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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the president of the united states here. >> with greater mark zuckerberg by his side president barack obama got comfortable and tried to calm concerns over out of control spending. the washington standoff that could be disastrous for our economy. >> we are living through a tumultuous a time as i've seen in my lifetime. >> using an on-line companies that feed off of making friends, mr. obama hopes this virtual town hall will translate into votes for reelection. he spent part of the evening responding to 19 million facebook fans. >> government wastes, just like every major institution does not go there are things that we do that we can afford not to do. the subject ranged from education to climate change and immigration. >> in light of our budget challenges with your administration considered a policy such as the greenback? >> they want to be part of the
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american family. >> mr. obama was a northern virginia guest today and it's to the nevada tomorrows. >> we'll party refused the pentagon budget by about $400 billion. we think we can do that by another $400 billion. >> the president is talking about how to cut spending and he is raking in some big bucks. a rally in los angeles and a dinner where the tickets go with high as $35,000. our weather team is on storm watch again and with good news. it looks like we may get through the night without severe storms. there is a big change in the temperature on the way. >> we are not even going to have a drop of rain. this cold front is coming through on the dry side.
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still very warm locally, 85 at the top of the hour in washington. look at how quickly the temperatures trail off toward the west. you can see the big difference is right now. ssa lewis is 33 -- st. louis is 33 degrees lower than it was this time yesterday. the colder temperatures are heading this way. the sun comes up at 6:24 and the temperatures will be between 43 and 51. a massive cleanup effort continues along the georgetown waterfront. bose weekend rains and the potomac river over them cope it caused a major water damage to restaurants and businesses and this is what it looks like inside some of those restaurants at the washington harbour complex. there is no word yet when they will be open. the flood gates were never raised. the national transportation
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safety board has now launched an investigation. this incident happened monday. it is the latest in the round of mistakes by air-traffic controllers. >> more fallout tonight from the landing here at monday. the faa announced that air- traffic controllers supervisors will handle the flights carrying the first lady and the vice president. the aborted landing took place monday. the plane carrying the first lady and the wife of the vice- president but dangerously close to a massive military cargo jets. >> that is kind of scary. >> turbulence in the wake of larger plants poses dangers for trailing aircraft. they require at least 5 miles between plant. the first lady's aircraft came to within 3 miles of the cargo
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jet. >> i know the difference between 3 miles and 2 miles. >> an air traffic controller and handed over responsibility for granting to controllers at entries. they realize the first lady's plane was in danger. controllers ordered the pilot to make a series of turns to create distance. they realize a second danger, the cargo jets would still be on the runway when it michelle obama's landed. the ordered the pilot to abort the landing at. >> when it happens to the first lady, you have to ask yourself what is going on. >> it follows a string of problems with air traffic controllers involving sleeping, watching movies, or simply careless shift. >> they need to do something to make sure that they are qualified. >> air traffic control supervisors will now be responsible for flights carrying the first lady and the vice- president. they have always taken
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responsibility for the present aircraft. -- the president's aircraft. the government color-coded terrorist warning system will soon become a thing of the past. defect levels were put in place after 9/11. a new system goes into effect next week. dealer to be labeled either elevated. a new system describes with the threat is, there was being targeted and tells americans how they should respond. and oscar-nominated " the maker has been killed in libya. officials say he died when the city came under fire. he was covering the clash between rebels and the libyan government. three other photojournalist entered into this incident. we are following breaking is from prince george's county tonight. police have identified the body
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of a man found dead by the university of maryland as that of a college student. the body of the 21-year-old was found near the stadium last night. it is unclear how he got there. police say there was no sign of foul play. we will continue to fall of the latest developments. and overnight crash killed a battlefield high-school student and entered for friends. the car they were riding in hit a deer and coat the 50-year-old kendra kaeleen tucker -- the 15- year-old kendra kaeleen tucker died at the scene at. and none of the teenagers were wearing seat belts and that speed is to blame. 20 hospital employees have been exposed to a contagious skin disease caused by a parasite. and undiagnosed patient exposed employees to scabies at southern maryland hospital in.
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those affected have been quarantined and hospital officials said no patients have been affected. we will bring you the latest on this tonight at 11:00. >> there is much more to come on abc 7 is at 6:00. millions of dollars may soon be headed for northern virginia roads projects. >> more homes are being filled. first-time buyers are not. >> a look back and look ahead on the one-year anniversary of
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people along the gulf coast are remembering one of the worst environmental disasters in u.s. history. >> the deep water rides an oil- rich exploded 11 workers were killed and hundreds of millions of gallons of oil leaked into the gulf of mexico can coat the cleanup continues. >> the ongoing job of cleaning up is not done. questions remain about the long- term impact on the marine life and residents. >> i think it is important to start today by remembering a year ago today this tragedy, 11 men lost their lives. >> the explosion and did lives forced 200 million gallons of oil into the gulf, and caused
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immeasurable harm to wildlife. >> this is not a spill about turtles or about shoreline's or about fish. this is a spill of about an ecosystem. >> some in the tourism industry continued to struggle. >> louisiana -- she is waiting for customers to return and for the money bp still owes her. >> i think they were fibbing. >> some officials continued to call out bp for, not for, >> i stand here today and i still cannot look in the eye and tell you who is in charge. >> changes has been instituted to prevent another disaster. >> look at the technology and the system in place to make sure we are reducing the likelihood of this ever happening again. >> some fishermen are skeptical about the health of the
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creatures they're catching. >> government scientists insist their tests have found a note dispersants or oil and gold seafood. >> the statute of limitations ran out for the big federal lawsuits. a number of claims were filed bp said the maker of the failed blowout preventer. new orleans sued ibp for various costs. >> still ahead it brings new meaning to the same, a picture is worth a thousand words. see some incredible photos that capture a year in review. >> some colder air is moving through boat. we have your forecast. >> the weather caused the nationals to be rained out last night's. we will take you to madison square garden.
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some mixed views about
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america's housing market. home sales are up. a new report shows. old sales for march rose 3.7%. the reason for the rise, investors are spending money to pick up cheap homes on the brink of foreclosure. the number of first-time home buyers dropped 33%. northern virginia could receive some big benefits. includes funding for widening interstate 66. the widening of rte. 7 and extending -- it also include advancing hov lanes. some of the big events of last year, the gulf oil spill the war in afghanistan and earthquake-ravaged haiti, are some of the image is featured in the newseum newest exhibits.
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big stories of 2010. the exhibit opens to the public this friday. amazing stories. >> some incredible weather. we will take three steps board and two steps black. -- two steps back. number charles county, at 84 degrees. 84 degrees in silver spring. these are way above average, to say the least. 85 is the official number. our average height is 68 so we are well above for the date. tomorrow, we will be a little closer to average. the temperatures are starting to drop a little bit. north and bit
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-- a little bit north and west. it is a dry cold front. it has been chilly -- chicago stands out because chicago has said the coolest start to. and then they have had in 65 years. it has been dramatically chilly across the great lakes. we will bounce right back into the 70's for the weekend. it's like warmer weather, hang in there because the pattern is starting to vault the right way. a lot of sunshine tomorrow, mid 60's. our next system had our way on friday. right now, all indications are that the system will lift out for the weekend and we'll be right back into the 70's.
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that are day and easter sunday, -- saturday and easter sunday, it looks better. toyota sports desk moving to forward. >> make it or break it to. >> this is the pivotal game. this is a huge story and a big step back for the capitals. we have confirmed that he did not even make the trip and will definitely be out tonight's. this is a tremendous blow to the caps because he is a big offensive presence in front of the nets and it is certainly a factor in the penalty killed on the five on five. >> we knew this series would be
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about the goaltenders. michael had 32 saves in game 3, despite the loss. the rangers knew they had to rattle him and get in his face and they did that. he was trash talking the entire time and players know that tonight, they will have to rally around him because there will be more of its. >> they are doing all that stuff and trying to get him off of his game. the good thing about michael is that it does not seem to affect him. >> how do you shake things up? >> it is all business. you got to be ready for anything. >> the coach said that mike green is also a target for the rangers. he will expect to hear -- it could but the caps up 3-1 in the series.
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>> into a garden party. the nationals got a strong pitching performance today against the cardinals. washington scored six in the third. jason is on his horse and he comes,. off to another great starts. he has a blast to right center and that is trouble from the git go. it was 7-0 nationals and a hold on to win the first game of the double header. our plan of the night comes from arlington, texas. how about this lovely lady? she makes the grab of the game. it looks like a grandma. looked at her face. are you kidding me? i have to get it back?
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she could not get it there. la went the ball game 15-4. the nfl wrapped up their fort days of court ordered talks this afternoon at. they have no plans to meet until the middle of may. it is getting away from them now. there may be a fraction -- a faction among the players. 70 players are upset that the talks broke up and they're ready to sign with a law firm to get a seat at the negotiating table. we will keep you posted on that report. big game tonight for the caps. >> florida rescheduled primary election could make a deja vu all over again in 2012. >> the fight for the gop nomination looks like it to come down to a rule breaking unsanctioned election.
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even though it has not been approved florida early primary is important for each republican contenders so they can compensate for their weaknesses in traditionally early states. in this wide open primary, no candidate can afford to skip a contest, even if it is unauthorized.
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the pentagon it really is sending in bulletproof underwear to troops in afghanistan. the military develop a protective undergarment. they look and feel just like normal underwear. british troops have been already using the silk shorts. >> i think it is a great idea. >> absolutely. >> equal coverage, right? >> take a look at. tomorrow will be much cooler than today. cooler still on friday. rain develops during the day on friday. upper 70's for easter sunday. it will get a warm again would temperatures and below were a possible. is your place or whether -- for weather.
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