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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 13, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ready to put away the umbrella? sunshine and warm temperatures. i was shaking like crazy and it was starting to get cold. i was freezing to death. >> a community in shock after witnessing a violent crime at a barbershop. >> this is outrageous behavior that will not be tolerated.
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>> urgency of the measures go into effect after another air traffic controller was caught sleeping on the job. plus, a distraught mother takes the lives of three of her children. >> maybe if there was something i could have done or we could have done to have prevented this. >> the memorial growing at the site of the unbelievable tragedy. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute we're following in developing story from fairfax county, where the police are searching for a lone gunman who opened fire at a busy shopping center. >> it happened at a barbershop near belle view boulevard in alexandria and the shooter may have been a former employee of the barbershop. john gonzalez has the latest.
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>> according to an employee, this gunman was an employee at the shop, but quit two months ago. today he came back to talk to the other. he allegedly walked out, came back in, and started firing. two employees were hit, one was killed. neighbors say this man loved his motorcycle and was extremely hard working. >> he was quiet but friendly. he told me he was a part-time barber. >> this afternoon he and a colleague were shot multiple times inside of their barbershop. the police say the gunman was a former employee who recently quit his job here. this barber was cutting hair next to chair number 31 the dun man turned and went looking for the second victim. >> very scary. >> while detectives collected clues at the crime scene the
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police saturated the area, looking for the gun man. special forces, police helicopters, and local officers surrounded this shopping center a mile away after being tipped the suspect may have been hiding out here. >> cops said get inside, lockyer door. >> for several hours this lunchroom was locked down, with parents waiting outside. >> they decided it as best they keep the children occupied. >> hung was killed instantly the other man seriously wounded. >> they were good people. >> it is unusual. >> the scene at about a mile away was cleared after it was deemed safe. the police detectives are still inside of the barbershop. they believe they know the suspect, who was armed and dangerous, they know where he lives, and have an arrest warrant, but they have not been
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able to locate him. the police are not say what the motive was. they did not believe this was a random act, and there confirming there was some sort of ongoing dispute between the gunmen and the employees inside. live from alexandria, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. the mayor of a prince george's county town has been evicted from her home. the. would the mayor has been kicked out of her house this morning. -- brett would merit was kicked out of her house this morning. her landlord claims she owed him more than $7,000. the mayor is not commenting on the allegations. but, right has been under scrutiny after reports she improperly used a debit card went to the town's account. the sunshine is making a comeback after the soggy weather. bob ryan has the forecast. >> we will have to wait until tomorrow. meantime the drier air, it has
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been soggy but also cold. children's hospital still 52 degrees. tomorrow morning it will not be as wet as a was this morning. live doppler nothing much going on. some spots have had almost half an inch of rain. overnight tonight temperatures in the 50's. the drier air comes in, lots of sunshine, and say hello to the flowers and the dogwoods. how long this beautiful weather will last, tomorrow and beyond. new tonight the faa has announced emergency actions to double the staff at more than two dozen air control towers. >> two aircraft controllers will be manning the the night shift at 27 towers across the country every streak of sleeping air
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traffic controllers the most recent happening in knoxville. reagan national airport and also tahoe international airport. jay korff is live at reagan with the story. >> one transportation leader, the secretary of transportation said today that sleeping on the job of air traffic controllers at some u.s. airports is behavior that is ridiculous and cannot and will not be stood for. a plan is being put in place so this does not happen again. it happened again, this time wednesday at 2:00 a.m. at the reno-tahoe international airport. officials confirmed that for 16 minutes, the pilot of an airplane carrying a sick patient could not reach the air traffic controller. in the last several weeks controllers at airports in nevada, tenn., and virginia have been disciplined for sleeping on the job.
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last month, two airplanes land without help from the tower at reagan national airport after the controller dozed off. >> this is ridiculous. on my watch as secretary of transportation, this will not stand. >> now the faa is firing back, mandating that a second aircraft controller must be in the tower during the overnight shift at more than two dozen at airports across the country that normally only have one controller working at that time. iamong the reports on the list, andrews air force base in maryland and reagan national airport. travelers find it hard to believe that pairing up was not already standard operating procedure. >> it seems like with all the redundant systems that would be one area where they would have some redundancy or some kind of plan "b." >> the faa is embarking on a program to look at the entire
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air traffic control system to make sure controllers are well rested and well trained. live at reagan national, jay korff, abc 7 news. on capitol hill, the lines have been drawn on what to be a protracted budget fight. president obama earlier today outlined his plan to reduce the budget deficit by $4 trillion of the next couple years $2 trillion from spending cuts and $1 trillion on payment on the national debt. republicans called the plan a nonstarter. d.c. mayor vincent gray is vowing to fight for the residents of d.c. earlier this week he was arrested and held in police custody several hours after a budget protest on capitol hill. he says the battle is far from over. >> the district should not be a bargaining chip. >> the mayor said the city was betrayed by democrats on the hill and by the president. he says he is working at a strategy to get the seed the
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rights it deserves. members of congress are fasting, refusing to eat in protest of the proposed budget cuts of hunger and poverty programs. currently, maryland, d.c., and virginia serve meals after school but it relies entirely of federal money and those funds may disappear. that has some parents worried. >> if they take away meals after school, what do the kids do? >> the members of congress who are refusing to eat are part of what they call a hunger fast, formed last month, to demand that proposed budget cuts don't cut programs that help the most vulnerable. a house fire that badly injured for d.c. firefighters is raising concern about the 18 fire trucks. fire officials say the ladder trucks that were responding to the fire were the third choice. the trucks closest to the fire
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were out of service at the time. the firefighters union said every pair of fire trucks would be more of our priority and a big concern tonight the latter topic responsible -- the ladder truck responsible for responding to a fire at the white house is still out of commission. it report found that metro's holder real trucks will not be replaced until 2013. they became aware of the aging infrastructure after a metro train collided in 2009. there has been a setback for the future of the metro stop at dulles airport. last week we learned about plans to build the station underground, but now some local leaders say they will not pay the bill. fairfax and loudoun county officials argued that a cheaper alternative plan should be
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considered. they say the above ground at option would save $300 million and would be finished six months sooner. up next, how ipads can mask a serious mental disorder. >> then, the amazing story of a man who stopped to get gas during an emergency. >> more on the young mother who deliberately drove herself and her four children into the hudson river.
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tonight, a community is mourning the loss of three children killed by their run mother. >> police say the 25-year-old woman drove her car into the hudson river with her four children in the backseat. the lone survivor was heard 10- year-old son. >> the young mother apparently snapped then drove herself and all but one of her children into the depths of the hudson river. angela gilliam saw the place
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where her niece killed her three children and herself. the police say lashanda armstrong took off after a domestic dispute in a minivan with her four children, ages 10 5, 2-year-old son, and 11- month-old daughter. she headed a few blocks up to the boat ramp and ran straight into the hudson river. all drowned except the 10-year- old boy. >> he managed to open up one of the power windows and climb out of the vehicle before it sank. >> the father of the children who did not live with armstrong is talking to the police. a passerby said he had trouble speaking to the boy but kept mumbling about his mother and siblings in the water. it the exact nature of the domestic dispute or what prompted armstrong into these
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actions is not clear. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. 7 on your side with a link between ipods and depression. a study found teenagers who listen to their ipod several hours per day are at a higher risk for depression. researchers say the music does not call but because the mental disorder but oppressed teenagers may turn to music as an outlet. -- depressed teenagers may turn the music as an outlet. what if an airline it loses your back? . that, you did not get your money back but the transportation department wants to change that. the airline industry collects more than $3 billion of baggage fees each year and is opposed to a refund policy. some drivers and central virginia had to pinch themselves
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when they drove by a shell station. the price of gas free. word spread quickly at long line formed as people waited to get gas. one man was headed to the hospital but when he saw the price, he stopped. >> i was on my way to the emergency room with cracked ribs. i saw the sign i said, well, the hospital can wait. i need free gas. >> gas is more important thing cracked ribs. the giveaway was a promotion by shell and kroger kept secret until this morning. >> you know, i cannot blame the guy. >> i can tape up my ribs, but not my gas tank. >> i can hold my breath for a minute.
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anyhow, i hope there are no long lines tonight. outside, the temperatures, here is how we look. nice evening dry, and finally the clouds are breaking up, although it is still cold and it will be tomorrow morning. the current temperature 53 degrees. we have been up and down, all around. the average about where we are right now. as is the rainfall. look at the temperatures, only in the 40's to the north. to the south the spin in the atmosphere, the cold air that has been around us, the storms. that is finally moving towards new england and drier air is coming in as the storm moves off. that will be with us the next couple days. look how much rain has fallen.
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southern maryland, waldorf barnhart 04 1/4 inch. outdoor recess tomorrow. the last of the storms moving off. behind that, high pressure, delightful day tomorrow. as the wind turns more to the southwest, the warmer air comes in. alas there is more storm in this right now in the rockies that will be coming in saturday. but not tomorrow. it will be a cool morning some spots around the shenandoah valley gaithersburg, high 30's. bundle up in the morning but rapidly, that strong april sun john goes to work. it delightful afternoon the temperatures -- at strong april sun shine goes to work. delightful afternoon, the temperatures around 70 degrees. the next batch of rain, possibly
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even with thundershowers saturday. many areas will get over an inch of rain saturday, but the way that the weather systems are moving along sunday through next week, right back into the sunshine. he posted at 24/7. -- keep posted at
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welcome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny's. america's diner is always open. >> barry bonds, the greatest home-run hitter in baseball history, is now a felon. john don vin reports on his rise and fall. >> if you have always wanted to live in the white house without being elected now a small scale replica of america's most famous home is for sale in mclean. the owner built the 12,000
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square foot house 15 years ago. the and are even used an historical architect to help design and build it. this home can be yours. >> it looks good. we told you it would be a battle tonight, and it was. a lot of blood pressure was raised myself included. at first baseball, the nationals looking to win it to in a row while the wizards finished the season on a rare high note. and it was a battle in the phone booth.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the capitals' playoff game tonight looked like last year's much real serious with lots of blocked shots and on real goal keeping. the rangers were up early in the third. matt gilroy makes the one time
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or. how about that for your first playoff game? less than seven minutes left, alex semin's shot blocked but alex ovechkin hammer's it in. it is reviewed, the goal stands. under two minutes to go in overtime jason arnott fines at alex semin, who puts it away, and capitals win, 2-1. >> if anything, it will encourage the rangers that they came into war building in the first game and played best shot for shot and hit for hit. it is a lot less tiring when you win. you are not as exhausted. but other than that confidence- wise, i think new york is way up there. >> the capitals lead the series 1-0. the second game will be at the verizon center at 7:30 friday night.
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baseball, the nationals hosting the phillies. halliday does what he does best striking out rodriguez to end the ball game. he had 123 pitches in the complete game victory. final score, 3-2. orioles-yankees. the bottom of the first alex rodriguez it goes yard of the crystalline pitch. the yankees beat the birds, 7-4. the wizards in cleveland. flip saunders is trying to get his young team going. at fourth quarter the cavaliers in transition, moving the ball around. he drains the 3. the cavaliers win 100-93 and wizards finished with just three road victories on the season. marlins pitcher josh johnson came within five outs of a no-
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hitter tonight. that was broken up in the eighth inning, but he was still given a standing ovation at turner field. i>> imagine the standing ovation at the verizon center tonight.
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looks like the weather will settle down? >> sometimes i have to change my mind at the last second, but not tonight. it will be delightful tomorrow, lots of sunshine, " in the morning, near 70 degrees in the afternoon -- cool in the morning, near 70 degrees in the afternoon. four of the same friday. at the weekend is still 50/50. >> that is it for us. >> have a good night.
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