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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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new hurdle, tonight. >> it could mean a long road ahead. >> the cuts that we saw this weekend to avoid a government shutdown could be small change compared to what is being fought about not over billions, but trillions. congress and the white house now feuding over long-term finances. these are the numbers now driving the debate. the nation's debt and how to get it under control. the white house wants the ceiling, the legal amount the u.s. can borrow, raised, and fast otherwise we default for the first time ever. >> the consequences of failing to raise the debt ceiling would be like armageddon. >> the debt ceiling is going to be armageddon. >> you would see an economic catastrophe. >> but republicans are saying no unless it comes with major
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cuts, perhaps trillions. the talk is, every corner will be looked at. >> the cuts are across the board. >> at some point, you have to quit spending money you do not have. >> being targeted, defense agriculture, medicare and medicaid. mr. obama also wants tax hikes for the wealthy but it is somewhat of a flip for the president, who when he was center called a leadership failure. >> the president regrets that boat and thinks it was a mistake. >> president obama says he wants the bill to raise the ceiling to be completely separate from any cuts but the white house says he plans to give a major speech wednesday reportedly at george washington university.
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we are following the developments in the race for president. this afternoon, mitt romney took the first that scored a second run for the white house. he announced that he has formed a presidential exploratory committee. the theme of his message believe in america. he is the former governor of massachusetts and lost the republican nomination to john mccain in 2008. tornadoes touched down in iowa and wisconsin over the weekend. more than 100 homes were destroyed. a number of injuries were reported but investigators did not believe anyone lost their life. twisters were also reported in texas. we enjoyed some warm temperatures today but changes are on the way. doug joins us with what we can expect for tonight. >> it feels like early summer out there.
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you are right, things are going to change overnight thanks to a cold front and storms off to the west. 87 in fredericksburg, 80 in the district. the breezes and mild temperatures will continue through the evening hours. the pollen count, high levels of tree pollen and everything else is low. the rain coming overnight will help war some of that out of the air. more details on the weather and the weather for the next few days coming up in just a couple of minutes. >> today there was a preliminary hearing for at former university of virginia student george huguely. prosecutors laid out their case. >> the charlottesville
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courthouse was crowded with some 200 people, a tent quiet atmosphere. the man accused of killing yeardley love was not present. he waived his right to be at the murder hearing instead his parents that in the front row to hear the defense attorney tell the court that george huguely never intended to kill yeardley love. instead, he arrived at her apartment late the night of may 2 to try and reconcile. he left her a note on her dresser saying we will always be friends. however, the prosecutor has witnesses that say george huguely had verbally abused yeardley love days before she was found lifeless in her apartment bedroom. her roommate testified a huge hole had been kicked in her door when she discovered her body bruised and bloody on her bed. 3 high school students are
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facing charges stemming from an arson at the bethesda school. investigators say someone forced a window open and ignited a flammable liquid inside a classroom. the suspects include two juniors and a senior. their names have not been released. the maryland legislature's 20 set -- 2011 session ends tonight, and lawmakers are still debating a handful of measures including a hike in maryland's sales-tax on out all. the bill is now under consideration by the senate. they have delayed granting in state college tuition rates to end state undocumented aliens. a major construction project will begin in the district tomorrow morning. starting at 5:30 a.m., ddot will shut down to west l.a. the
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constitution avenue between 23rd and 20th street. they will replace the sidewalks and sewer lines and each state work will wrap up by 3:30 p.m., but eventually construction will continue round-the-clock every day, even on weekends. the project is said to be completed in january. when we continue, the death toll rises after an explosion rocked a busy european subway station at the heart of russia were. find out how many millions of dollars the conflict in libya is costing the united states every day despite plans to scale back american involvement. >> and alexandria teacher is
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>> if you are watching abc7 news at 6:00. this is abc7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> and alexandria elementary school principal has resigned. >> that news comes just days after a teacher at john adams elementary school was arrested on child pornography charges. parents and officials at the school will meet just moments from now to discuss this.
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>> we have also learned that this teacher has taught at a number of fairfax schools. he has been here since about 2006. about 50 minutes from now parents will meet here at the school board district officials and school officials will try to answer any questions they have. on thursday they learned a teacher was charged with receipt of child pornography. and friday, some got word their principal was resigning as well. parents have had a weekend to let things simmer, but still their tempers are boiling. >> it is crazy. >> i am so worried about my kids. >> according to court documents a 34-year-old language teacher had pornographic photos and video of girls between 5 and 12 years old and had images of himself with young girls as
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well. it is the fact that coleman allegedly took items of clothing from children at john adams that makes others downright angry. >> that is sick. if he comes back to the school, i would have a major problem with it. >> if he is charged but not convicted the district to put him on leave with pay. >> my boys love it here and they are doing well. they are very good students, and my heart just hurts. >> parents' concern that the children may have been victimized are asked to call 866-dhs-2ice. we will bring you the very latest as it happens tonight at 11:00. still to come, we find out
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who is spending $30 million to take a vacation. the highly scrutinized corp. behind the new tourism grant. and word of a big storms on the way. >> everybody is still talking about the trauma in augusta. i will take you back to the masters. for hockey fans, it is time to rock the red. ready for the start of the playoffs i have the very [music playing]
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x 11 people are dead and more than 100 injured following a crowded subway explosion today in belarus. it was a station where two subway lines intersect. we don't know if it was an accident or an act of terror, but the country's president suggest that outside forces could be behind the explosion. tonight gbagbo is under
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arrest. he refused to step down after he lost the last election. gbagbo was arrested today and forces loyal to the elected president storm his hideout. the pentagon now says the military intervention in libya cost $608 million in its first 2.5 weeks. since then, spending went down, though not as much as expected. muammar gaddafi has reportedly agreed to a cease-fire and political reform. the rebels have not yet agreed to the deal. bp is spending millions of dollars to try to bring tourists back to florida. they were given a $30 million marketing grant. bp has committed $82 million to help florida rebuild tourism and
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this testing and marketing seafood. we continue are very volatile spring weather. what is next? >> temperatures were well above average today and tomorrow will be a little above average. in may it will level out and we will have more predictable weather again. overnight there will be some thunderstorms. let's take a look at one of our weather cameras up in arlington. gusty winds and warm temperatures. it has not been enough to keep the temperatures down. well into the 8's everywhere. a few exceptions because of the winds coming off of the water.
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we set a record or tied one at b.w.i. thurgood marshall. the existing records at dulles and reagan national are still the records from long ago. 84 is a high at reagan national. the wind direction kept temperatures down a little bit. still well above 65, which is our average for this time of april. 83 degrees at the airport right now, 87 in fredericksburg, 85 in baltimore at this hour. very warm temperatures up and down the east coast. when you go to the west, the air is a lot cooler. east of the mountains, we are about 20 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday.
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the front is going to take awhile to get here. we have seen showers moving across pennsylvania and western maryland and more tornado watches down south ahead of this line of storms that pushes all the way down through louisiana. there could be some heavy downpours, lightning, and under and possibly some severe thunderstorms among them. it will probably move through late morning. there could be an additional rumble of thunder and rain throughout the day. 62 with sunshine on wednesday 70 on thursday and friday, show hours on saturday and turning color as we head for the rest of the weekend -- showers on saturday and turning color as we head through the rest of the weekend.
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what a finish. it was fun to watch. golf is a slow game, but this was terrific. >> even those who don't normally follow golfer talking about the masters to thech a. arl schwartzel 1 with an improbable finished -- charl schwartzel. mcelroy led the masters for 63 holes, but just disintegrated on the back nine yesterday. his fourth stroke lead evaporated. the 21-year-old irishman finished 15th. schwartzel won the green jacket by doing what had never been done at augusta he birdied the final four holes to win the masters.
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a new contract today. he has a very high hockey iq. the capitals were back on the ice today putting in the game plan for the rangers. >> there were plenty of serious faces at practice today. make no mistake, it is playoff time. the capitals locked up the no. 1 seed in the eastern conference last week but had to wait and see who their first round opponent would be. >> not knowing who we are playing a kind of leadership at a disadvantage. >> all the attention is on the new york rangers, a team that demolished to them 7-0 in new york this season as well as 6-0 at verizon. since that loss, they finished
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the regular season on a 16-3-1 run. >> i kept telling them, don't worry, we are going to be fine. >> mike green will play and as 100% healthy, after suffering a concussion in february. when i caught up with him, he said he is ready to go. >> i am extremely excited and ready to play. >> the nationals are off tonight after or road trip. they have now won three out of their last four. the phillies are coming to town tomorrow night. that game has a little bit of a bus to it. rodriguez had this rbi single. they won a game that probably should not have one. i will be at the ballpark tomorrow night live for the nationals and the phillies. there are multiple reports that
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ryan zimmerman will be placed on a 15-state disabled list with a strained abdominal muscle. painful. we have some breaking news from the district. council members have been arrested during a protest in front of an office building. more than 75 other d.c. residents were arrested as they rallied in front of the building. we will have more details tonight at 11:00. we will be right back.
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>> time to bring out the umbrellas. >> that get to the forecast. showers, possible thunderstorms over night much cooler the next couple of days. the sun will be back on wednesday and thursday. up to 70 degrees and more showers possible on saturday. the storms are a long way away. we will be able to upgrade the timing and intensity of them. >> this happened last week, too. >> abc world news is coming up next. >> we will see it at 11:00. have a good night.
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