning on the home page. >> i have looked at enough news reports to know that our our scams going on. they tell us that consumers need to understand that scams like this are a common form of check fraud. if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. reputable companies will not ask you to do what these ♪ i'm gonna get it, i know i'm gonna get it. ♪ ♪ i can't wait ♪ every little step, brings me closer to the gift. can't be late. ♪ ♪ rip it open in a second and it's time to play. ♪
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>> are you ready for the wind and the cold? it will be called for the next several days. temperatures well below average for the next several days. the wind chill factor will make it feel more like the 20's. not as wendy on wednesday. 46 degrees on saturday it is my fine. here is the latest update on the forecast. just click on the weather tab.
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