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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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the lawmaker. >> they're calling for his immediate resignation and this comes as we learn more about the seven-term lawmaker and several women. scott thuman joins us live in the newsroom with more. >> can he survive? remember which he admitted to is an online relationship with six women, some of them since his recent marriage to one of hillary clinton's top aides. as for the recovery, much of that rests on the assumption that we have seen the worst. right now, it looks to be getting more complicated. the women continue to come forward. from a 26-year-old single mom. >> he just wanted to know if i thought he was attractive. >> to tmz reports of his interaction with former porn start ginger lee. pelosi is calling for an ethics
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investigation. >> i have the vote of. i have no intention of. i cannot fathom that he would be stupid enough to go after the girls and start releasing photos of them that they have given. let it lie, okay? >> can the fast-talking yorker survive? >> i hope people see this in the light that is, a mistake. >> i did not have sexual relations with that woman. >> bill clinton is more popular than ever. eliot spitzer as exculpates got him his own tv show. and he was reelected despite his dalliances with a prostitute. >> how many man over how many centuries have gone on to be heroes? >> >> they apologize and we
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forget. >> an important factor is if there were any rules violations. he insists he only used his own computer and a personal blackberry. this may not protect them from house rules and the standard of conduct. new york is losing two house seats to redistricting and it is possible and it is now more likely to be his that is one eliminated. german chancellor angela merkel is in town for an official state visit. the chancellor and president obama will discuss among many topics the conflicts in libya and afghanistan. the two will break bread at a state dinner at the white house. here's a live look at guests arriving. earlier today, the two world leaders held a joint news conference to discuss the global economy and the president vowed to get the u.s. on a steady path to economic recovery.
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>> we still have enormous work to do. as long as there are some people out there who are unemployed looking for work, then every morning when i wake up, i'm going to be thinking about how we can get them back to work. >> president obama also noted that the u.s. needs to overcome several long-term challenges including the emergence of smaller more competitive global markets. a new poll shows the president to be facing a tough road ahead. most of the country disapproves of how the white house has handled the recovery. 89% say the economy is in bad shape. the poll also finds that he may be in a head-to-head race with mr. romney. bring more tonight about the mysterious death of a 12-year- old girl. they say someone stabbed jessica nguyen to death.
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she was found inside of her gaithersburg home and they are still looking for suspects and motives. they say investigators are waiting for large results and analysis of evidence from the girl's home. more fallout over the police motorcade for charlie sheen. two officers have been sidelined and the chief of police now states accusations that she mishandled the investigation. horace holmes is live now from northwest. >> the metro police officers say that the transfers of a captain and a lieutenant out of the special operations division is a clear sign of emotion. these are the transfer documents signed by the police chief and obtained by abc 7 news. they reveal that high-ranking officers in the special operations division have been moved out of their jobs. captain atcheson has been moved
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and lt. emerman they are under investigation on signing up for a security detail that is courted actor charlie sheen when he was in town back in april. >> it was done and not necessary, then it may be necessary to take action like that. >> he shows pictures of the police motorcade traveling 80 miles per hour. the chief said he she did not authorize the use of the machine and the department has no policy of providing police exports -- escorts for celebrities. >> these have people have worked their way all the way up and moving them out of the district. it is a clear message that the individuals are in disfavor. >> his is the chief has been inconsistent in best -- at best in this investigation. >> she's acting before the facts are in. >> hopefully she will do more
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than just move lieutenants around and more disciplinary actions will be taken. >> the spokesperson for the chief says late this afternoon that there were more than 20 transfers that went into effect on sunday and they were made for various reasons. the spokesperson went on to say that the investigation continues. reporting live from downtown, horace holmes, abc7 news. an announcement is expected in the corruption case involving harry thomas, jr. who is accused of misusing $300,000 of city money for personal purposes. the met and the private to discuss whether he should cheap -- keep his chairmanship of the economic development committee. they have it filed a civil lawsuit and he maintains innocence. for those who use the 14th street bridge, they closed part
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of the northbound stand to shift lanes. starting tomorrow, traffic will be split the freelance to the left, want it to the right. -- one to the right. that will be used to travel to 14th or the freeway. this is the last of the tour of the project. -- detour. when make after the deadly crash, the new changes. >> your places to find work with one big exception. the latest numbers on job openings. >> staying defiant despite the punishing air strikes. statements from gaddafi. >> and die and doug hill. this is the heat advisory posted for tomorrow. we are heading for the upper 90's the
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secretary of defense robert gates is coming home after four days spent in the afghanistan saying goodbye to u.s. and international troops. he said they should be prepared to deliver a decisive blow against the town of van. he retires at the end of the month and leon panetta will be
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taking his place. embattled libyan leader gadhafi claims he will stay place. low-flying aircraft attacked the capital and they were rare daytime attacks to increase pressure to leave power. in a nine-minute speech, he said he will never leave power. businesses posted your job openings in april and hiring for jobs is that a standstill. 71,000 teenagers were hired between april and may and although that number is encouraging, it is below the 125,000 youth jobs usually added in may. still have to come in the plans to keep bus passengers say the new details about the operator investigation for last week's deadly crash.
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virginia state place-- police are changing the way that buses operate. they are cracking down on unregulated tour buses. this comes less than one week after four people died in hague -- a bus crash. >> commercial carriers are getting the safety emphasis. after what happened last week, the emphasis on interstate 95 is going to be on tour buses. >> we interview the driver. >> virginia state police say this is part of an enforcement
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ever that centers on the safety of buses the condition of the vehicles, and the drivers after last week's crash were four women were killed and dozens of people injured. the challenge is that they are boring to be required to call in to stations. >> normally wouldn't -- we would not stop the before and inspection. >> they have depots or stations where inspections and maintenance can take place, but the involvement in last week's crash officials say that the buses and operators are difficult to crack and that has to change. >> we are seeking assistance from congress to strengthen the authority to keep bacteria from operating again. >> even though sky express' and their busters were ordered out of service the company reportedly changed the name in
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the book of the buses and continue to operate. >> the system has to be changed. >> frequent riders say they could be built into the travel time to keep people safe. >> saving human life is more important. >> it is those bus passengers that they are urging to be vigilant about what they've think about driver behavior and the equipment they are riding in. if you want more information check our web site reporting live from virginia along interstate 95, gail pennybacker come abc7 news. >> it looks mighty hot outside. >> about 88 where she is. we will be 10 degrees warmer than that tomorrow. we will get a little relief later on friday.
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elide look at one of the hd rooftop cameras. -- let's take a live look. rather clear but mild and monday for the overnight hours as the moisture creeps up. 86 degrees in riverdale after a high of 87. we talked 90 degrees officially at reagan national this afternoon. the average for this time of june is 82 degrees. the heat advisory between the day and the mountains for tomorrow from noon until 8:00 p.m. are temperatures right now are about six degrees above average for the time of the day and month. tomorrow it will be a whole lot warmer. 84 in gaithersburg, 86 in frederick. 102 degrees right now in minneapolis, minn., but if you go north only 54 degrees. a really radical change. this air mass is headed our way. over 90's tomorrow with moisture
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that has creeped up. the latest deals, it will be at or above 100 degrees. this move to route the mountains and that is why some of you in the mountains had cooler temperatures which had the cloud cover which is moving away in a hurry. the next system to move in, this will act by pushing up the heat and humidity over the next couple of days. maybe an isolated storms on thursday, but the best chance will come on friday. tomorrow and not the start and a very hot day with highs around -- a muggy start and highs around 98. drop down over ther weekend. the chance for thunderstorms late friday saturday, and sunday. >> the toyota sports desk. brought to you by your local
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toyota dealers. moving you forward. those of you who were planning on rating that need to see tiger play. >> he said on twitter today that he will not be playing in the u.s. open. i think everybody was wondering if he would be healthy enough to compete. the former no. 1 player in the world had his left knee operated on four times and sprained a ligament during the masters. he had to withdraw after nine holes and the sarney has led to catch and kill these problems as well as back spasms -- the sore knee has led to calf and achilles problems. will he ever catch jack? he is 4 back. miami and dallas play game 4 at 9:00. the mavs hveave benen trash
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talking. the heat have dominated and now he wants to see ofif james can play well in game 4. said he couldn't in game 2. what? are you kidding me? >> we can do a one on one match up. i go out there and execute what i need to do. we just need to go out and play our game and let our game do the talking. those guys have the right to say what they want to say. >> the national's play the first place giants again tonight. they are 34-26 and they are 26- 34. the same, just reversed. i do not think the nationals are far off from being a great baseball team. look at this. going into the hole. makes the ticket turns, throws.
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that is a tide play. early this morning after blowing a four run lead, they had this game winning walk of single. losing another win a ballgame, the final -- winnable game, the final 5-4. suspended after this hit. 10 batters were hit. the 2 managers were thrown out. marquis is suspended and appealing. harper hit his 14th homer last night and look at this. he does the reggie jackson walk. right here he throws in the kiss to the pitcher. come on. soon guys will start picking him off. the youngster needs to learn.
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"the sports business journal" says they are making contingency plans. it is getting serious now. >> no kisses thrown there.
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get ready for the heat. >> 97 and could easily be 99, 100 coming and it will be very hot, way above average. humidity levels will be increased, so very uncomfortable. a chance of sharp sand storms over the weekend. a new blog opposed to giving it the record high temperatures at >> heat tonight. heat tomorrow.
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