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tv   ABC 7 News at 630  ABC  April 24, 2011 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> we are on storm watch. some advisers are in affect. we are tracking it all for you. a fatal fire. what is being blamed for the delays. a major construction is getting under way that will cause traffic tieups four years. go captioned by the national captioning institute >> we begin with the weather to night. earlier we had a tornado warnings for parts of the state.
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let's go to steven with the latest. >> of the busy easter sunday. earlier we had severe thunderstorms that brought no tornado warning puree -- warning. good we are looking at some tornado warnings. areas shaded in peak. temperatures have tumbled where showers and storms have been through the day. now compare it to 87 degrees. we have of a warm front on the way and a cold front. >> the fire broke out on the
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8500 block. richard is live with more. and >> authorities say it was a stove left on that caused the fire. you can see the damage was on the second floor. that is where they found the owner was killed. this fire has shaken his neighborhood. >> it was a smoky blaze that " many in the neighborhood. >> there was smoke coming out of the roof and windows. good >> home video shows the chaos and the destructive fire that took the life of a man in his 70's. >> it is very scary. i feel terrible for the family. >> firefighters arriving around 4:00 for the sunday morning on the interior in flames. they found a homeowner unconscious. he was pronounced dead in the
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hospital. >> i feel for the children because they were friends of my children. >> she says the owner, a college professor, was meticulous with his garden and maintaining his home. >> i know they have smoke detectors, but whether they were on or whether they had a battery, i am not sure. >> they realized how serious this was. >> she was checking out her family's smoke detectors only two out of the three were working, and i am on my way to get factories to replace them. >> she remembers her neighbor as an intelligent man. >> we knew him. he was very nice. he made the neighborhood very beautiful. >> you can see the broken windows where firefighters had to enter into the building. authorities are not identifying anyone involved. they are trying to identify the
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wife and children of deceased man. >> in fairfax county, police say a driver is dead after losing control of our car and crashing into the back of all home. this happened around 2:00 this morning. police say the driver was traveling north when he lost control, drove across the southbound lane, and crash. he has been identified as a 22 year-old. he was not wearing a seatbelt and died at the scene. we are following a developing story on congresswoman gabrielle giffords. we have learned doctors have given congresswoman giffords the go ahead to attend this friday's launch of the space shuttle
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endeavor. gifford has been recovering from gunshot wounds at a houston area of rehabilitation center. we will have much more on her recovery coming up later on our newscasts. a steak is being blamed for a major power outage. the snake slithered all little too close to some lines near a station. nearly 7000 customers lost power for about three hours this afternoon. electricity has been restored. easter sunday is normally a busy day, but this weekend is a washout. many of the popular restaurants are shut down because they are still cleaning up from monday's's flooding. the management company allegedly did not completely raise the floodgates. workers have filed a lawsuit for lost wages. good drivers along new york
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avenue get ready for major new delays. they will be narrowing the roadways causing major headaches for people trying to go both ways. >> for the drive down new york avenue, you are going to need a little extra time and a lot of patience. construction on arrearages taking traffic from four lanes down to two. >> we will find some more of -- somewhere else. >> the project is slated to take two years. they planned a drivers can anticipate a 15 to 30 minutes the lay. >> whoever said an extra 15 manus -- minutes?
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>> it took two hours to go through here. >> it is not just drivers forced to put on the brakes. he is already anticipating this corridor will bring business to a collin -- to a crawl. >> who is going to wait to wash the car to return >> for those without options, you can check on current conditions. the only thing travelers today are following is a long line of red. >> good luck. >> officials were anticipating what a headache this would be for drivers so they launched an initiative. they are offering $50 for the first 2000 people who signed up. they think that means less people sitting out here.
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>> hundreds of faithful gathered at the silicon national shrine for easter mass. -- non -- at basilicata national shrine for easter mass. among those in attendance were the former speaker of the house newt gingrich britney -- newt gingrich. president obama and his family attended mass at a baptist church organ no cameras were allowed inside. it is one of the oldest african american congregations in the city. last year they worship at a historically black methodist church. still to come, and explosion leveled a house in new york. an investigation into what caused the blast plus an update into a vicious attack
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>> investigators are trying to figure out what caused a powerful explosion that destroyed all home in long island. a home was vacant as of last rocked the neighborhood -- as the blast rocked the neighborhood. it knocked pictures from walls blocks away from the glass. people in st. louis are marking what they say is another miracle, the fact that no one was killed in the powerful tornado that tore through the airport and surrounding suburbs. damage is widespread with 750 homes and ruined. cleanup at the airport is continuing. the airport is running at 70% capacity. a rally is being held to of held a condemnation for the
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attack of a woman at a mcdonald's. the video has gone viral, getting half a million viewers on line. still to ♪ ♪ [ male announcer
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new 42 mile per gallon ct hybrid from lexus. ♪ ♪ welcome to the darker side of green. >> we are learning several new developments in congresswoman gabrielle of giffords recovery. she is able to walk all little, and doctors have cleared her to watch the launch of the space shuttle endeavorur.
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>> this was her 15 weeks ago after being shot in the head by jared loughner r.. giffords an arizona democrat, astonish her doctors and with the pace of her recovery. >> she is improving every day and that is pretty significant and pretty rare. >> gabriela giffords can now walk a little bit and is gaining limited use of her arms and legs. newspapers say she is in the top 5% of patients recovering from her brain injury. her husband is a nasa astronauts. >> i see her when i go to work and when i come home from work of the end of my day. >> on friday the capt. will
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command the last day of the flight of the space shuttle endeavor. >> she was appreciating the opportunity to be there. >> they are sharing heavy burdens 3 go -- heavy burdens. she will begin her next steps to recovery promising to walk of mt.. >> it will be one of the most watched the events in television history. a royal wedding is just days away. security is extraordinary tight. they are checking stores and lampposts along the route to the couple will take on the special day. we will begin live reports from london starting tomorrow. will it be raining? >> i have not looked at that.
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hopefully, they will have sunshine. we will have sunshine here. a few storms rolled over in the past hour or so, and have spawned a tornado warning for parts of the area. i am happy to report a tornado warnings are now gone. 76 degrees of the reagan national airport three good -- airport. it is beginning to feel more humid outside. it is well above average for this time of year. temperatures cooled down with about three-quarters of an inch of rain for this afternoon. our final stop takes us into a wooden bridge, where the temperature reaches 87 degrees. the wide range of temperatures,
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77 still 87. you can see where the cloud system is located, just to the north and west of pittsburgh, compared to 86 in raleigh. 13 degrees cooler in western pennsylvania van it was yesterday at this time. satellite and radar shows the system widening, allowing it to become more unstable and that is why thunderstorms are beginning to pop up. it was not anything severe. we still have the severe thunderstorm watch. until 9:00, we are fairly confident this will cancel out of it before then. the next 48 hours will show a
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mix of sun and clouds with just a slight chance for showers across western maryland. on tuesday, a bit cooler, a few more cloud, but the showers should hold out. tomorrow is going to be hot end of it humid. isolated thunderstorms. our extended outlook shows temperatures cooling late wednesday night into thursday as our highs will only be in the upper 60's. >> there is something to celebrate. >> with five games they got it done. they do have a lot to celebrate. they are moving on to the eastern conference semifinals. that put them in a good position to win.
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>> the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers moving you forward. but the capitals crashed into stereotypes in their stunning first-round win. after three years they finally buried an opponent on the brink of elimination and players clicked when it counted, under the deafening chants. >> i went crazy, and you have got to love that. a crowd has helped us out a lot. >> the rangers started early in the first and mike greene recently returned from a concussion after being hit on
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the head. >> he is still doing whatever it takes to win a hockey game, and that is tremendous character. >> the rangers got desperate. >> that happened to me where somebody bit me. i thought it was disrespectful to regard >> i have tried to crack them. >> today was his best game, easily. in other games, he has had flashes of brilliance. >> now they wait and see you who they will face next with much- needed rest in between. >> we have a lot of guys hurricane, but i think john
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would say the same thing. either team could have won all five games mike green is fine and ok to play. they have turned things around thanks sue michael moore, during what he does best. it is a three-run shot, four- one, and in the top of the fifth, adam goes a. five-three, and they go on to win, 6-3. in the bottom of the ninth yankees lead, 3-2. adam jones scores but he is thrown out at the plate, and we will go to extra innings. at the top of the 11th, russell martin, and they throw too far.
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yankees to win 4-. -- 4-3. the turks and win 11-9. -- terps win 11-90 good.
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>> a severe thunderstorm watch remains in effect in the metro area until 9:00 tonight. another batch is beginning across the bay.
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middle 80's for daytime highs. >> thanks for watching. and we will see you back here at 11:00.
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