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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 20, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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from summer like temperat spring break tragedy. a teenager is killed and four classmates badly injured in a car crash. >> it is a shame at happened. >> new reaction from those who knew that the teenager and how the school plans to of grieving students. plus, we now know the identity
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of the university of maryland student who collapsed and died on the college park campus. and it tracking your every move. how people can access your whereabouts through your iphone. abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute tonight, one high-school community and with an virginia is in shock after a deadly car crash early this morning involving five students. it happened just after midnight on the long mill road. one girl was killed and four hospitalized. john gonzales is live with more. >> even though it is spring break for the students at battlefield high school, we understand that many of them will be back at school monday to meet with grief counselors. tonight, dozens of them were at the home of kendra tucker, 24
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hours after she was killed and four others were seriously injured. friends of 15-year-old kendra tucker wanted to see the crash scene for themselves, devastated by the loss, severely impacted by the accident, and worried about this deadly road. kendra and four teenagers, all from battlefield high school, enjoying this spring. , work on this road around midnight. suddenly, there dodge magnum struck a deer, spun out of control, and hit a tree. a 15-year-old tucker was ejected from the car immediately. the others were airlifted to the hospital. this woman's son used to date the high-school freshman and she is still good friends with the family. >> sweet girl, caring. >> traffic moves slowly tonight. the police say speed was a factor early this morning and nobody was wearing a seatbelt on a road victorious for tragedies.
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several other students died in an accident less than a year ago. >> if we joined them, we may be able to do something, get this road straightened out. >> residents have pushed to get the road reengineered to eliminate the hills the county claims it is not in the budget. >> how many deaths will it take before they decide to change the road? >> it took four medical helicopters to transport from the scene. the 18-roll driver and a 17- year-old passenger and are expected to survive. however, two female passengers 18-year-old and 14-year-old remained in critical condition. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. we now know the identity of the man whose body was found on the diversity of maryland campus in college park. the police say the student collapsed and died near byrd stadium last night.
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>> students found adepedgba dressed last night and running a tire. the police do not suspect foul play. >> very nice guy always able to make you laugh. i am shocked. >> he just turned 21 this month. a communications major at the university of maryland, he had dreams of becoming an accountant. >> i did not enjoy him enough. >> those dreams were dashed yesterday when just before 10:00, students found his body outside of the football field. >> you would not expected. he will be missed. >> his friends and family came and went from the greenbelt home this evening describing him as a devout christian, who loved to worship god. when his brother came to the
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door in tears, he would only say that his brother had a smile and he did not understand how someone so sweet could leave us so soon. >> i cannot believe that his life was cut short. i am praying for his family and friends. >> the medical examiner has not determined the cause of death. also new at 11:00, new rules going into effect for the way air-traffic controllers handle flights carrying the first lady or the vice president. the faa says from now one, a supervisor will direct to those flights. specifically during arrivals and departures at andrews air force base and the regional air traffic facility in warrenton virginia, just days after an incident in which an airplane carrying the first lady and jill biden got dangerously close to a
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military jet. the white house says the first family will attend next week's launch of the space shuttle endeavor. it is set for friday, april 29. also possibly attending the lunch, the wounded arizona covers woman gabrielle giffords, if doctors give their approval. her husband mark kelly is leading the mission. on the first anniversary of the nation's worst oil spill, bp has filed suit against the makers of the device that the claims failed to stop the gulf disaster. but apple 20 last year, the explosion on the deepwater horizon oil rig caused more than 200 million gallons of oil to spill in the gulf of mexico. bp has filed suit in new orleans against the company claiming the company made a blowout preventer with a faulty design. bp is also suing trans ocean which operated the oil rig saying that the company failed to prevent the blast. both companies have filed court
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cases demanding a judgment be made against bp. turning to the weather we could not ask for a more beautiful day but we are in for a big change in temperatures. bob ryan is in the weather center with a preview. >> that has been at the story this april. looking at the high temperatures outdoor recess kind of day. it was 88 degrees at hoffmann- boston of the preschool. tomorrow it will be outdoor recess, but much cooler. at the high temperature, 86 degrees. look at the variability the average high at 50. look at the days that have been way above average and way below average. and look at what happened around the cars. you did not have to go too far to find a mess of pollen. it was pollen all over the place. i will tell you what the count was, especially if you had a
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dark car. it looked like it was just under a cloud. the good news, because of the weather coming our way, the pollen will decrease. i will explain when i join you from the belfort furniture weather center. and investigation is underway into the circumstances surrounding the d.c. police escort that actor charlie sheen and appeared -- charlie sheen received for his appearance at constitution hall yesterday. charlie sheen said this in front of the cameras last night. >> we had a police escort and we ran lots of red lights. >> he also talked about getting the police had escort indicating the carrigan was traveling at speeds up to 80 m.p.h. the police say an investigation is being conducted. still to come, and oscar- nominated film director is killed while covering the crisis
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in libya. plus, you may not know it but your iphone is tracking your every move and anyone could access that information. >> a multibillion-dollar transportation plan is in the works to ease your commuting nightmares.
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today virginia governor bob macdonald unveiled his multibillion-dollar plan to ease congestion in northern virginia. kate korff explains the areas targeted will include some notorious bottlenecks -- jay korff explains. >> these are transportation projects hundreds of projects announced today all over northern virginia, and the hope is to stop all of that congestion that haunts so many of us. the hope is that hundreds of
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communications products costing billions of dollars will ease the nightmare commits haunting drivers in northern virginia. among the major projects, trapping interstate 66 from gainesville to haymarket. along with a number of route 7 improvements in fairfax and loudoun counties containing a similar price tag. also on the list in each of the rap that seminary road on i-395 worth $80 million, $52 million contribution to the ongoing i- 95 hot lanes project. and more than $30 million to install digital sons over interstate 66 so motorists can read travel times and advisory's. >> i don't think it will halt that much. with all of the congestion on the road, all lanes are pretty much stopped. having signs will not be that helpful. >> there is also a proposal to invest hundreds of millions dollars into an arlington county street car project.
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this person says the project which still requires federal funding should ease congestion while creating economic opportunities. >> i think it is possible for us to take the same street cars from your home to the grocery store and back. >> after a number of public hearings around the state the commonwealth transportation board is slated to vote in mid june on a final plan. even if all of these projects are approved, it will take years before they begin construction for those projects. live in arlington county, jay korff, abc 7 days. the unrest in libya has claimed lives of two western photojournalist. one man was killed and the only rebel-held city in western libya. also killed, a pulitzer prize winning photographer.
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the washington post reports the journalists were with the rebel fighters in the center of the town that has seen some of the most intense fighting. the soldier accused of giving the u.s. government secrets to the wikileaks web site is in a kansas army prison. bradley manning was transferred from it ought to go to fort leavenworth, where he will undergo an in-depth assessment of whether he is mentally competent to stand trial. president obama is using social media for his deficit reduction plan. from facebook headquarters, the president talk about the economy, debt, and other issues that he will face during his reelection campaign. the first question came from the facebook founder, who asked about his plan to curb the federal deficit. >> we have to look at spending, both on not security issues as well as defense spending. and then what we have said is let's take another trillion of that that we have raced through
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a reforms and tax system that allows people like me and frankly, you mark, who are paying more in taxes. i know you are ok with that. at the end of the session he was presented with a sweatshirt. that is his signature attire. 7 on your side with a warning about a hidden feature on your-. security researchers have found that i fophones and ipads cost at the record and store the users' locations in an encrypted files. it turns out there is no way to remove the data or stop it from recording your location. experts say all you could do to secure the data stored on your computer.
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prince charles has been a record, waiting longer than any other airport. in british history. -- winning water than any other heir apparent in british history to ascend to the british throne, breaking the record set by his great great-grandfather, edward rahm and five. prince charles may have to wait a long time because his mother, queen elizabeth, celebrated her 85th birthday today, and her mother live to be 101. chris williams is second in line to the throne. -- prince william is second in line to the throne. abc 7 news will bring you the royal wedding live from london. cynne simpson begins to reports from england on monday. hope they will have good weather. >> they must. a few raindrops are supposed to be good luck, and they just watched with pollen. >> did you make that up?
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>> no, it is true. outside, boy if you saw the pollen you cannot miss it, it was all around. all of the wonderful flowers and these are red buds, but the main culprit has been the coquetries which have been going crazy. this is how it looked everywhere. -- the main culprit was the oak trees. still a balmy 72 degrees. the pollen count today was down from yesterday but a lot of us did not notice the difference. 1600 pollen grains or around in a cubic meter of air. the high temperature around the east, and 80's. it out to the west, detrick 46 degrees. -- out to the west, at detroit 46 degrees. indianapolis the temperature has dropped 18 degrees. as we go through the nighttime
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hours, we have a nice dry air. sunshine tomorrow as we go through the day, passing clouds. by tomorrow afternoon, there are high clouds coming, as the weather systems zip along. the rain will be coming in about midmorning on friday. spreading rapidly all over the area even pockets of moderate rain as we get into friday afternoon. later friday, there could be as much as half an inch to an inch of rain over us. but that will also move out rapidly. the temperatures tomorrow, cool, dry air only into the low 60's. about 20 degrees below where we were today. western maryland only in the 50's. tomorrow you will notice the difference. much cooler, temperatures tomorrow morning in the mid-40s in sterling, fredericksburg, 51
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degrees in town. a nice day, lots of sunshine. the wind continues from the northwest. the temperatures tomorrow, much closer to average. 67 degrees, the average high closing in on 70 degrees but very dry air. the rain coming in at 80% 90% probability, but with the weather systems that will move out and the high pressure will come in again. right now, the big easter weekend looks fine. lots of sunshine, a slight chance of afternoon showers. nothing to spoil the sunrise services or the easter bonnets. >> very good. [ melody ] the bar is raised for everybody in an ap class, from the
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tonight new developments on the nursing student who was reportedly about it from outside of her home. a seemingly ticklish penguin
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has giggled its way into a youtube sensation. this video of the bullpen when has gotten nearly 1.5 million biew. -- this video of the penguin has got nearly 1.5 million views. zoo officials say the notices are part of normal courting behavior. >> what a great pangolin. >> what a night. >> what a night for the nationals, the capitals. the nationals played a twin bill with the cardinals and capitals and rangers skate into double overtime and was not any garden party for either team.
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the battle in front, everybody going after it. alexander semin finds the puck and punches it into light the lamp for the first time tonight. less than a minute later, the capitals on the attack again. johansson, on the doorstep, 3-2. the momentum changed. washington on the power play, firing the slapper yes sir the game is tied. in the second overtime, everybody tired, the rangers failed to clear the crease. are you kidding me? in decision by new york, fatigue, the capitals in a great comeback, and they lead the series, three games to one. game 5 is saturday at the verizon center. my statistic of the night, the winner of game 4 win this series almost 80% of the time in the nhl. the nationals-cardinals,
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day/night doubleheader. washington took game 1. dame two just ended a short while ago. the top of the five, the nationals down, ankiel knocks in espinoza. molina takes zimmerman to center field. the throw from ankiel cannot get him, holliday scores. earlier in the day the national's planning small ball, runners on first and third being aggressive. the double steal, safe at second, safe at home. are you kidding me? eight-six the final the nationals win, and they are still one game over .500. the orioles-twins, weiters with the rbi their second straight win after eight
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consecutive losses. the nfl and the players completed their fifth day of court order negotiations with absolutely no agreement. here is the deal, they say now they will not meet until the middle of may, which puts them in the dangers of. camp opens in late july. right now, the redskins are working out on their own at a high school field the last two days. lots of happy capstans. >> great game tonight. >> saturday at 3:00 in the phone booth.
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the next batch of rain moving in to tennessee, but lots of sunshine tomorrow, noticeably cooler air, mid-60s. rain friday, sunshine.
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>> it is hockey weather.
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