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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 15, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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spending side is just getting started. >> and sweeping changes to the attractive control system after several controllers fall asleep on the job. >> first the rainfall returns. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> good morning, washington. great to have you with us on this friday morning. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. i hope you got outside and enjoy the weather yesterday. were you able to take a walk? >> i did plenty of work outside with my boy. he dug up worms. exports inits 53 in the district. a few degrees above average for this time of year. that is in northwest d.c.
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increasing clouds today. we will start the day with some sunshine and will have a fair amount of clouds through the day. high temperatures in the low 60's. we will see a dynamic system passed to our north this weekend, bringing widespread rain and thunderstorms and severe thunderstorms throughout the day on saturday. the heaviest will be saturday afternoon. outer loop the beltway between rte. 7 and 66 there was a minor accident. tractor-trailer involved in that. right lane is closed between leesburg pike and 66 on the outer approve. light volume on 270 out of frederick into montgomery county. the long budget battle is over for now. congress approved a bill that would keep the government running for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year. it is supposed to cut $38 billion in domestic spending, but the congressional budget office says now it's only cuts
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352 million. house republicans are expected to approve a budget for 2012 that calls for even deeper cuts today. president obama is expected to sign the spending bill when he returns from a campaign stop in illinois. >> the president is making his case for reelection in the meantime. the commander in chief spoke on everything from the budget to -- emily schmidt has the details. >> good morning. congress is talking about the 2011 budget, but it already feels like 2012 in washington. mr. obama is talking about what he has done as president and is working to keep the job. he has $2 million more in his war chest. that is thanks to three fund raisers he held in chicago last night. the president listed things he has done since taking office, revealing "don't ask, don't tell", and getting the budget
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compromise last week. earlier in the day mr. obama said he would reverse a position that he took as an illinois center when he voted against extending the nation's debt limit. >> so that was just an example of a new senator making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country. >> what is different now? he says as president he realizes it's about the full faith and credit of the country and that is not something to play around with, he says. president obama shrugged off donald trump's questioning of his birth certificate. the president says he is not worried by what he calls conspiracy theories. he feels the claims will end up hurting republicans in the election. emily schmidt, abc 7 news.
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back to you. >> thank you. looking at the day ahead student activists in d.c. are following mayor vincent gray's lead, staging a protest on capitol hill today. they say that d.c. residents should not have to pay taxes without representation. they will meet on maryland avenue northeast right before the rally. that begins at 10:30 this morning. if you cannot filed your taxes, it is emancipation day in the district. tax filing deadline was pushed back to monday. d.c. government offices will be closed, but the federal government will be open. parking meters are free and there's no reverse traffic lanes. major changes are coming to the nation's air-traffic control system. this comes after air-traffic controllers at three airports including reagan national fell asleep on the job. the head of the nation's air- traffic control system resigned yesterday.
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the faa increased overnight staffing at more than two does and airports and is conducting a sweeping review of the entire system. metro is moving forward with plans to cut service as part of a plan to close a more than $70 million budget gap. >> jummy olabanji is at union station with what could be affected and how you can weigh in on this. >> good morning. metro is facing at $72 million budget gap. that's because revenues have not been coming in like they expected. they will y are talking about how to cut service and save money. that would impact anybody who takes the trains. before any of this is final, you will have a chance to weigh in at several public hearings between may 16 and may 20. service reductions would not start until the fall. service cuts would be to the weekend metro service that would
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save $6.6 million. the cuts would also increase the weight time between trains on saturday and sunday for about one train every 12 minutes to about one train every 20 minutes. the way time could be up to 20 minutes on weekend at certain times. to save an additional $1 million, metro proposes eliminating some bus routes completely including k1 and n8. the metro board decided last night they would not increase their rates for now. metro has also said along with ddot, they want to spend more money at union station to increase and upgrade the way things are run here because it's the most heavily used metro station in the district with 70,000 people coming in and out
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of the stores every day. they will not vote on whether or not to spend money at union station until the meeting on april 28. back to you. >> thank you. a man who was badly beaten at a local music awards show is pleading for the rest of his attacker. last month more than 60 people got into a brawl. this was at the dmv awards in crystal city. he lost his eye and face is physical emotional, and financial challenges. >> the doctor told me to hold on, pray to god. i have my family and my. friends give me my i will never see out of my left eye. >> police have released a photograph of the woman who is believed to have attacked this bartender. if you recognize this woman, you
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are asked to contact arlington county police. 5:07, 53 degrees on this friday. >> still to come, a last-minute tax rush, three days till the deadline. 7 is on your side with ways to avoid. avoid. -- to avoid an audit. >> and the capitals
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captioned by the national captioning institute happy friday. 5:11. adam caskey in the belfort furniture weather center. 46 in southeast d.c., 47 in poolesville. 45 in prince frederick. increasing clouds today with an easterly flow, giving us the influence of the ocean. increasing clouds afternoon and evening. you will really see an area of low pressure developing in the midsection of the country. that really comes together and will continue to strengthen and passed to the north of us tomorrow. that will pull gulf moisture into our region and that will mean a lot of rain tomorrow,
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especially isolated light showers in the early morning with steady, heavier rain by the midday. the heaviest rain in the afternoon and evening. some severe storms tomorrow afternoon and evening. clearing on sunday. a gentle reminder. it is emancipation day in the district. d.c. government is closed for the district holiday. two-way traffic along canal road. no reversible traffic on 16th street independence avenue southeast, connecticut avenue nw, pennsylvania avenue southeast and again canal road as well. traffic looks normal on the 14th street bridge. looks good on 110 and washington boulevard in rosslyn. the beltway in maryland, moving nicely at new hampshire ave. newschopper 7 in a little while. now to news. 5:12 on this friday morning.
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>> coming up, blackberry's playbook the pros and cons of the latest tablets. >> pepco has released its first monthly reliability progress reports saying that it will do better to keep the power on this summer. some customers are not sure . they will believe it when curtis: welcome back to geico radio, it's savings, on the radio. gecko: hello clarence from stevens point. clarence: ok, you know the grapes at the grocery store? clarence: well, sometimes you try one. take it for a test drive, see how it tastes. clarence: well, my wife says that's stealing. i say it's sampling. what do you think? gecko: yeah, um, listen clarence, i can't really speak to the moror bit, but if you switch to geico, you could save hundreds of dolrars on your car insurance. you could buy a whole heap of grapes. hogps that? vo: geico. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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welcome back. checking our top stories the threat of a government shutdown is officially over. the house and senate approved a bill to keep the government running for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year. the legislation contains $38 billion in spending cuts. today the house will debate a 2012 budget that has even deeper cuts. major changes are coming to the nation's air-traffic control system after several controllers policy on the job.
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the man in charge of the system has resigned. more controllers are on duty. that is at morgan two dozen airports across the country. two people were killed when a tornado went through a small oklahoma town and to the new others were injured. it damaged buildings and brought down power lines. pepco's frequent power outages on made the utility company public enemy number one. now elected officials say they've made progress towards making blackouts a thing of the past. mike conneen has why some comments are not buying it. >> they say they will believe it when they see it. but the new report tries to prove a major power outages we have seen in the past couple of years in prince george's and montgomery county are a thing of the past. much of the work has been and will continue to be trimming
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trees along power lines in those counties. on the heels of new maryland legislation that holds utility companies accountable, pepco is releasing the new monthly reliability progress report. since september of last year after mounting criticism pepco has said it trimmed trees along 1,600 miles of power lines inspected and upgraded 26 distribution lines invested $24 million in new equipment, and added more than 50 automatic switch is that would reroute power during storms. not everyone is sold on the plan. montgomery county council member fully supports the new bill passed this week that allows the maryland public service commission design utility companies for poor performance. public service commission now can issue a $25,000 fine for violations during poor performance in rain storms and to avoid that pepco has done all this work that it has reported
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in this report and has replaced or upgraded 70 miles of underground cables and hired new customer service reps. abc 7 news. we are learning more about grave mixups at arlington national cemetery. a hearing was held on capitol hill yesterday. lawmakers heard from a retired air force colonel whose wife's grave was mismarked for five years. they have implemented new rules and added staff to avoid more mixups. a former montgomery county school bus driver charged with child porn is expected in court today. aker was arrested in february after police seized his computer. it contains 85 images and videos of child pornography. he was a driver in poolesville and prince george's high-school lakeland's park middle school,
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and brown station elementary. breaking down the blackberry tablet and video game music. >> the playbook, and the tablets from the makers of blackberry. it has a seven-inch screen and is able to multitask, but some features are disappointing. >> there's no native e-mail program court calendar. and there are some other things on the playbook. you can bring those to the playbook from the blackberry bridge to your smartphone. if you don't have a smartphone, you will miss the calendar and e-mail ability. >> it will hit stores on tuesday. ever find yourself humming along while playing your favorite video game? the grammy awards is recognizing excellence in video games course. original video game music will now compete against music and
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television scores. i am peggy bunker. let's look @ traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> we were hoping for another day like yesterday. you said a little more cloud cover. >> we would like a month of that. today will not be quite as nice as yesterday. it will be ok. tomorrow it's going to get pretty soggy. saturday will have widespread rain downpours in the afternoon and evening with severe and thunderstorms possible as an organized system passes to our north, putting us on the one side of that system. 50 degrees in the district, 44 at dulles airport, 50 in winchester. 45 in lexington park. . the forecast with the easterly flow setting up of the ocean, we will have increasing clouds. becoming fairly gray later this midday and afternoon with high temperatures in a blow 50's.
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-- low 50's. there's a chance that if the clouds hold off, we could be in the mid 60's. noticed the area of low pressure. and will continue to pass to the north of washington on the weekend and pull gulf moisture into our system. here's the easterly flow setting up on the futurecast. the cloud cover will increase today. during the morning tomorrow, especially the mid morning and late morning we will see a spotty, light rain. the bulk of the rain and thunderstorms will be afternoon and evening. some storms could become severe late tomorrow. lows 60's. clearing out and near 70 by sunday. doing pretty well on the beltway even with a minor crash on the outer loop at leesburg
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pike moved to the shoulder. 95 and 66 in virginia are good. 95 and b-w parkway in maryland moving nicely. 270 as normal volume started to grow out of frederick, no big issues into montgomery county. in dickerson 28 is closed north of 994 couple hours for an accident. no problems from fairfax police. quite at the wilson bridge. metro rail is on normal service. -- quiet at the wilson bridge. game 1 of the playoffs was an overtime thriller. what is in store for the capitals and the rangers tonight at? a preview is a head. >> today on "oprah," chained in a closet and tortured by his own family. 13 years later the victim is ready to speak, 4:00 on abc 7.
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look at this. that is no. 12. >> the national'ss are happy to see the phillies leave town. gristly>> the national will try to get
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back on track to night against milwaukee. now, a preview of something going down at the horizon center. >> the capitals and the rangers face off in a game two of the playoff series at the horizon center tonight. the first game victory came down to a superb goaltending. the game went into overtime. less than t-bill minutes left, alexander semin with a slapshot. his overtime goal was sthe 10th shot of the night, one of the alex's. they are not going anywhere unless alexander semin scores, says the coach. >> we love playing at home. hearing the fans cheer. we need to go to new york with a cushion. >> again mr. knighted 7:30. have a great day.
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>> the capitals fans are looking for to that. -- the game is tonight at 7:30. adam caskey is an excited fans. one"one life to live" is headed to a television grave. abc is pulling the plug on two shows that have been on the air four decades. >> and president obama takes abc news questions. emily schmidt in washington with his answers coming up. correct i care more about the capitals. and we have an active weekend in-store especially on saturday
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead on this friday morning, president obama pulling no punches, from the budget to more. he opens up in an abc news exclusive. it's friday morning april 15. thanks for joining us, i am alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. more on that in a minute. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. we enjoyed such a gorgeous day yesterday. what is on tap for today? >> it was perfect yesterday with sunshine. today will not be terrible, but not as perfect. we are starting in the 40's. 46 in woodbrige 45 in southern maryland and 52 in leesburg.
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50 at reagan national. increasing clouds through the day with an easterly flow of the ocean causing low clouds. highs in the low 60's this afternoon. tomorrow areas of showers and thunderstorms especially by the afternoon and evening, some of which could be severe. light rain to start the day tomorrow. los 60's. clearing on sunday. volume increasing. more your neighbors on the road out of frederick into montgomery county. this tells the tale of the pace, which is still good, but the volume is getting heavier. we go to virginia next to look at traffic along 95, 395 66, no problems. a similar scenario. normal travel times between richmond and baltimore on 95. newschopper 7 will join us shortly. now to news.
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the battle over the 2011 budget is finally over. the house and senate passed the bill to fund the government for the rest of the fiscal year. it is supposed to cut $38 billion in domestic spending. the congressional budget office says it only costs $352 million. today house republicans are expected to approve a budget for 2012 that calls for much deeper cuts. president obama is expected to sign the budget bill when he returns from an illinois campaign stop. >> he plans to focus on the next debate over spending priorities. emily schmidt has details. >> hello chicago. >> president obama raised $2 million for his reelection effort last night. illinois launched the president's political career. in an exclusive interview mr. obama admitted he made a mistake as a senator when he voted against extending the debt limit. >> that was just an example of a
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new senator making what is a political vote as opposed to doing what was important for the country. >> the top e-mail your concern was gas prices. the president is not ready to release oil reserves. >> we don't want to get ourselves in the situation particularly went things are not certain in the middle east to use it now and it turns out we need much more later. >> he shrugged off donald trump's questioning of his birth certificate. he says that he is not worried about conspiracy theories and until the claim will hurt republicans. today is emancipation in the district. it marks the day abraham lincoln freed the slaves in d.c. and it means you have until monday to file your taxes. d.c. government will be closed today, but the federal government will be open. reverse lane traffic patterns will not be in effect and parking meters will be free in d.c. major changes are coming to
5:34 am
the nation's air traffic control system. they come after several air- traffic controllers also on the job during the overnight shift. the head of the nation's air- traffic control system resigned yesterday. the federal aviation administration is beefing up the number of controllers on duty at more than two does and airports. >> safety is always our number one priority. we will not rest until every control tower at in this country has controllers that are doing their jobs. >> the faa is also conducting a sweeping review of the entire air traffic control system. metro is moving forward with plans to cut service. this is part of a plan to close the more than $70 million budget gap. >> jummy olabanji is live at union station with what could be affected and how you can weigh
5:35 am
in on it. >> metro says the reason for the gap is revenues are not the way they thought they would be and they say they're still dealing with millions of dollars they spent during a snowstorm last year. they must cut service somewhere and it could impact everyone who takes the train. some closures include cuts the weekend service. that would save metro $6.6 million. the cuts would also increase the wait times between trains on saturday and sunday from one train every 12 minutes to one train every 18 or 20 minutes during the day. wait time could be up to 25 minutes in between trains after 9:30 on the weekend. another proposal would eliminate the customer discount programs for bus passengers in anacostia and would save an additional $1 million by eliminating th esome bus routes completely. the board has ruled out hiking their prices for now. before any of this is final, the public will have its chance to
5:36 am
weigh in at several public hearings. that will be between may 16 and may 20. any service reductions withwould not start until the fall. talking about spending some money to improve union station because it's the most heavily used with 70,000 people passing in and out of the stores every day. reporting from union station jummy olabanji abc 7. looking at the day ahead a court appearance today for redskins tight bent davis. it stems from an altercation with a woman at josephine, a dance club in northwest d.c. she says that she suffered a cut lip. the washington capitals will play the new york rangers tonight. this is game two of the eastern division quarterfinals. the game begins at 7:30 at the verizon center. on wednesday the capitals beat
5:37 am
the rangers in overtime, 2-1. everybody was excited. >> we hope the momentum will help them. we have an excited adam caskey in the weather center. >> 5:37. 54 degrees. >> 7 is on your side with day red lights that could land your tax return in the irs audit file. >> and saying goodbye to two soaps' after more than four decades. >> we will be back with traffic and weather.
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i am jane davis at the willard inter-continental hotel on pennsylvania avenue. in 2011 along with the district if we are commemorating the 100 tickets anniversary of the civil war. come and join us for the yearlong event. good morning, washington. low 60's today with increasing clouds, not as perfect as yesterday. start the day with a little sunshine around sunrise and then the clouds roll in around midday. that's in advance of the storm system that will affect us
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tomorrow. let's look at that storm system. counterclockwise rotation in the middle section of the country that is being low. that will attract to our north tomorrow. -- that is tehe low. rain showers will start tomorrow morning, but the heaviest rain and thunderstorms will hold off until later on in the afternoon and evening. some storms could become severe by tomorrow afternoon. clearing by sunday. looks good on 95 and 66. a little volume starting to heat up and 95 with delays in woodbridge and again in springfield traffic is moving at speed right now in landmark. no accidents to reports from police. out of leesburg getting on to the green way, the toll road, looks good on 28 out of sterling and tysons. 270 looks like this at 190.
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back to you. >> thank you. 54 degrees outside on this friday 5:41. >> coming up, prince william learns he cannot always get what he wants. we will tell you why at. >> tax tips. three days until your returns are due. 7 is on your side with a warning about audits. >> an online dating nightmare. warn
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welcome back. checking our top stories president obama is preparing to sign a bill to fund the government for the rest of the 2011 fiscal year. if congress approved the legislation yesterday. it contains $38 billion in spending cuts. today house republicans are expected to approve a 2012 budget that has even steeper cuts. metro is moving toward with possible service cuts.
5:46 am
the transit agency may alter or eliminate some bus routes and reduce the number of trains on weekends. if approved, the changes could take effect in september. finally, a california woman is suing after she says she was raped by a man she met on the dating web site. she wants the company to screen people before they are allowed on the website. the accused attacker denies the allegations. 7 is on your side with last- minute tax tips. you have until midnight on monday to file your taxes. before you file electronically or mail your return, we have some tips to avoid an audit. >> after you have sent your return, the last thing you want is to be contacted about a review by mail or by a in person. make sure that your report has all of your income. if you have multiple employers
5:47 am
make sure that you include your earnings from all of them. you should of received a form from each one of them. 1% of all returns are audited usually because examiners found multiple discrepancies, so check your work. keep accurate records. if you asked about a certain item, you will have something to resolve the dispute. business owners and self- employed people are more likely to be audited than anyone. being selected for an audit does not mean you are dishonest or does it -- nor does it mean you'll have to pay more taxes it just means you will have some explaining to do. checking the news around the region the director of an alexandria recreation center accused of assaulting a child. it happened wednesday night during a basketball game at the charles barrett recreation center. 55-year-old robert gordon picked up and 11-year-old boy and then
5:48 am
put him down. he is charged with assault and battery and is free on bond. a preliminary hearing for the woman accused of killing a co-worker at an upscale because the store has been delayed. brittany norwood was supposed to be in court today. he's accused of killing jayna murray polemic store last month. there's no word on when the hearing will be held. there's a new study on green buildings in the d.c. metro area and the district comes out on top. 171 projects in our area are getting green building certification between 2003 and 2009. 72 of those projects in the district, northern virginia has a 59 and maryland task 40. 54 degrees in the rosslyn area. time for traffic and weather. >> a pretty nice day, but not as nice as a yesterday. >> it is hard to beat sunny and 70.
5:49 am
>> it was perfect. >> if you don't get that every day. unless you are in southern california. big change is coming down the pike. they will be here by tomorrow. you will notice the changes by this time tomorrow and especially by tomorrow afternoon. rumbles of thunder and maybe even severe thunderstorms tomorrow afternoon and evening. temperatures in the upper 40's currently. 50 degrees in annapolis and ellicott city. 48 in arlington and martinsburg. frederick at 48 degrees. easterly flow increasing clouds today, highs will be in the low 60's. the satellite and radar does not show much going on locally. we should see a cloud deck that will push west into the metro area later this midday and afternoon. look at the action in the midsection of the country, snow in the dakotas and severe and thunderstorms in the deep south, all wrapped around the area of low pressure if that is
5:50 am
continuing to develop. this will take a track to the north of the washington area, well to the north of the washington area on saturday and will pull moisture from the gulf and the atlantic into our area. it still looks like the timing is pretty much all day saturday. a few light scattered showers in the morning. late morning locally. then the heavy rain and thunderstorms by the afternoon and evening. this shows the easterly flow of the ocean, giving us the maritime influence and that will increase the cloud cover today. tomorrow, a few scattered showers through the morning at 8:00 a.m.. the heaviest rain and thunderstorms will be in the afternoon and evening. some could be severe. clearing by sunday. sunshine and in the upper 60's. warming into next week. it's a holiday for the d.c. government folks.
5:51 am
that means that they have no reversible traffic today. no reversible lanes on 16th street, independence avenue connecticut avenue nw, pennsylvania avenue southeast and canal road. it will remain in the normal mode along rock creek parkway and in rock creek park. now there's a suspicious vehicle coming from the cathedral avenue heading on to the rock creek parkway. they have shut down one of the exit ramps but the parkway is still open. moving around town 95, 395, 66 270 and no accidents to report on the beltway. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. best buy is thinking small. it may get even safer to shop online. >> cali carlin joins us from new york with a look ahead. good morning >>.
5:52 am
good morning. let's start with identity that. the obama administration will unveil a plan in washington today to help americans protect themselves from online fraud. sources tell us it is aimed at boosting electronic commerce and especially among small businesses. it has the support from companies like verizon at&t and google. we have heard of the housing bubble and the technology bubble. now there's a new kind of bubble. we are in a social media bubble right now. web sites like facebook are valued as much as $65 billion. social media companies build their businesses around internet advertising. one analyst says any generation of smart people would be drawn to where the money is and right now is the ad generation. espy's planning to boost its online presence to keep up with rival amazon. the electronics giant says it will shrink some of its larger stores to save money and focus
5:53 am
on smaller stores such as best i mobile -- best buy mobile. 5:53, 53 degrees on this friday. >> we will be right back.
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you may not be upset about this but a lot of people are
5:56 am
because it is the end of an era in daytime television. abc announced it is canceling longtime soap operas air traffic organizatio-- canceling longtime soap operas "all my children" and "one life to live". they will be replaced with talk shows that will focus on health and lifestyle. >> that is amazing. there are still so many people who watched those regularly. >> it's hard to imagine tv without those. >> ike in kind of imagine those because i stayed home to take care of the kids a couple weeks. -- i can kind of imagine. i found myself watching for 20 minutes. >> there are lots of fans.
5:57 am
they can attest to that. >> thanks for sharing that. >> it's not a daily routine. just saying that it happened. with the royal wedding on the way, we have a story about prince william. prince william and wanted to take a group of friends to a restaurant near the royal air force base where he serves as a helicopter search and rescue pilot. he was turned away because the restaurant did not have enough room for his 20 guests. his squadron leader says that one of the eight chefs was sick that day and the restaurant could not cope with such a large group. they ended up beating somewhere else. i bet that chef was disappointed, terrible timing >>. but the restaurant got a lot of free publicity. >> that would have been a great chance for that chef to showcase.
5:58 am
>> i wonder if prince william will get [inaudible] . >> there's a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> there's a lot more in the next hour.
5:59 am
straight ahead @ 6:00, one budget battle is over, but the next spending fight is getting started. we will have a live report.


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