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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  April 23, 2011 11:45pm-12:20am EDT

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be services.its abc 7 news starts now. captioned by the national captioning institute good evening. time pamela brown. a case that initially police, the body of found one month ago today inside of a dumpster. the police as the public to come forward with clues and tonight of the womaname found that nouri would complex.artment .ichard reeve has the latest >> this was a horrific discovery. mystery to, it was a she was. now the police are identifying a former west virginia woman, but there are still many about the case. at the bayview apartment noplex, there is no sign,trac, of the horrific discovered a month ago.
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>> my friend said there was a body found at the dumpster. they believe they are this 23-year-old from west virginia. >> it is horrible. reports say the her 1-year-oldh had moved here to live husband. her >> have you seen this woman? >> no, i have not. >> when she it -- when we show the total around the neighborhood, nobody seemed to recognize her. this has shocked many. >> it is horrible somebody could do this. done told she have deserve this? >> how the remains ended up in a is a mystery. hadt records show that she record,tensive criminal including drug and theft charges. >> you don't expect this kind of neighborhood.e
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>> most believe that no one deserves their life to end like this. >> i pray for the family. that whoever did this to her is caught. >> tonight, there is still a lot know, the not death, howuse of authorities identified the woman, and who could have done this. reeve,bridge, richard abc 7 news. more severe storms and the country, this time texas. least one tornado sighting reported late tonight to not ground.e meanwhile, the st. louis airport was closed by a tornado beginning some limited service tonight. >> < 24 hours after massive damage, lambert airport will be back in business. >> we're still trying to get it tomorrow morning's operations. that a terrifying portis slammed into the airport friday night. security cameras caught some of
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confusion inside of the terminal. >> all of the windows started sirens went off. about when the doors in. only a handful of people were taken to the hospital, treated, and released. the airport, 30,000 people, and haveess is still did not power. some sifted through the ruins. the tornado, ranked ef-4, was strongest to hit the area since 1967. >> it was devastating. up from the staircase and saw sky. i cried. i was devastated. >> more than 700 homes damaged destroyed. state ofnor declared a emergency. credits the 34 minute warning warningle heeding the with saving lives. >> we're not talking about the life because of this. short ofothing
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astounding. this is a record for violent weather. it is a much different .tory what we can expect sunday, steve rudin has the weather center. improvements? >> in the belfort furniture have watchedr, we couple showers the past couple rumbles of thunder frederick and of montgomery county. everything moving east,ward the north and baltimore and aberdeen, md.. the fall that overnight, easter be warm, with highs 80's. low at thed be looking showers, and that it thunderstorms. more on the forecast, plus the extended outlook and how long last, inweather will just a few minutes. tonight, people throughout are rocking the red for reason. the capitals beat the rangers,
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1, and added to the second playoffs.he gonzalez has the reaction. >> rock the red is an understatement. heard thisave never loud, and that thisaline was high game and itr the down tonight. call this a big step forward for d.c.ockey in are we now hockey town? this rangers fan is convinced. are pretty good, though. >> the sea of red spilled on the chinatown. with the hit realization the capitals will the early collapse of year. pleasure. a something i've not seen in a long time. >> the excitement was palpable. a festival broke out with dancing, chanting, and even involving police. this man got a little too rowdy. cops quickly detained him.
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injured fan was it treated for minor cuts. for the most part, the crowd was peaceful loud, with drums, cowbells, sharing. of all ages celebrated together. >> we are a winner in the city is behind the team. >> without getting too optimistic, they feel there's about thispecial year's team. >> this year is promising, let's that way. means the capital skiplane and businesses around keep winning.nter do three times what we normally do. >> our photographer and i were in this spot last year when the capitals were eliminated. it was collected sadness and shock. tonight, a different story, but overconfident. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. we will have all the
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highlights later in sports. hitting the roads for the weekend is tradition for many, but this year's gas prices difficult fort some. hit $3.86al average almost $1 higher than a year ago. according to a new poll, seven of 10 americans say they are financial hardship because of the rising gas , and that is making long trips a challenge. >> pretty much the only time i the family as holiday of the gas prices. am angry. it there is no reason for it, in my opinion. >> airline tickets are up 7% in just the last month also. more work on metro lines this weekend, specifically the red and blue lines. be repairing the flint stationite upgrading the aerial of rhode outside avenue.
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also on the blue line, metro's material at the van dorn station. delays.for come, tragedy sparks change. are making a local safer after another deadly crash. plus,. maryland a mcdonald's. new information on why this may as a hate crime. a and an nfl star hospitalized from his wife facing charges. ♪
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accident. passengerker was the that crashed into a logmill road in haymarket. four other teenagers were in the car when the driver smashed into the tree. dangerouss known for announced itt has will flood the road and fix the shoulder. >> it is one hill after another. if you are coming down from the fast, it and going could be dangerous. >> the road changes should be late bucks -- late next year. the police will also introduce a driver's ed program at try to prevent another tragedy like this. the woman attacked in a speaking out. the 22-year-old woman said she the one being punched and kicked at this baltimore county mcdonald's. said she is a chance -- woman and was girlsed by two teenaged to use she was trying the woman's bathroom.
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the state's attorney is file hateg whether to case.charges in the she is out of jail but facing a serious charge. the life of. stabbingis accused of with -- the wife of brenda marshall is accused of husband with a kitchen knife. she is charged with aggravated with a deadly weapon. night in jail but afternoon. this marshall said she stabbed her husband in self-defense. he is out of the hospital and is expected to make a full recovery. you may not know his name, you have seen his video. with the lawble tonight. how could we forget this video? he became an internet sensation after talking about a summit broken to his sister's house. this morning, he's
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called ail on what he weak charge. actress lindsay lohan is her jail sentence. yesterday a judge ordered her to spend four months behind bars for violin probation. to his charge months ago with theft for allegedly stealing a necklace. charge toreduced the said sheanor, but still has to go to jail. >> she has been on probation for two dui's, and one of the is to obey all laws. stealing annapolis, she certainly rigid by stealing a necklace, she is certainly law.ting the >> she posted bail last night. the judge ordered her to perform nearly 500 hours of community including 300 hours at shelter. out a newrt is trying t idea to compete with online retailers. testing a grocery delivery
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jose, calif., go.ed walmart to it allows customers to buy everything from food to items and have them delivered for a nominal fee. wal-mart will decide whether to expand it to other markets. to have lots of people out about easter sunday. the umbrellas? >> i am confident the district more.will be fined pennsylvania- chanced border, a better showers and thunderstorms we that rolledowers through frederick and montgomery county, out towards baltimore the past couple of hours. pennsylvania avenue for the most dry, just a few sprinkles. 68 degrees, 64 at midnight. the wind out of the west, at 10 a high today, 70. the temperatures have not moved very much.
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the skies cleared. tonight, a quick blast of rain germantown. otherwise, it has been quiet. hancock, the rain gauge just reset. about a quarter inch of hagerstown earlier in the day. the van that temperatures, 66 winchester -- the midday temperatures, 66 degrees, culpeper 70 degrees. " or, drier air off to the north. the upper peninsula of degrees. 37 winter trying to hang on. improving compared to where we night about 20 degrees warmer. the temperatures not falling a lot. of cloud cover right now. korena across western maryland. north front just to the clearing across western maryland, a cold front to the north. warm air tomorrow monday, tuesday, and once that. thursday could have a potential
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of severe weather. the doppler radar, the past couple hours, showers and out, well to the aberdeen,east of heading towards philadelphia. the next 48 hours, showers and maybe in embed it thunderstorm by 5:00 tomorrow afternoon. around western maryland, and county, allegany washington county. warm the temperatures into the low 80's. fine day monday, mr. of sunshine and clouds. partly cloudy skies overnight, fog, not causing any delays in the morning. 57-65 degrees overnight. for the day tomorrow, a good sunshine. afternoon, showers and thunderstorms mainly north and upper 70's, lower middle eighties. is one of the warmest we have had in the past
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years. about 84 degrees tuesday. a lot of you are wondering, that strange, one of the we have had.s mind easter this year is later than weeks normal. >> and it is a good change so coldit was yesterday. good to hear, steve, thanks. still ahead, who is going to the royal wedding? a lot of times, things are right underneath our feet,
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from as well as royals denmark and spain. have been invited, have a cynne simpson with four or reports. that will be all week long. up early toing watch the wedding? >> you what are an -lister. are you going to be there? >> i know, it must have been an oversight. capitals fans, a great week around the water cooler. the capitals took it to the rangers today. the capitals moved on. ♪
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the net.behind what any capital fan see, mike green goes for a block and takes the puck to the head. he was down a few minutes. was able to skate off the ice own alexander ovechkin, crossover back and, into the net. icing on the cake, in the john hansen, over to alex the back of the net. new york it's a meaningless goal win, 3-1.e capitals the reaction in chinatown, here brit. >> this is the first time the andtals have finished under seveneries in with head coach bruce boudreau at the helm. the players say it is a huge to shed the criticism and on hockey and round two. >> somebody this morning said, to choke?ady i said, hopefully we will show
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you. it is just one series. >> it was amazing. after we scored the third goal, loudest i have ever been to. >> we wore a little worried. we tried to get the players to calmed down before the game up -- than renting them them andan getting doubt. they played their best in the first this year. >> bruce boudreau said his yacht be a name inl soon just talkings, not circles. now the capitals get much-needed facing their next opponent. to baseball, the natural nationals in pittsburgh, taking on the pirates. garrett jones at the plate come
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next. it's days in the park. ms. judges it. -- miss judges it. mistake, for his but too little for the nationals, they lose 7-2. the yankees visiting camden yards. rodriguez at the plate, watches this to deep right that would be a double. the yankees added another run. jones, three-run shot for baltimore in the seventh. yankees blew it open with full, alex rodriguez bases, grand slam home run. the yankees win, 15-3. has signedbrashear to join mixed martial arts, and his first fight could june.arly
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easter sunday, patchy fog to day, low 80's. 50/50 chance that we will have the north.inly to fairly confident the district, south will not see anything. wednesday. through severe weather thursday, cooler weather front, the upper 60's. early sunrise services tomorrow morning, might have patchy fog. >> thank you so much for being with us tonight. easter, everybody. have a great weekend. [ horns honking ]
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