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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 17, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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welcome. and happy baconalia! baconalia? mm-hmm. why, it's the sacred festival of bacon. a celebration of baconian delight. come celebrate baconalia! we're open to 7 new ways to enjoy bacon. denny'se america's diner is always open. storms. ic >> it's like a bomb literally my backyard. >> it's being called the most devastating storm system in decades. two homes le dead, destroyed, and a third tornado virginia. n in
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complete storm watch coverage. [inaudible] taking action after several incidents of air traffic controllers falling asleep on the job, including another one this weekend. issuing new rules. near a northwest washington metro station. latest. he and tuition rates are going up for one college in our region. abc 7 news at 11 starts now. >> the monster storm system southeast is he being called one of the worst in more than on years. tonight the death toll stands at more than 40 people in six different states. nvestigating i possibly two tornado touchdowns d, one in frederick county, one in carol county. been confirmed that three touched down in virginia.
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>> in the last three days, prediction center fielded 230 tornado reports. some of those may have been from the same twister but the magnitude has been nearly incalculable. > the roof comes off the house. d to say what's more terrifying. just a massic thick ith debris all kinds of debris spiraling around it. >> images of destruction or survival stories. e the whole lik world being sucked up in the air. released that destroyed hundreds of homes is being called an historic outbreak of severe weather. >> the windows broke out. the roof went. he walls went. there's nothing left. >> three confirmed twisters ripped through the common . ptsd storm's furies claimed slashed through a school and toppled buses.
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wild winds yanked the home to off its foundation, yet shattered to pieces the house to the right. d it over to one side. you can see it's totally gone. >> and a mother and her 8-year-old daughter were killed in a flash flood while trying to cross this bridge. s even nier.ll i entire blocks of splintered homes litter raleigh's neighborhood. burnie county alone, at least 11 people were killed in the tar heel state cars and trees went where they shouldn't. alabama, a ark, mobile home was tossed over houses and a hill before hitting a tree. killing a mother and her two sons. shelleden was 14 was laying beside taylor. he had already passed away. and we found jean. she was up under some rubble.
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>> the path of destruction in virginia is believed to be approximately 12 miles long, cleaning up and recovering from devastation will likely not be measured in days or weeks but in months and years. >> thanks a lot, jay. now we are following a developing story from prince george's county. last hour they had to make a swift water rescue. a car with two teenagers and an infant stalled out while driving through a partially flooded road. the water seeped into the car. the firefighters were able to save all three. hecked out and they were all doing fine. meanwhile, relatively calm here. eatherwise it continue? our meteorologist has the answer. change. omed much different day compared to yesterday here in the weather center. t slammed ront tha across the mid-atlantic, the
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deep south, now well off the coast. we have some light showers across western maryland. lot for the overnight hours. remain dry across the immediate metro. tonight we will fall into the upper 40's to lower 50s across area and a nice warmup for the day tomorrow. how about back into the lower 70s? is, how long will the nice weather last? couple up in a few minutes. >> for instant updates on weather, go to our online home news. 7 here at 11:00, the federal aviation administration is taking action after there was yet another incident of an air traffic controller sleeping on job. live at reagan national airport to explain the new rules that o effect. int >> the incident happened in miami tover weekend. today new rules from the f.a.a. tomorrow the head of the f.a.a. will be going to
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some of the nation's busiest airports including here in the d.c. area meeting with traffic controllers, going over new policies, and reiterating the point that they have to stay .wake when they're on the job >> ok. so we're having some technical problems. new policies he are they now get nine hours of rest instead of eight hours of rest between shifts. they -- they can nly switch shifts if they have that nine-hour rest period. they can no longer pick up an unassigned midnight shift you have off. and managers shifts are going ing so there is more oversight in the early morning and late night hours. comes at the same time as a panel between the union and the f.a.a. have been studying
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fatigue for the better part of last year. findings was perhaps controllers should be allowed to nap during a breaktime in those overnight shifts. today the secretary of transportation said very air ly he will not pay traffic controllers to nap. he says that will not happen on shift. for now we have these new rules and the government is saying more new rules to come. live at reagan national airport. > great information. chris.a lot, the search is on tonight for the person or people ear a sible for shooting n station. d around 2:00 this afternoon across the street from the shah howard university station in northwest. multiple shots were fired. two men were hit but they are expected to recover. and residents said they have seen an uptick in violence lately. they want more police and tomorrow republican congressman frank wolf of
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ected to hold a news conference to criticize build the n to dulles metro rail station underground. congressman wolf, along with other officials are unhappy that the airport's authority the below for ground option because it will cost at least $300 million more than the above ground option. board's chairman had suggested a meeting with irginia officials to discuss matter. congress is in recess for the next two weeks but there are still negotiations under way over the debt ceiling. in an abc exclusive timothy geithner expects they will raise it. >> you're sure about that? >> they said we recognize we we're not this and going to play around with it. it's not something you can take too close to the edge. >> what they also told me is in addition to raising the debt imit we want financial controls. pending uts in s
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accompanying a raising of the . bt ceiling >> now, the nation is expected to hit its 14.3 trillion debt limit by mid may. congress returns may 2. in the meantime, president ching his be pit deficit reduction plan in irginia this week. the president is scheduled the a town hall meeting at northern virginia community college in annan dale this tuesday. he will then travel to california to facebook's head quarters and end his tour in reno, nevada. the plan would reduce the deficit by $4 trillion over 12 years. already ou haven't have until axes you midnight tomorrow. that is the deadline. you can either file on line or drop it in the mail. normally tax day is april 15, but it was extended this year because the district was marking emancipation day. all city office f offices were closed that day. come, controversial health program. s handing out i
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condoms to children as young as 11 years old. why officials say it's necessary. plus, police are patrolling one local parkway tonight. just went gram that into effect. proposal by a british impact any future children that prince william and
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>> firefighters continue to battle raging wild fires in texas but strong winds and dry conditions are hamplering their efforts. charred more than 1.5 million acres in the past week. homes are already destroyed while 8500 others are threatened. asked the has president to declare the area a mageor area. parisheners gathered to pray for holly. she vanished wednesday morning. police believe she was kidnapped.
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her brother told police he saw his sister head into the wooded area with a man dressed in camo flauge. philadelphia has the highest exually active teens younger than 13. and an alarming number of them have contracted sexually transmitted diseases. they are distributing condoms for free to children as young 11. authorities say they have no choice. >> they are hearing about kids who are cutting school to go over to someone's house and have sex. and allot of this will take place in the schoolyard, in the bathroom. >> the health department has media campaign to teach kids about sex and how to use a condom. some parents have objected. another virginia university is
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raising its tuition. the college of william and mary is following suit. to increase ns in-state undergraduate tuition nearly 8%. college says the increases are needed to offset a loss of nearly $7 million in federal stimulus money. well, drivers using the fairfax to slow arkway may want down. new traffic off a enforcement campaign. it 50 means ng 50. is 50 kway speed limit miles an hour. police say they will pull over speeders and issue them warnings or tickets. officers will be on the lookout for aggressive drivers and drivers texting. n will last two weeks. and it's the start of the holy week for millions of catholics around the world. celebrated palm sunday and led an outdoor mass at st. peters square. in his homly the pope
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celebrated man's accomplishments but warned they ve increased the possibilities of doing evil as world. good in the and the rules of britain's royal succession could be changing. currently, the first boy born will ascend to the throne even if he has an older sister. but the government is looking that rule and allow the first born no matter what the sex to become the future monarch. and that royal wedding now less than two weeks away. abc 7 will have complete verage during the week he t we'll have live reports when william and kate tie the knot. >> it is just around the corner and hopefully good weather for k or so for us. and in london. >> we'll deal with the rain when it comes. >> outside now, this evening
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nice out there. we have thee beautiful pictures down by the national mall. nice big full bright moon as our temperature slowly fell into the 50s, and eventually 40's across the he h of the area during t overnight hours. ill begin to increase. his hour. t wind out of the west-southwest. 66 was our high. the average for this time of year, 67 degrees. weather bug network, 59 in fairfax. college park 63. over to children's hospital, 62 degrees. n earlier in of rai the day. k city.ew yor 61 we have to the here. 61 at charleston. lots of cold air off to the north and west of us. detroit at 40 where they have a winter weather advisory. if your plans take you to
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michigan, you could be looking o five inches of snow. for us we have quiet conditions. our clouds will increase throughout the mid afternoon hours and may squeeze out a shower or two. a few showers associated with stationary front across extreme western maryland. we still have a few flash flood warnings for in effect. lot of these a warnings are now cansling out by tomorrow everything should be done. showers across western maryland. really beginning to fizzle out y get closer to frederick. anything close to the immediate area. showing the clouds increasing. here's a small impulsive energy that may give us a stray shower. see absolutely nothing at all. ter chance for showers, a few thunderstorms will come on tuesday and severe weather night into ay
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thursday. yet another powerful cold front. partly cloudy and cool. 48-53 degrees. ff with we'll start o partly cloudy skies, changing to mostly cloudy skies. showers, upper 60s to lower 70s. wednesday around 80 degrees. and then a sharp drop in temperatures back to around 70 on thursday, even cooler on friday. could be ng weekend wet with highs in the lower 70s. >> coming up next, not a bad week. movie.y to watch a we'll tell
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>> well, another animated film is bringing in the big bucks. the debut of rio was a big hit. the movie earned $40 million this weekend. slasher comedy scream 4 finished a distant second.
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hop soul surfer and hannah the top five. who needs movies when we have good sports. >> go out and enjoy the weather. > or the caps. nationals went for a sweep today while the orioles tried to break a six-game losing streak. >> and
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>> the caps came in today with a comfortable two-game lead in the series. but if you know the capitals you know that doesn't mean it's over. in the past two years the caps have blown two game leads. h a desperate home league team on home ice, anything was up for grabs. akes some great saves including a huge one on marianne gab rick. n the second period, rangers get oods another power play. threading the needle. take another look. right over him. to stop it. and then late in the second rangers still with the one-goal lead. jason on it. shoots. in the rebound
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or the tying goal. then in the third period still tied at one, shoots and misses but then vinie puts in the rebound and the rangers go up 2-1. it's not over. nicholas shoots the one timer. misses but mike is there in the clutch as always to knock it in. at 2.s tied then brandon makes some nice moves. shoots. s and the rangers win 3-2. news would still be a rebuilding year for the nationals but growing pains are never easy especially when your flashy nine-fig yer agent has two rbi your best player is out with an injury. but somehow the nationals found a way to get above 500 today. scoreless in the second and jerry launches one to deep left. the nats up 1-0.
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of the 7th and danny arguably an early rookie of the year candidate splices one down the line. he and and dezzmond and matt scores. nats lead 4-1. bottom of the 8th now, adam crushes that pitch. gone. nats win 5-1 and the team finishes with a 225 team batting average up 14 points from what they entered the day with. bottom of the fifth brewers lead by a run. it's a three-one shot and puts the nats up 4-2. in the bottom of the 6th, a sends one to deep right. it's gone. his 310th homer of his career. nats win 8-4 and jason gets his first win at national's park.
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there were two big upsets today. the grisley's to and the lakers lost to the hornets. the prime time east matchup of the new york nicks and boston celtics, the nicks had a 12-point lead. he finds allen good for the lead. nicks come down the floor. tone kwli gets stuck in a jam. but instead of going for the two and the tie he throws up a long 3. no good. celtics win 87-85. now, to the final wrap of the ford 99 in talladega. amazing finish. johnson holds off boyer by 2/10000 of a second to win. shyian woods won the individual acc golf championship by seven shots.
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s in the rt run family. s the only hat' trait she inherited. >> that's brutal. >> congratulations. proud of that he is her. right. >> so sorry.
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>> ready for a final look at the outlook? ot so bad. 71 for the day tomorrow. clouds will increase. chance for an isolated shower north and west. not going to amount to a whole lot. a bit cooler. spike in temperatures on wednesday. degrees. strong cold front will move through late wednesday night into early thursday morning. you can always log on to our website, check out our spractive radar and a whole lot more. lly sell that. check it right now.
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>> thanks for joining us. washington weekly coming up next.
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