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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  April 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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straight ahead @ 5:00, a community of mourning the death of a teenager and others injured in a car accident. >> was faulty data used to support a plan to? thousands of federal workers to an alexandria office complex? and what does it mean for your commute? >> in the net. >> the capitals' comeback from three goals down. "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. begins now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side.
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>> good morning, washington. thanks for waking up with us on this thursday morning. i am pamela brown. >> i am alison starling. we begin with traffic and weather. did you watch the capitals? >> i fell asleep at the end of the second period. i thought if we don't go into intermission with a goal we are done. then i cannot believe we had one. breezy today, out of the northwest with gusts up to 30 miles an hour right now. at leesburg and the orlando germantown and fairfax gusting -- leesburg's and and laurel. cooler and breezy today with highs in the mid '60's. drivers coming out looking
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upper marlborough, route 4 has a crash inbound near our most road where they have been doing construction. 95 of found in maryland, there is a crash reported near the beltway. no problems across the bay bridge. looks good on the beltway on the other side of town at 7 locks road. back to you. >> thank you. another deadly crash of prince william county road has a high school community in shock and neighbors wanting action. >> this happened wednesday morning on logmill road. a 15-year-old girl died and four other teenagers are in the hospital. courtney robinson has details. >> good morning. this is extremely difficult not just for the a market community but for battlefield high-school students as well. from 12:00 until 2:00 the grief
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counselors will be available to students despite it being spring break. rescuers say a 15-year-old kendra tucker died on the scene of this, and other fatal crash involving teenagers on logmill road in a market virginia. >> it is shocking to look up and see it on my facebook and on the news the that she passed away. >> tucker and four others all battlefield high-school students were in the car. just after midnight the 2005 silver dodge magnum was speeding down a hilly logmill road when the driver hit a deer, loss control, hit a tree, and came to a stop. >> speed was definitely a factor and none of them were wearing seat belts. >> one boy was stumbling around in shock. kendra tucker was lying in the
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road. >> she was gasping for air. it was a horrible scene. >> live at battlefield high- school you can see a deer. they are along the roadways in a market. we are told by officers and by residents that the deer are out early in the mornings on these roadways. it was involved in the accident. officers say that excessive speed played a role in the accident. alcohol and drugs were not a factor. as far as the of the students involved, there's a 17, 18-y ear-old boy and two girls
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injured. >> authorities are trying to determine what caused a university of maryland student's death near birth stadium on the college park campus. on tuesday night on the road and died of a hospital. he was wearing running a tire. police do not suspect foul play. new this morning, the faa fierstein the bill air traffic controllers caught sleeping on the job. the agency says it dismissed the controllers at the regional radar facility in miami and one at mcgee tyson airport in nashville. the faa has put new rules in place for flights carrying members of the first and second families. this comes after a plane carrying first lady michelle, had to abort a landing at andrews air force base on monday. from now on a supervisor and not a controller will direct their flights. the only applied to the andrews air
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force base tower and the regional rate of facility. thursday morning. today president obama will sell its international commitments and economic troubles. >> with more fund-raisers on his schedule he's trying to supply his reelection fund as the energizes the base. brianne carter has a preview. >> good morning. today president obama will hold his third town hall meeting in as many days. this one in reno, nevada, to discuss his plans to bring down the deficit. wednesday at a town hall with mark zuckerberg at facebook, the president spoke about his plan to raise $1 trillion in taxes and reforms. congress will vote on raising the debt ceiling while continuing debate over long-term deficit reduction. both issues obama says only can be solved if republicans and democrats work together.
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last night at a fund-raiser the president told supporters that he understands the frustration. yesterday's republican national committee chair predicted a democrat lost in 2012. president obama says that he believes this race could be tougher than the last. he has another event in sampras's go before heading to reno and then finishes his tour in los angeles. brianne carter, abc 7 news. today's the last day of d.c.'s pothole palooza, the campaign to filled bottles is ending with nearly 5000 bottles filled. -- to fill potholes. the department will continue to take requests, but the month- long push is the biggest effort ever. for shame. the rangers blow a three-goal lead, setting up a double overtime showdown. >> quite a game.
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and a new report that could put the brakes on a massive military relocation plan. >> first a big drop in temperatures overnight. adam will have the full forecast after the break.
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coming up on 5:10 on this thursday morning. this is a good day to fly a kite. the wind is blowing into the microphone. you'll notice that right away. gusting up to 30 miles an hour in arlington. you'll notice the wind throughout the day. it is a cool breeze. temperatures are comfortable. they will not climb much compared with yesterday. it's 49 right now in west virginia. 53 in southeast d.c. 52 in warrenton. this afternoon will be 20 degrees cooler than what we had yesterday. mid 60's today with a lot of sunshine especially by the late morning and afternoon. tomorrow the war front moves in, gray skies, areas of rain, in the 50's. lisa baden, anything new on garrotes? accident on 95 in maryland's
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new the beltway. there's a crash near dower house road on route 4. traffic come from upper marlborough towards the beltway. we are in good shape as far as the wilson bridge. american legion bridge as well. metro will running on normal service. we take you this camera, or your headlights in springfield. back to you. >> thank you. of the clock 12 on this thursday 55 degrees very windy this morning. >> i know. -- 5:12. >> apple is secretly tracking iphone and ipad users. >> inspector general says the data used by the pentagon to determine how base realignment would impact a highway is host: could switching to geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? host: would foghorn leghorn make a really bad book narrator? foghorn (stammering): it was the best of times, it was the wor - i say worst of times. and by worst i'm talkin' as badi i say, as bad as my aunt
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captioned by the national captioning institute welcome back.
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checking our top stories. grief counselors will be at a battlefield high-school in a market to talk to students about a tragic accident. >> 15-year-old kendra tucker was killed. none of the teenagers were wearing seat belts. president obama will have a town hall meeting today in reno after having won at facebook headquarters yesterday. a photojournalist named sebastian junger burger bandit and oscar-nominated film maker tim heatherington were killed in the middle east. $3 billion over six years widening interstate 66 from
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gainesville to a market improving rte. 7 in fairfax and loudoun county spa and building and hov ramp at seminary road on interstate 395. another move that could cause traffic headaches in virginia is the plan to transfer thousands of workers to alexandria. a new report says the pentagon used faulty data to defend this plan. jummy olabanji is live in alexandria with details. good morning. >> good morning. inspector general says the 2008 study of the pentagonthat the pentagon used to minimize the impact for 95 and alexandria. this is something virginia leaders said they have been telling the pentagon all along. the inspector general says it did not address existing or projected rush hour traffic volumes. the army says it the move would have no significant impact on traffic, but the reports as the amish into a more thorough assessment of potential traffic
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contest and especially on 395 and suggested additional review on how it would impact the environment. this all the pentagon plans to relocate 6400 workers. most of them would be moved from crystal city with a good but they a metro and there would be relocated off seminary road and would require most of them to commute by car. virginia congressman jim moran will hold a news conference this morning. he suggested that they file an injunction. the chairwoman of the fairfax county board of supervisors says that she is not yet read the entire report. gas prices appear to be so high that more drivers are running on empty. taa mid-atlantic says that number has jumped more than 20%
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from this time last year. a group that advises motorists if not to let the fuel gauge get bill quarter of a tank and -- not to let the fuel gauge get below a quarter tank. now peggy bunker. >> no privacy concerns about the iphone and ipad. two researchers have discovered a secret file on the device that tracks your data based on gps data and when they were there. that means the information could be available to anyone who has access to the gadget, but there's no evidence information is being shared. most books can be borrowed for three weeks at a time from amazon now. baseball players don't have to worry about being replaced by robots anytime soon.
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a robot designed at the university of pennsylvania throughout the first pitch at yesterday's game. it fell short of home plate. philadelphia fans booed the robot. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> you looked like you were going to blow away when you or outside. >> is a gusty day, a good day to fly a kite. it's going to be breezy today a cool breeze, yesterday it was like summer. noticeably cooler today. 20-degree drop in temperatures this afternoon compared with yesterday afternoon. there's no chance of rain in the forecast today, but tomorrow is a different story. first let's look at a graphic of the typical swings in temperature throughout the month of april.
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notice the average line shown in white and the deadline goes up and down. that is april weather in washington -- the red line goes up and down. tomorrow it will be down even further, well below average, low to mid 60's with clouds and rain tomorrow. it's 55 in d.c., 52 in frederick right now, 48 in hagerstown. notice the gusty wind. these are gusts out of the northwest and 30 miles an hour now in d.c., 28 in manassas, 21 in martinsburg. down to our south there's a warm front. showers and storms along the front. the front will lift northward throughout the day tomorrow. as the front approaches it will increase cloud cover tonight and costs areas of rain off and on friday. a lot of sunshine today with high thin clouds especially this morning. a pretty sunny day overall. in the 60's and gusty.
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showers off and on for friday, low to mid 50's. 70 posing with late day showers on easter. -- 70's. 95 between richmond and baltimore looks fine. a little volume northbound in dale city. a crash northbound i-95 in maryland was moved to the shoulder right away. lanes are open between washington and baltimore. there's a crash on route 4 northbound near dower house road that has been moved out of the road, but a little distraction. they're waiting for the tow truck. a beautiful ride into the district. this is live on 14th street near the reagan building. 53 degrees outside 5:21. >> coming up on this thursday, a fight to the finish. tim brant has highlights from the overtime thriller at madison square garden. >> later today, 25 years of oprah winfrey and gail's all-
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time best adventures at 4:00 on abc 7.
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good morning. the capitals lost focus in the second last night in new york against the rangers and the rangers scored three goals, to the bill of them within 7 seconds. the capitals fought back in the third and in overtime. let's go back to madison square garden.
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all the sudden the capitals came alive. what this. alexander semin punches its in. then last a minute later the capitals on the attack again. marcus johansson on the doorstep and it was 3-2. the capitals were back in it. washington on the powerplay. this game was tied and get it into overtime. in the second overtime, the rangers failed to clear. attributes for jason chimera. 4-3 capitals in a great comeback. capitals now lead the series 3- 1. game 5 will be in the phone? saturday afternoon at 3:00 p.m. have a great day, everybody. >> what a great game. >> they are bringing it home. >> the next one is here at
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verizon center. 54 degrees on this thursday. the news continues at 5:30. >> in the next half-hour, the most famous engaged couple on the planet, a closer look catalogs of the future king and queen of england. >> president obama heads west as he is talking money matters. a live report coming up. >> in the weather center, a beautiful day but cooler than yesterday and gusty. big changes for tomorrow.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> i think that if we joined hands we might be able to do something, get this road
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straightens out. >> a call to action after another deadly crash takes the life of the prince william county teenager. good morning, washington. it's thursday, april 21. i'm alison starling. >> i am pamela brown. more on that in a moment. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey has a check on the forecast here the wind is the issue this morning. >> very gusty, gusts up to 30 miles an hour at times. it's is really noticeable between buildings. at the naval academy in annapolis, gusts of 32 miles an hour along the water. 54 degrees in annapolis. 53 in the district and 49 in germantown. all those locations have gusts at 30 miles an hour. a fair amount of sunshine today with high, thin clouds especially this morning. the high temperature will be 20
5:30 am
degrees cooler than yesterday. mid 50's with a gusty northwesterly winds. increasing clouds a data warm front. -- ahead of a warm front. rain tomorrow. 66 and 95/virginia, normal volume. looks good on 395 between the beltway and the pentagon. no problems on the wilson bridge or american legion. 270, or your neighbors hitting the road southbound. from frederick and montgomery county. quiet on the beltway near 29/0 across hospital. more to come on the traffic seen. back to you. >> thank you. counselors will be on hand today to help students cope with the death of a classmate. >> one student died and 71 others seriously hurt when their car hit a deer. the crash happened after midnight tuesday on logmill road in a market. courtney robinson has more on what may be to blame for the
5:31 am
crash. -- one student died and four others seriously hurt. >> excessive speed was an issue. this will be a difficult day for battlefield high-school students on spring break. yesterday their classmates, 15- year-old kendra tucker a died as she was thrown from the vehicle in this car crash on logmill road. according to officers, she and four other teenagers were in a 2005 dodge maggnum really fast. the driver, and 18-year-old male hit a deer, was control, then hit a tree. according to witnesses at the scene and officers, some of the teenagers were thrown from a vehicle and another was walking around in shock and another teenager was still inside the vehicle. we do know that four of the teenagers were taken by
5:32 am
helicopter to an area hospital. of those teenagers to daniel e- mails and two were females. when mail has been treated and released and another is in the hospital still. -- one male has been treated and released. there will be grief counselors on hand at the battlefield high- school this afternoon from 12:00 until 2:00 to help these students deal with this. this comes just after another car crash eight months ago killed two other battlefield teenagers. a very difficult day for these students. live in a market, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. a medical examiner's office trying to find out what caused the death of a university of maryland student. adewunmi adepegba collapsed near byrd stadium on the college park
5:33 am
campus. he was found tuesday night on the roadway and brought to the hospital where he died. he was dressed in running clothing. please do not suspect foul play. >> i cannot believe his life was cut so short. >> it would not expect this. he will be missed. >> adewunmi adepegba was a 21- year-old communications major who plans to become an accountant. >> five people face more charges in connection with a series of deadly shootings in southeast washington last year. a grand jury indicted the suspects on murder and other charges. the shootings left five people dead and eight others wounded. prosecutors say they expect to file more charges. the faa puts new rules in place for airplanes carrying members of the first and second families. this comes after first lady michelle obama's airplane had to
5:34 am
abort a landing at andrews air force base on monday. and now on a supervisor will direct the flights. the only apply to the andrews air force base tower and a regional radar facility in warrenton. president obama and mr. nevada for another town hall meeting today. >> is pushing his deficit- reduction plan and making his case for reelection. brianne carter joins us from the newsroom with details. >> good morning. last night there was a fund- raiser in san francisco. president obama had two town hall meetings and six fundraisers out west, looking to reenergize supporters and sell his plan. money matters on the top of his agenda, this week president obama is combining the country's financial issues with fund- raising. >> we have to finish restarted. >> today he will have his third town hall meeting in as many days. this one in reno nevada to
5:35 am
discuss his plan to bring down the deficit. wednesday at a town hall with facebook ceo mark zuckerberg the president blameconnect its social networking with policy issues including his plan to raise $1 trillion for reforms. >> it allows people like me and you mark are paying a little more in taxes. i know you are ok with that. >> congress continues debate over long-term deficit reduction and talks about raising the debt ceiling. president obama says the only way that can be solved is this -- only way that this can be solved is if republicans and democrats come together. the president will go to los angeles before heading back to washington tomorrow.
5:36 am
abc 7 news. it was an overtime thriller. the washington capitals made a huge comeback. >> the shot by jason chimera. it's in the net. >> jason chimera scored the game-winning goal. it was in the second overtime. the rangers' lead 3-1, but the capitals roared back to win 4-3. now they're leading the series. they will play in game 5 that the verizon center on saturday. >> quite a game. >> i cannot wait to welcome them back on. >> adam caskey is a big capitals fan. >> 52 degrees. >> still ahead not just another pair of pretty faces. what the future king and queen of england have already accomplished. >> cleaning up round-the-clock. we will have an update from the flooding at washington harbour. >> first another check on
5:37 am
traffic and weather every ten minutes.
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we'd take karate. come join us. >> good morning, washington.
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>> that is our photographer ir ene's little boy. the company that oversees the washington harbour says hundreds of people are working round-the-clock to drain the floodwaters. that work is expected to be done by the end of this weekend. >> quite a mess. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> adam caskey is standing by to talk about how the day shaping up. really breezy out there. >> the wind is gusting out of the northwest. that is a cool breeze. you will notice the change in temperatures. it's not going to be cold, but 20 degrees cooler than the temperatures yesterday. let's talk about the weather pattern. high, thin clouds moving overnight now. you will notice showers and storms over the deep south. that is along the frontal boundary, which will push northward toward our area tomorrow. as it does, it will push clouds
5:41 am
overhead today and rain off and on for friday. gray skies on friday as possible by the late morning into the evening. becoming sunny today, cooler than yesterday but close to average with high temperatures in the mid 60's with gusty wind. drain off and on tomorrow. we will talk about the easter weekend, coming up. frederick maryland, to was an accident with a deer or a moment ago southbound before point of rocks near 464 in brunswick maryland on 50. looks good on the beltway at the american legion bridge. we will show you virginia. northbound 395 is moving at a pretty good pace, leaving edsall road to duke street, right here. now to news. 53 degrees outside 5:41.
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>> a man about to consume only water and beer. how is he doing? >> my knee was tapping nervously. >> we will take a closer look at
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welcome back. checking our top stories, grief counselors will be a battlefield high-school in a market this afternoon to talk with students about a car crash that killed a fellow student. 15-year-old kendra tucker guide and four others were injured yesterday morning in a single car crash on logmill road. begin to congressman jim grant is surging local officials to ask the court to block the pentagon from moving thousands of workers to an alexandria office complex. this comes after report which says a 2008 pentagon study on the move was faulty. firefighters battled a big
5:46 am
wildfire in the texas and may get help from mother nature. forecasters calling for cooler temperatures and even some rain. the fires burned nearly 150,000 acres and destroyed 160 homes. it seems like everywhere you look there they are. prince william and kate middleton, the most famous engaged couple on the planet, but they are much more than just a prince and a common er. his service trip to chile where he taught school was heavily publicized. he cleans out the toilets at their facility. after college william chose a career in the military. he is currently serving a three- year tour as a search and rescue pilots. kate middleton grew up in a small berkshire down and is the
5:47 am
only child of a flight attendant mother and businessman father. she has a degree in history and a famous boy friend. she caught his eye while walking the runway. they dated absoluted four years. they seem to be taking everything in stride, even the inevitable wedding jitters. >> my knee was tapping quite nervously. >> there seems to be no reason to worry. they seem determined to keep calm and carry-on intrude british style. >> we have complete royal wedding coverage live from london next week. cine simpson -- cynne simpson will start reporting from there on monday. d.c. wants to become the next city to institutes a gas tax.
5:48 am
council member jack evans say it would be collected from professional athletes that played a district that don't live here, but live in the city. the city could earn $5 million a year from this. players that live in d.c. would be exempt. a trio of maryland cities ranked no. 9 on the list of the most secure metropolitan areas in the u.s. it includes frederick gaithersburg bethesda. farmers insurance compiled the list. researchers looked at factors such as crime like expectancy, and the risk of natural disasters. madison, wisconsin was number one on a list. time for traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> i've heard good things about madison, wisconsin. >> it is a great town, a fund town. -- fun town. it is indeed. >> it is. you will notice a cool breeze today.
5:49 am
cooler temperatures. 55 and now in the district, 50 in frederick. a comfortable morning. but this afternoon we will not see temperatures spica like yesterday. for the most part we are in the 50's with a few exceptions. cumberland is 46 and hagerstown is 48. lexington park at 60. notice the westerly wind gust to europe to 30 miles an hour. -- gusting appealup top 30. anticipate a little cloud cover early this morning. notice the showers and thunderstorms over the deep south. that is along the waterfront. it is a stationary front, but it will become a waterfront as it starts to advance northward throughout the day tomorrow. that will pull warmer air into the region by the weekend. in advance of that front, gray skies tomorrow and off and on
5:50 am
areas of rain. noticeably cooler on friday. today will be better than tomorrow and improving on the weekend. mid 60's today with a gusty wind at 30 miles an hour out of the northwest. tomorrow damp weather. the rain should hold off until just after the morning commute and then off and on through the remainder of the day. low to mid 50's on friday. in the 70's on the weekend. constable edit -- constable temperatures on easter with a 30 percent chance of showers later in the day. slight chance of rain on monday. in pretty good shape on virginia roads. 66 and 95, a growing volume. the usual stuff in manassas and centreville at 50 and on 95 building volume in woodbrige. good on 95 in maryland. there was an earlier sec
5:51 am
southbound ramp to the album that was moved to the shoulder. plenty of your neighbors hitting the roads out of frederick county, maryland. looks good on the dulles greenway and the dulles toll road. 28 is quiet between sterling and centreville. back to you. >> thank you. we've all glove free coffee. this is for starbucks chance tomorrow but there's a catch. >> venus williams wants to open jamba juice stores in the nation's capital. linda bell has more. >> let's begin with dennis williams. she wants to develop up to five stores in the d.c. area and maryland marketplace over the next sebelius. she wants to help the local economy to create jobs and promote wellness in the d.c. area. expect to see the first one open later this summer. marriott international missing first quarter estimates, a slowdown in north american
5:52 am
travel especially with hotels in the d.c. area, which were hurt by cuts in conference spending. starbucks giving out free coffee and that's on friday. you have to bring your own reusable tumbler or mug. it's in an effort to celebrate earth day. we do have stock-index futures indicating a higher open for stocks today. that is business news. live at bloomberg headquarters, linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. have a great weekend. 55 degrees. >> we will be right back.
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we have the royal wedding a week from today, but that's not the all this celebration in the works in great britain. they're celebrating a birthday. queen elizabeth toii will turn 85 today. she ticketrotook the throne in 1953 and after the death of her father. >> she took the throne so long ago. good for her. >> king george was her dad right? from the movie ""the king's speech?' >> i believe so.
5:56 am
death threats were made against a 13-year-old singer in march shortly after quebec oppose the video when viable. the perpetrator threatened to kill her if the song was not removed from the internet. the threats were made to our production and management company. >> can you imagine all that at once? her video going viral and now getting death threats? she must be overwhelmed. lent is considered the season of sacrifice. as one man in iowa who has pledged to live on beer and water. >> i like this. >> wilson is following the example of franciscan monks who did the same thing centuries ago. he swears that he has not cheated and has limited himself to five beers a day. wilson says that he lost more than 22 pounds and admits that
5:57 am
he's looking forward to having some bacon on easter morning. >> my goodness. >> natural ingredients from the earth. you could live off that stuff. >> maybe you are too drunk to know that you are hungry. >> there you go. >> he said he was feeling energetic and feeling good. >> we will be watching. a lot more still to come in the next hour. >> coming up on this thursday, why the season of spring could be to blame for the blues. >> courtney robinson live in haymarket, virginia. it will be a tough day for battlefield high-school students. one day after a fatal crash that killed a student. we will have details on the crash and what is being
5:58 am
5:59 am
coming up, a community is mourning the death of one teenager and four others were injured in a car accident. what is being blamed for the crash. >> faulty data used to support a plan to move thousands of federal workers to an alexandria office complex and what it could mean for your commute. >> it is in annette.


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