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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  June 6, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> breaking news. the washington d.c. attorney general takes action against the councilman. he is accused of operating a
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slush fund. the press conference wrapped up just moments ago. mason says that thomas spent money, contributing to his team and a nonprofit/program for children. spending the money and personal items, travel, and campaign expenses saying the council and could face local and federal charges and is facing a judgment of over $1 million. more on this story as it becomes available. now to the hiring scandal in the district. after weeks of delay they will take the stand in less than an hour. what can we expect out there today? >> good afternoon. i spoke to simon brown about 30 minutes ago it he told me that he fully intends to be here to testify later this afternoon. he also told me that he plans to present more evidence to the
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committee. saying that some of the things he plans to introduce will prove that the mayor was involved. >> even though he lost the race, he has not disappeared from the spotlight since the election ended. brown was set to appear before a committee investigating higher practices against the administration. >> i think that we have bigger problems. >> he has alleged that campaign aides promised him a job if he agreed to stay in the race and leveled attacks against adrian fenty. brown was hired as an auditor at the department of health and finance. this weekend he released copies of memos that were given to him by top campaign officials. >> i have faith but i am starting to wonder. we will have to wait and see.
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>> residents who have seen scandals unfold and fold up in other administrations just call this the nature of washington, d.c. politics. >> politics is ugly. it would be unfortunate if it was not true. it would be unfortunate if it is true. >> nearly all of the residence that i spoke with today say that they believe these allegations should be investigated. not all of them believe that they are really true. the hearing continues today at 1:00 this afternoon in just about one hour and should wrap up before 7:00 p.m.. >> thank you so much. coming back to our breaking story in the district, before we do that we are going to update you on a story that is new at
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noon. investigators are on the scene of a deadly stabbing in northern virginia. neighbors heard frantic cries for help, coming along an apartment in braddock springs road. >> this was the scene at 5:30 this morning in an apartment complex just off of braddock springs road. investigators made a gruesome discovery -- discovery. one woman was stabbed to death and another man and woman were also in grave condition. we believe that the situation is domestic in nature. these people knew each other. >> according to the fairfax county officers, it all happened inside of the apartment. they say that neighbors heard screaming and banging, people yelling for help. >> it was nicely developed and everything seemed very strange.
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>> officers say that all three are in their late 40's, early 50's. detectives believe that one of the three began stabbing end figure out who and why. the investigation leaves officers with more questions than answers and communities are on edge. >> they are trying to establish the exact nature of the relationship between the people. >> residents say they have never seen a situation like this. >> you do not want anyone hurt in any situation. if it is going to be something i think it is better if it is smaller and contained and not something that is going to affect the larger community. >> shocking and unexpected in this community. >> news at noon montgomery
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county fire officials are investigating a crash that involved multiple cars this morning. they were at the scene at 7:15 a.m., shutting down the highway in both directions on glendale road. both people were injured but are expected to survive. we have another summer heat wave on the way. going outside right now it may not last for long. adam has the first look at the forecast. >> we will talk more about that, coming out. first, let's enjoy the monday. this is the work week this monday the high temperature yesterday was 83 degrees. and northeastern winds are keeping temperatures in check. you have noticed a hint of humidity but it is not that bad. mid-80's this afternoon.
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he in humidity, coming up. >> thank you so much. breaking news in the district at this time. the city attorney general laid down a case against mark c. graves -- against a d.c. council member. mark c. graves has been getting the details for us. >> this is an absolute bombshell. a 27 page civil complaint filed by the attorney general seeking $1 million in damages from council member thomas. the allegations are that he funneled $300,000 in taxpayer money and $80,000 in charity contributions for a youth baseball fund that never got the money. that he spent that money on a brand new audi suv going to las vegas and pebble beach to play
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golf. these are all outlined in the civil complaint and it has been referred to the u.s. attorney general. they are going to start looking at his tax records to see if he violated tax regulations as well. council member thomas would normally be in his first floor office the day. he did send me a text message saying that he is meeting with his attorney right now and that in the past he has denied any wrongdoing. again, a huge development in the ethics violations against a city -- level against the city council member. >> thank you for those breaking details. a police officer is accused of killing a woman scheduled to be in court for a bond hearing. her body was found in a temple hills park last week.
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they say that her daughter was also found dead. no charges have been filed in the child's death. american service members are dead after a violent attack. five americans were advisers with security police. they say it was the single deadliest day for american forces in iraq in two years. in the meantime, u.s. workers are pounding targets in pakistan saying the u.s. workers have had multiple targets along the afghan border. 16 people are dead and it is believed that the u.s. ground strikes took out top al qaeda leaders this weekend. kashmiri was wanted for a 2008 attack in india reportedly killed. another republican made his white house to run official this morning.
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pennsylvania senator rick santorum will kick off this kick -- kicked off his campaign just a few moments ago. he immediately went on the offensive against president obama challenging his record against energy and took a swipe at his plan for spending. >> who argue, mr. president? who argue, mr. president? to say that you and your administration should borrow from future administrations to prop you love. >> the leak his announcement earlier today on "good morning america." saying that he was in it to win it. coming up, 4-3, leaving everything behind. a deadly outbreak, our
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scientists and the closer to finding a cure? get ready for the new jumbo size [unintelligible] at returns
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>> a powerful aftershock in new zealand this morning. 5.0 magnitude sending items flying from store shelves and people scrambling for safety. there were no serious injuries. a devastating aftershock. news at noon, back to the
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drawing board for scientists in germany who are frantically trying to trace the source of a deadly e. coli outbreak. initial tests from an organic farm proved not to be the caught -- the source of the bacteria. at least 22 people have died in the deadly outbreak. 2300 fell ill. americans contracted the virus but are expected to survive. the former chief of the imf has pleaded not guilty to charges of sexual assault. dominique strauss-kahn was in court this morning facing several charges in connection with the election -- alleged sexual assault of a maid at a posh new york hotel. the former new york giants player plaxico burris is hoping for a fresh start. released from jail after two years on a gun carry charge.
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the gun went off in a manhattan club striking him in the five. -- thigh. a fast-moving fire forces hundreds of residents to flee their homes in arizona. the fire is the size of manhattan, known as the third largest blaze in state history. this man was forced to abandon his mountain cabin. >> i cried all of the way down. >> difficult time for residents there. today officials fear high winds and lightning strikes could start even more fires. they have been having a hard time in that part of the country. >> they get those dry thunderstorms out there.
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the lightning still shoes to the ground. >> my gosh. the situation. >> things are pretty mild look around here today. >> today is the key word. >> that is the mantra. right now we have scattered clouds. on the doppler seven we can see brief thunderstorms popping up. downs -- downpours on the eastern shore. with that we have cumulus clouds. on the western shore in southern maryland i would not be surprised to see more downpours popping up. then they wear themselves out after 20 or 30 minutes. there is the beautiful cloud cover. here is a time lapse over the congressional country club.
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humidity is not that high. 80 degrees at this time. we are seeing some drops and humidity levels making it much more comfortable. dewpoint at this time of year, we will take it, it feels good. it will be in the 70's for the next couple of days. that is when humidity becomes oppressive. the latest pollen count mostly clear skies overhead the midsection of the country all of the way over parts of southern canada. taking a look at the forecasted high temperatures annapolis even warmer. guess which direction the warm air is moving.
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we could be talking record high temperatures by wednesday. hot tomorrow, patchy clouds that is the real sheep and humidity. just for a few days, and for 90's. we could use it by now. >> especially if it comes earlier on wednesday and thursday cooling things off. thank you so much, adam. the world's largest passenger plane is making its first trip to washington. it is an air france airbus 380. it will land at dulles international later this afternoon. the aircraft has more than 500 seats on two levels with special bridges. coming up --
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>> we have data that 16,000. >> cashing in on breast milk. a booming, online business. is it safe for babies? your chance to see the k-dress up close and personal. oprah
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>> 14 children are recovering from injuries after this terrifying ride in a bouncy house. it happened saturday at a soccer tournament in long island. the children were playing on them when a gust of wind blew the ride into the air. parents tried to stop it. one of them even tried to slash the ride with a knife to deflate it. seven is on your side right now with a new trend for moms. many are trading cash for breast milk of line.
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the website that connects mothers who produce extra milk with other mothers who do not. some of the donor mothers make hundreds of dollars per month. investors say that the industry comes with serious risks. >> you do not know the medical background of the donor. you can not test them for drugs. >> doctors say that breast milk can even transmit herpes and hiv since it is not a drug, it is not subject to review by the fda. they instead recommend buying through approved milk banks. for those that want a closer look at the unforgettable wedding gown of kate, here is the chance. it will be on display from july through october.
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the special boat -- special exhibit will also display her veil tiara in even issues that she wore for the wedding. you can also see items belonging to the late princess diana. still ahead
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>> is a great day for fishing. even if it is in the center of the city. hundreds of school kids hope to catch the big one on the national mall this morning. they drop the lines in the constitutional guidance pond. celebrating national fishing week. there are a lot of folks out there trying to get that big one. is there a big one out there? i do know. >> queue. very cute. >> not just talking about 90 degree heat here, it will be hot and very humid tomorrow with
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high humidity. setting the stage for
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