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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  April 13, 2011 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hington continues right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. >> it is 6:00 on this wednesday, april 14. time for traffic and weather. -- april 13. >> we will need the raincoats today. red ones. >> the capitals play at 7:32 night against new york in game 1 -- 7:30 tonight. live super doppler seven shows the bulk of moderate terrain in montgomery county. otherwise light rain along and west of 95 to start the day. temperatures are near 50. the rain will linger through the morning and break up especially around lunchtime.
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breezy into the afternoon, highs in the and below 60's -- in the low 60's. a car fire on southbound 95. if you are going towards fredericksburg, keep this in mind. northbound out of fredericksburg should be visible to cocommuters. normal volume out of woodbrige. slowing down at dumphries. delays are stacking up out of newington to springfield and in landmark. a crash on the inner loop in arlington -- at arlington boulevard is not helping things blocking the left lane. we will focus on maryland next time. now to news. the next budget battle is brewing. the president will lay out his plan and will address the massive budget deficit today.
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>> he will speak at george washington university today. brianne carter has more. >> this is the latest in the ongoing budget battle that we have seen back and forth between the white house and congress. later this morning the president is expected to meet with congressional leaders at the white house to preview the proposal. he is expected to lay it out in greater detail later this afternoon at gw. what we expect to hear is that he is expected to talk about a balanced approach to reducing the deficit. the white house is not giving any details, but we understand medicare medicaid, and the possibility of increasing taxes could all be part of this plan. it is expected to be a stark contrast to what republicans put on the table last week calling for $6.20 trillion in cuts over the next 10 years. this all comes at the same time this week that congress is taking up that spending bill
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that the $38 billion to continue to fund the government for the next six months. many political analysts believe the afight over the 2012 budget will be much bigger than what we saw last week. we all know that d.c. mayor vincent gray made national headlines after being arrested protesting the federal budget deal. >> is calling for residents to join him in fighting any congressional restrictions on the city, and courtney robinson is live in northwest washington with details. >> good morning. while some are applauding the mayor for his actions, others say this is a political stunt meant to bring national attention to d.c. voting rights. more than a day after capital le -- after capitol police released vincent gray, he is making the rounds in the national spotlight.
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>> i was proud to stand up for our city and be with the d.c. 41. >> officers arrested 41 protesters for unlawful assembly and vincent gray says it's time to stand up for d.c. voting rights. >> i want to see some more aggressive protest action. when you are ready, i will get arrested. >> he kept that promise on monday when capitol police handcuffed him. he and others were protesting federal lawmakers for banning the district from using city tax dollars to pay for abortions for low-income women or the needle exchange program as part of capitol hill's budget deal. >> in may the mayor looked good and capitol hill that. >> someone representing the city we don't want that publicity. >> i asked my followers of twitter what they thought of this.
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several say they believe this is a pr stunt. the mayor and maintains that he did not intend to be arrested. he said that he would do it all over again because he's proud to stand up for d.c. voting rights. we will hear from him later this morning at city hall. abc 7 news. the sea is about to become the first jurisdiction in the nation to legalize internet gambling. a 30-day period for congress to object expired last week. the online gaming website would only be open to gambler's within d.c. the city could bring in up to $14 million in the first three years, however, is not clear when the on-line gambling will begin. 6:05 on this wednesday morning. authorities in egypt have ordered former president mubarak to be detained for 15 days. prosecutors are investigating allegations of corruption and abuse of authority. his detention comes one day
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after he was hospitalized with heart problems. his sons were also ordered to be detained. monday night's runway collision at new york's jfk airport will get a hard look from the faa. an air france jumbo jet spawned a commuter jet 90 degrees after hitting its tail. the jumbo jet was ready for takeoff when it struck the smaller plane. over 580 people or on the two together. both planes were damaged no one injured. passengers felt the impact on both lanes. >> the airplane took very violently. the next thing we knew was we were told to hurry out of the plane. >> we went like this. >> we felt the pilots or putting the brakes on a little quickly. >> it's not clear what caused the accident. officials are concerned that the super jumbo jets like this could get into a similar crashes in the future because of their size. they have a wingspan as white as
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a manhattan city block. the washington capitals begin their trip on the road to the stanley cup. tonight they will take on the eighth seeded new york rangers in game 1 of the playoffs at verizon center. they hoped to avoid a repeat of last year when the montreal canadiens knocked them out of the playoffs. today is the 268th birthday of america's third president thomas jefferson. the national park service will commemorate the event this morning inside the jefferson memorial. at 10:45 is when things begin with a performance by the u.s. army brass. >> maybe they will get a break from the rain. >> 48 degrees right now, 6:07. >> still to come, funding fight local leaders want to close the wallet to metro's extension. >> the hometown favorite leaves the dance floor. >> first another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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we are the first public relations agency in north america to become carbon neutral. >> join us in going green. >> good morning, washington. >> adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center with your forecast. it is another damp start to the day. the rain is pretty widespread. you will notice that the areas of rain beginning to break up. the rain that we do have is slowly pushing out of our
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region. it will be out of here by lunchtime. it's 50 in the district, 48 in hagerstown, 53 right now in lexington park, 54 in culpeper. morning rainshowers giving way to mainly cloudy skies for the rest of the day. preconditions, northwesterly winds gusting up to 25. maybe some late day clearing especially near sunset west of the metro area, highs in the low 60's. mostly sunny tomorrow, near 70. we have more folks hitting the highway. more accidents starting to amount. gallows road at 50. inner loop at arlington boulevard. we were told there was a crash on shady grove road at 270 possibly. they did not find anything there.
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that's good. traffic on 270 at shady grove road, a live picture. please behave in the rain. back inside. facing the division favorites, the national would have to get it done without the middle of their lineup. brian zimmerman and adam were out with injuries. but in the starting lineup was jayson werth for the phillies. he did some damage against his old club. he had a double and a home run. the two teams will face off more this season. 17 more times. always an opportunity in baseball. 48 degrees outside. >> 30 seconds of oprah winfrey
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ad time, how much the time slots are selling for during the may finality. >> leaders in fairfax and loudoun county are prepared to pull funding for the metro expansion because of where it is expected to be. >> more evacuations knew the host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: is the pen mightier than the sword? ninja 2: ow vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. checking our top stories president obama is preparing to outline his plan to reduce the nation's growing national debt. he will unveil his ideas during a speech at george washington university in this afternoon. the president is expected to focus on defense spending programs, and taxes in that speech. d.c. mayor vincent gray says the fight against congressional
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restrictions on the district is just beginning. he is urging residents to join him. this comes after he and 40 others were arrested during a protest. on. japanese authorities are evacuating more towns near the damaged nuclear power plant. these towns are outside the original evacuation zone. this comes a day after they raised the severity of the nuclear crisis to a higher level. 6:15. a funding fight over metro's extension to dulles airport. after last week's controversial and much more expensive decision to build a new airport station underground local leaders say is the end of the line for the money train. jummy olabanji is live at dulles international airport with details. >> good morning. leaders in fairfax and loudoun county say that they have written a letter to the airports authority is saying they are prepared to pull funding for the metro expansion. it stems from the decision last
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week by the authority to build the station underground instead of aboveground. it's the most expensive option. it is not sitting well with leaders that have to pay for expensive option. it could raise the cost by $330 million. last week va's transportation secretary said that would mean drivers would probably see the tolls on the dulles toll road increase, which is something he said the state would not tolerate. leaders in fairfax and loudoun county is say that if the airports authority wants the more expensive version, it needs to find another way to pay for it that does not involve higher tolls or more money from local governance. their letter also demands the reports of party made the decision with state and local leaders and not by themselves. the airports authority said they chose the underground stop because it would bring travelers right to the terminal. the above-ground location, people would have to walk a little further we did farther or
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take a subtle. building above ground would be safer according to some and would be cheaper and take less time. jummy olabanji, abc 7 news. the upscale bethesda store that turned into a crime scene will be reopened. lululemon athleticsa says the -- lululemon athletica says it will be renovated first. a co-worker is charged with the murder of employee murray. 38 bike stations were supposed to open today in rosslyn, one in the courthouse area as well. no word on what caused the delay if and when the stations will open. the capital bikeshare program still plans to add 30 new stations and 200 more bicycles across the capital region this year. good news, the lights are
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back on at the lincoln memorial this morning. the monument went dark a little more than 12 hours ago after construction crew accidentally cut an electric cable. the lights went out at the korean war memorial as well. emergency crews that pepco worked around the clock to fix the blackout on the national mall. owning a piece of the empire. and oprah's asking price. peggy bunker has those stories and more. >> we begin with a very expensive summer driving season. the energy department predicts gas prices will average of $3.86 a gallon from april through september. that is up 40% from last year. that means you costs will rise about $825 from last year for the average household. mark zuckerberg says he is entitled to have a stake in the company of facebook and claims that he has new evidence. there are e-mails than he says
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proves his deal with mark zuckerberg -- the empire state will be part of a publicly traded retailcompany. $1 million will be the asking price for a 30-second spot commercial during the final oprah winfrey show. we wonder if the rain will ever end. >> the commute is really troublesome when we have rain. >> this is the 13th day this month that we have had rain. 24 days. it has amounted to 5.5 inches of rain at reagan national. we are getting more this morning, another damp start to the day. improvements starting this
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afternoon and especially into tomorrow. you will love the thursday forecast. on the weekends i have some news to break for you. first, a look at temperatures and some rainfall totals over the past 48 hours. this includes yesterday's rain. 2.5 inches in madison, virginia. almost 1.5 in berkeley springs 0.8 in ruston, a little over a third of an inch in bladensburg. most of the rain has fallen west of the metro area and along and west of 95. the area of low pressure is slowly crawling through the mid- atlantic and is planted directly overhead. the rain is twisting. is dissipating right now. the showers are beginning to dissipate on the south side and moving north. most of the rain and moderate showers in montgomery county right now and pretty much all the roadways are wet with the
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exception of lower southern maryland. you have missed the morning rain showers for the most part. the rain will and especially by lunchtime, then breezy. partial clearing close to sunset. temperatures in the low 60's for the high temperatures today. 270, tomorrow. saturday we expect widespread rain, a few thunderstorms and downpours. inner loop virginia near arlington boulevard and has a delay out of springfield. allen lew delays are normal from van dorn street and telegraph road. and airlimaryland from 95 to georgia avenue. 66 through falls church, rosslyn across the roosevelt bridge, in pretty good shape. next we go to 395, up to the pentagon, a landmark, that's the normal slowdown. and to the heart of rockville
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this camera shows shiny pavement and quiet traffic on 355. back to you. >> thank you. 48 degrees outside 6:21. >> talk the bill getting a makeover schools turning to a healthier version of that kids drink. >> today on "oprah," a musical spectacular with stevie nicks, sheryl crow, and more, 4:00 on abc 7.
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[music playing] america's beverage companies are working together to put more information right up front... adding new calorie labels to every single can, bottle, and pack they produce... so you can make the choice that's right for you.
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captioned by the national captioning institute it was 41 years ago today that the astronauts on apollo 13 told mission control that they had a problem. an oxygen tank exploded and it crippled the spacecraft and forced nasa to call off the moon landing. astronauts and mission control were able to develop emergency procedures to get them home. two days later they touched down safely in the pacific ocean. 7 is on your side with morning. chocolate milk is being banned in a lot of public schools in an effort to cut down on child obesity. >> there are some schools now experimenting with a healthier version. the typical half price of chocolate milk has 170 calories and 28 grams of sugar. that has some dietary experts upset. >> as far as i am concerned, a
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chocolate milk is soda pop in drag. it's like feeding kids apple pie instead of apples. >> some schools are using chocolate milk made with less fat and less sugar. children tasted that version along with the regular chocolate milk and it was no big surprise that the children preferred the high calorie version, just like most adults would. if given the option, it usually leads sweeter one. >> 48 degrees. the news continues at 6:30. >> in the next half-hour, a controversial airport pat-down caught on tape. outraged civil rights groups want answers from the tsa. >> the budget battle continues as the president lays out his proposal to reduce the debt. that story coming up in a live report. >> a soggy start today. areas of rain across the region
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will be coming to an
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. captioned by the national captioning institute i was proud to stand up for my city. i was proud to be there with my council members. the d.c. 41. >> the capital is at the center of the budget battle as the president prepares his budget plan. the district is fighting for its right to self-rule. thank you for joining us. >> i am scott thuman. we will have more on that story coming up in just a bit. we will start with traffic and weather. it is a busy day on both fronts. adam as a check on the forecast. >> the rain is not as heavy as what we had yesterday not quite as wide spread either. look at doppler radar.
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the majority of the showers are in montgomery county. the district is actually driving -- dry. the rain is slowly breaking up and pushing off to the north. it will taper off later this morning. by lunchtime the rain will be over with. it will be breezy and cloudy. later this afternoon, i think we will have some clearing with preconditions and costs of wind up to 25 miles per hour. -- with a breezy conditions and gusts of wind up to 25 miles per hour. the nexus and to affect us will be on saturday -- next system to affect us will be on saturday and that will be with widespread rain. they were looking for a crash of georgia avenue, but i believe it is on the shoulder. away from maryland to the string of pearls on northbound 95, slowing in woodbridge, now on newington, then on 395. we have two wreck from the beltway -- wrecks from the
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beltway, one on the inner loop, one on the guadalupe. more to come on the traffic seen. is 6:31. the next funding fight is heating up on capitol hill over half -- over how to reduce the deficit. >> president and obama will make his case today at george washington university. -- president obama will make his case today at george washington university. >> he built a pierre -- he will appear here later today but first will meet with congressional leaders who seem to be at odds over what is best to reduce the debt. in the latest battle over the budget, president obama is laying out his plans on how to reduce the nation's crushing debt. >> we're talking big budget -- big numbers, trillions of
6:33 am
dollars. >> leading up to the speech, the white house is not giving any did tells -- giving many details on what the president will propose a except to say that he is taking on entitlement spending and -- will propose except to say that he is taking on entitlement spending and taxes. just a week after republicans put their plan forward calling for a cut of $6.20 trillion over the budget over the next 10 years. >> we have trouble not because we tax too little, but because we spend too much. >> it is clear that the parties' priorities for significant different. >> they certainly are. the president will be here this afternoon to lay out his plans. republicans are already saying taxes are out of the table
6:34 am
something the president is expected to put forward when speaking later today. the fight over the 2012 budget will be much bigger than what we saw last week. reporting live, pre and carter abc 7 news -- brianne carter abc 7 news. the mayor was arrested monday during a protest. he says he is not backing down. courtney robinson has the latest developments on this. >> good morning. mayor vincent gray says he was proud that he was arrested. he says he will do it again get arrested again if he has to. he and six other members of council and 34 others were arrested while protesting. capitol police cited them with unlawful assembly for blocking constitution avenue in front of the office buildings. they were protesting federal lawmakers because they say d.c. residents' rights or bargain
6:35 am
away as part of the federal budget compromise. -- were bargained away as part of the federal budget compromise. the mayor said he was proud that he was arrested. he says that he did not intend to be arrested. some have questioned whether this was a political stunt. we will hear from the mayor of around 10:00 a.m. at city hall. he'll begin his day here on capitol hill speaking with other media outlets about this. he is not shying away from the spotlight. >> thank you very much. the federal budget compromise contains good news for local transportation projects. metro will still get $150 million for safety upgrades. "the washington post" reports that there are still plans to widen route 1 near fort belvoir and improvements are also in the works near bethesda. authorities are detaining
6:36 am
former president hosni mubarak for 15 days, looking into allegations that he was corrupt and abused his authority. the detention order comes one day after he was hospitalized with heart problems. authorities also detained his son. some civil rights advocates are outraged after a child received a pat down at an airport in new orleans. the tsa screener conducted a pat down last week. the video has gone viral. the head of the branch of the aclu says the growth should not have been targeted -- girl should not have been targeted. >> if there is no reason to suspect or her parents of being criminal -- her or her parents of being criminal, she should not have been searched. >> they say that they have to be subject to the same
6:37 am
restrictions in order to ensure safety. the washington capitals will begin their latest bid for the stanley cup tonight against the eight-seeded york rangers at verizon center. the caps say they have learned from their mistakes from last year and that they are ready to face the rangers. you can feel the energy in this city. everybody is excited. >> especially after last year. >> we're hoping for good things. 6:37, 40 degrees. extra money for overworked adults. 7 is on your side with taxes rise for anyone supporting two generations. saying goodbye to sugar ray we will hear from the boxing champ turned ballroom star.
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welcome back. it is 6:40 on this rainy wednesday morning. time for traffic and weather. >> we go to doug hill in calvert county. are you seeing any rain out there? >> there is no rain out here. most of the rain is off to the north and west of the metro area. the pattern is starting to break just a bit. let's check out live super
6:41 am
doppler seven radar. you'll be able to see the rain moving from south to north across the area. you notice that there is not much in the way of grain east of the metro area. -- rain east of the metro area. the temperatures this morning -- 55 degrees in fredericksburg, 52 in quantico. temperatures will slowly climb into the lower-60's. the areas of rain will continue to weaken and spread out. we are expecting a break in the clouds and some sunshine by late afternoon. it will become drier as the rainy skies move away from the area. a better picture weather-wise comes our way later this week. we will highlight the details of thursday and friday in just a couple of minutes. it is cloudy, damp, and cool. >> thank you. lisa baden how was the commute?
6:42 am
>> complicated and slow. inner loop delays begin out of springfield. we had an accident near arlington boulevard that i am told is now gone. there is a suburb crash and on the inner loop at george washington parkway -- a separate crash on the inner loop at george washington parkway. a separate crash on the absolute -- the outer loop, the two outer lanes are blocked. switch on over to the geico center traffic cameras. look at the pace thahere. >> slow go out there. we have a 40 degrees. >> coming up, dragging the nation out of debt. we take a closer look at the president's speech. being stuck in the middle could come with the tax break. we w
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from 7 on your side -- are you supporting your aging parents and your kids? you may qualify for a tax write- off. >> the sandwich generation is growing, a term for adults were sandwiched in the middle between aging parents and their own children. club -- they deal with parents and grandchildren. it may be eligible for a tax break. if you provide more than half the support for family members more than half the food, clothing, and shelter, you can claim an exemption on your taxes. the deduction could be worth more than $3,600, depending on your circumstance. if you pay more than half the support of your parents or adult
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children, you can deduct part of those expenses if they make no that -- no more than 36 $50 -- $3650 per year. it can put added strain on a tight budget to be part of the sandwich generation. every little bit helps. gas prices are still rising. triple a reports that the national average price for a gallon of regular -- aaa reports that the national average price for a gallon of regular is now $3.79. it is higher in d.c., $3.97. a study by mastercard found that, over the past five weeks demand for gas in the u.s. has dropped. the space shuttle discovery's final stop will be the nation's capital. nasa says its longest-serving shuttle will go on display at the national air and space museum annex out by dulles
6:47 am
airport. atlantis will stay at the kennedy space center while endeavor will be sent to los angeles. in today's "politico minute," the president all-out attack on the federal deficit. >> we have a preview of the next budget battle, just when we thought we were finished with the budget battles. the president will be delivering this speech at gw. what should we expect? >> the president has to thread a very fine needle. he needs to appeal to the liberal base who are upset about the budget cuts and he needs to appeal to the conservatives so that they feel like he will come to the table to negotiate with them too. >> the ultimate goal has to be the debt ceiling, right? the ultimate amount the government is allowed to borrow. it looks like republicans are playing hardball. >> you heard k bailey hutcheson
6:48 am
say that that debate is going to amount to armageddon. that is the next big debate heading to capitol hill. if you thought last week was dramatic, wait for this. >> there is an article about seven things the president needs to say or do tonight in his speech. one is -- speak to middle america. regardless of what he says, it will probably not satisfy republicans, so he should target middle america. is that a fair point? >> this is a tough thing for the president to sell. he needs to talk about shared sacrifice. it will not be easy. >> thank you so much. time for us to check in on traffic and weather. we go to our chief meteorologist doug hill who is monitoring things from calvert county. >> a little bit foggy and drizzly but no rain falling.
6:49 am
most of that is toward the city and north and northwest of the city. let's start out with chesapeake beach. sunrise occurred about 10, 12 minutes ago. the skies are brightening. it is still cloudy. no rain falling. just misty. take a look at the temperatures and rainfall totals around the area. over 2 1/2 inches of rain in madison, vairginia. 49 degrees just west of the city. it will be as low slog with the clouds and rain. north and west of the metro area, we will show you some finer detail. the areas of yellow up in damascus, mt. airy -- those areas have more moderate rain. in loudoun county, west of leesburg the rain pattern is starting to break up as a little bit. you can see the span of the rain
6:50 am
superimposed over the clouds. the low pressure center is moving off slowly through the midday hours. we will see a subtle change in the wind direction. we'll have clearing and breezy weather this afternoon,'s lower- 60's -- this afternoon possibly lower-60's. adam will have more in your seven-day forecast in just a couple of minutes. >> not the best timing, but what are you going to do? >> it will get better. lisa baden how was the commute? >> there is a crashed out of lorton -- crash out of laurelton. 270 has a crash living father hurley boulevard. there is a sinkhole out there.
6:51 am
robinson terminal to 66 that crashed is gone. the inner loop at george washington parkway -- the crash will be gone by the time you get there. 95 and 66 are loaded right now. like in the geico traffic center camera, the outer loop is open. here is the pace to georgia
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this morning -- plastic surgery for a 7-year-old. is it going too far to protect your job from bullying? this morning, and gm may takes on the topic -- this morning gma takes on the topic. it is time to check on our top news stories. president obama will outline his plan to reduce the growing national debt this afternoon. he will call for lower health care and defense spending, and more tax revenue. a new battle may be brewing over funding for the dulles will project -- rail project. officials say they will not pay the extra costs for putting it underground and closer to the terminal. the capitals are getting ready for their first playoff
6:55 am
game taking on the eighth- seeded new york rangers tonight. they hope to avoid a knockout in the first round. we are all sending them good thoughts. the hometown favorite is hanging up his dancing shoes after getting booted from the ballroom. >> sugar ray and ana. >> it was sugar ray leonard who was knocked out on last night's "dancing with the stars." he did get his best scores from the judges. the legendary boxer just did not get enough your votes to keep him around for another week -- viewer looks to keep him around for another week. >> i put a good fight. great friends, great people great show. >> what a class act. eight celebrities remain in the competition including kirstie alley, hines ward, romeo and
6:56 am
kendra wilkinson. time for a quick last look at traffic and weather. let's go to lisa baden. >> at georgia avenue at 108 there was just an accident involving a school bus kind of a fender bender. you can see behind the traffic signal the school bus and bill little vehicle behind it. nobody is hurt. they just have to document it. nobody hurt on 95. normal delays. metrorail is on normal service. >> we have some light rain showers and partial clearing close to sunset. highs are in the lower-60's. tomorrow will be sunny and near- 70. get outside and enjoy the weather. cited by -- saturday looks like
6:57 am
it will have widespread rain. "good morning america" is henson, we're going to go over sales figures, complete this merger and present to the board. sink your teeth into some big n' toasty if you understand. good. you've got spunk. a big day calls for the new big n' toasty. wrap your hands around fried eggs cherrywood-smoked bacon,n, and cheese on texas toast. america runs on dunkin'.
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