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tv   ABC News Good Morning America  ABC  April 11, 2011 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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good morning, america. breaking news overnight. new twisters tear up the midwest. >> oh, my gosh, it's getting big. it's coming this way! >> one tornado almost a mile wide flattens much of an entire town. and ranging waters. rivers at record levels with backyards disappearing. voice of a killer. new clues in the search for a serial murderer. could the killer be a cop? the story behind the chilling phone calls to one victim's sister. >> do you think he's done killing? >> no. tipsy toddler. the truly alarming mixup at a
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major chain restaurant. a small child served alcohol versus apple juice. his outraged mother speaks out. up your nose with a rubber hose. >> welcome back to the world of vinnie barbarino and the sweathogs. it's a class reunion you don't want to miss. good morning, everyone. welcome back robin. >> you think i was going to miss mr. kotter? a lot of fun and sun in the florida keys. but weather not good everywhere. >> you're coming back after a wild weekend. the devastating or the they does and floods. now, this morning, iowa and wisconsin cleaning up this morning from the twisters. other parts of the midwest
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dealing with massive flooding. five rivers overflow their banks. and the latest pictures of prince william and kate middleton right now on their last official trip before their wedding in a couple of weeks. we'll have the latest on who made the guest list in the afterhours disco planned at the palace. also this morning, boy, donald trump is keeping the spotlight. you might have seen yesterday on "this week" the president's top political adviser blasted trump for questioning the president's citizen ship. this weekend, trump got some support from sarah palin. >> she's gone back and forth from time to time. let's get to the weather. yunji de nies is in mapleton, iowa. it w devastated there.
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yunji, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you can see how powerful the tornado really was. the metal itself is from another building a few blocks away. 60% of the buildings in the town were damaged or completely destroyed. >> it's getting big. it's coming this way! >> reporter: overnight in wisconsin, seven tornadoes swept through the state. >> the rain is coming. we have to go. >> reporter: ripping homes from their found dagtss, uprooting trees. leaving a path of destruction. is there that could be an entire wedge tornado on the ground. >> reporter: this new video shows what a half-mile-wide tornado looks like barreling through a small town. watch as this ef-3 touches down. first, the warning siren sounds. >> oh, no, it's coming back. look at this.
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>> reporter: then the funnel, with winds up to 165 miles an hour. at least 100 homes damaged. >> you just can't imagine the devastation. and we were so thankful that no one was hurt. that's the most important thing. >> reporter: businesses destroyed. johnny moody was filming. >> i was just out shooting lightning pictures. i caught the tornado forming. i could see debris spinning. i saw a roof thrown across the grocery store. >> reporter: now home owners are gradually returning. trying to salvage even the smallest memory. this damage goes on fn just blocks. you look at it, it's hard to believe no one was seriously injured. they're calling it the miracle in mapleton. >> there's so much rubble. thank you. dangerous flooding in the mississippi, and red rivers.
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for the third year in a row, they're dealing with epic floods. barbara? >> reporter: the red crested over the weekend. the danger here is far from over. the river is usually a football field away. this morning, right here. about ten feet deep. and the only thing holding back the water are a few sandbags and wall made of wood. near fargo, anxiety is running as high as the red river. turning houses into islands. for russ, watching the water creep closer, this is war. for three days now, he's waged a round-the-clock war to keep the river out. fortified by six pumps and this massive plywood mote he built by hand. >> it gets old. sit worth living this close to the river? we've been asking ourselves if
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we're going to continue. >> reporter: this is we he stayed. the river barely viz frbl his lush backyard. but 90 inches of melting snow has changed it into a menace. the rivers here, five of them, all running over their banks. residents from iowa, minnesota, and the dakotas fight back any way they can. >> it came up a lot faster than anybody out here was prepared for. >> reporter: this is your place? >> this is my place. >> reporter: along the cheyenne, rick took us on a tour of his neighborhood. the road to his home is invisible. the water is high here. >> it is. >> reporter: now there is so much water here, miles and miles of it, it could be weeks before all of this recedes. robin? >> at least. all right, barbara, thank you.
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meanwhile, japan rattled this morning by a massive aftershock on the one-month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. this morning's aftershock briefly cut power to the nuclear plants. bob woodruff joins us with the late latest. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning, robin. we were on the sixth floor of the hotel. the beds shook. the floors. we were in fear. in fact, it made a lot of people afraid, 20 minutes after that, another aftershock hit. it's putting this country into panic. today, two aftershocks. one, a powerful 6.6 magnitude, sparking a fresh tsunami warning. the aftershocks, temporarily cut power to two of the nuclear reactors at the crippled
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fukushima plant. these latest quax rattled nerves, along with cameras across japan. this is the one-month anniversary of the big earthquake that wiped out much of japan's coast. today, across the country, people stood for a moment of silence. 14,000 u.s. troops are now helping to clean up. earlier today, they took us by helicopter to see the efforts. this is stunning. i don't think anybody has seen anything like this in our lives. >> it is. it's one of history's worst disasters ever. >> reporter: well, you know, the nuclear plants are getting the power back. this is really a reminder on this anniversary, the one-month anniversary that this country is still very, very dangerous. >> certainly, still a lot of rattled nerves. bob, thanks. we're going to turn to washington. the dust hasn't settled from last week's budget standoff that
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just barely avoided a government shutdown. a big battle over the national debt has just begun. the fight over whether and how to raise the limit is being described as armageddon. jake tapper joins us. >> reporter: it sounds academic. a legislative battle. it could have a direct impact oj every american as soon as in the next few weeks. not just shutting down a few national parks. there's a lot of apocalyptic talk about what will happen if the debt ceiling is not raised. >> the implications for our economy, our fiscal policy, would be catastrophic. >> reporter: what does it mean to you if congress does not allow the u.s. government borrow more money? by mid may, expect the stock and
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bond market to plummet. they could impose a huge tax increase. the following could be occur tailed or cut off -- social security checks, medicare benefits, medicaid, military sallies, veteran benefits, student loan payments. >> default by the united states would precipitate a crisis worse than the one we just went through. >> reporter: what's the problem if house republicans say that any bill that will raise the debt ceiling needs to include spending cuts. >> the president says, i want you to send me a clean bill? guess what, mr. president. not a chance. there will not be an increase in the debt limit without something really, really big attached to it. >> reporter: how vicious could this fight get? it's the difference between a grade school slap fight and war. last week, the budget agreement
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was $38.5 billion in spending cuts. in order the make to it the end of next year, the debt ceiling will need to be raised about 50 times that amount, 1.5 trillion. that stack would reach more than halfway to the moon. >> the debt ceiling is going to be armageddon. >> reporter: on wednesday, the president will outline his vision for debt reduction. what they call a balanced approach. it will include spending cuts. it will address savings in medicare and medicaid. it will include increasing taxes on wealthy americans. >> a group of republican and democrat senators expected to release a bipartisan budget this week. the president's top political adviser lashed out yesterday on donald trump. trump has been getting lots of attention and rising in the polls by questioning whether or
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not the president was born in hawaii, even though that claim has been thoroughly debunked. he seemed to get support this week from sarah palin. >> reporter: less than two months ago, not far from here, we heard sarah palin say the whole birther issue was a distraction. now a different tune. what's changed? the answer, donald trump. his money and his mouth. donald trump was on tv again with his relentless round-the-clock questioning of the president's birth records. >> why isn't he giving his birth certifica certificate? >> reporter: now the efforts seem to have won a partial convert. mainly sarah palin. >> i appreciate that the donald wants to spend his resources in getting to the bottom of something that so interest him and many americans. more power to him. >> reporter: but rewind just two months. in february, this was her
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response when asked if she thought it was worth questioning the president's citizenship? >> i don't. i think it's distracting. it gets annoying. >> reporter: now she seems decidedly less annoyed. >> if there's something that the president doesn't want people to see. >> reporter: she seems to be reverting to the old position that it's fair game to ask the president for his birth certificate. why? maybe it has to do with the surge in the polls. long ago, the president released a certificate of birth. as for the white house, what do they think of the hay that trump is causing? >> there's zero chance that donald trump would ever be hired by the american people to do this job.
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maybe a small part of the country believes these things. main stream america thinks it's a side show. >> reporter: that's more than we have heard from the white house in a long, long time. they feel people in the country, there are some they will not be able to convince to matter what. >> i think they love the idea that donald trump now is driving the republican fields. they don't mind talking about donald trump. >> and the others are reacting to him. >> thanks. now let's go to jeff smith, in for sam champion. >> george, all the incregredien coming together over the weekend. over 600 reports of severe weather in the midwest. it started in north carolina, south carolina, eastern tennessee on saturday morning. it moved into mapleton. wisconsin, a lot of it happened in the day yesterday. this morning, potential tornadoes northeast of dallas.
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this system moves off to the east. the parameters for severe weather not quite as strong as over the weekend. look at the warmth. near record warmth in atlanta. in the mid 70s in the big apple. >> some sunshine to start the day today. some cloud cover.
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later, a fair amount of sunshine late in the afternoon. it is mild in the district. 53 in manassas. on our way, well into the mid to upper 80's. a lot of humidity in the air. thunderstorms tonight through >> and next half hour, we'll talk about some big wild fires in parts of texas. robin? we're seeing pictures right how to from northern england, where prince william and kate middleton are taking time off to spend time with students. it's the last public appearance before their big day. our nick watt is there braving the rain in the english countryside. nick, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. no wild fires or tornadoes. but it's pouring rain. has been for hours. so cold i with barely feel my feet.
7:17 am
excited school children around, not can dampen the glamour and glow of this royal couple. this morning, it's the north of england and flag-waving crowds. kate and william here to open an academy and launch a prince's award season. this is a final stop on the minitour of the nation that kate will one day rule as queen. >> this is how he looks like, she walks, she talks. she's kate middleton. we think she's great. >> reporter: this morning, invitation intrigue is at fever pitch. we know that director guy ritchie will be there, but not his ex, madonna. william invited four of his exs. and kate has invited two old flames. and kate's uncle gary will come to the palace reception. and the chef, anton, will kate
7:18 am
person he's good. white house incumbents, the obamas, are not invited. the queen has asked them over in may for a state visit. "the daily mail" said that joe albertson has been invited by prince charles. he owns tv stations and founded the politico newspaper. elton john is also coming, though probably not singing. and mr. bean, he's coming, too. hopefully not in character. and let's just look at kate one more time this morning. remember, this is the last we'll see of her until the wedding day. and the wedding is two weeks away, come friday, so the next time we see her, she'll be getting out of that car in front of westminster abbey. we'll finally get to see that
7:19 am
dress. >> hopefully, it will not be raining. what is the significance of this being the final appearance before the big day, katie? >> well, robin, as you know, the couple have visited st. andrews, ireland, it's only fair that england get a little bit of this magic treatment as well. as nick said, it's pouring down with rain here. everyone is so excited to see this couple. kate looks phenomenal. she's wearing her hair half up and half down. the rumor is she might be wearing it like that for the day of the wedding itself. maybe this is a practice run. >> i love to hear the little voices behind you. everyone is so excited. what will their life be like from now for the next 18 days before the wedding? >> manic would be the word i would use. all week, there will be meetings
7:20 am
to decide the seating plans. we revealed the guest list at the weekend. the big question is where all those people will sit. william and kate will be locked down doing that all week. i think it will be busy. the dress is hanging now in buckingham palace. all the fine details have been buttoned down. >> you mentioned the guest list. what more, that's fascinated a lot of people, the guest list. >> it is a fascinating list. it really gives you an insight into their inner circle. not just the couple. all the usual suspects are there. they're all friends. but the prince of wales' friends. lots of very big names that have surprised people. the head of p.r. for audi has raised more than a few eyebrows. it's a fascinating list. the exboyfriends and exgirlfriends is particularly
7:21 am
interesting. the biggest surprise for me is isabella, one of william's exes. >> there is a disco at the palace after the wedding? >> there will be a reception at the wedding. it will be for 650 people. the queen, i'm told, has only had 45 people to be able to invite. a small number. after that, the couple will go to st. james' palace and then, it's party time. >> knees up, as you say on that side of the pond. get out of the rain, katie. you can be a part of the royal wedding celebration. send us your wishes in just three words. tune in to our royal wedding special at 4:00 a.m. eastern on april 29th. >> it will be a great big day. coming up, a "gma" exclusive. for the first time, the woman at
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morning. is 7:26 on this monday, april 11. scott with your morning
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update. taking a the venture commute. >> metrorail is good. stantons a back on road. bye roadwayut of the time you get there. we have live pictures on our camera. virginia, the pace now out of springfield. this is what it looks like for e pentagon. and in maryland, the pace of traffic, the outer loop delays are normal. is 270 traffic south bay and -- southbound. it is typical. by midday this afternoon. warm start to the day. 53 in culpeper and fredericksburg. our average height is 55. we will be closer to a record
7:28 am
temperatures this afternoon. with the sunshine, southwesterly in the air.umidity the temperature may be in upper 80's in some areas. late tonight into tomorrow morning, and thunderstorms. >> thanks. a heads up for drivers in the district. a major reconstruction project constitution avenue between 23rd and 15th street nw. they will make improvements in drainage and traffic signals. the work is expected to be year.ed early next another update is
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♪ i said ba, ba, ba, ba, barbarino ♪ >> you think he cringes when he sees that? >> oh, my goodness. the dancing got a whole lot better on "saturday night fever." but that was from when john travolta was a lot less known as vinnie bash rerbarino. so much fun to watch. can you imagine if you smelled alcohol on your toddler's breath?
7:31 am
you're out to eat at a restaurant. that happened to one young mother. she thought her child was drinking apple juice. it's not the first time that they served someone to clearly underwage. and the hunt for a serial killer. could it be a former cop? we will talk to one of the sisters of one of the victims. but let's get started with the exclusive interview with jenn sterger. it's her first and only sper view since the story exploded last fall. >> it's the pressure, favre, got this one! 500th career touch crown pass. >> we have a developing story. allegations involving quarterback brett favre. >> he was a three-time nfl mvp. a married father of two, a football icon. >> if this is true, he might be
7:32 am
in trouble. >> reporter: then he crossed paths with this striking 25-year-old, the game day host for his new team. >> i'm not getting into that. >> reporter: reports of racy text messages, hard core photos. and racy voicemails. the nfl investigated. >> i just want my life back. that's all i'm asking for. to be able to go back to work. to enjoy doing what i do. entertaining people. making people laugh. the hardest part about this whole thing is that i am a ridiculous person. i love to entertain people and to say crazy things. i can't be that person. >> reporter: until you tell your story, it's in the a safe place. nothing you can joke about. >> no. because i'm still the joke. >> reporter: in our candid hour-long interview, there was defiance, laughter, and tears.
7:33 am
>> i'm not the right martyr for this cause. >> reporter: our exclusive interview aired tomorrow and wednesday on "gma." now, we turn to the intensifying manhunt on long island. police say new clues may have a background in law enforcement. in a moment, we'll speak to the mother of one of the victims. but first, andrea canning is here. that victim's sister says she received taunting phone calls, probably from the killer. >> reporter: can you imagine how horrible that would be. this girl was 15 years old when she received a phone call that was straight out of a horror movie. two years later, she lives in fear after her sister's body was discovered this past november. she's so scared, she asked we not identify her and put her in shadow. days after melissa bartholemy
7:34 am
went missing, her teenage sister said she got a series of phone calls. >> i don't know why he chose me. i don't know why i was chosen, why i was taunted. >> reporter: the calls eerily came from her sister's cell phone. the man on the other send believed to be her killer. >> they were angry, taunting words. >> reporter: how scary was that? >> very scary. my heart would stop. i didn't know what to do mostly. >> reporter: did he say he had killed your sister on the phone? >> yeah. very frustrating. it broke my heart. >> reporter: how desperate were you on the calls to get information about where she could be? >> extremely desperate. her life depended on it. >> reporter: cell signals tracked the killer's calls to new york city. >> it's part of the game. it's part of the fantasy.
7:35 am
it's part of the thrill for them. >> reporter: crowded places like madison square garden and times square. clues suggest he may have experience in law enforcement. >> he used prepaid cell phones. he was on the phone for less than 3:00. >> reporter: police believe he could be responsible for up to a dozen murders. among them, four prostitutes who all advertised on craig's list. their bodies found dumped in this beach community. four phew gods are yet to be identified. in a strange new twist, a report out this morning says one could be a baby. how scared are you now? >> i'm scared of my own protection. he was calling my phone. i have to be worried about, is that going to happen to me up with day? scared to walk out the door. >> reporter: do you think he's done killing? >> no. he's doing that many murders,
7:36 am
he's not going to stop. he obviously enjoys it. and he's sick in the head. >> reporter: and police may have linked four other unsolved prostitute murders in atlantic city to the same killer. some reports say they're focusing on a long island man. we didn't say what was this the phone calls for safety reasons. >> can't be too safe. we're joined by the mother of one of the victims. lynne, i'm so sorry for your loss. now after that, after losing one daughter, to have to live with the fear of what might happen to your other daughter? >> i'm afraid all the time. i always have to know where my daughter is. i constantly call her. >> the first time he called, he asked for melissa's little sister? >> yes. >> you have good reason to believe he had been stalking melissa for some time. he might know what amanda looks
7:37 am
like? >> we're afraid he does. we don't want her on camera at all. just in case. >> that makes an awful lot of sense. the more you learn about the phone calls, the more sick this man seems. for the longest time in first several phone calls to amanda, he actually led her to believe that melissa might still be alive? >> right. he never said anything about what he had done to her. >> what more could you learn from these phone calls? >> there really wasn't much to learn. it was like he knew what he was going to say. and he really didn't give amanda any chance to talk. he kept the calls just the way he wanted them. >> and he would get off just in time so they couldn't be traced within the 3:00. >> exactly. >> one of the most chilling details, amanda described his
7:38 am
voice as calm and mel lowe through this? >> yes. >> almost as if he was playing a game? >> yes, it's disturbing. >> one of the things that made the police believe this could be the killer is that he seemed to know details before the killing was quoted in the press? >> this madman's lethality is added to by technology. the information on melissa's cell phone has given him insight. everything about this monster points to a -- a very comfortable person with technology and the ability to use technology to his advantage. he stalked his victims in the cover of darkness. that's what the internet has done. >> did you have any idea what
7:39 am
melissa's life was like here in new york? >> no, i had no idea. >> done at all. >> no. >> what was she telling you? >> she said she was dancing in a nightclub. when she first came here, she worked as a hair stylist in a salon. >> the killer may have a background if law enforcement. is that what you believe right now? and what more can you tell us about the lead that the police may have of the long island man? >> i can't speculate as to whether or not he was a former member of law enforcement. he's bright. able to use technology. we know that he's done everything right to avoid capture. but -- i'll leave to it the police to form late conclusions as to whether or not he was in law enforcement. i wouldn't doubt it. but i think it would be a mistake to narrow the inquiry only to somebody who analysis
7:40 am
that category. >> we hope they get him, get him soon. seven, lynn, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you for having us. good morning, everyone. we begin with word of a cease-fire offer in libya. moammar gadhafi says he's liling to stop military action. but the deal negotiated did you not require him to step down. it's doubtable that the rebels will agree. six purple hearts have been awarded to member of an army unit in one of the fiercest battles in the afghan war. >> get over here! >> six soldiers died. two silver and 12 bronze stars were awarded. pittsburgh police will be speaking with the media today after an officer beat an unruly baseball fan. the man elbowed a security guard at the pirates stadium, when he refused to put his hands behind
7:41 am
his back, officers tasered him. the police officer took six swings at him before sub dug him. a wild finish at the masters this weekend. a relative unknown, charl schwartzel took home the trophy. hello, hello, hello, in. beauty. >> did you watch that? >> a double triple bogey on 10? >> he'll bounce back. he's 21. a lot of character built by that. time now for the weather. i come back from vacation. sam champion goes on vacation. jeff smith from our abc station in new york is here. good morning, jeff. >> i think he went to a warmer location. we're going to go to fort davis,
7:42 am
texas. that fire there durned about 40 homes. yesterday, the worst wild fire day that texas has ever seen. we still have red flag warnings. violent thunderstorms in the southeast. we're waiting for fog to burn we are right around 60 degrees right now and we have cover but i anticipate the cloud cover to break. our temperatures will go up quickly like last monday, now, here's a look at what's ahead on "gma's" morning menu. alcohol versus apple juice? and john travolta and the cast of "welcome back kotter," back for the reunion. and is our george as calm and collected as he looks? dr. oz has the stress test
7:43 am
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squeezed into each carton of tropicana pure premium and absolutely no space for added sugar, water or preservatives. tropicana -- we put the good in morning. now to that scary mixup at appleby's. a toddler served alcohol instead of apple juice. rob else in. tells us more. >> reporter: it was toward the
7:47 am
end of the meal that taylor noticed something odd happening with her son. >> he was a little out there. >> reporter: d.j., his mother said, was acting strangely. >> he said hi and bye to the walls. he laid his head on the table. we thought he was sleepily. >> reporter: sleepy he may have been. he was drunk. he was served alcohol mixed in with his am juice. a mislabeled bottle at the bar was poured into a cup. appleby's says they're looking into it. they say we're working with local authorities to conduct our own investigation. this is not the first time applebee's has been in this situation. it's not even the second. in 2006, a new york applebee's admitted to serving a 5-year-old a long island iced faep. >> his eyes were glazed.
7:48 am
he started behaving me cure larry. he was under the influence of alcohol. >> reporter: and in an eerily similar incident, a california restaurant served a margarita to a toddler. d.j. had a 0.1 blood alcohol level. well above the legal limit for an adult to drive. he's okay now, but his mother doesn't understand how this could happen. >> nobody at the table ordered alcoholic drinks. we cant. he should bt have received one. >> reporter: for "good morning america," rob nelson, abc news. >> we're so glad d. skrchlt is okay. the "welcome back kotter" reunion is coming up next. come on, boys! let's go! let's get up! this is a fishing trip, not a sleeping trip. all right.
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my man here, george, took the ultimate stress test. >> results coming in. i'd like one of those desserts and some coffee. - sure, cake or pie? - pie. - apple or cherry? - cherry.
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7:56 am
>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. is 7:56 and as monday, april 11. i am scott thuman with your news update. we will start by checking on the morning commute with lisa baden. crash enound had a route 50 but that is gone. there is a problem with the on 50 but that is resolved. north. normaletting back to a pattern leaving woodbridge to go the occoquan.
7:57 am
northbound traffic is under the 'live'. no worries to report in maryland. normal on route 50 leaving 202 to go into the district. for traffic on the greenway, it good and better than take ing 28. chesapeakegoing to beach. you can see the gray in the sky the morning but i am anticipating that the clouds break and we will have a sunshine for the day.ity of that e get that sunshine, temperatures are going to skyrocket. now,grees downtown right afternoons this with a bit of humidity. storms tonight into tomorrow morning and areas of rain and cooler tomorrow. last day of the maryland
7:58 am
be busyassembly will during lawmakers will finish thebills to increase alcohol tax, allowing illegal immigrants to pay in- and help the, struggling were racing industry. anotherbe back with update at 8:27. for continuous news coverage, tune in to news channel 8. henson, we're going to go over sales figures, complete this merger and present to the board. sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty. wrap ywrour hands around fried eggs cherrywood-smoked bacon, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ welcome back your dreams were your ticket out ♪ ♪ welcome back to that same old place that you laughed about ♪ and we are welcome back robin roberts from spring break with a reunion of "welcome back kotter." boy, do i love that song. and -- >> you were dioing a little fac checking. >> our pruzer came up with great stats. it is by john sebastian, from the loving spoonful. it was the number one single. it gave the show, "welcome back kotter," it's name. the show was originally called
8:01 am
"kotter." but the song renamed it. >> you're not stressed at all. i can see your stress levels. >> that song brings it way down. >> but george wore a stress monitor on friday. yep, you were there with cynthia. dr. oz is here this morning with the results live this morning. is there he actually gave me a sneak preview. laughing the whole time. now he's laughing again this morning. >> when i was riding my bike in key west, i saw a bumper sticker, too blessed to be stressed. >> well, yeah in key west. well, two people who know stress, fes listy huffman and doug savant will be here with a sneak peek on what's going on on wisteria lane. good morning. weather is the big story this morning. at least seven twisters touched
8:02 am
down in wisconsin overnight. leaving a wake of destruction. we have new video from mapleton, iowa. a half-mile-wide twister. it destroyed 15 blocks of the town. no one was seriously hurt. to the north, the problem is flooding. the red river crested at the fourth highest level in its history. in texas, hot, windy conditions are fueling wild fires across 400 square miles. dozens of sloems been destroyed. one local official says his area looks like baghdad after the invasion. japan is urging more people around the power plants to evacuate. another strong aftershock hit japan today. it came after ceremonies to mark the one-month anniversary. the family of a murdered
8:03 am
university of virginia co-ed is speaking out. her family says they is faith in the justice system and trust that the truth will prevail. the college lacrosse player apparently died from blunt force trauma to the head. her former boif is accused of killing her. a new study is raising concerns about new moms and their diets. once women have children, they're far more likely to turn to fatty foods and sugary sodas. doctors found no significant change in the eating habits of new dads. go figure. and finally, are cow satisfied with your paycheck? believe it or not, most americans are. just 37% of u.s. workers believe they are underpaid. the you ask only women, that number raises to 43%. more workers in the northeast are unhappy with their pay than
8:04 am
people in the midwest. time for the weather and jeff smith, in for sam champion. >> it's not about the money. it's about the love of being out here with the crowd. we have fine young ladies from cleveland clinic. the critical care nurses. what if we found a michigan fan in the audience? would you have it out at the end. >> bad news. >> let's go to wfaa in dallas. they've cleared out. they had severe weather last night and into the wee hours of the morning. we thank dallas for that shot. we check out the severe weather in the day today. atlanta and memphis up through lexington, right up toward albany and pittsburgh. could be gusty winds. maybe a tornado or two. there is rain in the pacific northwest. last month, seattle only had four rain-free days.
8:05 am
right now, temperatures are around 60 degrees. we have some areas of cloud cover overhead. you will notice a line of out west.veloping front, it willt be hot today. the highs will be well into the 80's. you'll notice a bit of humidity in the air. we will likely have some storms tonight and early >> and robin, back up over to you. >> all right, jeff, thank you. it's the reunion we have been waiting for. the gang from the beloved sitcom, "welcome back kotter," they're back together. one of the sweathogs graduated to become a big star. what about the rest of the cast? our chris conlnelly got a chanc
8:06 am
to sit down with them. >> i did. an opportunity to look back at a sitcom that launched a superstar and a series of smart alec remarks. >> oh, oh, oh! >> up your nose with a rubber hose. >> i got a note. >> hi, there. >> reporter: it brought catch phrases to classrooms coast to coast. ♪ welcome back your dreams were your ticket out ♪ >> reporter: show cased the era's most irresistible theme song. ♪ to that same old place that you laughed about ♪ >> reporter: and was the tv show case of a future superstar. thanks to the hoip active hips of lovable sort of bad boy vinnie barbarino. ♪ you got me rocking and a reeling barbarino barbarino yeah
8:07 am
yeah ♪ >> reporter: sunday night, the sweathogs and all reunited on the tvland awards. >> bar none, this is the coolest night in television. >> reporter: a chance to revel in the buzz that was back in the late '70s. >> i have waited 35 years to thank this man. i never got to publicly thank gabe for his genius. we wouldn't be here today without dwab. >> reporter: this is based on your life. why do you think people have such affection for the show 35 years later? >> there's a horshack, an epstein, a barbarino in everybody's life. >> my daughter said this show is as funny as anything we have seen today. it look like it was made yesterday. i said, honey, that's called timeless. >> except for the clothes. >> the clothes are all back. >> reporter: john, would you let
8:08 am
your daughter date a sweathog? >> probably not. >> reporter: without parental approv approval, they found their way into millions of young hearts. and barbarino found his way into a little gold lame. ♪ ba ba barbarino >> reporter: a little gold lame. >> was it really? ♪ i don't care what the white man says ♪ >> reporter: sweathogs antics could raise temperatures on the set, too. >> nobody is going make me crazy, understand that in nobody is going to make me crazy. >> i think we made him crazy. >> we were in character for five years. we gave even trouble. all the guest stars. the directors, the producers. we annoyed them constantly. that was part of our job. >> reporter: you did a lovely job.
8:09 am
>> some of the directors went screaming from the set. >> some wouldn't work with us again. >> we had one director run from the rehearsal room screaming, they're animals, and run out of the stage. no matter what. >> in an earlier time, my sister said it was like being a day care. >> we thought all sitcoms were that way? we would go on another set and they were serious. >> but from robert hegyess' epstein to lawrence's boom boom washington, this was the set of a lifetime. what did you do on this show that you could continue to on another show? >> pay our rent regularly. >> we were poor when we got on the show. >> reporter: everybody was coming to your parents' house to eat? >> he lived in the apartment underneath my parents' apartment. i would walk in the front door. i would look, there would be this body.
8:10 am
the refrigerator door would be open. he was in the fridge. >> did you have a favorite dish? >> a nice piece of chicken with a nice piece of -- >> you guys really stick together, don't you? >> mm-hmm. >> reporter: still, the sheer speed of the show's success caught them by surprise. >> john and i went out to eat a lot. we were pigs. >> well fed. there's nothing wrong with being well fed. >> we would go to the farmer's market. just you and i were hanging out. like on cue, everybody conver converged. we wound up running to the car. >> it was beatles time. >> reporter: did you know it would be like that from now on? >> i didn't think we thought we would have that rock star effect. >> people were coming to our home in new jersey taking pieces off the house. it really escalated.
8:11 am
it's like a wave. i don't think you expect it. all of a sudden, wow. >> reporter: while the show featured this appearance from a youthful james wood, the legendary groucho marx was the legend that almost was. >> he was going appear. gabe was going fall asleep on the couch and i was going have a dance. i was heart broken. >> reporter: how did this show change our lives? >> it put us on the map. >> my reality far exceed my dreams. ♪ not a soul to tell us what to do ♪ >> reporter: is this an experience you still treasure? still look back on? >> it's a life long thing, of course. >> reporter: why is it to special? >> because we're still friends. >> we loved each other. >> we got lucky.
8:12 am
>> not every show is as lucky. there's honks affection. >> we really had a lot of fun. every week, we had a lot of fun. ♪ all alone and feeling blue yeah we're all alone and feeling blue ♪ >> ron palillo said to be under the weather and not in attendance. what a great night. they appreciated the company in a major way. >> a wonderful ensemble cast. i forgot that john's sister, ellen -- >> played horshack's mother. >> it really seems they genuinely care for one another. john, with more of a career this some ways, how generous he is with them and making sure they get their due. >> he sets the tone. >> you'll have more coming up. >> we'll find out where the famous expression, up your nose with a rubber hose came from. surprisin
8:13 am
surprisingly, not a gardening reference. >> to see more, watch the tvland awards next sunday, april 17th. we'll find out where that phrase came from. and a big reunion with "the facts of life." that's coming up tomorrow. another great tune. coming up next, dr. oz is here revealing the results of george's stress test. do tell. come on back. morning! mor-ning. i'm your genie. you're wishing for... a tasty fiber cereal? well you don't want that one. kellogg's fiber plus cereal. the delicious taste of berries, 40% of your daily fiber... plus...wait for it... antioxidants! so, two more wishes! mmmm. mmmm. maybe later, then. [ female announcer ] kellogg's fiber plus cereal. positively delicious.
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8:18 am
how about that accent? you might remember i was wearing a stress monitor all day friday for the segment with our friend, dr. mehmet oz. he took the test and is here to talk about how the manage stress better. set the stage here. and get people some background on what stress does to our botts? >> stress is good for us. when you exercise, it makes you stronger. it's good the be a little bit comfortable with being uncomfortable. problem is, you don't recognize
8:19 am
what stress can do to you when you get too much of it. that's the pituitary gland. those are the adrenal glands. that's the classic fight or flight response. those dunce caps, called the adrenal glands secrete a steroid, cortisol. if we have too much of it -- it depresses our immune system. it changes our body. >> you said it was a steroid. it makes us fat. i thought steroids build muscle? >> there's anabolic steroids. those from the adrenal gland are known for maintaining the world. when you experience stress, the body sent out the message, eat more. if you're walking and, overweight, you are getting colds all the time, you don't
8:20 am
feel on target, you may have too much stress. >> you first. >> i figured out what stress is about. we have this harness device. it's a cool device. it's a circle. you strap it around your chest. i put mine on day when i happened to be coming here this morning. then i went to the operating room. it turned out, it stressed me more than being here. is there that's understandable, i think. >> the consummate professional. i rushed out of here, got in traffic. when i got to the operating room, there was a whole different world. the stress that day, it was the st. patrick's day parade. in the o.r., i had a bump. it went up and back down again. i went to my show, had a similar response. the healthy stress sprons is you peak early. and then you get back into the normal position. now, your tests. >> i started before 6:00 a.m. on
8:21 am
friday. >> you wore it the entire day. you have, the first bump is when you go on, about 8:00 a.m. and you have a little bump, you go back to normal. >> i bumped up when we were talking about the stress test. >> i wonder if the people around you were stressed. then you exercised. when the big lines, you take it off. >> after the exercise, i took about a 15-minute nap. boy, it dropped through the floor. >> that's wonderful. >> that night, you hosted "world news." you were stressed. you relaxed. >> a little spike at 6:30. >> here's the one that is fascinated to me. >> my wuf wasn't surprised. >> 9:30 at night, the budget news comes out, your boss tells you you have to work late. you have the biggest peak of all.
8:22 am
he hosts "world news," "good morning america," and he was stressed out. >> first it was 7:30, then 9:00, and then one more half hour until 10:00, that's when i went over the line. >> how much cortisol? when you wake up in the morning, a spike of cortisol. less and less. the next day, it stars again. if you're stressed out and depressed, you get the red line. >> the cortisol builds and builds and builds. it doesn't go down, you have a new floor all the time? >> look at the blue line. that's whan you're burnt out. you don't have enough cortisol. if you're burnt out and down, you don't want to be confused with being stressed. >> your body stops producing any
8:23 am
cortisol at all. >> the big question is, how stressed are you? >> eight questions that everybody should ask themselves. >> the first one is are you sleeping at least six hours a night regularly. if you can't answer that, half of all middle-aged american women are up through the night. >> you have to get that sleep. >> we're going to talk about that. we'll have eight others that will help you figure it out. there are key issues. >> i learned a lot more about myself and stress, thanks to you, dr. oz. you can all watch it later today. coming up here, john travolta and our "welcome back kotter" cast reunion. who says ogres can't surf? h, nice moves fiona! ha, ha, ha, i love 3d. wooo hooooo! [ shrek ] gingy! [ laughs ] hey do the roar. roooooar! yeah!
8:24 am
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>> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update. morning, i am not touch a barracks. baden with a check on traffic. metrorail is reporting that a person was struck by a metro train at the bethesda station. redline commuters can anticipate delight. they are single tracking trains. if you hit the road, this is a picture live of the traffic out maryland across the american legion bridge. a broken down vehicle near the the dulles toll road is the shoulder. 270 as normal and 66 and 95 have
8:28 am
no accidents. in at the ballpark -- baltimore it is pretty good. f gray in the o sky. are expecting the morning up and wer to break will have sunshine. temperatures will skyrocket today. already at 60 degrees in the district. 80'sll go well into the afternoon and a bit of humility in the air. front will have to night cause storms and severe tonight through tomorrow morning and cooler tomorrow in the 60's with areas of rain. we are learning more about the royallist for wedding. david and victoria beckham will the wedding later on this month. john and his partner are rumored to be attending the wedding. founder, also our
8:29 am
received an invitation to the royal wedding. we will have another update at it's true, the usda verifies that my fresh, fit & easy chicken is raised cage-free and fed an all-veggie diet. is there a movie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to havususda process verififi programs. that my fresh, fit & easy chicken is raised cage-free
8:30 am
and fed an all-veggie diet. is there a aovie deal? thank you... [ chickens clucking ] now ladies, don't get any ideas. [ male announcer ] perdue. the first chicken company to have usda process verified programs. ♪ you take the good you take the bad you take them both and there you have the facts of life, the facts of life ♪ >> thanks for the help, you guys. but face it. i'm doomed. >> oh, natalie. natalie, natalie, natalie, natalie, natalie. all is not lost. you just happen to the rooming with the one person who can teach you efg you need to know about conversation, charm, and popularity. >> thanks, blair. >> for nine seasons, the adventures of the girls of the boarding school made the grade with viewers. what are blair, natalie, tootie,
8:31 am
jo, and mr. garrett up to? that's tomorrow. also just ahead, felicity huffman and doug savant have played on "desperate housewives" for six years. how much do hay know about each other? we'll find out. plus, when life hands you lemons, you make lemon aid. your fwirls love this group. >> i just found out last night, yeah. >> hethey're so excited. >> i have too get autographs and guitars. >> well, "lemonade mouth," that's the name, they are coming up next. how about more fun from the cast of one of our favorite sitcoms. mr. kotter. >> they had fantastic time. some of the viewers had questions for the "welcome back
8:32 am
kotter" cast. start within the origin of the best loved catch phrase of vinnie barbarino. >> hey, kotter. up your nose with a rubber hose. >> kay wants to know, where did the catch phrase up your nose with a rubber hose come from? >> well, it was based on what they really said in borooklyn i the 1950s. it rhymed with up your something with mobile gas. we couldn't do that. >> my name is mr. kotter. >> vinnie barbarino. >> juan epstein. >> freddy boom boom washington. >> al wants to know what would your guys be doing now? freddie, what would boom boom be doing? he would have a family. working in factory making shoes. >> and sue wants to know, where
8:33 am
did that accent from barbarino come from? >> well, barbarino don't make no reports for no one. >> the show is based in brooklyn. i guess i was the only one using it. >> what? >> the brooklyn accent. >> you were not the only one. >> it got weirder and weirder. >> how come they always say george washington slept here? george washington shept there. i mean, who cares where george washington slept? >> probably only martha. >> reporter: before their careers went ka bomb, they generated dueling record releases. starting in 1976, with john travolta's single, "let her in." ♪ i'm going to let her in i'm going to let her in ♪ >> that's your first single, isn't it? >> is there was an article in a
8:34 am
"time" magazine article. with "welcome back kotter" and "let her in" being hits, the producers of "grease" saw that article and said, what about this kid? >> can you sing it? >> john's sister can. >> i want to know what he's done since. >> i remember fly away. >> that was the bomb. ♪ fly away >> what's your favorite subject? >> assault. >> reporter: robert hegyes, who played open teen, a young man with a million excuses. >> your excuse is legitimate. >> i know. that's the problem. it's the first legit excuse in years. >> reporter: went on to teach a little bit himself. did anyone drop those excuses on
8:35 am
you? >> no, the line ochb me was mr. hegyes doesn't take any -- >> reporter: meanwhile, gabe kaplan won a memorable foot race in the 1976 "battle of the network stars." >> the best captain won. that's the way i like it. >> he was mad. he was angry that there was some kind of disqualification. his team did something wrong. he challenged me to race. >> reporter: he didn't know that you had run track in high school. >> he was scared of me physically. >> reporter: "welcome back kotter" retains the appeal. for a new generation, like, perhaps, john travolta's baby boy. >> this is my place. and these -- these are my people. >> reporter: will you show this place to baby benjamin someday? >> my daughter watches it. of course ben will see it. absolutely. >> reporter: what will he learn from it? >> you just have a good time. >> what did we learn yesterday? >> what? >> what did we learn the day
8:36 am
before yesterday? >> what? >> what have you learned all year? >> what? >> thank you very much. >> and in tribute to the show's brooklyn roots, i asked john if his baby was a good eater. he said he is. works for him. a great bunch of guys. >> well, "battle of the network stars" you really reached back. >> we should bring that show back. >> hard to believe. just four season. that gt a lot of -- made it quite memorable in four seasons. >> stuff that will never be forgotten. >> i'm glad they're doing well. you can go to for photos of your favorite cast member through the years. much more fun tomorrow with the reunion of the cast of "the facts of life." sam is missing there. a well-deserved break for our
8:37 am
sam champion. jeff smith from wabc is in for sam. good morning, jeff. >> hey, guys. i found megan from ohio. when she came to new york, what weather were you expected? >> 80 degrees and sunny. >> have a little bit of patience. the fog will burn off. we'll get up into the 70s. first, we want to go out near dallas. this is hunt county, texas. potential tornado damage that occurred there overnight. the severe storms will head to the southeast. the appalachians, to the m mid-atlantic states by later tonight, on into tonight. rain up toward the pacific northwest and seattle and tacoma. snow into the rocky mountains. the storms off to the east. 90 in orlando. 61 degrees and it will feel like summer later this afternoon.
8:38 am
the temperatures will be in the will feel the humidity. >> this weather brauk to you by big lots. robin, back to you. coming up next, two of our robin, back to you. coming up next, two of our faves from i can't say enough about them. i can go in, get the things i need, and i know i'm saving money. why would i shop anywhere else? atiant, we want to thank you for making us the store you love to shop for over 75 years. this week, look for savings in every aisle, just for you. like boneless beef chuck shoulder roast, $1.99 a pound. d d lean cuisine entrees, just 5 for $10. i pay for my groceries, and i look at the bottom
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of the receipt, i'm like, "yes! i did it!" that works for me. more savings every time you shop, with your giant card.
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8:41 am
you know, they have the strongest marriage on wisteria lane, lynnette and tom. it doesn't hurt that the parents of fife are played by the incredibly talented felicity huffman, ladies and gentlemen, and doug savant. you have been so good to us over the years. seven seasons? >> yes, thank you, god. it's fantastic.
8:42 am
>> and going so strong. i was talking to you. to be able to pain thant kind of consistency with mark cherry and the gang, it's a tribute to all of you. >> it's the writers, really. the strong strongest season yet. it's the writers in the trenches. >> but you all do your part, too. it's a great ensemble. you both, offscreen, have great marnls are lots of kids. so on-screen, it's the same. does that help? >> yeah, i mean, our lives form us as actors. we try to bring that to the show. so, you know, television is often sterile. a little sterile, so felicity brings the reality. this place is too clean. throws the cheerios around. >> there would be stuff everywhere. i should be covered in jam. i should look terrible and have big, ugly clothes. >> five kids and a new bay tby
8:43 am
the show. there's such an authenticity. i want to play a clip. you have new episodes coming up. your character, a little high strung. you've given tom a little hard time. >> i feel bad about that. she really rides tom hard. i try to pull it back. i guess that's where they find the comedy and conflict by making me -- rhymes are snitch. >> you're bringing home the bacon, my man. >> i am successful. he's everything that lynnette ever wanted. >> there's though easy way to say this. >> oh, no, what is it? >> that, my dear, is my signing bonus. $100,000. >> no way. it is not there are 100,000.
8:44 am
it is. it's $100,000. i can't believe it! >> i know. what are we going to do with it? >> um, how about this? go in the bank and get 100,000 singles, roll around on them naked, and then apologize to the people at the bank and go home. >> we're seeing role reversal. >> we haven't seen that. him being the go-getter, the shark. that's great thing to bring into their relationship. >> what is the reaction from the fans over the years? >> it's very positive. >> have you had a bad one? >> no. just barbara walters is the bad one. she's like, you're skinnier. which means you're fat and old on television. no, the fan have always been
8:45 am
supportive. it's a very good marriage. and a good reputatiresentation marriage in television. i'm proud of that. >> let's see how good you are. after seven years of tv matrimony, hit the music. >> between the two of you, who was the first to learn their lines? >> do i flip? >> yes? >> do we say snit. >> who is the first? oh, you're both a winner. there you go. you do know each other. between the two of you who is more high maintenance, come on, dish. really? >> come on. come on. oh, my -- >> i can't see that. let's make it tougher now. this is for you, doug. her great husband, bill -- >> you're married?
8:46 am
oh, my god. >> i know you know her pet name as a kid was flicka. what is her husband, bill's, pet name for her now? do you know? >> let's see. >> his pet name for her is -- monkey. >> what is it? >> cher. but not this kind of cher. like the big easy chere. it needs an extra "e." >> it's absurd. bill did tell me monkey. i was certain. >> what was doug's character's name on melrose place? >> oh, my god. >> your character was -- >> he was only on for five years. >> matthew? no? matt? >> yes. >> matt fielding.
8:47 am
>> swear to god. >> no, somebody informed you. >> did you know? >> you really are this way? i won. i won. >> because lynnette's character, of course you're going to win. >> no, i won outright. >> you've been great sports. continued blessings and success with the show. give mark and everyone our best. we had eva longoria here last week. great cookbook. >> i don't know how she has the time. >> we'll just keep talking. catch "desperate housewives" this sunday at 9:00. we have the cast of "lemonade mouth" performing live when we come back.
8:48 am
8:49 am
had not heard of "lemonade mouth," but when i told my girls about it last night, their
8:50 am
excitement told me a lot more little kids would know about them soon. they're the hot new band brought together for "lemonade mouth," their here to perform their song "determinate" the cast of "lemonade mouth." ♪ i can hardly fight these tears, the crazy worry fills my head with fear i'm so sorry ♪ ♪ you know you got to get it out i can't take it ♪ ♪ that's what being a friend's about ♪ ♪ i want to cry i can't deny
8:51 am
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8:52 am
gotta do it i know i i know i i know i gotta do it ♪ ♪ gotta turn the world into wrur dance floor determinate ♪ ♪ make a mends for determinate you and me together we can make it better ♪ ♪ gotta turn the world into your dance floor, determinate ♪ ♪ renegade lemonade try to make it better ♪ ♪ people feeling the adrenaline hurry up and let us in, not ♪ ♪ real deal you know how i feel want to give it a thrill down now, put your feet up on the ground if you like that sound ♪ ♪ gotta turn your world into the dance floor determinate notice
8:53 am
determinate ♪ ♪ you and me together we can make it better we gotta turn the world into your dance floor determinate ♪ ♪ one more time come on come on come on and get it going come on come on and get it going on the dance floor ♪ ♪ dance floor dance floor ♪
8:54 am
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rock on, lemonade mouth. >> remember, emeril's breakfast in bed. he's going to surprise one lucky mom. >> live and in hd, this is an abc 7 news update.
8:57 am
time ismorning, the barrett.i and natasha here is lisa baden with a look at traffic. metrorail is reporting that to 8:00 that woman was by a metro train near the bethesda station. they are single tracking trains between medical center and the station.p heights customers, anticipate delays. we will give you some pictures across the 14th street bridge. notice that traffic underneath is the george washington parkway their turn to merge. we have no issues to report along 270 in and out of baltimore. we have cloud cover overhead right now. that will break up later this morning and we will have a fair of sunshine this afternoon. once we get that the sun, be well intowill the 80's.
8:58 am
we are right around 60 degrees right now. 57 degrees in martinsburg. it will become sunny later and 80 and some humidity will be in the air. the cold front hits us tonight showers andl bring thunderstorms tonight into tomorrow morning. then we will have some areas of day tomorrow. down on the 60's for the next few days. a northern virginia man plotting an attack on is planned -- will be in court today. expected to change his guilty. he was arrested back in october and authorities say he was with members of al- fbia but they were really agents. thanks for watching and we will be back at noon. "live with regis and kelly" is up next.
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