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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  April 21, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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for drivers. >> every day the prices go up. nationwide prices have reached $3.80 a gallon. it is a disturbing trend. drivers are running out of gas. we love with the story. >> gas prices in the district are 21% higher than the national average. it is no surprise to see more and more drivers running on fumes. kenilworth avenue where we found a d.c. resident stop on the side of the road. a bit camera shy but he admits he waited too long. aaa says this is happening more and more to drivers. as the calls -- as the gas prices soar, calls of people running on empty have spiked. prices are up 40% this month
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compared the same time last year. >> now, you are going to struggle to fill up your gas. you will struggle to know you have enough money at all times. it is not a minor household bill anymore. it is a major issue. >> this man also admits to pushing the envelope and running on -- this woman also addressed to pushing the envelope and running on fumes. two costs have increased 30 cents across the nation this month. she says she is down to run up again. >> it will happen here shortly if gas prices do not come down some. >> experts say allowing your fuel tank to run on nt can put your life in -- on in see can put your life in danger. >> especially on one of the major highways. >> the national average is just under d.c.'s. virginia is a bit lower. it is extremely dangerous. running out of gas on the side
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of the road. experts say you could actually over he your electric fuel pump. and that will be at least $500. abc7 is. >> thank you. those high gasoline prices are getting scrutiny from the obama administration here today during his last town hall in reno, the president announced the justice department is setting up a broad task force to investigate possible manipulation of the oil market. some experts say the middle east is responsible for the rising prices. a bus driver is behind bars, arrested on charges from a 2008 fatal bus crash. ronald taylor was driving a metrobus when it collided with a taxi carrying a family from california. the father in the family was killed. taylor was fired, the reinstated last year. metro says he is off the job
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without pay. workers along the george town flooded waterfront are filing a $5 million class action lawsuit against the property management company. many businesses that been forced to shut down because of water damage. this affects the employees. they are suing for lost money and the suit claims negligence claims to property management company had plenty of time to the floodgates opened. coming up, a massive computer error could impact thousands of government workers. >> it was found that the army used faulty data and now a legal battle is going on as lawmakers take the charge to prevent the move. our correspondent has the story. >> this should not have been built, period. >> jim moran says the inspector
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general confirmed what he already knows. the traffic study conducted by the pentagon used faulty information. the pentagon said there would be no major impact. the inspector general though, he says it would. >> tens of thousands of people live in this area. all of them will be adversely affected. >> with no metro in nearby for commuters, he is urging leaders in fairfax alexandria, and the state of virginia to file a lawsuit. >> to stop what we know will be an unprecedented transportation disaster if this move is allowed to take place in september. >> moran says going to court to allow for more traffic on 395. because building is almost done some say this case seems closed. >> i think the solution should
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have come before they put the building there. that is where i think the problem is. it was not well planned. >> when i asked what he could do in congress if this lawsuit does not go through jim moran says he put language in a new military bill that would cap the number working at the center to 1000. but he does not know if that would get house supports. he is urging local lawmakers to go ahead and sue. in alexandria, abc7 news. today protests against wal- mart stores in the district. they do not want the store. they marched to the company's headquarters in chinatown today. they want an agreement that they will provide jobs with their wages to d.c. residents. there are also worries that the big box store will force out local businesses and a suit
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has been filed against the federal regulation commission. the practice largely favors the 2010 midterm elections. he has also filed a petition to allow -- to ask d.c. to tighten other regulations. coming up at 6:00. >> at the top award winning journalists are killed in libya. >> and then investigating the president. what is donald trump trying to dig up in the president's past? >> cool, sunny breezy weather. a lot more changes to come are the next few days. that is the lead. >> i enjoyed this evening by the chairman of the d.c. cancer consortium and the director of the d.c. department of health. thank you for joining us.
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there is a new resource line that people in the district can call. tell me about it. >> this line is -- officially people will be in touch with the american cancer society which will push them over to the city navigation plan. we are supportive of the pfizer foundation. this is an attempt to make information available to people in the area. >> how will this improve overall health? >> having the right information, where to get the cancer screening and treatment -- that is why i support the cancer consortium. we are a community. >> the number to call is 703- 647-
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>> you are watching abc7 uses of the clock -- 6:00. un the trial for ron blagojevich is now under way. he arrived in chicago with his wife and lawyers. right now, the prosecution and defense are screening potential jurors. you may remember that the first
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trial remained deadlocked on all but one count on lying to the fbi. he is accused of trying to sell president obama's old senate seat. he has sent investigators to will ye to search for president obama's birth certificate. >> every day that goes by, i think less unless he was born in the night is days. he possibly was, but i want to get rid of the word "possibly." >> a new report indicates that republican voters embraced trump's bid the white house. still ahead -- >> we work in a world where people risk their lives and died regularly. i think it crossed his mind. >> two famed photojournalist crop in the crossfire. how they are being remembered
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tonight. >> also, lots of cool air moving in. we will have your forecast. wet weather, too. >> the celebration continues after that dramatic win over the rangers last night. but it is not over and i have the latest coming up later in sports.
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a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet, and all we need to do is change the way we're thinking about them. a couple decades ago, we didn't even realize just how much natural gas wasrapped in rocks thousands of feet below us. technology has made it possible to safely unlock
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this cleanly burning natural gas. this deposits can provide us with fuel for a hundred years, providing energy security and economic growth all across this country. it just takes somebody having the idea and that's where the discovery comes from. the crisis in libya has been in the lives of two photojournalist including an oscar-nominated director. >> he was killed in the city of misrata. tim hetherington and chris hondros. emotional reaction is coming in from all over the world. >> a dramatic video, the stirring images we see each day from wars and conflicts come with a hefty risk. journalists put themselves in harm's way and unfortunately
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for two well-known photographers, they did what they hoped to avoid. they became the story. >> misrata. is where the fiercest fights take place and where tim hetherington and chris hondros were documenting at all. here is video of them from two weeks ago. and just hours before their debts -- this week. "indiscriminate shelling by gaddafi forces. no sign of nato." tim hetherington sky rocketed to fame for his documentary "restrepo." >> i have no idea. >> we are at work. >> secretary of state hillary clinton today. >> we are particularly saddened today by the loss of two
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journalists. >> people get caught in the middle. >> on much more solemn tone at the museum of the journalists memorial. >> i think we should count our blessings. >> the 2000 names of those who died on assignment, going to see two more. >> secretary of state clinton also called for the release of at least two u.s. journalists being held captive by the libyan government. she says the libyan authorities have not responded to her questions. back to you. >> thank you. we do not know what to say next. >> we were much cooler today. tomorrow will be much cooler than today. minute warmup over the weekend. bottom line.
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let's listen numbers. let's go to the weatherbug. we will visit and then they'll -- annandale. temperatures in the 60's. in bethesda, winds at 4 miles per hour. 65 -- exactly cooler. pollen count. huge numbers again today. 2177. that was the number of the greens of pollen at the extract lab at the walter reed army medical center. again, most of that was up tree pollen today. temperatures will fall into the 40 fell to nine. in the areas where it is cool now, it is not quite as chilly as it was. warmer to the south. cooler temperatures up pushed
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all the way south to the carolinas. those numbers are 21 degrees cooler than they were yesterday at reagan national. we look at the warm weather but first, a little backslide into tomorrow. clouds and rain. and a flood watch in effect for early tomorrow. frederick county, western maryland, the panhandle along the western blue ridge, and farther west, a flash flood watch in effect as well. that is where most of the heavy rain will be tomorrow and tomorrow night. we could see up to an inch of rain by the time the showers taper off. temperatures are about 80 degrees. maybe an isolated thunderstorm in the afternoon. that is what we are watching. here is the express. cloudy. redeveloping probably mid day or the afternoon. next seven days -- there you see
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the warm-up. and the caps come back. was that an incredible game last night, or what? that is as dramatic as a guest. >> everyone should be happy today. >> everyone is talking about the capitols today. they somehow stole it from the rangers in front of a deafening new york crowd. now they return to earth verizon. the caps pick up the tempo. they got more physical. scored three quick goals. while the rangers were playing not to lose, the momentum went into two extra periods. they were tied at three.
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luck is when hard work needs opportunity. the capsule when it. >> there is no better feeling. -- the caps win it. >> we think we have got this won by any stretch of the imagination we're in deep trouble. i think we were in that situation a little while ago. >> big players who were there in full pads and working hard -- he did not make the trip to new york. it looks questionable for saturday's game five at 3:00. the cardinals played a matinee in st. louis. washington is back to .500. let's take it to two in the eighth.
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one of the best hitters in the business. the cardinals are 5-0. all right. this is thursday. which means it is time to meet another future star. tonight, we go to the episcopal high school for a look at arnaud moto. he has been polite -- playing basketball for just two years. but you would never know. he is from cameroon. he credits his silky smooth moves to playing soccer as a kid. >> it is what soccer gave me. >> he has caught the attention of coaches around the country. he already has scholarship offers from schools such as wheat forest virginia, and others. >> it is a big deal. >> so congratulations to our
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capital one high school athlete of the week. now hear this -- george mason has granted the university of florida at miami to talk about the coaching vacancy. he led the patriots in 2006. now he is looking at the atlantic coast conference. i will keep you posted. >> defense secretary robert gates on his way out. now there is a search for replacements. >> virtually overnight cia director leon panetta has become the most likely candidate. he has the experience on the budget committee that would be helpful, but his tenure as director has been marred with several failures including the attempted bombing of a northwest airlines flight on christmas day 2009. the replacement is expected to be announced at the end of may.
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the good people from the d.c. cancer consortium are answering your calls. the number is 703-647-1533. we are here until 6:30.
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proximal a lot of people give up candy or alcoholic -- a lot of people give up candy or
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alcoholic beverages. a lot of people give up food. one man is following the example of a franciscan monk. he is limited to five beers a day. he claims he has lost more than 22 pounds, he says. he admits he looks forward to easter morning when he can have some bacon. >> bacon with his ear. -- beer. that is good. >> all right. are you ready for seven days with the weather? good. low 50's. it will brighten up saturday afternoon to 72. then sunday, partly cloudy. we will have a fresh look at things tonight at 11:00. world news is coming up next.
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